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Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse is a free KJV Bible study tool that people read bible verse of the day, listen to the audio bible - the holy bible king james version, share and learn king james version bible. The holy bible king james version allows you to receive a daily bible verse to get closer to God and learn God’s word without internet access. Free beautiful daily bible verse of the day in KJV translation helps you to inspire your faith everyday. Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse reminds you to talk with God everyday by reading the bible verse of the day and you are also allowed to create your own bible verse collection, audio bibles, and private notes.

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Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse, Holy Bible App keeps God’s teaching at your fingertips. A free pocket bible, a KJV bible on the go. King James Bible App helps you learn God’s Word anytime, anywhere you want. Now get started on this exciting journey and spend time with God!
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How much i love god ✝️God gave me a purpose in my life, and i did some bad things before. but it doesn’t change the fact i love him and believe in him. my parents may not be a christan, but im not like them. i am a christan in my way. god did everything for me, and tried his best. he gave me punishments for my sins. he gave me an award whenever i do good stuff. he’s proud when i reach out to him. he listens. he loves. that’s what makes him a good father. i have a bad life. i thought to myself, why do i get stressed, why do i get hurt, why do i look like this, why me, why do i get bullied. god made me like this. he’s making me fight. he thinks im strong enough. he believes in me and that’s what really matters. he’s watching and helping me succeed. but i don’t know if im doing the right thing rn. i ask god everyday if im doing the right things. and yet even if I don’t get an answer, i keep trying because that’s what my father taught me. he sacrificed for us. so it’s our turn. we have to fight for him. do the right things. even if it’s embarrassing, do the right thing. i thank god, and im grateful he’s in my life. i downloaded this app to learn more about god. i hope everyone has a good day :). ur beautiful/handsome and don’t let anyone say otherwise..Version: 2.55.0

How much I love godI love god so much that I’m happy I’m building a relationship with him but I also have been praying that god is able to receive a message to my best friend that I’m asking for forgiveness and that I miss him and would like to be unblock and that I’m wanting him in my life and that I have learned from my mistakes and my lesson and that my heart is big and I just don’t want to let my best friend down anymore I want us to fix things and get pass it together get through it together god is so faithful that he is taking it step by step everyday and the more I pray about it the more it is going to receive and be there in my heart we pray about things cause god hears us and allows what we pray for to happen although it might not be right away but trust and believe if you keep praying about whatever it is and accepting the fact that his with you in this god could help you right now later tonight you might even wake up in the middle of the night and get what you been praying for you might get it tomorrow just have to breathe and just don’t give up on what it is you’re fighting for god hears you and he’s going to make it happen just stick with him and believe and Jesus name amen 🙏🏾😢❤️.Version: 2.50.0

PERFECT TIMINGGod always has the perfect timing in my life. I have been going through so much in general regardless of the pandemic just in myself. My relationships , my actions, my finances I had just been asking god please change my mind please help me see that shift that needs to happen and this app is aiding me in navigating through life both through knowledge and the peace that comes with the security of my love and trust in God. I am not a church go-er or even a person who prays everyday. But I notice that my lack of spirituality and connection with god leads me to being solely dependent on my own understanding and therefore very negative when things go bad knowing I can’t control everything anyway. What I can control is me therefore why I’m choosing to make this change and study the Bible. I have to trust myself to trust god and this app is going to help me to do that for sure. The daily scriptures by the way hit my heart every-time and speak to what I’m going through or have been to so I can improve to serve my purpose here effectively. As long as I stay consistent I will continue to elevate. Thank you Lord for staying by my side when I forgot about you. I will never forget about you again❤️.Version: 2.38.0

