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Vectornator is an intuitive vector graphic design software that empowers you to design anything you can imagine. Create sophisticated illustrations, interfaces, beautiful designs, amazing layouts — all in one super powerful tool.

Vectornator does not look or feel like any graphic design tool you have ever used.

It combines all the powerful tools, advanced features, and high performance that desktop apps offer with a revolutionary card user interface that is built for the touch of your finger and the precision of your pencil.

• Create detailed vectors using our Pen, Node, Brush, and Shape tools.
• Easily Align, Group, Mask, Order, Scale, Rotate, or Duplicate your objects.
• Use Advanced Vector operations such as Corner radius, Boolean, combining, separating, outlining paths, and more.
• Typography tool with full control over line height, kerning, tracking, font import, ability to outline text and placing it on a path.
• Automatically turn bitmap images into vectors with Auto Trace.
• Work with different artboards in a single document for an optimal UI and Web design experience.
• Add any of our 80K icons from the Iconator library to your designs.
• Color Picker with support for Gradients, Palettes, Hex input, HSB, RGB, Color blending, and Wide color gamut.
• Precisely insert values instead of sliders with our keypad and move your objects by point with our built-in Joystick controls.

• Compatible with Adobe Illustrator and Creative Cloud
• A wide range of import and export options (AI*, PDF*, Sketch, Figma, SVG, PNG, JPG) + Individual layer export
• Supports Drag and drop, Keyboard shortcuts, Split View, and Custom fonts.
• Optimized for iPad Pro and Apple pencil, Supports digital input devices such as: (Apple Pencil, Adonit Pixel Stylus, Bamboo styli, Bamboo Slate, and Bamboo Folio).

Do you have questions, feedback, or good ideas? We are always happy to hear from you! Please contact us at [email protected]

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For optimal performance, we recommend using Vectornator on iPad Air 2, iPad Pro models, and iPhone 6s and later.

Vectornator: Design Software App Comments & Reviews

Vectornator: Design Software Positive Reviews

Awesome app until the IOS14 updateThis app was awesome but now after I updated to the new update for iOS 14 I feel like some stuff doesnt work. I can’t change the size of a text box after I make it. The node tool is suppose to change it but I can only select it. The selection tool also doesnt do anything. It just shows the anchor points but I can’t select them or select anything else. I have to change off of it to do anything. I thought the node tool adds anchor points if you wanted but it won’t do a single thing aside from being able to move it. EDIT: So it seems that on one of the things I was working on before and after the update was having the problem. Right after the update I started working on it again and I was having the issues with the selection tool not being able to do anything along with the other stuff but I just tried again and it’s perfect. So I’m not sure what the issue was but it’s good now. Maybe the update just needed time? One thing I m wondering though is if a shortcut or another way to input trademark (and things like it) logos. I tried doing it (I have an iPad) and it just disappears when inputted. I checked the color and everything, it takes up the space for a symbol but isn’t there..Version: 3.4.5

Fantastic app for teachingI am using Vectornator to teach basic graphic design to a small high school class. We were very lucky to get access to a small class set of Apple Pencils and iPads. Since I am not a professional designer, I was worried about finding a program that I could learn in order to teach, and that the students would really enjoy creating with while they learned. Vectornator is simply amazing! It has succeeded far beyond what I hoped for. The students can do so much with the app, and get really professional-looking results. They are totally engaged for the entire class period. Their skills are increasing daily. But most of all, I think they’re having fun! This is the most fun teaching I’ve had in a while too. I have used the app for a school logo I was asked to create, and I was extremely pleased with the results. I know I’m going on and on, but truly - it has been a wonderful teaching experience. I highly recommend Vectornator for beginners and education - it’s user-friendly enough for the classroom, but advanced enough to get great-looking results. Thank you Vectornator!!.Version: 2.3.3

This has saved me thousands of $$$I have a small, new business (lavender farm and essential oil based products) and we are constantly making new products/tweaking recipes as we grow. Having this app and learning how to create PNG’s for our labels has saved me so much money. Being able to change a design on my iPad, upload directly to Google drive and print on my label printer has been one the main reasons for my success. My designs are always fresh, up to date, and I can change directions on a dime thanks to Vectornator. It’s intuitive, has loads of features and is an all around great app. Oh, did I mention it’s free?! I promise I’m not paid to say this, but even if they charged for the app, I would pay it and be happy to do so! There are a few things that annoy me sometimes...but i can’t remember them right now. 😂 Nothing is perfect, but Vectornator is darn near close to it..Version: 3.4.1

