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~~Please confirm that the device meets the following requirements: iPhone 6s / iPad Air 2 / iPad Mini 4 or later.

Carrier Landing HD is a high-end flight sim optimized for iOS device. It has the following advantages.

The aerodynamic model of each aircraft contains multiple components, the inflow of each is carefully calculated. The end result is that the sim can realistically simulate the unique aerodynamic characteristics of many aircraft, such as the high AOA maneuverability of F18 and F22, the characteristics of F14 can fly a full turn rolling only by rudder, pedal turn maneuver of F35 and F22, and the cobra maneuver of the Su series aerodynamic layout aircraft. The development process of some aircraft has real pilots involved in testing and feedback.

When the 40,000 pound carrier-based aircraft land on the deck at a descent rate of 5 meters per second, the compression rebound of the landing gear and the damping of the suspension were carefully adjusted to bring the most realistic visual effects. The recoil force from each bullet is accurately calculated and applied to the aircraft. We also added rope dynamics simulations for arresting cables and refueling tube of aerial tankers. These details have not been implemented on many PC flight sims.

~~Flight Control System(FCS)
Modern fighters commonly use static instability layout. It is difficult for pilots to fly without the intervention of FCS. The FCS component with the same algorithm as the real flight controller is also implemented in the sim. Your command to control the aircraft first enters the FCS, it calculates the result through angular velocity feedback or G-load feedback, the result is then passed to the servo to control the control surface. The simulator also provides the function to disable specific FCS channels. If the FCS is turned off, your control commands will directly control the control surface deflection, and at the same time, the Stability Enhancement System, G limiter and AOA limiter system will be turned off at the same time.

The HUD implemented by the real HUD principle in the simulator, the view angle size of the HUD characters and symbols have strictly verified the HUD of the corresponding real aircraft, this is the most real HUD implementation you can find in the entire mobile market. Currently, the F18 already has a basically full-featured fire control radar, and fire control radars for other aircraft are also under development.

Each kind of missile in the sim uses a real dynamic model. You can imagine that each missile is a tiny aircraft. The guidance algorithm uses the same APN algorithm as the real missile. The guidance results will be transmitted to the FCS of missile, which will then control the deflection of the control surface to perform the maneuver. The Initial speed of the gun bullet in the sim is strictly based on real data. The movement of the bullet in each frame is accurately calculated by the effects of gravity and air resistance.

~~Earth environment rendering
The only sim in the entire mobile market that uses multiple scattering algorithms to calculate the color of the sky, the ground, and objects, thanks to our innovative optimization algorithm. The realistic sky colors at dusk and the projection of the earth in the atmosphere have dynamic effect. Whether you are flying at foggy sea level or 50,000 feet high, you can truly feel the existence of air.

~~Upgrade roadmap in 2021
-More accurate and detailed appearance model and cockpit model for F18CD with multiple liveries and damage modules
-Online multiplayer
-Radar and PL11, PL15 missiles for J15, and damage modules
-F15,F16,SU27 and J11 series

~~Future upgrade roadmap
-Air to Surface arms.
-Bigger and more terrain.
-More single player gameplay, custom missions and more.
-Existing aircraft continue to upgrade appearance and function (damage models, functional canopy, functional eject seat etc.)
-More jets.

Carrier Landing HD App Comments & Reviews

Carrier Landing HD Positive Reviews

Possibly the best carrier landing gameThis game blows me away with the graphics for the jets and details even down to the air rushing past the wings. It also has pretty good physics and the jets feel smooth unlike most other games. Though there are some things I wish it had more of. Planes/ jets is the main one, I love the ones we have as of right now but I wish there were more to keep things new and mixed up. Maybe even possibly 1 or 2 more free ones because I have bought everything but the two F-18s and I feel like some more free ones would be nice. Also adding something like a Lockheed or a Greyhound that could really mix things up a little would be awesome. Also I seem to be having issues with the flaps, not being able to move them when getting close to landing or just not being able to use them at all. I will taxi out to the runway but when I get there I’m not able to use the flaps, making me almost takeoff straight off the runway. Over all if you the dev./ devs. Keep up the work through 2020 this could be the best sim. and even be at the top of the lists..Version: 2020.1.04

Amazing game, good futureThis game as of right now is one of my favorites. So much in fact, that I am writing a review on it, which isn’t something I really do. This game has such insane graphics even for a mobile game! The way the gravity affects your flight and the pilot blacking out due to enduring high G force is very realistic. The only thing about this game that isn’t really detailed/looked at is the ground and water physics, sometimes the ground isn’t always realistic and your plane can’t crash by hitting the ground or water. The game reacts to water as a solid, too. However, everything else pretty much makes up for it. Now at first it may seem a little hard for carrier landings and such but after little practice it gets fun trying to do the best landing you can! This game does have a lot of potential and I feel the future updates will be amazing. Few things I would like to see added is slight tasks/missions. Maybe aircraft servicing when you land. One thing I don’t like is that the aircrafts the game lets you fly for free have no weapons or armaments. If you are going to make it to where the only aircraft with weapons are the ones you pay for, please at least just add an auto cannon on the F-35C Lighting II. Other than that, I would love to see where this game goes with future updates..Version: 2020.3.06

