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"The unique IDLE RPG on App Store. Form your heroes and battle for victory!!!!”
Join millions of other players around the world and start your journey from Sara Forest to the High Heaven, leading your band of heroes into ancient ruins to battle the forces of darkness!


1. Idle System
Set your heroes training while you’re away. When you return to your phone, they will be stronger, gained new abilities, and ready for battle. Grow & Train a powerful squad without all the grinding!

2. Evolving Strategy
More than 200 Heroes in different factions with specific skills. Summon your Warriors, TRAIN them to become powerful heroes, or convert them into Spirit material for EVOLVING. Forge magical gears, and outfit your warriors for victory!

3. Tons of Content
With battlegrounds galore and dungeons aplenty, heroic quests, mysterious towers, arena, guild, much fun to enjoy!

4. Guild Wars
Fight alongside your friends and players everywhere in a war for control of the floating continent. Join multiplayer guild boss-battles and lead your guild to supremacy!

5. Worldwide Arena
Put forth your best heroes to do battle in the ARENA. Watch them PK online in a multiplayer contest for glory! Climb the Leader board for the best rewards!

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1. Gold coin in auto-battle +100% for one week
2. A special gold dragon avatar for one week
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Idle Heroes - Idle Games App Comments & Reviews

Idle Heroes - Idle Games Positive Reviews

Engaging, rewarding, not pay to winI honestly love this game. My one criticism: the chat is absolutely full of bots, and you can’t block them- they disappeared once and it was lovely, then came back. But conversations do still happen in the chat! That was a pleasant surprise for me. I was really skeptical when I first downloaded it due to the amount of criticism for it being pay-to-win, but it really seems more like patience-to-win. It’s totally possible to progress in the game and build an awesome team without ever spending any money (though I’ll admit it can be tempting). There are a ton of different mechanics, stats, items etc. to keep track of, so it doesn’t become simple repetitive grinding. The game has a nice combination of idling and strategy. You can easily play as a casual player, or you can get more competitive and invest a lot of time. Because you can advance more quickly by paying, you’re unlikely to ever top a leaderboard without dropping a lot of cash, but you can be a pretty good competitor just by regularly putting in effort. I would totally recommend giving it a try if you’re looking for a game you can get in for the long-haul, or if you’re a casual player who really doesn’t mind ranking low..Version: 1.14.0

My favorite idle gameI am completely obsessed with this game. I’ve been playing for a few months now, and I’ve come to appreciate the deep fighting mechanics the more I play. No two fights are the same, and heroes have exciting abilities that can shift the battle in your favor so quickly. However, I feel like the rewards given for certain areas of the game should be increased. The daily login rewards (specifically, those offered after the first 30 day login cycle) are pretty lackluster, considering that my Celestial Island gives me more than twice as many gems per day. The 5-star hero shards from these daily rewards are also especially bad, since you wait almost a month to get a fodder hero. Lastly, there should be greater incentives for higher VIP levels than what’s currently offered. I mostly felt motivated to get high enough VIP to unlock the energy summons, and higher levels offered no real advantage to me without a privilege pass. One way to curb this is by giving a perpetual 50 gems a day starting at VIP 3 separate from the privilege passes, growing by 50 with each level after. Considering how rare gems are with the Void update, I feel like an increase in passive gems gains should happen..Version: 1.31.1

I crave this game!I give credit to the minds that put this game together. I’ve been sick and in the hospital for months in and out in tremendous pain but this game gives me something to look forward to, and I love the idea of just putting together an awesome team and pushing through events. it’s fun to just pop on and knock out daily objectives in hopes that you’ll occasionally hit a stride and be able to make moves when it comes to upgrading your main line up. I’ve played this game for a long time and I’m not a “whale” of a spender but I am a monthly card holder do occasionally indulge in some of the value packages, if I had to take one thing away from my review though, it is just how long it takes to progress, only because this is my main cellular game and due to being in and out of the hospital I’m able to check it pretty often whenever the 8 hour timers roll around which makes me literally playing the game as efficiently as possible but still progression is just so slow. I just wish I could get more excitement from the game for longer periods than I do currently, mainly because it’s one of the few areas in life I can have fun. Overall though, great game..Version: 1.23.0

