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Poop Map - Pin And Track Customer Service

Poop Map is a small app that helps you log all the places you've pooped.

By pressing the only real button available, "Drop the poop", you'll mark you location and be able to conquest your home, office, friends' houses. Expand everywhere and show your friends "all these places I've pooped"!

It also enables you to share your poop locations with your friends.

Poop Map - Pin and Track App Comments & Reviews

Poop Map - Pin and Track Positive Reviews

I love this app so much. But...I wish it was a little easier to use. I mostly use the social media aspect of this app (as almost every other user probably does as well) and I find it a little tedious to dig through poops and leagues to find where the notification I received came from. Maybe a dot indicating a notification/new development would work. Or maybe a feature where you could directly reply to a specific comment would make it easier to spot/organize interactions. Besides that, the app is great!.Version: 4.6.2

NEEDS MORE FEATURESYou see, my homies and I have recently been logging our poops using this app. I love the idea and think this was a very good idea. The app runs smooth and everything works well. However, I will only be giving it 4 stars because it is missing a few features that would bring this app to be the best of all time. Feature #1 is head to head. This would be so much more fun if you could do tournaments or something else in the leagues. The other thing that needs to be added is pictures. Some of our league members have been brought to believe that another league member (not to give names but Wuke F) has been lying about their poops. This issue could be easily resolved if you could add a picture to your review. PLEASE add this feature and thank you for your time. Update: I was thrilled when I saw there were pictures added however i was soon brought down by the fact that I could not see my friends pictures..Version: 4.5.0

Love it, could improve thoughLove the idea of the app, gorgeous concept very fun. Me and my friends have joined and made leagues and it’s very fun. But i have to be honest. The app is just so low quality. People’s profiles mean essentially nothing, why don’t you see your friends’ poo feed under their profile? And why do you just anonymously add people with the follow button instead of a search bar to look up their account? But if you don’t make those changes something many people have expressed interest in is the ability to add a picture with your description, so consider that please. You guys are killing it though.Version: 2.0.1

LOVE BUT HAVE SOMETHING TO CHANGE!!Me and my friends love this app we use it daily. it is one of our favorite apps, and we talk about it all the time. i love some of the new updates and they bring a lot more to the app but would like to see new changes. one thing i would recommend is when you take a picture that it not flip. i have to take multiple pictures to get the right thing i want because it flips and it’s very annoying so u should make it where it doesn’t flip. (like snapchat).Version: 4.6.0

Fantastic concept, but please updateA bunch of my friends and I use this app very often. We enjoy the places and the feed and notifications. However, it is disappointing that we can’t see other people’s comments or even our own. Once I write a comment, it practically disappears. Also, adding the ability to comment on others’ poops would be a great feature. And an update of the look of the interface of the app would be awesome too. Overall, it’s a great concept that just needs to be updated with useful features. I’ll definitely come back and rate 5 stars when an update comes through! Thank you!.Version: 1.5

Fantastic appDeepest apologies for the low star rating, but I have suggestions that I think could make this app significantly better. Please allow leagues to go head to head for a week and see who can get the most poops. This would be hilarious and fun. You could also add a report system if someone is cheating in this clan wars like system, therefore it would be less easy to lie. Please consider this, thank you for the incredible app sir..Version: 4.3.1

Required AppThis app is a life saver and should automatically installed on new iPhones. After using this app for a week, you soon realize how difficult it is to remember not only when you had a bowel movement, but also the location and quality of your evacuation. This app does all that for you. Further, you no longer have to ask your friends about the logs they are dropping - it’s all right there!.Version: 4.6.2

This app is splendidI think this app caused me and my friends to have a deeper bond. We root each other on and just hope for the best! it’s making us stay healthy. While corona is happening i’m able to have this connection with my friends. we all downloaded the app and it’s only brought us joy. we laugh at all the reviews of the poops and we now have such a better bond. truly happy with this app..Version: 4.5.0

Love the conceptThis is an awesome idea for an app could be improved upon tho. It would be nice to have your friends/the people you follow poops to show up on the map or maybe a way to select what data is displayed on the map as opposed to having to click through the whole app just trying to find your friends’ map. Could be a little more user friendly but I really love it..Version: 4.8.0

