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A beautiful photo and video editor for social media.
Plus powerful branding tools and templates.
Create and plan in one.

UNUM is loved by more than 14 million creators, brands, agencies, artists, and teams around the world.

Our mission is to empower the storyteller in all of us.
Whether you need to create and plan content for Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, or Story posts --- design for these mediums and more in UNUM. Posting on the go? UNUM is available on your iPhone, iPad, and computer. Create content and tell your story anytime, anywhere.

Share your photos and videos with #UNUMfam for a chance to be featured by UNUM. We are excited to see the stories you’ll tell.

Forbes, Buzzfeed, Harper’s BAZAAR, Elite Daily, Inc., Mashable, ELLE, Digital Trends, Bustle

Everything today’s digital storyteller needs to grow on social.
Enjoy professional creative tools, branding tools, templates, and more.
For Free.


1. Create a Space
Choose from our Grid Space (great for your Instagram Feed) or our Story Space (perfect for your IG Stories, IGTV, TikTok, or Pinterest posts). Pro tip: connect your Instagram to unlock advanced features.

2. Add photos, videos, albums
Upload content from your device, or pick from a library featuring over 1 million FREE premium photos. Easily drag and drop your photos or videos in any pattern, order, or theme you’d like.

3. Edit with our advanced editing tools
+ Access more than 200+ fresh presets. Recreate vintage film looks, add popular Glitch effects, enhance your portrait shots, or compliment your aesthetic.
+ Add over 100+ overlays to your photos or videos. Mix and match unique light leaks, dust, scratches, paper, and textures to your shots. Adjust the strength and watch your work come alive.
+ Use advanced editing tools like HSL, Whiten, Border, and more to create the perfect post for any social media platform. Own the details.
+ Use our custom text editor to add hand-selected fonts and styles to any photo or video. Customize the spacing, alignment, color, and more. Say it with text.
+ From Film, Digital, Floral, Modern, Color, Magazine, Highlight Covers, and more --- select from over 500+ story templates, each designed to make your story stand out.

4. Caption (and #hashtag) ahead of time
Write and save your favorite captions and tags in advance and track your character and hashtag limits with our built-in caption counter.

5. Schedule and share your story with the world
Share your posts directly to Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, Pinterest, or simply save to your device. OR set and schedule reminders to help you post at the right time. Plan weeks in advance in minutes.

6. See your analytics*
If your Instagram account is a *Business account, you can access key insights like best times to post, top hashtags, top-performing posts, and more in UNUM.

+ Add unlimited collaborators to your Space. Create with partners, clients, or team members to craft the perfect story.
+ OR simply share a View Only link with friends, clients, or your community.

+ Photo Editor
+ Video Editor
+ Collage Editor
+ Text Editor
+ Template Editor

+ Analytics
+ Scheduler
+ Drag and Drop Software
+ Color Mapping Tool
+ Caption + Hashtag Tool
+ Placeholders
+ Hide Mode
+ Integration Support (Instagram Feed)
+ Add Unlimited Team Members

Save time. Create faster. Simplify workflow. Grow your social.
Upgrade to UNUM Elite and unlock all premium features.

Payments will be charged to your iTunes and will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Manage your subscription in your iTunes Account & App Store settings.

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Terms of Use: https://unum.la/terms-and-conditions/

UNUM — Design Layout & Collage App Comments & Reviews

UNUM — Design Layout & Collage Positive Reviews

Reminders don't work but it's still greatI wish the scheduling reminders worked but the app has so much more going for it that I still use it. Love drafting posts, seeing popular posting times for my account, ability to add multiple instagram accounts, moving posts around and there are tons of free filters (effects) that are awesome! I also really like the recent hashtags list so I can just click click click the ones I frequently use. I wish that they didn't repeat the hashtags though-- Just have to pay more attention not to duplicate them. It also counts how many hashtags you use so you know when you're over/under 30! I contacted support and they were super nice and wrote back to me several times although they weren't able to get the reminders working it was nice to see the effort they put behind their customer service. Looking forward to the updates they'll make to this in the future!.Version: 2.6.9

Terrible update, looking for a new planning app as i type thisI used to LOVE this app, i swore by it and i told all my friends that this was THE app to have to perfect your insta feed. the most essential tools were free and the app was simple and easy to use. updated it and now, less than half of the old features are even there. im assuming you can access them if you pay making this an app just like any other with no real distinction between this and every other expensive instagram planning app. what’s left is so useless that it’s not even worth using at all actually. i don’t recommend anyone bother downloading this app, it’s just going to be a waste of time and storage space. if you dont mind paying you’re probably better off with another app anyway because the layout is no longer as user friendly as it used to be so it’s quite complicated to even understand. id give this zero stars if i could..Version: 3.10.2

