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Adobe Capture turns your iPhone and iPad into a creation machine.

Imagine looking through your camera to see patterns, vectors, and even fonts. Now imagine turning those visions into design materials to immediately use in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Fresco, and more. The power to transform the world around you into creative assets to build your projects is in the palm of your hands today.

Vectorize on the Go
Create vectors instantly with Shapes. Turn images into smooth, detailed, scalable vectors for use in logos, illustration, animation, and more. Point and shoot at your drawing or upload a photo and watch it magically transform into smooth clean lines.

Identify Typography
Find your perfect font using Adobe Capture. Take a photo of the type you like (in a magazine, on a label, a sign, anywhere!) and watch a list of similar Adobe Fonts magically appear.

Create Color Themes and Gradients
Designers, rejoice! Looking for customized color palettes? Find an inspiring gradient? Aim your camera at the scene that has the colors you want, and capture them to use in your artwork.

Build Beautiful Digital Brushes
Can’t find the right brush to paint? Take a photo or use an image to create digital brushes that match your creative vision. Use your brushes in Photoshop, Illustrator, or Fresco for rich painterly effects.

Craft Intricate Patterns
Capture inspiring images and generate patterns with Capture preset geometrics. Easily create beautiful, colorful patterns that fit with your creative projects by using your vector shapes with our precision pattern builder.

Generate 3D Textures
Generate realistic PBR materials for use in 3D design straight from the camera. Modify your materials for even more texture or blend the edges for seamless repeat tiling on your 3D objects.

Capture Light and Color
Collect light and hue to turn into beautiful color grading profiles for your images and videos with Looks. Record the magic of a sunset and transfer that feel to use in your photos and video projects.

Seamlessly Sync Creative Elements
All your assets save to Adobe Creative Cloud libraries. Instantly access your digital elements from your Creative Cloud account in all compatible applications.

Compatible Adobe Apps and Programs for Creative Assets
Photoshop, Adobe Fresco, Photoshop Sketch, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Illustrator Draw, InDesign, Dimension, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Animate, and Muse

The free, basic Creative Cloud membership includes 2GB of complimentary storage for file syncing and sharing.

MORE STORAGE (Optional in-app purchase)
You can purchase an additional 20GB for $1.99 (US dollars) of Creative Cloud file storage per month. The recurring payment is automatically charged to your iTunes account. To stop service, go to account Settings and turn off auto-renew at least 24-hours before the end of your billing period. Prorating is unavailable — when you turn off auto-renew, service will continue until the end of that month’s billing period.

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Adobe Capture: Creative Kit App Comments & Reviews

Adobe Capture: Creative Kit Positive Reviews

Great update!Update April 2018: Finally the tools I’ve been waiting for in Shapes! Makes all the difference! Some helpful tweaks in the other modules as well, especially Patterns. The app has officially graduated from a sometimes useful toy to an invaluable part of the toolkit! Update: The app keeps improving. In particular the Shapes module is coming close to a valuable aid. The window for refining the image finally offers some flexibility in removing unwanted bits. Desperately needs an Undo button and size control for the eraser. It still produces weirdly angular results that require much adjusting in AI, almost to the point of negating the benefits of being mobile. The pattern module is a nice addition to the repertoire, if rather primitive thus far. Original Review: Fail to see how the Looks redesign is a move forward; the old arrangement gave more information at a glance. Might be useful to toggle between the two, since preferences differ. On the plus side, it's nice to be able to use one's own photos for the test picture. Would be even better if you could export a photo of the filtered image. I love the idea of these apps and appreciate the reduced clutter of having them combined in one place, but they remain more promise than performance. Their application is too narrow. It's frustrating to keep track of which feature is supported by which app(s), to create something then find out it's not supported in the app you need it for..Version: 4.0

Really PurposefulThis app does exactly what it says it does and what I needed it to do, which was to transfer my drawn sketches into Photoshop and being able to efficiently and quickly clean it up, get all my necessary lines and shapes clear, erase anything I didn't want, name them, and automatically load to Photoshop library for me to place. It's been fantastic and has saved me a lot of work and time. Every page was done three weeks ago and am in my next phase of production. Looks like I will be meeting my goals/timeframe. Only thing is this efficiency can only be done with Photoshop CC and not older versions of Photoshop, which is what I have. So it forced me to subscribe to the Adobe photographer package, which is $9.99 a month. But it's been worth it for me. Thanks for coming up with this app. I didn't have crash problems like the other reviewers. Fantastic and very efficient and effective app--oh, you smart people over at Adobe! Thank you!.Version: 2.7

