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Welcome to Solitaire Grand Harvest! Play the best free TriPeaks Solitaire game created for card game lovers, like you!

Tripeaks Solitaire is a fun and challenging solitaire card game for all types of players. Play challenging card games online that will train your brain and keep you sharp or kick back and relax as you enjoy Solitaire Grand Harvest’s beautiful game graphics!

With Solitaire Grand Harvest you’ll have twice the fun as you journey through your farm, harvest crops and earn rewards as you play. Advance solitaire levels to build and design the farm of your dreams. Discover exclusive decoration items and personalize your farm!

Are you a fan of Solitaire card games? Join millions of players around the world and play the best free TriPeaks Solitaire card game created! Enjoy this relaxing Solitaire card game and build the cutest farm as you go.

Start your Solitaire adventure by solving tripeaks solitaire puzzles and win stars for completing each level!
The more stars you win the better Solitaire Grand Harvest rewards you’ll get!
Get bonus solitaire cards and win credits for longer solitaire games!
Finish each Solitaire card game level to win credits and gems!

If you enjoy tripeaks solitaire card games, you are in for a treat with this relaxing TriPeaks solitaire game. Solitaire Grand Harvest is a great way to challenge yourself with a fun farming adventure and Tripeaks solitaire puzzles. Clear your solitaire cards and win rewards, credits, boosters, special treats, and brand new gems to collect.

New Solitaire Winter Season ‘Below Zero’ - My Farm Season 4! Winter is here with the best farm around so cozy up, show your solitaire skills and build your very own farm this Winter. Enjoy new farms with fun graphics added to Solitaire Grand Harvest with every season, and keep the solitaire Tripeaks adventure going.

The solitaire game you know and love remains but the exciting rewards are multiplied so you can collect even more gems and build your Solitaire Grand Harvest farm faster.

Build your farm and enjoy bonuses along the way to make your Solitaire Grand Harvest experience even more fun. Share your fun farming adventure with others by connecting through Facebook and earn even more bonus credits.

Log in each day for bonus gifts to keep the solitaire going!
Harvest your crops throughout the day for more credits
Spin the Solitaire Grand Harvest wheel for even more gifts
Find Sam the Solitaire Grand Harvest pup - he always has some credits to share!

The tripeaks solitaire fun goes on: grow new crops as you work your way through each field. Upgrade the crates that await at the end of each field for an even bigger harvest, with credits, boosters and more. And now the farming fun is even better with the new MyFarm feature: collect gems at each solitaire level and use the gems to build your very own customizable farm, including a special corner for Sam the Solitaire Grand Harvest dog!

Your Solitaire Grand Harvest farm is waiting for you, so come along and join in the solitaire tripeaks fun today. Download this fun and relaxing solitaire game and find out what the farming fun craze is all about!

Solitaire Grand Harvest is one of the great online games developed by Supertreat, a Playtika studio.

Solitaire Grand Harvest App Comments & Reviews

Solitaire Grand Harvest Positive Reviews

Favorite game??This was my go to game my game to relax and enjoy cause I always love Solitaire and this just made it even more fun unfortunately now and I caught up till your levels and I am now in the solitaire master league it is no longer fun seeing as it cost me more to play then what I earn when I win or when I bring in my harvest. It upsets me when I’m at now I am in the master league and yet all I get to do a spin after 25 times are levels and yet if is playing I would get the spin and I would get the garden where I can pick up to 10 items. It upsets me when I’m at now I am in the master league and yet all I get to do a spin after 25 times are levels and yet if I have the other part where everybody else is playing I would get the spin and I would get the garden where I can pick up to 10 items it seems as if it is backwards I would think you would earn more. The dice game is the other thing that upsets me do used to be able to have a chance of at least winning the big price on that now I can’t even get that anymore because I can’t afford to play that many times because at one time I counted 10 and I got 10 ones in a row how am I supposed to get anywhere on that I just thank you guys ruined it I dropped the ball somewhere along the line like I said this is a fun game and I recommended it to a lot of people now not so much.Version: 1.112.2

Fun game but…….I have been playing this game for quite awhile. I am on 2089. I have never played a game where you win u lose. It cost so much coin to play. I find the only way to make sure I win is to use the extra power ups. Which cost double when you do play those cards. So I win but I see my coins going down. So I lose. My question why dose it cost so much to play a card game. I have purchased a lot of packages just to stay in the game. But that also cost a lot for what you get. The dice game is also fun but lately when I play I only been rolling 1 or 2s and I don’t get far on the board. So I guess I am complaining because I feel like the game shouldn’t be so expensive to play and my wins is like losing. I can only play for a little while then I have to quit cause I have to collect coins for a day or 2 just to play maybe 5 games or so. I will keep on playing but probably not so much sense it cost so much to play. Plus collecting more coins takes awhile. So the higher you are in the game the more it cost. Should be the opposite. If you win I should be able to more coin not less. Thanks for a fun game. But it is getting a little obnoxious..Version: 2.321.0