I’m Deleting This GameLast time I played this game, I had a good account, one where I could play for a few minutes to enjoy myself, and now all that’s gone. As soon as I added this game to my new phone, I was relieved I accessed my account. But then something happened, I didn’t even have a chance to do anything and one click later all my data from one server is completely wiped and I start off at square one. All my time spent on this game over the years just erased because it didn’t give me a chance to click on the correct server. And I jumped to another server to see if I can try finding my original account. But what’s the point in having even playing this game if the account can be overwritten so easily? This game was fun while it lasted, but I guess this just showed me I kept moving on instead of looking back at some fond memories, because now they’re destroyed. I give this a rating of one star not because I dislikes the game, but because of what happened. Something I couldn’t even fix as the mistake just took not even a few clicks, and before I knew it, my entire game’s existence was erased..Version: 1.31.3

Is this the game for you?I’ve played this game for about two years now. It is a wonderful game and I’m still loving it. However, if you’re going to start playing this game you should know a few things first. This gam is very pay to win if you plan on staying competitive in your server. This is especially true with the power creep happening. Every new hero is extremely broken and if you don’t have them then you aren’t going to be as successful as other players. Not to mention the huge amount of resources needed to max said hero and make them e5. Still here? You must be ready to spend money. Well you should also know that your money is very inefficient when it comes to buying resources. If you wanted to buy completions of an event it would cost you a couple hundred dollars and that would get you nowhere relative to the people spending thousands of dollars a month in thus game. The game has a 4 event cycle that takes a month. 2 of these events are dreadfully boring and are basically there for you to save up resources for the useful events. I’m telling you this because I want you to not spend money on these events like me in my own little riot against the company in hopes that they change it..Version: 1.22.1

PvP ChangeIt’s a good system to have pvp. Nd I love that part of the game. But I feel it shouldn’t be the same as the campaign or the tower. Every time I play I can beat ever character on the team. But now that everyone has Nora, it’s impossible to win once she is level 80. She’s always healing herself and it’s impossible to beat her even if you have her on a higher level. I have a team of five stars and can’t beat her after she gets to level 80. I’m not saying change Nora because she’s fine. I’m saying you need to change the pvp. If I get to round fifteen and I have more characters than the real opponent. Then I should win the battle. If you ask anyone I’m sure they would agree. It isn’t fair that you get screwed over in a pvp match from an overpowered five star that can’t be beat very easily. And anyone can get her through a confirmed email. As a daily player, I love your game, and I love it’s not actually pay to win, I love the fact if you work hard you have a chance against the other players who don’t pay, and i do love the character Nora. I’m just saying, if I do a pvp battle, and I have four fighters left. And the opponent has one. They should loose the battle because they have less fighters..Version: 1.20.0

Satisfying!I’ve been playing for a bit now, and lemme tell you: it really doesn’t take much time or any cash to start getting good heroes. Definitely isn’t a pay to play in my opinion. Like other games, there are two main currencies. There’s the more common currency of Coins, then there are Diamonds. In other games, Diamonds would be scarce. Like if I had 20 of them I’d be happy. In this game though, it’s easy to get diamonds! It’s blowing my mind! It’s not like I have 1,000 or something though, you do have to work to get them. But working doesn’t mean spending real money. Oh another feature I like is the ability to create an account and play the same account on multiple devices *without issues*. In other games there can be some issues. Oh! Another thing. The “Idle” part of the game is great... set your heroes in a dungeon, leave, and when you come back you got heaps of loot. But I also love that you can play for awhile in the app without getting bored. Best of both worlds. Sorry for an essay but I love this game!! Plus I don’t really write reviews and I wanna make it good..Version: 1.18.0

Ok listenSome events are money grabbing, and some events take time, and there are definitely whales that play this game, but tbh this game isn’t half that bad, though the name is sorta misleading, it’s pretty much a idle mechanic. The gems come fairly easy and not to hard, the events you need patience on, you won’t complete every event that’s for sure. It’s more of a waiting game but with unlimited energy. So far I will say I’ve been playing for about a good year and a half and the mechanics are still pretty fresh. There is just one problem, the servers and the lack of people join ours, I’m definitely sure other servers experience this problem. Why keep making servers when you can increase each server from the beginning and save money, please stop making new servers it kills our server and new people hardly ever get on ours we need a 100+ server merge a big one and I would be great full because our server has about 40ish guilds and that’s not really a lot. So please I beg you stop making new servers. That’s all! Thanks for taking time to read my review.Version: 1.20.0

