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**3D New Animated Talking Emojis!

This app provides tons of talking emojis which you could send to anywhere you want for texting! You could use these emojis to message your friends in iMessage. Sometimes the animated speaking emoji could express yourself better than other message types such as words, static emojis and gif emojis.

You can send these emojis to everywhere you want. Such as iMessage, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Snapchat, Mail…

Hope you’ll love these emojis. Enjoy it!

Talking Emoji & Speaking Emoticons Icons Pro App Comments & Reviews

Talking Emoji & Speaking Emoticons Icons Pro Positive Reviews

Good till it’s badI love all the emojis and I’m having fun with them. HOWEVER, the constant interruptions are extremely aggravating! If you have the free version it’s a advertisement every 2 emoji. If you bought The no ad version, every time you look at one they want a review! Maybe they will stop now that I’ve done one??? It would be nice also to have a search option to find the one you want to use. Overall I love the emojis, they are great and diverse. It’s a great app without the ads..Version: 1.0

Good, could be Great!I usually don’t “buy” apps, but this one seems great. The issues are: - should make it easier to scroll through multiple emojis at once. Not each individual emoji. Takes too much time to where it gets annoying. -rating every 2 emoji use in the ad-free app?!?! Irritating. Why the continuous “pat-on-the -back” that this is a good could be great app.??? -is it possible this app could be included into the keyboard selection on the iphones??? This would make the use of this app more popular and get spread out to more users..... -after selection the emoji, and its sent out to another person, the symbol for listening to the emoji is in the middle of the emoji where it becomes a “ blind spot” for those who see it. The 1st couple of times that received these emojis I didn’t realize there was a “ON” button. Moving it from the center to the edge or make a small box at the edge to alert people to turn it ON will be extremely helpful/useful!!! Then this app be GREAT!!!.Version: 1.0

No “Thank You”?I downloaded the full version app hoping there would be one of the most important and most used phrases of all times “Thank You” but there’s none. What a disappointment. The creators of this app don’t know how to thank people??? So, until that phrase is included. It’s not a 5 star for me. Sorry..Version: 1.0

Talking EmojisI would rate this app 5 stars in regards to the emojis themselves. They are really cute and cover a broad base of subjects. Why I marked this down is I subscribed to premium and now the line to get more emojis is not there. Same emojis are still showing from before. Also, Facebook ad keeps popping up. This was supposed to do away with the ads. I would suggest you not spend the $4.99 for this as it doesn’t work and does not give you anymore emojis to enjoy. Total waste of money!.Version: 1.0

Way better now!!Now that the developers changed it to where you can actually hear the imojis before sending them out this app is perfect . I went ahead and paid for the pro version to get the extra benefits such as no adds and more to choose from . Perfect ! I love it.Version: 1.0

Only because I’m being forced toFar too many ads in the free version and even with the paid version, you are constantly prompted to rate the app. Very unimpressive especially after I’ve already paid for it. Also, the selection of Talking Emojis really isn’t all that spectacular. But, for the money, not horrible either. Can’t say that I would wholeheartedly recommend though.Version: 1.0

Talking EmojisFun to use, but fairly awkward. Have to scroll the entire lot to find anything. Then download into the app you are using to chat. Real fun Emojis, though. Is there any way to stop getting requests for a review every 10 seconds?.Version: 1.0

ThanksI like it need more emoji‘s that would be great! I got my husband to download the yard and he likes it too we really enjoy the laughter and it’s a lot of fun to listen to the emoji‘s and send them to our friends and family and we get a kick out of all of it.Version: 1.0

RatingI just paid you $2.99 and looking thru the emojis. Every second one asked me to rate the app again. Next time, I’m going to rate one less with same reasoning attached. I’ve seen same complaint from others after I purchased. I wonder if builders actually listen to their paying customers?.Version: 1.0

Lots of fun!So far I’m having lots of fun with the app! I did buy the version & haven’t had any issues yet!! Thank you for giving me something new to have fun with when sending messages.Version: 1.0

Not that great, but OK.Takes to long to scroll through. Should be able to have a page full full of emojis to select from and there is too much of the same thing over and over. Need a better assortment of emojis. Not the same one in different costumes..Version: 1.0

Fun & funy puts a smile on my friends faceThis would be a great app if you were able to Wright your own captions. Other than that it’s a lot of fun and spreads a smile and if you can do that what a day right. Work o n the wright your own captions..Version: 1.0

GoForMorJust purchased the Emoji Pro. Am having fun deciding which one to send to a friend. My only suggestion is maybe there is a way to choose the emoji and also to choose the verbal sound. More variety this way. In any case it is a clever app. Will enjoy it..Version: 1.0

