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Whether you're traveling to new places or trying to get started learning a new language, thanks to “Translate now”, the language is no longer a barrier to communication.

• Voice Translation
Speak to translate. Dictate what you want to translate and let the app read out the translation, or read it on your screen.

• Camera Translation
Translate any pic or text using your camera. Easily translate menus, signs, or any paper document.

• AR Translation
Translate the world around you with augmented reality.

• Translator Keyboard
Easily write in 60+ languages within your favorite apps.

• Conversation Mode
Have foreign language conversations. Translate Now translates conversations between a foreigner and yourself in real-time.

• Text Translation
Translate text into 110+ languages. Enter the phrase you want to translate to receive the results in text format or listen to the correct pronunciation.

• Phrasebook
Create custom lists of phrases for each language to access them whenever you need, even offline.

• Watch App
Translate now using your Apple Watch.

• Dark Mode
Protect your eyes from bright light and save your battery life.

• Siri Shortcuts
Add shortcuts to Siri to get your translations even faster.

• Widget
See your favorite translations at a glance.

Translations between the following languages are supported:
Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Cebuano, Chichewa, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Frisian, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Korean, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Lao, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Mongolian, Myanmar (Burmese), Nepali, Norwegian, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Samoan, Serbian, Sesotho, Shona, Sindhi, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zulu
*Some features are not available in all languages.
**Internet connection is required to translate.

• Get access to all Air Apps
• Unlimited use
• 100% Ad-Free
• Voice Translation
• Camera Translation
• Conversation Mode

Choose from different subscription options. 
Our standard subscription options are:
1-week Subscription - USD4.99
1-month Subscription - USD9.99
1-year Subscription - USD69.99

Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription. You can cancel your subscription or free trial in the iTunes settings at least 24-hours before the end of each current subscription period. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period and you will be downgraded to the free service. Any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period.




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Translate Now - Translator App Comments & Reviews

Translate Now - Translator Positive Reviews

Hands Down THE BEST Translation App! ✅This app has helped me so many times. Weather I would have to communicate with a customer that doesn’t speak English, or even if I am just curious on what something means, I would always retreat to this app. There are many features that make this application so helpful and awesome! One being the easy, and surprisingly truthful translator. Yes, many of the best features cost money, but I highly recommend spending that bit of money if you use this like I do. It’s so worth it and they deserve their money. Everything is so thought out and just - precise - to the point where I cannot express it. I 10/10 reccomend this app. It helps me not only communicate, but learn!.Version: 4.3.2

It’s great but..It’s a great app and it helped me have many conversations with foreign problem is i wish there was an update on the keyboard because the keys are kind of small and it’s hard to talk, I also wish that there was a feature to favorit the languages you want to speak because It’s exhausting having to scroll through all the languages just have a full on conversation with someone. also the keyboard is a bit smaller than the regular english or other keyboards and that makes it harder to keep up the conversation because of typos and trying to type faster so it would be easier if the keyboard was a bit bigger. but also the emojis get stuck on the keyboard and the keyboard freezes idk if it’s just my phone freezing but the emojis and the keys on the keyboard are too small.Version: 3.1.6

This game is so fun! You should download it!This game can translate to ALL Languages!😍😍 Example: if you have a Egyptian friend... and you don’t know how to speak Arabian... you’d be worried right you’d be like, “How do I talk to her/Him?! They want to be my friend!!! What do I do?” This app is your solution!🤗 you can even TRY speaking the language your looking for... or even message them the sentence/word you translated ( If you want )... if you want to message someone.. u just have to click on the sentence/ word, then you’ll have some options on what to do! Remember to click the app, you mostly chat with your, other cultural friend! Remember to download! - secret, “translate now” app, Lover.Version: 3.1.6

Too expensive for what it’s for.It’s a great app, don’t get me wrong. But I’m *ONLY* using it for the keyboard translation feature and I shouldn’t have to pay for that. There’s tons of translation apps out there but they’re all missing one thing which is a keyboard. This app has that and it’s the only one that’s good in my opinion. It’s just really annoying to pay for something that is this small and I do not want to use another app other than this one. Plus, this isn’t an app that I would literally use everyday because I’m not always in a situation where I would need it, so it would be a waste of money to subscribe. Please make this feature free. I believe it would help me and some others a lot..Version: 4.11.1

