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T-Mobile Tuesdays Customer Service

#GetThanked every week with exclusive offers from brands you love—from food, fashion, and entertainment to everyday essentials—just for being a T-Mobile, Sprint, or Metro customer!

With the T-Mobile Tuesdays app:

• Get free stuff and great deals on food, tickets, and more
• Get extra savings at the gas pump every week
• Save on your next trip with special discounted rates on hotels and rental cars
• Explore offers on T-Mobile's latest phones, devices, and accessories
• Enter for a chance to win epic prizes

While some of the most popular offers return week after week, there's always something new to try. It’s all just our way of saying thank you for being a customer. To be eligible, you must be on a qualifying T-Mobile, Sprint, or Metro rate plan.

T-Mobile Tuesdays App Comments & Reviews

T-Mobile Tuesdays Positive Reviews

Tuesday is the new FridayMost people that work Monday through Friday, think Friday is the best day. We all know Monday, you’re beat …Thursday could be payday or at least the day before payday or at least every other week. Wednesday is hump day…but now a T-Mobile Tuesday is the best day! My whole family looks forward to seeing what’s on the Tuesday app and if I get busy and I forget to look, I’ll have one of my kids say hey look you get free socks or you get a beach blanket or you get free ice cream or 30% off retail or $25 to Goldbelly (An awesome online food service that brings you food from all over like you’re in New Jersey and you want Chicago Pizza you got it, you want to have that special steak they make out in Vegas you got it…do you want shoofly pie from Amish country, it’s at your door).Want some money off of gas, how about $.25 a gallon off from Shell. Yes it’s that great no other phone company does this, no way! It is the best part of T-Mobile …actually the price is great, the service is great, the coverage is great, this is just the cherry on top…of this weeks free ice cream cone. Former 25 year Verizon customer.Version: 6.10.7

Very occasional gift cards, but not many perks actually work for meI found out about this app after T-Mobile took over Sprint, so I could now use it. There are occasional giveaways like $5,000 or trips, but most weeks that section is just showing old winners and there isn’t even a new sweepstakes to enter. Most of the weekly coupons like a free sandwich/ice cream/etc are for restaurants or stores that aren’t even in my area, so those are pointless for me. They always show 10¢ off each gallon of gas every week, but I discovered you have to download another app for Shell and make an account just to get that one. Once I got notified about a $3 Starbucks gift card, but apparently they were limited so I didn’t even get one even though I’m a T-Mobile customer. This time I got a notification for a $3 Target gift card, and I went on the app right at 2 EST when it said to get it, and the app was stuck on a white screen and kept saying it was updating and that I need to refresh, but eventually it worked I think and hopefully I’ll be able to redeem it tomorrow like it says, but who knows. I did give 3 stars because there are occasionally instant-win games and I got a $5 Apple gift card when I first got the app, and hopefully I’ll get this Target one too, but overall a lot of the perks aren’t even relevant for me..Version: 6.7.2

Nothing good is offered anymoreWhen the app first released the items they offered every Tuesday were awesome enough to keep me excited for next Tuesday when the next bout of stuff would come. Now, as one reviewer said, it’s now nothing more than a t-mobile exclusive coupon app (which gives you about as much “free”, useful stuff as any other free, coupon app). The best thing they may have on there now is maybe a free movie from a random movie company. It’s nice when it’s consistent, if it gave consistent free movie rentals from a single provider, I might actually try and sign up, but it is not so currently. Today, I finally deleted the app after having downloaded it the day it was released. I remember when there used to be a free Wendy’s frosty every week. That was awesome. Now, they may have something awesome gets rolled out over two tuesdays (meaning, if you didn’t get it one Tuesday, then you should get it the other Tuesday), I would open the app on both those days and never receive anything. I have tried those staggered release freebies but never seem to be awarded one. T-mobile, you need to evaluate what made t-mobile Tuesday’s so awesome when it launched and compare it to now and fix it. If you do fix it, let us know, but don’t say you fixed it if you didn’t actually fix it..Version: 5.0.0

