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Watch your favorite TLC shows anytime, anywhere with the TLC GO app.

Download the app to watch live TV, full episodes and complete seasons of your favorite TLC shows on all your devices. It’s FREE with your TV subscription. Just sign in with your TV provider username and password to get access to favorites like 7 Little Johnstons, Unpolished, My Big Fat Fabulous Life and many more. Watch select unlocked episodes - no TV provider needed!

With TLC GO You Can:
• Stream TLC LIVE anytime, anywhere on all your favorite devices
• Watch episodes and entire seasons of current series
• Binge your favorite TLC series and specials including 7 Little Johnstons, Unpolished, My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Sweet Home Sextuplets, Darcey & Stacey, The Family Chantel, sMothered, I Love a Mama’s Boy - and many more!
• Get unlimited access to everything TLC GO has to offer free with your TV subscription

• Stream live TV when you log in with your TV provider
• Watch select episodes and entire seasons of your favorite shows - no need to sign in!
• Browse by genre to find your favorite shows and discover new ones
• Pick up episodes where you left off across all of your devices
• Save episodes to your Watch Later list
• Compatible with tvOS and Chromecast
• Closed captioning support

• Available in the U.S. only
• Wi-Fi connection is recommended
• iOS 10 or higher - more providers coming soon

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TLC GO - Stream Live TV App Comments & Reviews

TLC GO - Stream Live TV Positive Reviews

FREE FREE FREEDuring covid-19 who doesn’t like free!! Love this App get to watch alllmy favorites shows limited comercislAnd they let you know when I go to commercial like Law & Order used to be Do you only thing I do not like about this app is that when you put it on pause you are not losing what are you left off it and it’s hard to navigate through the app to find what you were watching that’s the only downfall so I suggest just deleted play instead of putting it on pause because you may never be able to find what you watching again specially if it’s got lots of episodes I love my 600 pound life it’s so much drama n funny.Version: 7.6.2

What’s up peopleAfter reading the reviews for this app...I really don’t understand others. I love this app! I get to catch up on episodes of shows that I missed over the past several months or even a year. See, you do not subscribe to cable, dish, or have an antenna. We watch a lot of Redbox movies. But, when I visit my family in PA, I can watch all of those stupid shows that are really useless television. No lessons learned, family values (already raised my children), or vulgar language. So, I really only have two shows that I watch on TLCgo. They are: My Big Fat Fabulous Life, because I can relate to Whitney with being a large person at one time of my life. Plus, if I could get ahold of Todd, I would be telling him, “The world does not revolve around you and grow up!” The other show I like to watch is, “90 Day Fiancé “. Because people are ssooooo darn stupid to think that person you brought not our country is here for your love.....think again!! It is a rarity that the marriages really do work out. As for the commercials, at least the app lets you know how many commercials you will be having. Regular TV does not do that, and then you never know when to leave the room. Is their going to be another commercial or not, do I have time for a drink, etc. Plus, it is a free app....just be grateful for that! 🖥.Version: 2.17.0

Needs workThere are plenty binge worthy shows on TLC but the app needs some help. I don’t suffer from the commercial problem.. not sure why. I get 4-5 commercials ever so often, not the 8-12 some others say they get. However... it continuously tells me “this program is for users who subscribe to TLC” WHILE my account is logged in.. and I do have TLC in my cable subscription. I’ll watch a few episodes in a row (I usually put something on my phone while I clean, cook dinner, etc) and then when the 3rd or 4th episode starts, I magically “don’t subscribe to TLC” and it won’t play.. I then have to log out and log in to be able to watch it. Super annoying. Also - I watch with the app on the fire stick as well. Yes, we have cable but I rarely use it lol we just use the apps and pick and choose what to watch when we want. So I go to pick up where I left off on a TLC show on my tv that I started on my phone - it’s never accurate. It’s always further behind than I really am or further ahead.Version: 7.5.5

