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Artstudio Pro Customer Service

Introducing Artstudio Pro, the most powerful painting and photo editing app available for both iOS and macOS. The successor to our famous ArtStudio app has been redesigned bringing many new features and improvements taking full advantage of the latest technologies Metal, iCloud Drive, Apple Pencil, and optimized for 64-bit multi-core processors to achieve the smoothest possible workflow.

Hundreds of assets are included and users have the ability to import resources in the most popular formats (ABR, TPL, PAT, GRD, ASE, ACO) giving instant access to millions of brushes, patterns, gradients, color swatches and fonts. It will boost your creativity and help you bring your ideas to life quickly and easily.

New engine
The powerful GPU accelerated ArtEngine developed by Lucky Clan is 5-10 times faster than the previous engine. It allows working with multiple documents, supports large canvas sizes and an unlimited number of layers. Incredible optimization ensures smooth work even with large canvases.
• Multiple open documents
• Canvas size: 64Mpix (iPad Air 2 or newer, iPhone 6s or newer), 48Mpix (older devices)
• Unlimited layers
• 27 tools: Move, Select, Crop, Eyedropper, Paint, Wet Paint, Eraser, Bucket/Pattern/Gradient Fill, Smudge, Dodge, Burn, Sponge, Text, Heal, Clone, and more

Flexible layer system
Artstudio Pro introduces a new layer system with grouping, non-destructive layer effects, and adjustment layers.
• Groups
• Masks, clipping masks
• Adjustment Layers
• 9 layer effects: Bevel/Emboss, Stroke, Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, Outer Glow, Color/Gradient/Pattern Overlay, Drop Shadow
• 27 blending modes
• Text layers
• Transform multiple layers simultaneously

Advanced Brush engine
Perfectly optimized, lag free mechanism generating smooth, real looking strokes, making the most of Apple Pencil.
• Brush size up to 4000x4000
• 64-bit painting with pattern, double stamp, wet brush, dynamics
• Brush editor with over 100 customizable settings
• Over 150 built-in brushes divided into multiple groups: Pens, Pencils, Oil Painting, Inking, Charcoals, Airbrushes, Watercolor and many more
• Symmetric painting

Professional photo editor
Photo editing options developed in cooperation with professional photographers. Each feature was tested in several scenarios and light conditions.
• 15 adjustments available as non-destructive layer or simple adjustment: Brightness/Contrast, Levels, Curves, Exposure/Gamma, Shadows/Highlights, Vibrance, Hue/Saturation, Color Balance, Temperature/Tint, Black and White, Gradient Map and more
• 4 auto adjustments: Auto Contrast, Levels, Lightness, Saturation
• Dozens of filters with realtime preview and the ability to generate seamless patterns
• Inpaint, Elastify (Liquify)
• Retouching tools: Heal, Dodge, Burn, Sponge and more
• Image resize, Canvas resize
• Crop and Trim

Full iCloud integration
• Save and load images on iCloud Drive or local disk
• View, load, share, delete, move documents in internal gallery or iOS Files app
• Sort documents into folders

We have implemented many parsers from the most popular assets/images formats and we are especially proud of our ABR/TPL parser which not only reads brush stamps and patterns, but also most settings which are converted to Artstudio Pro brush engine values.
• Images - PNG, JPEG, PSD, HEIC, TIFF, GIF, most raw formats
• Brushes - ABR, TPL
• Color swatches - ASE, ACO
• Patterns - PAT
• Gradients - GRD
• Fonts - TTF, OTF
• Images - PNG, JPEG, PSD, TIFF, PDF

Other features
• Screen recording
• Customisable Quick menu
• Selection displayed as marching ants, quick mask or invisible
• Snapping to guidelines, dynamic guidelines, grid
• Perspective grid assist
• Mirror (flipped) view
• Support of iPad Drag and Drop, Split View, Sharing Extension, Open In, Clipboard
• Support of Wacom, Adonit and SonarPen styluses

Minimum System Requirements
Artstudio Pro for iOS requires iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 or above

Artstudio Pro App Comments & Reviews

Artstudio Pro Positive Reviews

Long Time User, Missing Some Features from ArtStudioI have been using ArtStudio since the first version on the iPad 1 and I do all my digital art on it. It’s a great app to have when you’re on the go and still want to work on art. ArtStudio Pro introduces a lot of good features, like customizable color palettes, rotating the canvas, and a much nicer Lasso tool. The Apple Pencil works great with it, especially the Taper brush. Being that this is an app I swear by and recommend to everyone, I do have only two main complaints. In the original ArtStudio it was possible to make custom brushes. I used this to make grass, flower, and tree brushes that were VERY handy. ArtStudio Pro does not seem to offer the ability to make custom brushes, and I’ve had to hold off from doing landscapes unless I want to draw everything from scratch. Secondly, resizing the canvas was much easier before, as you could choose the dimensions and then crop your art with a square that would encompass the area you wanted to keep. In ArtStudio Pro, there is no preview of the resized canvas, so it’s all guesswork on what dimensions to use and where to crop. I paid more money for this so it doesn’t make sense it’d be missing things the old app got right. I will probably be using this app til the end of my days, so hopefully they can add these features in newer updates to make things a bit easier for those of us who enjoyed the other app too!.Version: 2.1.8

Can you please add a lot of more stuff in art studio proDescribe the problem / suggestion: I love art studio pro Dear lucky clan I have ideas to make art studio pro even better can you please add more options under the curves and add a option to go up to 100 mirrors in the symmetry and please add a option to change the shape of the color picker for example a triangle and a circle a hexagon there is no HSV sliders in the color picker please add it and please add a lot of more filters and please add a warp option in the transform and please add an option to customize the slider bars and the interface for example you can change the color of it please make the brush engine more powerful and please add an option for you can draw with 2 or more fingers and please add the edge option and crystals option and more options under the elastify filter and please add a online gallery and please add options for 3 finger swipe up 3 fingers swipe down 3 fingers swipe left 3 fingers swipe right and 3 fingers tap and 2 fingers tap in performance and please add define hot keys buttons please make art studio pro the most powerful drawing app in the word make it a lot closer to desk top photo shop please add a lot of more stuff that I did not think of From tommy ❤️😘💕🙏😂🎉😍🥰😘😍🥰😚😝🤞🤞🤟🏼👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩❤️🧡💛💙🤎🤍🖤💜❣️💕🤍💔☮️💟💝💘💖✝️💟♥️.Version: 2.3.24

