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ElkNut is the cutting edge of elk calling and hunting technology. With thirty years of elk hunting experience, Paul Medel and his company, ElkNut Outdoor Productions, author of myriad elk hunting books, articles, movies, CDs, and blogs, has raised elk calling training to the next level with ElkNut though his partnership with Got Game Technologies. Together, they have taken what he has learned in three decades of 100 percent elk hunting success on over the counter, do it yourself hunts, and put it together in one easy to use, accessible, and understandable location: ElkNut.
ElkNut helps you become a better elk caller and hunter through:

- Video content teaching you how to choose a mouth reed from the many options on the market place to make the most realistic elk sounds.
- Video content offering guidance on mouth reed placement with specific instruction for both bull and cow elk sounds.
- Featuring twenty two of the most common and most important bull and cow elk sounds, including:
- Location Bugle
- Challenge Bugle
- Nervous Grunt
- Chuckles
- Advertising Bugle
- Grunts
- Round Up Bugle
- Lip Bawl Bugle
- Social Cow/Calf Talk
- Contact Buzz
- Bulls Panting
- Growls
- Separated/Lost Cow
- Whines Going to Bull
- Nervous Grunt/Round Up Bugle
- Cow Bugles
- Alarm Barks
- Retreating Cow Mews
- Pleading Cow/Calf Mews
- Glunking
- Regathering Mews
- Rattling Antlers

- Twelve included Sequences:
- Blind/Cold Calling Sequence
- Advertising Sequence
- Breeding Sequence
- Cow Party
- The Slow Play Sequence
- Cow Whines & Raking
- Defensive Action
- ElkNut's Top Four Elk Sounds
- Full Send Challenge Bugle
- Second Chance on Elk
- Simple Elk Sounds
- Threat Sequence

- Twenty Two Tactics:
- Four Estrus Cycles
- Utilizing a Full Moon
- Wallows, Waterholes and Mineral Licks
- Tips for New Hunters
- ElkNut Nuggets
- Solo Hunting
- Early Season
- Calling Setup Logistics
- Choosing Solid Setups
- Hunting Cows & Spikes
- Hunting Open Country
- Locating Elk
- Navigation
- Next Step: Bedded Bull
- Next Step: Heard a Bugle
- Next Step: Responding to a Bark
- Night Calling
- Quiet Elk Tactics
- Rifle Hunting
- Setup Example 1
- Setup Example 2
- Targeted Area Info
- Tips for New Hunters

- Audio content of both the ElkNut and real elk making each sound so you can practice and measure your progress.
- Incorporating microphone on device so you can record yourself making the sound and compare to the real elk and ElkNut audio.
- Video instruction demonstrating how to make each sound, with technical details that only an expert can teach you. Downloadable so you can take these videos with you on the hunt!
- Hunting tips categorized by elk sound with tried and true pointers that will help you know what these sounds mean to other elk, when to use them in the field, and how an elk will respond to it when you do.
- Special quick action tips that are readily accessible at a moment's notice to figure out what sounds you've been hearing from elk in the field.
- Highly effective Pro Tips that provide insight only gained from years and years hunting elk that help you give yourself the best chance to find and harvest the elk of your dreams.
- New Download Menu simplifies downloading content for offline use!
- Links to resources where you can find the elk hunting products you need to be successful.

ElkNut App Comments & Reviews

ElkNut Positive Reviews

Perfect for the fieldI have been bowhunting for elk maybe a total of 6 separate years with no kills. I could get in elk but lacked that calling and understanding needed to really seal the deal. After getting this app and studying the context, it helped me to finally achieve my first archery bull elk kill solo in 2019. I especially love this app because I always have my phone with me and can reference it at any time. Thanks Paul!.Version: 1.3.6

Never stop learningI always had success calling elk in for my friends and myself. I never understood what I was doing and this really helps me to understand what I’m trying to say to the elk and what they are saying to me. I’m a solo hunter and the first time I used this in the field I had two giant bulls coming in to fight me. One was so close I couldn’t move or call and he stood for 15 minutes looking and chuckling trying to get me to show myself all I could see where antlers and eyes 320” bull minimum. The other bull was way smarter and way bigger and only hung around for 30 seconds. What was great is I knew how to make all the calls this showed me when to use them to say the right things. I never realized how much the bulls just want to come and fight. They responded to my fight calls more this year than any other calling sequence. Did not put a bull on the ground but sparked an old flame with a new understanding. The panting I have never used and wow that made this bull red eye mad. They do learn what you sound like fast though and after 4 days would not respond the same. Like to get some pointers there. And I have other sounds I’ve heard I’d love to know what they mean and are used for that you have never addressed or made note of. Thanks Paul for all the years spent to help us out. Is there a video for slow play coming soon would love to see that Nick C.Version: 1.3.6

