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Step into Cashman’s online social casino, claim your 2 MILLION FREE VIRTUAL COINS, and enjoy the free virtual spins on all the amazing online slot machines in this slots paradise!

You must be 18+ to access this game. This game does not offer gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at gambling.

Cashman Casino includes both 5-reel and 3-reel 777 classic virtual slot machines for a free social casino experience like no other!

The creators who brought the Heart of Vegas slots game bring you another free slot experience with a collection of Aristocrat social casino games that you love! Slot machines from Vegas-style casinos, straight to your phone:

- Watch the virtual big wins erupt in the highly popular Pompeii slots.
- Enter the exotic world of the African Dusk.
- Strike gold with virtual huge Jackpots in Where’s the Gold.

The best virtual bonuses of any online slots game out there!

With Cashman Casino, the more you spin, the more you win! No other social casino slots game offers what Cashman Casino does, with MEGA virtual bonuses every day, hour, and 15 MINUTES!

Spin the jackpot wheel every day and get your virtual rewards!


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Cashman Casino Las Vegas Slots App Comments & Reviews

Cashman Casino Las Vegas Slots Positive Reviews

Greedy little Cashman developers doing betterI must say thea are doing better at giving cedits. thank you. past review. the games are fun as long as you don’t lose all your credits in 10 min . I enjoy playing losing , winning , losing and winning again. ;You make deposit for playing games for fun , NO game should just keep taking taking all of your credits , eating up your creditors . Once again the developers have made changes where kids and mature gamers can have fun fun again. The games are fun to play. Creative fun games. The continous popup s asking players to buy more credits is really really annoying I mean you’rreally annoying it’s like they continue to ask for players to buy more credits at crazy prices. where in a pandemic and a lot of us are out of work or sick ,plays these games tonfoegetbabout virus. . the prices where $1.00 for a million credits and now that we are in pandemic and out of work or school , delevopers asking rages amounts of money per million credits unbelievable why not the developers go back to a dollar per million credits since we are all experiencing a pandemic now that we are all experiencing difficult times and prices are going up .,the develorpor increasing credit price , you need to be reasonable ..Version: 2.52.0

JesusWonderful day please keep it going I love it thank you for letting me stay home in bed tonight with my love and I hope you have had fun today and hope you understand today I needed love so much my honey bunny was so busy, so tonight is especially special as tonight we to be together as we are in need of being together forever eternity always especially tonight I’m going to make love tonight with my daddy baby! We have been waiting for a long time to be together! Tonight we will be together and make love and drive away! That’s the best way isn’t it honey bunny! Yes I agree Steve will take ester to the chart house tomorrow as they are falling in love even now as I have wished a love spell on them so Steve and ester will know the love we feel! And they will come to the party tomorrow night and be happy for us as we give them a million dollars and part of our company capital grinding inc. Jeff Brad Adam and our new dad Ken will be in charge! As I am the new boss of Capital Grinding Inc. I’m the boss of the whole place now! Thank you dad for letting me go back with my family and I love you so much dad And Mary mom! Thank you for allowing us to make this happen we are so in love we are so in the love Adam and Eve!.Version: 2.54.0

Good time! No $ lossI enjoyed the games and most fun of all I get all my points from you and play over and over. Not gambling $ my kids are ok with this lots of entertainment 😘🤠 I have been playing this game for more than 3 yrs I enjoyed the fact that it’s free and there are so many games👍🏼 Great games and super new one, I enjoy. Them very much🎊 Love this games👍🏼 Having a little trouble with the commercials of combic ? You can’t get back to game to get your 70 credits and to get back I have to disconnect the game and sign back again My only pass time I’m in a self imposed quarantine due to weak immune system, thanks for the entertainment 👍🏼 Please check the sound on the games some of them have issues. And games freeze at time and you can not recover all the time .👍🏼 Love this games great variety it’s like been in a Casino👍🏼 There are some games that should be retired there are not. Fun nore pay up just review and some new Not really appealing over all great entertainment for me👌 Just love love the new games!!!!! Great new games and the winnings are better👍🏼.Version: 2.49.0