Needs some workTo start off, let me say that I LOVE ArtStudio and Luckyclan. The original ArtStudio has allowed me to create my best visual art since I was in eighth grade, up until now— I’m in 11th grade. This is a very sleek app, and clearly a lot of thought has gone into its development as well as time and energy. However, it is very tiring and almost frustrating to use it from what I have seen so far, with a lot of features it doesn’t need and a lot of unnecessary steps to do things a single command would do. It seems TOO responsive and very sensitive at times, especially to rotation and zooming, and the transform option is not very responsive. The UI and the way the brushes functioned in the old app, as well as the delay/lack thereof on certain things in the old app was what made it attractive to me as a learning artist, and it still is! The complication of the new app is what makes it so hard to use, as for a person like me, a user-friendly setup is COMPLETELY required. Its interface is nice, however it is NOT user friendly. Too complicated with too many hidden features, and it’s so... I don’t know, flat? Like. It’s not fun to use due to the look of it. I however am staying positive and looking forward to future updates and will continue to try to learn the app. I’m not giving up just yet! But my main art app for now— as art is how I make money— will have to be ArtStudio for iPad. Thank you!.Version: 1.2.3

This is literally photoshop, but betterI have NEVER left a review on an app before (and I’ve been an IOS user since the first ever iPod came out), but ArtStudio is just too good not to leave a review for. I’ve been using Photoshop on my PC for drawing, photo editing, and professional work for the past six years and when I finally got an iPad with Apple Pencil support I was really hoping Procreate or one of the numerous other drawing/editing apps would be able to replace the feel of PS. Unfortunately, even though Procreate is indeed an amazing drawing program, it still doesn’t really satisfy my need for the familiar feel of photoshop and drawing with photoshop brushes. ArtStudio Pro solved all my problems. It’s got everything you could need and MORE (I especially love their amazing smoothing/line weight algorithm and pressure customization). It’s basically Photoshop, but without having to pay the ridiculous Adobe subscription every month. The price for this app is perfect, in my opinion (and honestly it’s even a bit low, for all it’s able to accomplish) and I really want to give a huge thank you to everyone who worked on/is working on this app and updating it. You’ve saved me so much money and frustration. Hats of to you!.Version: 2.1.11

UM??!!!!? WOW!?So, before i bought this, i was on the fence to buy this app or not because i already bought procreate, and tried other drawing apps (such as medibang, csp and a couple more) and I liked procreate best. HOWEVER— I found out this app through a twitter post a weekish ago. Art Studio Pro supports kyle webster + your custom photoshop brushes, elastify/liquify, CROPS, has screen recording (duh), unlimited layers, the ability to change the image + canvas size AFTER you created the file, and it has CLIPPING MASKS. These are only some of the features I mentioned, but Art Studio Pro is far, far ahead of procreate in terms of customizing and editing... It is a smaller version of photoshop, and it is freaking AMAZING. Procreate? Well, let’s just say procreate is “dead” to me now... All I use is Art Studio Pro, and it’s really all you need...and it’s only a couple more $$?! Like dang....... I’ve also been telling/yelling everyone to try out this app on instagram, (If you want to see some of my work done on ASP, i’m soyeyoh on insta) because although it’s not advertised as well as procreate, its functions, I think are superior than procreate...again, IMO. Anyways, thank you art studio pro... you’re doing god’s work 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.Version: 1.3.7

So close to being perfect!This is the only app I have found to offer anything like a photoshop experience without sacrificing on painting speed. The ability to import brushes that just work is fantastic and seamless, this program handles photoshop brushes better than photoshop! The one thing that keeps me going back to programs like clip studio or Procreate is the quick access features they offer. You can truly work with just the tablet with those programs. You can in artstudio but it involves browsing through the menus or manually selecting each tool or feature when you need it. This seems like a smaller limitation at first but it really prevents the user from ever getting into a quick workflow and I find myself switching back to those other programs when I want to get an idea out quickly. All in all this is a fantastic program that offers a lot of powerful functionality. It is just hindered by the users ability to quickly access that functionality. If and when this app receives some sort of customizable onscreen shortcuts or quick access menu, it will truly be the best available art app on iOS..Version: 1.2.2

Underrated and AmazingSo...I’m a digital artist, and have been at this for a very long time. I was very used to photoshop and was good with their software until they added their subscription based model, which I whole heartedly do not support. When I got an iPad, I enjoyed procreate, but it was missing a lot of features I felt were essential for what I do, which is draw and write comics (having no text tool was NOT an option). A good friend recommended Art Studio Pro to me, and for the past year and a half, this is virtually the only software I have used to create my comic pages and other art. It has nearly every feature one could need, and has compatibility to add resources from photoshop like brushes, textures, and more. The one thing that I wish it had was a pen-tool or path-tool equivalent, and that’s the only thing that keeps me holding onto my old copy of PS CS5. Overall, I highly recommend this app to anyone drawing on an iPad. The price and the experience cannot be beat. There is also a desktop version that works pretty well. Don’t waste your money on the subscription based photoshop app for iPad. Invest in this instead..Version: 2.3.8

Trying to figure out what’s the deference?!Trying to figure out what the difference is between Art Studio and Art Studio Pro besides the hefty price tag for Pro and the other one being completely free! So far both apps seem to be exactly the same for the most part. I actually like the way plain old Art Studio operates a lot better, it feels a bit more user friendly and is a lot less confusing for me then this one I just paid for. Still kinda trying to figure out why I paid 12 bucks for something I was already using for free! Am I missing something... and if so what is it!? It’s a great app don’t get me wrong. I just don’t understand why one is free and one isn’t. I am still hopeful that some feature that I am unaware of will find its way to me while using this app sometime in the near future and all will become clear, and I’ll have a huge aha moment and I’ll know then just what these new and exciting features are. But till then I would have to recommend that anybody that is interested in the Art Studio Pro app just stick with plain old Art Studio..Version: 2.1.8

Great app needs a few minor things to make it close to perfect...Im really enjoying this app...comming from years of csp/manga super picky about art apps this one has grown on me... Though i do have a few suggestions...i use a fair amount of masking in my art and would like to see layers and folders have their own masks rather than each mask showing up as a new layer type this makes masking a chore when scrolling through a bunch of layers to find what mask goes to would be much easier to see a small thumbnail next to the thumbnail of a particular a particular layer to select to make non destructive changes...and adding this to a folder layer would be great to make masking for multiple layers at once easy im sure it can be done but with working with lots of layers the approach is anything but simple... Like most apps pen stabilization needs more focus to really get them inking line brushes to feel buttery smooth and flow nicely...i was never a fan of the lazy nezumi approach to line smoothing csp and medibang seem to have really good and simple pen stabilization...and that gives them the edge on line work...but over all this definately a gem of an art program....Version: 3.0.3