Potential to be one of the bestSo far I’ve broke down and purchased all aircraft to hopefully show support or this game. At this time I’m using a iPad Pro 10.5. So far what they have with graphics and beginning of basic gyro movement the game is amazing. But unfortunately it still plays like a beta version. A lot of glitching. Doesn’t seem to let me push the nose down, I have to invert the aircraft and do from there. Seems to do fine when you first start the game but within first maneuvers it seems the gyro goes wonky, let’s not get into the fact if you pause it and go bk into game, recalibration doesn’t seem to work or anything. So I just restart the game. But man is there a lot and mean allot of potential in this game. Hopefully they will continue to update it and fix all these glitches and make the sim slot more smoother and dependable. As of rt now I purchased the F18C&D, J-15A, and the F22A. So basically bought em all to show my support for game and developers. If the problems are fixed soon I can pretty much say I’d get all the new aircraft they say are In development because when you first start the flight each jet does act differently to how it would normally fly in real world, but then it glitches. Yet If it’s not fixed by time new aircraft come out I may stay with what I have now. So hope they fix it. And then I’ll also give a 5* rating.Version: 2.76

Needs work and progress but still the best and most realistic mobile sim, never the lessI don’t know if this classified as a review but I do like the overall update that was made and I look forward to more aircrafts hopefully but is there also a way that the audio could be enhanced and made more realistic? Also maybe some visual effects such as the sonic cone? The biggest thing is sound because I’ll be playing back my flight and I can hear my aircraft from ground cam view when the aircraft is far away and the same sound has only been intensified and cluttered up and regardless, the sound doesn’t really give the aircraft the credit deserved when passing by at low altitude. It just sounds like a constant audio of a distant jet that never goes away and then when my aircraft passes by it goes almost dead silent. The other thing with visual effects though, I’d really love to see aircrafts have some of those visual effects when approaching supersonic or reaching the sound barrier like the sonic cone. Some more updates would be greatly appreciated but otherwise this is still my favorite sim to play and hope more aircrafts get introduced..Version: 2020.3.03

Finally A good jet gameIt would be frankly dumb to give this game less than 4 stars. There’s reviews on here with 3 or even 1 Star, truthfully they don’t know what they’re talking about, or they are playing the game on a low grade device. The graphics are amazing for IOS and is one of the most high performance graphics on IOS today. There are few glitches and when there are glitches they’re minimal, no lag on an IPad Air 2, lag only occurs when super sonic air drag kicks in (the smoke/haze around the aircraft at high speeds). Landing on the aircraft carrier is a lot of fun and challenging, trying to get it perfect doesn’t really get old. After shooting down the 100th AI fighter get though does get tiring. I’d love to see more aircraft (maybe not just jets but other military aircraft like an C-130 gun ship), a bigger map/maps, better AI to dog fight with, Multiplayer mode if that’s possible, training modes, missions (such as real life missions that the military would actually do), ground targets, maybe even customizable paint jobs on planes would be an awesome feature down the road. I’d love to be able to play this game with friends so I think multiplayer would bring a whole never level to this already great game..Version: 2.84

Best mobile game for fighter jet simulationFrom the start, this game is appealing. The graphics are stunning for a mobile game, which is already a plus. The physics is great and feels real. The HUD and landing systems are very realistic and gives the simulator a realistic feeling unlike the arcade vibe you get from other mobile fighter games. The planes you get at the start and fun, especially the F-35, which isn’t implemented in many other flight simulators. I am absolutely sold on the vapor effects during maneuvers, it’s a fantastic feature that is incredibly immersive. One problem you might run into from the start is the fact that no planes you get for free are combat ready. I would honestly love to see a combat capable F-35, especially for the beginning players. I bought the F-22 and it’s very fun, especially the combat simulation. Being able to use the funnel and different missiles is great. Some things I would like to see in the game is multiplayer, radar, more places to takeoff and land, and maybe a few more free planes. I have not experienced really any glitches so far and the game has been smooth. Overall, I love this. It’s like a mobile DCS. Please continue to develop this game!.Version: 2.94

Great game, huge supporter, but..This is one of my favorite flight simulators especially on the iPad. As an airline pilot, and also a flight simulator enthusiast this sim seems fairly accurate flight dynamic wise, and the graphics are beautiful. I was playing this game for months, but since the last update, I haven’t really enjoyed it because the new controls severely ruin the simulator and make it more difficult than it needs to be. There is no longer a visible throttle and have to blindly tap the screen to find it, and half the time I can’t seem to put the jet in afterburner. Also, the camera controls are way too difficult to use compared to previous versions. It’s very difficult to fly with precision when you can’t find what you need quickly. I would easily give this 5 stars if you brought back a visible throttle on the screen and the original camera layout. I love this sim and think you’re doing a great job otherwise and look for updates every day. Besides the recent issue I’ve been having, keep up the great work and reconsider the control/camera layout. What I would like to see wish list: F-14, F-16, F-4, dynamic weather, sonic booms/moisture clouds when going supersonic, air refueling, other aircraft performing carrier ops, in flight malfunctions..Version: 2.84

How can you not rate this higher than 4 starsThe game has graphics like no other. The game presents such well detailed design and an excellent maneuverability especially with the f22. The game shows how well you can make something, you just have to try harder than the next person in line. How is it possible that people that make other apps like stand-off and f-18 <— (that’s the title) with such terrible quality. They just don’t put effort in like the designers of this game. Also, multiple people have talked about the glitches. There is a very slim amount of glitches, thus being a jumpy catapult, the wheel brakes, and the catapult connection. Other than that the game is perfect. I love the game and it’s one of two good aircraft games. Not to mention it doesn't have 1 aircraft (f-18) it has more than five aircraft. How could anybody brush this game off like it’s bad unless you haven’t gotten an extra jet or your not good enough to take off drone the airbase and land on the carrier..Version: 2020.2.03