LikeTried, liked and bought but a little tired of being asked every few clicks to review. If this continues even after buying the app I will look elsewhere.Version: 1.0

Grandma HI wish this could be in my keyboard. Also, the sound button is very difficult to see. I do like the pic and sayings but using this is a little more difficult than others. If you could fix these issues I would use mores..Version: 1.0

Paid for MORE emojis and no adsWhat you actually get is the same emojis & no ads. Love the app, just wish I could access it from messages & you actually GET MORE emojis with the paid app..Version: 1.0

Talking EmojisI’ve already had a good time sending them to friends and relatives ..... they’re fun. Keep up the good work and give us all a free update of new ones you make!.Version: 1.0

Emoji ProI really love my new emojis. The only problem I have is I paid for no advertising, yet every other time I use my emoji you pop up asking for a review. This is my 3rd and last review..Version: 1.0

Fun AppAlways works fine for me. The friends I text like them. My only problem is the frequency of pop-ups asking me to rate it..Version: 1.0

Talking emojiDon’t usually get this sort of thing was just browsing for something new & different for when I text my grandkids This made me smile.Version: 1.0

Love it!One thing I wish would be improved is: add a keyboard so you can specically add the emoji exactly where you want it; OR, the ability to copy and paste. Otherwise, GREAT!!.Version: 1.0

Talking Emojis without AdsI think these Emojis are hilarious. However, I was very disappointed in paying $2.99 for JUST removing ads. I thought with those removals there would be more Emojis too..Version: 1.0

Great paid appFun app. Just wish there was more of a variety. While I enjoy the sardonic and sassy ones, it would be nice to have more everyday choices..Version: 1.0

Pretty funnyWish there was a search so you don’t have to scroll each time but still fun..Version: 1.0

Bought the proI like the talking emoji’s but I upgraded to the pro version because it said they had more emoji’s but they didn’t. It just got rid of the ads which I could’ve put up with. I’d like to see more emojis.Version: 1.0

Talking emojiOnce in a while you keep trying and you will hit a home run! This was the time. Having fun with this app..Version: 1.0

HookFunny and original with just the right amount of annoying!.Version: 1.0

Great appAwesome app glad I paid the extra money but I am still getting the ads unfortunately but it’s not a big deal.Version: 1.0

🎈Awesome🎈app☺️thank you, love this so much😊 my friends and family enjoy my texts 💜💜 it brightens up every text i send 💚💚.Version: 1.0

A riot!Don’t normally do reviews either. This is was so worth the $5 in my opinion. This is a always great for a laugh lol👍.Version: 1.0

FORCED TO RATE!!WHEN U FORCE a CUSTOMER, Who JUST PAID $2.99 TO BUY UR APP WITHOUT ADS. Yet, every other thing they touch an add pops up saying, RATE THIS APP!! The next time I’m forced to Rate This Thing, there’s gonna be a lot of curse words in it. No one, & I mean NO ONE after Paying: $2.99 Plus Tax, SHOULD BE FORCED TO DO ANYTHING!!.Version: 1.0

Talking emojisVery cute. I would of gave a 4 if it was downloaded into the phone not an app You have to go to app then message. But all in all very cute.Version: 1.0

????What the heck? Got the ad free version and now it constantly asks for a review during every use!!.Version: 1.0

UmmmIt’s a good app. However, it would be Much better if the female emojis said more, and even some of the same things the male ones do. Yes, I agree! Unless you upgrade, the ad interruptions are Horrible! Need Cuter female emojis with gorgeous voices!.Version: 1.0

Not bad but not greatDon’t like scrolling through all the options every time. Needs a search option..Version: 1.0

DisappointedI Purchased the no add version it said there would be more emojis but I didn’t receive anymore. This app has very limited emojis to chose from..Version: 1.0

Great for grand kidsI find it very entertaining for my grand kids. They enjoy the various one's I send along with my messages.Version: 1.0

MoreNeed more of them do not get stingy with your upgrades.Version: 1.0

Don’t like naggingI’m enjoying using the app but I’m sick of it asking me to rate it after I look at each emoji. I would have given it a higher rating if it weren’t for the nagging.Version: 1.0

Great Fun!This is a very fun app to use. So far the app has worked great and I haven't had any problems. ☻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 1.0

Cool appI love the talking emojis but wish we could add our own sayings to them... that would be awesome!!.Version: 1.0

Love itI brought the pro version and I didn’t get the pro version. Give the pro version..Version: 1.0

Talking Emoji StyleLove this app , need more sayings too , just best app for saying thing emoji style.Version: 1.0

Love it!Really worth it :).Version: 1.0

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