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Make friends and battle enemies across the globe, your dragon and throne await!

With more than 100,000,000 downloads, players from nearly 150 countries, and countless recommendations by App Store, brace yourself for a legendary mobile adventure!

Get your armor on, the hottest real-time MMO of 2019 is here! Raise your dragon and build your army in the quest to lift Excalibur and become the King. Taste power and victory while making friends and enemies along the way. Chat, help, trade and wage war with players around the globe. King Arthur’s death has left an empty throne. Get ready to get medieval; the battle to conquer the kingdom has started!


◆ Unique Dragons in Each Castle: Each player has a unique Dragon that they can raise and customize with special abilities, making each battle unique. The dragon’s abilities benefit the player's city development, resource gathering, and training.

◆ Alliances and Diplomacy: Players form Alliances together - constructing, defending, and attacking together. Alliances cooperate with each other and live together, managing diplomatic relationships as a team. They might lose battles together, but they can also win the war together.

◆ Global Server: King of Avalon players all over the world could battle together for the Excalibur to become the rightful ruler of their kingdom.


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The price of monthly subscription is $29.99, and lasts for 1 month. After purchasing, players will get exclusive privileges in game.

Please note:

1. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase

2. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period

3. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal

4. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the your Account Settings after purchase

PLEASE NOTE: King of Avalon is completely free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

A network connection is also required.

Do you have what it takes to become the King?

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Frost & Flame: King of Avalon Positive Reviews

Alliances not being kicked outI think it’s good to have a case of nice I like everything you need more tutorials you know like with missions and stuff like that I like win the game tell us about certain events and tell us about some projects we have to do what we’re doing but the one thing I dislike is when you apply for an alliance and I kick you out for something that was not so good these past three days I’ve been interviewing a lot with a lot of companies about a job so I didn’t have that much time to get online or to get back to the clan oh my allianceThat I had joined it but when I do have my tire free time I do will go on it they said I didn’t donate I did when I was online and I was on the game so it was just to me a miscommunication but how often do you want me to donate you want me toDonut all day that’s impossible you first get the resources build of your cities so you can donate can you tell me if I can donate a lot I can’t do that that’s almost like pan of somebodyI’m not logged in how am I supposed to do that or donate what some of them and I’m in the game of course I hope my lashes out I donate and help out but if I’m not logged in how my supposed to do that that’s the one thing I do not like I’ll guess I’ll start up my own clear them and I won’t do that to other people.Version: 11.7.0

The case for accessability to visually impaired/blind playersI have always loved learning about the Arthurian legends and all that. However, this is not really possible if you can’t play games like that with no accessability, is it? I’m a totally blind person, and this game sounds neat. It would be even more so if people like me and those with visual impairments could play. As I said, I’m totally blind so don’t know if the visuals are contrasted enough for VI (visually impaired) people to use. Please make this so in your updates. For totally blind and visually impaired people, you could connect this game to the Unity Engine so that it is self-voiced through there. You could also make it self-voiced like the game “A Blind Legend.” Another way is to hook the game up with Apple’s VoiceOver. This, allowing people like me to navigate the iDevice’s screen, would do so with the game as well. Of course, you can make the digital person within the game/the characters, that is, sighted and/or blind at some points. However, if you do this, please try to portray the blind character positively without stereotypes as are often heard in the blindness community—stereotypes not given here, but many exist. Thank you, Ashleigh S. Piccinino P.S. of course, sighted people in the game need to be portrayed positively as well..Version: 7.0.2

After almost 3 yearsKing of Avalon took my attention from the first days. I played and enjoyed the game since 2017 and keep on enjoying it. So many people left so many people came to this game. But those who stayed they became very close friends. The graphics and designs are improving. The game becomes more affordable. All I can say this game is the only strategy game that keeps me coming back and spend some time in it. But most important is that those people who play in your alliance are the ones who drive you back to game. At the beginning I spent a lot believe me 5 figures was almost not enough yearly spending to stay top 3 in kingdom. Now they make it more interesting with events so free players and low spenders can enjoy the game too. I hope this game will be pushing harder on making more affordable so people don’t have to worry about cheaters. Play and pay but not only pay to play. Thank you very much whole team who makes this game more interesting. And little suggestion for new comers, if you are mentally unstable please stay away from this game. It’s very emotional driving game! Politics in this game is very important. More friends more chances to enjoy the game! Have fun and best wishes from all FIP and KOA members in kd399😇.Version: 7.7.0

