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Adobe Spark Post: Logo & Flyer Customer Service

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Adobe Spark Post: Logo & Flyer App Comments & Reviews

Adobe Spark Post: Logo & Flyer Positive Reviews

Adobe Spark is a life saver!This app delivers in spades! And I’m referring to just what features they offer free of charge! I certainly can’t afford to spend money on editing apps at the moment but I still actually need to be able to create attention grabbing and professional / interesting/ fun/ entertaining/ and unique social media posts , for stories and promos, and I’m flat out in love and obsessed with this app! It has single handedly become my photo editor, promo video ad maker, my muse if you will. Lol this is becoming a love letter to an ap! But seriously, spark does not disappoint. And after having so many apps prove to be huge let downs or do what they promise only with in app purchases and even then not be anywhere near their claims, to use Spark is to love it! And I can only imagine how much greater it could be if I were to upgrade my current account. And I have to say, that even though I’m able to create more than what I need via the free account, I will still be upgrading when I get a chance. I don’t NEED to. But when something delivers in spades, it is only motivation for me to show my appreciation by doubling down on being a loyal member. And I kinda feel like the upgrade would have more of what I already am in love with. Kinda like, I’ve been dating Spark and now I’m ready to take it down the isle! 😂🤣😂🤣.Version: 8.1.0

Worth my timeYes, I like this app enough to take my personal time and scratch out a review! It’s worth it. Most things “Adobe” are. (Except that awful camera app) 🤷‍♀️ This one is super easy to use and learn as you go. No need for tutorials and classes to get going on your project. It’s like a super power packed mini version of their overwhelming and difficult to navigate regular apps. It has enough features to create amazing stuff, without being totally confusing and off putting. I just jumped right in and spent time having fun with my creativity.. the flyer I made came out unbelievably perfect. It didn’t take forever since the commands to get each little detail and elements of all types into a look your happy with, seem to be very obvious and extremely difficult to mess up. Plus there is the well love “back button” for any mistakes that are made. It’s really a fun and useful app! I’ve made slides for a presentation, created a flyer, insta posts, Face Book posts- it has all the preset sized canvases for each platform, so no guessing or research necessary. Alright, enough of this- they should pay me!!! Lol. Get it! It’s a dream.😁.Version: 7.13.0

Loving it so far, but...Loving the app so far having experience with many design projects. Really creates a peace of mind when needing to run through multiple iterations of a design because you know what you want once you see it, and not having to stop the creative flow to draft new thumbnail mock-ups, grab more paper, or even shuffle through needed layers. Literally the only problem I’ve ran across multiple times is when saving the file size even at the recommended dimensions for any content I decide to post on social media it results in a pixelated image on the desktop version while appearing clear and crisp on the mobile versions. I’ve tried uploading the image that gets saved directly to camera phone and then viewing it on the desktop version and it still comes out pixelated and not as crisp. And just for comparison I also tried saving the finished project directly to google drive and then downloading the image on a desktop and then uploading the image from the social site on the desktop and yet the Image still resulted in the same quality. At the moment it has been only good to design for smaller screen content. As it seems the resizing feature doesn’t seem to actually effect the resolution even though the info on the desktop changes, when you need to scale a design up for desktop view. Still giving a 4 though..Version: 5.1.0

Beautiful typography; kludgy to usePosted my first attempt with Spark to Facebook, tried an animation with a fairly subtle zoom-out effect that looked very nice, but on Facebook the video kept looping repeatedly—it was about 3 seconds long. I found that there were limited options with text, with font point size missing altogether. (Most would agree that’s a pretty basic function, one would think.) You could change the relative size of text by enlarging or reducing the size of a text box or adjusting line spacing, but these were pretty awkward and unpredictable ways of doing so.) I wanted to italicize the title of the book from which I was quoting, but couldn’t find a simple way of doing that either—even though the font I used had a designed italic, I found I could not mix the two in the same sentence, after repeated tries of selecting and trying to format individual words. That said, the font selection was very good and quite tasteful, making any post created in Spark deliciously gorgeous and a cut above any typical meme-maker. As I mentioned in my post, I found the placement of the Adobe Spark logo at the bottom intrusive and lacking in subtlety or nuance. This needs to be addressed—I am not using the software primarily to create ads for Adobe. Still, because it can produce such beautiful results, I’m giving Spark four stars out of five..Version: 4.1.2

