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Are you ready for a REAL fight?

The true Emperor has fallen. We need a real hero, a true Lord who can unite the Kingdoms. Recruit heroes from various backgrounds, from dwarves and mermaids to dark elves and steampunk robots, and assemble your army in this magical world! Fight and conquer to establish your empire!

[Game Features]:

● Collect Artifacts
Discover ancient Artifacts in the Artifact Hall. Upgrade and enhance them to unlock their true power!

● Enter the Vergeway!
Like tower defense? Then you'll love the Vergeway! Collect and upgrade cards, mix and match them to deal with different stages, and put your brain to the test to defeat the evil enemies lurking inside the Verge!

● Build Your Own Kingdom
Upgrade buildings, conduct research, train your troops, level your Heroes, and lead your Kingdom well to prosper!

● Utilize Troop Formations
4 different troop types and 6 different troop formations for you to choose from! Plan your lineups, take advantage of the counter system, and pair your troops with the right Heroes! Perfect your strategy to defeat your enemies!

● Powerful Heroes Await
Create a strong team of 5 Heroes to fight through an RPG-style campaign! Let them lead your kingdom to glory as war generals!

● Forge Alliances
Join a guild to fight alongside your allies! Ride into war together to conquer various exhilarating events: Guild Wars, Kingdom Versus Kingdom battles, Battle Royals, Wonder Wars, Darknest Invasions, and much more!

● Clash Online with Global Players
Brawl with millions of players from all over the world, and defeat those who stand in your way! Seize the throne and rule over all!

● Animated Battles
Experience the thrill of war as your armies clash in beautiful 3D graphics! Watch as your Heroes unleash their skills and harness their mystical power!

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LordsMobile/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lordsmobile/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/LordsMobile/

Note: This game requires an internet connection to play.

Customer Service: [email protected]

Subscription Details:

● Monthly subscription period
- Familiar Support (US$9.99/month): Subscribe to get Familiar-related benefits.
- Turf Club (US$9.99/month): Subscribe to get: Research Speed/Construction Speed/Player EXP Boost +25%, Auto-completes Admin Quests and Guild Quests and allows one-tap collection of rewards

● Weekly subscription period
- 7-Day Dash Bundle (US$1.99/week): Subscribe to claim the items: Artifact Coins, Speed Up, Speed Up Training, and Resources.
- 7-Day Familiar Bundle (US$2.99/week): Subscribe to claim the items: EXP Elixirs, EXP Potions, Speed Up Merging, Anima, and Fragments.

Please note:
● Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
● Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
● Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
● Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase

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Lords Mobile: Tower Defense App Comments & Reviews

Lords Mobile: Tower Defense Positive Reviews

Why the low rating,I have player for 4year’s and love the game! The latest upgrade I lost my two big accounts and was given a new baby in a protected kingdom. I have to stay there until it opens. I have contacted IGG many times and they blow me off. Keep telling me 3 to 5 days! My first ticket was not even recorded as turned in. Has been a week and I still can not get into my old accts. The have both been hit and zeroed snd leader taken. Igg would not e en put up an emergency bubble to protect my accounts! I have spent thousands of dollars over the years and now they treat me like this! Only ones they pay attention to are the billionaires! I am going to uninstall it, and i was the leader of my guild too! Not only this but youth” great ungraded” dumped me in a protected kingdom in a c1! It’s all about the dollar! You could care less about the players! Try selling when everyone lave because of your high prices and low gifts! It took me 6 weeks to get my other account and got NO compensation for all I let, even after i begged to to put one up for me! Vampires are what you are.Version: 2.48