This is SUCH A GOOD GAMMME!This is a great game over all! But I think some new things should be done to make this game even better! First I personally think that there such be a way to earn more gold! I am trying to find good ways to get some more gold because I need my heroes to get a upgrade and AFK just is not doing it. I think maybe for level 50 players and up there should be something where you get gold more easily! Like a dungeon or a cave... But that is up to you! And also I have seen others completely hate the fact that you can not give away resources to others people! Or just your friends I think that would be much funner if that would be in! Oh and no giving heroes, XP, and purple gems! The last thing is that you should add it so you can see how much time players in your guild have spent playing or helping the guild. This would make it much easier to see who is just there for all the rewards not to help! Thank you for reading and I hope you consider doing one of my ideas! BTW my account’s name is Bbot3000!.Version: 1.21.0

Worth ItYour probably seeing all these negative reviews. Some of it is true about the RNG, but it’s not pay to win. It’s more like pay to get the highest tier for events. Which most of the time aren’t special. The highest you can summon is a 5 star. Which some people don’t know how to use the creation circle. Which allows you to get 6-10 star characters. Another thing is gems. You can get 160 gems daily without the tavern rewards being gems. The devs even have a Login Bonus card for FREE that you get gems a Five Star hero for free for logging in and just claiming your daily reward every day for 30 days. So tell me, how is a game that literally hands out gems to its players daily pay to win? It’s not pay to win because the concept of paying to win is literally paying money to get the items that are over powered the second you pay. Anyone can get the new characters, get better teams, the only limit is the amount of times you level up for the campaign by claiming your exp every 8 hours or so..Version: 1.19.0

Fight Me PleaseSo, I saw all the negative reviews and decided that I needed to provide my input. I am impatient and I quickly get bored of games. I can only stick to playing open world MMORPGs(WOW) and Action/Adventure RPGs(DragonAge). Almost every game that doesn’t fit into one of these catoegories, has not been able to keep my attention for more than a week at a time. A lot of the time, I will binge play a game, decide it’s boring, and quit it all within the same day. This is where this review comes in. Somehow, someway, this game, which requires me to check in about every 8 hours to even have any progress, have me drawn in. I really enjoy the game. It’s fun and addictive. I look forward to getting on and checking my campaign or tower. I like checking in with my guild and making sure everyone is doing okay. I like that the community seems real and not full of emotionless bots. It’s also nice that I don’t have to spend money in order to have a chance to get higher tier heroes, although it could help..Version: 1.14.0

Great game but...This game is an amazing way to kill time and if you’re just starting I’d advise you to not be competitive in your server and you should really just see how far you can get in the long term. You should also probably look something up online before you do it, because if not you may do things in an order that will majorly slow down your progression. When I first got the game a few years ago I played for a little over a year and quit because I was nowhere near anyone else in terms of progression. However, when I reinstalled it, I was able to use my previous knowledge about good heroes, when and where to do what, and other things, which really helped me stay caught up with the recently started server I was in. I am currently an official in one of the top 3 guilds and have a defensive lineup power of over 1 million without spending a single dime. P.S. A good tip for anyone who doesn’t know much about the game is that you should definitely build one hero to E5 (15 star) because it will make progression that much faster..Version: 1.31.1

FantasticI’m a fan of idle games. Having idle in the title of a game sort of attracts me to that game. I was a bit skeptical because of the look of the game from the previews and stuff (not to mention the dozens of ads I saw,) but it is a pretty decent game. Spending money gives you that sort of edge that would help, but it doesn’t make you be too overpowered. This game isn’t pay to win, because I haven’t spent anything and I have 3 5 Star heroes, but it is somewhat RNG (Random Number Generator) based. For example, I used a friendship summon (which consumes hearts you get from friending people) and I got a 5 Star hero. The odds of getting that are about 1%. And I talked to some people on the game and they have said that they only get trash from the summons. I’d expect RNG based things from a game like this, which does make it somewhat unfair, but overall it is a well rounded and fun game. If you’re deciding whether or not to get this game, I’d recommend taking up a little storage space to download this..Version: 1.16.0

