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The thrill of winning at Vegas slot machines • The excitement of live casino tournaments • The fun of playing social casino with friends • Get the Vegas experience from the comfort of your home!

POP! Slots is here to give you the ultimate Vegas experience! Bringing you a new look and feel for the popular slots games app:
• With a new casino lobby with authentic slots favorites
• More social casino events so you can play online slots with friends!
• Win slots freebies when inviting your friends to play online casino games
• Get ready for even more exciting in-app events and activities
• Our biggest online Vegas slots tournaments yet! Play against 31 slots players!
• Dress up for the casino floors! Customize your Avatar and outfit to show your unique identity with our Backstage feature!

• POP! Slots Vegas casino games allow you to play free Vegas games anytime and anywhere to get your hands on the hottest slot games around.
• Start your online Vegas slots tournaments right here! In this social casino slots game you’ll visit virtual casino versions of real casinos - Bellagio casino, Luxor casino, MGM grand, and more - to SPIN & WIN in our social casino slots tournaments at Pop Arena WinZone!
• Join online Vegas slots tournaments and play casino games with friends or meet slots players online!
• POP! Slots players can achieve slots VIP status on the spinning reels while playing our Vegas casino slots games. With the POP! Slots app, you can work your way to VIP status and get free chips simply by playing online Vegas games and other social slots games.
• Your Las Vegas experience is just a touch away with POP! Slots’ social casino events, exciting in-app activities, new casino lobby, and the popular Vegas casino games straight from the casino floors.

Need more reasons to download POP! Slots?
• Totally FREE Social Casino!
• Real Casinos Slots’ Tournaments!
• Mega progressive jackpots!
• Real casino inspired slot machines and official MGM slot machines!
• New slots machines are introduced regularly!
• Different Events & Quests Every Day!
• Chip Bonuses every Two Hours & Daily bonus!
• Meet awesome slots players like you from around the world!
• Win Slots Freebies when playing with friends! Just invite them via Facebook

POP! Slots makes it possible for you to achieve VIP status and win big jackpots while you enjoy a truly fun social casino experience online. Earn instant bonuses, huge progressive jackpots, and so much more exciting 777 Vegas casino games!

* POP! Slots is intended for individuals 18 years and older.
* POP! Slots does not offer real money gambling.
* PLAYSTUDIOS, the developer of POP Slots!, is not affiliated in any direct or indirect way with any real-money gambling operations on other domains
* Virtual chips used in POP! Slots have no real-world value and cannot be redeemed for anything of value.
* Playing free-to-play slots games does not imply future success at real money gambling.
* In-app purchases are available.
* PLAYSTUDIOS, the developer of POP! Slots, is a member of the International Social Games Association (“ISGA”) and has adopted its “Best Practice Principles.” See more about the ISGA at www.i-sga.org. For information, guidance, tips, and advice on social gaming, visit “Smart Social Gamers” at www.smartsocialgamers.org.

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POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino App Comments & Reviews

POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino Positive Reviews

Don’t like the new update...I have been playing this game for YEARS! In all this time you have added new games. But you have deleted one of my favorites. And it is the ONLY game that has been deleted from the app. It was in the first casino. MGM. It was “Around the World in 80 days”. Something like that and you replaced it with “Fire & Lightning” which is also in the New York New York casino. I have asked why. But have not gotten an answer. So why delete a perfect fun game? Better than ones that are still active... and replace it with something that is just ok and that there are two of them?? As in other reviews. Please consider easing up the win ratio. Games can be challenging... but it’s frustrating and not fun to play,play,play and win nothing. Losing all your chips and having to rebuild so you can play is not fun. Losing is part of the game. But so is winning!! As for the most recent update. The games seem the same... I am not crazy about the new home page where you collect you hourly bonus. It’s not friendly anymore. All the casino home pages are all so dark and gloomy now!! Before everything was light and happy. Adding to your desire to play. Now it is depressingly dark and gloomy (as I already said). Gives you an uneasy feeling. I know real casinos can be dark... but that doesn’t need to be reflected in a game. I don’t think that needed to be changed. Please consider lightening things up again!!.Version: 2.58.0