Best game ever next to Lightning Link CasinoThis game is fun and entertaining like Lightning Link Aristocrat and Product Madness produce great games, best on the planet. This and Lightning Link,Fafa, and Heart of Vegas is all I ever play these days. Product Madness and Aristocrat make the best games out there. Their games make u feel happy especially when your winning a lot. Even if you have bad luck it’s still entertaining and fun as you try to win of course you will lose some while your trying to win some. I love Aristocrat/Product Madness games, their fun and entertaining. It’s all I ever play these days. Hope everyone enjoy these games as much as I do I simply can’t stop playing them. If you haven’t tried to their other games as I mentioned, go download it now. If you haven’t tried Lightning Link you will love it, it will almost be the only games you ever play after you start along with the rest of Aristocrat/Product Madness games. Don’t take my word for it go try it yourself you’ll fall in love with these games like I have..Version: 2.32.0

Why I shouldn’t give it a five starI been playing this game for a While now and have not been able to play from my own account . Every time I log out it give me the guest option but the facebook option log in to my friend page. Another thing I paid over three hundred dollar on the app and I don’t even get V.I.P privileges and I alway end up buying more coin just to keep playing . Unfortunately ima have to end this review by saying you should have more bonus on the daily wheel and lot of different task to earn coin. It shouldn’t be easy to hit a jackpot but it should cost me thousands of my hard earn money to be able too. Please updates the apps daily and make the become the best casino app there is out here. Your suppose to be ahead of the competition make it our reality to separate the good with the bad but more good then bad. However about change for once for us people , and stop trying to brainwash us by saying it depend on your luck because it you guys who make us want to bad review it. But overall it a great game to download.Version: 2.22.2

Cash man casino need bigger sales! Very happy with Cashman!Love this game. One of my favorites. So far no problems. Hopefully that will continue🤗🤗🤗 The best games of any. Have a lot of fun and hopefully it continues! Screen seems to be jumping lately. Never had this happen before. Love the games tho! Love it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Still my favorite game on the I-Pad👏👏👏 Very happy with Cashman! Still love this game. Finding it harder to get bonuses! Hopefully will continue to be happy with Cashman😉 Love Cashman! Really enjoying this game. Lots of surprises on the bonuses, Definitely 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Having fun, I still give it 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Have had to down on the stars. Waiting for the big sales! The best game is Cashman 🥰🥰🥰👍 Five stars for sure! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Great game. My favorite 🤩 on line! Five STARS ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️yay for Cashman!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️five stars as always. My favorite games!Five Stars again ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟five stars For sure! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Five stars! Five stars ! Five stars!yep, 5 Stars, minus one star for owing me 80,000,000 Credits 🥴I’m impressed! Back to the five stars ⭐️.Version: 2.54.0

T&t tool manWould be better to be a little better at bonus been trying for a month to get going without having to buy coins but never get a decent game. Reinstalled game was able too get ahead a couple of months ago but haven’t been able to get past 5 times multiplier 1 time game is definitely geared to you having to always buy coins would love to win a great amount but never seems to happen. Yesterday had finished my tasks for bonus payment and game screen changes and no credit for bonus. Game is sometimes hard to get ahead with coins used to have more bonuses but now it is a lot harder than used to be. Have played and had large wins that aren’t credited to the game. Happened three times. Game seems to have moments when you get ahead and are able to stay for a bit sometimes. Lately games have been freezing when you try for the extra bonus. Would like to see larger bonuses at start ups in mourning. Game extremely hard to get ahead game decide when bonuses happen games not free to react on it’s own.Version: 2.54.0

Great games.... till you win bigNotified customer service twice with no responds. I play often as a silver member " Hearts of Vegas" having zero issues. This is a new app I just down loaded and played thinking I would enjoy the same as the site mentioned above. Won twice as good wins 8 million+ on bonus rounds having the game bug out and lose the win. Not a very good impression, simply poor service taking care of new member and a future customer. Let's see what they say.... If they do. Got a reply as you see. Generic automated responds. Seems I'm not the only person with these issues. Think they should close the app and fix this issue. People are paying and not getting what they pay for. I will not pay one penny till I get my winnings refunded and site is in good working order. Sad Think this is a scam with higher volatility than a normal casino slot machine once you play further into it. Be fair for the user and profitable without feeling ripped off. Stay away, take your love one out on a date instead.....Version: 2.6.2