Best strategy game EVER!I believe that this is the best strategy game out there because it gives you a really simple and straightforward tutorial that will get you right on track with the game. It also has a TON of different hero’s you can level up and advance with your currencies in game, this game also has multiplayer which I think makes it even more interesting and enjoyable to play. You can add your friends, play against each other and even give each other currencies in game. It also has a replace hero option were you can replace a really poor hero and have a good chance of getting a better one! The last best thing I like about this game and I think you gamers may like to is, this game isn’t pay to win like all the others. There is still the option to pay for different types of currencies in game but personally the game gives you enough to keep going. And that is why I believe that this game is truly the best!.Version: 1.16.0

Fun but...I enjoy this game and play it on a regular basis. You don’t have to spend money to advance in the game but if you don’t spend you will move at a snails pace. Its not pay to win but it’s Delfina pay to advance faster. It’s very difficult to get some of the better quality heroes with out spending money. And even then it’s even more difficult to advance them with out spending more money. I would love to know how much some of these whales spent to get a full team of premium e5 light and dark heroes. That said, I’ve spent a little on this game only because I feel if I get some enjoyment out of it I don’t mind throwing some money the devs way as a thank you for a game I like. However I will not be spending any more than I’ve already spent on it. The bang for your buck just isn’t worth it to me. $100 for a 5* hero that you then have to spend more $$$ to get additional copies of that hero in order to advance them to the higher levels?? Forget about it. I’ll just continue to grind along at glacial speeds until it becomes boring and then I’ll move on..Version: 1.23.0

The game is really good but I have some ideas to make it betterI play idle hero’s every day but I thought you should add something all the characters should have a story and have quest and a new area called the finding were you set you characters there and see if they find anything like dragon hunter finding the dragon or the father of him and get really good rewards by killing the dark forest dragon or get a advatige by getting dragon slayers father as a character and get exclusive characters you can only get in the finding or you can put in characters you think are related and have them see if they are like demon hunter and faceless faceless has a really similar attacks and faceless shows no one her face and her attacks are attacks abyss and dark hero’s have manly are demons and demon hunters sister was helping a demon but I don’t think this is a mistake I think faceless is demon hunters lost younger sister please add my thought in the game will be way cooler.Version: 1.23.0

Great Game! Although...Idle heroes is a decently fast paced idle game. In the beginning you progress very fast and it is very fun and you continue to progress fairly quickly later on in the game. I have been playing the game for a couple of months now and am level 89, and although I have a pretty strong team who blasts through the campaign(as most teams do) there is a minimum level you have to be to continue with the campaign which slows down the pacing a lot unfortunately. The only other bad thing is how expensive the micro transactions are, the rewards for spending even 60 dollars just aren’t worth it, but I figure they just do that that to separate the casuals from the hardcore fans??? I’m not sure but this is one of the funnest games I’ve played and definitely the longest game I’ve played on mobile, so if they lowered their prices I’d have no problem paying some money here and there for some cool rewards..Version: 1.21.0

BEST GAME EVER!!!!! 🤩This game is so fun and addictive to play! I love how you can log off and come back with plenty of amazing rewards to collect and lots of fun things and tasks to do! I would always get board cause I wouldn’t have my 3mil coins from afking. And the only way to get the 3 mil coins to buy my ultra solar pickaxe was to spend $9.99 or $4.99. But in this game you can complete campaign levels and Allie with your friends and Make guilds and lots of other stuff! This is my favorite game and I’ve been playing it a little over a year now but my only complaints or requests are for A: The casino girls to not be half naked it’s just unnecessary 😑 B: for people to be able to Allie guilds and enemy guilds and mabey you can get like extra guild coins when your allies defeat bosses or such. That’s all for now! I hope every one who reads this decides to download the game and play it! I vote 10/10 it’s unique and original! Have a great day! 😋.Version: 1.16.0

A very entertaining game among many pay to winsI’ve just collected my ninetieth daily login reward for this game. I think I’m getting ready to retire my account, and since I’ve never wrote a review on the App Store, I decided to for idle heroes. This game is truly a gem that is not pay to win at all, although the developers do a terrific job of portraying the contrary in the ads and game previews. Like most games, in-app purchases are always there, but they are not essential for progression. After 90 days of logging in every day and seeing what I can do next to improve my team, I have reached player level 105, and my best heroes have a combined power of 350k; I haven’t spent a dime on this game and it’s so satisfying seeing all the progress I’ve made. Although grinding is essential once you get past a certain threshold and the RNG almost seems rigged at times, this game has really held my interest..Version: 1.26.3