Game has potential to be great, but it’s pay to win.This game is great. The farming and leveling up aspects of the game are enjoyable and in depth. But this game critically needs some type of skill/strategy added to it so that it’s not just ‘the big guy wins’ each time. I’ve been playing for over a month now and have gotten on each day. Now that I am a regular player I am able to take down smaller enemies etc. But to dominate this game is simple: spend the most money or have the oldest account. This needs to be revised. There needs to be more interactive defense and attack mechanics so that defending and attacking players can still have a fighting chance to save some resources/damage/troops when invasions occur. There should also be more interactive alliances — making it so that established alliances between guilds are accepted and broken by only the rank 4’s and rank 5’s in a guild. When an alliance is active, no one in the guild can attack the opposing guild without a rank 4 or 5 player deactivating the alliance first. When an alliance is ended, the other guild should be warned by the system that it has been canceled and that enemy troops are approaching etc. (just a thought). But there needs to be more player involvement integrated into the game. (Allied guilds should also be able to rally troops together and take on monsters and dark-nests together.) All in all, I rate this game 3 stars. It’s got great potential, but for now it is still missing the mark..Version: 2.27

Amazing game worth millionsThis game is the best and most addicting mobile game I’ve ever played but sadly this game was made around P2W which really does break my heart I maybe put in around 60$ into the game to speed up some buildings and stuff but of course the more you play the more you see how it’s P2W like the best hero items for war you have to spend 100$ to get a bundle that comes with a couple of chest to hope the RNG gods will give you the right items and even if you were to get the best RNG you have to still buy like 10 more since you have to upgrade the item like 4 times and each time it takes more items to do it so if you want a chill 75 day game this one will win you over but after those 75 days are over your kingdom becomes unprotected and you have all the P2W players joining your fresh new kingdom to try and rule it and it becomes game over for people who haven’t spent around 1k$ in bundles like i said I spent around 60$ and played for more then 75 days and I’m only at 14mil might you have people who are in the billions in might which I’m telling you is impossible unless you spend around 5k$ especially seeing the items the billions and some millions got it’s mind blowing that they make all this money but yet still can’t make a monster that drops the items at like a 1% chance to at least be able to obtain the items for free instead of putting a message saying that these items can only be obtained in the shop bundles just mind blowing logic.Version: 1.58

If you don’t pay up you no point in playingSo yes I agree with most other people commenting here you have to pay big to have a shot at being a heavy contender in this game. To give you a reference point I’ve invested 200$ and approximately 2 hours per day for 2 months of my time and I have a level 24 castle and decent tier 3 troops. I’d say with the investment I’ve made I’m probably in the top 20 % of players if I had to guess based on what I see. I think to get to a level 25 castle and have decent tier 4 troops your talking either another 3 to 4 months of playing or paying another 50$ plus 1 more month of playing if I had to guess. To put things into perspective my “ might “ which is a strength system this game goes off of is 11 million. This “ might “ level represents the culmination of all your armies, building levels, resource gathering capabilities etc..combined to spit out a might number. I run into people regularly with over 100 million might that could literally kill me with the flick of a finger and I’m pretty strong. So I guess what I’m getting at is yes the game is fun but if you want to be at a competitive level and actually have fun playing... you’re looking at spending at least 250$ to 300$ and a few months to get to that level. I’d say if I spent zero money it would of took me 2 years to get where I’m at now.. at least 2 years. So either be prepared to spend money or be prepared for the long haul just know what your getting your self into..Version: 1.81

Really?I used ALL my x1 and x2 travel speed ups for the Lords Cup, and someone else made it exactly the same time as mine, and you gave it to them! There should be a limit on how many times a player can hit it, because the same person was spamming it so nobody else could hit it! I had so many speed ups saved up, I used all of my training speed ups for troops for the Lords Cup, and I could’ve used those speed boosts for better things! This was the first time I was able to participate in the Lords Cup, and now I have no interest of ever participating again. Now I have no training speed ups, no travel boosts, and way too many t1! I put up 8 hour shields and it deactivates after 7 hours. Not 7 hours and 59 minutes, exactly 7 hours. When I’m asleep. The research times are ridiculous. 30, 40 days?! It’s impossible for F2P to grow with all the huge, 1 billion might P2P players burning you all the time! And the shop, jeez! $100 for a bunch of crap? What happened to the .99 cent packages? It’s all 1.99 now! What’s the point of notifications? I didn’t even get a notification that I was scouted, and I only got a notification that I was being attacked when the attacker reached my turf! Notifications are useless! I put on a 24 hr shield at 6 pm, it’s supposed to go to 6 pm the next day. Nope! It ended at 1 pm! It’s been 13 hours since I put it up. It says it had 7 hours left, when instead it should be at 11 hours! You need some maintenance to do!.Version: 2.10