Great game, but getting too expensiveI have played Grand Harvest almost daily for the past 4 months as my treat to myself to unwind after a long day. I have really enjoyed it. In addition to the challenge of the game itself, there are so many fun features. The music is relaxing, and harvesting the crops is satisfying. I have occasionally made purchases because I have so much fun playing the game, it hasn’t been a big deal to spend a few dollars here and there on the packages, particularly when there are deals being offered. In the past, the free rewards for progressing have been good enough that I really haven’t had to spend too much to keep playing and having fun. Alas, as I approach level 1000, the levels are getting too hard, and the rewards too few and far between. Building the mini-worlds has required an almost impossible number of gems. The new fairy card pack game seems much harder than the previous card pack game. Like I said, I play the Grand Harvest daily, anywhere between 3 and 15 hands, and I have only managed to complete one set of fairy cards. I love the game and will really miss it, but I don’t want to have to keep paying to play…the fun was in earning the coins through playing well, and supplementing occasionally with real money. I might give it until I reach 1000, but I only see it getting harder and more expensive…which isn’t fun, after all..Version: 2.331.0

The further you get the more it disappointsThis game was so much fun for months! I played here and there and really enjoyed it. It seems like the more I played and once I actually made a purchase it became harder to get through a hand without spending money or taking a whole day for a hand. The further in the game you get the more coins it costs to play and to get the wild card etc but you don’t really earn enough to get through and the daily bonus is the same so it’s really nice but doesn’t do much but maybe help play 1 hand. So, basically it gets to be more stressful than fun. It seems like it’s programmed to be in favor of the game and for us to have to pay to play. It really takes the fun out of it. And it never fails if I need a certain card I will get literally five or more cards of the same one after another but nothing I need. And when you only get a small pile to play from but the board has like 30 cards to clear that’s ridiculous. Thinking heavily about deleting the app even though I’m almost to level 2000! It’s impossible to get through it like I said making it stressful and not fun unless you spend money. I don’t mind spending money but what you get for what you pay is definitely not worth it at all. If I spend $20 it will literally take that much to get through 1 or 2 of the next hands and that’s like a big set up to get me to spend more and it’s not happening..Version: 1.90.2

Expensive and sometimes skips the benefits I’m expectingRecently, the emails I get from Grand Harvest haven’t linked directly to the app on my phone… which means I’m not getting the prizes from that source. The link takes me to the App Store but opening the game from there does not give me any prize. One issue I’ve had with this game is that when I go to harvest my Diamond crates at the end of each series of games, I get to pick ten crops to get extra credits and other rewards. I’m very methodical, picking the same pattern each time. When I’ve picked my ten, I often get the option of watching an ad to get one more pick. Again, I’m very methodical, always picking the same spot. But three times now, I haven’t got the option to watch the ad, and each of those three times, it has always been the BEST prize that is hidden in my spot (which I don’t get to pick, because there was no ad to watch). It is starting to feel like a deliberate attempt to prevent me from getting that specific prize. I have other issues, starting with how expensive it is to buy credits, upgrades or extensions. Candy Crush, by comparison, charges mostly in the less than $10 range, with several options at less than $6… but your app’s least expensive option is $7, and then jumps to $16, $36 and $60 and so on. Speaking as a psychology major, I think you will make more money with lower prices on all your options..Version: 2.316.0

Love this, however…..I used to love this solitaire game. I still love the cute characters and the scenes. Beautiful art work. However, I’m at the 3910 game mark and it is way too expensive. If I want to buy a power up (the only way you can win now) it costs 52,000 coins. Then you pay for the game at 40,000 coins. Unless you want to play in the lower levels , but if you do, you never win enough coins. One game costs 92,000 coins. You never win back that many coins in any one game. So you are constantly losing coins. I know the ways to earn extra coins, but you never get enough to play even one game. Once you have a certain amount of coins, the algorithms make sure you can’t win a lot of the times so you lose even more coins. I tried to keep 3 million coins so I could play a few games everyday, but at almost 100,000 coins a game plus all the times they make you loose or use wild cards (79 thousand coins) or an extra 5 cards at the end of a game to help you win (52 thousand and then 79 thousand extra coins) your coins go down fast. I know they want us to pay for coins and that’s why they make us lose, but I refuse to pay. It was a great game, but now it is stressful and not relaxing. All I want to do is play solitaire and have fun. They seem to punish you when you reach higher levels. It’s not fair! There are no more ads, but I’d rather see ads and spend less coins to play..Version: 2.337.0

Fun but a little confusing and expensiveThis game has a great concept, sound, graphics, etc. They change things up to keep it engaging. As a player, I have a couple of issues. It’s not clear that you need to finish a special pyramid upon completing a crop in order to maximize game token “yield.” This area feels like a secondary/optional place to play in a different way. So if you skip it (as I have) and carry on the main map, you spend 5k credits per play to potentially win 500 credits. “Risking” 5k and then possibly spending 10k-15k for 5 more cards or a wild card to get 500 coins isn’t an incentive. This definitely feels like a minimal reward and makes you go through credits very quickly-whether you buy extra or not. I would say that’s the most obvious negative mark against the game: reward to effort ratio is off. And it’s so bad, it takes a 5 star game to 3 stars. I realize they need to pay developers etc, but other games make this $ grab feel less obvious/greedy. I’m willing to watch more ads to play. Perhaps there’s a way to work those in more or have an annual ad-free option to help off-set business costs. Had I played the special pyramid levels perhaps I wouldn’t be experiencing this. But those levels are not clearly emphasized as part of the main game strategy. Perhaps putting pyramids as an icon on the path before moving to next crop would help..Version: 1.97.1