Amazing game!! 100% worth the money, any review that says not worth 5 stars is wrong.This game by far deserves 5 stars, if X-Plane uses polygons and gets five stars, and this game developed by one person does not have any polygons, and can create the most beautiful flight sim/combat sim on apple currently, then there is no doubt about it being a five star. And to all those reviews who say not worth 4 stars and rate it 1 out of 5 and say it’s a beta, are absolutely wrong. Maybe if you paid attention to the update roadmap, you would understand what is to come in the future. Heck even dogfighting 1v1 mode is coming out next update. I would like to see any of you make a game by yourself with no help that can compare to this. Also the controls are simple yet complex. And there is even ingame tutorials for you. If you think it’s not worth the money, think again, cause this is the most immersive and realistic flight sim on mobile..Version: 2020.3.01

ReviewThis simulator still amazes me in every update and can hardly wait for the next update!! I’m loving the weaponry that has been provided for some aircraft and it just makes it absolutely outstanding! Probably some options I would like to consider for future productions is that I’m hoping that the F-18’s get a great selection of aircraft skins from different squadrons and also that we can add bomb loads to the aircraft. Also another thing I’d like to consider is that the inside cockpit of the F-18 is that the control panels are fully functional and the control screens can be used for showing weaponry, HSI, and radar to make it look like the real thing! And if maybe in the future that if we play solo we can have the option of a wingman that you can give commands to. 2 or 3 ship! I love the progress that this simulator is making I’m always in full support of the developers and just want to congratulate the hard effort! Great job!.Version: 2020.2.03

AmazingI’ve hade this game for only a day now and I’ve loved it but I have a few things I would like to see. First the F14 can we get some phoenixes under the fuselage or at lest readergilded missles because the heat seekers do almost nothing. Next when you go over he speed of sound can we see the little Toto looking air cloud on that plane? Also can you make the training plane fire back so the flares are useful and when you get shot down or you stall and do a spin (has happened to me to many times) you can bail out? And a multiplayer mode to fight other people or do formations. Last can we get a thing that shows were the refuel F18 so we can find it or if we land at a base we reload. But other then that this game is awesome because when you turn you see the air goign past the plane and it’s like a mini DCS or a mobile version. Thanks for the awesome game!.Version: 2020.3.06

This game looks almost just like DCSAnd if you don’t know what l DCS is oh boy are you in for a treat this game is the closest thing you can get to dcs if you can’t afford a good gaming pc to play DCS on. and this game has it all it may not be as fancy as DCS in there game they have very detailed cockpits and very detailed planes so this game is some what close and I hope soon they will add multiplayer and if they do this will be the best dog fighting simulator on iPhone I’ve ever seen and it runs good and it’s definitely worth speeding $3 on some of the Addons trust me I have all of them and I never write reviews unless something is actually worth my time to talk about and I love talking about planes and I love to see games like this that are actually what they show they are and if the creators of this game see my review I really hope y’all will add multiplayer into the game because I think everyone would love that..Version: 2020.3.06

Excellent but still has a way to goThis app has surprised me with its realistic physics, beautiful graphics and unparalleled capability as a combat flight sim. However there are a few bugs that need to be ironed out and many features that will propel this sim further above the rest. Eg better terrain (the island) more tanker selections and more aircraft functions such as turn on and off the engines, lights and other as well as integrating some elements such as the HSI and hornet radar directly into the cockpit panels. I would also love to see some sort of mission planner with a wider variety of targets. Lastly I think that multiplayer is a very needed feature in this sim (although I understand that is may be very financially intensive to implement). All in all, great game, keep up the good work and I look forward to what the game has in store for the future..Version: 2020.2.02

The actual bestThis game is the most realistic mobile flight sim. But I would love to know, when are we getting the ability to refuel on bases and when are we getting more land bases instead of just 1 carrier and 1 base. What this game needs is an area on the world to be based off of, like in Afghanistan or something idk, your choice on that. But it needs to basically become a playground game where there are multiple multiplayer servers to choose from to do different things, and a mission selector and campaigns and stuff. We also need the ability to switch aircraft and load out mid game without logging out. And maybe in the future you can add helicopters. And as for the multiplayer can we get ground targets and weapons for it as well. All this would just make the game so much better and more people would play it..Version: 2020.1.01

Carrier Landings HDFirst off, this is the most promising simulator for mobile I’ve ever experienced. I’ve purchased everything from the store to show my support. Everything is either top notch or probably will be with future updates. There are a few bugs I’ve experienced that do effect gameplay. One that seems to be inconsistent but reoccurring is that the “pipper” on the Tomcat doesn’t always work. Sometimes it’s there and other times it never pops up. The tomcat also has a tendency to pitch up dramatically when entering the transonic/supersonic region with zero input from the controls confirmed by the on screen accelerometer monitor. Since fly by wire is present and not “turned off” under these conditions I think this is more of a bug than flight characteristics. The last bug that really is the most problematic is that the throttle control switches from “manual” to “cruise” automatically for no apparent reason causing either missed approaches on final or stalls all together. However, none of these bugs detract from the overall feel of quality from this sim and to be frank, I’m amazed at the quality the developer has produced on such a limited interface. Keep it up, you have a loyal fan here ready to see what you have in store!.Version: 2.91