Wonderful design toolAs a professional designer / illustrator, yes we all agree it’s important that design tools are robust with features- but sadly too many products still lack the user delight aspect. It’s a godsend that some companies are willing to put work into a pleasant environment. We sit in front of these tools all day, so it’s great when these tools are fun to use, delightful to stare at, at the same time giving you a good amount of features to complete your projects. There are probably plenty of other pros that will whine about the lack of feature set compared to other iPad apps, so I’m not going to get into lengthy comparisons. All I’ll say is this: since my first iPad, I’ve used a competitor that is almost as robust as Adobe Illustrator and I’ve been relying on it until now. Sadly, it’s also as depressing to use as Illustator. I think tools that are both useful and a pleasure to use, are vital..Version: 2.5.6

What I’ve been looking for!I’ve had my iPad Pro for 3 years and finally discovered an alternative to adobe illustrator that works well enough with my Apple Pencil to actually get work done. Intuitive for anyone who has used illustrator, this app is cleanly designed and easy to use. I’m very impressed with its performance and simplicity, so much that I think I can get detailed work done! One thing I’d request in future versions is art boards. Within the pen tool (thank you for prioritizing bezier pen functionality!), adobe illustrator allows the user to hold the space bar to translate the current entity while drawing the next point in the path. Is this function already here somehow? Anyway, this is a very impressive tool I will be using extensively. Thank you to the developer for your work on this!.Version: 1.5.4

A few bugs using the latest iPadOS betaThis is a great app. Lately I'm seeing quite a few crashes though. Also, I'm now unable to use the direct selection tool to move a control handle independently. If I try to adjust the handle with the Apple pencil while holding one finger down, it now rotates the entire canvas. The other options of the direct selection tool in the toolbar (Multiple selection, rotate and resize) work fine. Double tapping a control point toggles between smooth curve and sharp corner as it should. There's just no way to move one control handle without the opposite one moving as well. Trying to resize pro move a text box sometimes makes the box collapse into a thin vertical column. Also, using in iPad mini 5 landscape mode, the keyboard obscures some of the fields where I'm trying to write text or rename a file so I can't see what I'm typing. Did the beta break something?.Version: 3.3.8

Cool, but now that I've been using Graphic, it doesn't preform as well.This app is great. Don't get me wrong. However, the UI is a little, well, everywhere, kinda obtrusive, and I'd say more designed as a drawing app - which, this is a vector application. It has a grid feature, but it doesn't have an option where you can snap objects to the grid. I'm keeping this app because of it's sticker feature in iMessages, but other than that if your looking for graphic design, I'd go with Graphic. I also couldn't find a way to adjust the pen tip for the paint pen, it's always fully round, another feature that I hope is added. If you're diving in to vector drawing or graphic design, this is a great app to start with. But me, I'm going to stick with graphic. I'll update this review though if I find features or other stuff. I am really glad there is a developer out there that has made a vector graphics app for free..Version: 2.4.4

Amazing app, but Update 2.0 is very confusingOld comment: The new 2.0 update has made this app completely confusing. Many functions don’t work as they have previously. Create lines from text doesn’t even react. What a heartbreak. New comment: I received a notification that this issue has been resolved. My only complaint is that the app has been so thoroughly redesigned that many functions assume intuitive knowledge, rather than utilizing previously taught functions. For example, the alt function changed to two icons displaying two shapes and a clipboard(?) to mean copy and paste? Why not just have the words showing? With all of these new changes, a user guide and accompanying tutorials have yet to be published. Ultimately, the app is fantastic for being free (seriously, incredible) however if we’re reviewing this honestly, then the above is what I have to say..Version: 2.0.1

Great full featured with a few flaws and bugsI’m not a designer by trade but recently started as a hobby. I’m surprised just how fully featured this app is, I’ve payed for other vector apps that don’t provide nearly as much tools and functionality. It has an icon search tool that has a ton of vector images to inspire new creations. The only flaws I can point out are some Bugs that cause crashing, which fails to save sometimes and you lose work. Also refreshing of the UI isn’t always consistent. In general I think the creators should focus on reducing the amount of clicks to do common tasks. The eye dropper tool copies both stroke and fill so if you’re trying to set a fill to a stroke color that isn’t supported. If things improve I’d say this is an app that I wouldn’t mind buying, but I think the bugs do hinder things a bit, but otherwise I love using it..Version: 3.1.11

A few glitches, but overall a great app!I use this app for complex graphical design work, and I am consistently impressed by its power and versatility! The number of layers supported, detail and accuracy, and complex function support is truly impressive. There are a few glitches, most concerning of which is when the app will stop saving your work, leading to deletion of several steps if the drawing is exited. I’ve found a way around this, by duplicating the artwork before exiting, to stop the work from being deleted. However, it would be great if this glitch was fixed. I gave this app 5 stars because of its incredible potential and usefulness, especially for a free app. I absolutely recommend this app, I just recommend careful duplication to protect your work from deletion!.Version: 1.6