Great game!I am addicted to Solitaire Grand Harvest! There are lots of great graphics and fun crops. Love Sam, the dog, but Peggy needs to go- she’s so annoying! I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because the only way to really get ahead and have fun with this game is to play in the high modes and play with power ups, which can really eat up all your coins, especially when you first get started! Many of the games on here are impossible to win so it isn’t about skill at all. It’s about how many coins you spend on a game. I was very frustrated when I first started playing because the winnings were much lower than the investment. (Not real money mind you- just the coins that you earn and spend within the game!-I have never spent one penny of real money on this game!) But once I started playing in the high mode, the return was much greater. I won a tournament because I was able to accumulate winnings at a faster pace. Winning the tournament gave me more coins which I invested in power ups. Also, if I lost too many coins playing the game, I would just stop playing for awhile, but continue to harvest until I built a coin base up again. Playing in high mode also lets you earn gems faster so I was able to finish my farm for an extra 2 million in coins. I now have over 5 million coins!.Version: 1.89.0

I guess it's okayYou should definitely play/buy this game. It gives you wonderful prizes if you get to certain levels and free coins/credits for harvesting crops. If you give a good review it gives coins! And level 10 is free with you not having to pay coins/credits. But one thing I hope that could change would be when you play the level again that it would be half the price than what you played the first time because if you play it again then it is the same price. But other than that you should definitely play this game if you are looking for a relaxing and fun game or if you are looking for a solitaire, then get this one! If you buy it I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!! I will write more about this game when I get further into it. (Ps. This is for the developer) Please could you change the price of when you play the level again. And I read in another review about petting the dog. How can you do that? Could you give me some feedback from what I said about the dog and about replaying the level?And thanks sooo much for making this game!! Soooo....... I have been playing this for a while and it is getting HORRIBLE!!!! I'm always running out of coins in the levels! It is sooooo annoying. Could you plz fix that????!!!!!!.Version: 1.92.2

Loved it till recently.This was one of the best solitaire games out there. Fun characters tons of layouts, and fun boosts. I loved the collections(villages) but then the disappeared when done. Then they made it impossible to play without lots of $$$$. If you’d make the golden ticket and peggy more affordable instead of hundreds of dollars I might come back. With the Golden Tickets going up to $9.99/week, that’s over $500 a year, preposterous. The Peggy was getting more and more expensive, why not have Peggy be redeemable once, at the end, with 1,500,000 gold coins , then I might come back. Wild cards and reverse keep going up and up in Gold coins. Being on a budget I just had to stop playing since being able to keep gold coins up was getting too expensive. Make the Golden Tickets under $100 a year, make the Peggy redeemable once at the end of the week, and lower the cost of boosts and I guarantee you that many will return. On top of that cost all the items in the “villages” meant you had to play constantly pumping more and more $$ into gold coins. If you made the “villages” more affordable, so players that don’t, or can’t, spend hours and hours, plus $$, might play more. I had recently reached level 4,000, and some of the layouts were impossible to finish without costly wild cards..Version: 2.337.0

Oh no! Something went wrongI’m on level 12,409, so to say I love this game is an understatement. Recently, all I’m receiving after big accomplishments or moments of rewards, I receive the “Oh, no! Something went wrong.,” message. It’s getting very frustrating, especially when you build up to a half a million coins and go back down to 21,000 in record time because of “Oh, no! Something went wrong.” Can we get this bug fixed asap on the asap or reimburse users any money they lose, whether real cash, or game tokens. I love this game. Don’t make me stop playing because of this one annoying glitch that’s easily fixable. C’mon Grand Harvest, step up your game!! I see nothing but complaining about how much money you have to spend on this game to win or what a rip off the game is. If you feel that way, don’t play it. I saw a review where the guy was at level 4200 and he said it was so hard to win now. Are you kidding me? There’s mostly a pattern laid out in many of the levels. A few, will burn you if you don’t select right. I have NEVER spent a single penny on this and I’m on level 12,409. It can be done if you focus. Stop whining and play the game..Version: 2.337.0

Great game with lots of perks!!I really love this game! It does take awhile to rack up credits especially since I refuse to spend money on any of my games. I have well over 2 million credits. I like that you can get 100 credits just for petting the doggy. And I like the wheel of fortune thing too. The Golden Glades are nice in that you can increase your daily bonus. And the daily bonus plus the occasional free rounds is great too. Only thing is I wish the cost of credits didn’t go up. A lot of times, I lose more than I win but hey that’s just like real life! Thanks again for a wonderful game with pleasant music and graphics. Update: still loving this game. I love the new dice game and the option to watch ads to increase harvest or reduce the cost of a round. The crates are an awesome addition!! It challenges me to get 60 stars per group of levels to get 10 prizes!!! Love it!I don’t understand how people complain that they HAVE to spend money. I have not spent one dime and I’m almost to 9 MILLION credits! The only thing I dislike is that dumb Peggy Pig. Please make her optional. I am never going to spend money to get those credits and her animation is just annoying! Thanks..Version: 1.69.2

$$$ Costly $$$5 stars for how well the makers did at playing me :) It took me 7,800 levels to delete it. I’m ashamed at how much money I’ve spent on this game. The further you are the worst it gets. The rewards are minor so you keep spending more money. Even the wheel to spin for freebies always lands on the bare min items. I’ve actually never won the biggest item on the free spin! Another spin is $10. It should be a 1/10 chance for each freebie, why am I always getting the same things? The max coins to win in one game is 1/8 of what you pay to play. And believe me, you lose at least that many times in a row without using Wilds or extra cards, which also cost real money. Now they’ve added another mini game but guess what? Costs $4 to play after the free introduction. Stay away from this game if you’re not wanting to consistently put money into it in order to move forward. A bit of $ is ok, to support the game, but they’ve pushed it too far. It is not for a lack of patience or luck, it’s the way they’ve made the game. I’m going back to Soda Crush..Version: 2.315.2