Extremely ImpressedI just want to say how impressed I am with, not just Paul’s knowledge and experience, but with his willingness to help hunters learn how to become students of elk hunting. For $4.99 this app is a no brainer for any elk hunter wanting to become better at their craft. Elk hunting has never made more sense to me. I successfully called in a bull for a buddy in 2016 and it was really cool, but other than knowing how to cow call well I was clueless on what the bull was actually saying when he hung up at 184 yards in an open meadow. He kept nervous grunting and I was fascinated by the sound, but didn’t understand it. Now I understand what he was saying and why he hung up. I love the sequences, tactics, tips sections, videos, ability to record myself and compare my sounds to real elk and ElkNut sounds. To put it simply there is nothing else like this anywhere out there. It’s is cutting edge and worth it’s weight in gold to all elk hunters, even seasoned guys. Ever since I heard Paul’s podcasts I’ve been hooked. You guys rock. I wish it was fall right now!!! Your willingness to help people is very admirable. Get this app, you won’t be sorry!.Version: 1.3.3

Hear them out on changing to subscriptionI have had this app for two years and it has helped my husband and I significantly with our calls and learning about elk communication. I have told my husband that it was crazy they only charged 10 dollars for the amount of information the app contained. I was bummed when I saw it was moving to subscription, but I reached out to them, they responded promptly, and they explained that it was a very difficult decision. There are only 5 guys working on this app. The amount of work, thought, and years of experience and education put into this app is definitely worth 15 dollars a year. And that certainly isn’t going to be enough to provide an income for any of them. All we see are the videos and the calls in the app. We don’t know the time, cost, and effort that is required behind the scenes to have the app run smoothly and give us all of this awesome information. The new update runs seamlessly and it’s apparent a lot of thought was put into this decision. Love seeing new tips, tactics, and sequences, too. The information put out in this app is unmatched and worth it. These guys are hunters just like we are. Don’t give them a bad review just because they are trying to figure out a way to keep making this app better for us. Thank you guys for taking the time out of your lives to give us this great app!.Version: 3.0

Best electronic tool for elk hunters!!Since I purchased this App, my friends & I have experienced more elk encounters & success rate on the bowhunt. I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to calling elk, WRONG. Was I ever wrong. I’ve harvested elk b4 this app & listening to Paul’s podcasts, but I think it was more luck than skill. In the last 3 years of gaining this new knowledge, we have harvested 6 branch antlered bulls. All 40yds or closer. Last fall I was able to harvest a 330” bull @ ten steps. Without the info in the app & being able to use it whenever on the mountain (don’t need cell service) I don’t think this would’ve been even a dream. We are constantly pulling out our phones & opening the app through out the day, every day while elk hunting. We use it to refresh our calling techniques based on the emotions & sounds we are receiving from the elk, wether it be bulls or cows. Then we call accordingly based on the situation. - the slow play is amazing! I was using this technique for a buddy & he just about got ran over by a 6pt love stricken bull, he had to jump out of the way the bull came running in so fast haha Anyway if your in the fence about the cost don’t be, best $$$ spent & you’ll find your self using it all year round to become a deadly successful elk hunter!!! Matt.Version: 1.3.6

Made for elk people, by elk people.Such an awesome app, that has taught me so much. Not only how to do a call, but why and when you would do that call. Multiple times I’ve heard a elk sounding off, while sitting near a water hole and have used the app to “diagnose” and interpret the sound heard. Also, using it when I have been getting radio silence and able to get some stuff going. Not to mention I have had the chance of seeing Paul and his son at seminars and they are just really cool people, that love elk hunting. I really could go on and on, this app is worth its weight in gold. One last thing, app isn’t just a stagnant app, always seems like new content and info is always coming out. I haven’t had any tech issues either. Really if you are on the fence about the app, don’t be, it is really great and a good tool to have in the toolbox..Version: 1.3.6