SalvationI have been His since November 15, 1977. Life is an ongoing journey. I will never forget what He did for me on the cross. I grew up Catholic with a loving mother and father, a family of 12 siblings. We worked hard and at 18 I received Jesus as Lord and Savior. I have 3 children that also live for Jesus. Now in my care are 12 grandchildren who are growing up in the admonition of the Lord. My oldest works for a group home taking care of those who can’t care for themselves. My second is in high school and works in the church running the sound. Most of all both have given their lives over to Jesus. The others are in grade school and younger. They require lots of guidance. There are 12 in all(11 grandsons and 1 granddaughter).They will all become children of God in Jesus’ name. From generation to generation for a thousand generations. God is a God of promises and will continue to remain faithful because His word will not return void but will accomplish that which it was sent to do. I have seen it time and time again. I will never cease to Praise His Name!!! My daughter provided my new phone to me in which I downloaded this app. Thanks for providing this app so I can use wherever I go..Version: 2.57.0

Loving the Lord with all your mind, soul , and spiritGod is a good God regardless if we think so or not. The fact remains that when u serve and obey God you have since of peace and tranquility that passes all understanding. When You have a mind to serve God. Do not expect the rosy garden of Eden (before the fall of man) but expect the hard curves of life, because when you align with God he has an enemy that will throw his best curve balls on you. (Meaning he will take his grudges out on you because you serve God...his enemy) The main things that are affected is your family, finances and your health. That why it is good to have a loving relationship with our God. Loving God with all your heart, mind and soul will strengthen your faith and your stance on your belief. You understand, even in the worst of time in your life that God will bring you through the pains of your trails. That is why the Joy of the Lord is your strength and weeping only endure for a little while, but joy comes after you have endured the night... no matter how long your night may be. Loving God comes with a death due us part commitment. It takes diligence and an effort on the part of the believer to know who God is a real way. Yes! Struggles will come. Loving the Lord will get you throughout the tough in your life..Version: 2.54.0

His name is yah.For we have to indignity his name who he is and what he stands for we must be as children we all are Gods in his image we must show love to all being kind hearted showing love to all we must love all colors and not judge one another we must come together and love one another it’s not not good to hate others but God created us all S one we all belong to him we all call upon God well question he will show you who you are let’s not die with hate let’s bring forth love within our hearts we cannot call upon God instead I hate others who are we to judge criticize condemn we must stop and identify what his name really is his name is Yashua we must learn to identify his real name we all are guys in his image this one Yashua he is the highest of all no man no woman can’t compete with him he knows our heart he knows I’m mine he knows what we think I eat I do we have to stop casting stones upon others ask God to come to your heart to teach you how to love Joshua is the greatest of the great his love for us is unconditional and he sees no colors he sees us as his children we have to start livingThe line where people have told us Yashua is great this is his name Yashua the great of the great amen amen.Version: 2.63.1

I love GodGod has always been with me ever since i was a very little boy im truly blessed and very thankful !! Even in the lowest toughest part of my life he was there i am so glad I finally learned to trust in him and to believe and count on him i tried till i was 41 years old to do it my way and sure i had some success and one day the dr told me i had stage 4 throat cancer ! Well i gave it to God and i said what do i do ? The dr said surgery and chemo and radiation might give me a couple more years ,I was not ready to give up most surely not in a couple years so i prayed that I could have a few more years and i felt a voice inside said let me lead your life and you will have everything you ever wanted . Well i had spoke with a pastor and we prayed then i went to have all the medical procedures done and one day i was headed to chemotherapy i was praying and i felt the spirit take the affection out of my body !!! I have been cancer free for almost ten years now and i have been blessed with my business and at home with my family as well as having everything that I ever wanted and the some . So Yes I Love God Today and For The Rest Of Eternity.Version: 2.47.0