Awesome! Love the Features!I absolutely love this app. It is great for using your camera to take pictures and use the different tools to highlight a font, for example, and then it will search for the most similar one available in the Fonts store and everytime I have used it, it finds an identical or nearly identical one. Another great feature allows you to export patterns from a photograph and this has been a really neat tool. Used it to take photos of some fabrics that had some awesome patterns and colors, but the only downside was the color didn’t always come out accurately, but that falls on the cell phone camera for not processing it properly. Lots of other great features too, but it is an awesome app to accompany the suite of programs in Adobe’s creative cloud..Version: 6.0

Wish I️ Could Actually Use The AppWish I Could Actually Use The App - because it’s a really great one, when it’s not crashing or not letting me access images or files. It’s a great day when it’s running smoothly but I find myself cursing this and all the adobe apps more often then not. The at&t store told me the issue is that it’s not compatible with the new Apple update but that’s a cop out excuse because I’ve always had these issues, it’s just now 50% more problematic since the latest update😢😢 All things said, when the app is actually working- it’s my most useful and favorite design tool!.Version: 3.1

3 stars after Oct 2018 update; would have given 5 before updateThis was my go-to app for vectorizing my sketches and migrating them into illustrator. It used to be a lot more simple, and the smoothing effect (my favorite effect) used to run very quickly. Now, when I take photos of my sketches they look a lot more grainy. This in itself isn’t an issue until I go over to the smoothing effect, which bogs down my phone because it’s trying to vectorize every. Single. Grain. Then, when it finishes smoothing my artwork after a good 5-10 minutes (if it finishes at all), it ends up a lot lighter, white washed, and less defined. If I can’t figure out how to make this work like it did before I’m going to have to find another app to use. I hope the next update fixes these issues..Version: 5.0

This should be more popularHonestly this app should be so much more popular than it is. I've never left a reading on an app but this app totally deserved it. It is so useful for your creative needs. I just recently downloaded it and I use it all the time. The color scheme and looks tools are incredible. And the best part: it all syncs directly to creative cloud. It's incredible! 10/10! If you use photoshop or premiere pro, or even illustrator, get this app. You'll thank me later..Version: 2.7

Fantastic, yet could be betterHi from all the comments I’ve seen what I had to say: it is just a great and convenient app, for any people who would use adobe apps. Here I have a suggestion: Could you make the color capture more accessible? We now could only pick colors from photos from our album by: open camera, click album at the corner and then find the photo. Could you just please make a way for us directly go to album, without opening camera? That will make everyone easier. Thank you.Version: 2.8

Amazing!Yesterday I found the name of a font with this app just by taking a picture of a sample. Very fast! The app also shows plenty of alternative fonts that look alike. Huge time saver! I also love the other features: Color sampler from a scene or picture. Gives a beautiful color palette for a project. Patterns is also very cool. I have not used it yet. Same with brushes. Amazing! I have used the Shapes feature to use on a commercial job. Excellent..Version: 5.0

GREAT App!!!My boyfriend and have been putting together an automotive business and have many parts in bins, that are really difficult (for me) to find at times as I recall things visually. I thought initially making drawings of the parts on the bins would help but it would be way too time consuming. Then I happened upon this Adobe app! It is GREAT for this. I’ve been using it to take pictures and make a simple images/b&w ‘shapes’ of parts and putting together & printing labels for the bins. It saves so much time and creates great quality ‘shapes’. It’s also very easy to use & get the hang of. I’ll very likely be using it in other projects as well in the future. Amazing that something like this can create something that otherwise would take hours to make. Thank you Adobe!.Version: 7.0.1

The LogoI really liked the old version design of adobe application logos and it motivates me to use it until i didn’t realized that the new design came in. i started to seeing it as flat and blah. the old version of logo designs was like the ‘creativity with determination mindsets to continue’ perspectives whenever i am on the home screen with various apps as daily basis. but beside the design logos, the softwares was good and no issues so far for me .. thumbs up.Version: 6.4