Promising! ~LWitherspoonI used the old version of this daily for 5 years. Mainly for hobby (tabletop rpgs), sometimes for my job. I don’t own a pc, so I used it on my phone as a poor man’s photoshop. I was able to get some impressive results doing things that required fine details. I was surprised with what I could accomplish using only my phone and finger. I tried the other popular apps, Artstudio was clearly more powerful and more serious. Now it’s got a new, even more powerful engine with unlimited layers, cloud storage (allowing me to switch back and forth from my phone to my new iPad), and plenty of other new features. I would have given 4 stars, since there’s no user manual and some of the settings/preferences don’t allow me to do what I used to on the old app, but I took some of my problems to their forum and discovered that the developer is very responsive and LISTENS to what their users are saying. I feel my money was well spent, and I’m having fun playing with this new thing whenever I get a chance..Version: 1.1.7

Excellent for Photo editing and GraphicsI have no idea why there are so little resources out there for this great program. If Affinity Photo and Procreate had a baby, this would be it. I’m approaching this more as a photographer than a graphic designer but there are so many things that are just far easier to accomplish in this app than in something like Affinity Photo. That’s not to say if you are looking for a lot of more complex image processing/filter/effects app that you will find it here. You would probably want to stick to Affinity for more advanced stuff like that but I find myself choosing Artstudio Pro more and more because it is so much more intuitive. The only gigantic head scratcher is that, in all the years they have been around, they still have not produced a user manual. The in-line help is just a getting started and FAQ style resource. You have to figure out a lot of the advanced features by yourself. That notwithstanding, it’s a great program and a great value. One more thing of note is that the iPhone version is also totally useable giving you some powerful features not available anywhere else on a phone..Version: 3.0.20

Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!Wow, I remember using the original Artstudio on the first gen ipad. Back then it was a cool, functional app. But this version is something else entirely. TLDR; I’ve used just about every drawing and painting app out there for the ipad, stretching all the way back to first gen ipad and big rubber conductive stylus with the Brushes app. This app has quickly taken the throne and is now the first and only app i open for drawing and painting. ArtStudio offers a full fledged image editing environment to rival the likes of photoshop, GIMP and affinity photo. The brush engine is just something that needs to be experienced to really appreciate. These brushes FEEL SOOO GOOD and they are completely customizable, importable and exportable. Performance is top notch with buttery smooth brush strokes, 120hz zooming an panning and a snappy, responsive UI. I can’t recommend this app enough. For whatever reason, everyone seems to be on the “Procreate” train when it comes to painting apps on the ipad. IMHO, this app beats procreate by a HUGE margin in absolutely every category..Version: 1.3.1

Pretty Much Perfect!Art Studio was the first art app I tried out on my old 3rd gen iPad, and it’s amazing to see how much it has grown in that time and how well it suits doing professional work on the iPad Pro. A familiar interface layout makes it simple for desktop users to transition over to working in Art Studio, while smartly-implemented tablet features make it easy to stay! Brush creation is as nuanced and advanced as Clip Studio and Photoshop on the desktop! I was able to perfectly recreate my favorite custom brushes using the same brush tips and patterns. Performance is amazing on the 2020 iPad Pro and absolutely demolishes my PC at the same canvas resolutions (4K - 7K). My PC is "better" on paper with an expensive GPU, CPU, and tons of RAM, but iOS and Art Studio’s optimizations make that basically irrelevant. In short, I don’t miss my PC when I’m using this app. My only cons are a couple features I wish could be implemented: 1. The ability for the magic wand to select from reference layers — this would be especially useful for me as a comic artist and digital painter for making quick selections from my flat colors layer. 2. The ability to have multiple presets for the Quick Menu that you can swap through when you bring it up. Without a keyboard for shortcuts, this ability would be absolutely invaluable for me. Art Studio is easily the best $12 I’ve ever spent on software! Fantastic job, devs!.Version: 2.3.27

One of my all time favorite apps.I could go on and on giving positive lip service to this app. I’ve been using art studio since inception and and now use art studio pro almost daily. That said, there is one thing that has been bothering since I got the app and I actually assume there is probably an option I could click to clear it up but I just haven’t seen one in my absent minded rummaging through options. The problem I’m having is that the gallery is stored in “the cloud” . The iPad itself has thumbnail representations which you click on and then wait for the file to download, which can take a while depending on your project size. The real problem for me is that the thumbnails all have question marks on them and no picture to represent the artwork. I’m not in the habit of naming every piece and even if I was I wouldn’t remember what name represents what picture. Is there something I’m missing here? Some way to enable the thumbnails to have picture representations of the artwork? Thank you..Version: 2.3.24

Way better than I expectedFirst of all, I’m kind of a hack. I’ve never had art-related schooling and mostly I just like to putz around for my own amusement. I loved the original ArtStudio and thru it I was able to have as much fun as I wanted. But somewhere along the line, lots of people I ran across on Instagram were talking up Procreate and so I switched. Procreate is a fine program, but I kind of liked the way “my old shoe fit” and was never able to feel as comfortable as I was with ArtStudio. When ArtStudio finally came out with an update, I choked on the price a bit ... remember, I’m a hacker that’s short on skills. Anyway, I finally got over it and through down the cash. Boy, it’s like I put back on my favorite shoes again. I can kind of get by with the fact there are far less tutorials related to ArtStudio than Procreate because ArtStudio just kind of makes sense to me, and the rest is up to my imagination..Version: 2.3.11

Not as user friendly as the old version.Here are a couple of things that I don’t really like about this new art studio. These are probably because I don’t know how to use it but, eh... I was able to figure the other one out. -The canvass rotates when you zoom in and out. Unlike computers you can rotate the object the program is on, it’s just really off putting to have everything move around. This is one of the reasons I choose the legacy version rather than any other phone-art program. -It’s really hard to change line art colors? This was a problem for me in the old version too, I was hoping something would be done to fix it. I realize this is made more for people who make painting and that’s all fine and dandy but that should be a Standard feature. Sometimes you need to change a layer’s colors selectively. Filters shouldn’t be the only option. Maybe just my own inability to find out how to use it but since this is such a new app I can’t really ask google. -The UI is annoying. It just is. I don’t like the sliders at the bottom or the hidden away customization for brushes. The old way where everything was in the same place was much better. The different types of brushes don’t need to be accessed immediately unlike how you want that brush to look. Your pre-programed stuff isn’t that great. I’m legitimately sorry I waisted almost $12 on this. I don’t really have that great of a job in the first place this was a mistake. This app is a downgrade. Get the old one..Version: 1.1.7