Addicted to the game but....Like the subject says about he game. It has many flaws. I admit i spent about $150 on the game to find that the gems that come from what you buy is not worth the price given at all. I don’t buy those packs at all. Another thing that bugs me is the the priests are tanks once they are lvl 100 with good gear and are a pain to defeat even with a full team against one lvl 80+. But after awhile you get better units and gear so you can overcome that alittle. The event challenges have energy for 2/2 even after i increased it to 5/5 and waste 50gems for every one of them. I tend to find i annoying that it resets to 2/2 everytime. The final complaint i have in the game is the chat. FILLED WITH BOTS where reporting and blocking seems to do nothing because they just keep on coming back so you hardly see any real players on there because bots spam the chat everytime i get on. Overall i like the game and probably wont stop playing because i simply enjoy it..Version: 1.13.0

Just a beginner but so far so goodCan't really complain about anything much at this point. I've known about this game for a while now and finally decided to give it a try. Only had one day so far where there was difficulties starting the game. I really don't complain about these issues much as long as the issue is handled as soon as humanly possible. I also know that machines can be such a pain sometimes. So I can relate to the issues that show up from time to time. To top it off they rewarded the players to apologize for the inconvenience. Not that I personally feel that they should. Again being understanding, if the issues were a major problem, happening often. Then it would be more reasonable. Until I have more experience under my belt with this game and those responsible for it I'll reserve any real criticism. Meanwhile, it's quite fun..Version: 1.9.0

Awesome game, but not perfectRecently I’ve been getting lots of ads for this game, so I decided to check it out, and I’m already hooked! It doesn’t take long to start getting decent at the game, meaning you can get your first good heroes and gear quickly. Plus, it isn’t one of those boring idle games that takes like an hour or two to finish, and it isn’t pay-to-win. I’ve been playing 24/7 ever since I got this game! My only problems are with the global chat and the ads. Mostly when you go into global chat people are just saying hi or looking for a guild. But there’s always that one annoying person dropping cuss words in the chat and ruining everyone’s day. Maybe if the global chat was a bit fixed, I’d be more happy. The ads are also very misleading and are not much like the actual game, so maybe make the ads more believable. Other than that, this is a great game and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!.Version: 1.22.1

I want to enjoy this game.I want to enjoy this game, but it’s become too difficult. It’s the epitome of a “Pay2Win” game. I’ll admit that I did drop about $10 in to this game, but it didn’t help in the slightest. The difficulty of fights is very inconsistent, you may do several battles and clear them within 3 rounds, but then you hit a wall and it spends a week of accumulating gold and spirit to upgrade your heroes to a point where the fight becomes even remotely possible.... OR YOU CAN JUST SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY AND BUY GEMS! maybe get you through one fortress. Then you hit the wall again. Which is really disappointing, quite honestly. It’s a promising game with some really nice quality content and nice graphics, and I wish I could enjoy it without feeling like the only way I can get to the next stage is by spending money. There needs to be another way to farm the various currencies in the game. TL;DR: Unless you are prepared to drop copious amounts of money in to this game for digital currency, do not install..Version: 1.9.0

Excellent gameThere is only one other game that I feel is made as well as this one. The only downside is that if you want to be top dog you will have spend literally $100k. If you don't care about being top dog then there is no game out there that lets you have so much for free. All you have to do is be patient. If you save all the things that they give for free then each week they rotate events. That's when you use the items that you have accrued. You might even want to skip an event so that you can save up more items so you can get deeper into the prizes the next time. People however these days don't save, it's all about the now. Imo this is a really good game that will teach kids the benefits of saving for a bigger reward in the future instead of spending on a smaller benefit now. Heck it even reminds me of that same rule and I need reminding too..Version: 1.9.0

