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Protect the last tree on earth from the hordes of evil wood-hungry enemies in this epic action defence game!

Strategically build, upgrade, and place defence towers/weapons to stop the enemies from attacking the last tree on earth. Control your own army. Build, upgrade, and manage your army. Deploy your army at your command.

The ultimate tower defence game with amazing depth and replayability. This is the ultimate strategy game combined with epic action and battles for all you strategy and action game lovers! There is no other TD game like this!

- Endless horde of enemies that will hook you for hours!

- 7 Specialised weapons which can be upgraded multiple times.

- Awesome High Definition 3D design!

- Build, upgrade, and control your own army!

- Family friendly theme so anyone can play.

- Unique award winning design!

- New weapons, and features added every update!

- Optimized for iPhone & iPad.

- Unique never before seen tower defence game style!

- Top strategy game!

- Beautiful minimal art style!

- Fun enemies and sounds!

Protect The Tree App Comments & Reviews

Protect The Tree Positive Reviews

Great game but glitchyLove this game, it’s tough and addictive. However, once i got to round 50, the game started to break down. After almost every round, once every enemy is killed, the game doesn’t move on to the “send next round” button, but stays at the pause/play button. The only way i’ve found to progress is to completely close the game and restart it, hoping this time it won’t get stuck. When i do this, any turret updates i made in the last round are still there, but i’m at the beginning of the previous round. I’ve been stuck at Round 56 for probably 15 rounds now. Even so, this is one of the best td games i’ve played in years, and i’ll continue to mess with it in spare time. It’s just a bit disheartening that i can’t beat it because of a glitch..Version: 3.0

A few minor thingsI’ve played this game and I really like the way it looks and how it plays. But there are some bugs where turrets (specifically freeze rays and flamethrowers) will de-spawn the farther you get in the game. I haven’t been able to get much farther than round 29 due to lack of turrets. But it’s a great game if a little glitchy..Version: 3.0

Needs a tutorialThere’s a fine line with letting the player explore and teaching the player how to play. I think this game could use a quick tutorial to teach the player the basics, or make it optional..Version: 3.0

Really good Game but just one thingThis is a really good game and pocket build is too. But just one thing, can you add a thing you can buy with gold that could give your tree an upgrade to get more health. I love both of your games good work👍.Version: 3.0

Bug-ridden with great potentialStuck at round 48 with no way to progress to the next round. Restarting the game worked from previous rounds but haven’t been working for a while now. Wish there was a fix as well as more updates. This game has great potential once the bugs are fixed..Version: 3.0

Please Listen.Will you (the developers) do an update for this game? It’s been a year since you’ve guys done an update but like pleaseeee. I’m super addicted to the point I just want a update. Hopefully u update Protect The Tree. Amazing game!.Version: 3.0

Level 49 glitchLOVE this game, wish I could play past level 49. It just never continues, and when I try to restart it, it wipes out many of my weapons. Even ones I spent gems on. Besides that it’s a GREAT game..Version: 3.0

Play/PauseI paused the game to add some more defense to protect the tree. While I was doing that, one of the enemies kept going while paused. And eventually killed me. Not cool. Also, the freeze defense does not always work, either the gun or as an add on. For some enemies, they’ll keep running after passing 2 blocks..Version: 3.0

UpdatesCan you guys update this to the new phone screen sizes?.Version: 3.0

Add a featureI think that it is a great game but I wish that there was a sandbox mode so you can test out strategies.Version: 3.0

Has a couple problemsThe game is really fun, but it needs some balancing. First of all, earning money from shots makes regular turrets more appeasing than the other options due to its fire rate. The laser, rocket, and flame thrower are extremely weak compared to turrets, due to their low damage output compared to their advantages. As the game stands, they have no use in the game. The most frustrating bug I found was not earning coins from super turrets after I had upgraded it to level 2 in Candy Island. The game needs some reworking based around the income earned from turrets compared to the abilities of the other weapons that are not favorable right now..Version: 2.1

I wish it wasn’t pay to winYou need to pay for rare gems to win.Version: 3.0

Love the interfaceThe most fun tower defense game I've played so far!.Version: 3.0

Love the game but....It stops working after level 53. I wish you guys would fix the game because it’s awesome!.Version: 3.0

Love butAlso love this game but I get such at level 56. Bug won't let you move on.Version: 3.0

Good but...It needs an update and it’s a little too hard plz add more.Version: 3.0

I love the gameGood updates but it's harder now... PS: next update DONT SLEEP WITH JACOB's WIFE😮.Version: 3.0

Shows promiseGot it for free, although contemplating the premium. Cute design, good sounds, interesting weapons. Things ton consider: glitch I've found- after the "you've failed" screen pops up when the tree dies, I am able to keep clicking the "next round" button and keep sending wave after wave at the dead tree. And the stats on the "you failed" screen reflect the added round as well. Improvement- some sort of a rank/reward for playing the game. I don't play with the Game Center. But playing the same stages over and over just to beat my own score is going to get boring. So maybe a rank based on kills with a reward of starting with more resources. That way we can get further. And also a resource given for number of rounds completed. Just something to think about. Overall keep up the good work. Will keep the app so I can receive the updates..Version: 2.3