No need to keep searching....I have definitely found a winner here. I’ve been playing this game daily for 3 months already!! I can’t believe it! It is my “go to game” I'm HOOKED! I really enjoy the frequency of new events, the variety so far has kept anxiously waiting to see what's next, and they generously offer opportunities daily to collect free coins! Those reasons alone make this a game I don’t mind spending money on. Quite honestly you can play this game with out ever needing to make an in app purchase. You may not get to play as much as you would like to but what’s the harm in having to be patient every now and then. Everyone’s different but for me this game has just the right amount of bonuses and free spins, it’s not too easy to win yet not so frustrating that I just want to give up, and after three months I find that I keep coming back for more. I won’t lie..... There are good moments and bad moments for me playing this game. Moments when I am amazed how much I won and moments that I want to pull my hair out because I can’t believe I just lost. But it’s a fair balance and the frustrating moments make the good ones that much more enjoyable. I cannot speak for their tech-support or their customer service because in these three months I haven’t had any issues to where I’ve needed to contact them. But that’s a good thing right? Give it a try! Have fun and good luck!.Version: 2.54.13

Lots of GlitchesI am rounding up from 3.5 stars, because when it works, it is fun. I am fairly new to the game. I have been dealing with glitches from the get-go, but this morning, I nearly quit for good. I spent over 1,000,000 tokens on the Wizard if Oz to get to the big finale, twice, when I get kicked off the machine out of the blue. The first time, I got kicked off perhaps 3 times, so I didn’t really realize how much I had put into the game, but the second time, I wasn’t winning all that often, so I watched the tokens flow out and just before the trip to Oz bonus was about to play, I got kicked off for the fourth time and I just stopped. I had been kicked off other machines as well before then, plus every now and then, the machine would start to spin and would spin for several minutes before finally stopping. It was so aggravating. I had faced glitches before the upgrade, but they were generally where I wouldn’t receive bonus tokens that I had won, but this was just all over the place bad while depleting tokens that I had won or purchased. I am playing now, but if I get hit with another bad glitch, I’m done. Other than the glitches, it is fun..Version: 2.58.1

As far as slot games goI do enjoy this game. People who complain about the payouts on higher bets maybe don’t live near or visit real casinos often. Most slots hit more on lower bets with smaller amounts than when you raise the bet because the payout increases that’s Tho I feel like before they changed it up coins lasted longer. I do buy coins every now and then but you shouldn’t expect people to constantly have to buy coins to play. Bonus even on lower bets don’t seem to hit at all anymore and it’s almost impossible to complete a the challenges and events because of this which to me is very disappointing because I use to love the events. You can’t even play some games more than a few mins because the minimum bets are so high. I like to go up and down with my bets as I play so hardly getting play time at minimum bet especially when it’s so hard to collect coins without making a purchase is ridiculous for a virtual casino game. Also the price of coins on pop is why I make them so rarely now. Offer more $.99 deals or even a few $1.99 deals. Not saying lower your prices but I don’t even get any special offer on deals like this anymore. I like the tournaments at first because I go to slot tournaments irl in my home town so I liked that addition but the amounts you have to bet really need to change. Because i only get options to make huge first or second bets that the end payout isn’t worth it at all..Version: 2.58.29

Became redundantI was hooked when I first started playing. The illusion of playing with real people was nice. It just takes too long to accrue enough coin to play in a fun carefree way. Sure, you can buy coin, but even that gets old fast when you see the same tricks. Why is it, that when I have a low bonus coin going into a bonus, I win a huge multiplier to my nothing. But when I go into a bonus with HUGE coin, it’s always the worst bonus game ever. Always. always. It gets old. And they keep saying “coming soon” to new games, but they never come. You can take the sign down now. “Soon” is long long gone. It’s just irritating to see it now. Numerous games seem the same. It just isn’t fun anymore. However!! If you’ve never played, I think you should try it. Because it IS a LOT of fun, at first. I think I got a good two months of solid fun before it just became redundant and I actually prefer to just collect coin once or twice a day, and not play at all for a while. Even then, with the same old lineup, there’s nothing attracting me to it anymore. But if you’re new, you won’t reach that point for at least a bit. So, yes, dL it, it’s only temporarily fun, but it’ll be worth it, just don’t spend money. Bc the game dead ends. I think they did a great job, and I appreciate the fun I’ve had. I even spent money. More times than I care to admit. But to everything it’s season..Version: 2.58.41