A must have for elk huntersI wish I had downloaded this app last year before my first archery elk hunt. It’s rare to find such a wealth of information that’s also well organized. The videos are excellent, Paul has a knack for getting you fired up with his enthusiasm. The tips section has so much relevant information and really help you understand the “why” behind each situation and call. One of the best features is you can use it offline too. So if you have any questions or just want to review it while in the field you have everything available. I really believe elk hunters of all levels can benefit from this app. I’ve made sure my elk hunting partner has it as too. I have no doubt this app will give you confidence as well as increase you success in the field..Version: 1.3.6

BK AmmenwerthFirst off Paul is as passionate about elk as anyone I’ve ever met. Stand up guy. Great app. Im a bow hunter that thinks about Sept all year long and really enjoy getting my friends and people out in the woods to experience calling in elk. I’ve been fascinated with elk language and thought I had a well above average understanding of it. Until I went down the rabbit hole talking to paul and getting his app. I’ve learned some of the finer things but the App has really helped guys I’ve brought hunting with me. The last 3 years have been amazing in a OTC unit calling in, staying on, a shooting some great bulls. This app has really help understand what elk are saying, how to respond, where, and when. Great for beginners through seasoned elk hunters. Then you just gotta put in the hard work. Thanks Paul and gotgametech.Version: 1.3.6

Best out there, fraction of the costI’ve gone through the other well known elk apps and training sessions. They cost way more and none of them provide a coherent calling strategy like the Elk Nut does. Total novice on my first trip, after a few months of practice with the app I went to a DIY public land run of the mill unit and called in 18 bulls within bow range in 4-1/2 days of hunting using elk nut calling sequences. Had my pick of the litter, the average bull success rate in that unit that year (hindsight) was 4% and my buddy and I both had our pick of the litter. Our success rates of bringing a given bull into bow range was extremely high. I’ve now got confidence to hunt and kill elk anywhere..Version: 2.0.5

The Bible of Elk HuntingI’ve learned more from the Elk Nut and this app than all other sources combined. After going on my first hunt 3 years ago and missed on many opportunities, I found the Elk Nut and this app and have went on to have two years of success in a row. Coincidence? I think not. This app condenses 30 years of hard earned experience into one place. Old school meets the new school with this app. I even called in a bull last year while literally using the app in one hand and calling/taking with the other. Used the slow play sequence to get a bull to come in off his bed. The look on my buddy’s face was priceless. Highly recommend this app for off season studying and for use while in the field. Thanks Elk Nut!.Version: 1.3.6

Limitless OpportunityOK. You can’t get this kind of information at your fingertips anywhere else for $5. If you’re paying $6 for a Mountain House, do yourself the favor and get this App. I can’t believe how much information and now even interactive ability there is. Including recording yourself calling to see how you really sound in comparison, rather than how you “think” you sound. I always worry I don’t sound that good, you know what I mean, you make a call and think, boy, I am just not sure. Now you know. Take your phone out in the woods for a walk if you can. Set it a few feet away so you get that woodsy echo and make it real! Thanks for making an amazing app. This is the most important tool you can use. Nothing else compares. If you can make it there because you’re conditioned, and you have the hunting implement tuned and are accurate, and you can sleep in the outdoors, and have your food down pat and are ready, it all means nothing if you can’t call. You’re just on a camping trip. Do yourself the favor. Buy it. Guaranteed you’ll never regret it..Version: 1.3.3

Worth its weight in goldAs a newcomer to elk hunting I was scouring the internet for all of the knowledge I could gain. I heard Paul on a podcast and I had never heard of someone talk about elk calls in a way that made sense and was easy to understand. When I saw Paul had teamed up with Got Game Tech to make an app I knew I had to check it out. The price is so reasonable for the amount of knowledge the app possesses. From learning the blind cold calling sequences and the differences in all the cow and bull calls, this is a tremendous resource every hunter whether new or seasoned should take advantage of. Because of Paul’s knowledge and this app I was able to successfully call in my first bull elk. What a thrill. Thanks Elknut!.Version: 1.3.6