Great game...but remember it’s P2WIt’s was actually one one my good friends who got me into this game. It’s fairly simple and pretty addicting if you are in to RPG and RTS...that being said from the start you are giving just enough to keep your castle scratching the surface. In order to really compete, monster hunt, attack and defend your castle you are going to have to spend between $60-$99. I’ve been playing about a week or so and purchased a “starter kit” I think it was $9. But honestly, trying to build fast before your free shield drops is...useless. You are more than likely being scouted by the serious P2W players. So find a guild ASAP. Because the serious P2W players clearly run the show. Its nearly...no wait its impossible to defend your castle, guild or kingdom against most/all of them. We can’t really blame the developers though. It’s a cool game and they should be paid for their efforts and upkeep of the game and servers. They do an excellent job in that department. But maybe there should be a threshold or a limit you can spend daily, weekly, monthly or even a break limit that would separate us casual players who may spend a few $’s here and there from the the serious P2W players who are spending a ton more. This game would be a lot more balanced and fun if I was being attacked and could only attack another player grinding like myself..Version: 1.74

Prepare to payI played this game for a few months, pretty consistently. I didn't spend any money in all that time although I could have thrown the developers a few bucks since I did get a lot of entertainment out of it. There's a lot here to do, but you really are going to be a nobody in this game unless you spend a ton of money, which is one reason why I never spent anything, it wasn't really going to do anything to spend a little bit of money when everyone else is spending thousands. If you do want to spend that kind of money, just buy yourself a PS4 or a PC. Like most games, it gets repetitive after a while and there really is no end to the research and building, although after a year or so you might be able to max out all of your buildings. The big issue in this game is the conflict is almost always one sided, with the really powerful players just going after weak players. Getting attacked isn't so bad, but it does get annoying. It'd be more fun if the kingdoms we're organized in a way that players of a similar might were together but that would probably discourage spending money so it's unlikely that'll ever happen. So if you want to spend thousands of dollars on a game for your phone, this is probably a good investment, otherwise, save yourself some time and find a different game..Version: 1.59

Good luck competing with players that spend thousandsThe key here is you pay to win this game. Just like all the MMO war games, this one engages in microtransactions and special one off buys (in realm of over 100$) which create a wide gap between somebody who would pay a single 50$ for a similar console game and would work through getting all the perks. This creates a huge number of whales that spend big money (probably more than $1000 and by some estimates must be more than $5000) tns completely edge you out. Good luck having fun when your time and some money get completely wrecked by somebody who apparently has nothing better to do but spend $1000s of dollars. So totally unfair and not fun. **In response to developers: no you don’t take advice because if you did you wouldn’t have buyable heroes that give not enough medals to get to higher levels. I have to spend over two hundred dollars to get buy-only heroes over blue rating. Probably over 500 dollars to get to purple. And probably another thousand to get over yellow. This is insane. You are shamelessly making it fun only for people with massive bank accounts. AVOID THIS GAME IF YOU DONT MIND HAVING YOUR KINGDOM RAZED BY A BILLION PLUS PLAYER EVERY OTHER DAY. Yes. It’s that bad..Version: 1.52