Best flight sim on iOSI’m really enjoying the physics in this game, most other iOS flight sims don’t have the level of flight physics that this game does. It makes the flying feel really legitimate. The only problem I’m having is that there’s not really a walkthrough tutorial for beginners to learn from, which might make them put the game down. Also I’d like to see the VTOL F-35 variant added to the game, the current included variation is unable to do vertical landings and take off. I’d also like to see other aircraft gradually added to the game. Especially extreme and unique aircraft like the SR-71 and F-104 starfighter. If the developer reads this review I’d like to let them know that this is an awesome flight sim with a ton of potential. I feel like the addition of at least the SR-71 would increase interest in the game, please make it happen🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.Version: 2.75

My Favorite App on the App StoreThese devs are awesome. I cannot say enough good things about them. I spend hours flying this and is the app I could not live without, I have to have iOS and a 12.9” iPad Pro just for this app. It feels incredibly realistic. This app comes the closest, by far, to flying a real fighter jet. The level of detail is just breathtaking. Graphics are stellar and the plane models feel incredibly realistic. On my iPad, people think I am watching a video when I watch my own playbacks. Heck, Sometimes I forget I’m not watching a video. This is the only sim that flies like the real thing ... resistance when turning, wing condensation, etc. Unbelievable. It’s under development, so new features may not work perfectly right away, but this does not diminish the sim in the slightest and I am thrilled that the dev is actively developing it. It’s the only app where I take bugs as a good sign since I know I have another release to look forward to. Thank you for making this. It’s the most awesome thing to hit mobile since mobile porn sites. PS. Since everyone else is making requests , I have one dream plane - the F15. I don’t care, though, just keep making something, anything. You are the miggety miggety miggety miggety Mack Daddy..Version: 2.80

Amazing contentThe fact that a simulator of this quality is accessible on a mobile device is unbelievable. By far the #1 fighter aircraft simulator I’ve played on the App Store. I saw a review complaining about having to purchase aircraft after purchasing the app. Nonsense. It would be pointless to make and develop something of this quality and magnitude (ALONE) for free. I will continue to purchase aircraft to show my support for the amazing work you’re doing. I understand the E2 will be added, but if you decide to satisfy the request of the F-15, please do the Boeing Strike Eagle (E) and not the McDonnell Douglas (C). My aircraft request is the F-16 Viper. Maybe possibly add air-to-ground capable weapons and targets for such aircraft? Again, I understand there are other subjects in development and you are doing this solo. High respect towards the developer. Keep up the great work!.Version: 2.94

Best Aircraft/Fighter Experience EVERSo this game is probably the most detailed Simulator EVER. The money for the app is worth it, as well as the DLC’s. One Major Feature that this game has is Wing Condensation, where when your flying slow and you are turning you may see the condensation, or clouds, or fog, whatever you want to call them or describe them as, appear. Also the Graphics on this game are Beautiful!! Though the terrain may not be detailed the Airports are and when you land there is Tire Smoke. This game is a easy 10/10 and you should get now, instead of reading this review……GO ON GET GOING!!!! I am excited to see what this game has planned for in the future, maybe a mission system?? Maybe a A-10!? Only the Devs know and If they read this, this is my message to them: Please make more Aviation apps like this, the Detail you put into this game, like the wing condensation, most Apps Aviation related don’t even include in the app, the flight mechanics are awesome and I would love to see more games like this, maybe airliner Related, or a mix or them To you the Reader: If your looking for a short explanation: this game is worth every penny because of its Detail and Quality..Version: 2020.3.06

Latest update is a mess...I love this game. I have spent countless hours playing over the past few months. But I have to say, the new controls layout is a mess. The brake and rudder controls are too intrusive and having to do extra clicks to open basic controls is frustrating while trying to maintain coordinated flight. It’s too easy to click on the wrong thing or mistakenly move the camera and it takes too much effort to select controls and proper modes. I understand the desire to add realism by way of complexity but it’s getting too complicated for an iPhone/iPad screen. Please reconsider. I always anticipate updates with excitement for new additions but a couple times now I’ve wished I hadn’t updated because I preferred the previous version. Regardless I still support the game and look forward to future enhancements..Version: 2.83

Worth the moneyFor a phone game this app is worth every dollar. Amazing graphics, fun gameplay, with multiple camera views that work well and easy controls with the phone rotation. Only a few in app purchase that also aren’t that pricey either! I’ve already put around 6 hours into the game. Now onto the items that I think need work, the carrier is really dead looking, if it could be made to feel more alive that would be great, such as more non flying A.I on the deck or 3D modeled people running around or just standing in certain areas. The island is the same story feels really empty. If the game its self had less of a you’re the last person alive feeling I could play it longer! Or maybe a new arena? With less water and more land? Other wise this game is amazing and it doesn’t lie about what it is..Version: 2.91