Excellent, except for one thing:From what I have seen so far, this app is top notch, real professional digital painting and editing software. It is fantastic. The only thing that I think really needs to be fixed is: there needs to be an option to reset a brush to its default settings. I have been having the problem of the ‘color acrylic’ brush not painting when I open a new document, and an option to reset it to default settings might fix that, unless the issue is having more than one copy of the same brush with different settings, that is preventing me from painting. PS: I have noticed the same problem of brushes not painting with two other brushes (that come with the program): Rough Acrylic and Mixer Rough. I have tried to find what brush settting, if any is causing the problem, with no luck so far. Please, can I get a developer response on this? I would greatly appreciate it..Version: 2.3.13

PERFECT app... when it will OPENThis app is everything i ever wanted in an Artstudio upgrade: the increased amount of starting colors, the menu explaining all the tools, and in particular the screen recording feature are more than i could ever ask for. But! Frequently, and for sometimes long stretches of time, i will open the program and be greeted by a blank canvas, with none of the buttons responding. The issue will sometimes resolve itself, but more often than not i enter a cycle of wait, close, re-open, wait, close, re-open, and then shutting off and turning on my ipad again in desperation. However, none of these things seem to actually fix the problem. From what i can tell, the program will simply open back up whenever it “feels” like it, which is extremely frustrating when i need to work on something! I am unsure if i caused this somehow, but seeing as i only have five pieces on the app total, i doubt it. I LOVE THE APP, BUT PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!.Version: 2.0.1

Absolutely the best programs that I have on my iPad for painting.If this app ever quit working and it hasn’t yet, I would be completely lost on how to turn out the beautiful paintings that the turn out using this app and one of my main go toos. No I take it back it’s not one of my go to‘s it is my first go to you for almost everything I start. I wish I could show you the beautiful paintings that I have done using this program. Our use the old version for years but this new version wow it has so many features. I can actually take a photograph and Using the smudge acrylics Brush, it’s just like I’m painting on canvas with a brush but using my Apple Pencil. And it really looks like and here’s an acrylic painting on my iPad. Unbelievable, the best type program I have ever bought, or probably will ever buy and I have a lot of them. Thank you for making this app available it is an artist dream..Version: 2.1.6

Nailed it! PC version?Update! You all have been nailing it with these updates lately. Definitely an iPad art staple. Any chance we pc users might get some love too? Would love to move from iPad to pc in the same environment and keep my video recording. I’ve been recommending this to all my artist friends. Thank you for such a quality app! ———-_———————————— Previous This is probably one of my fave art apps on the iPad Pro. I love having a familiar interface to work with. With that said my biggest annoyance has to be the auto save. I’m glad it’s there but it’s annoying for it to pop up and halt everything until it finishes. I wish it happened it the background without bringing attention to itself. The colors on the side are a fantastic idea but kind of useless as I haven’t found a way to save colors I want there. It would be so much more useful if I could import a palette there or add on the fly. It would also be extremely cool to have 3-4 small fave icons near undo for brushes you want to switch between often. The last thing that kind of gets annoying is the offset of the color picker. It would be more convenient if it were picking up colors right where my finger is or very close to it. Overall even as is I really enjoy using the app and have been recommending it. Looking forward to future updates! :).Version: 1.3.12

An "On-The-Go Miracle"I'll be honest... I've been guilty of getting some of my apps from third party sources, this app being one I discovered while doing just that. For the last year, I've found that this app has literally become an everyday part of my life. There is so much that simply cannot be done in the field of image manipulation on an iPhone, that this app as this app alone seems to both make possible, and make easy. I had no qualms about forking over the just under twelve bucks asked for this app... None. I would've paid double (but don't go changing the price, lol... I'm always looking for the best deal, and you've got it priced perfectly😉). This app allows one to do on-the-go what could previously only be done on an actual computer. Miraculous app, worth every penny, you won't be disappointed.💯 PS I never write reviews, either, so.... 😉👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 2.1.9

Art Studio is FabulousI am a photographer and a surface /media graphic designer of nature and tropical designs. Artstudio is so useful and fun I literally have to set timers to remind me to take a break and take care of the other non creative jobs in my life. For anything creative I am always on the my large iPad Pro using art studio. I have hundreds of designs in process saved in the cloud that I can work on literally anywhere with complete freedom of just needing my iPad. Not a moment of time devoted to creative thought is ever wasted or lost. And all my designs can be used or printed on so many different media and surface products in very large sizes. I will always be trying to max out the total pixel size of my designs with multiple layers and bumping into the iPad Artstudio processor size limits. This is the one area that I hope to see IPad or Artstudio expand. My Society6 surface designs need really huge pixel files to print on large surfaces. And all photographers are discovering they need to combine 4 photos to get the required pixel size for extremely large print jobs on Society6. Even the best camera cannot create the pixel sizes required for large surface printing. I love Artstudio. I know if the raster graphic technology is available they will have it first and be the easiest to use. Thank you LuckyClan..Version: 2.1.13

Wow!!I've been a long time user of ArtStudio (wow, has it really already been six years?) and love using it for all my art for t-shirts and stickers. When I heard that you guys revamped the app, I bought it as soon as I could. After playing around for a little while, there's still some things I need to get used to from the old app. Would it be possible to move the transparency lock on layers back next to the visibility buttons? Furthermore, I always loved the convenience of having the undo and redo buttons right on the front of the screen without having to click a drop down. It was a handy shortcut, similar to CTRL+Z on a PC art program. Will we ever see those features return? Either way, this app is absolutely brilliant, and I can't wait to watch it continue to improve..Version: 1.1.7

Great Program! Could use some improvementsI absolutely love this program! It does nearly everything I need it to do! I’ve been able to do the majority of my art and commissions on my iPad thanks to this app. Definitely one of the best low cost art apps you can buy for your iPad! The only thing keeping me from giving this 5 stars is the lack of good blending tools. I haven’t been able to find any brushes that can blend with transparency, I usually have to blend it into another color on the same layer. This makes it so that I have to keep going back to Procreate and my laptop to finish coloring pieces. I would also like to be able to select my own colors for gradients. Those are my suggestions for the developers. Other than that, this is a great program and I use it all the time! Definitely worth checking out! 💖🌸✨.Version: 3.0.10

Just like Photoshop!This app is incredible! Adobe yet again disappointed me with the limited capabilities of their Sketch App. I had the old version or artstudio on my iphone and when I got an ipad pro I was just WISHING this app would be updated. I thought the developers stopped working on it. I was so heartbroken haha. But I was pleasantly surprised by this release! Artstudio knows exactly what artists want from a mobile studio and created a Photoshop on mobile better than Adobe ever could. Within minutes of installing this app I had no problem getting a hang of it. UI is very intuitive. Im constantly impressed by what this app is capable of. And the brush tool with the Apple pencil blows Wacom Cintiq out of the water. Congratulations Lucky Clan, you and Apple have made Wacom obsolete!.Version: 1.3.7

