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88 Fortunes classic slots app is now available for download! Discover your winning destiny with the free slots games brought to you straight from Vegas to your mobile device! Spin lucky slot machines games, win huge rewards and enjoy the full Vegas Slots experience!

The mystery of the Far East awaits! It’s your lucky day to play Vegas casino slot games wherever you are! This casino slots game is a favorite Macau slots game for a reason, 88 Fortunes slots celebrates the charm and uniqueness of Asia and surrounds players with a mystical and enchanted vibe from one of the most fascinating regions in the world.

In what feels like an act of pure magic, 88 Fortunes manages to combine both relaxing gameplay and the thrill of Casino Games for free! The app’s design and feel are all about the free slots games fun adventure, while the slot machine games and other free casino games are 100% authentic Las Vegas. This incredible combination creates a slots games experience you’ll never get enough of.

The 88 Fortunes slot machine games app doesn’t just mimic the golden casino of Las Vegas or the Chinese slots of Macau – it creates a duplicate of legendary casino games by working with the biggest slot machine brands and most famous slots games in the world, including WMS slots and Bally Slots. The same slots you enjoy spinning when you visit the casino and shuffle casino cards are now waiting for you right here, so start playing casino games for FREE! From the heart of Vegas to the palm of your hand, the slot games frenzy and casinos mania is in full power. Play online casino games, improve your skills at lightning speed and double your luck.

The app’s casino slots include winning slots like 88 Fortunes slots, Dancing Drums slots, Fu Dao Le, Dragon Rising, 5 Treasures, Fortune Age, Wishing You Fortune, Tree Of Wealth, dragon slots, Ruler Of Luck, Lucky Tree, Good Fortune Babies in Fu Dao Le, infinity slots, and many more. Just like the Vegas casino floor, this cash slots app never rests and new slots are added on a regular basis, so stay tuned!

Join the slots mania! With these casino games for free, every day is your lucky day, and every slot is your lucky slot! The more you spin the free slots casino games created by gaming giant SciPlay, the more you hit it rich! HUGE casino bonuses are waiting for you once you download the best slots game, with daily rewards and free casino bonuses, virtual cash and gold coins, lucky casino slots tournaments, gifts and golden slots surprises. As the name suggests, the wealth and fortune of 88 Fortunes free slots is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Get ready to see A LOT of 777 very soon, because the Jackpot holding your big win is just around the corner. Spin the casino games 2020 and be at the heart of Vegas from your home.

Step into our lucky casino and start spinning free slot machine games that are different and better than the slot machines you were used to up until now. Each 88 Fortunes slot machine was carefully selected to form the collection of the best slot machine games available. It is proof that free slots can absolutely be the top slots as well. Among our hot Vegas slots, you’ll find dragon slots that fit the Asian theme of the app perfectly, along other free casino slots that offer free spins instead of fee spins, a bonus game for players, progressive jackpots and much more! It’s no wonder that 88 is part of the lucky symbol 888, and you’ll know you hit the jackpot as soon as you start playing!

The games are intended for an adult audience (Aged 21 or older) and are strictly for amusement purposes only.
The games do not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

88 Fortunes Slots Casino Games App Comments & Reviews

88 Fortunes Slots Casino Games Positive Reviews

Not enough winsUsed to be able to win- now you are lucky to find a couple hours in a week where you win something. The same game pages repeat every so many spins- video the screens and watch. No incentives offered- used to be they would offer level up twice as fast, wins more often, all that has changed- hard to level up now- used to change games offered at top more often- now they change once a week which makes it boring. On the good side the games are fun and nice graphics. The owners unfortunately care more about making money than being fair. Understand they have to make money but they would probably make more if they would appease players every once in awhile by listening to our negatives and doing something about it.Version: 3.2.12

Love Love LoveOne of my favorite slot apps. Really cool because these are not fake slots, but slots that are actually at the casinos! Very cool to see how the bonuses are on here before you actually try your luck with real money at the casino. It’s like being able to preview a slot before actually sticking your hard-earned money into a slot that not only has a low payout, but also a weak bonus round! I’m hoping this developer comes out with more apps and more exciting games! Hands down, one of the best slot apps out there. Kudos to the developers for keeping me entertained without having to leave my home and spend my money because this is EXACTLY like the real thing, especially playing on my 12” Ipad! Please create more apps like this..Version: 3.0.30

Great SlotsI have played this slot game for years and it is my go to game! It’s fun and fair. I love the graphics. During this quarantine time, they have added a lot of bonus stuff like tournaments and chances to win extra coins. The only thing I wish, I could access the bonus stuff info on the main page. It tells you about the new daily stuff when you sign on but to access it again (like to check your progress) you have to close out the game and sign in again. There are so many slot games, I wish you could create your own room to add your favs or have a search to find games you like..Version: 3.2.38

