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Download Lotsa Slots, one of the best casino apps made especially for slots lovers. Lotsa Slots Casino gives you the chance to WIN BIG in Slots, including EXCITING bonus games, big wins & thrilling progressive JACKPOTS. Enjoy all the thrill of Las Vegas on your iPhone or iPad!

Take a break from your daily routine and escape into the glitzy fantasies of Vegas games! Head into the wild with Bonus & the Beast, enjoy endless cash re-spin features with LAVA LOOT, smash up the reels with POSEIDON CASH, become a slots legend with DOUBLE CHILI BOOM! With over 70 free Vegas slots games adventures and jackpot featured slot machines, excitement is always just a tap away!

Lotsa Slots featured with:

- Hot slot machines including YIN YANG, RED HOT HEART, KISS THE FROG & more!

- Most exciting Jackpots and the biggest Wins just for you!

- Vegas style slots machines designed by casino professionals.

- 2,000,000 slots WELCOME BONUS.

- Bonus coins to collect every 2 hours!

- Experience Pop Party, Quest King, Lucky Words & more events coming up!

- Enjoy realistic Vegas Casino in the palm of your hands!

- New slots machines added every week.

Lotsa Slots is intended for adult audience for entertainment purposes only. YOU CANNOT WIN REAL MONEY. Success at social casino gambling does not reward real money prizes, nor does it guarantee success at real money gambling.

Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino App Comments & Reviews

Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino Positive Reviews

Fun Fun FunI’ve enjoyed this game so much…!! Unfortunately I will probably need to delete it once I’m out of coins as I’ve only been lucky enough to get 2 grand jackpots to keep me in the game for the past year or so that I’ve been playing and because I like this game - I’ve probably spent a few THOUSAND DOLLARS over that period of time for coins!! I can no longer do this so sadly once my balance is close to ZERO; I will be deleting the game. For those of you who want to have some REAL FUN playing these types of games - DO IT!! The games are LOTS OF FUN and the GRAPHICS are terrific!!! Just watch your wallet - it’s real easy to get caught up into the coin offers! And they’re great coin offers if you can control your spending. I’ve spent way more than I wanted to so I will sadly say goodbye to this game once my coins are gone. When your 70 years old and living on a fixed income - you need to be careful with your money and if you’re not winning REAL MONEY back - what’s the point…?!?! So have fun with this game - it REALLY IS TERRIFIC…!!!.Version: 5.6

Not so greatI have played a lot of different slot games and so far this one seems the fairest, meaning the bonuses and extra rewards seem generous so I have not had to keep reloading as often. The side games for earning extra credits keep you in the game and are fun to play. I’ve won the most credits of any game, almost 5 trillion. I’ve lost a little since, but not so much because I am still in play. Love this so far. After playing for several months, I too noticed that when I finally reached over 1Q in credits, all of a sudden I could not increase my wins but instead lost it all. I liked the game enough to buy more credits and built my account back up only to lose it all again. Today, I played the Vegas slot game and won a Major credit which would have added 3Q to my account, but it did not! I did email support but have had a lot of difficulty getting any response. I’m not sure what my options are for resolving this but I hope the developers will make good on what they owe me..Version: 3.75

Good fun but greedy creators.I played this slots game for a solid 3 months about an hour or two a day. I noticed this game has a very specific set up. When you start you don’t have many coins you’ll most likely start winning and feel good. Then you’ll be up but they’ll increase the minimum you can bet on games so realistically you’re not even up you’ll win or lose at the same rate. When you get drained of coins you’ll get a million different pop ups asking you to buy or spend money. Also for the first month they have it set up to where they’ll give you “BIG WINS” or “MEGA WINS” and right after you’ll get a pop up asking for you to leave a rating on the App Store. If you say no to leaving the rating the same thing will happen over and over again and you’ll keep getting big wins. This alone lets you know how set up and predetermined this slot is. Very disappointing. I give it a three star though because Besides the pop ups and negatives they have a great app layout with actual fun slot games I wish they would fix the other problems though..Version: 5.5