T-Mobile Tuesday’s are Great!I always loved the magazine subscriptions and branded T-Mobile items. Some deals are useful some aren’t. But either way it’s free and that’s nice especially when it’s not necessary for a phone company to give you free non phone deals. Anyways a previous review mentioned the lack of T-Mobile branded items as of late. I’m pretty sure that’s due to Covid and the fact that many regions were in shutdown so T-Mobile couldn’t have customers coming into the store. Anyways they have branded items again. Last week was a branded face mask. I’ve had T-Mobile for years not every week is a branded item. Also that previous review from another customer mentioned Verizon having local deals of some sort I can almost confirm those are taken from Groupon. So that’s kinda lame. Anyways the only coupon that often is anyways on the site of the coupon offered is Shutterfly. I really enjoy T-Mobile Tuesday’s. Happy T-Mobile Tuesday everyone!.Version: 6.0.0

T-Mobile TuesdayWe really are enjoying all the rewards the only thing is we wish there were more things we could actually use as opposed to the ones like the skydiving and stuff like that people don’t use those kinds of things maybe if possible put more groceries or products for everyday living since everyone’s in a tough time now struggling with gas prices and groceries it would be great to have help with those kinds of things As far as the offers now that I’ve had T-Mobile for a while now I’ve noticed all the offers (for the exception of a handful maybe) have been things most people would never use and they must know that I would think especially if they read just a fraction of the reviews they would know to change the “T-MOBILE TUESDAY” offers to maybe places or products everyone can actually use such as food places, kid places (like the catch air or a gaming place, or bowling etc.) idk just places maybe like Stone Mountain Park,Dave and Busters, anywhere in Atlanta, and different fast foods/restaurants just a thought.Version: 7.0.8

Do NOT use travel dealsIn general, I can get a free smoothie here and there and it’s nice to randomly get $5 off something or a couple of pictures. So by all means the weekly stuff isn’t bad. But all of their claims about 30%ski tickets or 40% off car rentals or hotels or whatever it is…they usually give you like a %6 discount max. AND if you have problems the customer service is not accommodating at all, albeit at least they aren’t rude. But they are not great to work with. I read all the fine print for a rental car before I got it, I knew it was nonrefundable, but there was nothing at all that specified it couldn’t be changed or modified…and then AFTER I bought the reservation they sent in an email saying it couldn’t be changed…our flight got cancelled and there was literally nothing we could do but the customer service didn’t care one bit. How nice of them to sneak in that nonchangeable clause only after the fact. We’ve tried these types of packages a few times and have never had a great experience, it’s definitely not worth it..Version: 7.0.7

Love getting thankedI look forward to Tuesdays and looking into the T-Mobile get things. There were some offers that I really enjoy on a regular basis and some that I have not used yet. The only downside to getting thanked on Tuesdays is when they give free T-Mobile things like cups and blankets things with the T-Mobile logo on it. I find that when you go to the T-Mobile stores even as soon as they open up they will tell you that they do not have the items. I fine going to the smaller T-Mobile stores you’re more likely to get one of the free items. One person in a smaller store told me that she knows the amount that the largest store gets and there’s no way that they are out of the items in 15 minutes. She feels that they just save the items to give to their friends and family..Version: 6.10.6

T-Mobile Tuesday DealsWe LOVE T-Mobile Tuesday! Maybe the offers can be based on locations or regions. We live in Los Angeles County and a lot of the deals are not applicable. For example pretzels, the closest vendor did not accept the deal, same for the Carls specials and when we found one that did, they only accepted it on the Tuesday (only one day) and between 3-5 even if the deal lasted for a week. Same for Kroegers. They've closed the Ralphs. ADunkin Donuts finally opened 8 miles from us so now we will use the offer if we are going to be in the area. We love the free t-mobile items but so do others. We tried to get the beanie but we were out of town andby the time we got to the closest store, they were out. So if you work, you need to go during your break or lunchtime because by the end of day, they are out! Overall, we love T-mobile Tuesday and we remind our friends especially when it is something we think they will enjoy. Great job by the team who puts this together!.Version: 5.2.2