Good GameAs a person who is new to this type of game playing, it took awhile for me to understand. However once I did I enjoyed logging in and growing with my alliance. The visuals and events are all interesting and fun. The chatting between players is great. Yet there are some things in this game which makes me give it three stars instead of five. For instance, the game gets kinda boring fast. Everyday is the same thing. Hunt and gather, and while the events are great for fresh players after awhile you realize that they are just the same events over and over again. Lastly, the constant need for the developers to push their “ buy buy buy” equipment is annoying. Especially when some of the events are specially made to get you to spend money. An example, they had an event were daily tasks get you awards, like a treasure chest, but then to open that treasure chest you need to buy the key. Stuff like that gets annoying really fast and takes the fun out of taking part in this events. Besides, that dealing with the “Rich Players”, that automatically upgrade through buying all those specialty items and the constant need to find an alliance that won’t kick you out at the next day can be a drag but overall once you find your place, the game can be entertaining to play..Version: 14.1.0

King of AvalonI am revising my rating from 5 stars to 4 because of all these stupid updates that most players do not want. Every time you bloody update, you break more stuff. I have been playing this game going on 4 years. These stupid updates are not wanted or needed. It is ludicrous that you feel players want all this. The only thing I see is you are catering to players that have the money to pay for all this stuff. You’ve taken away things we could get from the traders to forge gear etc. We aren’t getting ingots for the new gear in barb or monster chests like we used to. The amount of resources or frags to upgrade anything anymore are absolutely ridiculous. Again unless you pay for it, there’s no way that you’ll be able to gather enough even with multiple farm accounts. The resource tiles aren’t big enough to make much of a difference. We’re only allowed one resource tile for alliances. If you don’t want to increase tile amounts, at least let alliances put down more than one resource tile..Version: 8.7.0

Good game for any ageI Dont Know a lot about the game, I still trying it but I’m going to be honest with you, what got me into try and play this game, it’s the advertisement I always watch playing another games, it’s hilarious and make it look more interesting, FINALLY a game that People promotes kinda fun environment for almost every age ?? I still checking the game, so I may be wrong?? Maybe not?? But until now, I’ve been seeing a lot games supposed to be for kids and promoting a lot “ adult reality “ for not putting in another way ( example husband cheating his pregnant wife and left her by herself ) not gonna say name of the games lol Hahahaha that in my opinion is not appropriate for very young age, so you guys have very healthy view of things that really make me interested in the game ( I may be wrong what’s going on inside of the game / every game has their problem with toxic People or even scammers, but until now, I love it!! ) Sorry for the long review but I really need to pointed out about how you guys attract People to the game and you guys got my respect and a loyal player :).Version: 7.9.1

PLAYERS BEWARE!!! money HUNGRY appLet me start by saying this is an amazingly fun game but more so because the players you grow a bond with and strive to grow stronger together. however that being said this app constantly expects you to come outta pocket to much n gives to little in return for what you spend. Your constantly having to spend money to obtain things of better stats n once you have they then update game make things bought no longer items u have to buy but items which you can now obtain threw game for everyone for free then if you’d like better items you’ve gotta pay all over again. also keep in mind depending on lvl or power your offered different purchase package then let’s say you newer smaller account so it’s totally uneven across board. NOT TO FORGET other countries also get more then other for buy items so they constantly have you at disadvantage so enjoy this game as many have but buyers beware don’t waste your money buying thing it’s useless n they gain n only make you give n give as they get so greedy.Version: 10.2.0

After playing this....After playing this for a while now, I can safely say that this is one of those games that you should try if you don’t have any other gaming device. After a while it can be a little tedious with the upgrading but if you can get past that, you don’t need to dump dollars into this game; I find it amazing that I can play this nonstop for an hour or two seeing what I can do, if you have a decent alliance it opens a whole new opportunity of new things to do. 1. Teaming up to rally barbarian camps and ravagers, if you can do this you will get a ton of speed ups for upgrading... the only problem is that you can have stamina issues and you’ll need to wait maybe an hour for it to replenish. 2. You can get decent boosts with alliance research and you’ll get aid and help from your alliance members when you need it. 3. In big events having friends is a big win! You can get big rewards for doing little things. I’ve been playing it for a month now and I have been doing really good. If you read this good luck and have a great time playing this!.Version: 9.0.2