Almost perfectTypically I’m too proud to do anything the easy way. I sometimes feel that if I didn’t build something completely from scratch, I didn’t build anything at all. But Spark Post helps me to work smarter, not harder—to feel that using intelligent design tools doesn’t make me less creative, but instead helps me to clarify and realize my vision faster. It helps me to focus my energy on making better content instead of on unnecessarily fussing over the presentation of a simple social media post that will disappear in 24 hours and that is meant to communicate a message rather than be my magnum opus. The only thing about Spark Post that disappoints me is that, in its attempt to make things easy and auto-intelligent, there are certain key features missing for those of us who like more control. For example, paragraph styles and spacing don’t exist—you need to create a new text box. Resizing text boxes forces the text, the shape, and the border to resize together rather than allowing you to alter each style independently. This makes matching text boxes difficult. To make more precise edits, I could take my graphic into Illustrator—but the point of Spark Post is one-stop editing for quick and easy social media posts. It would be nice to be able to get under the hood of your design with more advanced options..Version: 7.11.1

Great AppSpark Post is a great content creation tool. The learning curve isn’t daunting which is greatly appreciated. However, there are plenty of advanced tools like: animations, alternate font styles, etc. This application should accommodate most use cases, and the software has most if not all of the typical integrations you would expect which allows for easy content sharing on different platforms. I personally love the resizing presets for different social media sites. Most importantly this part of Adobe’s family of applications which ensures great user experience/interface, constant updates, and the introduction of new features over time. If you are a user who needs to brand your content there is an in app purchase that will allow you to do that as well. Can’t say enough good things about the app. Keep up the great work Spark Post team, I always look forward to the new features you introduce!.Version: 7.11.1

It’s fixed? I’ve fallen back in love 😍I’d started having trouble with the app after a few weeks of using it without issue, I felt blown off when I contacted help, I continued trying to use the app but complained about the issue here. A few days later seen I was asked to contact support again but I figure letting them know about the issue is enough - so I wait it out. It’s now been over a week and I haven’t had anymore issues. I’m back to loving this app but worried it’ll change after I update my review. Not necessarily based on a lack of trust in Adobe but businesses in general. I’ve always been a fan of Adobe and been a creative cloud subscriber for years and happy about it for 99.9% of the time. Which is why I was so flustered by the issue with this app but it seems to be fixed now so- yay! 👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 5.3.1

Almost perfectWhether it’s a witty meme, an image to send to friends and family, laughter, or a tool that allows you to create professionally created images for your business, this app is almost perfect. I would even go as far as saying Adobe apps are a game changer. I can produce high quality images on my telephone. As an artist, I can create images for my business to promote my work online or small print. This app helps you create stunning, modern, and eye catching material. The downfall of this particular app is the logo imprinted on images, unless you pay $9.99 per month for a premium version. Granted, Adobe access to a tremendous amount of technology through their apps, free of charge. That’s what makes this particular fee seem like it’s trying to nickel and dime customers. You can make your image a little larger, and then crop their logo, or you can use another app to place your logo over the app logo in the final image. It’s an extra step, but easy enough to do, so I don’t see a reason to pay for a premium version. One of my favorite features is that the app allows you to size images for specific social media platforms. The exact image may vary from one platform to the next, but I maintain the same theme and branding. This is really a game changer. I remember starting as an artist, and technology was so different. Advertising seemed out of reach at times. Now, it’s like I’m my own advertising department..Version: 5.4.0

Only Two RequestsI absolutely love this app! I use it constantly for my Etsy and Facebook pages and could use it even more if I had the time. Because it’s so easy, I change my pages and banners frequently - following seasons or announcing sales, or just so much fun, etc. I use the free templates as backgrounds and never fail to find something for the occasion. There are only two things that would make this app perfect for my needs: 1). The 5% opacity often leaves a text box shadow when using a font effect such as outlining or shadow - 0% would solve this problem. 2) Resizing using social media templates and background templates crops the image but will not reduce it to fit. I’ve even tried other apps to do this but it’s a nuisance. So much better if a image resizing capability could be included in Spark Post. With the addition of these two capabilities I would rate this app with 5 stars - and 10 if it were possible! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟x2.Version: 7.13.2

