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Experience one of the best-designed painting, sketching, and drawing apps created for iPad and iPhone. Used by millions, this award-winning app brings a rich, powerful feature set to artists of all levels, whether art is your hobby, passion or career.

- Best-in-class pencils
- Minimal and intuitive interface
- Easily group layers
- Share Time-lapse recordings with your social networks
- Convert any stroke into an editable shape

- Hundreds of built-in brushes: Airbrushes, Calligraphy, Chalk, Charcoal, Glow, Lasso Fills, Pencils, Markers, Oil Paint, Paint Splatter, Spray Paint, Screentones, and Watercolor
- Realistic brush to canvas interaction
- Over 100 customizable settings for every brush
- Organize and share your favorite brushes and brush sets
- Designed for the Apple Pencil with full pressure and tilt support
- Apply real-time color adjustments and live filters to any brush
- Sample lower layers when blending
- Import and export custom brushes and sets

- More canvas, less clutter with a clean, customizable interface
- Assign finger functions separate from the Apple Pencil
- Expand and collapse layers with a flick
- Dock brushes and brush settings for quick, easy editing
- Quick access eyedropper
- Rotate and flip canvas
- Group layers with a pinch

- Pin tools and actions to the main interface
- Pull the color wheel right on the canvas with two fingers
- Add multiple reference images
- Lighting-fast saving and loading
- Step back in time with Project History

- Simple or complex symmetry with Radial or Kaleidoscope
- Draw with precision using Guides or Shapes
- Smart shape detection by pausing when drawing
- Innovative Hatching guide

- Design 3D cityscapes with five different perspective guides or a standard 2D grid
- Drag Rectangle and Circle shapes in perspective

- Seamless pattern projects
- Selection tools: Lasso, Rectangle, Circle, Poly, Path, Wand, Brush, and Color Range
- Industry-leading Transformations
- Transform multiple layers at once
- Gradient and Pattern Fill tools
- Target separate layers or all layers with Fill tools
- Drag with Fill tool or Magic Wand for live tolerance adjustment
- Bring your painting to life with Time-lapse
- Canvas Navigator with flip and grayscale support (for proportions and value checking)
- Clone tool with offset
- Tools for pattern creation

- 64-bit color when painting
- Layer support with 30 blend modes
- Masks for layers, adjustments, and groups
- Clipping masks
- Gradient map, Color Curves, and Filter layers
- Industry-leading color correction
- Over 40 live Filters
- Focus and Tilt-shift masking
- Liquify
- Crop and Resize tool
- Pattern and Array tools
- Powerful selection workspace
- Photoshop®-like smart layers for multiple transformations without loss of quality
- Solo & Trace modes
- Print presets & CMYK color modes

- Import from Photos, Camera, Clipboard, or Image Search
- Search over 1 million free for commercial-use images
- Export images as JPG, PNG, ZIP, layered PSD files, or Painter projects
- Share artwork to Infinite Painter's ever-growing community and see what others are creating, #InfinitePainter

- 7 days to try out everything
- 3 layers at the device resolution
- Solid Fill, Lasso selection, Basic Transform and Symmetry
- Seamless pattern projects
- All the built-in brushes and brush editing
- Smart shape detection

- HD canvas sizes and tons of layers*
- Adjustments and live Filter layers
- Layer groups
- Layer masks
- Over 40 powerful, professional tools
* Maximum number of layers depends on the canvas size and your device

See what you can do.

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Infinite Painter App Comments & Reviews

Infinite Painter Positive Reviews

Works good but needs a lot of updatingIt can be a bit laggy and the lasso tool is way too hard to use, like its almost frustrating. It would be nice if you could select things like how you can in ms paint with full on control over the shape of the selection. The cropping function is not very good and could use more control. Like it would be better if it were more like the cropping you have for photos on your iPhone/iPad or something . This app has crashed on me many times and I know it’s the app and not my tablet because I bought a new tablet with the highest performance. My Art was messed up somehow and the shape of the drawing was completely stretched and distorted when I didn’t do anything to it but turn my tablet right side up. ( I was drawing with my tablet turned in the wide gaming position). There are a lot of good things about the app tho, like you can put stuff in folders and it has some interesting tools as well as different mechanics you can explore. The 3D pens are really fun to use and the pixel brush is especially good for pixel art. I do think this app is worth buying because it’s a fair price and it’s good for Artists who have been doing digital art for a while. Idk if I’d suggest this to beginner artists tho. It might be too complicated but if you can use Ibis paint or complicated programs with ease I think anyone could use this if they found they really liked it regardless of experience. It might just take a little time to get used to it..Version: 7.0.7