Finally!If you’re coming from an Adobe Illustrator background and find you just can’t seem to get the hang of most drawing apps, this is the one you want. It has tons of options, the interface is highly intuitive and responsive without feeling too cluttered, and you can’t beat the price (free). I’m a casual user who creates simple drawings to supplement the flash cards I make, so I haven’t put it through all of its paces, but I’m impressed with everything I’ve seen so far. The only minor points that have frustrated me so far are when I have trouble grabbing a gradient bar handle (I kept accidentally shifting my shape, but using a drawing pencil solved that problem), and remembering to find the anchor point handle options under the paintbrush menu. Otherwise, it’s been smooth sailing, right from the start..Version: 3.4.5

The Best YetWow this is impressive, and can’t wait to play around with it a bit more. I have a software background, and find this more intuitive than most desktop programs. My only suggestion or comment would be that after several hours of use, I am still unsure what a couple buttons do, but I’m not a designer, and there are tutorials in the settings menu that I haven’t gotten around to. This is an issue I have with most desktop programs, and I’m on an iPhone, so it’s not like I can hover, and there’s isn’t enough room to label everything. Maybe it would benefit to have an interactive overlay pointing out, and explaining a handful of buttons that confuse the most users; one that can be turned off. Or maybe a brief pop up of some sort that shows the name of the tool when selected, then fading away. I’d still give the intuitiveness a 9.5/10, where other comparable apps wouldn’t get 5/10. But that’s me being very picky, especially seeing as how this is easier than many desktop programs, and with the amount of features available, they’ve have an excellent job with the UI. Thanks for this, by far my favorite design app; can’t wait to see what’s next..Version: 2.0.2

Missing my magnifier!First, I want to say that I absolutely LOVE this app. It’s been a great way for me to start getting into vector art and graphic design. The new update is so good—I love all the new tools and the clean organization. Five-star rating well earned. But! I really miss the little magnifier that would pop up when you were doing something like dragging a vector point on a curve or the corner of a shape. Please bring it back?? It was so helpful for getting things lined up, especially when using the Pen tool to trace a shape from an image. EDIT: Thanks to Linearity for the response! I've already seen you guys respond to several feedback requests, so I have full trust that you'll act on this one as well. Best support from developers I've seen on any app in a long time..Version: 2.1

Really great design appSo far I have really liked this app! It’s like an AI lite on your phone! I have been looking for an app that has a pen tool and this one does and it works very well. I do a lot of designing on my phone and this app has been invaluable in helping me create! You can export in SVG, PNG. My only criticism is it does seem to be a bit buggy. Some of the menus can disappear and once or twice the app has closed on me. The add text option has never worked, but no biggie I can add that in on another app. I am still learning all of the different things you can do, but I do not see a way to fill in objects. The stroke fill doesn’t really work if you have a complex shape. But all in all this app is awesome and just what I was looking for!.Version: 3.4.5

Pretty good but..Ok, so the app is pretty cool, but there a few issues. One of the big ones is rotation. Unless I don’t realize what I’m doing, when you rotate, the bounding box changes. So now you can’t keep the shape correct if you change size, after rotating, because the bounding box changes. Also, when you open up the tab at the bottom to change fills and add shadows, all that stuff, you can’t see what it’s doing to your shape. You have to constantly go out of it to see what’s happened. I think a lot of people are like me, and tend to eyeball things. At least at first. Fix these few things, and add in-app tutorials, or at least a link, to show us what all the buttons do, and this app will be fantastic. I’ll change my rating for sure. Please correct this stuff, AT LEAST the rotation issue, because it makes the app pretty unusable for me otherwise..Version: 2.5.5

Not bad for vector art on mobile!Still wish it had some more elements for precision, like mirroring or flipping. I don’t see a way to add direct value inputs for position and size so far, which is generally important to me. I can almost fully complete one of the projects I typically create in Illustrator or Photoshop (using vector in the latter). Touch commands are also pretty comfortable. I still need to try exporting to AI, and seeing how it translates, but if it works out well, I’ll be able to start some of my simpler projects on the go! Maybe someday I’ll be able to do it all entirely, with a little more patience. Been using it on the smaller of the iPhone 7 models. I bet it’s even more comfortable on iPad, but it’s still great, even on the small screen. Props!.Version: 2.5.4

Great app, and it’s still being updated!It’s easy to draw in and I like that it resembles a traditional desktop app. The best thing about it is you can send files directly to Illustrator. Also it supports cmyk which is really helpful if you make prints. A few suggestions, though: It would be nice if pressure sensitive brush strokes made with the Apple Pencil were editable like other strokes, as I use them a lot in my artwork, and it would also be good if you could choose the resolution of exported jpegs and pngs. It looks like they only export at screen resolution. Anyway, it’s a relief to find a vector illustration app for iPad that is still being updated by the developers. I had been considering looking for a different drawing tablet before..Version: 1.3