Love itI am addicted to this game! Not sure if this will get printed. First time I layer I quickly went from 20,000 to under 1,000 coins then I started taking advantage of what’s on the screen. Such as harvesting crops every hour. Watching videos for twice the harvest value or 25% discount on next level. Have you petted Sam? Take advantage of what they offer. Rack up the coins! The higher the levels the higher the cost for everything. You can easily use up 4-6,000 coins per hand. Sometimes you gotta know when to fold them. Cheaper to end game than to buy a wild card even when you only have one card to go. This game is a lot of fun if you play it right. I keep a 200,000 coins in reserve then just play solitaire. Don’t forget to get your daily prize even if you don’t play that day. Let your friends/contacts about this game. You get 250 coins for each one (can only do 1 or 2 per day) but it’s better than nothing. Hope I don’t get in trouble for telling you cheats. Just tired of bad comments cause people don’t get the cards they want. Really? Where’s the challenge in that?.Version: 1.74.1

It’s just ok.I have been playing Solitaire Grand Harvest for a few months now. I have been working my way up to a goal of completing 21 chapters with “Jane” to earn 500,000 coins. The higher you get in the levels the more coins they charge you so coins go VERY quickly. This is a reason I will never purchase anything in the app because I see how fast it all disappears….It’s just not worth it. I currently have five hours left to get 3 more portion of gems (each portion could be up to 500+ gems and they’re hard to get) to complete mini-levels, and ultimately earn the 500k (it’s not going happen for me). In general, when you’re first starting out, it’s easier to play and not stressful. If you want to start earning more coins and play more, just know that it takes a while to build up those coins….Especially when they take the ads away. They used to have ads where you could double your daily allotment of coins and earn an extra crate reward (thereby giving you more free playtime with some extra coins - those are now gone). I know it’s all about money for Playtika, but I think they should be more aware of how their methods deter people from continuing to choose SGH..Version: 2.329.0

Not spending anymore moneyThis has been my go to game to pass time since December . The events are fun, it is challenging enough to keep me interested, and up until this week, the ad perks were plentiful. With several ad options per day, I felt no guilt spending over $100 over the last few months, since the developers had been generous with ads that discounted level costs, and doubled harvests, I felt no qualms spending money to help complete an event or get me through an especially hard section of levels. For the last week I have had no ad options. It is making it especially difficult to play a higher mode, since I can harvest once an hour and one harvest is approximately the cost of playing one level in the lowest mode. I contacted support regarding ads and was told they are being tested, some people have them and some don’t. This is ridiculous, as there is a setting option to receive ads. I’ve had them for 6 months...then nothing. I may still play every once in awhile, I’ll at least log in to get my daily reward so I can save up for the difficult section I’m in now, but I refuse to spend another dime until the ads are returned..Version: 1.89.0

Fun Game, Can be played for freeFun game that’s even better as you figure out the best strategies. They make it VERY easy to spend money. But if you are patient, I mean VERY patient, you can check in daily and hourly and after a week or so collect enough points, gems etc to play it for free. I have so far been playing for a month, maybe 5-6 hours total all for free. You need other games to occupy you time while collecting free points. HINT: Be Smart about using wild cards (they usually cost points). Also, if you start a game (costs points too), then do NOT quit the app until you finish that round. If you quit in middle, you lose those points and must use more points to start game over. It does not resume where you left off. I give it 4 stars because you have to work hard and take you time to collect enough free points to keep playing. Last Hint: early on, never start a game unless you have at least 50,000 points. I now don’t start unless I have over 200,000 points if you want to enjoy and play for free. Of course if you want to pay for your fun, you can do that and play without any delay. Good Luck & enjoy..Version: 2.320.0

Fun at a priceCredits slow to build and they are so stingy. There are extras but u never seem to get the extra pieces. And after 4 weeks ur Daily starts over at some low prizes. The wheel of fortune has yet to hit the best one after400 or so levels. Even when building everything becomes too pricey in jewels. The dice game doesn’t even hit 6 s, u can roll and roll and just get 1,2 s. The game is good and fun slow to pay off. And rounds rarely leave u enough to play another round though u won. Cheap skates. Keep petting the dog. Love the cards but they always fix it so u need to buy. Never completed a puzzle. Just never enough points. Go figure. Sometimes u get 6 sixes Who dealing and how many decks. If u pay for 5 more cards one or two of the cards are already showing face up. Go figure. Is the game is glichy. Hate the frog pond the frog always knows what’s coming and sits on the card. No fun in that. Dr Phil who promotes it must have unlimited credits for his endorsement or he has stock in the game. Yes sometimes u win free rounds. But guess what it never covers the whole cost. “Free”? Thanks so much. Piggy they let u buy bAck ur losses. Or a fan Ur the cards are fun..Version: 2.322.0