Fun yet frustratingI would love this game way more if you could get credit back for guns that you take down rather then simply losing them to a trash bin. The game is fun and challenging. However, getting super high levels takes FOREVER! Get the game and see how far you can make it before it drives you insane..Version: 2.1

Ok but needs workThis game is ok, but needs a couple things: 1-needs the ability to save game after each level. Having to start back from the beginning after reaching level 20 or higher is a serious drag and kills the joy of playing, especially if you have player for 20 min and then have something come up where you can't keep playing for the moment. 2-the game is a little too hard. it seems like there is just one formula for advancing, and if you don't find it, too bad, you fail. 3-the more expensive guns aren't nearly as effective as the standard turrets..Version: 2.1

Difficult, repetitive/good graphics, idea thoughStarts out simple enough but ends up lacking. The first thing I noticed was the polished, cutesy clean graphics and easy to pick up gameplay. Then you notice there aren't any levels, it just continues onto the next wave when you're ready. The enemies begin to overpower you in sheer number, and you don't seem to ever have quite enough coins to keep adding more turrets and such to stop them. After that, it gets repetitive. I'd like to mention also how all three maps look strikingly similar. The cons outweigh the pros unfortunately..Version: 2.1

Malfunctioning FlamerThis game is a very nice and well-made game. Considering it is a free tower defense game, I think It deserves five stars. There is only a few problems with the game, but the most important one is the Flamethrower. It deals no damage at all and at this current point, is a waste of 600 coins. I hope this is an easy fix for the developers, and hopefully in the future, they will add a save button or an auto save feature. P.S. Sorry for the long post..Version: 2.4

Fun GameI've played lots of tower games and this one is a refreshing spin on them. It is simple to play and graphically appealing without overwhelming visuals or distractions. I've seen the reviews that complain about the difficulty in advancing too far. I agree it is not easy but that challenge is what makes this more strategic than other tower games. Level 31 is my best but I continue to tweak my approach to improve. Well done game!.Version: 2.3

Fun, but a bit buggyThis game is pretty fun. But it could use a few more levels. A few bugs I've found: At the end of my games when it shows how many enemies killed always says 0 and the best level seems buggy and won't keep accurate records. The frame rate also drops at higher levels. Over all, very addictive and I hope they fix the issues with in in future updates..Version: 2.1

Has potential. Needs workThis game is very attractive in its simplicity. However, there are multiple bugs that could be quickly and easily addressed, such as level 2 freeze guns not working, or how the mechanics as far as mob strength go are almost impossible. There should be an ability to sell towers and gain more money early on. I hope the game is given some love soon because I do love to play it..Version: 2.1

Fun game but...I love this game. But I HATE how it loses my progress if I have to leave to check a call, text or do something. I have paid actual real money for gems and multiple times after having left the game for 20 minutes, gone back to see that it's put me at square one with no "gems" paid back to me. I won't give this company another dime until this issue is fixed..Version: 2.7

Need more bug fix, but has PotentialLove the graphics & Design. Addicting and fun. However, there is a bug with the Result Menu. Also the balance is not good. The enemies are way too stronger compare to the amount of money & towers' abilities..Version: 2.1

To hardEconomy in the game doesn't give you enough coins to progress. Makes game to hard, I have tried different ways to build and always die in mid 20 levels because their are to many enemies to kill and I don't have enough money to buy guns to match the amount of enemies and their speed..Version: 2.1

Potential 5 star game.This is one of the best games I've played in a while, but my only complaint is the frame rate drastically drops after round 60, and past round 70 it is virtually unplayable. Me and all my buddies have 7s Plus iPhones so it's not the phones fault yet it happens to us all every time. I don't see how people make it into the 300's..Version: 2.5

Good game. Needs more improvements.Really enjoy this playing this game but it still needs some improvements. I am having more problems earning coins per hit after the newest update. It's especially bad on super turrets. Would be willing to give more stars if coin problem is fixed..Version: 2.2

About time...I love this type of game! It is simple to learn and very fun & addicting! No dumb ads and no paying of rediculous sums of money for basic gameplay like most other games. Who can't afford 3 bucks a year?.Version: 2.2

One of the best gamesThis game is really fun and unique. Rounds can be long or short and every one is different. I really respect the developers for not putting annoying ads in the game. It's really appreciated!.Version: 2.3

Fun but weirdGame is simplistic but not at all easy, it's more a puzzle game than a tower defense and once you figure out how broken the basic tower is you'll never go back to using anything else..Version: 2.1

No coins on Super Turret hits after round 30I agree with the other posts. Game is fun, but they don't give you nearly enough coins. Even worse I didn't get any coins for my Super Turret hits after round 30. This made the game impossible. I'm done with it unless the change this..Version: 2.1

Fun, not perfectSomewhat glitchy (can continue to play after dying if you ignore the play again and just click next round, some of the times when you deploy the army they randomly die before engaging the enemy, etc.) but I assume that's Jacob's fault. Quite addictive though..Version: 2.1