Lucky for meI actually find this game to be the best as far as play time and winning goes. Sure I have had bad streaks but I also go on excellent winning streaks. Most games I get to play maybe 5 minutes 98% of the time. So if you think yourself ‘unlucky’ give this one a try. I hope it works for you as it does for me. Now if this is true or not, I don’t know but I BELIEVE this game does not set you into a “bought some chips so now your good times are over unless you keep purchasing” because this is the only one that I noticed NO CHANGE in my play and I have been playing for a couple years. I have purchased and won a bunch and I have purchased and lost it all BUT I do go on winning streaks that have lasted a week or so many times just as I have losing ones. (It wouldn’t be gambling if I didn’t!!!). Just saying that when you hit a jackpot you can, and do, sometimes hit another and another. And when you increase your bets, you can keep on winning. Obviously I am a happy customer. What I am really hoping is that writing a good review doesn’t change my game as it has in the past with other games but I don’t feel it is right to punish POPS for what others have done..Version: 2.58.30

Not rightI loved this game and played it a lot. For about 2 years I played it, put money into it, worked myself up into different challenges and into all the different casinos. I finally got my chips up to 3,000,100,000 and a little more I can’t remember the exact amount. Then my Facebook was hacked so I had to change my Facebook sign in and so when I signed back into into the game, my chips dropped to 100,000. I couldn’t even get into the other casinos to play anymore. When I text them about it, they didn’t really seem to care at all. They said I would have to sign in with my old Facebook password in order to get back to the point I was. I well I changed my password because I was being hacked and I don’t know what it is anymore and I didn’t think I should sign in with the a hacked Facebook sign in. I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t just have transferred my chips to my new Facebook account. But they said they couldn’t transfer chips. Now I can’t do anything with the chips that I have like I used to be able to and I’m so disgusted with the way they treated me. I won’t play the game anymore because I don’t have enough chips to do anything with. It just wasn’t right. They Could have verified that I was the same person and just transferred my chips. They were wrong wrong wrong..Version: 2.56.8

Don’t listen to the Negative reviewsFirst off this is a slot app. It’s gambling. You win some. You lose some. I downloaded this app awhile back and was instantly hooked on it. I’m addicted. It’s the best slots app I’ve come across. I spend real money on it every few weeks or so and do fine. You just can’t bet a million chips and expect to hit the jackpot soon as you bet. It’s just like if you were in a casino. Luck is not on everyone’s side and if you bet recklessly then you are gonna lose all your chips. Bet smart and play smart. It does have glitches here and there but tell me an app that doesn’t. All electronic devices have some type of glitch. The glitch I’ve noticed is when the slots are spinning and you get your balloon it will change the squares on the slot board. You aren’t losing out though. You still get your reward. The only thing I would suggest is that they move the bet amount button away from the spin button due to the fact that you can sometimes tap it and if it’s on max bet well you just bet a bunch of chips by accident. So if they would change that it would be great. Other than that it’s a wonderful game and I’ll continue playing it daily..Version: 2.54.10

Fun, but with some glitchesI’m going to start with the bad in hopes of someone finding a fix...my wife and I, along with other family/friends, all experience glitches especially when winning “social free spins.” Sometimes “Linked Symbols” in Mandalay Bay for example will almost literally have a full screen of linked sevens all of the same color and will not win anything, or when betting 300,000 for example and then winning social free spins in any of the casinos you might only earn 1,000 chips when the winning combinations would clearly be a larger win. I know this may sound confusing but after you play for a while you’ll know exactly what I mean. Very disappointing when this happens. Other than this issue, we have a lot of fun playing Pop Slots and all of the other games earning comps for Vegas and other deals. We went to Vegas last year and were able to redeem our points at Excalibur for buffets and other items. There were some limitations like only being able to use 3 comps in that one visit. If you’re playing these games totally free though and not purchasing anything, it’s definitely worth it!.Version: 2.52.0

This game is cute but the creators are really just after your moneyThis game is really cute but the creators have have ruined it with there greed. i've given it one star but that's based off of the greed factor to much in your face demands to buy chips random weeks of bad/bad play no wins for sometimes a week. bet small they strategically place buttons for you to make mistakes watch out for the Max bet button. i've never bought chips because once you pay them once they will make you lose in hopes you'll buy more don't fall for it, i have like 150 million just off of slow play i'll lose sometimes more then half in a bad week that happens week to week but then you have a good few days and win it all back. reading reviews of others because they experience my frustrations with this and many greedy games alike i've never felt like anyone was a bot, most accounts are links to a facebook so i see a lot of the same people and you can interact with them with emojis so there real lol my advice to the creators stop being greedy..Version: 2.56.8