Decent app. Could be betterI have to agree with some of the previous reviews. It would be great to have tournaments with your friends. I’m currently in a competition with some of the top poopers in a few leagues- it’s a silent competition as they don’t know I’m trying to catch up with them, but it’s competitive pooping at its best. I’m now eating more vegetables and Mexican food because of this app so I can be #1 in the US..Version: 4.6.0

What we need!Wow! Epic app dudes but I know what could be added. First add some competitions, something more than just rankings. Add tournaments with some kind of online prize. Next to prove we don’t have any cheating by some members (who will remain unnamed(wuke f)) we need some pictures. Make an option to upload a imagine when logging poops. Having a fun time with friends on this app! Keep up the good work..Version: 4.5.0

Good, needs some workI really enjoy this app. The ability to link my bowel movements with my friends’ is revolutionary. I do, however believe this app could provide more options for description of the fecal matter discussed, such as size, weight, and color. I think a point system could be implemented. Think, like BROWN-e points for example, to make things more competitive. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work. Happy pooping!.Version: 4.3.1

Great but needs one simple improvementThis app is amazing and so so funny. However, it would be great if we could update our profile pictures by choosing images from our camera roll. Right now, it only allows you take a picture and upload it, and I am not the most photogenic person :D I think it would be an easy addition to the app and would make the profile page a lot more personalized..Version: 4.8.0

Hilarious but also serious?A great way to bond with the people you are close with. It’s kinda weird at first but then we all create a strong bond knowing when we are loosing the caboose. On a serious note, if you have it’s like me, it’s a great way to track how your bowls are doing 😂 wish it had more features and was a little more user friendly!.Version: 2.0.1

Needs an update!!!!I think this app is absolutely spectacular. great way to connect with my friends comfortably. really promotes self awareness in my poops; if i’m pooping too little, if i’m pooping too much, it just really helps me and my friends. however, i think the design of the app is a little outdated. it’s 2020! do something to make it fancier please!!!!! i just feel like the app has such a 2013 aesthetic to it. but besides that, AMAZING STUFF!!!!.Version: 4.3.1

I can’t see picsI love the app and making friends around the world but I can’t see the pics everyone is taking. It’s not pics of poo because that would be gross. It because I’m part of a league and you can’t see the funny pics everyone takes. Please I miss seeing the pictures. Fix thissss..Version: 4.7.1

WE NEED PICTURE OPTIONSPlease to whoever this may concern, we need to be able to take a picture after we are done using the laboratory. This would make the app 10x better and would up the ante. Developing a standing in which our friends group can compare waste, is crucial within the group..Version: 4.2.1

Make changesYou should be able to add pictures of your poops as well as make leaders of leagues and be able to write info/bio about your league. I also think there should be a head to head thing with other leagues. Otherwise love the app!.Version: 4.3.1

Great app! Would love more personalization.I love sharing my poops with my friends. It’s been a great reminder to reach out every day when we don’t get to see each other as much due to covid. One thing I’d love to see implemented is the ability to favorite specific poops or pin them to your profile :) really take that special load and put it up for all to see..Version: 4.7.1

Should add Watch supportThis app is awesome. 5 stars for the phone app. The next big step should be to add support for the Apple Watch. There are too many times where pulling a phone out is more work than it should be. If we could do it on the Apple Watch, it would make the app 100X better..Version: 4.7.0

OUTSTANDING CHANGED MY LIFEI can’t believe what has happened in the last few months I LOVE showing my friends where I made a dump it’s SO COOL ITS A REVALUATION AND A COMPLETE MASTERPIECE this app needs loads more credit. sometimes I do em in like China and Mexico oh! Also Spain, Fransisco, bologna, jabody, Japan AND bodigoiva. All me besties got dis app it’s a true legend😍 I’m dieing it’s so good THIS IS A MUST GET. It helps my stupid memory like UGH. GEEEET ITTTTTF NOWWW PERIOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!.Version: 4.6.0

HonestI’m in the army and this app is a great way to keep in touch with my friends and buddies that leave the unit or the army and stay in contact with them. 10/10 would invest my own money to develop this app more and can’t wait to see more updates and improvements.Version: 4.7.1

New update suggestionsLoving the app but was wondering if there was any way to add maybe a picture system to show the magnitude of my poops and if it was possible for there to be some sort of league battles in the next update for me and my league to assert our dominance being the largest in central Texas.Version: 4.3.1

Updated Review:Since receiving a reply from the developers stating that they updated the app since it went viral pretty quickly it’s become much faster and much easier to use. Fun to do with your friends and is quite funny and entertaining.Version: 4.6.0