Disappointed.This game is fun and I love playing it. I enjoy the challenges and the things to do. But this game is wildly overpriced. All it is is simple solitaire. I’ve played games that were more in-depth and fun that didn’t charge you $7 for a pack of currency. You hardly win anything when you beat levels and the levels are so overpriced it’s insane. How do you beat a level and win less than what the level cost? Or if you’re lucky you win 200 coins. Your coins go so fast you can only play 1-2 games if you’re lucky until you harvest your crops and save up that $ for a few hours. I recently bought a pack of coins and they were gone within 10 mins....if you guys need to make $ off a game that’s fine but you have this so out of balance for players it’s unfair and ridiculous. Nobody is going to give you 7$ for something that lasts you 5 mins and you can’t play the game for hours. Also you took the ads away that gives you money off rounds or doubles your harvest. Game could be fun but it’s such a bad scam that the developers are going to lose money instead. Get it together. Nobody is gonna play your overpriced game if it doesn’t change..Version: 2.318.1

Top tier solitaire gameI originally downloaded this game to do a survey and receive a gift card, at the same time I was looking for a new game to play on my phone in general. This is by far the best spin on a solitaire game that I’ve played in years. I love the mini games within the game, and the challenge to get prizes at certain levels. It does stink at how you have to use more coins when you get to certain levels, which does make it difficult to play more than one game. If you follow their FB page, there’s daily prizes to snag. When I found that out, thankfully I was able to collect almost a months worth of free prizes which definitely helped. If you have patience in building your bank with the free coins provided, you end up playing for hours and wondering what time it is. This is definitely a game I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to playing. No other games at this moment is comparable to this one. Plus it’s nice getting to use my brain with playing strategically. Peace + grace 🫶🏾.Version: 2.346.1

4 starsAddictive. Love playing, just seems like there’s times when the goals for getting bonuses are a bit larger than they should be. Also I don’t like Peggy. I play & Peggy puts coins in a piggy bank based on the coins I accrue & then the game wants me to pay real money to get my piggy bank. Update. I changed my review to 3 stars instead of 4 because I’m honestly tired of as I advance through the game the levels are costing more credits, the rewards aren’t exactly motivating once you win a level, the decks dealt are producing more & more unusable cards, the ratio of cards on the board to the deck doesn’t give you a fair chance to pass the level. Also, now the time allotted to complete a challenge like memory game, puzzle pieces, etc has shortened dramatically. I have a job & can only play when not at work so that makes it almost impossible to complete an 8 part challenge in 2 days when it’s takes a lot of level advancement to achieve one part of the challenge. I have noticed that the developer responses to other reviews tend to repeat themselves almost word for word. This game has become less fun & I’m considering deleting it..Version: 1.108.1

Fun Money PotThis is definitely a fun game to play but do not and I repeat do not fall into the trap of trying to achieve the goals they place before you by spending your own money. You will never reach the goal without spending a whole lot of money. Especially when they have those cute farms for you to develop. They make it rather impossible when you have to have 200 gyms to get the next development on the next level of your cute farm. For example. So it’s like fructose that is in foods to make you eat more and more food because it’s addictive. Well the challenge to reach the goal is an addictive feeling. DO NOT buy into it. Simply play the game and do what you can and do not buy coins because you can go through 200,000 coins very fast just playing a few times because of your desire to not lose a play. And then…. You are sad cause you have no coins. That PIG is a real trap!! You can easily spend $50 or more while she is around tempting you with the coins you earn BUT have to pay for. A bargain yes. But don’t spend your hard earned money on a game!!! Happy Farming!.Version: 1.91.0

5 stars all da wayNew user and I really love this game found it through inbox $$$$ and it really calms my ADHD thanks guys stress levels coming down . God bless all of my family and friends back on Maui praying for all da people get back on there feet and the help they need after loosing everything a lot of people have left us to soon but are now in a better place . Thank you everyone for prayers and for any help we can give da Maui Ohana !! It’s so sad these fires just devastated the island and alot of ohanas I can’t imagine the pain our friends and familys are going through. And the stuff I hear about not getting them the proper help and supplies shame on the people WHO SUPOST to be in charge on maui and from me to mr Biden you gotta help the people not just a little speach every time these things happen THIS world needs to take care of each other LOVE EVERYBODY !!!😄🇺🇸GOD BLESS EVERY ONE oh 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ALL DA WAY !!!! Wish I new how for make games like this or any apps that can bring people relaxation time or just a time to destress, ALOHA game makers!!!!.Version: 2.344.3

Relaxing?😕I have completed level 5628. Yes, this has been my favorite game for quite some time! I try new ones & even have others I play, but nothing as enjoyable, relaxing, or fun as this! The thing is lately I’ve realized with all the stress I’m going through, this game has only been adding more stress. I’m trying so hard to save my coins, because the levels don’t earn much when completed. Don’t get me wrong, I love a challenge, but you’ve taken away all the little helps. Like, you can’t get an extra prize by watching an ad in the prize box. I’ve even been known to set my timer when I can harvest every 30min, so I don’t forget, because so little are earned from completing the level. Sometimes my phone gets turned down so I don’t hear notifications. See what I mean. That’s just not fun anymore. I mean I guess that’s ok, but not for me. I probably won’t delete it yet, but I’m definitely taking a break. It’s just not fun & relaxing anymore. Thank you for all the great graphics and challenges! It is definitely a fun and exciting twist to solitaire!!.Version: 2.330.2