My Go To App On the GoI create a lot of visual content for many Non-Profits I volunteer for who have honest Grass roots budgets. Adobe Spark Post and Video have been the tools I use to capture and create In-the-Moment visual digital content of events and programs for these organizations. I have loaded brand colors and logos and have even managed to create quick concept art for further development in my other Creative Cloud tools at board meetings. The app has helped me keep my prolific productivity on schedule and on point. I have other products but they just do not fit into my creative workflow as seamlessly as Adobe Spark Post and my Creative Cloud suite. From print graphics like programs, books, flyers, and posters; camera ready art, to dynamic content for video and social media I am getting my money’s worth with Adobe Spark Post..Version: 7.6.1

I love this app! I have a suggestion.This is actually one of my favorite apps. I’d like to make my animations longer. I figured out I can cut out a few steps by using Adobe Rush instead of iMovie, which required me to rotate my animation and still, then create the video and save, then use another app to rotate the video back to vertical. Now at least I can save my animation and still, then import into Rush as is, make a video with them (extending the time the still portion with the text stays on the screen,) then export. Easier, but it would be even better if I could skip Rush altogether. I would like more animation options, particularly the ability to control the length so that after the text animation is done, the image will stay up a bit longer..Version: 7.8.3

Lack of features compared to similar appsThe thing I think I find most disappointing is that this app lacks some of my favorite features from the Over app. 1. There isn’t a way to add basic shapes and “add icon” is a mediocre substitute. In the Spark templates they often cheat to make shapes by typing letters and then making the font and font shape the same color. This is ridiculous. Just add some shapes. And snapping is usually not accurate for the icons so they look misaligned unless you nudge them around. 2. The size snapping is often more harmful than helpful. And there’s no way to type in the specific size you want so you end up endlessly bouncing from too big to to small. It’s infuriating. 3. There’s no masking feature. I miss this the most. It’s the thing that makes the most difference between “I did this on my phone” and “I’m a professional.” PLEASE ADD THIS 4. You can’t zoom in to see where things are actually lining up. 5. Nudge seems to move things based on a percentage of the size so getting equal spacing on different sized elements is pretty much impossible. 6. There are no gradients. Which could be a part of the shapes. You can do this, I believe in you. I really want to make this work because I already paid for it. I’m sure developers use other apps to see what’s going on elsewhere, but if they don’t, you really should..Version: 7.7.0

Some Five Star Apps aren’t perfect yet. But they will be.As a 30-year creative director, head of user & consumer experience (UX+CX), digital strategy executive and visual communicator, I learned three things early on: 1) Great art comes from great artists, not tools. 2) But if you’re a pro, you know and work with Adobe tools. 3) This isn’t artwork. It’s a professional’s work. Use Adobe. This mantra has loosened a bit over the years, and Adobe has disappointed us in some recent product decisions that left us with unstable, bloated, laggy and crash-prone versions of the tools our business runs on: Photoshop. Illustrator. Lightroom. Bridge. Acrobat Pro. All have added resource-hungry bloats (3D in PSD) that diminish the power of stalwarts like Photoshop by making them sluggish, unpredictable and burdened with new features that keep the software from providing the core value and stability we can’t operate without. **** With this is mind, I’ve used Adobe Spark’s apps since the early betas. The triumvirate of apps under Spark has finally settled after a bit of confusion over each app’s purpose and relation to the others, and the initial technical problems with app crashes seems to be resolved..Version: 7.8.1

Love it, but needs minor improvements to be 5 starsOverall, this app is great! I love how versatile it is. You can make just about anything for your graphic design needs. I find the pre-made color themes to be helpful, & it’s great that they can easily be tweaked to suit your needs. I also love that some of the font faces can be changed to bold, italic, thin, etc. And the availability of logos, stock photos, & patterns is quite vast, making it fairly simple to find what you need. Here’s what I think could be improved: - I am subscribed to the premium feature, which was working on here, but is now only working on the spark video & spark page apps. This doesn’t end up being a big deal, because I just remove the spark logo, but it would still be easier if I could have this issue fixed. - There are a good number of fonts to choose from, but I’d like to see a few more added, OR the ability to easily import new fonts. - I LOVE the inspiration pages & that they’re organized by category! However, if there was a search function, it would make things even easier to navigate & find what you’re looking for. For example: if I’m looking for inspiration on a flyer, it would be helpful if I could search the term “flyer” to find different flyer designs..Version: 6.1.1