Writе thе wоrd YDK765 in YоuTubе and stаrt making mоnеу аt the сasinоHello! I have been playing this particular Game App for over a year or so. I won’t immediately start paying for any event or drain my bank account because let’s face it, we are paying almost all of these Apps , and not getting paid to win. So, it usually takes me a while to warm up to the idea of putting my hard earned money into something that I’m not profiting from. Every now and then I might buy some packages if they are at a fair price. All in all, I love the Clan concept, and the fact that if you do put money into this App, you get to have a Stamp added in your likeness, and your beloved pet as well, and you get to join a couple members private and public forums, Lounge, to share and give congrats to top winners. It’s a very friendly online experience. A++. Thank You Lotsa Slots for your hard work and commitment to the consumer.. Love the detail and layout, and payout ..! K.A.S...🤑🤩🎊👊🏼☝🏼✌🏼#lotsaslots.Version: 5.6

Lotsa Slots Rocks!I have been playing this particular Game App for over a year or so. I won’t immediately start paying for any event or drain my bank account because let’s face it, we are paying almost all of these Apps , and not getting paid to win. So, it usually takes me a while to warm up to the idea of putting my hard earned money into something that I’m not profiting from. Every now and then I might buy some packages if they are at a fair price. All in all, I love the Clan concept, and the fact that if you do put money into this App, you get to have a Stamp added in your likeness, and your beloved pet as well, and you get to join a couple members private and public forums, Lounge, to share and give congrats to top winners. It’s a very friendly online experience. A++. Thank You Lotsa Slots for your hard work and commitment to the consumer.. Love the detail and layout, and payout ..! K.A.S...🤑🤩🎊👊🏼☝🏼✌🏼#lotsaslots.Version: 4.1

Great and fair gameHey guy I usually never right reviews about games , but this one is special ! I have played this game for 6 days straight and it’s been sooo generous ! I hit so many jackpots and I am over a billion in coin ! You could play A lot of missions that pays 100 millions when completed , and there not hard to complete ! The only thing I don’t like is the ranking , instead of saying 999 it should say the % . Example if I have a billion coin it should say your on top 10% of all players for example ! I did a 2.99 purchase not because I was out of coins but just to support the team behind it for there hard work ! Thank you for an amazing casino slot game ! Hope in the future you will be Adding black jack and roulette or even maybe you could create clubs where people could join a leader and chat , and have tournaments where clubs fight for a prize in the end of the week ! Thank you !!!.Version: 3.0

Please remove this app from my phone.I want to never see this game again !! I have never played something so corrupt and rigged in my entire life . .. How can I remove all games of this sort from my phone ? Everyone stay away .. you are forewarned ... these people have no intention of you being able to play .. you don’t spin . You don’t choose a game .. your experience is totally controlled by then .. pay for coins and they allow you to hit for a little while .. they will not allow you to play again and hit until they take everything back .. not one single site will hit ... I have actually done that .. every single site will not hit ... they are all ... every single one set to lose .. you play to your own demise .. you have been forewarned !!! I promise you .. this is the truth !!!.Version: 5.0

The good and the badThe good news is that this is the best slot machine app. The graphics are fabulous and I’ve had very few glitches while playing it a lot...too much. There are now tons of new games. Since I started a couple years ago they’ve probably at least tripled the Number. The bad news is that since the early days it has become a lot more expensive to play. They probably need the revenue to maintain all these games but I run out of money quickly and it becomes very expensive. The pop ups are incessant to spend more real money. And the fake coins have become increasingly hard to get. It would be nice if there were just a monthly charge to play like a poker game I play. The only other thing I would change is to make the instructions more clear. At least when I’m playing in a real casino I get a chance to get real money back. In this game the money only goes out! So it’s super fun but expensive once you’re hooked like me!.Version: 5.7

Too many slow graphics for special effectsFun to play, but the graphics slow down the pace of the game. I play for relaxation and entertainment, but having to press “collect” 2-3 times for the same win notification is boring. Also, the graphics are very slow before allowing you to X out of the pop-up to continue on playing. Instead of 5-10 seconds of stars and such, maybe, 1-2 seconds of stars with the option to X out if you want to continue playing. Most of the pop-ups have an x to opt out of the visuals, but they do not work. It stresses me out to have to slow down the pace every time I win. Also, when you don’t meet a challenge, instead of saying the player has “bad luck”, say something more inviting so the player will play and pay more. “Oops, sorry! Keep trying, you almost had it!” My 3 cents worth. I like the game, like the visuals, but they’re just too slow for a slot machine game..Version: 5.3