Auto Trace Feature: It’s a StartEverything Else about Vectornator is great. I just want to focus on the most exciting feature: Auto Trace. The Good: At least you have taken an interest in Bitmap to Vector conversion, and that means you will be upgrading and making this better and better, hopefully beating Adobe Illustrator. The Bad: You got a long way to go. The image results I have gotten with my hi res images shows a lot of choppiness and inconsistencies in the trace. Looks nothing like your demo video. At All. This needs more settings and options; just like Illustrator. You have to have those options to help get a clean perfect trace. I think you have over sold and underdelivered on your feature. However, this is the first time ANYONE developing for iOS has taken Bitmap to Vector seriously. The guy who does Imaengine does Bitmap to Vector but has no intention on making his tool for serious use. Yet his lines are so smooth! Take a look at Imaengine and see what you could learn from that app. Bottom line; so glad you have taken the challenge of making a proper Auto Trace app/feature for the iOS design community..Version: 3.0

Really awesome!I'm an amateur graphic designer, who's currently a student. i make my own printables and things for japanese and study calendars, as i'm a very visual person. i had been using procreate, but found that the lack of vectors made my designs crappy. i began searching for an iPad vector program, and this app was the first one that i found. i downloaded it, but didn't expect much from it - i was so wrong! vectornator is my new favorite art program, it's so simple to learn, yet it can create complex things. i've already created two things in the few days that i've had it: a november study calendar and a table on japanese hours. they look great (at least, to me - haha)! thank you!.Version: 1.9

Some functions are missingVectornator is a very complete app for designing with vectors. However it lacks tutorials and manuals to use the tools. I had a hard time figuring out how to turn smooth nodes into edge nodes or making a perfect circle/square. One of the features that I miss most, comparing this app to Inkscape,is the ability to distribute and align nodes. Also it would be nice to be able to apply gradients on strokes. The exclusion and divide function are also quite confusing, at least for me, since the “holes” inside the form will act as completely different paths sometimes. Overall its a great app. I also love the fact that one can search an icon from icons8 which makes it easier to transform the paths rather than to create a form from scratch..Version: 1.8.1

Awesome!There are a couple quirks (can’t edit points after subtracting a path from above) and it has crashed on me randomly a few times (still trying to determine the common thing I’m doing when it crashes). Overall it is a phenomenal app! I have illustrator on my desktop and MacBook but this app is great to accomplish the beginning stages of the things I need to do. I’ll still have to use illustrator for the final stages of production (wide format printing and cutting) but for getting the majority of the project accomplished 👌🏼 (Take my opinion about the editing of points after subtracting with a grain of salt, I’m still green to the app so I could just be missing something).Version: 3.1.5

Great for pros even better for beginnersAlmost bought designer...Then...I was watching a tutorial and the lady was using this on her iPad. She said it was a great program and it was free. I downloaded it not expecting much but a entry level program and that would have been fine for me as I am just learning. As I am watching the tutorials on this program all I hear is good things and one video even compared the 3 biggest iOS vector programs and this was one. The man chose this one as his favorite. I am now fleeing in this program and it’s only been a week. I don’t see any reason to invest into another program because this does everything I need..Version: 3.5.7

Underdog of the App StoreI honestly fell in love with the app the more I played around with it. At first, I could not make heads or tails of what did what. I'm more accustom to making raster art. As I started creating, I realized the functionality was great. When I encountered a problem, I looked through the tabs and sooner or later found the answer. I started looking into vector apps because I wanted to create art to sell and honestly I will definitely use this app forever now. More importantly, it's free!! If you guys ever create a paid version like Procreate, I would definitely invest. Also, a minor suggestion, creating a Merge Down button in Layers tab..Version: 3.1.4

Amazing, but a few things...Ok first off this app is the BEST free graphic app I have ever tried in my 5+ years with a iPad I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to make graphics on their iPad. However: Comparing it to other applications workflow like Adobe XD its tools are VERY unintuitive, like you have everything at your fingertips but at the same time I find myself making a lot of mistakes because I accidentally made four squares because my hand brushed up against the screen. Also I love the addition of art boards, being a UI aspirant this helps so much seeing as there aren’t that many good UI apps for iPad. My suggestion, make the tools more intuitive. Look at Adobe XD for example, its simple, fast to prototype with and is easy to learn. I would be using this app 80% more if it had some more features geared towards UI development. - Also something I noticed today: When working sideways the text does wonky things when trying to resize. Stay safe, social distance. -A fan of vectornator.Version: 3.5.3

Essential for vector artI have used Graphic for iPad for years with no complaints; however, I recently started creating more complicated images and found myself browsing for more advanced apps. Just before spending $20 on Affinity I came across this open source gem. I gave Vectornator a try and haven’t looked back. Full-featured, easy to use, and free. The only slight negative is infrequent crashing when applying effects like rounding corners or saving templates, but my work is always saved when I reopen the program. Really just a minor nuisance every now and then. Highly recommended!.Version: 3.3.8