Failure to be reasonableThe game play is smooth, the events are nicely constructed, some have helpful rewards… My issue is that they never miss a chance to be complete money grubbing wh**es. Shielding for 24 hours for free should be attainable for free with participation and donations.. it’s not. The amount of gold everything costs should be cut by 2/3. A dragon shadows should be sold for a reasonable subscription which how important it is to everything you do. When you reach a certain point there shouldn’t be lv 6 rss spawning next to forest center it should all be max level rss, monsters and barb rallys. Your “search function” does the exact opposite of its purpose. VIP12 is unobtainable and by the time you do the benefits are useless because you are already past the point of needing them. Chat pictures should be larger. Can barley see their avatar and if you view their profile you don’t even see the uploaded photo. The ingots to forge the rss gathering and construction/tease arch armor is like Bigfoot, someone a long time ago said they saw one but fool me once if they can prove that report was true. Old ingredients of no use should be transformable into something useful..Version: 12.3.0

Happy but not happyThis game is a very fun social game. there is a lot of great people to talk to but I wish they would update there chat rooms with spell check and mems. they update all game play which makes it interesting and fun and hard all at the same time which a game is supposed to do but seriously it’s 40% game play and 60% politics/ chatting so really wish they would spend a little time making chats better and be able to send /post screen shots. And they say it’s not pay to play but we all know who play the game it is pay to play and I get that the game needs to make money to profit and grow but they made it insane with how much u need to spend just to contend I have been playing for over a year now and haven’t made it to 30 yet and mostly because I help out other alliance members more then my self so that being said I do love the game just wish they would chill with the paying to play so much and update the chat..... Mainly update the chat guys for real.... would still recommend this game for anyone looking to socialize and be a part of a team.Version: 4.9.3

Y’all be WILDINAll these reviews i’m seeing recommended to me are all negative. yes, you CAN spend big money and events need to be organized by power level, but the game is addicting!! i do think chat rooms could use some updating because some features are hard to use like how they don’t have autocorrect or a translator for my foreign friends which i think could be a very good idea. either way you think, i’ve been playing for just over a half a year with a months break a few weeks ago and i have 20 mil power and 150k troops at sh lvl 16. i haven’t spent any money. some items (like ingots for armor) can be found by fighting in rallies against barbarians or gained by doing well in events. i haven’t been playing for very long and already have 15 hegemony ingots. the game is both fast-paced at times and in other areas (like collecting hegemony ingots) you have to be patient. i am in kingdom 517 or something like that and i have virtually no hackers or too overpowered people in the kingdom. this review was sent in april of 2020, hope it helps!!.Version: 8.2.0

Great game and worth the time spentI play this game everyday, and let me tell you that it is super fun. You can interact with alliance members, and if you get a good alliance then the people you get to interact with have your back. I play this game with my family and we are usually all on a phone call together playing it. When kill event comes around it is even more fun. Sure, you will lose lots of troops but if you have a good alliance then you can easily recoup the lost resources and train your troops back. Also, it isn’t hard to get a nice alliance. The game features are amazing. The labyrinth is fun to explore and it is also fun leveling up your dragon spirit and having it fight against others in the Royal Arena. The Magic Spire comes in handy a little bit but I would just like to see more protected areas, because when you are low leveled you are constantly getting hit by other high leveled people when gathering crystals. Overall this game is so worth your time, and maybe even your money if you are committed and enjoy it like I do!!.Version: 6.3.0

This game is awesomeWhen I first got this game, it was out of boredom. I just wanted to see what it was like. Well, that was the beat decision I’ve ever made for a mobile game. When you need resources, it’s easy to gather. Sure it takes a while, but it can be done easily. The only money I’ve spent in this game is in-game currency and my Stronghold is already at level 21! The alliance I am with now is awesome too! Plus, this game makes it extremely easy to get speed ups, gold, and other resources. The new update and the 3D map are just insane. The map is kind of trippy at first because your just trying to get used to it, but I can promise you, it’s really neat. The game developers also do plenty of surveys for player feedback to see what can be improved. They do listen to you and give you all sorts of rewards all the tine. It truly is an awesome game and I’m just so happy I was bored the day I got it lol. I think I’ve played literally everyday since I got this too. I highly recommend this game!.Version: 9.5.0