What a great game so many different possibilities of winningI really do love this game but there’s so many things that you can do that really adds up to big bucks it’s so easy to spend a few hundred dollars in a day I can’t really afford that but I love the games I love the looks of the games the characters are very crisp and clean they are very fun to play but like I said I cannot spend I can’t afford to spend this kind of money every day there is one other thing that I don’t like is that you put us in different levels as we earn points and we have to play The max or we don’t win if I play a lower amount I do not get the bonus as much as you do when you play the top level those are my few complaints.Version: 3.93

Lotsa SlotsI’m having major problems the last couple days with the slots I’ve been playing not adding my winnings to my game , I mean like 80 mill, 30 mill, 145 million and 60 million on the slot of hearts and same problems on the zin dang game and on every spin taking away 10 and 15 mill from my score. I have reported it three times the last couple days. I can’t stand trying to play the slots this way and spending money for large amounts of coins and they disappear in thirty seconds. I’ve been playing for sometime now and have really been enjoying it but this problem has just started and this is the second day of it and if they can’t fix it then I’m just going to leave the site and not play no more because at this point the games are a pain and a major problem and definitely no fun at all. .... Hope u fix so I can give u 5 stars! TSpencer.Version: 4.0

Fun, but a free glitchesThis is one of the games that I go to when I have some time to kill. It has been a good game, but lately, I gave seen several glitches have been showing up frequently. 1) the scratch card that is supposed to reset once every 24 hours I’d resetting 2 to 3 times per day which is aggravating because it always seems to reset right when you get to the middle of the multiplierlevels, which means you can never get to the top. 2) the wheels have gotten to where if you have been on a winning streak they start to slowdown and just as you are about to win the reels pick up speed again and keep spinning until they finally stop on a losing hand. It’s hard to enjoy the game when you know you are going to lose. That’s when I generally change to another game..Version: 5.0

AwesomeI’m not going on my own way too bad I’m gonna is it to you and you can have it for a couple hours if y’all are going on a ride home I was gonna you wanna was the time of my life and I’m sorry I’m not going on the day to you but I’m gonna is it a cold and I’m going on to go to sleep I’m gonna was a really bad thing to get to the house I gotta is a time for you and I can come lay with y’all for tomorrow I’ll talk with ya girl I love ya girl and I’m just thinking of how I gotta get you all you right now and you don’t have anything else for that girl and you don’t have anything you to tell you you know I wanna do I want just you to know if I’m finna I’m not doing it I gotta is my time I love ya girl and I’m gonna is the day I gotta get to you get it.Version: 4.9

Best Casino game!!This is the best casino game I have played ever! I was leary of the game at first due to all the negative reviews but decided to try it for myself and I am so glad that I did!! I enjoy the clans feature, where I can complete missions with my clan and try to move up the ladder. I like that there are multiple missions to complete solo. The best part of the game is that I joined with 2m coins, I have been playing for about 5 days and have kept an average of 500m coins so that I can play as much as I want to without worrying about running out or having to purchase more to progress. Keep up the great work! I think I will be playing for a long time and will also refer to my friends that like to play casino games..Version: 3.81

GREAT FUN GAME!I enjoy gambling at the casinos in Vegas but seldom get there any more! This game gives the experience right in your home! I started playing yesterday with the 3,000,000 coins I received for downloading the game. I’m already at over 700,000,000 coins! I am already addicted to the Piggy game! It is a combination of reels AND Bingo! The Piggy Bingo bonus feature is hilarious! You DON’T have to spend $$ to have FUN! I have put out maybe $20 so far but I haven’t spent ANY $ on coins! I love this game but I haven’t gotten much housework done since finding it! I’m sure you will enjoy this game! I’m still checking out all the games included but I keep going back to the little oinking and squealing piggies! Sooo cute!.Version: 5.7

The boring as long as the title is good nvm of my lifeI rate five stars because this is the this is the best game but I wanna see more but once it gets updated to six I will break that but for now I’ll just write five because this kid is not that bad honestly I got big woods very quick so I need you to make more of these very fast so I can get so I can get more happier after I get the after I get that from boring stuff then I just sorry playing this game then I just got really good really good really good fit I never got bored then I’m literally just making this title right now so I wasted like five minutes of my time wait so just made this game better so I can do for six please.Version: 5.4