You completely DESTROYED the appIve been using unum for years and guys I understand you built a powerful app which is a reference to other companies and also an app that a lot of people uses, but seriously, these ELITE features are ABSURD, you completely destroyed the app. How in the world you have to pay 7$ dollars a month or 60$ a year to add ANOTHER ROW of layout photos. I mean that’s seriously absurd. You could do whatever you want with your app (which I LOVE) but it’s absurd to charge people for the most BASIC thing in the app. I mean, the app is MEANT to be a “layout creator” for Instagram. If you want to add another things and charge people for that fine, good for you, but it doesn’t make sense you charge people for the most basic thing needed in the app which is rows. Ok fine don’t put unlimited rows for free but come on just ONE ROW??? Are you SERIOUS ????? That’s a joke to your costumers. Come on... Also you made new changes which makes the app so confusing and slow, and it’s not my phone nor my storage or my iOS, it’s the APP. Adding a photo it’s confusing and loading the photo library it’s slow I mean your app was FIVE STARS it was perfect I don’t understand what on earth you did... Also when you sign in tu UNUM the screen stays white and doesn’t do anything. Im sorry but you completely destroyed app..Version: 3.10.4

Great but miss the old versionI’ve seen a bunch of reviews that miss the old version of the app. I agree. I’ve been using this app for years and really started using it to its full potential at the beginning of 2020. I miss the old Home Screen with the choices of grids vs on the side. It used to be way more user friendly and have a better UI. I don’t get what the elite plan does...I’m on the trial right now and I don’t even use any of the features. I used to be able to send people the feed using a link and they JUST took that away 2 days ago. I was SO excited when I found out you could do this a few weeks ago and now it’s gone.... I don’t want to have to pay so much money to add members. I don’t even want members. I just want to be able to share the feed. I pay for the $6 monthly plan and everything was perfect until the latest update. Last question - they say they have templates? How do you even get to story templates now? How do you use this app? Can we have a tutorial for the new version??? Or better yet go back to the old one please!!.Version: 4.0.1

Love this app!I’ve been using this app for a couple of years and it’s been so great in helping me plan out my insta feed. The updates and nonstop attention to detail is incredible and is exactly why I continue to use this app. The creative minds behind UNUM are genius! The only issue I keep running into (and this could be something on my end) is trouble uploading images from my albums that weirdly don’t want to show that causes the app to throw me out, and sometimes I have to go into open my albums and browse my photos to refresh them in order for them to appear when trying to upload them on UNUM. Could be me, but when I use any other app for uploading photos/videos I have no trouble seeing my photos and trying to upload them. Other than this, it’s def worth 5 stars!!.Version: 3.5.1

Better then expected!I wanted a nice and easy way to organize my Instagram and plan out my posts. Unum does that in such a great way. It's simple and intuitive design is really nice also. As a graphic designer it's really nice to use an app that just looks nice on top of having great function. Unum saves all of your recent hashtags used which is a major time saver and also lets you know they ones you get the most response from. Another feature I really like is how you can edit photos right in the app. I edit my photos and then bring them into Unum and see the the colors are a little off and doesn't match my others I can do a quick edit right in the app. Another time saver. I highly recommend Unum for an IG planner..Version: 2.6.9

Really love this appAs an artist, social media, specifically Instagram is a great way to promote my work and UNUM has really helped me plan out my feed and make it stand out to casting directors. I love being able to sit down and plan out my content for the week and pick the most aesthetically pleasing order to posts my posts in. Definitely an app for Type A’s but I think everyone between people promoting something on Instagram to people who are all about the aesthetic of their Instagram will enjoy this app. The only thing that I think could make it even better is if they came out with a feature so you could plan out your stories too! Overall I really love this app..Version: 3.9.13

Ummm don’t know anymoreI wanted to like this app and finally learned how to use it ... After spending a few hours working on a few future post ... I discovered it’s a copy and paste ... it went on beautifully .... problem was when I shared there was nothing in the post ... and all my work was lost .... I’m quite disappointed ☹️ ... but lucky for me I take pictures of everything ... I had it ... but it’s more about the fact that I have to do them all over through Instagram directly because I can’t trust this ... the tags work great ... I just had a problem with the copy and post for the words ... other than that I probably won’t be upgrading u less I try it in the future and it works.Version: 2.10.0