Suddenly not opening in iPhone X after latest update.Giving this one star since the app is no longer working on iPhone X after latest update 2 days ago. It’s working now. Not sure what was happening or why but it’s back to its awesome self again! Hence I have revised my rating. Thank you for responding to my concern. FYI - the issues specifically was that when I would attempt to open up the App it would start to and the screen was just black. It wasn’t the entire phone. Just the app itself. I tried it several time’s and it did the same thing, even after a reboot. Several hours later it started to work again without me taking any other type of action (i.e. reinstalling the app)..Version: 4.2.0

Crashes & Deletes Your ProjectWhen i first downloaded Spark it was awesome. It still is. I love what it has to offers, especially for free. However it has been crashing SO much, 9/10 times deleting my projects I’m working on which inquire a lot of work. I run an online business and use spark to make my promotions. Today, i tried going on; crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash - it will not open!! Very frustrating! Update: since this app has had a few updates since, it’s running hella better AND they have added new features which has me OBSESSED!! App is easy to use, easy to navigate and stores every project you do which is SO convenient since i use it for business and personal use.Version: 7.13.1

Great AppBeen using this for 3+ yrs now and it’s my go to for everything from a social post, invite, product ad and even a portfolio in little time. After a mishap with my actual work, I designed and presented my entire portfolio on Spark thru an iPad the night before. Blew them away, got the job too! When combined with other apps such Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Rush, PixelLoop, and others, the results are endless. Features I would love to see in the future is more motion options for type and ways it could interact with the background? More editing options for images would be huge too? Overall, I love Spark Post, Page, and Video! Really great tool to get things done quickly. Recommended!.Version: 7.17.0

Makes life easierFor those who feel that they are creative but need a creative spark (no pun intended), this is the app for you. I often find myself unable to start on a blank page and with so many creative options and a wide variety of posts, I feel like there are no limits to what I can achieve with this app. Creating fun little posts is a breeze and extremely intuitive with the tools they’ve provided. I highly recommend this app I’d you’re using it to start up your own small business to advertise or simply want to spruce up your social media posts. I’m sure there are more use cases but I couldn’t believe how this app makes those creative ideas accessible..Version: 7.13.1

Love the app except ...I have a full subscription to Adobe CC and use this app on my desktop and iPad. So I get the premium features to add my logo to a post, which is nice. But once in a while I try to use the app on my iPad and it tells me I have to subscribe to get the premium features. I ALREADY pay the full monthly subscription price for the entire CC suite of applications. I don’t need to subscribe to Spark again. There’s no place to fix this. I tried quitting and opening up the app, but still get same problem. Getting very annoyed! I opened a previously created post that had a logo on it and when I went to open it up to edit it, the logo disappeared and the app tells me I have to subscribe. 😠.Version: 7.0.0

CrashesI love this app and, until recently, never had a single complaint about it. The content is great, and the ease of use is awesome. But lately, the app keeps crashing. First it was whenever I tried to start a new project. But I love the app so much I found a way around that and copied old projects then recreated what I needed. But I can’t even do that anymore! Now the app crashes upon opening! I’ve deleted and reinstalled it 3 times with no luck. I’ve checked the App Store for updates even though my phone is set to automatic. I’ve restarted my phone to see if refreshing that system works. Nope! Nada! I love this app and use it, or at least used to use it on a daily basis. This crashing thing is no good. Please fix the issue ASAP!! I’m paying way too much to not be able to use the app when I need to..Version: 7.11.1

I used have a ton of complaints but slowly each has disappeared.When I first got spark post it was mostly for creating simple and easy social media graphics. I had tons of complaints about the limited functional and the unstable app bugs but slowly they’ve added features that have made this app my main graphics design app. There are a couple issues that still remain. The photo selector is nearly unusable and choppy. The syncing is inconsistent. The alignment guides are often hard to handle (please allow us to use center alignment guides on left and right aligned text). Great program for anyone who wants to create quick and clean graphic designs..Version: 7.12.0

Great app for quick, amazing graphicsI’ve been using Adobe Spark for over a year now and it’s simply the best! My primary use is for political related graphics, with an occasional anniversary or birthday designs. A lot of stuff happens on the fly and being in the moment and being able to find something really cool already laid out put together is super easy. Just manipulate the text, icons, and images and bam you got something that looks professionally done! It’s also really great for the free stock use of images. I promote the app all the time for other candidates as they can drop in their logo and quickly put out fast graphics that really sell their message!.Version: 7.9.0