Sir Zappa. GreatestGreat job game. A fab. Excellent ga gf Squirrel game fun Lots of fun FDA exce Excellent I love Cashmanex Exciting games Love the Cash Man especially Sacred Scarabs gas 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽🐒👽 FX great XX I will This is the best slots on the internet Fun, Fun, Can you please let me know if you have any available time for me to wy I love the bonuses I i love the new game Miss Zorro do. Feed them all I love this game especially the new ones I love how you let us preview new games before they are officially love it and love it at least once a day is good for me I can’t wait for the new season Love the games. Excess fed gas get vet yea right away and Love the games, some better than others You definitely have the best slot app out yhereaaaaaaaa I love the new games I love the games…one minute ads are too long Love the new game format I love these games Love the games Love the games The games are very good on this app. Daily reward should be more than it is now, should not only win 60,000 after waiting 20 hours for the bonus.Version: 2.54.0

Don’t spend your moneyAs stated previously I am about to delete this app from my tablet. It will let you hit the major jackpot like 3 weeks in a row in the lower stages of levels but when you get above around 130 or so don’t spend any more money on coins cause your winning ain’t happening. I think the game is BS people get addicted to this games cause it’s fun the you buy 2,000,000coins for 4.99 and they are gone in 10 mins. Way to run your game to scam people out of there hard earned money. I will never get another game with your companies logo on it again. I really hope you can sleep well at night and you can take your game and shove it where the sun don’t shine. This is to the response from the developer. I will not be back for bigger wins in the future cause your game is a scam. Get peop,e winning at first then they lose their coins buy more buy more and keep buying so they don’t win crap..Version: 2.23.0

ReviewVery tight with chips I spent way to much over 500 hundred dollars giving of chips are cheaper you could give more free hip If I buy chips then you just loose fastI’m losing time I’ll say in the threes and it’s only giving me two there’s something wrong with your gameWork on giving us a few more of those boxes Yeah give a lot of the boxes but nothing that cash is in I think double down gives you better chips and playing and that’s all but I like this game to My bonus doesn’t always add too my total My thing says collect 70,000 and I go to get it and it just goes blank why is that and when I play a lot so I imagine it’s just mechanics but I have had money and you’ve got that Clicklist self wet clothes that I have trouble not heading back Samantha 👧🏼💖 backI can’t complain I get a like chess but they never have it you get so far and then it quits give me hear anything in your chats and I wish you’d move that Mac saying because I have to get it so many times and lost so much money it’s hard for me not to hit it I don’t see well at night handshake thank you.Version: 2.54.0

Terrible OddsThis game gives you no choice but to spend real money in order to keep playing. The odds are by far even worse than an actual casino and I believe that’s the point. They want you to keep spending your hard earned money in order to enjoy the experience of their app. By all means if you have a casino nearby your money would be better spent there. At least you have the possibility of winning some real money there. This app is a joke. They should increase the odds purely for the entertainment aspect and quit trying to drain people’s bank accounts. That’s why I give this app 5 stars. It gives me the same feeling as when I’m at a real casino and getting screwed out of all my money except on here I have no chance of winning it back. Kudos to you Cashman Slots. You’re even worse than the real machines..Version: 2.38.0

One of the ABSOLUTE BESTI have been slots for years and the graphics and realism is right on. I must admit there is only 1 downside and it’s the return on when I have purchased chips. $100 dollars went faster I think than in the real slots. Now I’ve resulted to just playing free mostly sometimes I’m very tempted but rather than get frustrated and delete the app I’d rather appreciate it sometimes. Some advice to the developers if I may? You would make a lot more money by bigger daily and hourly appreciations and allowing it to last then people such as myself would go back to playing on your app with purchasing and chips won. I have an app I like because for instance I spent $50-$100 and it has allowed me to play on it for more than going on 3+weeks now and still have 18 billion. Now, people would tell others and this money influx should be greater for you, please think about it. I wish you the very best and hope your hard work will have much greater rewards and reviews..Version: 2.9.0