Most EntertainingI think I have played every slot game out there, this one is the most entertaining one I have found. In additional to a large amount of slot games available with pretty good graphics, there are multiple side challenges/events that keep you interested and NO ads to interfere with your playing. You can join “Clans”, receive clan gifts, compete for your clan and win clan rewards (game play). There are “Quests” to win cards - completion of card sets yields game play. This game also has Special events on a consistent basis. I have been playing this game quite awhile and have never been bored with it. The speed of the reel play is perfect - not too slow and not crazy fast. I don’t like that I have to “buy” coins on occasion (as I don’t win any real cash) but it is very fun to play. I have received some big wins and I have also bottomed out in 3 minutes. There is a real Support team and they were very responsive to an comment I had. For now, I am still very much enjoying this game. Love the graphics and the extra activities/events within the game..Version: 3.80

Quality of founder’s heart engagesExceptional impressive game with hidden treasures that enables true game changer’s ideals to manifest in reality! Financially represents the epitome blueprint efficiently and effectively, that charts the course! With respected impactful real advantage’s played in run mode! What it looks like on the 1% thinking group level “Delivers Service Excellence . The noble states Learn to Handle the Recessions They Come After Progressions. Much respect to Selected Winning Team! Who drove this product into a heartbeat. It’s the true tool that’s supports staying focused on the Blessing once tested by life Tribulations. I’m Honored To Experience Incredible Workmanship That Stand Next To None! Sincerely, Ashley Porter.Version: 5.6

In app purchaseI have made a purchase a total of 2 times, my second and third purchase stated specifics in which once my purchase was made I’d receive, I purchased the 1.99 pack today ONLY Bc I was having a hard time passing a game and it stated that I had skip privileges with this purchase and a free spin! Well never got the skip privilege, and it asked me to pay for the free spin once purchased the game automatically went to free spin.. so why do I have to make an additional purchase??? This is the second time this has happened I just allowed it to skip first time but this time I am frustrated! I want my money back for both!.Version: 3.74

DisappointedVideos have stopped being available to watch an ad and get the free coins. Now I can only play once every 3 hours or so and that’s frustrating the videos were always there just a few days ago and then suddenly they just stopped and the game has started glitching. I contacted customer support a few days ago and was told the reply may take as long as 24 hours... it’s been more than 24 hours and still nothing. My husband is having the exact same problem and if it doesn’t resolve soon we will most likely be deleting the application and finding a new one which is unfortunate because it has been a great app until very recently. The videos need to be returned to how they were and made available please..Version: 3.0

UpdateThis app is fun although it does not pay out like some of the other slot apps out there. Some days it is impossible to win anything at all. The first couple of days after downloading were great and looked like this was a top 10 app, but after consecutively losing for 5 days and only being able to play for 5 mins and never being able to collect enough clan points or coins I gave up. The overall look and ease of the app are great but do think it could use some work definitely bc other slot apps have a lot more to offer and are equally thrilling as they are disappointing when you lose, this is more loss than anything. I would still recommend anyone to Dow load it and give it a try...the potential is there.Version: 3.80

WinningHello since I downloaded this app I’ve been very happy with I love collecting my free coins and I would always get the spins and bonus regularly like right now I had 80 billion and not once did I ever get a win and I’ve noticed that the game isn’t paying out anymore I’m beginning to think I should delete this app it’s not paying anymore before I used to get payed out a lot now it’s like I get to have a lot of billions and I lose them quickly it’s no fun I love playing for a while but it’s just no more fun please fix it ir do something if not I’ll have delete the app.Version: 3.88

Farm of fun slot is dysfunctional!Farm of fun gets 1 star!! Please read. Overall I would give this 4 stars. This is a great game, however the current challenge is requiring me to play farm of fun and whenever I land on the correct slots to trigger a bonus round with the mole and the golden pumpkins it only works like 1 out of ten times. I have landed on the scatter multiple times and that always triggers but for some reason the bonus does not work. Maybe there is a glitch in the game or something. If there is a workaround please let me know. I feel as though I have missed out on an opportunity to win a lot of coins and be done with this silly challenge multiple times. Very frustrated at this point..Version: 1.02