Great engine but needs supportInfinite Painter is one of the best art apps available out there and for those with a focus on painting, will most likely meet your needs. The brush engine is impressive, delivering realistic and fast strokes with fairly robust and granular controls. It comes equipped with really useful tools to help you out in desigin-related creation for precise and realistic rendering. UI is simple and easy to use, allowing you to access tools and controls quickly for a smooth workflow. However, it takes some exploration to learn how to use all this, and this is Infinite Painter’s greatest weakness. There’s little to no guidance on how exactly to use this app. Sure, basic things are explained to you, but those things are intuitive anyways. So many things are just never discussed. Pinning tools, canvas manipulation, deeper brush controls/parameters, all this stuff has to be discovered through trial and error. I’ve flipped the canvas vertically before and couldn’t find a way to turn it back over. Took forever to get it back and it happened by accident. Occurred a few times before I figured out what I was doing. I certainly hope this continues to be developed out because as of right now, it’s a great tool but needs to be pushed further to become truly excellent. Learning materials, more explanatory UI, and greater apple pencil integration would really take this a long way. Still, it’s a powerful tool as is..Version: 6.1

Amazing but needs a double side copy thingyI love this app and use it WAAAY more than ibis paint but I would use it all the time if there was a mirror tool, basically meaning that if you draw on one side it copies the opposite way on the opposite side. When I am making heads, body’s, etc it is hard to equalize it on both sides. That’s when I go to ibis paint. Compared to ibis paint, this app has a much simpler setup and is easy to use, especially with a stylus or Apple Pencil. I can understand why the developer(s) wouldn’t incorporate this feature in since this app is trying to make it as organic as physical art. Another thing is it’d be nice to have 4 layers instead of 3, because 3 layers can only fit the outline, the skin, and the clothing, but with 4 you could also fit hair and hats. What I don’t like about some of the reviews that are low star is that when for example, they say they are being kicked from the app or cannot draw, but they also say the have a new device, that usually means they have a new device, but it is not a very good device. I would say 5/5 if it weren’t for the layers situation. I honestly can understand the mirror feature, but the layer limit is a little annoying sometimes..Version: 7.0.7

Great app, robust customizationTheir brushes are somehow so lush and sensual, and I’m familiar with customizing the most detailed of parameters on every popular app, but can’t put my finger on what is so lovely about these tools. It might have to do with the very friendly curve controls that can be applied and tweaked to myriad inputs to create tools that are adjusted perfectly to one’s needs or intuitions. Being experienced in audio synthesis, I notice a similarity in the approach to the touch interface in the manner that they have implemented a type of envelope curve language to take advantage of all the nuances of user input, making the brushwork remarkably “musical” to my eye. There’s really no other software that accomplishes this so well, and I wish I could afford to continue my trial version. If they had a watercolor engine that could really “bleed” colors the way that adobe’s does, I’d go in all the way, and after playing with their brushes, I fully expected that miracle. Their watercolor simulations are as good as almost any other, and I sympathize with the difficulty that must be entailed in making finished brushstrokes continue to move. I can’t even imagine how that’s done, computationally. And maybe I’ll cave in as I have on so many other apps. I’m sure to miss these glistening, gorgeous strokes. Beautiful job, whoever is responsible!.Version: 6.1

Amazing app allows the imagination to be freeThe ease of use, range of brushes and colors is superb for the price. It is powerful and allow the imagination to create at a whim. The layers work great and I like the color palettes the best. Especially that is chosen a color palate base on your current art. I’m still exploring the masking which to me is a little confusing. I’ve experienced issues with the smear tool, and have some times lost layers when changing the brush size. The back button works great most of the time and can bring back my layer. I just know two things save often and always have a back up layer. The back up button sometimes does get lost. I’ve lost changes a few time but as I said back up often. I noticed that when you close out it leaves your most recent file open, I don’t like that I feel it makes it susceptible to corruption, so I have a blank that I switch to prior to closing the app. The image file when printing is not actually that big. That’s good if you’re just creating for digital but if you want to print not so good. Again, fabulous for the price, easy to use, only a few glitches and scalability. Give it a try best 10 bucks you’ll spend to expand your creative canvas..Version: 6.1

Great app with a few quirksThis app has a great mix of tools and features from successful art software and it manages to not make the user experience a mess considering the amount of tools included. However, one thing that currently prevents me from using it more often is the way brush stepping is implemented and makes brushes like the airbrush not usable as the stepping is VERY noticeable and it also creates a sharp outline which should instead look as a smooth gradient. I use the airbrush a lot in my work and haven’t been able to find a setting to alleviate this issue. Other quirks are related more to a “power” user scenario. Things like layer grouping, multi layer selection are not here. Other things like persistent color picker and tools bar (shown in the first app store screenshot) don’t seem to be present or there isn’t any documentation on how to enable it. Regardless of these setbacks, this app comes filled with very useful features for precise work and manages to make the user experience a breeze for the most part. Also I think the three finger swipe to change brush size/opacity is probably the best thing since the two finger tap to undo was invented. Great work on the app and hope to see it improve!.Version: 5.0.1