Thank youThank you for the opportunity for various discounts and promotions. Although, many I am unable to get. For I start to work early and get out late. Discount items at the T-Mobile stores or givaways, I never get the opportunity to take advantage of. Because stores always run out by the time I get out. And if I call a store to see if I can get an exception, they always say it has to be for customers that come in. So, I settle for the gas, movie and other basic discounts which are still helpful. T-Mobile, should give long hour workers a chance of using their phone to lock in an item at the store. By texting a confirmation lock item at a store and that will give the worker a chance to pick up the item at the store at their leisure. Thank you T-Mobile.Version: 5.12.0

It’s just okayThis is a cool app...if you have any of the items they are giving away anywhere near you. For me, I get to use maybe one or two items once a year and that’s about it. Everything else is either no use to me or nowhere near me. You will see that most of the items are there over and over and over again. If you have a shell gas station or a Dunkin’ Donuts near you, you’re in luck. If you still print photos at Walgreen (who is still printing photos in the digital world,) you’re in luck. These two are in the app every week for years now. I’ve had the app for a few years now and there has been little change, other than making it harder for you to actually redeem the items. The one item that I absolutely love is the MLB video and audio subscription. Being a huge baseball fan this is the one item I use every year. Give it a try, maybe you will have enter luck than anyone else I know that uses it..Version: 6.4.3

Love my T- MobileI have had Verizon as my first cell phone carrier way back when there where bag phones. Having them for years I wanted an I phone i could not get one on Verizon. I stayed loyal and didn’t switch until my sister gave me my first iPhone then went to AT&T had them for three iPhones was being overcharged I thought so tried sprint horrible. So decided to go back to AT&T went back with them tried a Samsung four note junk I kept dropping calls AT&T was no help so I bought out my contract and went back to Verizon had them for a year and a half knew I was being overcharged and switch to T-Mobile over a year ago fantastic customer service I’ve never had a problem with my phone and they’re always there to help me so T-Mobile Tuesdays is a plus thank you..Version: 4.5.0

T-Mobile Tuesdays review and recommendationsDon’t get me wrong, I save a lot on gas and I enjoy the little treats they give, however I would recommend Dunkin on the every week list like it used to be because that and the gas is the only thing I really use. However I understand that there may be certain circumstances to re-adding that but sometimes I still miss the Dunkin. I also wanted to add that if there is a chance you can give out gift cards for apps that are most commonly used, for instance roblox maybe it’s a bit too much to ask but my daughter absolutely loves the game and I don’t want to spend too much on gift cards / credit for that game, but I appreciate T-mobile for having these every Tuesday deals anyway, just wanted to leave a review and explain some thoughts I wanted to give in this app..Version: 6.7.5

Pointless80% of the offers are complete junk, I get partnering with unknown online companies from a business standpoint but from a customer standpoint your marketing is pointless, I mean really free telehealth visits? Most if not all insurance already have it as free and many companies also are providing this. Furthermore what’s the point of offering things that can be redeemed, for example Burger King — you have to have an online order to redeem but not all Burger King participate in online orders. T-Mobile should really consider regionalization of offers and also need better commitment from participating companies we have been turned down so many times when trying to use their coupons in store and online. My family has deleted the app because for us there is no point of using..Version: 6.0.0