Lay off the AdsI find that typically when watching ads from any other channel’s app, you end up watching less commercials overall than you would when watching live TV. I would never have thought you could watch more ads in one episode than the program itself but TLC has managed to make that possible. Specifically with their TLC go shows, in a 15 minute episode, be prepared to sit through EIGHT commercials after every three minutes of show. If you’re lucky, it’s only 7. But one of them is probably extra long so not really. Also, can someone explain to me what the purpose is of having a “previously on” and “next time on” for a 15 minute episode? They upload them all at once. Are there really people watching one episode and coming back days later? Maybe only because they got annoyed by having upwards of FORTY commercials in an episode..Version: 2.17.0

Great Channel, Too Many AdsI love TLC! Most of my favorite shows come on this channel. I love that there’s an app because I watch most of my shows on my phone while doing chores around the house. There are two things I really dislike about the app though. There are way too many commercials!! It is super annoying. I usually don’t finish an episode in one sitting because o get frustrated. Also there is an issue where sometimes it does not save my progress in a show. This becomes an issue because of the ads. As I’m trying to find where o left off o get stopped by ads. I use this app enough that it would almost be better to have a paid no ad version. I hate saying that but the ads are really just that annoying plus they are always the same thing!.Version: 7.5.4

TLCI enjoy this app, just way too many commercials. If/when I rewind I do not like that I have to re-watch the same 8 commercials, they should be skipped over and go straight into the show if they have already been played. It would be nice to have a 10 second rewind option so that doesn’t happen, or if I’m interrupted or have to stop watching and come back later and I rewind part of an episode, it would be nice to not have to watch the same commercials again to find your place in the show if you have to go backwards a segment or 2. It’s annoying and a big time waster. I understand the need for commercials, but there are a lot, and repeating in the same place commercials have already been played can be frustrating..Version: 7.9.0

Kind of annoying 🤷🏼‍♀️When I first downloaded this app it was great. Besides all the freaking ads. Some are okay. But I swear I watch 5-8 ads at least 5 or 6 times watching a show. I’ve unfortunately gotten used to it at this point. But my next problem is that when I stop watching a show in the middle of it, I go back to watch it and I have to start it all over again because it NEVER saves it. And then when I try to go and remember where I left off, I have to watch a ton of more ads. It’s just annoying. Another problem I have is that I tried to watch on my computer but it doesn’t save any of my favorites or anything from my account. It’s just annoying that I can only watch it on my phone because that’s where all my shows are saved at..Version: 2.17.0

Super EnjoyableI’m very thankful for this app being free and allowing me to catch up on my favorite shows as well as cast to my television. The only issue I have is regarding the commercials. I don’t mind having the commercials considering it’s a free app, my problem is that if I have to exit the app or anything like that my progress into an episode isn’t saved. So, when you go back to finish watching it you have to try to slide through and find your spot and every time you do that it puts commercials on. I think the app would be about perfect if there was a way for you spot to be saved in an episode or for it to disable commercials while trying to fast forward to where you left off..Version: 7.8.2

Way too many CommercialsI love TLC so much and lots of my favorite shows are on there! I love outdaughtered, I am Jazz, 7little johnstons, and my teen is pregnant and so am I, and many more. My problem with this app is the commercials...there is commercials about every 5 minutes and each commercial break there is about 5-6 commercial, sometimes even 8-10! Also if i misheard something i will go back to see what they said and if what i wanted to hear was before the commercial, they will show me the part and then i will have to watch the 5-10 commercials all over again! I love this app and I really hope they consider the problem with the obsessive amount of commercials. Thank you, User of TLC GO.Version: 7.6.7

Love the AppI love being able to watch some of my favorite shows when I’m away from home or when I want to watch something different than what my husband is watching. To all those who think they can watch all the episodes of every show if they cancel their cable or satellite service, please be aware that all those networks, (including TLC) have to be able to pay all their talents and to make their money also. They wouldn’t be able to produce those shows if everyone cancelled their tv service and was able to just download the app(s) and watch all the shows for free; that is just ridiculous!! Please be reasonable!!.Version: 2.13.0