I love this appI have been using this app for some time now. I had it before all the premium posts were even there. All were free. Since the change I have found it just as good. It now has way more ways to add features to you posts. It works great especially if you want to theme your look on Instagram or other social apps. You can make templates and just duplicate and rename and use the layouts you already created. Super easy and fast. I do kind of wish you could schedule posts right from this app so I don’t have to use another one. I could use one app for everything If that was here. Even with out that feature I give this 5 stars..Version: 7.6.1

Greatest app but i have feature requestsThank you so much for the wonderful program you created. I owe it to all the team that is working hard, so that we can produce content easily and seamlessly, but I had a request from you that if you add this ability to the program, you have really made a fundamental change and taken steps to create unique content. And It is adding and subtracting shapes and the merging shapes with each other. I mean icons shapes that's all. With this feature app become great . Add if this possibility of merging become available for merging to photos that's make it a masterpiece. Thank you guys for good job you are doing back there.Version: 7.12.0

Compelled to leave a review!I know how to use adobe photoshop very well but it is sure nice to be able to create beautiful posts for social media right from your phone. I would recommend this app to anyone interested in creating appealing content for social. I use spark post mainly for my clients and it saves me so much time. However I do want to point out a flaw. An annoying one too.... it’s that sometimes when you are saving colors to a brand from the web platform, it doesn’t save the colors at all. I did find a workout around though. Save the colors in the app, not on the web. And it should work. This happened to me twice..Version: 7.11.1

Easy to learn before deciding to upgrade.I am a fan of this application because it allows me to easily generate original posts and be inspired by other’s templets. The app has many options and the more time you take to create a post from scratch, the more you will learn you are capable of creating. It does tempt you with the upgraded version of editing options or temples, but it also allows you to bypass them until your skills are comfortable enough for 9.99 a month. Overall, it meets every need I have without purchasing but I plan to purchase anyway due to how much I love the variety and user friendly aspects of it..Version: 7.14.1

FIRST RATE APP!I prefer to design from my phone because it’s so simple and flexible with my busy lifestyle. I can design in a parking lot, while grocery shopping, waiting on food in a restaurant, at my kid’s sporting event, or waiting for my car to get serviced. I can make a change anywhere I am to a graphic or quickly whip up a new concept or design. Adobe offers so many beautiful templates that it’s easy to be creative and look professional for any setting. I really really appreciate how they have taken creativity and design to the masses through this friendly, inspiring, and easy to use app. Thank you for your iPhone app Adobe and nothing compares 2u!! ❤️.Version: 7.4.7

User-friendly + Awesome toolThis is a great App for me because I don’t know how to use Adobe Photoshop or similar tools. I use this app everyday, and love it. I gave 4 stars only because the app uses a lot of memory which slows down my computer altogether. I have fiber-optic, high speed internet, but still seem to have issues when using the app on my desktop. I would like to see an enhancement to move and delete files more efficiently from the main dashboard or when viewing all my current projects. I highly recommend this app to contractors who need marketing material, but don’t have the budget to hire a professional. Spark is a great way to built your brand and deliver your message all under one roof!.Version: 7.8.2

Saves time and boosts creativityI have been using spark for more than 3 years now and the app developed so much and became my starting point for designing all my social media stories, posts and client assets. With it’s vast collection of free Adobe Stock assets, icons, and graphics it made me create everything in a glance. Some of which I can post immediately and some are brainstorming to start building in it in illustrator or Photoshop. SUGGESTION: I would like to have the ability to create more than one page in the same project such compilation of pages will help me in building consistent design without the need of Duplicating projects..Version: 8.0.0

Easy and FastKind of like this app that I wish I could use it on my window pc too. It is simply designed and very fast in organizing simple posts. One thing I want to point out is that after keep using this app the ‘documents and data’ keeps getting higher even though I deleted every former projects that I’ve made, and I know this issue is not that new to almost every iphone apps. However, I hope I can control over that ‘documents and data’ files or at least delete it right on this app. It is an app carrying precious projects and I don’t want to delete the app and reinstall continuously due to the memory issue. I want every adobe apps to deal with this problem..Version: 4.0.1

Using for a couple yearsI use this app for very quick text graphics for editing video on my phone, I use it in combination with iMovie and another app called Stop Motion to make social media content at one of my jobs. I love After Effects and Blender, but for very quick text animations this app does the job. I wish it could animate background photo and text slide/fade in simultaneously. Later review: thanks for fixing the bug! Oldest review: This bug is screwing me up with work today. Trying to work around it is very stressful, I use this program for quick stuff and not have to go into After Effects, it’s gonna be a huge time burglar at work today to not have this app working..Version: 7.8.1