I like T-Mobile awardsT-Mobile works with various vendors to get discounts, free items, and chances to win major things like vacation packages and gets these items to applicable customers every week on Tuesdays. I am an applicable customer due to having the “55 years old & more Magenta Plan.” I do not know all the T-Mobile ‘Plans’ that are applicable. I have gotten free scarfs, free insulated tote bags, free donuts, free hamburgers, free coffees, and several discounted gasoline fills at Shell. So far this month, I could of gotten free pancakes, free streamed movies, discounted vacations, and discounted candies/chocolates - but I selected not to accept them. I could also have entered a contest this week to win a future trip to Legoland, but since I have no children or grandchildren, I selected not to enter..Version: 6.10.6

Revamp the length of time for deals and better dealsMost of the time the offers don’t appeal to me or my interests. The offers that are appealing to me expire before I can use them. You need to let them last for at least a week and/or up to a month. And how about giving a choice of movies to choose from. Not everyone is into Si-Fi. How about gasoline offers? Instead of you deciding what drinks at Dunkin’ Donuts you let the person decide what they want to drink. Not everyone drinks lattes. Some people prefer Starbucks over Dunkin’ Donuts. Last but not least some store freebies that don’t expire immediately. Give the option to accept on the app then decide when they can pick it up instead of being at the store first. Thank you BTW I love the sunglasses I got about a year ago.Version: 5.6.0

Useful Rewards for Loyalty to a Great Telecommunications Corporation!I could tell you how great T-Mobile is in being the innovative leader in the mobile telecommunications industry, but that’s not what this review is about — it’s about this app that provides easy access to the rewards for loyalty to the un-carrier! You’re reminded every Tuesday morning, afternoon and evening that you’re in good hands and that, in exchange for your trust, you’re given some sweet, sometimes useful rewards — such as discounted movie tickets, cents-off gasoline, exclusive travel discounts, free swag and more! The interface isn’t difficult to navigate through. Redemption features are no less than three taps away! The people responsible for this programme sure know how to keep customers happy!.Version: 6.9.3

TMobileI love T-Mobile they are really good they’ve got great customer service and they are great at helping you with any problems that you may have and I haven’t seen anywhere that I do not have service and I have been everywhere like even up in the mountains I still have service I love T-Mobile and I love their extra incentives that they gave you like T-Mobile Tuesdays that is the greatest. And when you’re in the military or have been in the military they give you extra incentives you can get magenta which is really cool because you can get a Netflix through T-Mobile and they pay for it and they give you a discount plus if you get it to where your bill is taken straight from your bank account you also save money with that as well.Version: 5.12.6

I haven’t won... everI know a ton of people who love T-Mobile Tuesday’s because they’ve won a variety of things. But I haven’t. Not once. My friends win over and over and I get nothing. I have to wonder if it’s location tracking or employment analyzing. For instance, my friend who’s won the most works for a major entertainment company and so, T-Mobile maybe tracking this, looking at her location and employment and believe she has a ton of social media followers and a large social media influence. Thus, she wins more. Meanwhile little ol’ me, just being a mere librarian, probably has very little. Jokes on them though, because I run a major blog, have a ton of followers and constantly pay to promote my posts, especially if its to put a company on blast or tell them how great they’re doing. T-Mobile Tuesday’s are cool because some of the stuff is free, and that’s just neat. But I would love to win sometime. C’est la vie!.Version: 5.2.2

Best company I’ve ever been withI’ve been with T-mobile for over 3 years now and initially joined because of the military discount promotion they had. I had two phone lines (for my daughter and I) and it was ridiculously expensive with my other carrier. I didn’t expect much from them because I’ve heard mixed reviews. But, over 3 years later, and traveling across the country multiple times, I realized that their service is amazing. My family lives in NM and they thought that they needed Verizon to have good service. But when I would visit, my service at their house and in town was still great. Traveling never interrupted my service, and whenever I ran into trouble and needed a payment arrangement, their customer service reps are, still to this day, the most empathetic people that make my day better. The free merch they occasionally give out is also pretty cool lol I don’t use a lot of their free stuff, but gas discounts and occasional hotel/travel discounts are always amazing. Thank you T-mobile for continuously evolving and allowing me to have peace of mind that I’d never expected to get from a phone company!! ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 6.10.2