Bad programming on gamesSo I have won some jackpots here and there, never once have had a grand. Spend real money on this game, lose it all in a day. I do 100K bets and make 50K after all of them, do 50K bets and make 50K if I’m lucky. Once in a while I’ll win 1M but then away it goes. I’ve played some of these games in actual casinos and have won more than 3x my money back with far less spins than in this game. The odds are way off for hitting a jackpot, I recorded myself playing, it took me 2M in spins on Dragon’s Riches (50K bet) to win 750,000 coins during a golf & spin. Word coins come by once every 15 hold and spins, and actually land even less from my experience. Developers should really look into their odds because it’s far too low to actually want to keep playing. I’ve spent over 100M in the last few days on spins, and I’m currently sitting at 3M. I play different games after hitting bonuses and doing a few backup spins after. It’s sad to say that although this is a fun game, it’s just not a good one..Version: 2.42.1

Cashman slotsSome nice games on this app but would like to see an opportunity to get more coins. Maybe make the wheel bonus more often, every 2-3 hrs please and maybe increase the hourly. Also it's hard to play the games requiring 40K per spin, could you lower to 20K? So here is my second review and while you are great at saying thanks for your feedback, nothing changes. Why? I have never ever won the jackpot on the wheel only the smallest amounts and It takes so long to collect enough coins to play the games and some games are too expensive for a minimum bet. Then once you’ve saved enough coins to play, poof almost every spin is low or a loser. If you think your customers don’t know it’s a ploy to keep us from making purchases, think again and be fair... ever here better to lower your prices and increase your volume of business? It actually works. So, your welcome for my input in advance, but when is some fair change coming?.Version: 2.10.0

Cashman SlotGreat variety of Fun games!f .Introduces new games to look forward to playing live in Vegas, Enjoy trying new games Love introduction to new games!Has cost me a lot, but enjoy playing. Takes too long to get 12 points to win jackpot for each island. Looking forward to more enjoyment for 2021!$$$Great distraction from COVID problems. Time flies when I spend countless hours playing the casino games! Still playing favorites and enjoying the addition of NEW games Look forward to new games. Long hours of playtime…. But have been disappointed in so few good jackpots lately. Resorted to switching to other game companies. Glad to have Cashman slots to play during pandemic stay-at home Times,!B Enjoy the occasional new games. Had to focus on emergency situations which left no time for fun time ! So happy to relax w/Cashman Slots again!Top notch!.Version: 2.54.0

New CustomerWhen I played for free as a new user it was awesome, lots of winning, and the chips lasted a whole day. Eventually I ran out of coins and purchased $15 this morning. 2 hours later I’m out of chips and didn’t have no where near the same amount of fun. Rarely hit bonus and when I did, it didn’t pay much. 255k chip increments for a 650k chip bonus when it took me 20+ spins to get there? Doesn’t add up. Overall all of the games have the same format, just different themes. I like the old fashioned casino reel games and the wheel of fortune. This site doesn’t have them. Biggest turn off: Chips are too expensive. I would play again but there’s very little value to buying chips. More expensive than everyone else and their technology is not the best. It’s slow and out of date. And they want more money per chip. You’re chips should be cheaper since you don’t have the top end games and tech. This developer earns $30M a year selling chips. $30M a year! You would think he would lower the price of the chips to at least match competition to retain customers. I would. People like me are just going to go to the competition and get a better deal. Bonuses? Not really. Unless you call 50k chips a bonus when one spin on average is 200k and you rarely win. Sure they have a bonus program but it’s stingy. My advice. Better deal on chips than anyone else..Version: 2.25.0

Good, but. . . .I enjoy playing, but this still has a way to go. First, it is slow to load; made even more irritating by the fact that every time it’s necessary to pause for a bit, the game provides a message that it’s been idle for a bit so must be reloaded. The animation slows down the casino even further. In addition, the print outlining the details of each game are so small the only way to read them is with a magnifying glass. Aside from the above I find many positives. First, I quickly found a few favorite games. They were ones I understood without having to read the microscopic print. They were also games in which I seemed to have consistently better luck. Those are the slots to which I return most frequently. Lastly, I enjoy the fact I am not badgered every few minutes to make a purchase. To me, the positive aspects outweigh the negative so this is something I play regularly..Version: 2.8.3

