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When you shop in the Klarna app, you can split the cost of your purchase from any online store into 4 smaller, interest-free payments. And it works just as easily in-store, with Google Pay. So you can get what you love today and pay later.

Shop and save money with exclusive deals and discounts from all over the world, right in the Klarna app. Find a deal you like, claim it with a simple tap. And check back in tomorrow – we add new shopping offers all the time.

Join Klarna's free rewards club, Vibe, and get rewarded for all your shopping. Sign up in the Klarna app and unlock a $5 welcome reward after just 1 complete payment.

Get live updates with delivery times, pickup codes, and even photos of a pickup point to help guide the way. So go ahead and follow that truck, from purchase to pick up in the Klarna app.

Save items in Collections and never pay full price again. Each time you save an item, an automatic price drop alert is set. That way, when the price drops you will know. You can also share your Collections with family and friends.

In Klarna’s Inspiration feed, you’ll find carefully curated suggestions for deals, product collections, complete looks, and editorials tailored to your shopping. It doesn’t matter if you love fashion, beauty, tech, or whatever – we’ve got something for you.

The more you shop and pay later in 4 installments with Klarna and pay back on time, the more purchasing power you unlock which allows you to spend more. And, you'll also gain access to even more exclusive deals and offers!

Need to send something back? Report a return right in the app. We’ll pause your purchase so you don’t have to pay in the meantime.

Pay later without surprises. When you shop with Klarna, you get a complete overview of all your purchases and finances. And you can even make early payments or extend your due date.

No one likes to wait. When you buy something through the Klarna app, you'll see your purchase just seconds after you place your order.

24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE. Get round-the-clock service whenever you need it using our chat right in the Klarna app. Try smoooth shopping in the Klarna app. It’s shopping like a VIP. Without an annual fee.

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Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. App Comments & Reviews

Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. Positive Reviews

It WAS good...At the beginning I did an installment of $275, and I pay it good and on time. Then after a couple of months I use it again for a little purchase of $67 and I pay it good . That was back on October. Yesterday I tried to do another one and it didn’t let me. The agent support is useless, they can’t do nothing about it. Even if you have a good payment history. If is not credit or payment history what is that they’re looking at? Your age?? It can be... however the eligibility requirements they said(I’m not writing it because is LONG) I was meeting them. This is not the only bad review as I see. It looks like they increased the points or criteria to meet the requirements, if they have a lot of bad debt because they don’t check credit is not the good customers problem. Whoever is reading this review try downloading QUADPAY is exactly the same concept as KLARNA. I tried with them and I was approved for the purchase I wanted to make. Update: So the response if that “sounds like it was denied by our automated system” YES! I was denied like most of the customers here. I did 2 installments and I paid them good and on time. Klarna needs to fix their automated system before loosing more customers. Thanks for the useless response. Seriously people try QUADPAY you will be surprised. Have a good day!.Version: 19.49.34

Waste of timeThis would be a cool app if it would actually work. When it does work, it’s awesome, I’m able to make larger purchases and either pay every two weeks or spread the payments out over 6 months. Here’s the issue, the app will work seamlessly then out of nowhere it won’t. I will attempt to make a purchase and initially I’m told I’m approved, I agree to the terms and go to the next step where my ghost card should be created but then it isn’t. I get this weird message telling me that my identity cannot be verified, so I answer the security questions, receive confirmation that my identity has been verified just for the system to do it again and ultimately deny my purchase. This only happens with the 6 monthly payment option. Then for some reason, a lot of merchants have stopped accepting Klarna ghost cards. Two merchants in a row declined my purchase because I was attempting to make the purchase via Klarna, super weird. I would love for their app and system to be updated to prevent these types of scenarios from happening going forward. I understand that they cannot intervene and make companies accept their payment, but the issues with ghost card inconsistently working is ridiculous. I have Afterpay and have never had any issues. They let you know up front how much you’re eligible to spend and you’re easily able to make purchases as long as you stay within your limit..Version: 21.24.180

It WAS a great app NOW not so much!I have been purchasing from Klarna since July. I have purchased well over $1k worth of items. Perfect payment history never been late. Now here in the past week or so I can never get approved for a ghost card. It tells me to pay off other items. So I did that and still to not avail it’s kept declining me for a ghost card. I’ve changed cards and purchase amounts and still I cannot get approved for a ghost card. RIDICULOUS!! Is this how you treat loyal and good paying customers!? I’m not even going to bother with customer service because I don’t want to get the run around. Klarna you guys have to do better than just saying to people “keep trying” that’s terrible customer service. If a customer has established a good payment history with you guys-WHICH I HAVE. Then approving me for a ghost card should be no problem at all. Now I understand having tighter restrictions on newer customer but majority of these complaints on here come from well established customers that have paid you guys ALOT of money. I used to rave about Klarna but sadly that now is going to have to change. When Klarna works it’s great but when it doesn’t it’s terrible. I guess I’ll just have to stick to Afterpay..Version: 19.42.42