Adobe captureAdobe capture has become my friend. Whenever you enter into a creative environment you were always looking for new tools that will allow you extended freedom within your work adobe capture does just that you can rework lines and shapes To your hearts content this results in increased flexibility and a wonderful world of creative thought expressed on paper or whatever media you are going to export to..Version: 4.0

A great unison of earlier Adobe offeringsAdobe seamlessly integrates apps, such as Adobe Shape and Adobe Color CC, into a single offering. The interface is intuitive and allows for a logical workflow when managing different aspects of projects. With Adobe Capture CC, it is easy to convert physical sketches into clean vectors, create brushes, create color palettes and profiles on your mobile device and migrate them to your workstation at the speed of your wireless network. I really like it..Version: 2.7

Screen Printing In Real TimeThis is a brilliant little app app and frankly I shouldn’t say this but I don’t understand why adobe is giving it away for free. this is a tool which allows you to create screen prints just using arrangements of black-and-white pixels It posterizes in real time. When played with, this app produces fabulous fabulous results. Bravo adobe for letting us beta test another amazing piece of work..Version: 3.1

Awesome app for digitizing LetteringThis app combined with affinity designer is perfect for digitizing your lettering on an iPad. I am working on designing Lettering worksheets and I upload my picture into adobe capture to smooth it out and then save it as an SVG and then I upload it into affinity designer to smooth it out further. It is absolutely perfect and saves me the trouble of uploading it to my computer to use with illustrator. Perfect!.Version: 7.2

Easy & useful even makes cool coloring pages for kids :)Well made app, easy to use, and has come in handy in a wide range of uses from making coloring pages from a normal picture for my little one to capturing the colors in the sunset to help choose a paint color. I often find random uses for this app and it exceeds my expectations every time..Version: 7.0.1

Want to Love New Materials FunctionI enjoy the Adobe apps and I use this one a lot for colors and shapes. The new materials function would be great for mock-ups but the editing function doesn’t seem to have a way to tone down the shiny effects. I create patterns and this washes out the photo. I’m sure the way I want to use it isn’t how it’s designed but if you could have a way for it to be plain so I can look at my patterns on gift bags or maybe journal covers or clothing that would be awesome..Version: 5.0

Great app for converting images to SVGLOVE Adobe Capture. It’s so easy to use. Being able to take an image and convert it to an SVG file is so simple. Gives you so many options to work with within the app. Also makes it so easy to send to Photoshop. If you are a crafter and use a Cricut or any cutting machine, this app is a must! Wish they had a desktop version..Version: 6.2

Can’t import a shape into draw1. Took a picture of my hand in Capture. 2. Turned on the vectoring tools and erased almost everything except the outline of the hand. 3. Saved the artwork to many places: iCloud, local documents folder on iPad, etc. 4. Opened draw, and the work does not show up. I see an older project from several weeks ago, but not the pict I worked this morning. Second, I cannot get the Apple Pencil to consistently activate an eraser or drawing point. One moment, it’s working. The next moment after picking up the tip and repositioning my hand, it doesn’t register the new touch on the screen. While I appreciate the simple UI, I wish there were more roadmaps or explanations for this casual user. I don’t use the app everyday, but when I do, I wish it was not so frustrating..Version: 4.1

When do I sleep?This app is so much fun. There are millions of ways to manipulate a design. I recently started creating my own patterns in illustrator and organizing them I’m photoshop mix. But this app puts a whole new twist on my creations. I haven’t had time to check out the other tabs (shapes, type, colors, materials, and brushes). Seriously, when am I supposed to sleep. 😃.Version: 4.1

Fun and Functional!!!I love how it is easy to create a vector from every scene through this wonderful app. It’s not only a very useful one, but also inspirational in how to look differently to usual things around and make various outcomes of a single reference. It would be ideal if the app could make color vectors as well as silhouette ones. Anyway I just love it..Version: 5.3.1

Great tool!It’s so convenient to have a font recognition function in Adobe Capture! It runs on my Apple iPhone, and it can recognize fonts in photos I take with the phone and/or images I find online. Add to that the ability to save selected fonts to CC libraries as character styles, and you’ve got a very useful tool!.Version: 3.1