Over a year.Been playing this game for over a year. I agree with the argument for the value of each hand u play. I will say I have made in-app purchases but I do hoard my credits. I play the game quite often. If the winnings could match the hand value , the game would be a lot better! I understand as an app developer , u need to make money. But as a person who loves classic solitaire. Sometimes I rather sit there and let a 30-60 second ad play through, then to worry about only playing one hand every hour. Even if u win. It’s not like your doubling credits. Also, petting the dog only gives u +10 credit. What exactly will that do for my next level?. Being on level 2000+ , it would be amazing to receive more for winning a hand. The daily log in at this point is only 14,000 and each hand cost me 6000. That’s 2 hands. 😩 Although, I do appreciate the free spins that MAY come in the daily credit. I’m torn between loving and hating this game. But I will give it a 5 star because it’s the only card game I can enjoy . Even with its downfalls.Version: 1.54.0

Love this game but...It costs a lot of credits to play each hand, then you don’t win a comparative amount. So, I just played the best hand ever... won 9,947 credits during the game, got the 3 stars with the dog jumping over, showing I did a great job, then for having cleared the round I got only 1500 credits! What?! I paid 4900 to play, and because I earned so many credits during the game I get squat for clearing the level. There have been times I’ve gotten 1 star and earned hardly anything during the game and then been given almost the entire amount I paid to play the game back for clearing the level. There is no rhyme or reason to the credits earned for clearing the game, BUT you absolutely get less the more you win during each hand. That being said there are no ads, so that is awesome and the game is fun. I have purchased credits, but I will not do it again because the value isn’t there. I’d rather watch ads, win a normal amount, and buy credits when I need them, but this game isn’t worth paying anything for..Version: 1.23.0

Best Solitaire Game!This is the best Solitaire game I’ve played....and I’ve played a lot of these games. If you love challenges, strategic games, and practice patience...this game is for you. If you just want to play a free mindless game, don’t play. I gave this 5 stars because unlike other solitary games, you will beat a level and move on without spending a ton of money you do not have. I’ve read a lot of reviews from people complaining about the cost of levels, and I’m thinking they are only playing half of the games. On the top are VIP levels and the Golden Glade. Playing those levels will increase your daily rewards. Yes, levels increase as you play, but unless you want to sit around all day doing nothing, you get money every hour. Something that not all games do. I do reward this game by spending a little bit real money when I have extra money to do so because the developers actually did build this game with people and the economy in mind. Thank you! Even someone hit hard financially can enjoy this game..Version: 1.18

Fabulous gameI have played countless phone and computer games, generally getting bored with it or the game just gets too hard and it’s not fun anymore. I don’t remember when I started getting laying, but I’m on level 724. That’s astonishing for me. I spent a small amount of money, under $5, in this game once many months ago. I really wanted to win a tournament and got out of control. Other than that, it’s been free for me to play. Generally, your hourly harvest of coins is equal to one game. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually enough to keep you playing. You get a daily reward which increases in amount when your level increases. Some days, you get free rounds with your daily reward. Every ten or fifteen levels, you can spin a wheel and win coins, free rounds and such. You can also click on Sam, the dog, and get 100 free coins a few times a day. Every game is a different layout and there are interesting challenges thrown in from time to time. I highly recommend this game!!.Version: 1.40.0

Amazing game but hardly get to playOkay I’m I’ve been playing this game FOR A WHILE now. I’m on some ridiculously high level. I tried to really love it and everything in me wants to give this a full five stars but it costs SO MUCH to play one level. It now costs me 5800 each level and I get like 6200 after finishing all but one of the pyramid levels which are supposed to get you a higher harvest. I love the graphic and the gameplay but I only get to attempt one level per hour. The levels got VERY hard. Sometimes I get down to only needing one card with like half a deck left and I still don’t get the ONE I need. Seems a little rigged at times. And it’s frustrating to wait an hour and play one level. I know the devs need to make money but this makes it hardly even worth it. They do have special things where you can earn more coins but sometimes it requires 10-25 starts which means you’d have to perfectly play 4-7 levels which at the level I’m at is incredibly difficult. They need to make the level/coin payout better so you can even TRY to pas more than one level each time you collect..Version: 1.44.0

Game is Fun but get ready to Spend MoneyI just downloaded the game today & am already addicted. I am playing rather well but you will still need financial support to play the game especially if you play it consistently. I downloaded around 4:00 pm & it’s a little after 7 pm now —I am on level 63 because I love this game. But the next time I run out of something I will delete it. It’s not worth the money I have put in. Also I am really confused at some of the things in this game. I don’t care to “farm” or harvest things or collect things. I would just rather play the card game with opportunities to watch a commercial/ad if you needed coins, wild cards or extra cards to play through. Yes you *don’t* have ads which is nice but then you financially have to add more to complete the game or play well. It’s too bad - I really love this game—it’s one of the best I played. Its addicting. But the additional money you have to add is ridiculous. If you run out of coins (& you will) you have to be able to add to it..Version: 2.352.0