The perfect Substitute for PhotoshopArtstudio is the perfect app for illustration and sketching which has all the features of Photoshop. The UI may be a little too much at first but if you know how to work with Photoshop you will get the hang of it in less than a day. You also can bring photoshop brushes to it which is amazing and you do not have layer limits. Very big PSD files can be opened in Artstudio even when Procreate can not. The down side of the app is that the Marketing of the app is awful. You compare it to procreate. You see that illustrators, youtubers are all using procreate and Artstudio team doesn't have an instagram page to make tutorials so very few people know this app. Hope the team would finally value the impact of media and tutorials..Version: 2.2.11

CLIPPING LAYERS!!!Sorry for my excitement, but I finally found an app that lets you use clipping layers! It’s the one thing I wish Procreate had, because my files from PS have them and importing them into Procreate just results in a big mess. First impression is overall very solid. The zoom function with your fingers is a little laggy, and sometimes I end up making a mark before the function kicks in. However, it’s not annoying. The auto save function is neat and easily editable in the menu (it’s also a nice way of the iPad telling you to take a break). This app also seems to be a lot nicer in my IPad. Battery usage appears to be light - spent an hour fixing up details and sketching and only lost about 2% versus half a battery when on Procreate. There seems to be little chance of it overheating in the first hour like it does whenever I use Procreate ( only time will tell, though, but if it stays relatively cool as a cucumber then I will know that my iPad overheating is a Procreate thing). EDIT: it’s still a good app, but I cannot get the transformation tools to work. It did one time, but when I tried to do the same in a different document, all it does is resize and move the selection box and not the object I want to resize and move..Version: 1.3.4

Faster than ProcreateI love the brush speed, blending and default brush. I’ve used Procreate for quite a while. I’m really familiar with it so switching completely is tough. The pure painting and blending on Art Studio is better than Procreate IMO. Some of the functions I wish they had in Art Studio are: curve and shape assist. Procreate helps you draw perfect curves and circles by drawing and holding the pen at arc or shape completion. It would be nice to be able to add transform and flip canvas to shortcut in painting mode, since I don’t use a keyboard; or as a gesture command. It’s possible these options exist and I missed it in the info. I was prompted to do this review immediately after exiting, but I took about 2 hours to paint and put it through my normal process. Overall, it beats Procreate. I can live without the curve assist and shortcuts in paint mode..Version: 2.3.13

Deserving of a place on every painter’s iPadThis app sits between Procreate and Affinity Photo on my dock. It actually functions like a middle ground to those apps. It has more adjustment features than Procreate but fewer than AP. It paints better than AP but I tend to like Procreate better for sketching and regular painting without adjustments. It has a bit more lag than Procreate for me but less than AP. ArtStudio Pro has a very Photoshop style interface and function, more so than the more feature rich Affinity Photo or the simpler Procreate. It’s a good and bad thing for me. The familiarity is great but it does slow me down compared to Procreate and even AP somewhat. If what you want most is Photoshop on the iPad, this is the one for you! It’s excellent! Also, the developer is constantly improving and adding to the app, which should be commended since so few developers dedicate so much to updating regularly. UPDATE: The 2.0 Interface adds some really awesome, time-saving things. For one the new color pallet is excellent to have at my fingertips at all times. Having a quick menu like Procreate is definitely a great improvement to speeding up my workflow..Version: 2.0.1

Great app worth the priceI was a user of the original ArtStudio. Great app for drawing, painting and quick photo manipulations on my iPhone which is primarily what I need it for and what procreate cannot do. It comes in when I need to doodle with some ideas concepts/thumbnails, practice gesture drawing on a long commute home on public transit, or start experimenting with some rendering on the fly without needing a session on my pro tablet. It’s not for professional work. The resolution and number layers are limited due to the hardware of your device. It’s great for really thinking through ideas and rendering them loosely. I highly recommend this app for your mobile device it is as powerful and robust as their more pricey and well known competitors..Version: 3.0.7

The best.Artstudio Pro is simply the best. It is as fast as Procreate, but offers Photoshop like features. Unlike Procreate(Sept2018), it has text tools, it can draw shapes and has a very competent brush engine that includes a rope smoothing option. But the best feature of Artstudio Pro is its programming team. I’ve posted on their forum and received feedback within 24 hours everytime. Bugs and small feature request I’ve posted were implemented in about 2 weeks. Larger features were discussed and planned on the Apps roadmap. The team behind Artstudio Pro is easily the best feature of the app. Unlike so many other apps, this one won't end up forgotten and untended. It gets regular updates and feature improvements..Version: 1.3.12

Great app, but slows me down a bitReally enjoying the app. Coming from a desktop and using photoshop, I find this app to be a great introduction to mobile digital painting. It has an easy to navigate interface and tools similar to photoshop I have grown to love. However from time to time I run into road blocks that take me out of my creative process. Eye dropping is a function I perform constantly throughout a painting. I like the long press function in ArtStudio that allows me to eye drop so I don’t have to keep navigating over to a button. But often the long press doesn't eye drop and instead creates a mark. This can really slow me down. One other obstacle I keep experiencing is my palm will trigger an undo gesture (normally a double tap gesture). These 2 hiccups can take me out of the zone and sometimes make me feel like just going back to the photoshop. But at the same time I do appreciate being able to sit on my couch or going outside and doing a plein air painting. So as long as I mentally prepare myself for a slower painting process it not too bad. Ps I would love to see my cursor hover before making a mark so I know how big my brush is all the time. I’d also would like it if there was more of a dynamic brush cursor preview instead of just a circle..Version: 1.2.2

Mesmerized but my jaw hasn’t dropped.This is an amazing app regardless of its little existing issues. But its missing very few things that i believe to be possible to reach perfection. First and foremost; GIF exporting. The ability to make gifs on this app is, in my opinion, one of the very few things this app is missing. Better support for pixels: as a pixel artist i’ve found that very randomly the app will sometimes corrupt the document that im working on, and it wouldnt bother anyone painting with this app, but it corrupts pixels as if they were turned from .png to .jpg. Its very annoying to jump onto the app and find that my pixel art has been corrupted. Thats the ONLY reason why i still use the classic version, because this issue has never happened to me there..Version: 2.3.8