Great App But..I downloaded to try and translations are pretty accurate as far as the Chinese. But I noticed in order to translate a message sent to me, I need to upgrade. But the upgrade for pro comes with other apps for free but I’m not interested in those plus $10 a month is a lot of money for some people. Can your company create options to purchase individual apps in a cheaper price so people like me who is only interested in this particular app can afford it if it’s $1 or $2 dollars per month? When that happens, that is when I will upgrade if I cannot already find another app cheaper. Thank you!.Version: 4.7.2

I need help!Hi, great job for the app, I tested it for he other languages and it’s very good, I would like to ask for your help in adding the central Kurdish (known as Sorani) dialect, it is already added to Microsoft translate, but Microsoft translate is very bad, and central Kurdish also has the biggest database among other Unadded languages in google translate but it’s not added yet, so as you can see it’s not as difficult as other languages to add it to your app and you can gain a ton of attention for it as we are all over the net and have been waiting for this for a long time, I’m very sure that many native speakers are willing to help when informed..Version: 4.7.0

Best transalator ever!!I don’t usually write reviews but this app has changed my life. My best friend moved from Mexico and had nobody so I gave her my insta to text me but she didn’t know how to type well in English and I don’t know much Spanish at all so we constantly were going into separate apps to translate what we say. Then I found this keyboard so now I can talk and understand what she says in Spanish because I type in English and then press the button and it goes to Spanish!!!!!.Version: 4.0.1

No way to test voice without payingApp requires weekly payment to use voice and provides full access to 11 other apps which most are not needed. I wish there was a lower subscription cost for this app only. I don’t have issues for paying for a good app but $5 a week is outrageous. More importantly app does not allow users to try and test voice translation unless users pay full subscription. I am not willing to pay before testing the functionality. Developers must provide 2 day testing so user can determine if the app works or not. I am immediately deleting the app..Version: 4.11.1

I would not recommend.Hi! I’m a nice person who doesn’t rate apps less than 3 stars, but this app doesn’t help. It always changes my translations. If I text “See you later!” It changes to something like “ See you soon!” When I translate from a foreign language to English, it always appears as a mixed up message. For example: “It is huge upset that car loss.” But when I use other translators, it says, “ It’s very upsetting that you lost your cat.” The only thing you can do without paying is translating words by typing them within the app. I hope you choose a different translater..Version: 4.2.1

This is like the best thing everSo I downloaded this app because it looked fun and the other reason is really stupid but I wanted to talk to my cat 𖠌 but ya it is like very fun and funny to me and my mom because i used it and it repeated what o typed and i talked with my mom with that and i used the different thing and she started dying laughing and me too like do that to your mom or dad but download this app its very funny and fun and this game can be for mute people or something but pls download this app oki bye.Version: 4.5.1

Fantastic Translator A+++I’ve used my share of translator apps many of the same quality though 1-2 always stand out as the better of them all finding the one is the challenge we all have....well that’s what I’m hear to say & Tell you this is 1 of the 2 that stand out among them all. This App is fantastic & the translation is spot on! It truly beats the competitors with its Korean database itself great App 100% Recommend..Version: 3.0.2

AMAZING!!This app is super good! Its amazing that i can quickly translate my speech without having to go to another app, copy it, them paste it where i wanna write it. This app is honestly even helping me learn the languages i translate!! The only issue is that sometimes when i go say what i typed while using the keyboard it glitches and i have to keep re pressing the enter button in order to say whatever, that the only issue tho. Overall, this app is amazing and i recommend it to everyone :D.Version: 4.6.0

Constant NotificationsThe app honestly isn’t bad and helped me tremendously on a recent trip to Peru. That being said... Every day I have a new “notification” for nothing. Notifications pop up in my Notification Center and there’s always a little, red one on the app icon, but when I open the app I can’t find what the notification is for. There also isn’t an option to turn off these notifications. I think it’s a ploy to get OCD individuals, such as myself, to open the app everyday and generate ad revenue. I have uninstalled the app and caution anyone considering downloading it..Version: 3.0.1