Fun, but expensiveI really like this game. The graphics are fantastic. Many others have noted that this is an expensive game to play and it’s true. I’d like to binge play, but I can’t. You’ll usually gain between 1,000 to 3,000 coins for every round you win. However, you lose A LOT more for every round you lose. Your coins can go quite quickly. That isn’t a good model for a game that is about 50% skill and 50% chance. Also, one of my boosts does not work at all and I’ve contacted them about and gotten no help. Boosts a very expensive, I might add. Every so often you win prizes, but they are small compared to what you spend. You will also earn coins every hour (or 30 minutes if you win that). I try to limit my playing to only playing when I’ve built up credits. At that rate, it’s hard to progress. I’m giving four stars because it is a nice game. I don’t mind spending money on a game. I know the developers have to make money too. I just wish I could play more without going broke..Version: 1.90.2

Ok for a diff./new kindA way to peek into Solitaire!This app comes with several glitches of course not that awful in the ad department when considering what most games make us deal with, however, I mean this is fine and you only different way to peek into the way solitaire works as far as the game of course only! It’s fine, however, I could play natural original solitaire? A whole lot longer, TBH! I have nothing bad to say about this game, other than the glitches were aggravating, & significantly disliked the feature in this game whereUnless you’re purchasing things in this low graded game where you can’t even win cash, to even stay in the game. That is ridiculous. You should always have a way for your fans to be able to play your game freely. That goes without being SAID!-I mean that’s common sense right?! YES. Maybe if your game was something like Tetris maybe you would be on the level of expecting people to buy things to just play your game. Oh! And by the way, this game has nothing to do with skill. Chance only like nine out of 10 games..Version: 1.107.0

Addictive but not worth 5 starsThis app is a great and addicting game but it doesn’t deserve 5 full stars. It’s kind of annoying that your device has to be sideways for you to play and you have to spend game credits to play a level. Even though you earn about the same amount of credits once the level is complete, if you run out of cards you can either spend credits to reverse your moves or spend credits to buy more cards, so really you’re only losing credits each round. Now assuming you play a perfect round every single time, you won’t have this problem, but it’s very difficult to have a perfect round because most of the time you don’t have a choice as to which card to put out, which means it could be only one choice you make that turns the game, which just makes it more difficult. But it’s a very good game and worth the storage space. And it gets a full four stars because I haven’t yet run into any issues where u lost all my credits and it’s fun and there are few ads and no in-app purchases..Version: 1.20.0

Fun game but…Fun game been playing for a while now but not many incentives at all and I love how you win a free game or free round however if you are at the highest level before playing it only gives you a portion of money off which is just dumb and not really fair to those that spend our coins for the highest level fair is fair but not in this case.. and then there’s that “awesome” wheel youget to spin after completing so many levels to me it’s such a waste all that work and you may spin and win $12,000 wow!👍or a useless “free round” that is anything but free for those that are not at the first rank before playing a round! Then there’s the puzzles or the dice incentives you can win some things the puzzle thing is just a waste so is the ranking incentives the dice incentives are not all that bad and then you have the cards that will take forever and aday to complete… I get that it’s a game and nothing is free etc.. but I mean can we be a little more fair with some of these thing’s seriously! Don’t call it a free round because it’s not for some of us!.Version: 2.334.0

Cost to win ratioThis game is fun. However I find it a tad ridiculous that to play at top level it will cost you over 150K and if you don’t win you don’t even walk away with a quarter of what you paid back. And if you win you don’t even double what you spent. I also think to buy boosters it should be a set price. Instead you have to buy it for the level you are planning to play. They used to have videos you could watch that would give you double harvest or discount rounds but they got rid of that too. The game is fun to pass time but the cost is getting way to high and the challenges are near impossible to master. I’ve been playing till I go broke daily and still haven’t gotten all the cards I need and the challenge is almost over after having well over 100 days to collect them all. This is my second attempt to collect all the cards and I have also paid out of pocket to boost my money to play even more and still have not been able to collect them all. At some point it stops being fun..Version: 2.337.0

Fun to playI like playing this game, however you earn coins at an ok rate. My issue is with game play. If you have to use extra cards or a wild card your game cost about 4 times as more than you can win. I’m starting to get aggravated with it. Up to level 287 and the coins I can hourly are about 2700 and yes you gave chance win them in other ways, but say I play game on the level one of difficulty, it cost me 2700 coins per try, if I use extra cards, it starts at 5400 for 5 cards. As you use them the cost continues to rise, now using a wild card starts at 8100 coins. So if I use one of each my game cost me 16,200 coins but I can only win 3000. That’s way out of proportion. Plus if use none of those, you are only 300 more than you paid. If you have 50,000 coins t they can depleted to zero on about a half hour to an hour or faster. It seems a little crazy and for me I’m about to stop playing. My suggestion would be to be more fair on the usage of coins. It can take a long time to build up 50,000 and it goes within a half hour. Not cool..Version: 1.109.0

Harvest GameIt’s a fun game , lots of people are playing it ..Version: 1.8.1

Harvest the funChallenging and fun!.Version: 1.10.3

GreatAwesome.Version: 1.6.5

Good gameBut I really wish since it takes 2000 coins to play a round that the coins won in the round when you win would be more then just a little more then you spent to play the round that makes no sense the coins won should be double then what it cost to play a game.. And really 6000 coins to buy a wild card that’s crazy it’s not worth it or even to spend coins on getting 5 extra cards 4000.. Please change this or I think I might just delete this game and find a different one to play because I love ❤️ solitaire. ya another thing the crops don’t pay enough at all either.. Hope you fix the coin amount.Version: 1.27.0