Vectastic! No regrets! Except ...I’ll admit I was a vector virgin. I wanted to try it, but I needed to find the right partner. Vectornator is not a quick and easy solution for beginners. But once you get to know it, you’ll find it is incredibly beautiful, powerful, and liberating. Unlike the mobile version of AI and Fresco, VX has nuanced point by point editing, multi-option object merge, and a magical eraser. My only complaint is that when you are editing a vector, you can’t import another vector as a layer. You can import from photos, but they come in as pixel drawings. You can’t import from within a drawing another vector. But, hey, no one is perfect..Version: 3.1.11

Best free vector program!!!I am certified in Adobe Illustrator. That is what I learned how to create and use vector art. I have been asked a lot recently to create logos for friends and family for their businesses. I just downloaded the first one I found that had the best reviews. I am so glad I did!!! This does everything that Adobe Illustrator does and it is free. In some cases it is more intuitive than Illustrator. I recommend this for everyone who needs a new program. They have a group of free video tutorials on their website. Any one can jump in with little to no experience. Keep Smiling Everyone.Version: 3.1.11

UPDATE: CrashingJust updated the app about an hour ago & now cannot open the app at all. Got a message that it needs to be attached to App store (which it is). Cannot even open the app through the app store either. I use this to build digital images for different things & need to be able to use the app. UPDATE: After not getting a response within a few hours, I decided to delete the app & reinstalled it. That fixed my issue of it crashing. In response to the developer, the last update I install was the one y’all pushed out now 3 days ago & there is no other updates. Uninstalling & installing fixed my issue..Version: 3.3.2

Amazing app but...It’s amazing, the app it’s the great option for iPhone, iPad, etc but there’s a problem and that’s why I don’t use the app sometimes, the editing tools bar has too small buttons and that become difficult because it’s too small and the other button it’s near and it could make we touch the wrong button, I’d like the that bar, to have much bigger button, a redesigned bar and it could become easier for working Please solve this (I don’t want to use like 3-4 apps of Adobe because are a lot and the don’t offer what Vectonator offers).Version: 3.5.6

How is this free?After just a few minutes of playing with this app I went looking for a paid version, only to find that this was it! An amazing app with all the features I'm used to, coming from desktop software. I'm a professional designer and use vector drawing apps daily, and so far I've used Vectornator to create icons, technical drawings, customize typefaces — really just play around to see what it can do. I find that I'm able to do everything I need, all without having to run to Google to look anything up. It's apps like this that make my iPad such an invaluable tool!.Version: 1.8

Can’t believe this app is freeI just got my iPad last week and immediately downloaded a few paid apps I had heard of for doing design work. During my search I came across Vectornator. This app is amazing. Feature wise it has pretty much any tool you need to create robust vector graphics. It’s not as robust as Illustrator of course but I rarely feel limited. In addition to all the features the UI for the app is one of the best UIs I’ve used on iOS and best so far I’ve used on iPad. I really commend the creators of this app. Blown away that it is free, especially compared to many other paid apps..Version: 2.4.5

An actually useful vector design appThis is the first vector app on iPad pro + pencil that works in an intuitive way. Integration with Adobe cloud services makes life easier when transferring to Adobe Illustrator. This app is worth paying for, but it’s free, so win-win! It does have a few bugs, such as the brush tool always switching to a black color when drawing, but besides that the app is pretty solid. I can do most of my designs on the iPad now instead of relying on Adobe Illustrator on the PC. Also, if you’re familiar with the open source application “Inkscape”, this app will feel right at home..Version: 1.8.2

Incredible app! Highly recommendI wanted to leave my MacBook Pro at home, but I needed something similar to Sketch/Illustrator to take on the go. All of the other apps costed money, and I wasn’t sure that the iPad would be good for this sort of work. Then I saw this app and downloaded it because it was free. It’s so good, I left my MacBook Pro at home for a trip and am using my iPad only. So far, I have had no problems. Highly recommend. The only thing that would make this better for me would be the ability to have multiple Artboards in the same document..Version: 1.6.2

Very powerful toolI enjoy the convenience and the power of this tool. There are a few things I would like to see added, but for what it’s worth it’s a fantastic program! Especially if you are on the IPad Pro. It’s fairly easy to transfer work if you have a subscription to creative cloud, but even if you don’t you can kind of get around it with little or no issues. There is not much on online tutorials for this program and there are some functions I would like to see added like mock up templates for shirt designs. Overall I use my table to work out the concept and my desk top is used for the heavy lifting..Version: 1.5.3