OutstandingFirst off, let’s get down to the detailing. This game put emphasis on the little details of the aircraft carrier and fighter jets. I really dig the dynamics of this game. I like that you can customize your weapons load out for each jet (except for the F-35 and A7-E). The way they incorporate the flares as well just blows my mind. If you’re looking for an actual carrier landing game for your Apple devices, this is it. I do wish that they could add various bombs to your selection when choosing your load out. It would be nice to see them add the A-10 and other jets (yes, I know it’s a carrier landing game) but it would give us more options to fly. Looking forward to seeing the developers add missions to the game. Overall, an impressive feel to the game..Version: 2020.2.06

UN-Freaken-Believable!!! With the graphicsMy goodness, I’ve played most of all the jet aircraft games and for the most part it’s usually good plane rendering, crappy cockpit if they have that view, missiles are either generic classified as close air, medium air missiles or they have a ton of missiles fire while the jet flys in a non realistic pattern; some remind me of casino slot machines in the way they advertise gold and money you can earn or pay. You my friend created a masterpiece, as close to DCS as possible, you and the guy who made Armed Airforce ought to get together to create another masterpiece. Rotossl also has good games but the one thing that missing is being able to dog fight please update with that ability.Version: 2020.3.06

VISUALLY STUNNINGThis game is well worth your money, you will not be disappointed, the graphics and physics of the game are pretty much spot on, i love this game so much, I only have a few requests for some fixes and some more content, so for the fixes there seems to still be a spawn glitch where you go through the map, and a few glitching issues, now for content I think we need 1 on 1 dogfighting with AI or another player, it’s fun to shoot down a but I want a challenge, and also the bot doesn’t seem to spawn, the bot usually did spawn in with me when I first installed the game, but now the bot doesn’t seem to spawn in anymore and I don’t know how to fix it, but anyways good job with game, keep up the outstanding work with this game.Version: 2.79

Best Mobile Fighter Jet Game EverI’ve been playing for almost a year and have no regrets man this is really fun I’ve purchased all the aircraft and it’s sooo good but I wish this game had more aircraft and multiplayer and objectives or ground targets,What do I mean by more Aircraft well I mean you guys already added non naval aircraft to the game aka the F-22A Raptor so maybe you guys can add the A-10C Thunderbolt II cause that would be epic and for the Multiplayer Part it would just make this game hella fun like imagine two teams and an in game chat,Imagine the DogFights that would happen and while fighting put AA Guns on the Ground or Naval Ships for the Water Map and then bam you have a hell of a game,And Yes I know that this takes a long time to make with all the coding but it would be worth it :).Version: 2020.2.08

Best flight simulator you could ever ask for.All in all, this game has amazing graphics, stunning detail, almost great scenery. I do have a little bit more of suggestions for the amazing developers. Add an option to choose between the F-35 and the F-35B for either straight or vertical takeoff. Add interior cockpit lighting to the F-18D during nighttime. Add more land, and a proper air force base. Make a city to make it even hella better! You guys have put in so much work so far, and it’s been awesome. I use this flight simulator then I do on my PC. I do ask if I speak for everyone but please please Please! Make a A-10 warthog. We are all dying for a game to have the brrrrt go crazy. Keep up the good work! Suggestion: Please make an Auto-pilot mode!.Version: 2020.2.08

Best flight sim ever! Although..When I saw the preview of this, I fell in love with the quality, and the fact that there are F/A-18 Hornets available to fly. It’s my favorite aircraft. Now I downloaded it, and I absolutely love flying this plane, the F-22, practice my carrier landings, and my flying skills. I really love it. The one addition I would absolutely love to see is the F-16 fighting falcon. Considering the quality and realism of how aircraft behave in the air, I think the F-16 would be an insanely fun aircraft to fly. If the developer of this simulator reads this, please please add an F-16 to this! If this aircraft came in a later update, I’d even go to more than just 5 stars if it was possible! This is one of the few apps that are really worth what they cost money wise. Definitely recommend.Version: 2.80

Incredible experienceThis project is the best I’ve seen with flight and landing physics on mobile devices. Although the crash physics aren’t implemented yet but by the progress of the game, it is promising. I would like to see the progress go day by day with newer updates that remove bugs from shadow effects and other bugs that may exist. I rate five stars for being high definition and running smoothly on my iOS device without overheating and the realism of the game is the best part. I would personally love to have an in-flight refuel and also having extra fuel tanks on the aircrafts. Really want to see the game exceed its limits for the game to become the greatest flight simulator/combat simulator in the AppStore!.Version: 2.71

Control Authority IssueHi there! I just wanted to tell you that I am very pleased with this simulator it is very realistic and a lot of fun! I have bought everything because I see it as a worthy investment! But I have one thing that you could fix to make it better. I feel like that I do not have enough down elevator Authority. When I also push the stick forward the elevator barely goes down and then for whatever odd reason it implies aileron making it very difficult for carrier landing or even spin recovery. So if you could fix the issue with enough down elevator Authority and without a aileron input automatically it would further improve the already awesome flight model!.Version: 2.91

I’ve got a good feeling about thisOk so to start, this is one of my most favorite air combat simulators. It’s mainly because it’s on the realistic side. When I first started playing, I had no idea what to do or even how to land. And after a lot of studying and comparing I managed to be able to land on carrier. I would also like to make 2 suggestions: 1- an online multiplayer where players can face off each other and players can either be the United States, Russia, China, France, etc. and take off from carriers(or airbases) to dogfight. 2- New aircraft like the F-14D (which I will totally buy because F-14 all the way), and Carrier variant of the MiG-29 Fulcrum. I know this game is pretty new but I’m confident it will improve over the years and I will support it 100%! P.S. (J-15 my favorite plane!).Version: 2.79