Great, but...I have only had this app for a few hours so sorry if my review isn’t very accurate. I’m hoping maybe the developer can answer some of my questions. I love this app but since it doesn’t have much of a tutorial it is hard to use. I’ve been play around with it and I tried uploading a picture to trace over it and then give it my own flair or style but it’s hard to draw over the picture even with lairs. I can’t buy the stuff that cost money but I couldn’t find the right pencil. I worked with what I have. The brushes were AWESOME Good things about this app: It has a large color range. It’s easy to zoom in. They have AMAZING spray brushes and brushes and markers. Since I haven’t had this app for long, I can’t say much but I bet there is a lot more to look forward to 😁😁😁 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕥𝕠 𝕨𝕙𝕠𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤, ⒽⒶⓋⒺ Ⓐ ⒶⓂⒶⓏⒾⓃⒼ ⒹⒶⓎ Edit: Also my bar that has like the paint brushes and stuff, moved up and covered the button with the home icon. I can’t move it back plzzz help.Version: 7.0.7

5star To 3starI loved this at first. Why I changed my mind: Well this app is okay.....but after seven days, a lot of stuff locked up on me, like the layers and other tools- but not the brushes though. My point is that it’s a little extreme to lock up the layers. Layers are very useful for artists. It’s kind of a shame that the developers did this. At first, I LOVED this! And this review was a 5 star! I’ve kind of got a little tired of not being able to use layers for free. That’s why I got another art app in this one’s place and I love that one. Back to the point: I do understand that the developers need money- so do a lot of people- but maybe not the layers?? Or other tools?? You gotta make some money somehow. And I got a suggestion! I got this from another art app-specifically “ibis paint x”- that they lock some brushes and some other things, but you can watch one ad and then all the brushes that were locked before are now unlocked for a limited time. So they can make money and also have a good deal with the downloaders. And some people can fully purchase too. I really think this is a clever idea. So anyways, to wrap this up, this app is okay, you can get it...but I personally would recommend some other app..Version: 6.1

Could be greatThere’s a lot to like about Painter. It has many feature missing in other apps and if you like to customize your buttons on the interface you can do that. It has the tap to undo gesture that every drawing app must have. My problem with Painter is that you have just s few gestures and they are not very customizable. The 3 finger to change brush size feels awkward. The main issue is with the workflow, because you have to tap a check mark to get out and accept any changes in all features. This is extremely slow and annoying. The layer menu is slow to use and is in the way but at the same time too small. I don’t like the slide out to see the other layer functions. It feel like it’s always in the wrong view. If there was a way to get out of a feature menu by just selecting a brush with a gesture or even a button that is always in the same spot that would help. Ideally you should never have to move the pencil from where you are drawing. Features should appear under the pencil and you should be able to get out of them there as well. I don’t want to have check marks I have to tap all over the interface. It’s bad design..Version: 5.1

Very goodThis app is very good it’s just like procreate but a bit different. Whenever I draw on this app it’s very easy and you can add layers or adjust also I want to say the cons of the app is after a while yawing the app it will make you to get the effects like the layers and filters. Another cons is sometimes it like to kick you out of the app I don’t know if it kick everyone out of the app or not but it does to me. One more cons is the effects as I said after a while it will make you pay to use the effect which are layers,adjustment,filters, and a lot of effect which is the only thing that help you draw on the app. Back to the pros which are the app help you adjust drawing a line to a perfect line instead of a zig zag line or it will help you with the circles, and other shapes. The app also give filters like a grid for example. In conclusion the app is very good but if you don’t have money to pay for the app after a while then I suggest not to get the app but if you really like drawing and don’t care then get the app and draw your out. :).Version: 6.1

Hands down my favourite iPad painting appLifelong and professional creative; I jumped from 20 years with Wacom and desktops to an iPad about a year ago. Having tried all of the top tier apps and even some of the more obscure, after giving them all a thorough run, Infinite Painter is my go-to. Procreate is fine, but a bit gimmicky, ArtStudio Pro is excellent but a bit generalist (Photoshop clone; jack of all trades). Infinite Painter really is all about painting. Aside from having virtually every tool one could need for 2d art, lots of little touches throughout make all the difference. My favourite might be the luminance lock in the colour picker. So small a detail, but really helpful. Some might complain about a lack of support for Photoshop brushes, but honestly think that would be a downgrade from the very natural, sophisticated tools already included. My only nitpicks are the touch colour picker isn't offset, so my finger obscures what is being selected, and the swatch gives no context/comparison between the previous and new colours. If I really wanted to dig deep, I could say the interface for downloading community brushes lacks any organisation or search, but I'm satisfied with the given brushes and my own customs, so not an issue. Seriously…as near perfect a painting software as one could hope. And for a guy who has handed over thousands to Adobe and the various owners of Painter over two decades, this app feels a right steal at such a low price. 👍👍.Version: 7.0.7

Re reviewThe manual says on import clipboard option...and when i try to paste something just like the manual says...its not even available...over all the app has promise but as a die hard user of csp i use other apps on my ipad as supplement support when i cant gimicky brushes in csp...ill move layers to an app that has no paste from clipboard into a layer?...this just makes it more tedious to move layers around...if you manual says its there why is it not in the app... Update...ok was contacted by only shows when something is actually on the clip board...turned out it was an issue with the other app i was using...would be nice if the button was still there whether or not something was in the clip board...the brush engine is really good...however i get a lot of jaggedness from the liquify tool it needs to be buttery smooth to really take advantage such feature especially if you using it towards the completion of a project....Version: 6.1