God is awesomeWith out God in my life I would be just another person on this planet lost . Thank you Jesus for sharing your love with me and my family and friends and the people that I have divorced out of my life . That would bring so much drama and pain thank you Jesus for not letting me go insane always having my back thank you Jesus for another day thank you Jesus for letting me see the light for years I lived in the shade always backsliding thank you Jesus for giving me the opportunity to wake up and see a new day with new positive ways to share your love with everyone I meet in Jesus name I pray amen and I pray for my family and love ones that they may receive a blessing in each and every way that they need I know that you will provide for you are king and love and the world needs your love and blessings Jesus I just pray for this world and people to open there eyes and realize without you they will be lost and thank you Jesus for coming into my life and my families life for the better it’s been tough to get where I am today but without God and I know I would be lost or even dead Think you God for all your blessings and Love for this World that you share in Jesus name I pray amen💯👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😃👍🏻🙏🙏🙏🙏.Version: 2.63.1

God I am good. 🙏🏽❤️Jehovah Our heavenly father thank you so much for blessing me with yet another amazing day! A few rough patches in the start of the day but I shrugged each and every one of those interesting moments today off my shoulders with your strength! Thank you so much for allowing me to be so strong in your presence I love the holiness you bring me and all of the rejoice!! I am so very thankful for every experience I go through because I know it is preparing me for my eternal future with you in it. And I cannot thank you enough for every experience i’ve had good & bad because you’ve given me the strength to get through each and every one of them and you never ever stopped giving me your strength even when I was on the edge of suicide you pulled me up with all of your might and saved me! And therefore I am forever yours, I love how much of a forgiving father you are to me and everyone else that asks for it and I will always be a forgiving son to you and forgive everyone and anyone for no matter what they do because you’ve forgiven me for all of my sins deep down and again Jehovah Thank you very much!!! I LOVE YOU. AMEN ❤️⭐️🙏🏽.Version: 2.52.0

Trusting God and laying ALL my troubles at your feet Lord!This is the perfect study for the night. Today We Buried Meme Sharon. As I watched my grandchildren’s grandmother family and friends go through this as I. My Heart sank and memories flooded my mind. Then going back to enjoy a meal a visit with all together. You hear the tears and laughter of joys and smiles glee mingle through the room and yard. Everyone telling their stories. HowTragic and sadness can bring together so much love. God you are truly Amazing!! Sharon you got those girls to church and a Mass. the songs you chose were perfect. You spoke for Our Lord and brought them together in a way you can only image. Some will come to Jesus for a life time and other for a while But with lots of prayers as they fall off track they will get back on. As I’m studying the baby grandbaby Jon came in to give me a hug and tell me he loves me. you knew I needed it at that moment Lord! Today reminded me I needed to have more time with you Lord in study abd reading your word Lord. So this morning at this 2:30 am I am Re-dedicating my Life to serving you and building an even stronger relationship you you Lord..Version: 2.43.0

Do you love godGod is my protector, created,and provider. He gave his son life to save the world of there sins. I never realized. Just how brutal they were to Jesus. I know if there could ever be person who would do that. What selfless man and on top that he gave what life he did live as the messiah the traveled every where preach and teach the word of god and plead with every to live god’s way. Sents giving my life to god I think about what I do how I do. And how I treat others to not be judge mental to others. It’s just amazing feeling there so much more I want to do for others and do gods work anyway he sees fit. I loose him for forgiving and realizing I’m not a lost cause I want a good happy life. Life is hard right now our country has just become a battle zone it’s. So divided. We have president that is suppose to be running our country and he is so dishonest corrupt makes up things to get his supports angers so that more riots will break out and more violence in the streets it just sad. More now more than ever I want to live as a believer and a non sinner. I want to be good with life and do what god has planned for me..Version: 2.42.0

Gods LoveThere is no way man can compare his love for God the way God loves man. The Bible tells use that there is no greater love than one lay down his life for another. God gave his only son for a sin sacrifice for us sinners. To die a very painful and agonizing death and Jesus gave his life for us that we might live through him so there’s no question in my mind that God loves me think about it Jesus was beat unrecognizable as a man and nailed to a cross separated from heaven and from earth then he had no sin but Jesus had love and God had love for us to give his son. You see the Bible tells us when he came down to the garden to walk with Addam and Eve they had hid them self and when God ask where art thou Addam said that they were scared because they were naked and they sowed fig leafs to cover them self. And God said who told them they were naked and God slain an animal and covered them. I believe that God was showing man how he was going to have to come back to him it was going to take the shedding of Blood. And that was Jesus the one with out spot or blemish sinless praises to God give God the glory and that is why I truly Love and appreciate God.Version: 2.39.0