Remarkably useful...if you can find your files.I love this app, but it stores all files in the creative cloud libraries. I have two Adobe accounts. I want these files accessible to my PC. But they go to my other account and there seems to be no way to switch accounts once you sign in..Version: 6.3

Latest update won't downloadOverall I've enjoyed this program but this latest update is driving me nuts. I've tried to download it 4 times and every time it tells me I need a later operating system than is available. I have the same operating system it requires... and yet it tells me I can't update but can instead download an older version..Version: 2.8

Need to improve image export QualityThis is a fantastic app however it is crippled by the very poor image quality when exporting images you've created such as patterns. I hope Adobe is listening and will update this as the images are so poor they cannot be used..Version: 2.8

Poor resolutionPatterns made on my iPhone 7+ export to ththe camera roll at a measly 1080x1920. Meanwhile, if exported from my iPad, they come out at 2372x2048! This happens even if the photo was taken ON the iPhone: the iPad app still exports the higher resolution pattern. That means, to use the patterns in anything where you need the resolution, you’d better have an iPad around to do the “save to camera roll” part. This limitation does not make any sense, given that the iPhone takes and handles much larger images without an issue. Aside from this bizarre behavior, the app is solid. Does multiple useful things, especially if you’re into graphic design. Just please make it less annoying to get my full resolution patterns and stuff off the phone :(.Version: 2.8

Problems even on newest versionI try to upload a photo to trace into a basic shape to have in my library for adobe draw.....nothing works. If I try to capture it, I get a white blank screen. If I try to upload my own photo even with the correct file, I get a blank black screen. The app itself suggests nothing nor do the forums I’ve looked up online. It seems like it’d be very helpful if not for the bug.Version: 4.1

Shazam for the worldI’ve only been using this app for 20 minutes and I’m already in love. Capturing the world around me in a quantifiable way in an artistic context has never been done so elegantly. This is the type of thing that the inventors of mobile hardware could not have envisioned. Simply Amazing.Version: 4.0

Still learning how to put to best useIt's nice to have some of these features all together. I used to use Kuler, so that was my step in, but starting to make use of Shapes now. It would be great if there was less of a loss of functionality when offline, especially more ability to share between Adobe mobile apps..Version: 2.7

Amazingly simpleThis takes hours of font searches out of my life. Simplicity is in the highest demand in design and with it we can spend more time on creativity. Thank you Adobe for your continued contributions to help artists all over have continued resources to do our jobs!.Version: 3.2

Amazing app!Does everything it says it does and does it super well! I’m building my own swatch libraries and styles using adobe capture. One of my favorite ways to use it is to take a picture of a logo or store front and turn that into a pattern for the business owner! Super fun. Super sweet! Thanks Adobe! Free fun is always welcome! ✌️.Version: 4.0

Versatile!This app completely changed how I approach art and design. It makes transitioning from traditional line works to vectors seamlessly. My favorite feature from Capture CC is that it lets you “drop tool” colors from real life. I highly recommend artist and designers trying this out. And it’s free!.Version: 3.2

Surprisingly Impressive!Before using this app I thought my design process was very efficient; so it came as a surprise when I realized how powerful this one app is. Among all the great tools Adobe has created, Adobe Capture maybe one of the best things the company has ever made!.Version: 6.1.1

Adobe is amazingThis app makes it much quicker and easier to capture ideas while I’m out and about and spin it around when I can get to my computer. I am looking for lacking features in the app but can’t find any. So useful. Thanks!!.Version: 4.1

Why are more people not using this!As a interior designer I often needs to make materials and texture maps for projects. This makes it so easy and fast! Also the color swatch tool is a god send and really everything about this is amazing!.Version: 4.0

I’ve always been a big fan of AdobeI appreciate their team and the apps they create and work they put into them. They have always stayed on top of developing very useful, understandable, creative apps for a wide range of interests and being productive..Version: 6.0

Great, but...Thanks first of all, for making these tools available to all! What I’d wish for is a place where I can go and really learn from a good instructor how to use all these treasures. The tutorials offered are too compact for my liking. I’d be willing to pay for a good class! Lack of s l o w demos is what made the four stars. With better demos, it’ll be a definite Five!.Version: 3.3