This games amazing! Here’s some of my ideas!I personally love this game. It’s detailed, and has way more plot than to other mobile kingdom games. But I had a theory, a good theory that might be useful for the game! You get a dragon right? So here’s the thing, once you reach your dragon level 20, you can gain these shards from chests, or daily chest. And use them to CHANGE the element of your dragon, there could be water, fire, earth, dark magic, and the special one, god of light. You can earn god of light only if you collect 20 of each shard and combine them together, which would take a while considering collecting shards would be rare to get. But the chance increases the better the chest is. That was just my idea I thought you’d might like to add in the game. Overall, very great game! Less adds which’s makes the game more fun, and more into the story then most games! Keep up the great work into the game and if you could, try and add my little detail! It might help improve! ❤️.Version: 10.6.0

Awesome ExpensiveThe game itself is awesome. It gives you a chance to utilize your strategy and intelligent thinking to better your character throughout the game. However, if you aren’t willing to put a ton of money into it, I suggest you find a new game or you will be seriously frustrated and upset with the game within about 2 weeks, if not sooner. If you can’t afford to buy shields (aka: bubbles) other, more developed players will constantly pillage your resources to keep themselves from having to farm. Also, if you don’t have a great alliance where everyone knows what is going within the alliance and is in contact with each other, you will each fail individually. Doing this game as a stand alone character vs with an alliance is impossible. The game also needs a way for team members to be able to take screenshots of conversations and team/alliance movements. It’s really hard to try and type a bunch of stuff out to specific people when you are certain that you have an inter alliance problem and can’t put it in the alliance chat.Version: 10.0.0

Great game really grabs your attentionIt’s a money pit though if your down to spend money then great. But if it takes 20 tickets to get a reward they will sell you 19 tickets for $20 then they will make you spend another $20 for 19 more tickets. They know what they are doing when it comes to making you spend money. You will spend to achieve something and come just short of the goal and then have to buy a big pack again because they limit the small packs. Then the big pack gets you close to the next goal you were not even trying to reach and now it looks achievable so you buy another big pack and you come up just short of that goal and so on. Money Pit but I’ve been playing it for months now so I can’t say it is not fun I just wish they cared more about the players enjoyment than the money they intend to make..Version: 14.4.0

Not what I expectedHow come he doesn’t do the thing where like when you’re in the middle when you’re in the lobby and for the game how come the things that she was there you never do in the real game please fix that I actually know actually don’t also I want to actually be OK scratch that don’t really fix nothing I don’t really want to do that over again I have to start over but can you make it so I can’t like be my dragon things and level up in a blanket so I can feed him how to feed him and I would level of him up to when I could actually tell him where to go and write them on things and actually fight also just so you know my dad I mean not dadMichael grandpa probably works for you know I mean he just whatever just just whatever just just do what I want K or up or I will send you stuff you know what I will hack you if you don’t🐍🦂🐊🦈🐉🐲🦨🐊🐊🐊🦈.Version: 10.9.0

Read thisDespite what other people have said (“unless you have spent tens of the thousands of dollars”) this game is wonderful. I have been playing for about a half a month. I have already 25k troops. This game allows you to work with other people from around the world. With this you can develop relationships but yet not have to give any information to anyone including the game itself. It is a strategy game because really you have to decide your amount of troops, location, and alliance. Honestly, when playing this game, I have to think. Of course you can spend money and get faster improvement but it is not required like others say. Unless you are being constantly attacked, there is no reason to spend money. I have not spent a dollar. I played this game because I liked the concept but it turned out to be much more. I made friends and enjoyed working with others.Version: 4.5.4

Great teamwork game!This game. You will make friends and enemies. It’s addicting. The game allows you to either spend money to grow or, if you want, it gives you PLENTY of opportunity to keep up with free items all of the time. It’s an awesome game. The developers really spent some time making this game user friendly and also challenging at the same time. I’m getting a reward as we speak right now just to rate the game. Only flaw is there are glitches. Sometimes you can’t collect rewards or part of the game shuts down. But even so, when they correct the glitch low and behold more rewards! The friends you make on this game are on point! It’s a fun game! Just remember, if you want to get anywhere in the game invest in shields and gold though. People will attack you and you will lose all of your hard work! Be safe and have fun!.Version: 14.0.0