Awesome game!!!!Working on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier is an amazing experience. This is by far the most realistic game on the App Store that comes extremely close to re-creating what it looks like in real life. There are a few things I would change in order to make it a lot more realistic. They would be adding an older carrier such as a Nimitz class carrier, adding the 4 wire because my game only recognizes 1-3, allowing night time landings and take offs, adding people or other jets to the deck so it is not so empty. There is nothing like the chaos that consumes the deck while other jets are taking off and landing at the same time. With all of these things combined you would have created the greatest re-creation of flight deck life..Version: 2.71

This game needs work but it is definitely the best fighter jet game out thereGame definitely needs some work y’all need to work on adding new Jets maybe adding a few more like areas where you gonna fly and stuff like that and maybe make sure more stuff free because the two free stuff that we have now is just not what people expect when you start the game I personally absolutely love the game I think it’s a great game graphics are awesome I mean games just absolutely gorgeous game in itself but y’all definitely need to work on some stuff and maybe like make it so at least the free planes have missiles and bombs and stuff.Version: 2020.3.06

Good Game (Suggestion)To the Devs, I love this game a lot and it reminds me a lot of DCS, and how the creators put a lot of work into the modules of the game, which is why they cost $2.99 I would like to suggest, probably a fan favorite fighter aircraft. It isn’t a carrier based aircraft. Which most aircraft in this game are carrier based. I would like for you guys to possible create a module for the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon. It would be such a fantastic aircraft for this game. And maybe a little more detail into the airbase. And the ability to actually dogfight with an AI. It would be awesome!! I love this game so much, best purchase I have made throughout my years of looking for military aircraft/flying games👍🏼.Version: 2020.2.03

No Updates In Almost a YearI’ve had this game for quite some time now. I haven’t played in months due to the near impossibility of air to air refueling. This week I decided to jump back in and enjoy the realism again. But low and behold, another glitch has seemed to weasel its way in. For some odd reason after 30 seconds of flight, my plane begins to lose control after I try to bank right more than 15° and then it never stops. Aggravating. I understand this game is run by just one or two people, and the realism put into everything takes a long time to complete, but this is out of hand now. No updates in 8 months and now the game ending glitches has me leaning very heavily to deleting the game..Version: 2020.3.03

Amazing combat flight simulator.Breathtaking graphics, great realism. Love it. Extra planes are very cheap, from $1 to $5 so good value. I didn’t think this game would meet my expectations so well. You can use missiles and guns and shoot drones down and the carrier functions are very good, way better than other Rortos apps that are very simple. Little side notes: playing the game on max graphics 60fps is VERY battery heavy. I am on an iPhone 7 with renewed battery. Also do not play with low power mode as the game becomes nearly unplayable. But this is not the games fault. Advice to developers: Implementing a campaign or story mode would be great. 5 star. legit made me say wow when i saw the game..Version: 2020.3.06

The gun / f-14D Super TomcatYes. A very good game indeed, although I do wish there could be some changes with the mechanics of the gun of the F-14 D Super Tomcat. I feel like it is almost impossible to lead the drones in the game with the gun, because I have tried to lead higher and shorter but it seems as if the bullets do not register. So I ask if you guys can set the gun to where the bullets shoot faster/straighter or make the lead of the point of the gun a little more easier for pilots. Also, I feel as if the fuel for the tanks or aircraft it self burns to quickly causing for us to make a quick landing at the carrier. Therefore I ask if you guys can set the fuel to where it does not burn as quick. Thank you..Version: 2020.2.08

The Best!This is the best sim I have played on my iPad, shoot, any mobile platform. There is a slight learning curve, as there should be, but not to difficult as to loose you before you even get started. The graphics are top notch and..... listen, I am a commercial pilot, been flying for over 30 years. There is no need for me to go into long detail about why this is a great sim. It just is. I will be keeping this one and hopefully involved in its updates. If you want a great jet sim, and you have a decent phone or tab that will run it, there is no better out there at this moment, period. Once (if) this goes multiplayer, nothing will beat it for a loooong time!.Version: 2.91

Keep it up!Of all the iPhone fighter games/sims, this makes me feel the most like I’m playing DCS! The realism of the mechanics is impeccable, the physics make it challenging and most of the the attention to detail is nearly flawless. My only nit picks that I have to say are in night mode it’s nearly too dark to fly, adding a moon effect would help tremendously. And for the F-35 (possibly in future updates) it would be nice to see weapons be added, as well as having the drone AI be armed to have some hostile target practice. Maybe some enemy targets as well? I’d love to see the F-14 be added too! Can’t have a carrier game without the Tomcat! Keep up the great work!.Version: 2.80

Great jet gameFirst off, this game has A LOT of potential. You can really tell that the devs put a lot of effort into what’s already here. That being said, I have a few gripes/cool features to add -you can’t purchase either the F-35C or the A-7E with weapons. These two aircraft are the ones you get for free with the game, the F/A-18C and D, F-14D, F-22, and J-15A are all paid aircraft. Now I get that it incentivizes players to buy the other aircraft, which I respect, but I would like it so that I could get a least pay for a version of the aforementioned two fighters with weapons. -I get that it’s very early in development , but it would be nice to have either AI aircraft that shoot back at you, or even down the line, possibly multiplayer -haven’t purchased the aircraft, but I found it odd that the F-14 has no Fox-3 missiles, only Aim-9ms. Where’s the iconic Phoenix missile? -it would be cool if there was air to ground weapons later on, but again, I understand that this is an early stage of development If your still here, definitely buy the game.Version: 2020.2.04