IncredibleThis changed my life! Like actually! All my problems are solved: my depression is cured, my anxiety is gone, I no longer sit in bed wallowing in self pity,I have friends now and my pet dog came back to life! This app is amazing and I highly suggest you get it! I love it! I’m not sad anymore.Version: 7.1.1

Why to use itWhy to use it ? simpley cuz it’s inspiring. You know , it is pure joy to access color mixture everywhere you go, everything u experience and get exited about. You can make digital art out of analog world with Adobe Capture. Adobe I love you tnx for your amazing efforts..Version: 6.4

So Amazing!I love this app so much I have been able to take my drawings and turn them into shapes in amazing quality! In the future do you think the capture camera could capture some color ?! I think it would be a great edition.Version: 3.3

Huge time saverI would usually have to snap a pic, email it to myself, open in photoshop, change levels export and then open in illustrator for my drawings. Now direct from the app to illustrator and the result is somehow better looking than image trace usually. So dope!!.Version: 2.7

Missing FeaturesPlease add back the ability to tap on a color and highlight that eyedropper when creating a palette from a photo. When colors are close together it is impossible to be accurate with your finger. I’d also love the ability to reorder colors in my palettes - please add this!.Version: 5.0.1

Most Useful App for a Graphic DesignerI’ve been wanting something like this app for so long. It wasn’t until I was in a Graphic Design lecture class when our guest speaker mentioned this app. It’s been so useful and easy to use and work with..Version: 4.1

Love this app!I use it a wee bit differently, as a teaching tool for traditional artists who are looking to improve their support aids using their mobile devices. For these people, it’s a highly approachable way to fall in love with your artwork all over again..Version: 3.2

Incredibly usefulAbsolutely one of my top favorite apps. I figured I would download it and thought it was like so many others that offered a new creative feature and in days I would delete it. I can’t believe how much I use it then port my designs to my computer later. I love how inspiration will hit me on the rod and I’ll create something and can tell the app to port it to my Adobe CC at home. When I log into my computer it pops up on my screen. I am an illustrator and now my phone app is part of my working process..Version: 5.3

This app is so much fun!Love creating new patterns with is app. So much fun! Hope this evolves into more apps that bring us fun interactive functionality!.Version: 5.3.1

Worth itReally helped experimenting and developing my skills along the way and seeing even my creations in a new light! Great and definitely worth it!!.Version: 7.1.1

Can’t believe it’s free!Great app, very useful for creating vectors of hand drawn on objects..Version: 7.0.1

My rateReally easy to use..Version: 7.1

Easy find colours information and codesBest way to find the colours code, you could see everywhere. l use it when l like the colour in nature or texture to find RGB or others coding colour..Version: 6.5

A new perspectiveA lot of fun playing with the different mediums and perspectives, it can really help the mind “think out of the box”.Version: 6.4

Bestapp in app storeMyfav.Version: 6.2

Get this appIt’s so great my art teacher recommends it could have some tweaks but so awesome.Version: 5.0

How can I change the language setting of the app?My system is in Chinese but somehow the system language of the app is Japanese....Version: 5.3

Phenomenally AmazingIt is one of the best capturing tool on an iPhone, the material capturing could get some tweaks, but it is still amazing nevertheless. My art teacher recommended this and it has proven to be more than just a simple capture tool. If you love art and want to do productive things with your magical metal plates of glass, get this, or at least try it out!.Version: 4.1

GénialMeilleur application pour faire de l’identité visuelle 😁.Version: 4.0

Very cool discoveryAdobe has touted Capture as a way to turn your environment into design inspiration and resources, and it does just that. As a designer, I’ve often walked around and seen things that strike me as inspirational that I wanted to grab and keep for a later time. This app does just that, similar to the swipe file we were encouraged to keep at design college, but better..Version: 4.1

So freak’n awesome!Get this app! Very useful for artists and seriously cool..Version: 3.3

Keeps Crashing on my SEGreat app but sometimes for no reason one I open it it just shuts down then I have to delete the app reinstall everytime.Version: 3.2

GénialSimple et de bonne idées peuvent en ressortir.Version: 2.7

Won't download updateThe update claims it needs "iOS 10.3.3 or later" to download. I'm running 10.3.3 on my iPad 4, but it won't load the update..Version: 2.8