Fun if you have real money to spendThis game is pretty fun, with lots of different slots to play and lots of bonus rewards to earn. I’ve been playing for about a month now and have a few pros and cons to share. Pros - the game is fun - lots of bonus rewards - gives you money to use every 15 minutes with scratchers - tons of different slots and they look great - Even if you run out of money it’ll keep you playing with 20k free as many times as you want - NO ADS Cons - so many offers pop up every time you load the game. - must spend real money to get most extra rewards - the more money you bet the less chance you have of winning - game teases you to spend more but you’ll win less - bonuses really aren’t bonuses it adjusts winnings lower when on bonus modes Overall it is a pretty fun Slots game but if you don’t want to be spinning with the same free 20k after 5 minutes you either have to spend real money or hope you hit a jackpot but once you hit one you won’t for a while, then you’ll be back to 20k coins within 10 minutes.Version: 5.7

Badges, VIP status, stamps, unlocked games not saved?!UPDATE - After contacting the developer thru the app, they quickly responded with instructions to sign in and retain all my stats and achievements from Slots Forever. They also tossed in a few billion coins for the hassle. (5 stars) - - - So despite the prompt in Slots Forever stating that all of your badges, stamps, VIP level, unlocked games, etc. carrying over when you’re forced to download this app update to replace Slots Forever, that’s not the case. I downloaded, logged in, but nothing transferred. And Slots Forever appears to be unplayable. Needless to say, I’m kinda angry at the moment. (1 star).Version: 1.01

So much funI thank you so much for your game I really love it I was so lucky to win a 5.7 Q after only a week or two as I’m a disabled vet I can’t afford to buy coins so I’m a little frugile with my chips but I still have 5.1 Q left I just love the graphics it’s so much fun and not so easy as to be boring so thanks so much you guys have a great game and I love it have a great day take care and stay safe Mai ask I finished the crossword except for one letter and all check marks are done on the meter and I get no more duplicates is this a glitch have a great day thanks for a wonderful game Phil t..Version: 4.1

Good gameFun to play to pass time.Version: 1.01

So far so goodWish i was this lucky in the real lottery. Gr8 fun 🤩.Version: 4.0

Fun. Fun. FunFun..Version: 3.96

Fun timeEnjoying playing this game to pass time.Version: 3.96

MratrfvMhzhshd.Version: 3.96

Fun time passHad good time pass.Version: 3.96

AwesomeAwesome.Version: 3.96

Kewl game dudeJackie’s a nerd.Version: 3.96

Graham8787Fun game just like real thing.Version: 3.96

Cool gameI love this game ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝.Version: 3.80

Slots a funSo fun.Version: 3.80

Love the gameJust started to play enjoy this slot good payout like the quest , it does not take you days to finish it. Love the bonus really enjoy it will be telling my family and friends to join in ..Version: 1.01

Bt-311It’s surprisingly fun.Version: 5.7

Great SlotsNice Game.Version: 5.7

Lots of funPretty fun so far.Version: 5.7

Lotsa Slots 2022Great fun. Lots of games and big wins..Version: 5.7

Lotsa Slots 2022It’s not to bad I like that it has lots of mini games..Version: 5.7

Good ftpGood free bonuses keeps you spinning daily.Version: 5.7

Lotsa SlotsSo far good 👍.Version: 5.7

GoodGood.Version: 5.7

Lotsa Slots!!!Best game.Version: 5.7

Lots of funJust started playing and having a blast. Love this game!.Version: 5.7

SlotsI love slots.Version: 5.7

Wendyk2Good games to play.Version: 5.7

Lotsa slotsGreat game.!!!!.Version: 5.7

Fun timeNice time waster.Version: 5.7

Great funI’m just having a great time play 10 stars for the game.Version: 5.7

This is a pretty good gameThis game is pretty fun a lot of stuff to do.Version: 5.7

EpicPre coo.Version: 5.7

Lots of funGreat win action, tons of coins, costs nothing to play and is huge 🤩 fun..Version: 5.7

Love itLove it.Version: 5.7

FunGreat game! Lotsa fun..Version: 5.7

Lotsa SlotsBetter than a lots of slots apps.Version: 5.6

Fun gam to play and kill timeDefinitely a good game to sit back and play to waste some time, huge money grab tho. Adds everywhere and the layout gets confusing but overall very fun..Version: 5.6

Free coinsFree everything.Version: 5.7

Hayden the gamblerrsssssssThe best.Version: 5.7

Lotsa slotsDinner starts and stops on its own, haven’t won any real money yet, but it’s still fun.Version: 5.7

Good gameGood game.Version: 5.6

New gameChecking it out so far so good lol.Version: 5.6

PleaseDear app, I hope you making a lot of money. Kindly: Don’t be a spam Allow me to win. With respect..Version: 5.6

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