Every update it gets more restricted*edit* added a star back because I did realize the grid shift still works I’m just dumb!* Ok I’ve loved this app for so long and I understand wanting more money and stuff but like also I can’t shift grids anymore, among other stuff and it used to be so easy to re-arrange pictures and edit them and hide specific ones but now you can only do that if you pay for the app and I’m sure it’s cheap and Instagram doesn’t matter in the long run of life but it’s the little things and they’re even being slowly depleted :( I’ll probably buy the elite version within the hour, I’m just sad today. Happy October folks!.Version: 3.10.4

I changed my mind - still love it!I have used UNUM for years and loved it. It was easy to use and had a clean design. Better than any other mobile planning app. However, the most recent update has complicated some of the most useful features to encourage more users to buy subscriptions and upgrades. Otherwise, it’s an excellent app for professionals. Excellently done, have never had a problem with it before! Absolutely LOVED that there is a corresponding desktop version - they work seamlessly together. Haven’t found another planning app that has a good desktop feature, that’s a huge plus!.Version: 3.10.5

Amazing BUT videos don’t showI don’t know if my account is just glitching or if it’s my phone ios software version (12.4), but whenever i post a video on Instagram, the video doesn’t show up on UNUM. Now, this has bugged me ever since i downloaded the app, but it has not been such a big issue as to power my rating. This app, admittedly, provides a lot of useful information and functions amazingly. Even without paying. However, I would absolutely LOVE it if it just included videos in the feed. Same problem has occurred on my old phone (5s) and current phone (7)..Version: 3.0.1

Curation is KingThis app helps you turn mindless content posting into art curation. There’s a reason people attend gallery shows, create in series, and present art in a uniform manner. Why should Instagram be any different? I’ve been using this app for a long time curating my feed, posting with various tag clouds, and planning several weeks ahead. One afternoon every couple of months for a few hours has let me plan weeks of content, saving me time everyday and keeping my feed looking great. Plus if you ever need support, it’s basically instant. Love the team and this app!.Version: 3.9.13

Technical Difficulties RisingUNUM has saved my life quite honestly. I enjoy organizing my feed and having an aesthetic appearance on Instagram. However, lately for a few weeks now there has been technical difficulties. For example, I attempt to edit a picture on the app and once I press "save." It takes me back to my account feed but the picture has not changed, it stays in its original version. Also I can't view a photo anymore when I hold it. I'd really appreciate it if work can be done on this issue, thank you!.Version: 2.7.1

UNUM IS MY LIFE.Hands down, UNUM is the best app to plan out your Instagram feed. I’ve been using them for forever and have never been disappointed! It has made my feed more cohesive, and has given it the type of aesthetic I have been dreaming of. It’s so easy to add photos, move them around, and organize everything. I love that you can write and save captions ahead of time, that will copy automatically to your clipboard when you go to post. I could go on and on. I recommend this app to literally every single person I meet, it’s that good. (@sunshineshannon).Version: 2.6.9

Excellent app for designersI've used unum for years to plan my personal and business accounts. It's an intuitive app design that allows you to organize and visualize your content before going live on Instagram. Easy drag and drop your pictures, edit them, create groups, add captions, and generate quick hashtag presets are some of the tools you can use. Free version allows you to work seamlessly with enough blocks or boxes to know what works better, post analytics, and reminders. Recommended for users who want to create color palettes, patterns, and a visual portfolio. If you have questions their support team replies within a few hours via email, which is important when working with a marketing team under a deadline. New version is a bit confusing since they shuffled buttons around, but they are constantly releasing updates so I hope they will fix that soon..Version: 3.10.4

Love it but has a lot of bugsI want to start off with the UNUM support team. They are EXTREMELY helpful and accommodating. That is why I will always stick with UNUM. BUT, with every fixed bug, three new bugs appear. I used to be able to make “albums” (or carousels) and be able to see the preview, but lately it just shows a loading grey square. The other day I went to check on one of my feeds and EVERYTHING was deleted. Everything I had planned just had the same loading grey squares and when I would double tap them to preview it said there was an error loading them. Nothing I did brought them back so I ended up deleting all the loading squares and starting over. I was kind of upset because after I put pics into UNUM, I don’t keep them on my phone, so I had to find and edit the pics app over again. I’m already used to UNUM and pay for it so, I’m gonna stick with it cause I don’t have the time/patience to learn a new app. Please fix album/carousel issue! 😩.Version: 3.10.9