This app changed my lifeTruly an amazing app it has gotten me through many of the hardest parts of my life. I have deleted all other social media and now feel entirely at peace with only being friends with my past piers who also wanted to download the app..Version: 2.0.1

Good But LaggyDon’t get me wrong, this app is AMAZING. I love competing with my friends and it helps find high quality bathrooms while on road trips. But loading times are nearly unbearable, i am not an app developer. But if there is any way to make it less laggy that would be appreciated..Version: 4.3.1

Incredible AppThis app has completely transformed the way I go to the bathroom! I used to go to the bathroom and think about only one thing and that was my shower curtain that’s a map of earth, now I think about all my friends and everyone else that is pooping along with me. I love it!.Version: 2.0.1

Ranking doesn’t work:(I LOVE THIS APP. other then the fact that the ranking in leagues doesn’t really work... they don’t work by who has the most poops. It goes who was added the the league and whoever was the most recent is #1 which isn’t fair cause I’m supposed to be winning :(.Version: 4.3.1

Great IdeaReminds me a lot of UnTapped, but instead of logging and rating beers, you log and rate poos instead. And you can see “drops” of your mates and the general public alike. I’d recommend introducing an optional photo in the next update. It would add quite the aesthetic quality to an already great app.Version: 4.3.1

SO MUCH POTENTIALMy friends and I are having a great time with this app. It’s hilarious and fun, and we even joked that dropping poops is better than tweeting. I REALLY wish it was easier to follow people who are in the same league as you, or have a dedicated “League Feed”. I find it super difficult to type in each individual name for those in my league I also want to follow. I’m eagerly awaiting this apps’ future!.Version: 2.0.1

SuggestionMe and my friends got it. I think you guys should add images, like you can attach an image to your post, whether you want people to see an interesting dump or a cool place you pooped or something. 10/10 experience though.Version: 4.5.0

Fun appMe and my friends love to share poops its just overall fun. we used to just send pictures of our poops with snapchat, and i would really love to be able to add a picture for those five star poops. great app it has greatly changed my life, and with pictures it would just take it onto an entirely new level..Version: 1.6

Let me on boardThis app is so awesome. I love the concept and how easy it is. Have a few ideas that I can hopefully get across like allowing us to view who it is on the world map and ability to Change name. I have more but I’m really stoked I found thus app.Version: 1.7

SUBMITTING FOR GAME OF THE YEARThis app is extraordinary. The levels increasingly get harder to the point where I cant even beat it. It’s super challenging and has great graphics. I felt love, hate, and sadness all in one while playing this. Would recommend and i think it deserves title of game of the year..Version: 4.6.0

Needs PicturesThis app would be 10 times better if we could take pictures of our poops to share. I highly recommend you include this in the next update..Version: 4.3.1

Such potentialThis app has potential to be amazing. It let’s me rate and comment, but then I never get to see my comment ever again. I’d like to be able to see other people’s comments and be able to comment myself. Map feature is cool. Commenting on others posts is critical to me continuing to use the app..Version: 1.5

Designer who wants to help you make this app betterThis app is genius, I’m a app designer and would love to work with the developer to improve the design of this. If anyone could put my in contact with the developer I would greatly appreciate it!.Version: 4.6.2

Great but could be even better!I love this app but it’s one shortcoming is it doesn’t account for people taking dumps on different floors within on large buildings with multiple floors and bathrooms. I hope the developers can solve this issue!.Version: 4.3.1

I have a suggestionWhat if you had the option to time the amount of time you spent on the toilet, by imputing it digitally or being able to start a timer.Version: 4.6.2

Good but...This is app is great but theres a few things that would be fixed. My main issue with it is the fact that leagues only track poops after joining that one, when it would make more sense for them to track lifetime poops/distance..Version: 4.8.0

It’s dropping in my neighbors’ yardsWhat a novel concept indeed, especially attractive to this prolific dumper of doo. But please improve the accuracy. I’ve ended up leaving piles in my neighbors’ garages, living rooms, sidewalks and front lawns. I feel thrilled when it ends up outside in front of my mailbox! Some day I hope it ends up in my house, and that’s a weird wish isn’t it!.Version: 4.6.0

Still getting off the groundIt’s a young app, with new features added all the time. I’d like to see maps of just one friends poos when I click their profile, and the option to add pictures. Maybe a newsfeed too!.Version: 4.3.1