Early catechism.Learning at catechism, attending church with my 3sisters, the older one leading. Behaving and knowing what is right or wrong. Was saved from dying at 4 yrs old. Fell over railing of porch on 2nd floor, saved again almost drowned 2 different times. Had guidance and knew God was helping me all through the many years of singing for a volunteer group run by Murray Broder instead of going on the road entertaining. It filled my heart with gladness singing in jails, detention centers, institutions for down syndrome children , senior homes, state and veterans hospitals, and orphanage where my sister and I was put when Mom was sick...just glad she got well. I know God, Jesus. One day at the alter in St Anne’s church in Shrewsbury, Mass., getting communion, all through me was a very strong feeling of love. I didn’t ever want it to go away, but it did. I asked my priest, Fr. Rangers at Holy Family church in Essex Jct., Vt., “what was that wonderful feeling ?” And he said..”the Holy Spirit”. What do I need to do, I said “. Nothing, he said. So I know what Gods Love feels like and I wish this for everybody on earth..Version: 2.56.0

I love God and I accept Jesus Christ as my lord and saviorI am only a teenager. I used to sin everyday multiple times a day I used to follow the world and the people living in it . Until one day I saw this video . I can’t remember exactly what the video was about, but I remember it led me to call upon Gods name . Till this day I am scared I won’t make it to the rapture, but I will try and I accept Jesus Christ as my lord and savior and I accept him into my life. Without him I wouldn’t be here without him I wouldn’t be able to be where I am today . God blesses me everyday starting with just waking me up . God loves me unconditionally and I owe him the same . I still am working on learning more about our good God , but I know that I will give all of my love and I want to give everything that it takes to see him in heaven and to talk to him in person to give him the longest and biggest hug I have ever gave . It just makes me wanna cry because I hope and I pray that I will make it up to heaven with all my beautiful brothers and sisters. I love you God and Jesus Christ , Amen❤️.Version: 2.40.1

My love for GodI love God dearly for He has change my life for the better. Reading his word daily really does strengthen you in areas that I know I was once weak at. The way I think has change, the way I talk has change, I truly view life differently. I’m happy and very much thankful to have finally woke up and understand that in this world it’s no way possible to make it without God. His word teaches us how to survive during hard times, during trials and during storm. His word will help you grow more spiritually that’s if you take your time through out the day to seek him, pray, keeping his commandments, repenting, doing right towards others, sharing his word to others/lost souls and being obedient that it will bring peace in your life no matter what’s going on around you. I promise if you were to seek him and get to know him for yourself your life will be totally at peace. He’s a forgiving God especially if you are a forgiving person. I don’t know what it feel like to stress or worry because of my connection with God is deep! Very Grateful🙌🏾.Version: 2.39.0

Positive inspirationVery helpful to re learn what you have maybe once read and /or learned in the past. To learn new things also. Good to balance out devotional time throughout your day with something positive. To keep that positive vibe flowing and putting in effort to learn, evaluate and re evaluate your life and circumstances. Always good to feed your brain with precious treasure to put into your personal life. It goes a long way when you truly genuinely take steps with real efforts to either maintain a positive life or to even make adjustments and changes. Two thumbs up. I’m nothing without God.. everything him God.. without him life is impossible.. God makes all things possible- but reaching him and holding him searching for him daily with a genuine heart soul and mind and spirit and God may not be there when you call but is always on time .. and it all has reason.. his reasons his purpose.. God’s judgment on me is my only concern that truly matters... God first ..and living right , thinking right, providing right, doing good deeds and keeping a pure heart..Version: 2.54.0