Loved it, but the new update took away everything usefulI use UNUM for Instagram grid layouts to see if the photo I want to post next will look in my feed. I was using the free version which allowed features like grid shift, add photos, and moving tiles freely into place. The new update took away all the useful features and made them accessible to only paid users, or they made it verrry hard to access due to the subscription pop-up that appears every time I try to use one of these features. I will likely stop using this app since the subscription price is not worth the functionality..Version: 3.10.0

Used to be perfectUNUM used to be perfect and functional. Then they started throwing in extra functions like photo and video editing, and the original function for planning your IG feed is ALWAYS buggy! It throws me errors constantly, randomly logs me out of my accounts, and won’t load half my photos which makes it impossible to plan a feed, no matter how many times I restart the app/refresh/update. It’s just been a major pain for about a year now and I’m ready to find an alternate app to use instead. Literally get frustrated whenever I open this app and try to use it... :(.Version: 3.9.10

I love this app but it’s CONSTANTLY glitchingI have multiple Instagram accounts that I use this app for. It is great for what is needed. You can arrange tiles and move them around. You can see what you already have live on your Instagram. You can even use phantom mode to see what it looks like to delete posts you even have live on your Instagram. The cons I’ve experienced: Sometimes it randomly won’t show all of my posts that are live. That makes it hard to plan a color scheme aesthetic. The reminders are temperamental. You’re better off just setting an alarm to post. Currently, it’s refusing to let me login into my instagram. My password is correct and saved but for whatever reason the app keeps saying I’m putting it in wrong. When it send me an email the email only redirects me to logging in to Instagram online and NOT the app. 😫😖 I’m tired! I got so frustrated I wanted to throw my phone. It’s a GREAT GREAT app but come on, stop with the glitching PLEASE!! 😫.Version: 2.13.0

Beautiful app but major functionality issuesLove how beautiful this app is but functionality wise there’s a lot of issues. Attempting to make multi-photo posts has consistently been one of them. Time and time again I get a “More albums features coming soon” message whenever attempting to create. I’ve sent various messages/emails regarding this as an “Elite” plan holder and it has been to no avail. Hard to actually schedule posts when the features promised may or may not work for no apparent reason and with no customer support I’m forced to consider other options..Version: 2.11.2

I’m so tired of this..So let me start by saying I’ve LOVED Unum for years. Unfortunately, for some completely unknown reason, the developers are CONSTANTLY changing the way the app works. Not just how it looks, but the way the tools work, the way the account is setup, the pricing structure, everything. I’m absolutely exhausted trying to keep up with all their spur of the moment changes. If this crap continues, they’re gonna lose some of their longest and most loyal users..Version: 4.0.2

Used to Love itUsed to use this app all the time, but it’s pretty broken these days. It disconnects from my account randomly, and often doesn’t upload the correct photo, making planning really difficult. Even when I quit and reopen the app, random squares on the grid are inaccurate photos, often something I uploaded days ago then got rid of after posting. I also don’t love all the changes, namely the feature that used to let you upload or delete more than one photo into your grid at a time. Now I need to do this one by one..Version: 3.10.4

Works almost perfectlyThe only problem I’ve found so far is that my posts with music don’t show up on UNUM, so there are gaps in my feed and it really complicated things for planning. Please fix this!.Version: 3.6.0

What a disappointing updateIve been using this app for years but this new update has been difficult and unfair to use. I guess i have to find a new app.Version: 3.10.2

AmazedUnum has truly stepped up her game. The app is a game changer in making nice feed, original posts & stories. Would recommend..Version: 3.10.9

Essential App for Instagram loversLOVE this app! I’m personally very picky with how I want my grid to look, so this is the perfect app to plan my content. :).Version: 3.10.6

I needed thisI was looking for an app to preview what my feed would look like and show my top posts, etc. I was expecting to need to download several apps but Unum works great. I would just like to be able to save pics off of the app, because I often edit photos in the app..Version: 3.10.4

WhySame as anyone else I’ve used this app for years! But lately I can’t do anything without the subscription popping up and not letting me do the things I used to do. There’s less grids, I can’t shift it, even if I delete a picture from the storage it still says “buy subscription to add more” - but i just deleted a picture how come I can’t add? Anyway, sad to go but I’m switching to a different app at least temporarily :/.Version: 3.10.5

Updated review.The update initially was bad but as I’ve played around and realized it WASNT required to be paid, it’s just fine. I revoke my previous review!.Version: 3.10.4

Good app overall + some changesI agree with other reviewers, it is very difficult to not shift your planned photos with the free version, this has taken away a major reason for using the app :( I think it would be helpful if you showed which posts in your feed had multiple photos. The square Instagram uses to signify multiple photos makes a small, but noticeable difference when planning your feed..Version: 3.10.4

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