Loving the app so farThis review is coming from an iPad 6th gen user, nothing fancy. I’ve only ever used procreate, but decided to give a few other apps a shot and this is by far my favorite app other then procreate. I like that the interface is very user friendly, and I think most procreate users will adjust quickly. I’ve only had the app for the the trial period and decided I would purchase and support the developers because by far my favorite feature are the brushes that I’ve used on this app. When I initially invested in an iPad mainly for drawing/painting etc. I was fully aware of the differences with the pro variants but felt those added features didn’t justify hundreds of more dollars. When sketching on this app It feels more premium somehow, and familiar to me even though I’ve been using procreate heavily for a few years now. Definitely would recommend to any artist out there looking for a premium app..Version: 6.1

Awesome app but...needs to be free for kids like me.Okay so...I love this app because I’m starting digital drawing and this is perfect. BUT...I can’t get everything to experience the full burst Well you get it. But I think most of it needs to be free. For example, I think layering should be free. Layering is the one thing that would make it the best app for me. But of course you have to have it only for premium people. 🙄. I think that’s pretty stupid but that’s just me. Like, everything that’s actually useful is premium. I know the purpose of having premium stuff is to get people to buy the stuff and all that jazz but for children like me, I think at least layering should be free. I know what your thinking,”Why don’t you just ask you mom or dad?” No. They’ll say definitely say no. Even if I “begged” they’d say no. So I think layering and a few other things shouldn’t be premium. But other than that, it’s a great app. Not awesome. But great. 🙂.Version: 6.1

Great App, But I Have a Few OpinionsFirst and Foremost, this is a great app! It’s a super alternative to Procreate for artists with an iPad, or another tablet. I have used this for years and fell in love with all the customization you can do! But, I recently got a new account, and realized the limitations of the app, without the unlimited subscription. I get it, you can’t have a COMPLETELY free app, that wouldn’t make sense from a developer standpoint. But you can even add different layers, which I would like to think is why some people choose to draw online. Also, you can’t manipulate things in your drawing, which is another reason so many people choose to draw online. Ending this extremely log review, I think you should make some changes, and take out some of the “minor” customizations, and add some of the “major” customizations like layers and manipulation, and it could make it the perfect alternative for people!.Version: 5.1

Great App, Found a bug or twoThis is a phenomenal app. Amazing painting app overall but there are some issues I've encountered: 1) When the Apple Keyboard is attached, and you attempt to name a project, the hotkey versions of typed letters such as "b" or "t" will override your attempt to use said letter in a project name. So to name a project, I've had to pull the iPad off of the Apple Keyboard in order to properly name some projects. This feels unintentional. 2) With an Apple Pencil (1st one at least) connected the app still recognizes some skin contact as drawn lines. Not sure if this was intentional, but total skin/palm rejection (that isn't multiple fingers such as for zooming or movement) is totally possible in other apps I've used. Not sure if this one was intentional. 3) Sometimes, and I'm not sure what combination of actions causes it, but I lose a major portion of my undo/redo history. And I have not been able to reliably reproduce it. And it's really unfortunate in tandem with the second issue when I make an unintended marking, and suddenly "undo" broke. And as you see this review is a 4 star review - I don't mean to deter people - app works really well in general. Just these obscure issues can be a nuisance at times, and I hope the developer sees this. Thank you..Version: 6.1

Cool... but something’s not workingI love how you can use different textures to draw on here. It’s really useful to have reference. However, one of my favorite things on here is that I can use it for photoshop 😂 I was having fun, using imported pictures to make outfits and stuff, when, suddenly, I went to gallery and it said that I have no photos or videos, when I have 976 pictures, and 63 videos. I’m not sure if it’s because I have way too many, or if it’s something else, but it’s really weird lol. Besides that, it’s a great app. Of course it’s not perfect, but I really like it! Especially the fact that you can download or create your own different textures. One more thing: I think it would be cool if you could use reference and get the smart palette for that reference. Just a suggestion!.Version: 5.1

I’ve written a review before and I was petty with it but now I’m seriousThis is a great app that completely help me transition from traditional to electronic, great app and I love everything about it. It’s really cheap too. BUT my latest drawing somehow got corrupted? It completely messed it up. I had it on a specific setting for the portrait size and I also had hidden quite a few layers. Today I opened it up and it had unbidden all the layers as well as set it back to the default portrait size. I have no clue how this happened or how to fix it. And this had destroyed me because I put a lot of time/effort into it. I feel like this is a bug that need to be fixed immediately Edited: I gave a 5 star because of the response but I cant share because of the app crashing every time I hit the share button.Version: 7.0

Update ruined it!! Was perfect!!I had purchased your app a few months ago. Absolutely loved it!! Use it for drawing, painting, photos, and graphics. Had worked flawless on my IPad Pro. I decided to do an update. YOU RUINED IT!! This is how I work and make money. Profoundly frustrating. It literally crashes every time I undo anything. Whether through gesture or button. Also just changing anything, tools, etc it crashes. I was working for about 10 min and had around 25 crashes. I actually preferred this over PS for ease of use. High quality, pretty much perfect for me. NOW I CAN’T USE IT. Kills work flow in seconds. I don’t want to buy another app. I WANT THIS APP. The version on my phone still works, but I can’t work as well on it. PLEASE FIX IT!!! Wish I could revert it back to the last update I did months ago, because it still functioned well. Can’t find anyway to contact you guys. That’s not good either..Version: 7.0