Pretty fun, but...Overall, this game is a lot of fun. You summon and fuse monsters and use them to fight other monsters in multiple different gaming modes. There’s lots of reasonable cash offers but it’s not impossible to play the game without spending. There’s a catch though. The game is extremely buggy/patchy and has a tendency to crash without warning. I would say if I played the game for an hour, the app might crash 4-6 times during that hour. In addition, I have experienced 4 separate times where the pages get stuck in an infinite loading loop, which forces me to close the app out and log in again. I’ve been playing for a few days, maybe 2 or 3 days, so these numbers are outrageous. Luckily, it is more of an annoyance than a hindering of game play. However, the crashes and bugs are the sole reason why I marked this game down to 3-stars. These issues need to be resolved quickly. Bugs non-withstanding, I would have rated this game 4 1/2 or 5-stars..Version: 1.26.1

Good game, but falters late.From levels 0-70, the game keeps you coming back. The monsters you fight are challenging and you can do much to improve you ability to defeat them. However, late game in the 80+ area, you start capping out your champions levels and you need a HEAVY RNG mechanics to advance in any way. This is what is faltering. I haven’t improved my gear (because I’ve stopped getting any) and my roster has 3-star champs waiting to be upgraded because 5-star champs are so, so rare. Basically all there is to do at this point is log in and get the exp for your level, so you can conquer areas to get...more exp. Mind you, this doesn’t actually advance your champions, they are reliant on an entirely different mechanic to advance and you can reach that without much effort because you don’t get new champs or champs you want, so there is nothing left to spend your resources on. I’ve been stuck in grind hell for a few weeks now and I’m quickly losing interest..Version: 1.20.0

I’m on the edge of a four star.I love really grinding games so I love this one but I also play in other apps and the adds for this game are nothing like how the game is played. There are no islands you build up and fight in 3D worlds so if you were only interested because of those ads then just know that the game is a huge grind for free to play players. If you don’t want to spend any money then just play more boss and event based. You don’t need to spend a penny to be good against bosses. On one account I I’ve played for 2 months and almost have 3 nine stars and can wipe the first few bosses. Most of the cool events are very possible for free to play players. Everything in the game is possible to get free to play, even the pay to win artifacts which as long as your playing with the comeback radio or enough universal crystals you can get them..Version: 1.28.0

Good GameThis game is much more in depth than most idle games. While it’s free to play, it is very pay to win in PVP. I’ve been playing for about two years and still play every day. It is possible to do fairly decent buying only monthly cards ($20 a month) if you have the patience to save resources for events. To me that isn’t too bad compared to games I’ve spent far more on. For anyone not wanting to spend money, you will get seriously frustrated with the limited space for heroes, which you will need. The only ways to increase the space is by spending a lot of gems, or by raising your VIP level (amount of money spent on game). The DEVs constantly update the game and are coming out with new events to help prevent people from leaving the game from boredom. I’ve tried other games with hero cards as well, this is by far the best one!.Version: 1.29.0

You don’t have to payPeople are complaining that you have to pay to have an advantage, or that you have to pay to win (having an advantage helps win). But have you ever thought of saving your materials? You just save them instead of two weeks after an event you used all your scrolls on spend a bunch of money and attempt to finish it. Save your materials. I’ve been doing this for 1 month now out of over 2 months, and I’ve been doing a lot better and I’ve only spent $10 and that was before I saved my materials and things. This game is great overall, I’ve been playing so much, everyday almost nonstop to get my loot and Spirit/gold/exp and it is so fun, especially with the new things coming out, new heroes, it makes the game so much more interesting, I truly enjoy this game. 5 stars 5* 5 ⭐️’s no matter what..Version: 1.16.0

AmazingI have been playing for ages, and have noticed a lot of changes, but it is incredible. Sure, it may be a bit pay to win, but if your smart, and save resources like heroic scrolls until theres an event for them, you will get tons of rewards. It’s also a very deep and interesting game with tons of strategy. The biggest tip I can give to new players, is save your resources until theres an event based on them. The ones you can do at any time are super wishing fountain, basic summon, friendship summon, and any 4 star shards (save your 5 star shards though). Also, don't make the same mistake I made and use a 5 star as fodder/food for another hero, before you realize its one of the best. Always do your research. I find it fun, and look forward to new content. The time I’m writing this, Inosuke will be released today. I will edit periodically..Version: 1.31.1