I rarely review but I want to review this gameI honestly don’t play or have a lot of games on my phone but I did find this one about 2 years ago. I have never had the slightest desire to delete this game. I play it several times a week or more and when I have the time I play every day. It really is authentic feeling to a real casino if you have ever been to one. In addition you can actually win perks like room discounts/upgrades and drinks and meals at real casinos in Las Vegas (and even one near me in Tunica, Ms). I believe the developers put a lot of thought in each new slot they add to the app on a regular basis. I’ve seen a few bugs here and there but not many. There are days you can win a lot of “coins” and other days you may loose a lot. Just like a real casino. It’s the best and most realistic one I’ve seen in the App Store. And no, no one has paid or asked me to write this. This is totally my own opinion and if you like to play slots, I highly recommend these slots and firmly believe this is one of the most realistic ones I’ve played..Version: 2.58.46

I like it a lot!This is just a lot of fun. I typically play far different games than this, so for me to recommend it is saying something. First of all, I like the sense of progression. You start at MGM Grand casino and play there until you level up and unlock the next casino. They are pretty generous with login bonuses and such (the more often you play the more you get) and it’s not necessary to pay to play (though they have packs that will greatly increase the amounts of chips you have to play with if you are so inclined). I recommend sticking to one machine until you at least activate a Social Free Spins (or someone else on your marching does). Only bet what you are comfortable with but keep in mind the higher you bet the more you’ll win. If you end your session close to what you started with, honestly, you’re in good shape. Lastly, you can log in with Facebook but it’s not mandatory. All in all, I just enjoy it and will keep with it for a while, at least until I get to the Bellagio or the Luxor ;).Version: 2.56.24

PopSlots Casino Games from *playstudiosI've loved this app from the git-go! Very addicting as expected- just when I think Im getting bored with the same ol games playstudios brilliant creators break out something new! These casino slots are like nothing else in online gaming! Great gaming, combined w/ player interaction, in a way that you aren't distracted or bothered by unwanted lurkers just wanting to know if you're "alone" or "what you're wearing" as with other sites offering direct "chat me up" options. At first I found it frustrating, that I couldn't just say, hey there Wisconsin?! But the emoji system "altho a little lacking of my emotions at times", seems to work pretty well. I wish more ppl would use them! Newest game out.. I am killing at!...*So Far!* ;) this one, if you have the time... Is one of the BEST out there! Oh Yes... Last but least by any means... The technical support is above and beyond any support out there!! Gotta problem?... Drop a "polite" note, they will their best to help you out! Just remember they are ppl too! HAPPY POPPING!.Version: 2.54.11

Honest Review (played for years)Hi, This game is very fun and let’s face it. Addictive. This game will want to make you buy chips to see if you can do amazing on a bonus or hit that jackpot. This game is like no other slot game because of the more interactive and complex games and bonuses. Instead of most slot games where you get free spins or pick a certain things these bonuses are fun with many turns and twists. The game at times can seem unfair where the game can go in a huge losing streak and take all of you chips. The games allowed for players to earn prizes but just so you know it takes a long time. A ballon may appear once in a while and you have a 1/3 chance of get the coins. You get around 50 loyalty point for every ballon with the coins in it. The lowest prizes being 5,000 for a free dessert or up to 1.5 million for a cruise vacation. I have played for 4 years and I am around 700,000 loyalty points. This game is fun and addictive and at times stressful when it takes your chips. You can win real prizes but it takes a while. Hope you enjoy the game -Ryan.Version: 2.54.9

Out of all threeI am about to turn 21 this April & I have a flight to Vegas already booked. I am playing these apps because a coworker turned me onto them. I have all three, the MyVEGAS Slots, POP Slots, and Konami Slots! Out of all three, I like Pop Slots the best. You can choose an avatar to walk around the casinos with and it’s more interactive than the other two apps. I don’t like the fact that you can’t change your avatar after your first initial pick - I got bored with mine and want to change it up. Other than that, I wish there was more of a chance to win on some of these slot games, I feel like no matter how much I play I always seem to run out of coins fairly quickly and cannot enjoy the app for long periods of time. I’m not going to pay my own money to get fake coins, I’m not an idiot. Those are my only two flaws with the app & why I only gave it 4 stars..Version: 2.52.1