Was a 10, now fighting for space on my iPadThis is literally one of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded on my iPad due to the ability that create beyond what you thought was possible. I’ve created numerous successful advertising campaigns with much ease. But.... Over the past month or 2, Spark has the propensity to crash while performing simple tasks (adding photos is the most common). It’s to the point that I account for the fact that it WILL crash and try to prepare my resources accordingly ahead of time. I really see this as a staple along with Fix and Mix, but in a short period of time I may have to delete it altogether..Version: 5.3.1

Great AppToolWhat a great app and tool to have on the go, I wish the app could have the option to delete the fail logos (logos you no longer need) from the logo upload list. This feature could help keep the actual logos being use for projects, up to date and current of any changes, otherwise it confuses me to have all those unnecessary logos- just there... as they’re fixes that are done to the logos, and some are just simply ready to be cleared. I also think that if this app would give the option to 3D titles for projects, certain projects could come out even better looking if this feature was added it. Great app tho’, thxs (:.Version: 7.5.1

Use this far more often than I anticipatedI have never been a fan of the various “push button for design” apps just because the ability to create something that fits a specific brand is always limited. The ability to upload my own logos fonts and graphics, however, has proven invaluable. Often times I have to create a decent looking graphic really quickly for an email campaign and in general that graphic will be viewed once by a customer. Spark post let’s me do that using my own fonts and lets me set up my color and logo elements ahead of time. The ability now to have multiple brands is also very helpful as I not only have to make graphics for the company I work for, but I also have personal art that i need graphics for. Finally the ability to organize my graphics on the web app side has been extremely helpful. My only complaints is that the organization doesn’t extend to the app and that one cannot search for posts by name or tag. It makes it hard to find previous posts through the app..Version: 7.8.4

Incredible APPThis App in tandem with a few other Adobe Apps has turned my phone into the computer I’ve been dying for it to be. I manage my campgrounds social media accounts as well as their camp television channel along with my own creative social media accounts. Over the last few months I would say 90% of my design work is accomplished through this app and others. All three of our last social media ads were designed quickly on this app and got incredible traction. Cannot say enough good about Adobe through and through and especially Adobe Spark Post! Tim Conkling Graphic Rehab.Version: 7.11.1

Best App for creating social media contentI have used many apps over the years for creating and sharing social media posts. I find Spark extremely easy to use, great at creating awesome content with the myriad of templates, photos and fonts, and automatically organizing the posts on online cloud library where they are available on any device, anytime. Spark gets my creative juices flowing and makes creating social media content enjoyable. Any novice can start using Spark Post and get going in a matter of minutes. Wish List: More templates, faster access to photo library, and conversion of Spark posts to Memes..Version: 6.0.3

Worth it!Update 2021: 2 years and I'm still loving it and highly recommend this app I love that I can use my phone or tablet to make all my business graphics, and I can access all my storage locations including Dropbox. The control over every element is amazing, and I can do everything I need with one app! I can make one graphic and quickly resize for multiple social media platforms. It used to take me all day to do a set, now it takes me about 5 minutes. I love the branding, the templates, stock images... It has everything I need. I could go on for days. Totally worth the price..Version: 7.17.0

Love the app, but the holiday update is buggyI use this app daily. Absolutely love this app and Adobe’s offering. Unfortunately, when in the editor I found a bug when using the “Cube” Text Shape and attempting to set the Align of the text to JUSTIFY... the text just disappears completely. Also, even though the new multi-text style is an AWESOME NEW FEATURE. It may bring more harm than good as it constantly gets in the way of my other editing, as the select feature too easily gets triggered when trying to perform other edits. Anyways, this all comes from love and the hopes of continuing to use your marvelous app. Thanks again for all of your hard work to support all of us creators!.Version: 4.1.0

Excellent appI have been using Spark for the last few months to create quick, and easy advertising for our College Events page. I love how user friendly it is, and that it allows you to easily edit and customize templates. I’ve also really enjoyed being able to master some aspects of it, myself. There are a few little things I think would be helpful, like being able to zoom in and out; but besides a few small things, I really enjoy this app and the free version actually offers a lot all things considered. Would definitely recommend..Version: 7.8.4