EhBeen playing this game for awhile now..a cpl years...it’s a very fun game..the only bad part is no matter how much you build your troops it’s all a waste if your shield goes down....there’s always always ALWAYS a gadzillion million might dude lurking around just waiting to come burn you...there really should be a cap level to hitting people..percentage base...I still enjoy the game but I just don’t care about the troops anymore...I don’t even shield or hide them anymore....I just leave them in the infirmary....I’ve been playing so long that I have plenty of RSS stacked up to just do researches and build and merge pacts....I come to realize that the troops are what seems to take all the RSS healing and training...I’ve been saving sooooo many gems now that I don’t shield....I rarely get hit because it’s just a total waste of time now for anyone...RSS stays low and no troops...leader is usually dead or captured but it doesn’t matter anymore...as soon as I want to get in the full swing of the game again I will...it’s too much of a money grab for me at the present state...it’s very redundant as well...give the lil guys a chance...P2W most def...so I’m just going to stack my gems hit the coliseum and just research and build...that’s it...don’t waste your money on this game at all not worth it at all.....Version: 1.93

This game blew my mind!This is a very good game, I started playing this Today actually. But why is this game so good you may ask? Well it’s the idea of the game and the intuitive body it possess. When I first started playing this game, I thought it was one of those over advertised mobile games that at its core are just pieces of junk. As I started playing it though, in explored how in depth and how much effort was put into the charm and mechanics of the game. What I fond most charming about the game isn’t the amount of depth that you can go into, but rather the ease to play it. This isn’t your average gather, make, upgrade games like clash of clans or boom beach that requires countless hours soaked into playing it in order to get somewhere. This is very different to that. This isn’t as complicated as many other games and is very easy to pick up and play. The reason for this is because of how well it guides you through crucial development processes that you may miss in other games of this genre. All in all, this is an excellent and charming game that almost anyone can pickup, play, and enjoy. ;).Version: 2.12

Great game but flawedThis is a very well developed game, however if you can’t invest money into it, it becomes extremely challenging and not in a good way. The other issue that really needs to be addressed is that issue of huge mega guilds being able to attack guilds with less than a quarter of the might of them. It’s unfair and makes it impossible to grow, especially when that massive guild comes and attacks you 4,5,6 times daily. It makes the game not fun anymore and has made many player quit playing. This issue really needs to be addressed/resolved and quickly before they lose even more players. They should implement a safeguard so guilds can only attack other guilds if they are within a certain percentage of the might that guild had. For example a guild that had billions of combined might should NOT be able to attack a guild that only had a few million combined might, and a player who had hundreds of million of might on their own shouldn’t be able to attack a player who only had a few million might on their own. If this issue is not address and corrected in the very near future, I myself will most likely stop investing money into and playing the game..Version: 1.91

Fun, yet P2WSo, I started a couple of days ago and left Fortnite behind(I needed a break from the sweaty kids endlessly no-scoping me)and find a game for my phone. I was actually interested in this because of that one ad where it’s 3D animated. I fell in love with it as soon as I started. Then I noticed that there were a bunch of bundles which where actually pretty cheap. I saved up my allowance for some of the bundles, and that’s when I noticed the P2W everyone talks about. I decided to join a guild, to do some extra quests and help out people and join rallies etc. And about almost half the people in my guild had the Rose Knight, and a heck ton of might. These people were so overpowered that one of them could easily crush me in a millisecond. And then the other P2W people from the other side of the map moved over to our side to attack on us “poor” players. Personally I wanted revenge so I started a couple of rallies on them. I did end up winning but never got to spend my 20$ I saved up for the bundles. So I spent them on another game. But overall this is a pretty good game, although I agree with people that P2W players should have a separate section so that they can’t attack the casual players like me..Version: 1.96

Good game but could use some workStarting off here, I think this game has some potential. It's really easy so probably not for hard gamers, but it's a great way to pass some time, and when I first got it, I thought to myself, "eh, when I get tired of it in a couple hours I'll just delete it." Well now I've been playing for a few days. I also love the idea that people that are in the same guild as you can help speed up your building time. I also like the idea of getting free builds by attacking (I think at least haha). Now, like most other games, this one could use some extra work. The screen looks very cluttered and messy, and is very confusing. There is just so much going on that it's a bit hard on the eyes. You can build an army that can last a long time and can choose who attacks and who defends, but I feel like I need more control over battles. For example, attacking other kingdoms, you can choose how many and who attacks, but other than that you can really only just watch the battle. I hope the devs read this, and if they are thanks! Also for those who are thinking about getting the game, it's not quite perfect yet, I personally think it deserves a try!.Version: 1.51