The undeservingI don’t deserve his grace or love His forgiveness or even his blessings but he has made the undeserving deserve more then they can possible imagine I know I try my best to follow him and my best is all I can give and have to offer him that is why I love him so much because my best is good enough to obtain his love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness as a kid I have seen death, drugs, guns , gangs, fights, and a lot of things that I know other people have seen to following god I have repented, been baptized in the name of JESUS CHRIST, and have been filled with the power of the Holy Ghost growing up we didn’t have water and electricity food was hard to get being that my mom was on food stamps and had to feed and take care of 5 kids by herself but now I don’t need to worry about those things because he has been providing for me since I turned his way but he has always had his hand upon me and my family if you close your eyes and say Jesus I love you and you don’t get the same chills that I get idk what to say but yes I do love the lord very much !!!!.Version: 2.55.0

GOD IS GOODDear god I just want to let you know that I’m very thankful & great-full for this life that you have given me & I thank you for all the wonderful people you’ve sent in my life it’s been truly a blessing to be alive, very, healthy & well, thank you for my beautiful wife & son they keep me going, thank you for my parents, other relatives & friends, continue blessing my family, my wife’s family & my friends family, keep them safe cover each & every one of them, God I beg of you to help me take this negative energy out of my life, I tend to let my ignorance get the best of me & I’m afraid it may ruined my life, the devil is a liar, take control my god only you know what I’m going through only you can fix it, Help me to push forward to be better, help me to become the man I’m supposed to be for my wife & son, keep me safe has I go along the journey, this life I’m living is like going to war on a battle field but I shall overcome it like an everyday obstacle, you the boss the real boss🙏👏🇯🇲.Version: 2.54.0

Thank you father, son, and Holy Spirit.....The Bible is always a book that has made me feel a little better after reading it and I always seem to be able to forgive and forget about my own pain because with it being said Jesus has always experienced more pain than us may he still be given no more pain God, I don’t think it’s fair to have him suffer so much I’ll take on some of his pain because he shouldn’t have to suffer for anything that I have done wrong but that my opinion what’s done is done and changing the past is not possible so thank you Jesus for caring and loving me the best way you were able to I love you more than I get to explain ever but things happened this way for a reason. May you be blessed always by god the father in life after this amen! I’m saying a prayer for him to not be mad at my crazy self because I’m blinded at the wrong times and I want to be able to see the right things all the time please help me get better before it’s to late amen!.Version: 2.56.0

HE is my Best FriendI just lost my mom Dec 02, 2020 safest day of my life and happiest day of my life. She was admitted with COVID and was not allowed visitors. Three daughters and the hospital said only 2 of us 1 at a time if it came down to her final time here on Earth. We all prayed for her to get well and if it was not Gods will then we prayed that the hospital would allow all three of us in to see her. That day came, as we got the call we were told that all three of us may come to see her and all three of us can visit at the same time. We spent her last hours with her talking, remembering, laughing, and and loving her with her as aware as the days when she wasn’t sick. The Chaplin asked to pray for her. We all held hands and took turns praying. The Chaplin was the one who closed the prayers and my mom closed her eyes and went to sleep to be with God! I will love her forever and love she is with God in heaven and we will see her again!! Thank you Lord for gearing our prayers, being with us and taking my mom home!!.Version: 2.45.0

LoveI Love Him, ABBA Father, Daddy love. We (people) have love but God is Love. I love Him more than words can articulate properly. My story is quite the one to tell and I only share it when I feel I’m supposed to. My story begins with tragedy but even now ,15years removed from death to life overflowing in love and kindness. Only after much pain are the fruits of that pain usable in advancing Christ. Growing up Pentecostal, though biblically sound, I wasn’t taught Gods love I learned of His great wrath instead, for all my wrongdoings a fiery Hell awaited me. I believe sin separates us from Him but as we with our kids I also believeHe is kind and gentle. He loves unconditionally without such judgements as I seen so often. No tearing down of my person rather He lifts us up, excelling is , propelling us to greatness loving each other and seeing each other as he does with unconditional loving eyes, kind, gentle, slow to anger, quick to forgive and revelation of this is life changing. I love him for this revelation knowledge..Version: 2.43.0