Free stuff should be appreciated! Thanks tmobileI’m not sure why everyone on the reviews are so upset. I don’t have a problem redeeming anything. The stuff I want I gladly accept the stuff I don’t want I pass on. Again this is ALL 100% free to customers. I’m so sorry to hear that all of these entitled customers aren’t getting what the specifically want each week. Here is my tip... PAY for it. Don’t complain about a hand out. They don’t have to do this. They could cancel it. Also the more we use atom the more atom will become available at more theaters. So... if it’s not available near you. Request it to be available at your nearest theaters. Don’t give T-Mobile a hard time because you choose to live nowhere near an applicable city..Version: 4.2.0

I love free Stuff But.....Most of the Tmobile Tuesday stuff is stuff I don’t use. Every once in a while I get a gas credit or food credit. Try giving away stuff that really helps in this economy, like bill credits, gas cards, free upgrades on your phone plan,pedicures, $5 or $10 gift cards can at least buy lunch for most people. Free haircuts, manicures, massages.I pay a lot for my bill because I travel in and out of the country a lot. I want to feel like I am really valuable as a customer to Tmobile. I don’t want stuff I don’t use as a reward. Maybe take surveys in each account so everyone can chime in on what’s important to them. That is why you have only 3 stars from me. It’s ok but could be way better. Keep tweaking the program, Make your Tmobile Tuesdays stand out from all the other companies. I know you can do it Tmobile!!! I have faith in you. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽..Version: 4.7.0

Good app but fell off to me.T-Mobile doesn’t have to do this at all so I appreciate them for doing this. I will say though when I first became a member it felt like there were more offers that fits everyone lifestyle as far as food deals and other stuff that’s more relatable but now I come back every week honestly just to try to win something but to be honest I’ll let you know now, your chances to win something are close to zero you really have to be lucky to win. But, other than that they do have good deals time to time, usually every week they can save you 25 cent off on gas a mile. So there are benefits that’s why I give this app 3 stars. But honestly this app has been pretty useless for me atleast the past few months(before COVID as well ofc) but that’s doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize more deals then me from this app. But yeah 3 stars for me.Version: 5.13.0

Can't complain about free...!Okay so I'll still complain a bit... Firstly, it's awesome to have a program to get free stuff every week just for being a customer. The disappointing part is that it seems to be going downhill in terms of how exciting or useful the free stuff is. My favorite is definitely the gas discounts, least favorite or exciting being the equivalent of a coupon for Dunkin' Donuts or discounts on high-brow hotels/stores that nobody has heard of, etc. in terms of functionality, the app works just fine. No complaints there! Once again, free is free, so it's just nice when there are sweet deals/free random stuff that you'd never use or try if you didn't get an excuse to try it out, because I pay for my phone either way, so it's cool to sometimes get free stuff out of the deal!.Version: 5.5.2

It is great to get thankedOverall, this program doesn’t have any meaningful impact on my decision to be a T-Mobile customer. I like it because they do give things I appreciate - who doesn’t like a free cup of coffee or taco every now and then? I decided today to rate it 5stars because T-Mobile stepped up during this Covid-19 pandemic by removing data caps and throttles and extended services to schools and communities (zero association with the app/program). I don’t like that I have to use the app to get TMobile to donate $500k to Food for America - they should just donate. I do get the point to make me, the end user, feel empowered and like I did something, thereby increasing my positive associations - or whatever marketing people call it- with the TMobile brand..Version: 5.11.0