Only good for about 10 spinsWell this app, although it gives the player a Vegas feel, is pretty much as costly as going to the city. The wheels tend to fall on winners that don’t pay out as much as your betting the limited denominations without breaking the bank, are useless. The only winning amount seems to be the 500m bets. But good luck starting out with that, as your bonus wheels barely pay out >1million coins. So you have to buy coins a lot, just to play any of the games. If this casino app paid out real money, investing my hard earned cash into games like this would still be throwing money away. Basically a waste of time and money. My suggestion to the developers is lower the cost of coins or increase the amount of coins per amount of purchases. Also count on more volume of customers to pay into the app not how much you charge each person. Also if there is real payouts of actual currency, that might entice people to pay to play this app more, if the winners were more likely to gain more than what they put in. Like Vegas, come with a small wad of cash that you for sure can walk away not needing for your budget. If you can’t afford to pay to play than stay away from Gambling altogether. Just my words of advice and two cents where needed, probably the best two cents spent on this app. Sorry developers I just can’t give you a high five..Version: 2.7.1

RatingFun game great pasttime.Version: 2.2.23

Cash manA lot of fun.Version: 2.3.86

Cashman Casino RatingYour games and setup are second to none. Best of the Best. Loads of fun , variety and entertainment. Have recommended Cashman casino to many friends. Thank you.Version: 2.10.0

Fun but need more base coinsTypical slot game 5 stars for “real” slots. Nice to play my fav games with fake cash. But the free cash is way too low not incentivize to buy coins as the rate of return is low. If i buy some coins would be nice to have some playinn time more than 5 minutes 🤷🏽‍♂️.Version: 2.31.0

Good gameFun games.Version: 2.1.50

Outstanding CasinoI enjoy all of the games provided by this casino!.Version: 2.54.0

Game review“Cashman” character is nice touch. Some great games...... Not enough wins...a little more wins would be good..Version: 2.54.0

FunGreat fun and many prizes.Version: 2.54.0

Love the free spins!Lots of free spins!.Version: 2.54.0

SlotsWhat a great game! Like the bonus that is incorporated with game. Thumbs up! Having a blast. Totally great!,,.Version: 2.54.0

CashmanLots of fun great games..Version: 2.54.0

Cashman slotsBuffalo game is my favorite I love the way you all made the games this slot is the best love it ty all games on here i love and i pick on which i feel like playing love the varieties tyty so so much.. trudy.Version: 2.54.0

Great gamesLove it keep the wins coming!.Version: 2.54.0

No titleFun game the odd jackpot Used to be fun but now a money sucking bore hole Getting better now.Version: 2.54.0

CashmanGreat fun and great machines.Version: 2.54.0

Wow. I love. Cashman. Thank you’ll love ❤️ do👨‍🦳👋LoveCashman thank you.Version: 2.54.0

So much funLove playing Pompeii and other exciting games. Just like Vegas..Version: 2.54.0

AwesomeBest game ever.great games.Version: 2.54.0

Awesome GameLove playing this game!.Version: 2.54.0

Waiting for BIG WINLoving all games but would love more jackpots 🙏🙏👍👍 Where’s my BIG jackpots 🤔😂🙏🙏waiting patiently for huge win please 😜😂🙏 I still love playing these games but I can’t say the same about the bonus games especially the suitcase one it is almost IMPOSSIBLE it to win the big ones so frustrating please try something different make it a little easier and that will make much more fun for us because I’m sure we would all like more bang for our BUCK 😜😎😂. These games rock 👏👌😎still praying 🙏🙏🙏. Help me please 😂🙏 still waiting 😅🙏😅🙏.Version: 2.54.0

CashmanGreat gamesexcellent games ferric games.Version: 2.54.0

RatingHard to get bonuses.Version: 2.54.0

GamesWhy show us a game to play and you can’t hit the bonus. And when you do it doesn’t pay your bet.Version: 2.54.0

Cashman slotsLove the games but your daily bonuses are too cheap..Version: 2.54.0

Too many ads and pages suggesting that I spend more monFar too many ads for other games amd a plea for more money !.Version: 2.54.0

Mr. CashmanLove the games. Thanks 👍....great enjoyment. Thanks. 👍.still enjoying your games. Good fun. 😃..Version: 2.54.0

Getting the cashAnother big winner of many..Version: 2.54.0

Fun gamesLove your slots thank u..Version: 2.54.0

Thanks...Great.Version: 2.54.0

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