I love God.I have trouble saying “I love “God.” I prefer saying “I love my Heavenly Father.” It almost seems disrespectful to me to say “God” so casually. I can say”I love you Lord.” And “I love you Lord Jesus.” God is our creator. and as a small child learns in Sunday School, God is love. He provides us with the food we need. We no longer have to hunt for meat or go to the garden for our veggies. It is not handed to us because God wants us to work. He hates laziness. I’m always amazed when I hear people say they don’t know God’s will for their life. We are fortunate to have His Word. It answers our questions. And again as the verse tells us ...”to search the scriptures daily. And “Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. Again we are to work ... read, study, search the scriptures . “Love they neighbor as thyself.” “is Love the Lord with all thine heart.” He tells us to “do good and not to hold back good from them who are worthy,”. We need to read His word. We need to put Him first in our daily lives. We need to love Him with all our heart!.Version: 2.40.1

Why we all should believe god In please read 🙏🏽For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh:That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. Paul tells us that the Law of God was "weak" due to the "flesh." This is to say that the Law's function was only to be light, revealing to us the moral will of God and revealing to us our own sinfulness and need of a Savior. In its purpose, the Law is powerful, but it is "weak" in that it cannot save and sanctify in and of itself. Lord, we know that the law could not save, could not enable us to keep Your commands. Law can only tell us what we ought to do, and does nothing more than that. The righteousness of the Law is fulfilled in us, Your children, because of Your transforming power. We long for Your righteousness and pursue it. And we know that You will fulfill all of Your purposes for us..Version: 2.45.0

If you want something to study by these are goodI have found a wonderful Bible lesson that I love to read every night and every day and helps me grow and I think the Lord to help me find this in the Lord Jesus is the most wonderful part of my life he’s help me grow each and every day and I love reading these and it helps me grow spiritually and I thank you for let us have this and praise the Lord that the Lord will go through this nation in this world and put God back in control of everything that churches the schools back in all of our lives and that this will help people learn to understand God‘s word and it’s easy for people that just need to nobody I was just a wonderful little Bible lesson and I love it’s so good, What’s good Bible verses to help you read your Bible and you just follow through with your Bible and read and learn it’s just so good little Bible study versus thank you for letting us have the opportunity to study and thank you God for your love in guidance each and every day.Version: 2.38.0

How much I love godI have testimony. All my life I really didn’t Jesus. I was baptized catholic i remember as child going to church with my mom. But never understood it. Until I got older married with kids. I was invited to a Christian church where in that time my life had turned upside down. Infedelity .. it was the worse year of my life 2006 and like my pastor said your here for a reason. I believe Jesus saved me from so many things. I felt safe with Him. It was a wonderful feeling. I just didn’t want to leave church because I knew when I got home the battle began again. For 8 years dealing with un forgiveness but with His love it made everything worth living. He saved me. The past 7 years I have back slide I’m trying to find my happiness. I need to dedicate myself MORE to HIM. I LOVE YOU JESUS. Because he is good in so many ways in ways I don’t see it. I struggle with myself. I can only imagine if I see him. If he would turn his back on me. But I don’t think so...Version: 2.58.1

John 3:16Jesus is Lord and my Personal Savior. He walks with me and he talks with me. He never leaves or forsakes me. I love the teachings of Jesus Christ the Messiah. I await his second coming. Because he is the True Son Of God. Gods love endures forever, his mercy endures forever, by the Grace and blood of Jesus Christ the Son of God we are saved. Just by believing in the name of Gods Son lord Jesus. God is beyond race, beyond humans mental comprehension. No race can claim God for which we are under God. But Jesus Christ the incarnation of God has come to save us and sacrificed himself for us upon the Cross. Jesus is King. I confess Jesus is Lord and he is the messiah and died on the cross for my sins and transgressions. I am not ignorant for what I do not know. But God has given us commandments to live and keep in our heart to bring a fulfilling and long life. I encourage people to follow Lord Jesus Christ because he is the only way to Heaven. But there is much more you need to learn. In Gods word it says Gods kingdom is within is. Thank you Jesus you are the way truth and life..Version: 2.51.0