Really PromisingI really like this app and I could see it becoming a go-to on the iPad. It’s just missing a few important things in my opinion. - The first thing is likely a bug, but I noticed that the offset between where the Apple Pencil is placed and where the mark is made seems much more noticeable in this app compared to others. This occurs even with no cursor offset turned on and is particularly apparent when using a brush with a tilt dynamic, such as a pencil brush. This doesn’t occur in Procreate or CSP for example. - Customization. This app would be amazing if it gave users a bit more control over the interface. Having to menu dig to deselect or transform for instance is cumbersome. It would be nice to be able to position little buttons for our most used actions and tools in the toolbar, at least in full screen mode where you have no access to the menu bar. Also, this doesn’t affect functionality but it would be nice to have a black interface option. - Gestures. This goes back to customization. I could not find anywhere the options to customize touch controls. It would be nice to use a finger to erase for example..Version: 1.3.12

Add a couple tools and it’s perfectI want to preface this by saying that this app is absolutely incredible; especially considering the price point. I started with the basic ArtStudio version, but I upgraded to the pro version and I’ve been using it for a couple years now. It is still inspiring me to create. It is a resource hog, but that is to be expected considering the capabilities. The user interface is amazingly intuitive, and the tools are superb in their simplicity and flexibility. I can’t remember which version of photoshop I last used, but this app has everything that I remember full version of photoshop having. THE ONLY SUGGESTIONS I HAVE ARE AS FOLLOWS: 1. Please increase the bevel limit; 100 is a little restrictive. 2. Please build a tool/option that allows for outer effects (Bevel, stroke, etc) to retain sharpness on corners. The current parameters make these effects round themselves out as the effects are increased. Making interior inverted bevels and strokes works, but it’s extremely cumbersome. Thank you for designing an incredibly powerful and useful app! Best graphic design app available for the price..Version: 2.3.13

Pretty good update, but needs A LOT of polish.I’ve been using the original Art Studio for I found the new setup incredibly hard to get used to. It seemed a lot more Photoshop-Gimmicky, and less user-friendly. Also, I found the new layer filters to be confusing and complicated. Filters I had grown used to and loved in the original ArtStudio were almost completely eliminated. It was also harder to find effects for brushes like increment brushing, hard edges (or just pixel art brush) and stuff like that which were blatantly obvious before. While some features like transferring brushes and multiple different file formats is very very nice, but it’s much harder to customize brushes effectively. Also, the screen recording aspect was what really sold me on the new program, but honestly, it’s super low-quality and VERY disappointing. If it gets a brand new radical update that fixes everything I’ve talked about, then I would probably switch to it, but for now, I’m sticking with the original Art Studio. Like I said, not half bad for a brand new art app, but could use a lot of work. P.S. just a tiny gripe: copying a selection, keeping the selection selected and then pasting doesn’t put it right back where it was. That was pretty annoying..Version: 1.1.5

ComprehensiveI’ve been drawing on procreate for the last 2 years and honestly there are some things that are missing on procreate that caused me to jump to this app. The main kicker is the file organization. In Artstudio you can have several layers of files and organize huge projects all in this app. This way I can do everything in one app. In procreate you only have one level of folders, I haven’t been able to figure out how to create sub folders. I can’t separate out character designs, prop designs, set designs, and actual comic pages out in procreate, but in artstudio you can do that. I also haven’t figured out how to turn off anti-alias in procreate, which is almost a requirement for creating color scheme iterations when cel-shading. But in artstudio you can. It might be difficult to learn how to use artstudio at first, the brushes are a bit hard to navigate and you can’t transform selections as easily as in procreate, but after playing with it for a couple hours I find this app just as easy to use as procreate. This app can basically do everything, and I enjoy it a lot..Version: 2.3.8

Easy and FamiliarIf you’re someone who learned how to do digital art on a PC or Mac, then you’ve probably bumped into a learning curve when trying some of the art programs available on the iPad. That is not case with Artstudio Pro. Having cut my teeth on Photoshop, I found I often had to read tutorials or watch how-to videos to learn how to use the other iPad-based programs available to digital artists. Not so with Artstudio Pro. Using this software was like bumping into an old friend and I was able to successfully utilize many of tools right out of the gate. Within two hours of purchase I had created my first finished piece of artwork without referencing a single video or tutorial..Version: 2.2.6

Good photoshop alternative with great serviceI was having a bit of trouble with antialiasing on the pencil tool and sent feedback about it. They responded very quickly and fixed it on the very next update. That was completely unexpected to be honest; I’ve been struggling trying to get support on another popular iOS drawing app. Artstudio Pro also has some very nice features that are missing in other popular drawing apps on iOS. Having the option to automatically close selections with the lasso tool is very underrated and very appreciated. Also, being able to easily import brushes from photoshop is amazing, and the layout of the app is extremely intuitive for photoshop users..Version: 2.1.13

Better than ProcreateBetter than Procreate in every way. Blending is amazing. Pen smoothing doesn't feel like you're drawing with a rubberband and when you turn off smoothing it doesn't feel like a jack hammer. The default brushes are amazing. The brush engine isn't stupidly complicated. It has adjustment layers! My main complaint is that the gradient tool and panels need to be redesigned. It's quite difficult to use when creating and designing gradients. It's also not intuitive on how to add and delete gradients or gradient groups. It's not a deal breaker by any means, but it's definitely a weak point I've noticed after using the Artstudio the last few months. Another thing. Developers, please add a LAB color wheel! Sliders are great and all but a color wheel in addition would be amazing. ❤️ Last thing. Procreate a has a selection rotation feature on their rectangle selection tool. This is very handy for transforming things that need to be lengthened or widened but are already drawn at an angle. I definitely recommend this app. I'm trying to get all my friends to download it..Version: 3.0.10

ArtStudio ProI’ve been concentrating on learning this app recently. It is really excellent and very well thought out. There are many practical and useful tools for design work such as grids, guides, snap to, rulers and the means to create geometric shapes and add texture. Also there is a text tool that offers many fonts. The brushes and sketching tools are good and varied, very adjustable and it is possible to import more to personalize your brush selections. I’ve also really appreciated that it is possible to resize your canvas as you work in the event you want to adjust your composition or layout. It is very easy to unclutter your screen of the various “work pallets” and when you do, you still have access to the basic brush settings and undo-redo. There are so many excellent reasons to buy and use this app! I don’t feel limited or frustrated when I use ArtStudio Pro as I have with some other apps that don’t offer as many tools and options. I recommend it highly! Thank you to the developers for such an intelligent, flexible and user friendly app..Version: 2.3.8

Perfect blend between Photoshop and ProcreateThis is the digital painting app I have been looking for all my life (sounds exaggerated but I really mean it). It features different UI modes: the default view is similar to Photoshop with many, many advanced pro features and then there is “Painting Mode” where most of the UI gets out of the way so you can focus on your art (similar to Procreate’s UI). It really is the best out of both worlds! I personally also prefer the brush engine dynamics and the fact that it is *much more customizable* than Procreate. For example you can assign every slot of the Quick Menu any way you like and fine tune gestures, toolbars etc. to perfectly fit your individual workflow. Also, it syncs all documents with iCloud Drive and there is a compatible macOS app. It does everything well that I have learned to love about Procreate and *in addition* ticks all the boxes for the things that I missed with Procreate (more customization, iCloud sync, MacOS app). 11/10 would recommend 👍.Version: 2.3.22