HPR GlobalI use to have to request a graphic from my team of designers and wait for them to get around to doing it. Then I didn’t say or have them correct much bc I didn’t want to wait for another. This app has changed everything for my company. Now I personally can create what is in my head. My true ideas get brought to life. I still have much to learn but I love how easy it is for me to create beautiful work. It has boosted my confidence and the clients as well. All posts now look and feel like they were done by a professional graphic designer. Thank you Spark. Forever Grateful ~Whipp -Owner HPR.Version: 7.6.1

New GlitchI’ve been using this app for quite some time and have never had a problem with it, makes everything super easy to use and look great! However, I have had an issue recently where I cannot resize any photos I add in — they all replace my background, which is a problem I have never had before. This has become very frustrating as I depend on this app often and it has not been usable. Once this issue is fixed, I’d be more than happy to give it five stars, but with the problems I’m having now, I can’t even use the app..Version: 7.5.1

Mostly great (with one glaring weakness)Overall this app is great, the editing tools are superb; great feature set, and lots of great adobe assets included, like fonts and patterns included. My only gripe is the template search feels very underpowered, in particular it lacks strong browse/filter options. I think a lot of people need to start with a specific template type/size (e.g., Instagram Story, Facebook Cover Image, etc) so improvement here would be greatly appreciated. I think from this perspective the start screen is the one place where Canva’s app outshines Spark Post. The rest of the app is so strong, would really love it if Adobe looked more at how you get started..Version: 7.3.0

Slow and annoyingI really enjoy using this app and found it super useful for contents however ever since I updated it awhile back its been very faulty and crashes randomly. I can literally try to click an image and it would zoom in or something rotate an image, it also leads to my iPhone over heating. I even freed some space on my phone and still the same thing. Honestly if this keeps happening I will have to use an alternative cause a project that would take me 30 minutes to make now takes literally three days because it keeps crashing and not responding. Please find a way to fix this feature or provide a solution, thank you.Version: 7.15.0

Love Spark, but...A couple of suggestions: If I’m playing around with the ‘shapes’ or something and I press ‘cancel’ then the photo/video should go back to the previous state, but sometimes it updates to whatever I was fiddling with. Cancel should mean cancel. If cycling through a color palette along with a shape or banner then we should be able to click on specific parts of the photo such as the background or the outlines of a banner, for example, and choose what color we want instead of them ALL being preset. I’m not talking about when you change specific colors within the palette, I’m talking about the lines, etc.Version: 4.2.1

Easy and very customizableI use this app almost everyday for my business and personal projects. It is so incredibly fast and easy to use. I can make a collage in less than a minute and I can create images for social media in no time; used to spend hours making collages and images for social media and now I can do it in minutes. The fonts and color schemes make is so easy to create something that is visually appealing. I have been using adobe products for years because they always help me create more and streamline my workflow..Version: 7.6.1

Easy to create but...I really enjoy using Spark. I’ve created dozens of social media posts in minutes. A very easy and elegant solution. The options are almost limitless. I love how many stock photos are available. I’ve even decided to pay for Spark so I can unlock all the benefits. Here’s why I am only give it 3 stars. I am subscribed to another service called PromoReoublic. It has many of the same features as Spark. Where Spark falls short in comparison is in offering categories of themes and templates. I work with churches, real estate agencies, and life coaches. I’d like to find what others are doing in these categories. I’m sure others would too. I would prefer not to pay for two similar services.Version: 6.0.4

A great appA really good app for image editing on both a smartphone and computer! Images edited on one device sync to your other. Great overall app!.Version: 7.8.1

You guys are awesome! (Honest review)This is my honest review of the app. I am not a review type of guy, but I would definitely feel bad if I didn’t take the time to say how impressed I am with this app. I love the text, and stickers features. The app is very intuitive. I love it. Thanks again!.Version: 7.6.1

BestThe best, quickest way I've found to create the graphics I need for online marketing..Version: 7.17.0

Great app, still needs to be polishedStill needs an improvement on features really strong app otherwise. Would love to be able to export longer videos , 15 seconds is too short.Version: 8.0.0

Graphics in a box!Quick and easy to unpack and make pro mock-ups and posts in a minute..Version: 7.17.0

Great Tool!This is the content creator's Swiss Army knife!.Version: 7.17.0

Really easyGet professional looking publications! That’s my app of the years.Version: 7.17.0