Lords mobile or somethingNow I’m a fan of this game I have played it since may of 2016 so I know a thing or two because I have seen a thing or two anyways I find it to be pretty good good graphics great challenges but here’s the catch the pvp part is who can beg their mom for more money it’s not a skill game it’s a money game and they don’t really care to try and make the game enjoyable for everyone if you play free your on your own i have had 4 accounts in 4 years and the highest I ever got was 35 million power. While the developers say they try to make it enjoyable for everyone they don’t care I have to spend my hard earned gems every night in fear of getting attacked so I shield. Egos have no remorse they attack weaker players in fear of them getting powerful. The levels are a whole new story you only get 90 second for each stage of the level and sometimes the stage is downright excessive and although the verge way is cool either the ather or the time you get on the level has to change i need more time than 2:30 on some cases if the devs don’t want that at least make the ather not take 4 seconds to refill regularly. 3 stars.Version: 2.51

Fun at firstJust like everyone says this is a pay to win game. I was fine with that and had a lot of fun even though I’ve only spent 3$ US. Its one thing to know there are a few monster guilds on your server destroying everything in there path, but as soon as the kingdom opens you might as well enjoy being a farm for others who have spent THOUSANDS. If the developers are listening, its the people who spend little and farm a lot that get killed by those who spend a lot. Once the server opens It is demoralizing when we can no longer even gather resources because people want to get every last kill. If we cant get resources we cant grow. Which is why you have so many dead servers. Give us an 8 hour window every day in which we can gather resources with out fear of our troops Perishing and you will retain more lower spenders in order to support the bigger payers. Our hive has been attacked more then 30 times in the 3 days since server opened and people are already starting to quit. Even if its just weekends give us some time to gather or we stagnate. Im sure someone else has suggested this before but it will help you to retain more daily players which is good for everyone..Version: 1.100

Lots of potentialFirst off I will say I have since deleted the app. There is just too much going on for the laid back gamer who is just looking to waste a little bit of time between other activities or just relaxing. You have to appease your guild, which I was kicked out a number of times because I wasn’t growing fast enough, everyone wanted over 100k, in game would be called might, everyday. Then you have to research, construct, attack others, grow your leaders, and train an army. There is just too much to worry about and one attack from another person will set you back a weeks worth of time and effort. Then after like the first couple of constructs or research it takes days at a time to be able to have the other one available to you. It’s just a lot to worry about, too much, especially if you can’t get into a strong guild to help you. Oh and you have this coliseum thing to worry about, see almost forgot something, which involves your leaders you have to find time to train to be successful. This game will be too complicated for most to handle..Version: 1.52

HarassmentI like the game and have been playing for a few years. But I have a problem with the reporting aspect. The current guild I’m a member has been harassed by a small player with multiple accounts. We report him over and over various different ways and nothing. This is the only report in the reviews I’ve seen that I’m writing. Most members have him blocked and therefore not seeing some of the rants I’ve reported. I have no problem with trash talking or the fact it’s a war game but this guy takes it to a whole new level. He has been called out by some of the bigger players but again nothing. I believe he has multiple accounts (which nothing wrong with that) but harasses with one particular account. I know you guys are seeing whatever reporting we as a guild and what others may have done. Why hasn’t he been banned or deleted? Again, I like the game, but this guy has been doing this too long. FATSelenaia is the account name. Find him fast before he changes his name..Version: 2.78

