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The DIRECTV App, for DIRECTV and DIRECTV STREAM customers, is the fresh way to stream all the entertainment you love.
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No matter your passion, we’ve got you covered with live sports, breaking news and thousands of On Demand titles.
Binge hit movies & most talked about shows, and quickly find your favorite shows using our intuitive user interface.

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DIRECTV App Comments & Reviews

DIRECTV Positive Reviews

Overall, I’m Pleased with the AT&T TV Now Service & AppI got in on the “ground floor”—Grandfathered in Go Big Plan—back when the service was DIRECTV NOW. There continue to be some glitches with the AT&T TV Now Service & the App. For example, with my Apple TV 4K sometimes when I put it to sleep with the App still streaming Live TV, after waking it back up & switching to the already open App, the channel loading bar will show motion/activity against the light blue background. Yet, the channel never resumes streaming. I simply have to close the App & reopen it—Live TV streaming begins almost immediately. Is it annoying? A little bit. There are other issues that come & go but none so severe that would cause me to walk away from the Amazing Deal I have. Overall, I’m Pleased with Both the Service & the App. By staying with the Grandfathered in Go Big Plan, I get More channels now than when I first signed up, in 1080p/60Hz & with many in Surround Sound! Easily I rate it 4 out of 5 stars..Version: 4.0.0

My feedbackNo matter how many times we have chatted with a directv agent, the problems are not resolved or they take almost 8 to 12 months to fix. Trying to record a series, so you don’t have to look up your favorite show every week, is impossible. This feature DOES NOT WORK!!! Can’t get any of the “ now” program from ABC, only have the “TV Show” option & can’t record any of that AT ALL!! Have to wait till the next day to see any of your favorites & even then, sometimes had to wait 2 to 3 days before I can see any of the shows. They also don’t have all the shows showing on that channel. When you delete a program that you have watched, the food luck because you will have to delete it at least 5 more times before it actually is removed. Another problem, you get shows recording that YOU DID NOT CHOOSE!! Go figure.... another one is where you have shows set up to record & THEY DON’T RECORD..... they just DISAPPEAR!!!!......MAGIC..... I think not!! If these things can be fixed that would be greatly appreciated other wise please please STOP SAYING/ADVERTISING THAT IT IS JUST LIKE WATCHING REGULAR TV SHOWS....IT IS NOT! Thank you, RYH.Version: 2.2.6

Just ok for nowWe just got the service and have had a few hiccups here and there but it seems to mostly be working for now. Other reviewers are saying they are having log-in issues which I have not experienced from my side. Calling AT&T / Direct TV might help with password resets. As far as buffering issues those have been present on occasion and I have noticed the audio mismatching at times, but normally changing the channel will help with this. We are using this service with 4K Firesticks at this time which were a good option for us. Setup was fairly easy, however what I would like to see changed is the guide option to default to a certain key on the remote. Also, Fire TV’s have an integrated “guide” for all TV apps but Direct TV is not on this side at this time. Hopefully they will be in the future. Also, it would be nice if Alexa was compatible with the app and finding channels, but she is not. Overall I would rate this three stars and if you are looking for a regular cable experience to go elsewhere for now. It does not compete with it at this particular time..Version: 4.0.25

Good serviceI like the service. It gives me access to all of the channels that I need, albeit not for much savings over cable/satellite. However, I like not having a contract and the ease of changing services if I choose from month to month. A couple of requests to the developer that come from FuboTV. You should review their app if you haven’t.: 1. Previous channel selection (great for flipping between sporting events). 2. Being able to change the order of your favorite channels. 3. I also like that you can bring up the channel/show images of what is currently on in Fubo and scroll side to side so you can still watch what’s on while looking for other shows. 4. Rewind/FF live tv. Not sure why you’re not able to do that with this service, but it’s frustrating that you can’t. If you can add these features over time, I think you have a homerun because you already have great channel selection/variety but the lack of these features holds the service back a little. It would just makes it easier and more pleasurable for the user if your app was a little more like Fubo’s. Otherwise, the service has a great picture. You wouldn’t know you’re not using cable..Version: 3.0.20301

The Best TV ExperienceThis is by far the best app in the iTunes Store and it keeps getting better. Works beautifully, very intuitive to use. Beautiful picture. I love that when I want to hear my favorite sporting event on the road, I just tune to the channel on my phone and plug into my car, so I can listen with free data. I am no longer limited to what’s on the radio stations. The CloudDVR is great. We can watch our recorded video while traveling and the data is free. We can record a series, and now choose either all episodes or only new episodes. We can use our AT&T TVNow credentials to log into ESPN, NBC, ABC, and many other apps. And when we travel our TV service goes with us wherever we go. I am always recommending this to others. It way exceeds all my expectations. I think the negative reviews are fake. My experience with this service is stellar, and I know others who have it and theirs is the same..Version: 3.0.20101

Good LineupI do enjoy watching this service, but it does have some issues. Often lately I have had to change the channel and change it back due to sound and video getting out of sync. Also, I get the buffer a lot on some days and rarely on other days but I do see the buffer every day and I lasts anywhere from 5 seconds to a minute. From time to time I get the oops, something went wrong and have to change channels to get it back. My internet is a top tier unlimited cable service so download speed is not the issue. The same issue happens with wifi and Local Area Network alike. I never have trouble getting the channel back, it is just irritating having to flip channels. I enjoy the lineup and think it is a great value compared to other services I have used. Picture quality is very good, and sound quality is good. I love the fact that I can watch this app on any device I own. Overall I am satisfied with the service, just needs to stop buffering and getting out of sync..Version: 3.0.0