One in a MillionThere are millions of apps in this world and countless ways that fitness trainers are trying to incentivize people to work out. However, this app is up there with the very best in this world. Fitness & Slots is revolutionizing the way that people work out and achieve mental & physical health. Easy to access, intoxicating to use, and enthralling to play, Fitness & Slots is a must-use for anybody who is struggling to get in the gym or struggling with their fitness. Shout out to Craig Ramsay for his unbelievable work in helping craft such a life-changing product. If I could give it 10 stars, I would give it 12....Version: 3.2.46

The best casino experience!Better than betting in the casino. Anyway, I always bet my winnings and go home with dry pockets, so it’s better to play here if one is looking for fun, not real money. My favorite slot machines are Dancing Drums and 88Fortunes which I can play here with minimal coin purchase instead of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars in the real casino. Rewards are every 2 hours. No driving for long distances, too..Version: v3.1.95

Barely WinThis is one of the games I play at a live casino therefore, I was excited to download and play. However, it just as bad or worse than the live version. You never/barely get the jackpot, you hardly ever get free spends and it eats up your coins to keep you purchasing if that’s what you do ... I don’t so I’m always waiting for my free coins. Also, when you fill the pot up, leave and come back it’s empty again and there’s no one to contact about the game when it doesn’t payout when you do hit a jackpot. Other than these issues it’s like playing at the casino sounds and all..Version: 3.2.12

Overall funI play this game every day. I’m not gonna complain about winnings and crashes because the game is solid for me and I don’t expect to win all the time. My gripe is that I am on level 208 and only get 400 free coins every 2 hours. This hasn’t really increased from the beginning. The game I enjoy playing spin starts at 379. This keeps me from being able to play but once a days and I’m usually out within 2 minutes. That takes a lot of the fun out of my experience.Version: v3.1.80

Fun timeI don’t know why people have complained about losing their coins on bets. I play real slots in casinos and let mine tell you this game is far more generous than the real deal. I have hours of fun playing this game. I like that many of the games are like the ones I play at the casino. I have a harder time trying to get a nickname to send off this review than I have playing the games. Lol.Version: v3.1.80

Fortune 88 Really!!!!I just was playing fortune 88 and was betting 450,000 and hit the bonus on my last spin i hit all Ace’s but 2 in lower right corner with 3x in middle won 98,000,000 and when it was time to collect I just so happened to say sorry retry error and lost all my bonus winnings!!! Is this common and does Phantom have records of this showing the win and if so is there a way to still collect my unfortunate loss on a huge win that just happened to say retry and error!!!??? Then re loads and still no winning amount?.Version: 3.0.72

Great Games but Roadmap to Games confusingI love the games and graphics but find the presentation with roadmap and stepping stones to confusing. Why not just have all slots in a row without a padlock and with a padlock as one progresses, these different huts with names is unnecessarily confusing. Albeit the graphics of different huts are great I feel like I’m trying to go down a lot of dead end rabbit holes trying to enter them..Version: 3.0.63

Free fun would recommendThis has to be one of my favorites out there. It has the one and only casino game I actually play in the casino. I win big on both. If only I would win a 250 million jackpot in a slot machine like I do On here. All in all great app to kill time and not have to worry if I’ll ever break the bank. Not once have I needed to purchase coins.Version: 3.2.31

Rip offThese games are a rip-off! Fun to play if you’re a billionaire and can afford to purchase enough coins to last longer than 30 minutes of play. You can go through 200 million coins betting a few thousand and never get bonus games or jackpot bonus. Once you buy coins, the bonuses are even harder to get because they want you to buy again. Love the slot variety and graphics. You have better odds playing at a real casino..Version: v3.2.02

FinallyAfter months of this app constantly shutting down, I was able to play today without a problem. Hope it is permanent because this is a great app with excellent games and a good amount of bonus coins to keep you playing. Maybe now I won't be afraid to buy coins if they keep this app stable..Version: 4.0.09

I bought a deal in December and I did not pay for the game money. Never pay.I bought a deal in December and I did not pay for the game money. Never pay. Please return the payment made on December 15. I do not have any balance, I deposit, connect to the App Store and pay. Please, please, please, please. Please do not know how much damage you've been doing..Version: iOS App v3.1.85

Rip off, need more winning chancesThe game has great graphics but you can’t win. I’ve tried for days to either win or go to bonuses or even free play and it doesn’t. You can lose all your money in one sitting with no winnings. How do you expect to level up if you don’t have any money to play with..Version: 3.2.34

Same Games Over and OverBeen playing these for awhile working my way through the levels. I’m up in level 200’s but getting really. tired of the same games. Don’t see any difference between levels, not sure if there is any? Expect a little more kick, but nope. Just tired of playing these same games I guess and need to find something new..Version: 3.2.26

About the gameThe game when you win the amount does not add up and some times you don’t get anything at all can this be fix and some times you can play 10 or more time you don’t get no points. Thank you very much l hope this helps l like playing the glams but it’s no fun we hen these things happy..Version: 4.0.09