Love & familyGod I really haven’t been reaching out to you lately thanking you for all my blessings but today life is really beating up I feel like I’m loosing myself the only family I have is falling apart I’m use to having family sleeping with at night now it’s just me and my daughter I cry I can’t sleep days I go without eating I don’t like this feeling god I ask you all the time why me I know you wouldn’t put me threw anything I can’t handle but this is something I have no control god I love you so much I praying & asking to please watch over my family my loved ones the people who cares & worry bout me before I sleep tonight I want you to pray with me god. Why I love you so much is you never let me down you fought me threw all my obstacles you gave me signs ahead time in everytime I say that was god I thank you for everything for bringing my beautiful baby girl into this world who actually fought for her life Heavenly Father thank you Jesus amen..Version: 2.46.0

He loves us!I used to be a very rebellious person especially as a kid. It took me awhile to realize the lord was always with me even when things did not go my way. During this covid I got sick with it and my anxiety shot through the roof! Turning to him for help with my anxiety & illness is when I realized this is him helping me, back then I was asking for help not from sickness but from broken hearts asking to make this person see we loved each other. I never got the answer I wanted not knowing I got it by no response. My love life did not work out but that’s cause the person was not for me. When I got sick and asked for help I got my help! My anxiety calmed every time I prayed to him my sickness went away and my children were kept safe. He always gives an answer to you, you just have to see that it’s either for you or not and trust the answer even when it’s not one you ask for. I’d be lost with our father🙌🏼🙏.Version: 2.60.0

MotivationGod, today was great. I stepped out my comfort zone. I never thought I be out in public showing off my condition. It was hard. I did it though. I want to be able to be myself without judgement. I love life and I love people. I feel people don’t love me like I love them. It really shouldn’t matter as long I do my part. I also decided to go back to work. I hope all goes well. I have a interview tomorrow and a walk-in interview as well. I hope I get one of these jobs. I need it. So I can do more with my kids. Also for myself. I feel so high off life I don’t want to come down. I give all thanks and glory to you. Without you I couldn’t have done this. Thank you so much God for everything you done for me and everything you have in store for me. I know the best way to show my appreciation is to live and walk in your word. I couldn’t have encountered a greater love than yours. I love you God!!!! I thank you for life. Amen.Version: 2.63.1

How much I Love GODI love God with all my heart and soul every night I pray I ask for him to bless the whole wide world I know that when things go bad in my life his voice to pick me up I know when the pain gets so bad he always release my behavior I am 59 years old and I am trying my best to do and be the best that I can for my family and anybody else who may need me and is the garden me who is doing all of this is in his name not mad I’m just doing his work to help him as what he want me to do and I hope he is so pleased I will never stop doing what he says I will always praise and give all the glory to GOD. He is my provider am a protector and he is the one who wakes me up in the morning to give me another chance to do another day to make him proud of me. I worship GOD not man I can trust and believe that GOD has everything I need. Our Heavenly Father never changes. Only GOD can take me to where I always want to be and it’s Heaven ✝️😇👼🏼..Version: 2.65.1

Dear God 🤍Lord Jesus father God I thank you for always being our light, our protecter, our healer, our way maker and always showing us your amazing grace on our life! I thank you for your favor and mercy you show us everyday by granting us the gift of life by blessing us to see yet another day Amen I give you all the praise and worship because you are worthy of every praise Amen. We thank you for being the keeper of our souls and spirits. continue to keep having your way in our lives and shining your beautiful light on us from the inside out Amen Keep walking us in your purpose you have ordained and destined for us Amen. Continue to keep giving us the wisdom and understanding to hear, to see you in all things and situations Amen. May our hearts always be open to hear your word Amen. Allow us to always treat one another how we would like to be treated and that with LOVE Amen Keep us fruitful, pure, loving and patient Amen.Version: 2.38.0