Love the entertainmentI love the att tv now service. It’s been really good to me their is a couple things I would like to see happen is making the on demand content always free to use within the subscription like if you wanted to watch a certain movie on demand you should be able to watch it depending on your package you have like for instants I have showtime and starz and I went to pick out a certain movie and it was available on stars but could not watch it I only were to be able to record it for whatever day it falls on in order to start watching it. I Think the pricing should be alittle cheaper because it is quite expensive for all the packages but overall it’s good I just think the pricing needs to drop a few bucks and the on demand contain should be to where you can watch anything and is able to watch anything working your subscription other then that it’s good.Version: 3.0.23205

Good alternative, but not perfectHaving used this service for the last 12 months, there’s been good and bad. The good is that for the most part, it works well 90% of the time. The package offers me the channels I want at a reasonable price. But in the last year my service has increased by $20/month. If it keeps on increasing, I will look elsewhere. I like I can access the service on-line where I travel. The HD quality is good most of the time. But there are frequent times it switches from SD to HD...very irritating! I’ve also experienced way to much buffering when I may lose a picture for a couple of seconds or up to minutes where I have to exit the application and re-enter it for it to work. In the end, I wanted to cut the cable and this provided a viable option. However, with more like services available, DirectNow needs to up their game and improve their service and not continue to raise prices..Version: 2.2.7

On the edge of greatness....I don’t have all of the issues that most are experiencing. I think the app is pretty nice. There are 2 things missing. 1. The ability to pause and rewind live tv - If you have the box you can do it with no problem. I understand that there is a storage device in there. But since the app is connected to the cloud why couldn’t it be constantly backing up what you’re watching which would give you the ability to pause/rewind? 2. The ability to order channels by number - I’m a former direct tv customer so I loved having that ability. It used to be there. I noticed today that it’s gone. Even when it was there you had to set it in preferences every day. I resigned to doing that. But now they have taken it away altogether. Small tip for users having issues....Once I decided to cut the cord I tried other iptv services. I had all the freezing, buffering, and everything else. I had to change my network setup. I have AT&T fiber. The modem/router it comes with is horrendous. I use it as a pass through now. It serves as a modem for my own router (Linksys). My speeds went from 30ish mbps to well over 400 mbps. All issues were gone. Check out your network and see if the issue is with your setup..Version: 3.0.21501

Overall good and I hope it continues to improveI’m very happy you can now watch shows while browsing other apps on your device. My 2 biggest beefs - When you leave the ATT app and are browsing other apps, if the audio was muted before you left you have to go back into the ATT app to unmute. This often causes my second beef below. There should a way to unmute whether you are in the app or not. - When you go back into the app while watching something it almost always barfs, closes what you are watching, doesn’t save your position, and refreshes everything. It needs to be able to refresh/re-enter the app without hosing up the current stream..Version: 4.0.13

MediocreDon’t get me wrong I love the app. It simple easy to use. I am using the app to cast to my TVs, and I WAS considering the cable box until reading that the box and the app have the same issue….sound synching. There’s a sound synch issue almost everyday. Most days I don’t really care enough about it due to having back ground noise at night to fall asleep (old man status) but the weekends that I choose to watch TV it’s def noticeable. Lag issues are anywhere from a full 3-5 seconds behind. But as I’m writing this review it’s a full 3 seconds ahead of the scene or what’s being shown on my TV. Forums and the AT&T website it’s self has done nothing to resolve this as most remedies are for the cable box and not the app, but like I said it seems the box and the app have the same problem.Version: 4.0.15

To many price increasesI cut the cable to save money. I signed up after it went live for a year hoping all the bugs had been worked out. It was pretty good for awhile, but with every update, it got worse. The ondemand feature only shows a few shows. But, if you search for something you know has been on, you can find it, it not thru ondemand. Prices have went up 3 times in the last 2 years and channels have been dropped that I specifically wanted. It is getting up to cable prices. I am considering an antenna. Have one and it’s getting the local channels that I want and costing nothing and I live in a very rural area. The only way to contact them is thru chat. It may be the same owners, but customer service was better when it was Directv now..Version: 3.0.20301

It stops working!I’ve had it with this set up. I’ve had it about 2 months and it had done this from the start. On any show the picture will go black whenever for about 10-12 secs and then comes back on. Of course it’s in the middle of an important shot, throw, pass, or hit if they solve this baseball nonsense. It also sticks on a picture for up to 30sec and above. It does this 4-5 times in 30 min.!!! Constantly during the day and night. It’s awful and gotten to be unwatchable. AT&T and Direct TV Stream both have assured me when I called that they weren’t the cause. Someone is and it needs to be fixed! I will be streaming with someone else otherwise..Version: 4.0.29

No IssuesI know a lot of other reviewers have said they run into issues and I did too right after the services launched but they got ironed out pretty quick. Today I don’t have any issues, the app works well and I can’t remember the last time video froze or I had to wait for it to buffer. Prior to DTVNow I had Sling and DTVNow is WAY better. Edit: DirecTV Now was renamed AT&T TV Now. The new name isn’t any good (seriously, say it out loud) but the app still works as well for me. I’d also like to say that I’ve seen a lot of reviews about DirecTV satellite service. This isn’t that. If DirecTV proper (satellite service) can’t help you with problems with this app it’s because DurecTV is a different service. If you have this product, they support a different one. If you have that product, this app is for a different product. As far as plans go, they’re competitive, but you have to make the choice of service depending on what exactly you want and what fits you, channels and cost wise. This review is just about the app and service quality,.Version: 3.0.4

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