Um, wow 🤯This is awesome! It’s free (doesn’t have ads or in app purchases either), which has me really surprised, due to the quality of this app. It’s my first vector drawing app, and I supremely enjoy it and it gave me exactly what I wanted right after I understood the controls (I drew a kursgesagt-in-a-nutshell bird). I strongly recommend, and there’s nothing to lose if you don’t like it (which I doubt happen, unless you’re super picky and have very very extreme standards or something). Also it’s really fun to wiggle around the lines :D.Version: 3.5.13

Great app but still growing!I am a graphic designer and writer. I found this app by accident and was surprised how close it was to illustrator quality of its tools and functionality! Especially being new to apple products my iPad Pro 1st gen. used it like it was made for illustration! My only big issue with it is random glitches where the app closes out in the middle of your work. Not sure if it’s just a timing factor or an update issue but when I use the selection tool on a text space it glitches and closes the app entirely. Other than that it works like a dream!.Version: 3.1.9

Fantastic, but...There is so much this app gets right. Just the right blend of features without getting too complex, a user friendly UI, smooth pen features, and good import/export support. Despite using Affinity Designer, I would actually prefer Vectornator, but... The one feature that really matters to me where Affinity Designer shines is managing layers, groups and clipping masks. The ability to nest a hierarchy of curves is essential for me to keep my drawing objects organized and manageable. I look forward to future versions that hopefully improve this in Vectornator... so close to be my preferred Vector app..Version: 3.5.3

Great app! But lags sometimes...This app is wonderful— I use it a lot and I was so excited when I found it. It’s such an amazing app (and it’s free!!) I’ve grown accustomed to using the tools and I love the way the app is organized. But sometimes when I’m in the middle of working, it lags and kicks me out of the app. I’m not sure why it does that especially since the projects that I’m working on are small projects with 3-4 layers. It also lags sometimes and doesn’t let me drag things around. Other than those small problems, the app is wonderful!.Version: 3.3.8

Beautifully DesignedVectornator attracted me because I have been trying out many other drawing apps in hopes of finding a really nice pen tool and aesthetically appealing design. This app appears so far to have one of the best alternatives to a mobile Adobe Illustrator. But one thing I haven't seemed to find is an option to have a tapered stroke in this app. I'm not sure if it's just because I can't get it to work or to find it but I would really love for there to be a nice stroke option like that if it is not included..Version: 1.1.5

Awesome App!!I just created my sons Baseball Travel Team Logo in this App. Everything I needed was available in this App. I was able to load sketches, match colors and the tools were very intuitive to use. This will be my goto vector App because I can do high quality work any time I have a moment without having to lug around my computer — plus I can also easily share it with everyone instantly since my phone is already connected with everyone on social media..Version: 1.6.2

Needs more tutorialsThe reason I took off two stars is because there aren’t enough resources online to learn how to use this. I feel like it’s a powerful app, especially for being free but I can’t find questions to basic questions. I’ve been trying to figure out for hours why my image comes out looking pixelated no matter how I save it. There’s probably a solution or answer out there but the resources available are so limited. I’m sure there are a lot of features that the developers added in that are amazing but if we don’t know how to use the app, it’s kind of pointless.Version: 3.0.3

Amazing App with BugsThis app is easy to pick up, incredibly effective for basic usage of digital art, and overall a fantastic tool for casual or pro creators. However, there are several bugs and design flaws that are extremely annoying, such as layer repositioning, the difficulty of grouping, and overall lack of explanation of any tool in app. Veterans of photoshop or other programs will find some things intuitive and some things impossible, and the online tutorial space isn't heavy with Vectornator videos..Version: 3.1.11

Ipad’s Precious AssetNever change vectornator. I’ve been using the app daily and been my go to tool to make my graphic designs and infographics for my school works. I am a student I cannot afford expensive apps on my iPad. When I knew that this free, I immediately installed this and I did not regret it ever since. The user interface, the pro features and how you are very active in social medias really inspires me to become a graphic designer once I go to college. Love to all your development team ❤️❤️.Version: 2.2.1

Nice update with a few minor glitchesThe developers are doing a great job of making this app more and more capable, at a surprising pace. Unfortunately the latest 2.x release has some significant lag when drawing with the brush (on iPad Pro 2015, 12.9" using Apple Pencil). The Pencil tool seems to work fine, so that's a reasonable workaround for now. Other nice things are the excellent manual available free from the Apple Bookstore. I also love that they use the two-finger-tap-to-undo gesture, popularized by Procreate..Version: 2.1.2

Currently the best vector program I’ve come across.I tried many vector and sketching programs for iOS and Vectornator edges out Illustrator draw. I am a designer/illustrator with deep loyalty to Adobe programs, but Vectornator does the medium justice. Illustrator may eventually surpass this in mobile app development on muscle power alone, but for the immediate future this is the best I’ve seen. For anybody not on Creative Cloud program this app will definitely fulfill vector illustration needs with easy learning curve and extremely sensible price point!.Version: 1.2.1