Really enjoying this app waited to use awhile before reviewingIt’s nice to see an app continue to flourish. I also have Procreate and the earlier version of this app. I probably own all the art apps. So many developers make them, sell them and forget them. This program is worth every cent and then some. I’m going to keep drawing, painting and enjoying what comes. As far as I’m concerned this is right up there with the best art programs in the App Store. Very easy to use. They all take some time to learn. In my opinion the best way to learn is jump in there and do it. No complaints here only thumbs up! Thanks! Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.2.2

Love this app enough to do professional work with itI’m a professional illustrator and Photoshop is my usual go-to app. After using ArtStudio Pro for a few months and getting used to it, I’ve been using my iPad + ArtStudio Pro instead for my professional work. Working on the go is amazing. I’m so impressed with ArtStudio Pro’s capabilities and ability to keep up with my demanding workflow (like 20 x 30 inch art at 300dpi). It hardly ever lags. I don’t say this lightly because I’m very picky with what apps work well, but this app is really special. I love the option to switch back and forth between tablet and pseudo-desktop mode too..Version: 2.2.5

Needs manualThis app is awesome but randomly all my brushes went whacky and lost their settings, creating unusable brushes. I searched online and found no solution, just people begging for a manual. I found an outdated manual that didn’t apply to the new layout. I had to delete and redownload to correct the issue. Very inconvenient. On that note as well, Procreate allows you to select and export various canvases at once. This app won’t allow that and it won’t allow more than one canvas to be imported from another program. App needs work and a MANUAL, but the brushes and tools make this my go to over Procreate and other art apps..Version: 2.2.11

Excellent appThank you to the developers..Version: 3.0.19

This app is amazingI used to use Adobe Photoshop on my MacBook, but no longer have a computer, so use ArtStudio Pro on an IPad Pro. It is fab, I have made detailed sketches to paint from, edited photos (repairs, distortions and colour correction, etc.), created documents with pictures - that have been converted to PDF, and am gonna try to create an animation. It’s so versatile. I think you can even put this on a MacBook, if so, Photoshop is history! The things that I see that could be improved: * A better distortion tool; the fonts are quite minimal. * The filters could be more extensive. * I think that there should be a bin that you have so many days to retrieve from, because - mistakes! It really gives Photoshop a run for its money, literally!.Version: 3.0.18

Incredible!I've used Adobe fresco for months now and before that procreate and Artstudio pro blows them out of the water. It has everything. The wet brushes feel amazing, and the program runs so smooth! I'm very happy with this purchase!.Version: 3.0.15

AmazingSimply amazing. The stuff you can do with this it is just incredible.Version: 3.0.12

I Love this appIt’s an incredible drawing and painting app.Version: 3.0.7

ArtStudio Pro is better than ever!ArtStudio Pro is, in my opinion, the superior art app for the iPad! I came from digital painting in Photoshop to using the iPad as my primary digital art tool, and ArtStudio Pro is practically a replica of Photoshop. I don’t find myself missing Photoshop at all and transitioning to ArtStudio Pro is practically seamless. You won’t be disappointed with this App!.Version: 3.0.7

The bestGréât UI, Great UX... What more could I ask?.Version: 3.0.4

Text tool bugsSelecting text: Each time I need to make an adjustment to the text like changing the size or font, I have to manually highlight the text before doing so. Otherwise, nothing will happen. A bit annoying having to do this every time but hopefully this gets fixed. Text size slider: Moving the size slider to 0 resets the font to default. Again, having to highlight the text and picking the font I originally wanted. Over all, this is a really good art program but there’s some bugs that need fixing. 👍.Version: 3.0.4

Im very impressedVery versatile for both graphic designers and digital painters. One of the best painting apps on the app store!.Version: 2.3.23

The new v3Very good over all except for a bug that won’t let me start a line in the first 1/5 of the right side, it is very disruptive..Version: 3.0

Absolutely the best drawing softwareI have some critique bIut don’t want to affect rating anyhow, because it is trully an amazing app and I think you’re way ahead of all possible competition at this moment. There are just a couple of things that you definitely need to improve though: 1. Gradients. This tool should take an _existing_color_ from the brush itself, and not suggest it’s own color. This is pretty much a critical issue. The color itself should be linked across all the tools through the app, like in photoshop or painter or other software. It would add a LOT of flexibility to the app. Right now if you, let say, draw something with a red color and pick the gradient tool it suggests you its own color and it’s absolutely frustrating. Hope you will fix it. 2. Numeric menus. This one isn’t critical, but just as a suggestion. Menus should be visually improved, I believe it’s a big task though, because there are many different menus across the app. For example It’s not super handy to change an angle for a shadow fx without seeing a proper interface for that (now it’s just a numeric table and a progess bar for all the options) Besides the app an amazing. Thank you for it. It’s the best app for drawing AND designing which is making it an ultimate solution..Version: 2.3.13

Awesome and will be better!This is a very good app for many reasons such as the brushes are great and much more and the app will be getting even better! I have made suggestions to the developer and he was very responsive!.Version: 2.3.16

Outstanding in so many waysWorth every penny! This app has, in my opinion, the very best brush engine in the app store. Despite other apps’ popularity, I personally feel that this app gives me the closest experience to painting with photoshop on a Wacom...the brushes work and feel great. The ui, though looking slightly dated, is extremely functional and fluid to use. Bravo, this app is pure gold.Version: 2.3.12

Best art appCompletly replaced Photoshop for me..Version: 2.3.8

ASP is like photoshop for ipad!Nothing but praise for this app and even in its interface that looks familiar to photoshop. Please add a warp tool in transform, as well as detailed warp please.Version: 2.3.3

GreatI can’t exactly say if it’s good or not as I didn’t try other Photoshop apps and thus cant compare, but this thing is having lot of updates with new features and bug fixes on a regular basis and that deserves a 5 star.Version: 2.3.1

HmmmWill update as I play with the program more, Good brushes so far I l Iike them! Took some time to find them lmaooo,.Version: 2.3.2

Wow... I’m sorry Procreate can go kiss my....Um I have been lamenting how annoying Procreate can be and why it’s gotten so much loved when it cant get a simple thing like adjustments layers right. Then I discovered this gem. HOW IN THE NAME OF ALL ART IS THIS APP SO IGNORED. this app BLOWS PROCREATE OUT OF THE WATER. Amazing on so many levels. Now if you can get warp effects and animation integrated this will be the greatest app in the universe! Thank you so much for this!.Version: 2.2.12