Delightfully SurprisedI originally downloaded this game to get rewards for another game. I was planning on deleting it immediately after i got my reward because of the excess of poorly made advertisements for this game and my assumption that the developers were making a horrible game just to get some quick cash. Well the offer for the other game reward expired but i found myself continuing to play this game. Its quite fun and not terribly time consuming, hence the name idle. The art is very charming and the game play is simple and straight forward. My only Gripe with this game is that when i tried to add one of my friends to my friend list, it didn’t work. We switched to the same server and put in the information correctly and it still didn't work. This serious bug needs to be fixed. Otherwise its a pretty fun game..Version: 1.19.0

Really good gameThe game is AMAZING! Obviously the best idle game ever, but a few minor drawbacks. First of all, how one of the limited events, the 2019 event. I was waiting for the sixth prize when I went to bed, and the next morning THE EVENT WAS OVER BEFORE I GOT THE PRIZE!!!!! Second, how you need to be a certain level to get to higher stages. That’s so annoying. I was at level 85 and in order to get to the next stage and it’s so hard to level up when you’re at a level that high! Third, isn’t it a bit sexist? Some content may be inappropriate for young players who might be grossed out of seeing that. Lastly (most important) the “privileges of a member.” It’s practically begging you to give them your money just for a cool avatar. That’s so stupid (the price not the privileges). Other than that, it’s an AWESOME game and the content is amazing. I hope that you might help with this and make the world of Idle Heroes a fun and entertaining place!.Version: 1.19.0

A really great game!I honestly love this game because you can be invested into the game itself or leaving it idle if you have other things to do. I hope they add more social abilities like multiple separate channels to talk to people instead of just world chat. Maybe add a whisper in game feature as part of the chat as well. Possibly increasing the amount of friends you can add. A help from friend option during the campaign stage fights. More features for guilds as well. All sorts of things are possible to make this game much better and more efficient for players like myself. I’m really looking forward to future updates. Another thing I like about the game is you don’t really need to spend real money to advance but if you want to advance faster then you can spend real currency if you want to. Awesome game regardless! ❤️.Version: 1.19.0

This game is goodI rarely ever review a game. This game is special though. While you can pay money to get an advantage you by no means have to as every currency in the game (there are lots) are easily obtainable. This game take some time to learn and a little more time to figure out everything that’s going on because there are many features, but once you get past the learning curve what you’re left with is a game that is incredibly fun and time consuming. For an idle game those last two words might be surprising, but when you do log on once or twice a day there is enough to do for the next 20 minutes if you so choose. This has quickly become one of my favorite mobile games I’ve ever downloaded. I highly recommend this game to anyone who takes the time to read this. 10/10.Version: 1.16.0

Good Game!Overall a very solid game, I’d give it 4 stars. My only issue with the game is you run out of things to do. The way you advance through the game is by defeating enemies based on a level system. The problem with this is at first, you’ll run through 30 easily, and then hit a rut. I’m at the point where I can no longer advance because I can’t defeat the level I’m on, and the only way I know of to strengthen your heroes is through coins and experience, which you most commonly get by defeating enemies. So now as a result I have to wait it out to slowly accumulate money and experience just to get past one level. Personally, I’d implement the choice to go back to easier levels and earn a fraction of the initial loot, or have a reliable alternative to gaining loot rather than waiting. Other than that flaw, the game is perfect and still very much worth trying out..Version: 1.16.0

What a game!Lots of fun, very addicting.Version: 1.9.0

Fun gameWas on the fence about trying this but glad I did it is addicting.Version: 1.9.0

Hope I get a BloodBlade!This app is really fun and I recommend it for everyone to play!.Version: 1.9.0

Entertaining but lacks connection🛑NOTICE ME🛑 The game itself is insanely fun, but the chat is dead. When one asks a question it would remain in chat for hours with zero replies. It would be a lot better if chat was not limited to one server only. All players at any server should be able to communicate with one another. A channel based chat where all players may choose which to join would be nice..Version: 1.19.0

HeroesPretty fun game.Version: 1.9.0

Fun gameSo far it’s a fun game. There are a lot of in app purchases and they are a bit pricey. Definitely a pay to win type of game, but it can still be enjoyable with minimal investment..Version: 1.15.0

Why do I like this gameI saw so many ads for this game so I finally gave in and got it. And now I like it....Version: 1.32.1

Game’s okay but...The loading takes way to long, and when the last time i got on, my progress was all gone and it says it could, “find” my account Also, the game use to be good until you guys started adding click bait ads since your game was dying, the ads are sometimes incorrect and misleading.Version: 1.30.0

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