AwesomeAbsolutely awesome vector drawing app! I tried so many of them and this one is my favorite. On a circle drawing, i need to see the Center of it so that I can align other circles to it (geometry drawing). Is there a way to display the Center of circles at all time?.Version: 1.2.2

Not a bad app...Not a bad app for creating and manipulating vector images etc... However, I don’t appreciate this app calling the malignant cancer called F***B***. I don’t want or need ANY information from this iPad connecting or passing through their servers. If you can provide an option to completely disable this, I’ll re-download. Until then, I’ll keep this iPad FB free. Thank you..Version: 3.3.3

Not YetVectornator has two major problems. First, no iCloud file sync—files are saved on-device only. You can import and export, but that gets old pretty fast with multiple devices. It's odd, since they're iOS only. Perhaps that will come when they finish the free app growth-hacking. They're evasive about their business model, burning investor cash for now. They'll have to make money eventually. Second, it's practically useless in portrait orientation. The huge panel nearly always present on the side takes up over a third of the screen in portrait. In landscape, it's only about a quarter, which is still too much, since it's a pain to dismiss. Maybe it's fine on a 12.9 iPad Pro, but no way on an iPad mini and it's tight on a normal iPad. Other quibbles: The icons/tools are too small, too many, and not clear. The canvas rotates too easily, very disorienting. Confusing panel functions are split between the top and bottom of screen. I gather they're working on the UI, so maybe that will improve. Also, there are no real settings/preferences/customizations. That said, it is well polished and stable, and it's quite good at detail work like bezier line editing. Overall, it seems more oriented toward artists than technical drawing. It's an app worth watching. Get it now, but don't invest all your work in it until it matures and they settle on a pricing plan..Version: 2.5.6

IntuitiveI recently started working with vector graphics, and most of the Ain programs available, free or paid, are a challenge to learn. Not so with Vectornator. The app is intuitive and my ideas are fast to set up. Very relaxing to use and experiment ideas with. It’s surprising how many functions can be reached from an I pad screen. I can then transfer my projects to Affinity designer (my favorite PC vector program by now and incorporate those ideas in my projects. Much easier and hands on process than making a draft on PC. Thanks for the nice work!.Version: 3.5.10

BEST DESIGN APP EVER!This is the best design app I have ever used. It is very easy to use but you can make tons of designs. It is great for beginners and pros..Version: 3.5.8

Perfect for workIt take a small time to get adjust by it, but when you get the hang of it, it does the same job as any softwares that you pay. I just used it for my first logo Contract and I will continu to support the software..Version: 3.5.6

Incredible usefulEven though it is free it’s an incredible useful and powerful tool for amateurs and pros as well and is getting better with each update. Intuitive and user friendly. Only con, there should be more material for beginners as videos and tutorials..Version: 3.4.4

Keeping it simpleSimple to use without all the useless bells and whistles..Version: 3.4.5

Amazing vector design appThe interface is beautiful, and the app is extremely straightforward and simple to use, yet powerful. I’ve been using Inkscape for years, and Inkscape was the best free software, but Vectornator has blown me away. Great on both iPad and Mac..Version: 3.3.13

AmazingGreat app better than all of the other ones out here just crashes a lot with the new update could it be because im using a 7th gen ipad..Version: 3.4.0

Good but i lose my progressionI find the app hard to use at first but after 40 minutes of usage i was able to project myself more to what i wanted to do and it get easier to use and the app is really good. However after 1 hour of drawing i closed the file and all this hour of progression was just GONE... :( really frsustrating. So I’ll use it again in the futur and adjust my rating based on that. In the meantime, 3 stars. Suggestion: -you could add a duplicate fonction to duplicate an already existing draw -You could add a “save as new drawing” to save the drawing in a new version. Thanks.Version: 3.3.13

Adobe Illustrator for freeThis is Adobe for free where I can create more work using Apple Pencil without worrying so much about the price. One thing I want to see is more improvement in illustration tool to beat Adobe. Also, add mask template..Version: 3.3.11

GreatSo I love the app but, I can’t use all the features! I really want so pls tell me how (btw I’m on iPad if that helps).Version: 3.3.9

Pros and ConsI’d like to start by saying that this is the best vector program for ipad, but i have a few suggestions/observations Pros: the gradient and line tools are super easy to manipulate, its really the best way I’ve seen it done on ipad. The app reminds me of procreate but for vector art. Cons and suggestions : i have been experiencing a ton of crashing recently whenever i click on a layer or a guide, or when i try to exit the doc. Its very annoying and deletes my progression. In more general terms, the app is really on the right track in terms of looks, its super sleek and nice, but the ui is hard to navigate, some icons aren't clear, i often have to stop and think about where that one feature is hidden, i think icon design and placement could use some clarity. The guides don’t respond well when you try to create one. I have to click around and drag and try several gestures to get one to appear and it can take a while. The ability to save as a .tiff file could save the need to export to illustrator on desktop to convert the format. It would be cool to let users upload an image to a layer at any time and not just at the start of the file creation. If it’s already possible, it would be nice for it to be displayed more clearly. Thank you!.Version: 3.3.10