Great Sim! Love the accuracy!This is my go-to app for flight sim. There is one small bug I have noticed. After completing a sortie to shoot down a few drones, every landing runs long. I cannot trap on the carrier even after catching the first wire and my runway landings always run off the end. I am sure to jettison the drop tanks and I am within landing weight with no aim-9’s loaded. Wind is 0 also. Landings work perfectly when spawning in the groove position for the carrier and runway final position. Looking forward to more updates and watching this app grow as device power continues to get better. Thanks and keep up the great work..Version: 2.76

Very good gameI love everything about this game. It’s kinda like DCS but for Mobile devices. I just have a few questions. Could you add different places to it? So that it isn’t just the island or inland runway. Also could we get a Nimitz Class carrier in there or a couple like the Big E or USS Midway? My last question is what about other planes? Like the F-15 or the F-18E/F Super Hornet or the F-4 Phantom or the F-11 Ardvark? I know some will take a long time. But I was just wondering if any of those kind of planes would be headed our way. I’m also curious as to if we could have a load out ability for the A-7 and the F-35 like the real life ones. Overall great game!.Version: 2020.3.01

One of the best flight/military simulator every! But need moreI was skeptical about getting it... 99 cents I thought it was not going to be worth it. But it was totally worth it... but getting the f-18 bundle was the ultimate game changer. I wish there were more missions, like taking out a missile site on the ground, that would be fun. And at night the jet should have a light at the front and the carrier should be lite up more, And can there be more weapons? Can we get bombs and other options? And can we get other jets, like the f-16, f-15, A-10 or the harrier? But this the game is my favorite flight sim of all time..Version: 2020.3.03

Best Jet SimulatorThis is the most realistic fighter jet game on the App Store. It’s like a naval fighter version of X-Plane 10....oh and 10 times better. The graphics and carrier ops are amazing, everything feels very realistic. One thing I would like to see added is the ability to crash. Seems a bit weird but it kills the vibe for me when I miss a carrier landing and go off into the ocean and just bounce back into the air. Also a multi player mode or something else to shoot at other than target drones. Aside from those this game is amazing and I hope the developers continue to improve upon it :).Version: 2020.1.04

Add air to ground armament and new planesI would say add air to ground missiles and bombs. For air to ground missile AGM 88 HARM missiles and AGM 65 maverick missile. For bombs MK82 and MK84 bombs. Add ground targets such as SAM sites, some type of target buildings, and AAA. For planes MIG 29, f16, f15, jas 39 gripen, f4 phantom and mig 21. Add aim 7 and or aim 54 to the f14. Other than that the game is amazing I love the graphics and how the planes work. Also this is for the players who don’t have money to spend on the game, add armament to the F35 and A7 it can be any armament but please add it for free to let them have 2 planes to enjoy. Because all they can do is fly and not do anything else. Also I love the f18..Version: 2020.3.03

Great freaking game.The amount of detail and work put into an iPhone game blows my mind. I absolutely love this game. Play it on a daily basis. Could consider it the DCS of iOS. More aircrafts would be nice, like the A10, F16, F15, SU27, an F35 that you can add weaponry to. Maybe some older aircrafts like the F4 Phantom or F105. New maps would be nice aswell. A dogfight mode/multiplayer would also be amazing. Maybe some missions on the maps. This game has great potential. I’d love to see the developers continue to update the game and listen to their customers..Version: 2020.3.06

Great gameCan you make a update with tilt controls please like in carrier landings by rotor games, it hard to land on the aircraft carrier and the air base too. Easy to work the jet with the landing gears and the tips they give you is real enjoyable, this game is fun, and realistic but the flying and camera has to be improved. The graphics could be clearer too. Can’t tell how high I’m in the air, or how close I’m to the airbase or carrier. All I know is when I’m about it crash a multi million dollar jet I don’t have to pay for, is great. it don’t explode on impact, is not realistic..Version: 2.91

Great Simulator- I’m addictedOk so I bought this yesterday went to bed to wake up to such a beautiful simulator it’s so realistic and nothing like all the other bad graphic simulators. Before I saw this I was like this has to be fake because it looked so real. Can’t wait for next update and wondering if you are working on missiles or payload such as tanks because that is something I really want to see. Can’t also wait for the f-14 tomcat that’s gonna be a beauty. Please write something back to give me an estimate on when the update will be done. Thank you!!.Version: 2.11

Missions?Amazing sim but was expecting missions. Really hope there are plans to add them, until then I don’t see much incentive to buy other planes..Version: 2020.3.05

WeridI love this game but every time i use the jet for like 5 ten minutes or when i turn a lot it either randomly pitch’ left uncontrollably or it just stops and the knots go down no matter what i do and in eventually crashes.Version: 2020.3.06

Great game but…..Not sure what happened, any aircraft that I choose, once you pitch down , the aircraft always swings violently left to right, tried setting the weather, Thinking maybe that it was like turbulence or wind shear or something like that, however when I slid the bar to zero, still have the same problem.Version: 2020.3.06