Could be great.Needs work on balance. Impossible to get very far in the game. I like the graphics, the concept and the play. Just too frustrating as it stands now..Version: 2.0.1

Keep them coming!I love your updates, they're the only ones I actually read..Version: 2.1

Fun concept. Too difficult.Fun game. Played a lot for a few days and can't get past level 25. Now in too bored to stick it out. I would've paid a few bucks for coins to get unstuck but no ability to do so..Version: 2.1

Update itPlease it need’s an update it keeps crashing but its sooo fun.Version: 3.0

Loads of potentialGreat game! Although some serious bugs. I made it to level 51 before there would be 1 monster so slow that it took an hour to make it within the range of my turrets. On round 52, the last monster never came. I just couldn't advance to the next round. Could be greatER! Hear me out, I'm talking more upgrades and maps, new turrets (splash damage? Turrets that can be placed on rivers or lava?). More options for upgrading your army - it's basically pointless to do so right now. But ultimately, I just want to keep playing and due to bugs, I'm stuck. New update soon PLEASE.Version: 3.0

BugBien chouette, mais il manque cruellement de choix tableau, d’option de défense. Je suis resté coincé au niveau 60, un coup terminé, il se passe plus rien , le jeux ne veut pas passer au niveau suivant . Je suis déçu de ne plus pouvoir avancer :(.Version: 3.0

Rating: budding classicI remember the good old days of balloons tower defence 3, 4 and 5, and this new game, protect the tree, seems to be fitting the mould of some of the original classics. The game has beautiful graphics, and a gruellingly difficult, yet still fun, endless wave system. The game, however, is not without flaws. It feels terrible to give this game one star short of perfect, but that is exactly what it is right now. You know that a design studio with enough heart to make full, customized and hilarious patch notes is going to deliver on something amazing, or in this case, just short. Improvements (casual reader, stop here. This is for the devs.) One thing is the difficulty. It grows just a bit too fast for most players, but for the hardcore strategy and tower-defence masterminds, it is an amazingly fun challenge to be thrown right back into the carnage, and to build the perfect strategy. However, this misses a large demographic of less dedicated fans, and this has a simple fix. Two difficulties. "Casual" would be a toned-down version of the current difficulty, and would make this just a little more accessible to those who aren't strategic geniuses. And for those who are, a "veteran" mode would be just the current game. Another one is the monetization scheme. Assuming these guys read the reviews, I hope this gets implemented. You, the player, have to watch an ad, look at an apology from the developers for having to show you the ad, and then getting premium for an hour or so. This would allow for the developers to not starve, and also allow the average player another option to the $2.99 per month subscription (although, that could also still be an option). One other method would be to have cheap (and when I say cheap, I mean around $0.99) unlockables, upgrade trees, and other maps for sale. This would mean that players get extra content, and the amazing devs behind this game get to not go hungry. Anyway, this game gets a solid 9/10 in my books, and is already great. I can't wait to see what the team behind this has up their sleeve next. (And also, give your producer a hug. He works hard for you guys..Version: 2.3

Fun for a bitLove that it works offline. Pretty fun, tower defender game. There's not much variety in levels, or enemies. The weapons and enemies seem unbalanced. Also a subscription -really...😕.Version: 3.0

FantasticGreat game overall. Only issue is when your in in the higher levels the game lags a lot and you can't upgrade your weapons. CPU of the iPad or iPhone can't handle it. Something the developers can look into with the pixel type game ..Version: 2.5

Super Fun!Game looks beautiful and the gameplay is fantastic! Definitely recommend playing.Version: 2.3

Think about thisI've been playing this game for a while now. And I thought of some ideas. Maybe add different types of enemies, for example a enemy that runs fast or an enemy that has more health, maybe even have a boss every 10 rounds. And when destroying a tower why not give some money back when destroyed? I'm thinking it gives you 25% of the money spent on it back. Example a tier 2 turret gives 75 money back. These are my ideas. Think about them..Version: 1.4

Nice gameNice little tower defence game. Glad to hear Jacob got his job back. Well done!.Version: 2.1

Promising, But Not Quite ThereThis is a game that has the potential to satisfy those tower defence finger itches. There are three levels and what seems to be an endless-type gameplay (I'm not sure as I haven't been able to get past level 16). The one main drawback for me is that you don't get any money back for deleting a tower, which means that you have to be very precise with your tower placement or risk losing money. I was a bit irked when, 15 levels in, I made a mistake of placing a fire tower facing the wrong direction. As a result, it didn't affect any enemies and I wasted 600 precious coins. There's also no pause option once a round has started, so be ready. (Side note: Round 1 starts almost immediately after you first tap the screen to place a tower so, again, be precise with your taps.) A fast forward option would be nice, too. Overall, a cute TD game with potential if they allow a bit more room for trial and error, and a little more variety (levels, enemy type, etc.). Or maybe the lack of tower flexibility is what might appeal to those who like a good, hard TD challenge!.Version: 2.1

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