New level achievedNew level achieved is soooo annoying!!! Takes so much time and you have to click on it twice?? And the sound is soooo loud!! Please fix that where you can have an option of just getting the coins credited without doing anything and the auto spin doesn’t have to stop every 3 spins. Other than that it’s a fun way to pass time.Version: 3.2.42

ThanksYou guys are great! When I have a problem you’re always there to help and I appreciate it so much! Your games are great ! As a senior citizen I play your games a few hours a day! Especially during this trying time with the virus. Thank you so much for all your help and thank you for giving us such enjoyment!.Version: 3.2.46

Loving 88 FortunesWell I’m stopped at level 620 it’s as far as the game goes to. I’m wondering how long until you let me get past that and when you do will all the levels I’ve advanced to from 620 be there? 7/18. I’ve been playing this game for a very long time. I was up to billions after getting to level 620 I’m losing my coins..Version: 3.0.91

InoperableWhat is going on? I downloaded it. Signed up. Got tge 20 million and also collected the first bonus. Can not click on any game. Clicked on gifts and told no gifts available. Fine. But no way out of the screen. I joined because it said Cat Hats and Bats was available. ( my favorite machine). But it is nowhere to be seen. What a waste of time..Version: 3.2.46

I am seriousFinally deleted this app. It was really fun in the beginning, but when you reach a certain level the fun stops and becomes really boring when nothing happens (no wins or bonuses). Had fun while it lasted though in the beginning. Great graphics and sound. Too bad....this app had great potential..Version: 3.0.2

DONT PLAYThis is absolutely the worst fake casino app game. They do NOT give out bonuses..you are expected to pay to get coins like the casino apps but that’s it. I thought the whole point about these apps are to be fun, experience what it’s like to play the real slots in casinos, and get bonuses..Apparently that’s not how it works for this app..👎.Version: v3.2.02

Coolest app by far...I’ve been playing these slots for a while now and it is awesome. If you are having to purchase coins and are complaining about payouts, you have serious issues. Get help! This game has awesome graphics, the best slots and rewards you more than enough coins to keep playing. Love it!.Version: v3.2.07

KkGood.Version: 3.2.12

Game won’t loadHello my game won’t open anymore been like this for 3 days now looseing out on all my coins an daily coins it keeps saying error 4l can you fix this.Version: 4.0.01

Incorrect exchange rate!Todays ‘Deal’ is for $39.99 cad which the game shows as $55.00 us which puts the exchange rate at 1.37 when it is actually 1.23. You charge enough to play this game and should use a correct rate to be fair..Version: 4.0.04

GreatAddicted.Version: 3.2.44

Exciting GamesEnjoyable entertainment.Version: 3.2.44

AwesomeAn amazing game, full of challenges and awesome mysteries, highly recommended.Version: 3.2.44

Mr butWonderful selection of games for hours of enjoyment Love it !!!.Version: 3.2.44

88SlotsGreat fun.Version: 3.2.42

Fun fun funGreat slots machine and interaction..Version: 3.2.42

Awesome app!It is fun playing games on my phone I play at the local casino..Version: 3.2.42

GamblerAmazing games.Version: 3.2.42

Top of the line gamesAwesome.Version: 3.2.40

I pay 1$ for NottingI paid for the spécial offre 103 million for 1$ and received nothing but went on m'y credit card im i the only one?.Version: 3.2.38

88 FortunesI enjoy playing this game..Version: 3.2.38

GameFun.Version: 3.2.38

CC & CFun, fun, fun..Version: 3.2.38

LikeThank you.Version: 3.2.34

Good SlotsI like this game since they are not greedy with the wins and lots of bonuses. A game worth purchasing from..Version: 3.2.34

Fun slotsFun slots with exciting bonus games. It gives me my casino fix!.Version: 3.2.34

GigiHahaha.Version: 3.2.34

GreatGreat.Version: 3.2.34

FunGood.Version: 3.2.31

Sometimes greatSometimes great other times I’m done in 5 min which is horrible.Version: 3.2.31

Slots of funGood variety.Version: 3.2.31

AmazingGreat.Version: 3.2.31

MLLots of fun.Version: 3.2.31

88 Fortunes slots gameGood game..Version: 3.2.29

Just OkayRequires too much levelling to move on to the next slot also too many points are needed to open mystery slots so the game starts to get boring..Version: 3.2.29

88 FortunesGreat game!.Version: 3.2.29

AddictingGreat selection of games.Version: 3.2.29

CasinoJust like the real life ones you lose eveytime lol.Version: 3.2.29

Like a real casinoFun.Version: 3.2.29

BestI absolutely love this casino game. Top notch graphics and good payouts make it fun to play. A+++.Version: 3.2.29

88 FortunesDo NOT play this slot game. They cheat you. I paid 6.99 for billions of coins as advertised, but they never sent them to me!.Version: 3.2.28

Lots of free coinsGood game👍🏼.Version: 3.2.26

Big WinsIf you are patient and fluctuate your wagers you can win big! Have fun..Version: 3.2.28

PlayingFun game.Version: 3.2.28

Great funVery entertaining.Version: 3.2.28

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 4.0.10

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