Love it so far butIt’s a good app. It’s simple and easy to navigate. It has a similar feel to procreate. I don’t like how much battery it consumes using the app, but I can keep it plugged in while I work. It never crashes on my phone but it does crash frequently on my iPad. I do not have any loss of progress though when it does crash besides a few strokes missing. None of my projects have deleted like some other users. The only thing I’m confused about is exporting video. Some projects I’m able to save as a video. But there are other projects that only allow you to “save file” or move to drive or mail. None of these options work for saving the video. Does the project have to be a certain size to be able to save video? That’s all I’m confused about..Version: 6.1

Really great app!I love this app. I recently wanted to start creating digital art along with art on paper because there are endless possibilities and wanted to download Procreate on my iPad but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit to a $10 purchase without seeing what the app was like first. I downloaded this app and it comes with a 7 day trial without having to worry about them charging you afterwards. I really enjoyed premium and all of the brushes are still available after the trial is over! I, however, wanted the ability to create layers, which was a premium option. I bought premium for the same amount as procreate and I have no regrets. I think this app is great for digital art and there are tons of brushes to choose from. You can even create your own brushes..Version: 6.1

Good app but needs some improvementsI really like this app it’s fun and everything but I wish it had color match and it asked you if your sure you wanted to delete your artwork instead of if you hit the delete button it just deletes. I’ve had 3 pieces deleted accidentally and one of them I was working for over 2 hours. It can be very frustrating when you work hard on something and accidentally delete it. And if you can see every color you used. I was doing a skin tone and I have you color it over like 2/3 time it was very frustrating or if I’m trying to do hair and I change the color to see if there is a better one or if I go back and add on I can’t find the color I used. Again it’s a g ood app but needs some improvements. Take this into a consideration and think it through. I bet you can find a better app. This is something I drew.Version: 6.1

Super underrated appI’m pretty new to this digital game. From the two other apps that I’ve used, I gotta say this is the most comprehensive and easiest to use drawing app. Love the fact that you can crate your own brushes and edit them extensively. My favorite part is how you can kind of pin the color palette anywhere on the drawing and not have to go into the menu every time you want to change colors. Other awesome feature is the ability to resize and manage opacity of brushes with the three finger drag. My only beef with this app is the inability to just type text. If there’s a way to do this, let me know and I’ll give the 5 stars. But I’ve googled this matter and haven’t been able to find anything. Thanks for this awesome app. Hope you can add a text feature on this, if it doesn’t exist..Version: 7.0.7

Good But ComplicatedOk... So my friend recommended me this app because We like Doing Gatcha (Anime maker app) and you can Edit Your characters to look more realistic, Give them extra stuff, and Overall make it look better. When I downloaded it, It was pretty cool, and their were a lot of features! (Sadly some of them were only part of the free 7 day trial, After you don’t have as much features😕) This app is Great and all but I wish it was more easy to use. By that I mean there were a lot of odd features that I didn’t understand and A lot of buttons and stuff That I didn’t know how to use, So my friend had to come over to help me. I’d really Like it if one of the complicated buttons in this app Could be one that explains all the features and buttons! That’s all from me :).Version: 6.1

IncredibleI’m stunned that this app isn’t more well known than other apps with pro in their name. It’s clear the devs are spending their energy on making an absolutely killer painting app and not just marketing ;) I’ve been a long time user of the major iPad painting apps, and while they are great in their own ways they have all left me wanting, either they’re highly optimized but missing key features, or feature rich but the UX is lacking, or a little bit of both. Infinite painter is the impossible perfect mix, unbelievably well thought out UX and fantastic features depth. it’s been a long time since I felt such excitement and joy discovering and using a painting app. Bravo. there’s no reason this app shouldn’t be number one, keep up the great work!!.Version: 6.1

Great brushes, horrible bugsI adore the brush options and feel the general layout of the program is okay. The manual included with the program is easy to navigate and incredibly helpful. The restore function is amazing as well. However, there are some issues that really break the experience. There are some bugs that are very annoying to work around. The content of my layers was completely cleared without any input from me once. Incredibly infuriating. Additionally, sometimes my canvas will completely disappear after changing to the smudge tool. If I exit the project and come back it fixes itself, but its still annoying. This could be a glitch relating to the watercolor brushes? The big problem for me is the liquify tool. Whenever I use this tool the area I have messed with becomes pixelated. In addition, the tool itself is incredibly clunky. The tool does not respond to subtle changes well. Using the liquify tool set to a smaller size is impossible, as the drawing does not move at all. Subtle movements don't even seem to be detected by the tool at all. I also with you could liquify multiple layers at once, kind of like how the transform tool can. Apart from that, the app is great. I would definitely recommend it if these issues are fixed..Version: 7.0.7