AmazingI’m used to using adobe illustrator and this is really good for making art.Version: 3.3.9

Good for a free app, but...It definitely need a brush editor and the possibility to import different brushes, but it’s a good start for a free app..Version: 3.3.9

GoodI really like it but I wish it had Apple Pencil support.Version: 3.3.6

Great!I love it but, I think it’s still missing a lot. There should be a selection bushes and a way to login so I can access my account on multiple devices..Version: 3.3.8

Tools are way too small and harder to see.For the beginners, this app can be confusing since there isn’t any tooltip to explain the feature/tool. That might not be a problem, it’s a good app, probably the best free vector editing app. But the tools are way too small to use, sometimes unusable. There isn’t any option to reconfigure it. Make it more comfortable to use. The UI needs more improvement. 5 stars because it’s free, given the amounts of features..Version: 3.3.3

Amazing AppThis is definitely the best vector editing app !!! Thank you very much !!!.Version: 3.3.3

Great SoftwareA nice set of powerful tools available. I’m still learning about vector art. So far I’m impressed with the software. Auto-trace is a neat feature. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this software is great with the cursor support and multi-window on IPadOS. Other graphics software can take note on taking advantage of the features of an operating system..Version: 3.3.3

Good but need some important featuresIt's amazing that there are good apps like this for creative people. This can be great for illustrations and logo design. I just hope that you guys will add this features. Required Features needed: Shape Builder tool Path Finder Easier navigation Customizable Gesture controls Screen recorder/Timelapse Features listed above are some great features that Adobe illustrator and Procreate have. It's very useful for us creatives. This app have a great potential especially that Adobe hasn't release their own iPad version of illustrator. It's a great opportunity to be ahead of the game like how Procreate and Serif/affinity are doing..Version: 3.3.3

Very intuitiveVery intuitive for a beginner.super simple fast and fun. Sometimes it crashes after updates, but I don’t complain as it is free.I give five stars because no other software ever made me creative as this one.thanks.Version: 3.3.3

Great App !!!!Thank You For This Great App !!!!! I like to report An issue on an iPhone XS Max an iOS 13.3.1 When I try to import a photo from my library the app crashes I hope that This Can Be Fixed!! Thank You !!!!!.Version: 3.1.11

Promising, not there yetYou can do a heck of a lot more with this app than many similar iPad apps, but too many features are still missing. Number one for me is true cmyk support with swatches cmyk color code input instead of just rgb or hsl. Also, the adobe cc import simply doesnt work for me. I tried importing three separate files and the app just crashed every time. It’s still worth installing and playing with as this will get better with time!.Version: 3.2.1

MiniHere for Vectornator Mini..Version: 3.2.1

AmazingLove the app! Node tool ❤️. Please allow a way uto grab and the curves without adding a point on it. That would be fantastic.Version: 3.1.11

Perfect app... and it’s free ??Incroyable. Il y a tout et c’est gratuit. Il manque juste le cloud syncing..Version: 3.1.11

The best appBut there needs to be an option for snapping.Version: 3.1.4

Features missingWish you were able to fill in free hand shapes with colour.Version: 3.1.8

My new image / logo / meme machine.Great app. 10/10..Version: 3.1.4

Can’t believe it’s freeHow did I survive without this????.Version: 3.1.2

HelpHow do you connect your adonit pixel?!.Version: 3.1.4

Blazing FastWow. So before the update Vectornator was upper laggy and slow, it would crash all the time as well. Now after the update, it’s faster than illustrator on my pc. There is literally no signs of lag. Jus so you know, have an iPad 5..Version: 3.0.5

Amazing!!Been using this app for a few months now and it’s absolutely amazing!! Super similar to illustrator so it’s been a really nice transition and I hope to use it for more designs in the near future! Only thing i wish this app had is the ability to export as an illustrator file without the use of creative cloud as many of us including myself use creative suit programs. Otherwise amazing app!.Version: 3.0.5

Best app for graphic designAbsolutely amazing app for design and creations! And Easy to use! Please keep the good work! Thank you!.Version: 3.0

Heres a suggestion.Dont trumpet features on the ipad (like autotrace at the click of a button) as they are part of the app, when in fact theyre not. im guessing its in another o.s./platform version of vectornator? do it when its actually available in the app. paid or free, its frustrating..Version: 3.0.1

You can export svg files and do much more!I am teaching myself to vector drawing and I found this is an amazing app. Can you believe it’s free, very responsive without ads, and allows you to have a nice workflow! Hard to believe but true! You rock, seriously! ♥️.Version: 2.5.6

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