PLEASE FIX THIS!!!I really love this app - when it works! I do not understand why certain shows won’t work. It will sign me out. It will say I cannot access because I don’t have this in my cable plan - but I do! This app works on my phone but my fire stick it does not work. Every time I try to go activate it I click my cable provider then it tells me that we’re going to the login screen but it skips over it and then tells me I can’t watch anything! This is so frustrating!! I want to watch my shows on my Big tv and not on my cell phone!!!! PLEASE FIX THIS!! Yes I have already deleted the app reinstalled the app updated the app cleared my cookies in the app I have done everything and this still does this every single time!.Version: 7.6.9

TLC surveyI like the shows but I’m turned off by 5 or 6 ads at a time. I gave up!! It’s too annoying and also that the network is piling stories on top of stories and the dates are out of order and it’s frustrating to see the same episodes over to find the one you want to catch up on. Also, I can’t find the replay for Pillow Talk on app or on Demand. Having said that , all that filming and viewers give up. The worst is too many ads, it’s sickening. That the only reason I gave it a 2. I have to work at 4am and would like to be able to catch up with the show on my hours..Version: 2.17.0

Problem SolvedNot sure if there’s a bug in the app, but it won’t even let me log into my cable provider. I’ll press on it and it’ll just give me a loading circle and it’ll go away. Even if I try to watch an episode without logging in (which I can’t even log in) the videos won’t open. Was really looking forward to watching some shows, but very disappointed. Update: Customer support reached out and solved all of my issues! Turns out it was a very simple fix. Great app but hoping for shorter ad breaks in the future!.Version: 7.6.2

Few annoying bugsMy only issues with the app is that it does not save my place in the episode when i stop watching which causes me to have to constantly fast forward or rewind to find my place. any time i do that, i sit through commercials so i end up just rewatching what ive already seen (super annoying). the shows im currently watching also NEVER show up on the continue watching so i have to go through and find my shows (yes i know i can add them to my favorites but it should still show in the continue watching section). the show selection is fantastic but there are still so many bugs it makes it frustrating to want to watch them..Version: 7.6.7

Pretty good. Commercials thoIf you have tlc already as part of ur tv plan, this app is great. It has almost all the episodes of shows and I love it so far. Entering your tv provider is free if you have tlc already. The commercials are a bit much. Then again, that’s how it is when you watch tv. And the commercials aren’t even that long so idk why people are complaining so much. I love this app cause I’ve been looking all over for somewhere to watch Kate Plus 8 cause I love that show and I was so happy to see they had so many episodes. I highly recommend this for people. (The reason I took off a star is cause I’m not a fan of the commercials but they aren’t that bad).Version: 2.14.0

Binging say yes to the dressI recently discovered say yes to the dress. I know. Have I been hiding under a rock? Anyway I downloaded the app so I could watch it. This app is better than watching it through my cable providers app which freezes and doesn't save my spot where I left off. I didn't give it a 5 because of the commercials. Happens 3 times during an episode usually 5 of them but there is a countdown timer to let you know when the commercials will be done. I like that so I know I have time to take a quick shower to or I leave the room to get something and I come back and the show is back on..Version: 2.16.0

My FAVORITE app!!!!I absolutely LOVE this app!! It’s the one I use the most! I do have a concern with the amount of commercials but to be able to watch my favorite shows while away from home is worth it to me! Only other concern is most times when you try to pause it for what ever reason it gives you a message that something has went wrong and then you not only have to find the show again but you have to start all over! So maybe those two things could be adjusted just a tad bit then this would be the APP OF THE YEAR!! Lol.Version: 2.15.1

Trouble staying logged in to cable providerThe app overall works fine. The biggest and most annoying problem is that at least once a day I have to unlink and relink my cable provider. I’ll be logged in, watching an episode, close the app, come back later to keep watching and it gives me an error saying something to the effect of “this program is only for viewers who are logged in with their cable provider”. I go to the menu and it still shows I’m linked to my provider, so I have to go in, unlink, and relink/sign in to my provider again. It’s nonsensical and frustrating..Version: 7.5.6

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