LOVE IT, easy, practical, use it daily!Love how easy Spark Post is to use on my phone and tablet and the advanced desktop features! Love the feature to create a square poster and then shift it to different sizes for FB event cover or YouTube thumbnail. 👏🏼.Version: 7.17.0

Best tool! Creative, helpful, flexible.Absolutely best find this year!.Version: 7.13.1

Really goodI use it to make thumbnails for my YouTube channel really good work I thing you should get it if you see this.Version: 7.11.1

BugSince last update the app dont want to open, it only show the brown screen with spark post logo and close. That app is really good!!!.Version: 7.9.2

Spark is great!I highly recommend this application for great quality advertisements..Version: 8.1.1

Fun creative designGreat product, inspiring and editable templates helps me share the fun of creative posts with my clients..Version: 8.2.0

The bestBest easiest deepest product offering I have used! Tina Turner nailed when she said “simply the best”.Version: 8.1.1

Cool typography effectsI love the fact I can use mask and transparency effects on my letters text. love it..Version: 8.1.1

BlessingsBest application on my phone right now. I enjoy it. I love it. I highly recommend. The different fonts wow!!!!.Version: 8.1.1

Park Post is wonderful!I like it so must!.Version: 8.1.0

BrilliantI’m a super huge spark fan! I’ve been using adobe spark post page and video for many years. Long time consumer first time reviewer, here!.Version: 8.1.0

Franco’s reviewSoo much fun So simple So creative Love it!.Version: 8.0.0

GkVery easy to use! Meet my needs.Version: 8.0.0

Best creative app I’ve used to date.Spark post is so easy and convenient to use. Makes being creative look easy and professional..Version: 8.0.0

Me ayudo con mi páginaExcelente.Version: 8.0.0

Easy to useThere are free templates to try out. The fonts and options to personalize is great. If you want more you have to pay..Version: 8.0.0

Makes my life easyMakes me look like I am super talented .. and makes social media easy.Version: 7.19.0

First collageI think it just takes some time to learn how to do this...a tutorial would be helpful..Version: 8.0.0

Works great and easy to work withFrom my experience with the program it really helps with organizing posts into nice collages, including small animations..Version: 8.0.0

It’s just AwsomeEasy, fast & fun to use..Version: 8.0.0

Absolutely FantasticGreat App, easy to use. I get all I need super simple.Version: 7.19.0

Love itLove it.Version: 7.19.0

CommentaireTrès bonne application.Version: 8.0.0

Love SparkPostI’ve been using it for my artwork and photos on social media. Nothing compares and it is EASY to use. Quick!!!!.Version: 7.19.0

Amazing app100 % recommended!!!.Version: 7.19.0

Great app!Easy and simple to use ! Love making Instagram posts using this app.Version: 7.19.0

Love using sparkSpark has a great selection of free photos to use and the application I’d so user friendly to use..Version: 7.19.0

ExceptionalMy go-to for Social Media. Thanks...Adobe.Version: 7.19.0

Spark is bestHours of creative fun!.Version: 7.19.0

Love this App!!I use it all of the time for my posts and for my clients posts. Lots of versatility. Easy to use..Version: 7.19.0

AmazingThis app is fantastic!.Version: 7.19.0

Love itLove it long time!!.Version: 7.19.0

It’s great!It’s great I use it every day! Only thing is sometimes I’m able to change the shape of icons but lately it’s never happened again. Is there a way to have this feature?.Version: 7.17.0

Awesome!🙌🏼 thank you!.Version: 7.17.0

Adobe SparkAmazing app...!!.Version: 7.17.0

AmazingThis is an amazing app because you can turn beautiful pictures better by writing on them I use it for inspirational quotes you can use your on pictures or you can search for a stock picture which makes it much easier and fun.Version: 7.17.0

Great for creating pins for Pinterest!!!!!Love Adobe Spark! It’s the best pin creator out there! :)!.Version: 7.17.0

Love Spark!Great app couldnt do anything without it.Version: 7.17.0

Love it !!!I would recommend this app to everyone.Version: 7.17.0

I can’t say enough positive thingsThis app is content creators dream!.Version: 7.17.0

Great app!Lots of fun! Easy to use! Great way to send personalized greetings..Version: 7.17.0

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 8.2.0

What do you think Adobe Spark Post: Logo & Flyer ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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  • Adobe Spark Post: Logo & Flyer ipad image 4