Love the gamesI have been playing this app for quite a long time. I enjoy the variety of games. I have been very lucky with not having to put any money into the games so far. But….that being said I do have a few things I don’t like about the games. Some games require a lot of minimum to play on the bonus games and if you are lucky to be in a bonus that’s great but the games seem to eat up your remaining money so that you aren’t even able to finish competing for the ultimate prize because you don’t have enough money left. Also, I agree with other players that I have been numerously kicked out of a game for no apparent reason and have lost everything…frustrating. The payouts were much better when I first started to play these games…had over 3 billion and lost most of it in just a couple of hours. And that was betting conservatively. I will still continue to play but not as much as I would like. I still will recommend this app to my friends..Version: 2.58.46

Let’s See.So here’s the deal, I love this game. Like LOVE it.. however, in the past year or so, the Devs have manipulated the odds forever in their favor (except for when letting you win can benefit them) I’m some obscenely high level.. like 4000something.. yet my level up bonus/time bonus/daily bonus hasn’t changed in over 3900 levels. My cost of playing sure has increased though!! To do just about ANY of the little challenges or mini pop type events, My min bet is like 20M. I can’t even get one spin in, let alone try to get a balloon. They can try to gaslight about how sorry they are you’re experiencing a “rare” experience and how wins are totally random. That’s BULLSPIT. During a chip discrepancy a while back I’d messaged the support team to ask where my missing chips had gone, their response to me was “We don’t show in our records that you had ever won this much” so I sent them a screenshot of the chips, to which they responded.. “I see the total in your photo, but we don’t have you recorded as ever winning this much. WINS ARE RECORDED PRIOR TO THE END OF SPINS” Those were the support teams words to me. So please, explain to me how that is “Random” And I know if and when y’all see this review, you’ll give me the same crap apologies you give every other negative review and then try to give me a free chip link.. you can keep it. 1-2M bonus chips won’t even get me one spin..Version: 2.58.32

Amazing game but just be aware of playing timeI love this game! It’s all around awesome, good graphics plenty of games and winning opportunities but the one and only downfall to this game is you can have 300 million chips and they will be gone in less than 5minutes so the payouts compared to the play outs are horrible they do give away a lot of free chips but really it helps for about 1 minutes of playing time and unless you have money to blow then your actually playing time will be limited to 10 minutes or less at a time this is the only frustrating part for me other than that this is my all time favorite and it would be my #1 go to game if I could play it for longer. But it is an awesome game guys so do try it just be aware of the playing time you may have may not be the greatest. I still play everyday I get very frustrated but it’s addicting to play!.Version: 2.58.52

Fun but too many bugs.1. When a friend joins your casino and my mic is not turned on for the app, the app shouldn’t keep trying to connecting while playing music because I have headphones on. I want to have a friend in the same casino, who lives in the same house AND listen to MY OWN music at the same time. Not have a mic that’s not allowed to be used for this app to think it needs to highjack my devices. 2. When the game crashes in certain casinos and I make a lot of coins, I never get my winnings. I always come out losing more then double. My coins will be lower by far after returning to the game. And when I asked for help, nothing happened. Nothing. 3. These bubbles for the mini-slots are unfair. I played using the same amount of coins as my wife and she will get 9 spin bubbles ea time, but I get 3. Then when I’m betting low and I get one that’s locked, I bet the amount needed, it unlocks, I pop it, I don’t get the spins. Then I waste the coins for nothing..Version: 2.58.31

Great Game!I started playing MyVEGAS when it first came out and have built up my points and levels over a long time. I don’t think I have ever spent actual money on that game or PopSlots. I just wait it out and build up my chips with hourly bonuses when I lose them all. I also try to quit while I’m ahead, just like I do in Vegas, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way, and I have to build up my chips again. The thing I like about PopSlots is that you have a chance to get extra little bonuses with the shared balloons that come up every few minutes. The games are more fun as well, with the chance to share bonus spins with all the players. They are also constantly creating new games, which makes this a great app that I’ve never gotten bored with. As to the reward points, I have earned multiple $75 off at a steakhouse, free entrees with purchase, free appetizers, and free drinks. It’s kind of a pain having to go to the Player’s desk to have them added to my card, but it’s worth it for the bigger rewards. One request to the developers... please let me update PopSlots. I can’t play at the moment because it says I have to update, but then when I go to the App Store to update, it just says “Open”, as if I have the latest version. All in all, a great app!.Version: 2.54.3