No BrainerI can’t get enough of this app. Paul is an encyclopedia of elk knowledge. The app is extremely user friendly and is chock-full of useful tools. Video and audio are clear and easy to follow as well. I would say my favorite feature is the ability to record your own calling and play it back and compare it to the actual elk recordings that they have available. It’s hard to think of something more exciting than experiencing and hearing elk up close and personal. Knowing what they are saying and being able to join the conversation takes it to the next level. This app will get you there. Don’t hesitate, it’s a no brainer..Version: 1.3.6

Best money I ever spentThree years ago I didn’t know anything about elk and elk hunting. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the conflicting information on podcasts and hunting sites. I downloaded the Elk Nut app and went to work. Everything is in an easy to learn format and over one winter I was able to go from never making an elk sound to calling in three OTC bulls to bow range the very next year. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to get into elk hunting from new to experienced hunters. Paul is a class act and truest wants us all to be successful in the field. David Carlson Colorado.Version: 1.3.6

Buying this = More opportunities on killing a elkI bought this app and learning so much from Paul ! He is a elk genius and understands so much! I had a scenario for him, sent him a email. This is August 28th today . In Oregon we start the last Saturday in August. Anyways he sends me a email and says call me! I call the number Paul answers and he is getting ready for his hunting season that’s starts in 3 days and he stops what he is doing to answer and talk to me for 15 mins! He is such a great guy, amazing hunter and thee elk whisperer! Buy this app cuz it’s worth it and every question u have, will be answered in this app!.Version: 1.3.6

What a rideThis one time this year I called in this bull dubbed the hook huff. He was a masterful animal with huff rott. I worked this bull so hard he came rite in and dry humped the air so hard that the wind from his body broke branches. The stench from his huff rot was so overwhelming that I puked on his hind end before he galloped of into the wooded meadows. Without the sounds that I learned to master from your calling and me learning to manipulate a blade of grass this would have been next to impossible!!!! Thanks again for your laundry soaps they are awesome at masking human smells.Version: 2.0.3

Legendary Hunting Experience in an AppMy elk rut rookie level experience gained forty years in just one season. This knowledge helped me locate elk and get closer to harvesting a bull during my second year of elk rut hunting. In my book, Paul Medel is the number one Doctor of Elk Psychology. The measure of insight and experience distributed in this app outweighs the cost one could pay for a single season of trophy elk hunting with a guide. Absolutely phenomenal elk education presented in a clear and concise platform that reliably works. Paul and Got Game Tech developers have graciously created something every elk hunter can benefit from. - DEEF.Version: 1.3.6

Love this app !This app is awesome , I heard of Paul for the first time a couple years ago on the rich outdoor podcast and have been a big fan ever since , his enthusiasm for elk hunting and calling is inspiring . In this app He breaks down different scenarios in the elk woods and helps you understand the elk “language “ to increase your success rate . The app is extremely easy to use and it can even be used with zero cell service which is very hand . I would highly recommend this to anybody that’s looking to increase there success rate out in the elk woods ..Version: 1.3.6

Great AppI started listening to a lot of different podcasts/seminars while working. I came across Paul’s and he explained all the content that you get in the app and that you can record your own calls to compare to real elk sounds. I was sold and so happy I got it. I still listen to those same 3 seminars about once a month to help keep everything fresh in my mind and I usually go through content on the app once or so a week. Thanks for such a useful app and can’t wait to put it to use in September..Version: 1.3.6

Worth way more than $5!Simply world class knowledge. 2017 season my hunting partner brought in an elk with what we learned here. Furthermore, and I feel the most important part, was we now were beginning to understand what was actually being said! This app is great for teaching you to call and understand situations. It also broadens your overall knowledge of Elk that proves very valuable in the field. An educated Hunter is a dangerous one! Paul is a true inspiration and we are very blessed that he chose to offer up such a wealth of info. Thanks!.Version: 1.3.4

Must have for beginners!I’ve hunted elk with a bow for two seasons now. You don’t get many chances to elk hunt growing up in Oklahoma. The first season was very frustrating with no opportunities at a shot. Before the second trip, I found out about Elknut. Total game changer. I learned more from this app than I would have ever figured out in 10 seasons chasing elk. On a six day hunt, I had elk in bow range 4 times using the tactics learned from Elknut. If you are new to elk hunting, this app will absolutely, dramatically, increase your odds of success..Version: 1.3.6