P2P Game which needs more f2p options.Although I understand where many people are coming from, stating the game is only for P2P players, I don’t believe this is true. Although IGG entices people to make purchases as much as they can, I think that people like Brando F2P who haven’t spent a dime on the game and has 1.2 billion might can go to show you that all you need is patience. Putting money into the game isn’t bad either. The 1 thing that I personally think is bad about the game is the obvious skill gap, you could be a 80 million might player with 1 million troops and easily get zeroed if your shield is down for 1 hour or less. Buying shields costs gems, gems cost money. Although you can earn gems through the colosseum you barely get anything. For small spenders who need gems I recommend buying the breakthrough bonus which is a great deal for 200,000 gems, or for a smaller amount, the let’s celebrate pack. Giving you a small amount of chests, around 18,000 gems and 75 tomes needed for T5 Research..Version: 2.79

Been happy since I started!Out of all the games I am currently active within that are similar to this game(Kiss of War, Puzzles & Survival, State of Survival, Guns of Glory, King of Avalon, Infinite Galaxy, and so on!) Lords Mobile never fails to keep me interested and challenging!! And now that Vergeway has come about with the game, It has struck a huge interest in gaming style that I hadn’t known I was into! Vergeway is super challenging and takes a thought in your next move with the right tower or hero you place! I am addicted to it BUT I am all done with Chapter 1-8 already and wanting more stages!! Plus, I wish and I assume their will be more added onto it as in extra challenges per chapter like trials 1-3? I sure hope so! Also, even though I have finished everything I wish that their was a way to go back and do stages over again just to get more experience with all the tower, hero, troop, and spells that you have! Hope this gets seen and others feel the same way as me! Thanks for reading! #270 [dwb]Volt.Version: 2.52

Need some gameplay changesI have been playing for a while and I really enjoy the aesthetics and the concept behind this game. However, there are two major issues I have run into while playing. Firstly, the game starts out pretty even with players that are the same rank and might as you, but as it progresses, you need more and more items that you have to spend gems on and the game quickly turns into a PayToWin scenario. Also a big flaw in the gameplay is that any base can attack any other unshielded bass, regardless of relative rank. This leads to top ranked (Castle 25) players attacking players that are Castle 10-20 which is no challenge at all and clear nuisance to the lower ranked players that are just trying to get better. I would like to see a ban on players attacking anyone more than 3 castle levels below their own, unless provoked by the lower player. And if the higher players do, they recieve significantly less loot attacking smaller players..Version: 2.37

Of all the apps out there, this game is definitely one of themHi! I’m the lead singer of the popular band “Bastille”. I saw your ad playing on my music video and thought I’d give your game a try. The actors in your ads are great by the way, where’d you find them, Craigslist? Anyway, once I downloaded the game, I was astounded by the breathtaking gameplay. It felt as though I had a huge impact on what was happening in game. Also, the menus and map were not cluttered at all, and very easy to navigate. It’s almost as if you took clash of clans and removed everything remotely fun about it. That’s what I love in a game. I love upgrading buildings just so they can give me the ability to upgrade more buildings. I can’t wait to get to the point in the game where I can pwn a total scrub. Also, the idea of having like 5 different types of currency in the game is genius. Anyway, greatest game out there, also check out my very new song “Pompeii” it’s pretty good..Version: 1.51

Good gameplayGenerally I'm not fond of games where it takes real time in order to do things, since going in for 30 seconds and then needing to wait an hour+ isn't really a game to me. However, this game provides other things you can do while you're waiting on the timers, making it much more enjoyable to me.Version: 1.49

Nice and funHi s-w.Version: 1.49

AwesomeGood game for sure.Version: 1.49

TryLove the concept but not enough battlefield fights and AI is adsent..Version: 1.49

Cool game!I'm hooked..Version: 1.49

Great gameBro I’ve invested 5 hours in this game today and I’m literally addicted.Version: 2.26