New planesThe game is amazing and i love how sick it is to fly all the planes but one thing i found lacky is the instruments inside the cockpit they don’t work and i was wondering in the future update that i would be able to start the jet from cold start, what i also wanted is that new planes like the A-10 warthog and the f-16 fighting falcon should probably arrive soon on the following update and can you also fix night mode because i can’t see properly at night using third person view and people also want multiplayer added.Version: 2020.3.06

Landing gear doesn’t workIt doesn’t let me use landing gear. Pretty much the only issue I have with the game..Version: 2020.3.03

Absolutely AmazingEverything I really like, it’s the best. The update was great, graphics are awesome on iPad Air4. 🤍.Version: 2020.3.04

无法使用辽宁号无法使用辽宁号.Version: 2020.2.07

Wow!All in all great game! I love it! Would love it if you guys added some new aircraft to the offline gameplay, gets kinda boring with just the few. F-16 or su57 would be a dream come true! If they came into offline. All in all great game, keep up the great work devs!.Version: 2020.3.03

Its awesomeThe graphics and physics is awesome!! It is definitely worth the price. I wish the devs would add multiplayer or maybe just some basic missions. Except that, exceptional game!! 10/10 would recommend.Version: 2020.3.03

Awesome gameEverything is good but you should add tutorial for every function , need to have multiplayer mode and most importantly add some new planes like A10 warthog, Glob-master and Mig.Version: 2020.2.08

Re-Arm/Re-Fuel when on carrier/airport?I love the game and physics and all but could there be a way to Re-Arm and Re-Fuel you’ve already landed on the carrier or airport? It’s kinda sucky to have to restart again just cause you run out of missiles on the F22 and gun ammo. Also if we could have more armaments on the planes or more planes that was be cool thx!.Version: 2020.2.06

Most Realistic Flight Sim I've playedThis game is amazing, the physics are awesome and it's the first time I've seen carrier landings so realistic and the use of the wires and hooks are amazing, it's been really fun landing the aircraft but it still kind of limits the Armaments on the aircrafts, could be get bombs? That would be awesome! And maybe VTOL aircraft such as a Hawker Harrier jump jet or a Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning, but though the aircraft and armaments kind of limits, it's still an amazing flight simulator!.Version: 2020.2.06

Awesome! Love it! But a few things would make it perfect.I love this game! I really do. But if you could add the following, it would be perfect. Landing lights button (in the same section of the gear and flap buttons) Different paint schemes for the F/A-18C Hornet. (RAAF, (Royal Australian Air Force), and RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force demo paint jobs 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007).Version: 2020.2.06

Awesome!This sim is tons of fun! Great graphics! I love the vortices that roll off the wing tips during landings. The carrier landings are a great challenge, and chasing down drones to shoot the down is fun. It’d be nice to see some additional land added as well as some more fighters. F-15, F-16, AV-8B, Eurofighter just to name a few. Also, if some weaponry for the default planes could be added that’d be nice. Maybe some bombs for bombing runs? Overall, I’m having lots of fun with this sim!.Version: 2020.2.04

Great simProbably one of the better flight sim games available on IOS. Would like to see taxi/runway lights implemented for night ops, as well as more dynamic weather with rain and dense cloud..Version: 2020.2.04

HoiSo the game is okay wish there were more plans to choose from, also I wish/hope there can be an update on the guns (cause they r the the X-Plane ones) also add more places to go to plz gud game btw also I would love it if you could eject Lel.Version: 2020.2.04

One of the best military games I have ever playedJust one small flaw is that the default planes have no weapons.Version: 2020.2.03

Best Mobile Military Flight SimThis is the best mobile military flight sim I’ve ever played. The afterburner, touchdown smoke and condensation/vortices fx are next level. This is the only game I can properly do a high Alpha maneuver in an airshow routine. I look forward to the Rafale M. Devs, I absolutely love your game but it would be nice if there was a bit more scenery that one could to low level flying with. Scenarios would be a good add as well. Also in cockpit view it would be better if you didn’t have to drag your finger the opposite way you want to look. As for new aircraft. Would love to see the F-16 and F-15. The Super Hornet/Growler would be a great add. Some new liveries on the F-35C, F-18C/D and F-22 would be welcome. Lastly would be great to get updates on what you’re working on so we know there’s something to look forward to..Version: 2020.1.04

Please fix the gun on every planesYou deva down good but you need to improve the guns on every plane, it’s like the fighters on X-Plane, pleaaase improve it.Version: 2.94

The app keeps crashingEverything was fine before, quality, physics, scenery, armement and in-flight refueling, but for the past 2 months, the app keeps crashing as I open it, I’ve downloaded the app a few times, restored my purchases, then as soon as I start flying, it crashes, fix this please it’s really getting annoying.Version: 2020.1.04

Awesome simulator. Great work.I really appreciate your hard work to make this one of the best mobile flight simulators available. The aircrafts are of great details, the weapon system is awesome. I’m looking forward to the next update. Keep up the good work!.Version: 2.79

5 StarsI absolutely love this game. I’m interested in combat flight simulators like this one and Carrier Landing HD is probably the best mobile combat flight simulator on the App Store. I have a question about the game though. Is there single player missions in the game? But overall absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!.Version: 2020.2.05

All lies. Totally garbage.This guy blocked all the negative reviews. This game Doesn’t even worth to try it..Version: 2020.3.01

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