This man speaks elk!So much more than just calling. This is elk higher education! Quick, concise, and informative Paul and the Elknut crew have created THE app for the real elk hunter. Tips, actual sequences, audio that you can loop for practicing, and the first app that will tell you when to actually use the calls you're learning. Usable offline(think hunting camp)-for those hunting pals that sound like duck farts when they're calling. Also, no in app purchase B.S. and calls/videos/sequences added frequently with no extra charge..Version: 1.1.0

Next level elk callingI’ve been successfully calling elk for 15 years. I’ve been making the right elk sounds for years. This app is helping me take it to the next level, knowing when to make the sounds by giving the elk what they expect to hear through understanding what the elk are telling me. The information in this app is invaluable. Don’t wait 15 years before you learn this stuff. Do yourself a favor, and start killing elk sooner rather than later..Version: 1.3.6

AmazingI’ve spent 7 years in the woods hunting elk, and up until 2 years ago, I like to think I was clueless on my calling techniques. The Medels have it figured out. After downloading this app, It made me reminisce on all of my missed chances at killing big bulls. The amount of time this app will save you is astronomical when it comes to boots on the ground trying to learn elk. Pay the small fee in exchange for the decades of studied knowledge they will give you. You won’t regret it!.Version: 1.3.6

Incredible!!!I almost don’t want to give a review because this app is crazy cheap do the information. I have recommended this to all my hunting buddies and family members. Paul is providing thousands of dollars of information in an app that costs less than a cup of coffee. I’ve hunted elk most my life and been successful calling in elk before the app and this app and really improved my game. If you are just learning to call this will really cut down the learning curve..Version: 1.3.6

Game CHANGER!Beginning to learn about hunting elk can be tough, there are thousands of resources whether it be books or online. If you want a ONE STOP SHOP for learning to call elk and the learn WHY you need to call at certain times, then the ElkNut app is for you. Most likely in the last week you have spent more then the cost of the app at a gas station or grocery store, so stop debating if you need it... because you do!.Version: 2.0.5

ClosingElk but all has helped me get opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. It also has helped me understand the sounds I am hearing better so that I can make a decision of how I want to attack a situation. My brother and I have called in multiple bulls in the last couple years and there is no way we would have done so without the app. I highly recommend!.Version: 1.3.6

Great App for learning what the elk are sayingThis is a great app for a hunter that wants to know what the elk are saying like myself. I’ve hunted for years and always wondered what the elk were saying every time I heard them. With this app you can tell what each bull or cow is saying and why. Also you can learn what to say back to them to help your success. The sequences are helpful as well! Spend the money and get the app!.Version: 1.3.6

My first elkUsed the information from this app to harvest my first elk this year, also my first elk hunt. I am a bow hunter and this information was invaluable. I cow called, a bull chuckled and I responded back and moved in. 2 more times over 15 minutes and I he moved a bit toward me as well. 40 yards, dropped in his tracks. It all went exactly as described in the tips sections. Unbelievable! I am over the moon happy. 6x6 262 B&C.Version: 1.1.0

Learn to talk elk here.Absolutely one of the best informational apps out there for elk hunting. It takes understanding elk behavior to a new level. The years it took to make this app complete saves the average man time so he can hunt with the knowledge of a seasoned veteran to be successful right from the beginning. Thanks for the time and energy it took to build this app and to maintain and update it as well..Version: 1.3.6

Bought app few years agoI love the app and bought the app a few years ago. They changed the app and now have to pay every year instead of the one time. Very disappointed that this is the route that was taken. I talked this app up to many friends who purchased the app the same way I did until they updated and make you pay every year..Version: 3.0

Top hunting app I useI downloaded it last year the instruction were very helpful in last years over the counter archery elk hunt in Colorado. We had two elk under 30 yards at two different times using his techniques. One came in silent. One came in hard and fast. It’s my go to app for elk behavior.Version: 1.3.6

Awesome app!The video sequences are great! Paul does an awesome job going step by step. Utilized the slow play method this past fall with success. Nice to be able to download them onto your phone and replay even when you don’t have service. The record/playback to practice your calling is another great feature..Version: 1.3.6

Great AppThis app is awesome! If you are like me when you first started listening to bugles they all sounded the same. This app explains the differences between different bugles and different cow calls. When to use which ones and gives different scenarios to call in elk. So great having all of this available on my phone..Version: 1.3.6