It has a lot, but…Firstly, the subscription price is *steep*, though it’s a bit more conservative to buy a year plan. I haven’t tried out the paid features yet. One problem I ran into RIGHT AWAY, testing simple translations that I already knew the answer to… From English to Japanese, “We are friends.” Returns, 「私たちは友達。」(Watashi-tachi wa tomodachi.) Which seems correct! Maybe possibly a casual version, I’m an extreme novice. However, the romanization of the spoken words is… um. Actually (only *partially*) Vietnamese, I found out. (sītachiha yǒu dá) = “sītachiha love” the first word registers as Latvian (??) in Google Translate, but doesn’t return a meaning; “yǒu dá” does come back as Vietnamese for “love”. There may be some debugging to do, other wrinkles to iron out. If you do, it could possibly attract more subscribers? Just a heads up, no harsh words from me. I’m not an app developer! Best of luck 🤞.Version: 5.3.1

Great App!This is honestly a great app and has great translation. But it does a few quirks with translation. I’m currently doing a parody account on twitter that speaks fluent English and French and wanted to spice things up. Here’s the mistranslation English: To establish peace, one must be pure. You have to be equal. My cure will cleanse you. This will eliminate all the idiosyncrasies of yourself. The world will be pure one day. French: Pour établir la paix, il faut être pur. Il faut être égal. Ma cure te purifiera. Cela éliminera toutes les particularités de vous-même. Le monde sera pur le jour. When I retranslate from French to English it results to: English(from French): To establish peace, one must be pure. You have to be equal. My cure will cleanse you. This will eliminate all the peculiarities of yourself. The world will be pure during the day. Anyways I will use this app continuously but can you guys just please mistranslation. That’s the biggest issue with these translation apps..Version: 2.3.1

Amazing for instructions that are in a different languageI had to get asthma medicine and it was shipped from turkey so the instructions were all in Turkish, I was typing out every word in google translate before I realized there is an app where you can take a picture of the page and it will translate every word. This is truly an amazing app and I really appreciate it..Version: 4.2.1

World class translation appThis app is come up by far, the best translator app that I have seen on the Internet. It is easy to use, accurate and tremendously helpful learning a new language. I’m presently using the app to learn Italian and it is making the effort much easier than it otherwise would be. It absolutely earns five stars..Version: 4.3.2

Does not include all languages verbally in conversationI am so frustrated trying to find a good app that can converse eight for me and that yourba language. All I get is hey text translation but my mother-in-law is not in person with me to show her the text translation to her language. I need someone to help me converse eight with her in her language so she can hear me say what I need to talk to her about. Please update this app I think it’s a good app but need more languages in conversation mode so they can hear whatI am talking about..Version: 3.1.6

Very happy with Translate NowI’m extremely happy with Translate Now. My good friend doesn’t speak any English and I don’t speak Spanish but ONLY because of this app we are able to keep our growing friendship because Translate Now gives us full communication with one another! Thank you so much Translate Now for all you do!.Version: 4.3.2

Without Question, the BestI rarely write reviews, but I was getting SO ANNOYED with the “Translate” app I had on my iPad Pro that I was about to throw it through a window. And, then, every other similar app I tried demanded that you pay for a subscription. F that. This one is actually free and easy-to-use. It’s streamlined, clean…I’m so happy I found it..Version: 5.3.1

Deserving of 5 starsI really like this app and find it useful, for anyone trying to break that language bearer I strongly recommend this app! So far it has been accurate with its translations. I hope for any future updates where the translated language has the option to be written out using the English letters( Japanese/Chinese/Korean ) ✌🏼.Version: 2.0.3

Spanish to English?Overall, this is a great app, but after using it, I found out about a pretty major flaw in the app. On the Apple Watch, while it is able to translate from English to Spanish, there is not option for translations from Spanish to English. I hope this issue will be addressed soon, so that the app would become more helpful to those that use it..Version: 2.3.2

OmgI have nothing to say I’m speechless, that’s so good this app is wait I just said something. That means this app is better than I thought five star, I have a roblox friend who speaks Portuguese and it helps me talk to her. She’s using her translator to talk to me English and if you spam hi or La la la in a different language you’ll get some really cool noise lol Try it.Version: 3.1.6