Great tool!Awesome!.Version: 2.7

In loveSeriously love this app! No computer right now so have been craving an app for my phone to CREATE things with! I also needed to make a graphic of a bee from a photo and it was so easy!!.Version: 2.7

This is awesomeI love it.Version: 2.7

Fun!Fun2.Version: 2.7

𗁤AMAZING LOVE IT!𗁨It's The Greatest Idea 𗀉 I Absolutely Love It I Can't Live With Out This App!𗀂 Try It Out! 𗁤.Version: 2.7

Blown away!This is amazingly powerful and convenient. Thanks again, Adobe, for surpassing yourselves!.Version: 2.7

Works really goodIt works for you! The omnichannel functionalities are well thought..Version: 2.6

I am in loveI love the pattern option so much, I thank the geniuses who made this app this awesome :).Version: 2.6.2

Useful App that Tied into CC SeamlesslyAfter capturing some color pallets I went into Photoshop and they were immediately in the library panel ready to be used..Version: 2.6

Life saver!Love the update and love using the app!!.Version: 2.6

GreatGreat awesome app. Limitless possibilities. Try it you don't regret.Version: 2.6

Crashes when openingLasted update broke it for me. Get to splash screen and bang. UPDATE: Adobe Support contacted me same day and gave me a solution that worked so I am a much happier person with this app..Version: 2.6

Awesome!It's so useful. I just started using it a week ago but I'm already using it every chance I get. It's really a great companion app for the Adobe desktop apps, you can even open things in illustrator or photoshop directly from your phone, or if you don't have an adobe subscription it's still really cool and a great creative tool. Definitely one of my top 5 apps..Version: 2.3.1

Time saverHaving a way of storing assets on my iPad is easier. When I am ready to work, I just open the library to include it in my project. We always find colour schemes or possible pattern swhen away from desktop or laptop..Version: 2.2

Spectacular! Smooth and polished design and useOne of the best apps I've ever used. Capture does exactly what it's designed to do. No messy around; easy interface for editing; and the connection to Creative Cloud is priceless. This is a must have for any designer that still enjoys putting pen to paper..Version: 2.1.1

Useful and FUN! 🐍You can use this to make really strange brushes. And then use them in the adobe sketch app, which is also free. I took a screenshot of a pot I made in Let's Create Pottery, erased the background and made it into a brush. And when I paint with it it looks like a big snake. Yes this is silly. You can make perfectly sensible brushes too. And get raw pictures to make into brushes from market inside the app. So far it's free. (Or take pictures with your iPad camera) This app is great if you want to paint with textures and make things that are sort of like collages. And also for skillful people for making your own brushes like in desktop Photoshop. PS if you like fiddling around with gadgets the process of MAKING the brushes is also a lot of fun..Version: 2.1.1

Latest lost patterns and ability to make patternsHi Adobe...I love Capture...but with this latest update I have lost my pattern library and also the pattern making function...will that be fixed sometime soon?.Version: 2.1

Love it!Works perfectly with my calligraphy/hand lettering!.Version: 2.0

An excellent toolI love the ability to capture something and be able to apply it to Photoshop as a brush etc.Version: 2.0

Super great app!Love it!.Version: 1.4

Great toolA great tool for increasing my artistic expression. Looking forward to the pattern capture..Version: 1.4

Wonderful and Flexible Creative ToolHats off to Adobe! I am a creative cloud member and I use this app to quickly create shapes from my pics that I can extrude and use for 3D modelling....did I mention on the fly!.Version: 1.4

So fun!This app is fun because it encourages me to really "look" at colors, textures and integrating drawings into my pieces. I can't say enough about this fun app. The best pet is that it connects to their desktop programs..Version: 1.3

Nice tool!In the shape mode. It would be nice to have more dexterity to remove or add shapes..Version: 1.4

Useful!I love how it captures a shape and traces it smoothly.Version: 1.3

Great app!I love this app! It helps me manage the palettes I use in adobe draw! Once I find a scheme I like, it goes right into the capture app. Really simple, brilliant and smart app!.Version: 1.3

Tons of fun and utilityGreat app, thanks for the intro at Vancouver Web Fest!!.Version: 1.3

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