Love this gameI could do without having to interact with other people but that part is not so bad I guess. I take that part back I find it rather fun! I’ve come to enjoy the game way more than I did in the beginning! By now I believed I would have been done playing but I’m steady interested. I do think there are some things that could be changed, or perhaps implemented such as when out resources are ready for harvesting if we do not get to them in time, having them set aside so that we can continue to gather... or at least make it to where there is not a limit on how much it can hold. If you know what I mean. Better rewards on the Honor pass event. Oh and when it comes to the gold coins we accumulate it’d be nice if it weren’t so easy to make a mistake and use it. A confirmation on it or something would be nice..Version: 9.4.0

Nice gameI like it, but some things I have issue with like how damaging it is to lose all your troops and how slow to resurrect them. Also meteorite ore— where did this come from, did King Arthur find 50 meteors on the ground?— and how hard it is to obtain it without purchasing a lot of bundles. I do like the gameplay and koa deserves credit, but it is pay to win for sure. But, on the other hand, it is an excellent game and the developers need to get paid for their work. One last thing, the help and support section could get tweaked to be better. It is stressful navigating that and sometimes difficult to get help there. For example, you should be able to save your text if you have to leave the page and there should be more options for screenshots instead of just one. At least a couple more.... But I like the game and like socializing as well with my alliance..Version: 8.7.0

Game of War plus extrasIf you’ve played Game of War: Fire Age, Kingdoms of Middle Earth, or similar strategy games, you already know most of what King of Avalon has to offer. There are a few extra things like the Labyrinth and the Magic spite that you can use to get extra goodies, and equipment you can forge for buffs. It’s more fun than Game of War, but has the same problems. “Wallet Whales” can effectively buy out a kingdom by spending tens of thousands of dollars to advance to max level very quickly and get all the best equipment in the game. This is not an anomaly - almost every kingdom has a wallet whale for their king, and that is how the game makes money. To make matters worse, you can attack players of any level, so once a whale buys a level 40 (max level) city, he can one-shot any player in the kingdom no matter how small or helpless. End game looks pretty bleak unless you’re friends with the king, and who would want to be friends with a player who bought their way to the top instead of playing the game?.Version: 5.1.0

Pay to win.So before you commit tons of time and money into this game, the first thing you need to understand is that it's pay to win. I've played this game since the 3rd week it's came out and I'm now SH26. A guy named Yandi who now has well over 1.2 BILLION power ruined the kingdom in a span of 2 days by taking out 3 major alliances without remorse. That was 6 months ago and the kingdom now only has 4 main alliances in it. Another problem is the dead kingdoms which the developers need to fix or else they are just going to keep losing high paying players. The only reason I'm giving this game 2 stars is because although it's entirely focused on pay to win, I've had amazing experiences on it and have met some amazing people. Another thing that's horrible about this game is the I unknowledgeable support team. It took me nearly 3-4 months to get a full response from them that wasn't mocking me or not being helpful. Thank you to all who have read this, T..Version: 3.5.1

FunGame is great. Except for people not following kingdom rules. And when you submit complaint nothing gets done. You get an apology from leader of the attackers team. But doesn’t give u back all your lost troops and resources. Which takes weeks to replace without money. Players three times your power should not be able to attack the smaller players. It’s also a money game it’s hard to get up there in levels unless you spend a lot of money. You can’t compete with half the players they will destroy u. And all it takes is three huge players to take out a whole hive of newer players or non-spenders. Most of the better gear or enchantments have to be brought. They give good deals but still cost money. It is a fun game and I do enjoy playing just wish is was set up a little differently. More fair for all types of players..Version: 10.0.0

False Add not the Real Game???I downloaded this game based on another games, in-game add. It specifically shows a guy washing up on shore, smoking a cigarette, then he starts building a kingdom from scratch. It shows him building all types of wooded buildings and lad that has NO other structures. Additionally, it shows the construction of that same land (island) be built and expanded on. So that initial island keeps getting bigger and bigger, making more room to build these wooded building.. However, after downloading the game, it takes you through a storyline then puts you into some prebuilt kingdom. That same Kingdom has many pre-built stone buildings and they force you to use a limited amount of space to place new structures... Where is the game advertised, how do you play that game. The game where you start from nothing at all???.Version: 7.3.0