A New CompetitionThis app is so awesome, now me and my friends can track where we have pooped and get points based on how far from home we were in the league setting!! Keep up this amazing development!.Version: 4.3.1

Wouldn’t loadI downloaded the app and tried to open it but it wouldn’t even load. I will definitely take this review down or change it if it loads.Version: 4.3.1

The app is OPSick app it’s literally Instagram for poops but I wish you could see who your friends are following/followers. And I also wish you could see pictures and see public poops. Otherwise this app is taking over my social life with the boys I highly recommend it..Version: 1.7

IMPROVEMNTSMe and all my friends really love this app, but we all want/NEED improvements. The notes are unviewable which is annoying and we all agree could be one of the best parts of the app. Profile pictures would also be a cool addition. Furthermore, comments should def be added. Again love the app but it could be so much better.Version: 1.5

Head to Head and PicturesThe app is a fantastic idea all my friends made a league. It would be fun to go have it so maybe whoever has the most poops by the end of the week wins and then they get a win and it's kept as a stat in the league. Also it would be insane to include pictures when you post youre poops..Version: 4.3.1

Fun(ny)Love this app and it can always bring good competition and some good laughs to me and my friends, the only thing i would suggest is that you give us the option to hide our poops from ourselves, because when you get too many poops it starts to get laggy..Version: 4.3.1

A possible bug?It keeps on loading, me and my friends have exited the app and shut down our phone and it won’t stop loading except the map. We seen it on tiktok (ofc😂) and we were excited to get it but now we’re disappointed, please tell us how to fix this..Version: 4.8.0

Très pratique!Cette application est géniale pour marquer son territoire. Je peux enfin me souvenir de chacune de mes étrons ! A quand une version avec conquête de territoire?.Version: 1.6

Impeccable...Only app i will write a review for. This app can be used for comic relief/irony. Or can be used to document your poops so you notice any changes with your body :) I love it, but do wish i could add like a profile picture and a bio without having to pay a small sum of money..Version: 4.6.0

LoooolThat was the good one😂😂😂.Version: 4.8.0

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I really like it howeverThis app is very fun but it needs to be updated and get a better UI.Version: 4.8.0

Great but could be betterI love this app it makes me feel closer to all my friends and its funny but i think it would be nice if you could have actual profiles, pfp and a bio etc. i also think that it should have more of a daylio setup, so u can see your monthly, weekly data through a graph chart or whatever. also the navigation is kind of confusing and bland. i still love this app though and i hope that with more people finding it that the creators can make updates and make things more visually appealing..Version: 4.8.0

LolPLEASE GET THIS APP!!! it is so worth it.Version: 4.8.0

PoopI really like the idea of the app, sharing poops with friends is hilarious. It really needs to be updated tho, I’m having a hard time viewing other profiles and it takes a while to load..Version: 4.8.0

Such a yesVery educational thank u!!.Version: 4.8.0

Love it!!!Best app ever.Version: 4.8.0

PoopPoop.Version: 4.8.0

OKAY BUT COULD ME BETTER !!!LET ME SEND VIDEOS INTO GHE CHATS. PLEASE LET ME SEND GIDEOS FOR MY PURPOSES! otehrwize fantastic😁😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️‼️‼️‼️ lovebit! i love it! love seeing my friends poo areas it’s connected us so much esp when we sync pooo.. helped me reconnect with my step dad too!!!!!!!.Version: 4.8.0

Good but one ideaIt’s good but can u add the feature to send videos to the chats?.Version: 4.6.0

Help :^(I paid to get rid of the ads and had to redownload the app, but the “restore purchase” button wont restore my purchase. do i have to pay again ??.Version: 4.6.0

This app is jokesI don’t even know why I’m using it but it’s hilarious.Version: 4.6.0

AmazingOnly review I’ve written for an app and probably the only one I’ll ever write. Download this app. It’s amazing..Version: 4.4.0

AMAZING APPI’ve been wanting to share my digestive system states with my family and friends for a while since i’m lactose intolerant. I’m so thankful that this is invented and I will be using this to track my family’s digestive system health. 10/10 would recommend!!!!.Version: 4.4.0

PoopI like this app because i poop a lot and get to brag about it to my friends.Version: 4.3.1

Poop appVery great.Version: 2.0.1

IncredibleYou know when something completely encapsulates what it means to be human?.Version: 1.7

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