Just perfectUnless you’re a complete moron, the interface is very easy to get used to. It has many more (and better) features than procreate which is just what I needed considering how limited I felt using that app for several years. Best purchase I’ve made since then..Version: 2.2.12

Awesome appAmazing app for learning and playing on digital images. Thanks!.Version: 2.2.11

Apple PencilThe app. Is great once you get the hang of it. The pencil pressure one has to set up oneself. I didn’t know at start. But, was so informed. Now works great..Version: 2.1.9

Smashes Procreate in functionality, but it not usability.Really liking the app so far. Im a long time photoshop User and New-ish Procreate user. I’m going to make some suggestions that would improve it considerably. Group masks A pretty clutch photoshop feature missing Colour wheel with gamut masking Elegant way and to me superior way of picking colours for painters Swipe to select layers A feature in Procreate that really saves a lot of time This is what’s on my mind at the moment. I’ll update it if I think of more. Keep up the good work and please heavily consider these suggestions..Version: 2.2.7

Really amazing art app!!!When ArtStudio Pro first came out I was a bit underwhelmed. I felt like I had waited a long time for what turned out to be an app that didn’t seem much different than the original ArtStudio (which I loved). But I was wrong. ArtStudio Pro is really impressive and far better than the original. It has a great brush engine, multiple layouts to suit different users, and a slew of tools and capabilities to pretty much cover whatever your raster or photo based needs are. And to top it all off the developers really seem motivated to make this app better and better. The number of updates that they keep rolling out is fantastic. I Think every iPad artist should get this app..Version: 2.1.9

The Best Drawing AppI have preferred ArtStudio since it arrived on the App Store. I have tested many other paint and draw programs, but none of them come close to its power and features. I admit that when I first tried ArtStudio Pro I was a bit overwhelmed, but after using it a few weeks I was able to delete ArtStudio as I was now fully comfortable with Pro. There is no developer on the AppStore who is as accessible and responsive as Sylwester Los. I usually get a response from him within a few hours. Recently I requested a longer delay on the clone tool anchor setting, and only a few days later an update was posted with a fix!.Version: 2.1.8

Perfect for digital paintingI used to use procreate but jumped ship to this app and I must say that it was worth every penny. It has the functionality of photoshop combined with procreate’s simplistic interface and it perfectly suits the way I like to work (the ability to use my favourite photoshop brushes here is also a massive plus). My one qualm is that the file gallery needs to be polished more, starting with a way to organize files and an improvement on the interface (I once accidentally deleted a file because the delete button was close to the renaming button)..Version: 2.1.7

If only there’s a bur brushReally good app, but can bur easily.Version: 2.1.7

A very solid must have for digital artistsIts not quite as intuitive as I would like in areas like the eye dropper and such compared with Procreate but I prefer this app over Procreate for the majority of digital art on the go I do for sure!.Version: 2.1.5

Needs colour wheel but other than that is greatIt’s an amazing app, maybe even better than Procreate since it has many features similar to Photoshop. I might be a bit biased, as I’m more used to the Photoshop format, however this app can do pretty much everything on the desktop. A suggestion I would give is for a less awkward placement of the colour wheel, since it bothers me a bit whenever it covers most of my drawing when I’m actually trying to chose a colour. Other than that, I love the app!.Version: 2.0.21

Photo editingI think a small tutorial would help a lot. For some reason resizing images when there is more then one is frustrating and I have not figured it out yet, every time I try it just resizes everything..Version: 2.1.4

I like it better than procreateIts better than procreate if you know how to use it ,its good for coloring definily better can also have abr brush ,symetry on the go ......Version: 2.0.13

Excellent app!User friendly and very powerful!.Version: 1.3.11

Time and colour wheelI enjoy this app for features that pro create doesn’t have, however having a colour wheel would make things so much easier and I’d love to have the time displayed on the screen either at the top of the screen like other apps, or near the undo and redo buttons? Tho these aren’t big problems for me, it would still be nice to see them be added within time as the app grows..Version: 2.0.3

Perfect application for every artistFirst of all thank you very much for creating this wonderful app especially available for both iPad and Mac. I’m a professional illustrator and concept artist and this is the best app I have been used. I love everything about it and all the features are just right for me. Artstudio pro became my main essential drawing and painting tool to create every art piece either for my personal or production work. Please keep developing and I’ll always support it. Thank you!!!.Version: 1.3.4

It needs a color wheelThis app is alright, I like that you can import photoshop bushes and files in and out of it. The color picker is kinda small for a screen though, so it’s a bit difficult to pin an exact value. Also, It would be SO much better if it had one of those color wheels with a TRIANGLE in it instead of a hue slider next to a square..Version: 1.3.9

Great!This is the the drawing app I've been looking for. Best art app for iOS! Just like using something like photoshop on a PC. Works great with Apple Pencil..Version: 1.2.3

Great app! keep it up!This app is very nice! Pretty much any tool i need is here! The ui could be adjusted for speed imo though. Give my some costume pie menus like in procreate and its there. ( id like to access curves and free transformation faster) Also Not sure if its a hidden toggle i missed? but i would prefer the brushes to be displayed as icons instead of strokes... would make it easier to find my brush Last, a perspective guides tool would be a great bonus.Version: 1.2.4

Seems kinda awesomeIt’s like getting Procreate and Photoshop 3 all in one. Works well with the Apple Pencil too..Version: 1.2.2

Really greatLove being able to use photoshop brushes (both abr and tpl). For some reason Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity in this app feels better than most. Very good app..Version: 1.0.6

So far, soooo goodLot’s have happened since the original Artstudio. Lot's of drawing app came after it, with all sort of clever schemes. Lot's of drawing app also did not survive. With the confort of a interface very familiar if one is used to image app on mac and pc, with a renewed and much faster performance that is really apparent and welcomed, with what seems so far a rock solid stability not that often seen on a 1.x app, with new tools such as non destructive layers effects that are live as you paint and new brush engine etc, this was very well spent mony. Artstudio is not the prettiest, but is a joy to use, maybe more so since I learned to draw and design on computers on very similar tools, but now with the added fun of working straight on the screen with excellent tools such as the iPad and Apple pencil. Very good job.Version: 1.0.1

...It's actually pretty good, but there's something that needs to come back. You need to bring back lasso select, the automatic select and the others..Version: 1.0.5

Nice.Wish universal meant that it can be used on both platforms. Two purchases. You have played this card before..Version: 1.0.1

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What do you think Artstudio Pro ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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