No longer working!I was in love with this app before holiday season hit and was able to stock up on some presents before December! However, when I tried to buy some more gifts around holiday season I was no longer approved for ghost cards. I thought it was perhaps due to the amount of people also trying to order around holiday season so I waited and even now I am no longer approved for ghost cards and I’m so disappointed because I loved this app. I understand it’s all an automated system that either approves you or doesn’t I just don’t know what I did wrong because my card will have more than enough money, I have tried different amounts of money for ghost card approval, and have paid all of my pervious purchases off which is hundreds of dollars by the way. Now I’m back to using Afterpay which I highly recommend to anyone looking for a similar app. Only downfall is it doesn’t have as many options as Klarna does. If this app ever does change its ghost card approval processing I’d be more than happy to come back and spend my money with this app but for now this system isn’t working for me and many other and for that reason I will no longer be using it..Version: 20.8.59

Switched from AfterPay to thisI was using Afterpay for everything for a very long time because since I built an amazing history with them paying on time they gave me the option to pay nothing upfront and my spending credit was over 2,000. However I had to go out of town recently and my bank thought the charges on my card were fraud. So my bank put a 24 hour hold on my credit card and one of my payments with afterpay did not go through. I did pay it the very next day and I have never missed a payment in my life and I tried explaining the situation to them however they did not care and they brought my spending credit down to zero because of that. During that time I also missed a payment with Klarna and after I explain the same situation to them they were very understanding and gave me an additional 48 hours to make my payment with no penalties. I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am for that. I do wish that Klarna gave you the option to pay nothing upfront and make your first payment two weeks afterwards like afterpay however I will never use Afterpay again. I will always always only use klarna from now on..Version: 21.38.173

AMAZINGI’m not one to go out of my way to write reviews, but I just have to express how amazing Klarna is. There is no company so dedicated to their customers and consumers as this one is, I’ve never seen anything like it in all my life. Their customer service is unreal, they are always on top of exchanges, returns, purchases, everything. Their social media is always on point-they are always replying to people, getting back to people with questions fast, being fun and funny, etc. The company itself is amazing, I have more than 15 purchases with them right now and have never had a problem with one. I will swear by this app/website for forever. Also want to recognize that they do Drag Brunches with incredible and popular drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race. They are so cute and entertaining, especially during this time. And if I’m correct, I believe they are fundraising events as well, for people who are affected by the virus. Just wanted to put my two cents in to demonstrate just how amazing Klarna is, and how I don’t see why anyone would use any service aside from theirs. So loyal to their customers, even newer customers! Love 💗💗💗.Version: 20.19.112

Amazing!Klarna allows the ability to make a larger purchase & pay in installments every two weeks over a 6 week period of time, making it easy to pay off the balance quick while getting your merchandise immediately. I absolutely love it. I’m hoping for the option to payoff the balance early, but definitely not complaining. Their customer service is excellent as well; The first time I used Klarna I made a purchase from a company, but quickly cancelled the order. The company cancelled it, said I would be refunded within 3-5 days. I wasn’t confident they had begun my refund process by notifying Klarna, so I called Klarna on the 5th business day and found out the company had not notified Klarna. The rep actually called the company with me on the phone and she processed it. I received the email while I was still on the phone, Klarna was notified as well, and they refunded me by the 3rd business day. That was further confirmation that it was safe to use Klarna so I proceeded to make another purchase. I can’t wait to pay off my current purchases bc I already know what I’ll be getting next lol.Version: 19.20.8

Was great while it workedUpdate: I will update my original review stars but won’t delete my review as a reminder that it may also happen to others. As of now I’m able to shop again and create ghost cards, however, I am always apprehensive to update the app. I can’t give the app 1 star because I did have a good experience up until my first purchase was paid in full. This app was very easy to use and I was able to make multiple purchases both with the ghost card and with the stores that used Klarna as a payment method during checkout. I agree with others who say you never really know what to expect as your limit does seem to change on a daily basis. I tried to create a ghost card the same day that my first purchase was completely paid off and boom, denied and asked to try with another card. No thanks. I’m not sure if paying off triggered their automated system or it it was the update to the app but I have not been able to make a purchase since then. Moral of the story is it is great when it works but don’t become reliant on the app because you never know when you will no longer be able to get approved..Version: 20.15.74

Paid off account earlier than needed to end the frustrationI paid off my no interest account 9 months early just so I could avoid having to deal with the idiosyncrasies of this service. By trying to be so “simple” and “modern” I find at least for me they miss some expected capabilities. The “notification of payment due” worked once and never again. Their support told me either my phone or app notifications we’re turned off (they were not) or that loading a new release of software could turn them off. Really? Either way I missed a payment; they were nice enough to remove the late fee. Which leads to another deficiency. No way to pre-schedule payments other than “the minimum payment on the due date”. If you want to schedule a larger payment and possibly a few days earlier, you can’t. And I had to reset the “fingerprint login” multiple times for whatever reason. It would also be nice if there was an auto connect to Quicken but that’s not always common with these type of services. And just (intuitively) finding things in the app is not that easy; and I’ve (easily) navigated many apps / websites for similar services. This one ranks as one of the less intuitive..Version: 19.25.41