King of AvalonThis used to be my FAVORITE game to play. But you keep adding more stuff (most cost $$ & I just don’t have it to spend like that) and more quests, it has gotten too complicated. I’ve played for over 3 years now and I’ve been topped off at VIP 12 for about a year, as well as Lord lvl 65 and have all those extra to turn in but won’t because I get NO EXTRA BENEFIT FROM THEM WHEN I USE THEM FROM MY ITEMS. I’ve suggested several times in my comments to the developer to consider either higher lvls of both VIP & lords OR chances to use them for other things (comparable to the costs of obtaining these items) but realized the only way I MIGHT be actually HEARD is through here. I dropped my subscription I had when I realized I no longer benefited from having it. I wasted about 3-5 months having the subscription and didn’t really benefit from it anymore. It is a very FuN & Addictive game but many are leaving it and I’m starting to see why now..Version: 9.0.2

Fun gamePretty fun but have to pay to at the higher ranks.Version: 14.4.0

PassableJeu correct mais pas aussi bien développé que Viking. Beaucoup de clans remplis de joueurs inactifs..Version: 3.5.1

GreatGreat game.Version: 3.6.0

Good jobGood play.Version: 14.4.0

Woohoo!Woohoo!!.Version: 14.4.0

FunGreat game, not just city build style game.Version: 14.4.0

还不错 刚开始试试看.Version: 14.3.0

Excellent jeuSuper cool le jeu de style GOT..Version: 14.3.0

Developers that care about their customersEvery update or downtime is rewarded within the game, no other game will do this! Keep up the great work!!.Version: 14.3.0

There’s a small glitchThere’s a exploit where you can spam the free upgrade to get multiple upgrades for free..Version: 14.3.0

GoodIt was laggy at first but it’s been better since then.Version: 14.3.0

Great gameHi its a me Mario.Version: 14.3.0

Jeux genialTrès bien conçu merci.Version: 14.3.0

GoodI find this game good for my mind . Many challenges . Thankyou ..Version: 14.3.0

SalutSalutation.Version: 14.3.0

YuuuIiiiii.Version: 14.3.0

King of AvalonJ’adore en vrai.Version: 14.3.0

Free, but expensive.Takes a long time to gain power unless you’re willing to spend a lot of $..Version: 14.3.0

CoolPas parfait mais bien.Version: 14.3.0

J’aime bienCar quand tu défend des grosse save c’est bien fait mais c un peux copier de plein d’autre jeux.Version: 14.3.0

Pretty sweetNice gamw.Version: 14.3.0

NiceNice.Version: 14.3.0

Great jobTo be honest I have nothing to say it’s just a unique experience that I love.Version: 14.3.0

Pack less kingdoms?The Games certainly fun in earlier stages, but money rules over everything else.Version: 14.3.0

💯Best game ever! Developers response Thank for feedback.Version: 14.3.0

Very nice gameI’ve enjoyed every part of it thus far.Version: 14.3.0

SuperUn jeu d’évolution faites pour les gens qui veulent autant investir dans une alliance avec des échanges entre joueur que de faire évoluer un personnage sur le long terme Pour ceux qui veulent des combats instantanés et de la guerre sans stratégie je ne conseil pas..Version: 14.2.2

Fantastic game!This game has a good balance between the fights and story. The graphics are really well done!!.Version: 14.3.0

Support is a jokeIts a decent game, the same as all the other games like this. Not original but whatevs. Support is not helpful..Version: 14.3.0

Lords of AvalonVery good game. Lots of thought in how to get stronger..Version: 14.2.2

Jestone62Fun game but requires money for some of the events. Should make it easier to get things from quests..Version: 14.2.2

Love itLove it.Version: 14.2.2

Game reviewLove the game.Version: 14.2.2

Lots of funI’ve been playing for 2 1/2 years. I’ve met the most wonderful people who are now friends..Version: 14.2.2

MmPlay for free , lol.Version: 14.2.2

太好了太好.Version: 14.2.2

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 14.4.0

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