LOVE T-Mobile Tuesday’s!I absolutely love T-Mobile Tuesday’s! The idea of getting discounts on materials such as, food, clothing materials ,T-Mobile accessories, gas, etc really gets me excited about the week! Tuesday is the most look forward to day for me. Not to mention all of the free stuff you get within the app! Yes that’s right! FREE!! Free food! Free accessories! Free clothes! The part that excites me the most is that with the T-Mobile Tuesday app I also get $.10 off a gallon for gas every Tuesday!!! I drive around Town a lot so this really helps a lot with saving money. I am always trying to find a way to cut back on costs and working on my budgeting and this app is the perfect way to do that! Thank you T-Mobile Tuesday for all of your generous gifts!!.Version: 5.10.0

Discount Tuesdays with T-MobileI love discount Tuesdays I look forward to seeing what they have to offer you get discounts on hotelsWe went on vacation and you start discount Tuesday in Reno we even went to Las Vegas and saved about $400 with the discount Tuesdays They even give you deals on places like Wendy’s Popeyes get one for free and you buy one of course you have to open up the app to accommodate the service but it’s well worth it !!! Even the $.10 off on the gas every Tuesday helps as well .., you just download the app and then you get your gas at a lower price n the times we are living in we want to save as much as we can we want to get the best bang for our buck They offer you so many things this is one of the perks of having the iPhone and getting the discount Tuesday from T-MobileThey offer you so many things this is one of the perks of having the iPhone and getting the discount Tuesday from T-Mobile Please don’t let Tuesday get by without you downloading the different apps they have available for you to save money!! Pamela.Version: 6.10.7

Don’t listen to the haters!Not sure why there are recent bad reviews to be honest.. the app is entirely free and yeah, occasionally a week’s rewards are not worth redeeming but you have nothing to complain about because it’s.. free! Some weeks I check the app and sigh and go back to what I was doing. Some weeks I check the app and I get to take my wife on a movie theater date for $8! I received nearly $10 in Starbucks this week, seen countless movies in theaters for free or for huge discounts, and have even received a free lunch or two thanks to this app. Thank you T-Mobile for being everything a company should be! Couldn’t be happier since my switch from the evil Verizon network. 👍🏼😎.Version: 4.6.2

Not like a few years agoI tried sharing the shell 25 cent discount with a family member: what a horrible experience. I chose to share it via gmail because iMessage wasn’t available to share with. So after sending it thru gmail, there is a link you have to click. Instead of going straight to the fuel rewards app, it takes u thru a web browser back to the t-mobile Tuesday website. It never worked. It said something stupid about enabling cookies. Cookies are enabled by default or else web sites wouldn’t worked. Absolutely ridiculous. Apparently t-mobile’s developers are just as bad as their customer service reps. If t-mobile wants to be taken seriously like Verizon and ATT, they have a lot of work to do..Version: 5.1.0

Easy to navigate & chock full of GREAT deals!Our whole family enjoys the T-Mobile Tues app. This week the kids got free Whoppers, Lalapalooza access to tickets, 25¢/gallon off Shell gas for multiple cars, and our college student got a FREE year of AAA Roadside Assistance, basic level! It’s worth $83/yr. Other weeks we get Dunkin’, Auntie Anne pretzel or pizza discounts, Shutterfly free picture products or free pics frm Walgreens. There is literally so many promos we only do a tiny fraction of what’s offered. So much better than Verizon & AT&T in terms of T-Mobile partnering w other merchants. We can get discounted travel bookings for hotel & flights thru the app. What’s not to LOVE??!!.Version: 6.10.7

Could be betterI wish we had better rewards. The only useful one is the gasoline one. The other rewards are for places either I am not interested in or is not available in my area. The best rewards were the virtual gift cards to Dunkin, Starbucks and free Burger King food. Now you have to spend something to receive something. How is that a reward? That’s like all the coupons these places have. T mobile absolutely has the resources to have better rewards. Man, if they don’t what about reducing our bill by the $2 instead of giving us a “coupon” for some milkshake place that is not available in my area and I have to spend $5 to even get this milkshake at a REDUCED price. We are at a recession! Give us better deals!!.Version: 6.10.7

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 7.0.8

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