Great app but not for young artists and you have no idea where anything is atThis is a wonderful app for drawing and letting you’re thoughts flow free but it is not a good drawing app for beginners it leans more towards professionals than beginners and not just kids I’m talking about if an adult or teen started then it be the same I would recommend this game to people that are good at drawing but beginners I’ve saw and I myself can only draw lines and also you know where nothing is it has 0 instructions and I’ve had this game for like 5 months and still can’t figure out what the pens and markers and everything you need to use is I know it’s on the place where it says on it but I don’t know what there like it takes me a long time to figure it out so overall this is a good app but one it’s not good for beginners and two it give barley any instructions.Version: 7.0.7

UpdateSo I previously had an issue with importing files, the app would crash every time I tried opening one of my psd files. Then I figured out that I had to lower my resolution to around 300 dpi in order for them to open. Now I’d like to import brushes but I can’t. I’m not sure if it’s even possible but if it is I can’t figure it out. Also, there are no keyboard shortcuts available. I’m using an iPad Pro, and while the touch features are great, for digital Painting I use shortcuts for a faster workflow. Aside from that this app is awesome, I love the lasso tool as well as many other tools. So to the developers, if we could import brushes and have keyboard shortcuts in the near future, that would be phenomenal!.Version: 6.1

It’s just okThe app is ok but at its price point after the trial. Ehh it’s a pass from me. Procreate does so much more at a similar price point.. I can’t really justify paying this price the only thing i feel it has over procreate is simplicity in the ui.. it is pretty easy to get going in the app. Where as procreate is a bit more complicated with its ui. However for me when i want simple i can just jump back to sketchbook pro for free and be just as satisfied. Infinite painter was fun to play with though i just wish the trial lasted a bit longer as my week was infiltrated by unexpected junk that caused me to forget about it a lot.. That being said. Don’t let what i say detour you from trying this app.. At the end of the day everything is all about personal preference.. the best tools for some might not be best tools for all..Version: 6.1

Great for digital painting (better than procreate in some ways)Has a lot of features not in other painting apps, including what many consider to be the industry standard, procreate. Just one of those features is the ability to isolate luminosity of colors when going around the color wheel. This can make it much easier to isolate your values when painting, so that you only have to worry about the right hue and saturation, because the program automatically keeps the right value, or luminosity of the color. The brush engine is more robust than procreate's in many ways, as well. I'm not super happy with the pricing model of this app, and neither are a lot of other users apparently (which is what the 4 stars reflect, I suspect). I would prefer to have a "full version" available to purchase so I don't have to deal with in app purchases, but I understand the developer's decision to go this route. I hope they keep listening to their user's feedback and developing the app, because, like I said, a lot of features that make digital painting more fun and faster can only be found in this app..Version: 6.1

Used to be greatThis app was my absolute favorite. There was no payments and free trials it was just a good quality app that I enjoyed using. Before I was able to have multiple layer on my drawings and I had a unlimited tools but now I have to pay for these! I have tried so many art apps and they all wanted my money, but this was the only one that was considerate that people shouldn’t waste their money on virtual art. I am disappointed in the developers because they decided to beg for our money. Clearly they just wanted some attention for the free virtual art then they decided now that they have the public attention they will start begging for cash. It says in the description that they are not like the other apps such as procreate that you need to pay to use, but now they are blending in with society..Version: 5.1

Great app, comes with a few flawsWhen I first came across this app, I was amazed by the vast selection of brushes and how many features there were. The only problem I had then was how hard I had to press with some of the “weirder” brushes. It wasn’t a big problem for me, though, because I stuck with using a typical solid pen for the most part. When my free trial ended, I didn’t think much about it at first, but when I tried to view my reference, which was on a different layer, a pop-up appeared saying I had to pay for these features, including layers. Layers are a pretty basic thing, so having to pay doesn’t seem rational. This was the main reason I rated it 3 stars. If you can draw with only one layer, then I definitely recommend Painter. This app just wasn’t for me..Version: 6.1

Great but...I love this app, it truly is wonderful, but it keeps crashing. At the beginning of a project everything runs smooth but after a while of progress it just starts to go slower, it lags sometimes just a bit, and eventually just keeps crashing (usually when i try to merge layers, sometimes when i try to save or add a new layer). After the crashing starts, it just won’t stop. It’s very annoying and eventually I can’t continue because I run out of layers due to the limit, yet can’t merge cause of the crash. If you start a new project, you will not encounter this issue until you’re quite a few layers in. I’ve started multiple projects, yet have been unable to finish one cause of the crashes. Please, fix this. It’s very infuriating..Version: 7.0.7

Loved at firstI love the ability in this to save a ton of colors and have them organized in different palettes. You can also rename the palettes which is an added bonus. There’s plenty of options for customizing and creating brushes with a nice range of default ones to choose from. And i love the similarity to procreate in how you can save the brushes you customize or create with the ability to add textures. This was my favorite drawing app at first, but I’ll be deleting soon due to layers becoming locked. Layers are one of the main essentials of drawing digitally and are a necessity in my opinion. I was excited to finally find a free app with all the main features I wanted. I hope the developers will consider taking layers out from behind a paywall..Version: 6.1