Terrible App! Very poor or almost no customer serviceI have been buying stuff from TLF using Klarna. I agree that TLF has their own custom setup with Klarna that they only offer an agreement to pay it all in full after 30 days from the purchase date. I made all those payments in full before the due date. Today I try to create a Ghost Card for making purchase from one of the high end brands. Even if they were using my credit score for approval decision which I was told that they don’t, still I should be approved! Unfortunately, I was not approved. Later, I went to the payment methods via profile to make sure that my debit card and bank account information were on file and connected accurately. It showed everything connected perfectly. Just to give it one more try, I deleted all payment information and added it back. Now it won’t show any card or bank information in my profile. However, keeps picking my debit card when trying to create the ghost card. Very poor GUI and terrible screen flows. Definitely going to try the AfterPay and QuadPay..Version: 19.37.54

Heaven SentI super super love using KLARNA. With the pandemic going on, a lot of us.. most of us... are struggling with financial hardships. It’s really difficult sometimes to focus on which we should be prioritizing first especially those who have family to take care of, bills to pay, rent ,mortgage , car payments and more. But we sure need to pamper ourselves too. With the tight budget, we cannot afford to buy things even if we really wanted to because we need to attend to our financial obligations to our family. Thank God there’s KLARNA. We can shop and we don’t have to worry about paying bigger amount upfront. Klarna helps big time with people like me. Because with Klarna, we can buy things and we don’t need to feel guilty about burning money in one time payment. The pandemic is triggering a lot of anxiety, stress, depression etc etc... but with the help of Klarna, we can do a little retail therapy to indulge ourselves or reward ourselves for doing a good job surviving this Global Pandemic. Thank you so much Klarna for all you guys do. Very helpful,very reliable, very efficient and trustworthy..Version: 21.6.161

Love love love ittt!!!I LOVE Klarna ♥️ so far I’ve made 4 large purchases with the ability to pay in 4 interest free installments! What’s great is that I can debit it from my credit card so I never worry about what day it gets taken out of my account from my paycheck, and then just repay it back when I can, before my credit card company charges me interest. Double win! I’ve purchased anywhere from a tv stand, dining table and clothing to concert tickets and registration for my child’s football season! You can literally use your ghost card on any website! The only option that would top it off is if we have the ability to make an early payment on the next installment. There is an option to pay it off early but sometimes, I have the ability to make an additional installment payment but not want to pay off early. Other than that, Klarna has given me the ability to make purchases that I’d either not be able to afford or have to pay interest on with a credit card purchase!.Version: 19.37.54

They REFUSED to give me a chance ⭐️ I’ve changed my review , since!I just found this very old review I never submitted) I was saying that even though I had 3 but now pay later apps that I was using, responsibly purchasing orders for $3-$400 and though I never missed a payment, in fact , I’d paid off all 3 before their due dates, so it was so incredibly frustrating that although I’d proven my ability to use this account type, responsibly, Klarna would not help me, like, at all, not even for a small purchase! 💕❤️⭐️🤩LOVE this app! I’m so grateful for finally being given the ability to manage my finances with ease! Things that I would have had shut off, my T-Mobile bill, Progressive, (my car insurance) etc.. so bills, school clothes, even hotels! It’s absolutely AMAZING! Just make sure you have a bank account, even a Chime account if you don’t have one. They will likely give you a higher ceiling for credit, and as of now, they don’t report to credit bureaus. Take that as you want it….Version: 21.33.121

Better apps out there that works all the time not just part!This app is useless. I had the app for a few months. At first everything was quick and easy. Now where do I begin.....I was successful in ordering the first few times and then things went bad. After ordering a couple times and paying the orders off and some early. Christmas time came I had plan on using the stupid app only to get on and be denied for lack of payment history. Now that’s hilarious seeing that I have a 100% on credit and I definitely never missed or was late with paying them back either. They really don't care about figuring out why. After reading reviews I see they give us all the same dry responses. Lucky for me I have the money to purchase what I wanted in full. Don't depend on this app! There are FAR BETTER APS with less headache! Here are far better ones like Quadpay and Aftedpay. Don't even get caught up in this one because they will definitely let you down..Version: 19.46.14

I Agree with the BelowI’ve been with this company for years, over 5k approved, I pay more than my payments 99 percent. I have NEVER BEEN LATE or any reason to. If there clearly is a long history as I’ve been taught, my bills are all paid on time, it just looks maxed out because I have two cars , which I carried my husband and mine on my credit and a loan I never miss, yet laughable high risk, I though expect and am working on this, however Klarma you would think, this card is for those like us, they are making a killing from us, but the established customers should be treated better than those who get the ghost cards, run with their money, while you guys trust a client your clueless about Just my two sense. Btw I’ve just bought a truck, lol and your thinking needs to be looked back over if the client has a great history, take in consideration their credit report if they pay their bills on time? If the person pays on time, and also does with you, should that not stand on its own two legs. I have several who have approved me for the same card, yet I’ve been faithful and responsible!.Version: 21.26.147

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