Drains your money too fastI love this game but it drains your money so fast that I have to stop playing for a few days and collect as much as I can to be able to continue playing. The crops should give you more money or the hourly bonuses.Version: 1.27.0

Lots of funA great game to keep your solitaire skills useful..Version: 1.28.2

Très amusantSuper.Version: 1.8.1

Awesome GameAnother great exciting game love it.Version: 1.9.0

Loyalty should be rewardedThe game itself is stunningly beautiful. The graphics gorgeous. I have to admit that the design team and programmers are excellent. I’ve never had glitches or crashes. My only complaint is the model of making things play, add-ons, etc... more expensive in essence punishing loyalty by making it hard to purchase extra cards. I was overjoyed to see the pricing brought down to around 4000 coins for 5 extra cards which while still excessive made it possible to extend your play time. I truly hope you reconsider your pricing strategy and reward loyalty rather than overcharging it. You will notice I still gave five stars because I truly love the game..Version: 1.60.0

Great gameOnly learned about this game to get me a $750 dollar Amazon card.Version: 2.335.1

SimpleCute little game.Version: 2.329.0

V’s reviewI enjoy playing this game. I think some levels are hard to pass. It takes longer to pass because you don't have the credits for each level almost every level is 2000 credits and your harvest once an hour but it's mostly only credits for 1 round. Love the colours and the little forth of July character..Version: 1.66.6

Expensive ...It can be a fun game, but it costs more to play than what you earn when you win. I’m at a point where it’s 3,000 for one round. A wild card is 9,000 ... an extra hand is 5,000 and higher. You’re lucky if you win a round the first time, but you only win about 3,800. Not encouraging..Version: 1.63.0

Too many pop up ads.It could be a decent game but it has just far too many pops up imbedded in the program. Every round you play involves a pop up of some kind that is selling you something or telling you about an opportunity to purchase something or telling you why the game is so great. Enough is enough......Version: 1.61.0

Fun and addictiveThis is very addictive. I found out that if you tap on the dog when he’s in the garden, you can extra coins. 10 coins each tap, and you get 10 taps. You can also slide side to side in the garden looking for the dog... he can be anywhere 😉.Version: 1.56.0

FunI really like this game, but it’s hard to earn coins and I have to stop playing for a little while before i can replay a level. Maybe you could give more coins per harvest/ have more easy way to earn money. another thing is that i would really like to be able to reset my progress easily..Version: 1.60.0

Great game, tired of the ads to buy coinsI love playing this game, but when I can’t get to the screen to play unless I buy 75,000 coins for $3.99. There is no “X” to get out of that screen, the only way is to buy the coins and I don’t want them! Please fix this, not the first time this has happened. Super annoying!!.Version: 1.59.0

Princessgail54I enjoy this game but I find the cost of thing a little to expensive. I wish they would lower the everyday playing amounts to a more reasonable amount so you have a better chance to play a little longer!!!!!!.Version: 1.59.0

Love itJust wish they wouldn’t do multiple pop-ups all the time. One sales pitch at a time is enough..Version: 1.56.0

Great graphicsGreat game, just wish the winning amounts were more and perhaps more special bonuses..Version: 1.51.0

Good but needs improvementsI really enjoy this game however, you need to win more to be able to keep playing.. I am not, nor will I ever spend my real cash on game coins!! Seriously!! I play about 1x a week after harvesting enough to actually play 5-6 rounds! Very disappointed in the fact that you only win 200 more coins than what you actually need to play a round.. I will probably stop playing once spring arrives unless improvements occur from developers!! Lots of other solitaire type games out there that rewards you fairly! And you can play for hours without spending real money!.Version: 1.55.2

Good gameIt’s a good cake but the rounds are too much, if the harvesting brought in more money then I’d be able play the game more than like four different times a day. Could be better.Version: 1.54.0

Hate waiting for livesAll in all a good fun game but I hate waiting for lives and how much it costs to get a new deck of cards, my coins run out so quickly..Version: 1.53.0

My feedbackI absolutely love this game ! But the wild card prices are way way to high , and there should be more opportunities to win coins to play for those who can’t afford to purchase.Version: 1.51.0

Keeps me playingI’m really enjoying this. I don’t feel pressure to buy,buy,buy, there aren’t ads every 10 seconds and I just love playing and the treasure chest event is really cool too.Version: 1.43.0

More bonus coins pls.Hi I’ve noticed the dog gives out 100 coins no matter what level u are on. Personally I think it should go up the higher level u are playing. Maybe go with 100 for the first couple thousand it cost to play a game and then when it gets to over 5000 make it like 300-500 coins. Plus maybe make a type of extra coin maker so u don’t have to wait an hour to play another game. I’ve put to much cash into this game and I’m just wanting to see a return thanks so much. Been playing this game for just about 2 years now and still not bored. Just need more coins to play..Version: 1.50.3

Good game.Challenging to get 3 stars all the time..Version: 1.69.2

Frustration and deleteEvery day I play and it is so frustrating to try to finish one level, you lose 50000 coins and it gives you nothing but frustration and I put my finger on delete but I don’t, pretty’s a very fun game although I do love it but many times I want to delete..thx...Version: 1.43.0

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