Really clean and intuitive interfaceI am not an artist by trade, and have used procreate to do my amateur drawings and doodles. While procreate definitely has a lot of bells and whistles nonfinite draw does as well, but brings them in a very intuitive package. The user interface is mostly bare, but you can customize it to display the tools you like, and very little tapping around with the pencil gets you to tools and adjustments you want. I’m now use this primarily to sketch and practice, as the fluid and focused interface really lets me not worry about how to get to the tooling. I also love how you can Import an image to a floating reference layer. Such a cool app that keeps surprising me..Version: 6.1

The best art appFor me, this one beats the competition in every way. More options, better UI, and better brushes. I haven’t found any other art apps or programs that blend paint colors quite like IP. Definitely get the premium upgrade. Worth way more than the price, and still costs less than some similar apps. The latest update makes it even better, though I am currently using the “legacy” brushes until I can wrap my head around all of the new ones. Also, the app lets you download brushes that other users created directly in-app, which is another plus. Also, the dev has always been very responsive..Version: 5.0.1

✨✨This app is absolutely amazing!! Omg!! I use it for drawing on my phone when I don’t have my tablet. It has a free trial of the full version and when that’s up, it’s really cheap compared to other programs. The brushes are easy to use, the stabilization is just 👌👌👌 chef’s kisss. And the brush customization is really good compared to other apps I have used. Sketchbook, procreate, etc. this is way better than those. If they created a drawing software for computers, I can guarantee it would be my main program. I use clip studio paint, and ngl, I’d want this instead of csp for my computer. This app is just really good. And idk why not a lot of people know about it.Version: 6.1

Sooooooooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m in love with this app but,I have one thing that I can say that can be fixed but it’s not that big I wish that you could search characters like Snoopy or Charlie Brown because I tried it and I had a little bit of trouble otherwise I love this app if you read the review of every single person on this app probably take a long time but if you read my review it’s pretty short and you can read it in like three minutes if you guys could respond to me that would be great and I will use your app if not that’s OK but I really hope you can respond to this review thank you!.🤗😜🤪😝😛😋😆😄😃😀😊🤗.Version: 6.1

Wonderful!I am not a professional at all but I can honestly say that this is one of the best drawing apps I have seen and it is even better that it is free! I don’t have any things that I have found wrong with it yet, but I have had this app for about a month so I may find some kinks later. But overall I think it is amazing. I am not a good artist but this is seriously making my friends think I am a genius. I use this on my phone and it is good just using my finger, one of my friends have this on their tablet and pen and it is even better for them. If I could I would give it more then 5 stars..Version: 7.0.7

Great app! I like the drawing engine better than Procreate!Has lots of great features and customizable toolbar. The developer is always very responsive, too! This is my new go to... while the gestures for Procreate are nice having so many customizations are much more useful to my workflow. You can pin the Color wheel and Lasso tool etc to the screen for easy access! Only downside is it is a little slow to Open and Save files sometimes. It does seem to use more processing power than Procreate. New update is on the way (I hear) and I look forward to the new features including better clipping masks..Version: 6.1

Great Tools Bottlenecked By BugsThis engine is magnificent. There are so many tools that all artists will enjoy. However, that enjoyment is difficult to enjoy at times. I’ve encountered many bugs that have drawn away from my enjoyment. One bug I’ve encountered is renaming my folders. It crashes the app instantly. Resizing the canvas has also been interrupting my drawing. After changing the size, I cannot draw without being booted out once again (Yes, I’ve tried to troubleshoot the problems). I understand that these features are new, but it has been over a month without any updates to these problems. If more transparency was given to the consumers, I’d give this app 5 stars and recommend it to others..Version: 7.0.7

PerfectThis app is perfect it is sort of like procreate. It is a little difficult to do some stuff but other than that it’s perfect..Version: 6.1

Basically procreate tbhJust free version completely recommend. No im not a bot i say ok boomer!.Version: 6.1

I don’t really knowIt was an amazing app until it said I have to pay for layers, layers are really important and without them I can’t really draw..Version: 6.1

Great price for a powerful app. Superb pencil brushes.This is a professional caliber app, with everything you need to get started in the free version and a very reasonable price for the full version. The app has great depth, with some features only pros will appreciate, such as colour management and robust import export formats. I use both Procreate and Fresco professionally and, like those apps, Infinite Painter has strengths and weaknesses. Even though it’s not perfect, it’s so much bang for the buck I can’t give it less than 5/5 A few of my observations: GOOD (some examples) • Default brush set is excellent. • Very intuitive to just get started sketching • Lots of handy tutorials in-app • Robust shape and line assist with innovative implementation • Stroke response on brushes is great • Color model support NOT SO GREAT • Tools palette icons and text are tiny - they’re almost illegible This really needs to change - it’s a major work slow down. • Features beyond basic sketching not so intuitive and take too much figuring out. e.g. > Copy and paste is a mystery until you figure it out > Copy and paste a 3 step process > Non-standard terms used (e.g., “Copy” called “Clipboard”) That gets confusing. • Paste doesn’t paste at the same size as copied by default. Boo. • No keyboard support for basic standard commands. WISH LIST: • Infinite canvas. • Keyboard support • More standardized terminology and more expected behaviours to make it more uasble for those of us that use many apps professionally. • Larger interface text! Seriously! All in all, though, a huge amount of capability for a few bucks..Version: 7.0.2