Very helpfulI study German and take German classes and this app has been very helpful to get through the class. I would definitely recommend it to people in a foreign language class or who just need help speaking to other people with a different language..Version: 3.1.3

Great appThe only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is you have to pay for full version! To access camera and other options! Those are not needed for translation! Typing it out does just fine in any language! Love the feature of it reading back to you in the language translation! Awesome!.Version: 3.1.1

I need this in my lifePlease give me all features because it’s amazing and what I neeeeeeeeeeeed urgently!!!! Ummm…to eBay? So, how 'bout them Knicks? Look, last night was a mistake. Kids don't turn rotten just from watching TV. Throw her in the brig. Oh, I think we should just stay friends. You seem malnourished. Are you suffering from headaches? I'm a thing. THE BIG BRAIN AM WINNING AGAIN! I AM THE GREETEST! NOW I AM LEAVING EARTH, FOR NO RAISEN! There, now he's trapped in a book I wrote: a crummy world of plot holes and spelling errors! No. We're on the top. And yet you haven't said what I told you to say! How can any of us trust you? When will that be?.Version: 4.2.2

Cancell subscriptionAt 86 yrs of age, I no longer buy green bananas, nor subscribe to anything that will be difficult to terminate post mortum. On the occasions when used, ” Translator “ has been entirely satisfactory, but please save my survivors the trouble to cancel in their time of profound grief. I could find no option but to contact you via “review “. Dr. John J Crossen.Version: 2.0.9

Ehh I guess it’s okay...#1 It is good but it keeps asking me if I am enjoying it which I get soooooo annoyed #2 I really want to learn Arabic but it is not letting me! It keeps getting me out of the app! #3 It keeps getting me to where it is saying to do premium and I do not like it! Fix these changes or else this will get deleted by my index finger and if it is, Opps my finger slipped. Thank you very much for reading this!.Version: 4.2.1

Pretty good appI loved this app it worked really well with translating things from English, but I am also 13 and don’t have enough money for the pro membership so I can’t try to translate things from another language to English because I can’t use the speaker but other than that pretty good app..Version: 4.5.1

Garry’s opinionBoth parent my are Hispanic and I was born in New York City with out the benefit of them speaking Spanish in the house; reasoning for that they wanted to be fully indoctrinated in to American society in the 1950’s. Now I have picked up a couple of terms and phrases, so I use this apt. to confirm what I know and not know..Version: 4.5.1

I love it! ♥️👌I love how you can pick any language also the fact you can put in your own language to learn how to say it in another language! ♥️😩 I have been looking for an app like this one! 🥺 I also love how now I can say different language pronouncing to my friends and they’ll have no clue what I’m saying 😂I hope this app can stay on forever!!!❤️☺️🤞.Version: 3.0.2

Easy to useI only use it once in a while when I want to text a friend of mine in Portuguese but I find it very easy to navigate and user-friendly. Five stars..Version: 5.1.0

Great app 😍Google translate is so helpful! I’m a French student but it can get hard to remember every word so I use google translate and…poof!!! French words! I can now say what I think in French :) LOVE IT!!!! 🥰😍🥰😍.Version: 4.16.0

I love itThis is the best translating app ever.Version: 4.7.2

A travaillerDes que nous partons de lapp la phrases disparer c’est énervant.Version: 4.5.1

Little AdamoI’m very pleased. It’s awesome.Version: 4.3.2

I’m learning TagalogIt’s a amazing app to learn Languages and has no ads and no fee. 10/10 recommend!.Version: 4.2.0

SamWorks well but I wish it included synonyms as well..Version: 4.0.2

Amei esse aplicativo parabénsEsse aplicativo me ajuda muito,muito obrigado.Version: 4.0.2

Great appEasy to use Very helpful I love this app.Version: 4.0.2

👌🏻Really good app.Version: 4.0.2

OkOk.Version: 4.0.2

GüzelGüzel.Version: 3.1.5

Very helpfulVery good.Version: 4.0.1

Rocman2644Excellent.Version: 4.0.1

GreatLove it.Version: 3.1.3

GreatIt’s so easy to use.Version: 3.1.1

Tagalog-PhilippineWill you develop ( Ilokano ) please..Version: 3.1.1

Pretty goodGood.Version: 3.0.4

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