CoolIt’s nice.Version: 1.50

Bon jeu !!Un bon jeu pour passer le temps :).Version: 1.51

GainzzzzxLit.Version: 1.49

Great game!So much to do and understand!.Version: 1.51

ReviewFun game , just learning but I like this one.Version: 2.80

AddictiveFun.Version: 1.49

Needs enhancementsI believe I played for 4 years , starting was great but ..now any member that starts can basically reach the (Might) all loyal gamers reached in a shorter period of time .. along with (gears) and much much more involved for the new coming gamers for lord’s mobile.. I was a gamin celebrity for (wegamers ) for more then half of the time gaming.. then they took broadcasting from us .. lowered event winnings along with redemption gifts ! Most members (family)we should say have (gifting) which here in Canada was 139.99$ to have the ability to gift smaller might (power)members, which is great I thought ,, the more we spend the lesss we ... what ooo yeah we pull from for example; hunting monsters... opening chests ... event redemption rewards from competition of desired (tier ) of guild (alliance) received working together! We all ask as loyal members to offer the gear that is offered to members beginning on the voyage .. also the drop rates are proven to me from a 4 year period of time ,,, on a paid to play account and a free to play account,,, I’ve received not double but x6 more items for gear upgrades and other quality items to be a step stronger Which money is always the key to grow ... But time and friend’s family and loyalty with activity is key Remember help one another grow Respect your guild as a family Grow together Stick together You will then see what I mean The game brings everyone together Without spending money or spending Win win la.Version: 2.45

Mr.Beast please chose me to winI downloaded this mobile game because Mr.Beast said they will chose randomly who gets the ps4 pro’s and the top 10 people will get 3000 dollars I hope inshallah I win the ps4 and the 3000.Version: 2.26

Good but...The game is by no means bad. It is not a pay to win game, but it is more a “pay to be extremely good and competent at the game”. Sure, you can be helped in your progression with the guild system, but if you don’t have gems, which are easily obtainable, you will get stomped by higher level foes. I am currently at level 53 and the upgrades/ research is endless, like without 20 000 gems I can’t finish my upgrades quickly and I fall behind in progression (like researching an ability is taking me a small eternity) and just getting 10 000 gems is tough. Furthermore, there is a relocation system which allows you to go near a much weaker opponent and destroy him completely and immediately go back to the safety of your guild hive. That system can easily demoralize beginners or even higher tier players at times because of the prison system. I personally hate the prison system which allows you to capture the enemy leader and kill him (depending on castle levels) because the leader is so important that not allowing a player to have a leader for two (or more) days can destroy the players economy and his defensive structure and put a player at a massive disadvantage against any type of attack. The leaders have passive effects on the economic/research/military/building and can (on higher level) cut down to half the construction time on some things, cut down research time, double production of food and much more (I enjoy the leader system a lot) but when they are captured, it removes the entire effect of the leader and you can’t replace him until he’s either dead or released. You can ransom a leader for ludicrous costs at a player and will at times completely demoralize said player. You do have to win the battle against the enemy player, but higher leveled player can go against the lower leveled with the relocation system, destroy the lower leveled base get all of the gold the player possesses, then go 500 miles away, with the lower leveled captured leader and ransom him for like 5 million gold, but the lower leveled player, having no gold left and no army, is forced to either a) wait for his leader to die and then resurrect him with a revive fruit bought with guild points or gems, or b) rebuild completely his economy and upgrade his army to try to defeat the higher leveled player, which can’t happen, or c) buy packs so that he can buy gold boosts and be able to give the higher leveled player his 5 million gold..Version: 1.85

Good gameSuper fun.Version: 2.80

GoodGood.Version: 2.80

BstI love This Game.Version: 2.80

CoolSuperbe jeu.Version: 2.80

Good gameHow do I boost my power.Version: 2.80

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Lords Mobile: Tower Defense iPad Images
  • Lords Mobile: Tower Defense ipad image 1
  • Lords Mobile: Tower Defense ipad image 2
  • Lords Mobile: Tower Defense ipad image 3
  • Lords Mobile: Tower Defense ipad image 4