Pretty goodBut how do you blur / blend.Version: 7.0

The best drawing AppThis is so far my best experience with any drawing app. The best features offered! The variety of pens, settings, pages, options and also timelapse recording. Thank you to the developers! ❤️.Version: 7.0.7

It’s okay...It’s I really good app, but my only complaints is how undo and redo is hard to see, and how there is no solid brush or paint. They all have gaps in them, which makes tracing a real pain. Other then that, really well made..Version: 7.0.7

Amazing for beginnersFor my first time trying digital art I loved it. I installed the free version, just to get a sense of what it was like, and I eventually got pro once I got the hang of it and wanted more features. I 100% recommend over procreate..Version: 7.0.7

Literally free procreate.No i’m not a bot, bc i know what tiktok and stuff like that is but anyway this app is kinda like free procreate but you have to pay $13.99 just to have layers..Version: 7.0.7

Make it into free layers pleaseI really wish there was free layers cause most of the time I draw I use at least 3 layers. The brushes are really good and you have a variety of them just the layers are not the best. I wish I can give it a 4-5 stars but I won’t until you guys fix the layers. I saw many people complain and I’m one of them. It’s very annoying and frustrating. Other than the layers it’s minor issues..Version: 7.0.7

Amazing app and there is a paint bucket option!I love this app so much!! It works super well and is loaded with features. A lot of people say it doesn’t have an option to fill with colour but if you tap the little pen at the top of the screen it opens a page of options one of which is a “full” option, I’d give 10 stars if I could.Version: 7.0.2

BonJ’utilise beaucoup le volet aquarelle et j’aime bien les résultats obtenus..Version: 6.1

MehI like it but I want layers for free and I can’t start new project 💅🏻👁👄👁.Version: 7.0

Just like procreate!!!!!Love it.Version: 6.1

So good 👌I used this for like 2 hours before buying. Never seen such awesome standard brushes in an app. There are lots of ‘traditional looking’ options. The perspective assist is very cool, selection tools work great. Only thing I don’t love is the colour sliders, and the UI sometimes bugs out when you customize it..Version: 6.1

Amazing alternative to Adobe subscriptionTo all those reviewers that gripe about paying $10 for this app? Cmon, have you checked out what a subscription cost is? I’m a 65 yr old digital painter (I know, weird) and have been using Procreate and Photoshop for a couple of years. I got this app on the recommendation of a few YouTubers and I’m blown away by how good it is. The brush set and the responsiveness are truly amazing, if you use another app or program, you don’t even need the tutorials to start. Just launch into it and do what you usually do on the other apps, it will probably work! I’m not a professional artist but I heartily recommend using this app. Just bite the bullet and pay the ten bucks for the full app, and start painting! Kudos to you, Sean Brakefield for an excellent app development..Version: 6.1

In a lot of ways it’s better than Procreate.I really like this app.... it’s just missing a few things to make it the top of the heap. The brush engine feels a bit off. Also the brush options... are just okay..Version: 6.1

You have to payThe app was really good until you have to pay for EVERYTHING and i cant draw properly because of this. If you can make everything free ill give it a 5 star but its not..Version: 6.1

Keeps crashing :(I love this app, but there are certain features that frequently make it crash.... I am trying to save a project and start a new one but it crashes every time I opt to save my current drawing. I do not want to lose all the hard work I put in by not choosing that option to see if it works.... pls fix this!!!!.Version: 6.1

Great app!Me and my family love to use it!The only problem is once we are done doing the picture we can’t save it and then create a new folder.Other then that it’s perfect!Its also free so you don’t have to buy it just like you have to buy procreate or procreate pocket.Version: 6.1

WHY PAYITS AN AMAZING APP BUT WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR LAYERS?! Layers are VERY VERY IMPORTANT when making artwork ughhh plz make the layers FREE OR ELSE I CANT DRAW..Version: 6.1

Très amusant à utiliserPrend pas de temps à comprendre. Pour les débuts, c’est parfait..Version: 6.1

Old about this appI like the app because it is free but there is not much to do on it without the premium.Version: 6.1

BuggySlows down quite a bit and crashes a lot on version 6.1.Version: 6.1

Love itCan you add more spray paint please.Version: 6.1

AmazingThis app is the best it is just like procreate but free and he things i have to pay for are things i do not need so it is perfect.Version: 6.1

It’s goodI really like the app. I am not a bot I will say “that’s correct” 😚.Version: 6.1

IdkHonestly a great app, just like procreate but one thing I hate is that you can’t have layers without having to pay which is very important in drawing so it would be great if you made it free 💞.Version: 6.1

GreatThis is a perfect app only one complaint i cant draw on it sometimes but thats it great app.Version: 6.1

Great appI love this app it helped me get much more followers in TikTok by doing gacha life and also you can draw..Version: 6.1

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