Fun and ChallengingThis is as fun as playing real machines. The daily free chips are amazing and the interactive bonus levels are second to none. My only critique if any would be that it appears at times if a player buys chips from the store the game immediately defaults to losing until those chips are spent. It may just appear that way but I’ve heard from more than one person that had the same experience. Now I’m not naive as to think when someone pays out of pocket they should receive any special treatment but this action makes causes the player to pause when thinking of buying more chips from the store. Nobody wants to spend money just to be immediately wiped clean. Just food for thought Pop. Thank you for this wonderful game and look forward to see what you got in store for us next..Version: 2.56.2

Best slot machine app..until you buy chipsI used to be able to play this game when I first got it for hours at a time if I wanted to. I played for a month and easily got to level 65 from hitting good jackpots here and there and having my chips stretch out a long way. Then one day I ran low on chips and said eh why not and bought some chips. Since then I’ve crawled to level 72 over the last month. Rarely hitting the big wins. I’ll get my hourly bonus ($1,000,000) and it’s gone within 10 minutes even playing minimum bet. I get to play this game a fraction the amount of time I used to. The exact same review goes for the other 2 affiliated slot apps I play. I guess once you buy chips the algorithm changes you to “a paying customer” so of course they don’t want me to win as much. Hey if I designed the app, I’d probably do the same. It gets 5 stars until you buy chips then 1 star after. So I’ll give it an overall 3 to be fair..Version: 2.54.13

Pop SlotsLove the game. But it just crashed. I lost several million coins and several spots on the board. Very unhappy. Second time it has happened!.Version: 2.46.0

Love this game. Here’s an idea though.I absolutely love playing this game. It is my favourite app. I tell everyone about it. Except the chips are so expensive. Is there a way to maybe purchase using your coins. And also lowering the costs..Version: 2.58.51

Jesse ferraraLove this.Version: 2.46.0

Pop slotsBest game ever.Version: 2.46.0

DavidHaving a great time with these slots.Version: 2.46.0

FunLots of fun.Version: 2.46.0

GreatGreat.Version: 2.58.52

SlotsMy favourite slots game…plat it constantly and have spent a lot of money in it…..Version: 2.58.52

The promo video. 🥴🤣Did anyone notice anything unusual in the promotional snippet from the App Store?? 9 billion V Bucks and only 233XP?? Ridiculous. Love the app, though!! Addicting, fo sho..Version: 2.58.52

🤬It was a great game, now you are lucky if you hit a free spin or a jackpot, its frustrating.Version: 2.58.45

Pop SlotsThe best quality of games and selections . I passed many hours on here, and spent a lot of $’s. The payouts I seem to find don’t cover what you spend lately. The support has always been useful when I needed them ty. To the players. When you go to a machine and it has 3 players playing, you sit down and always a few leave. The more people at the same time more chances for bonuses to come up. Right now my T V has been down until service provider comes out on Sunday. So PopSlots see a lot of me😁Ty for fun games..Version: 2.58.51

AwesomeBest game.Version: 2.58.50

AmusantC est mon meilleur jeu super coolll.Version: 2.58.47

Pop SlotsGreat selection of games, love the concept of playing with other players and bonus games.Version: 2.58.46

Pop SlotsI love most of the games in Pop Slots. I get hours of entertainment. Thank you.Version: 2.58.46

ReviewI have been playing almost from inception. Pop Slots has come a long way. Lots of fun but the best part, it’s free Still lots of fun!.Version: 2.58.46

YesLove.Version: 2.58.46

Fun gameAddicting lol.Version: 2.58.45

Fun game!!Fun to play.Version: 2.58.45

Sick!!!So fun.Version: 2.58.45

AwesomeHonestly no lie best slots out there and always free stuff and new games player for life.Version: 2.58.45

Great gameI'm addicted.Version: 2.58.44

BHIt great to play. Wow.Version: 2.58.42

Awesome fun!Great fun!.Version: 2.58.42

👍🏽👍🏽.Version: 2.58.42

StellarGreat game and fun bonuses.Version: 2.58.42

So great and fun lolThe best can’t wait to get to Vegas and redeem my points..Version: 2.58.41

NediaFun to waste time on.Version: 2.58.42

Amazing game!Such a good slot game!.Version: 2.58.42

So much funThese games are so much fun to play and getting to use the bonuses in real life are AMAZING!!!!! It saves you so much money on your trips. I highly recommend it..Version: 2.58.42

WhoompThere it is.Version: 2.58.41

Pop slotsSo far things are going fine. If I didn’t like the game I wouldn’t be playing it 😊😊😊😊.Version: 2.58.41

AddictiveLove it.Version: 2.58.41

Great games with real prizesMore you play, the better the stuff you can get..Version: 2.58.39

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