Must HaveDecided to pull the trigger on this app, mainly because you can NEVER be versed well enough in elk country. This app literally breaks down every question and uncertainty I've ever had in the field. Job very well done on this one. Must have for those who really know how to use diaphragms, and want to learn how to properly approach and entice opportunities..Version: 1.1.0

PricelessI’ve been archery hunting 8 seasons as of this year (2020) I’ve now taken 8 bulls consistently with my bow. All public all DIY and all OTC. This app has sharpened my skills to understand undoubtedly of what to say and when to say it and how I should be saying it. Very very awesome tool with great pearls for success. I’m going to need more space on the wall..Version: 2.0.3

Even a rookie can do it!What a great app. Worth far more than $9.99! I knew nothing about calling elk and after messing with the app I feel very confident in this years hunt. I can’t wait to try everything Iv learned in the app. I can’t recommend it enough! Iv already turned a bunch of friends on to it. Great job!!.Version: 1.3.6

The Perfect ToolI purchased this a few years ago. It’s the perfect tool when listening to many of Paul’s podcasts as he’s speaking about different sequences and calls to pause the podcast and listen to the calls on the App. It really helps drive home his teaching messages. Thank you Paul!.Version: 1.3.6

Planning my first elk huntAfter listening to Paul and the Got Game crew on their podcasts ,I emailed Paul a couple times. And got awesome responses towards planning my first elk hunt. After deciding to buy the app I can already see how it is truly going to help me improve my calling technique and improve my odds for success. 5 stars from me.Version: 1.3.6

Great app, even while elk huntingLove this app for all the elk sounds it educates you on. Used this app last year during the hunt to come up with a new sequence on a tough bull and finally got him to come in and my bro put a great shot on him. I recommend this app to anyone that elk hunts no matter your skill/experience level..Version: 1.3.6

Excellent appUsed the app for several months leading up to a September elk hunt. Couldn’t have been happier... knowing what sounds to listen for and call back with on opening morning during the hunt. The app is definitely a go to while hunting, as well. Excellent app, tons of research have gone into this. Thanks Paul..Version: 1.3.6

SurprisedLots of apps teach you elk sounds, but now how or when to use them. I’ve had the app little over a month and have been surprised with the amount of information and clarity I have gotten out of it. I look forward to digging in more this summer..Version: 1.3.6

Great contentIll be heading to colorado for diy otc elk hunt. I downloaded the app 2 months ago and been practicing and studying since. I hope to use my learning skills from this app to take an elk with my bow!!! Buy this app if you’re serious about wanting to kill elk!!!.Version: 1.3.6

Top notch AppAmazing transformation for my Elk hunting with this app. Paul Medel’s knowledge has totally transformed my Elk hunting to “Now I know if there are Elk their, they will Come see me” I literally know that I’ll be able to kill that bull providing the wind holds up.. This app is an absolute Must if you’re going to hunt with a bow. I give it 1000 stars..Version: 1.3.6

Deleted my recordings randomlyGreat app, one issue. Had some recordings of bugles and various sounds, go to listen to them one day and there gone. Was not pleased but overall a good app.Version: 2.0.3

Why the switch to yearly subscriptionThis was hands down the best elk hunting app and probably still is but I’m not paying 25$ a year for something that was free for the last 3. All this info is available for free on the dozens of podcasts Paul has been on..Version: 3.1

Worth itGood for practicing your elk calls. Listening to different calls and mimicking them has been very beneficial to my elk calling. Also like to read the break downs on when to use each call and what they can mean when you hear them in the field.Version: 2.0.5

Still a few bugs but great apI can’t download the slow play sequence in the ap. I’ve u installed the ap and reinstalled it and nothing. Tips on fixes? Otherwise great.Version: 1.3.6

Elknut appI love this app! I go through it and review all the information daily in preparation for elk season. I love all the knowledge and information put into such a user friendly app!.Version: 1.3.6

Elk huntingThis is an absolutely excellent app. Big thanks and mad respect to Paul and the team for all the years of hard work and dedication, that it took to compile all of this amazing Elk hunting information. This app is easy to use and very much an accurate representation of the elk woods during the rut..Version: 1.3.6

So much information!The value in this app is amazing! If you want to learn to not only call elk but understand the nuances, get this app and start practicing..Version: 1.2.2

Great app!Great app for all elk hunters, highly recommend it to everyone..Version: 1.0.4

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