(Why do I love God)I love God Because he is only one in religious history there is identified as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob the great I AM. I love him more because of the love that the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob has for lost humanity. I love him even more because he made a way for humanity to be delivered from their sins by sending his only begotten son who is full of Greece truth. Now the same love that resides in our God is the same love that is in me by the power of the Holy Ghost The spirit of the living God will literally make you a new creature after you have been born of his spirit and of the water. Because of the love that he has for me, now I can share this God-given love with those who are unlovableI am not discouraged by my response from people I am encouraged. I can love humanity, with the love that Christ has giving me to give them hope in his Precious name. I come to seek and to win the souls if the lost to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. I have learned how to love him in different degrees. In my progression I am always moving closer to him changing to become more like him not trying to change his word to fit or suit my needs but to change on the inside of my heart to be more like Jesus Christ the son of the living God. The Christian life is a very challenging way of life but His Yoke is Easy and His Burdens are Light be blessed be encouraged is our prayers for you and yours. IHS in Jesus Christ Name).Version: 2.54.0

I love God because 🌈🌈I love God because HE is not done yet. I love Jesus because God commendeth HIS love ❤️ toward us that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. I love God because HE called me to be HIS child. I love God because HE when I believed the gospel HE saved me 45 years ago and now I am bound in the bundle of life with the LORD my God and my enemies them will HE cast out as out of a sling. I Samuel 25:29. I love God because HE is going to answer my prayer to save all one billion people in the America’s. HE is going to awaken HIS church here and use HIS people to bring a great revival because HE is not willing that any should perish. I love God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost because, Now the God of hope fill us with “all” joy and peace in believing that ye may abound in hope through the power of the Holy GHOST. I love Jesus because everyday HE want to feed us according to the integrity of HIS heart; and guide us by the skilfulness of HIS hands. That is my JESUS❣️❤️💕🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈.Version: 2.38.0

How much I LOVE my HEAVENLY FATHER!The LORD is my light and my Salvation, whom shall I fear. HE has blessed me in so many ways. My wife went home to be with the LORD, in 2017 January 6. For three years I was so alone. Holidays wasn’t the same, we loved sports, now i barely watch now. The Holidays I always worked by myself, just to keep busy, my life changed so much. But I never stopped laughing, smiling. I kept giving God the praise. Be blessed me with a beautiful sister in the church. I give him all the praise. He did everything for me. We never say anything to each at all, we didn’t know each other until our wedding day. We went through a lot of criticism from our children and other people. We were married December 14, 2020. And we are blessed and highly favored. There is so much I can say, but it would take forever. I teach Sunday School, I Conduct Worship Services. I gave all of myself to HIM. Be blessed!.Version: 2.50.0

God/always love god and always spread his gospelI love god with my whole heart I’m glad he made me and my family live happily together, he made heaven for the people who spread his gospel, and who spread his word for everyone to love him when he comes down to earth he will ask you one question have you been spreading his word, his gospel, If you say yes and tell the truth he will let you in the gates, if you say no he will not let you go in the gates he will let you stay on earth with the devils, then you will have to stay on earth for 7 years and he will make sure you learn your lesson to always spread his gospel. That’s why i always spread his gospel to my family members to let them know to spread his gospel, and one day I hope I will be the one to go into gods arms than I won’t have to listen to all those awful people, he won’t let no one hurt you when you enter the gates you will be in his warm arms..Version: 2.61.0

Walking with God Everyday!!!I love the Lord with all my heart..He’s been so good to me and has healed my body more times than I can count and He has never failed me not one brother that had lived with me for 33 yrs. he had Down syndrome and Dementia..he passed away July the 23rd and then in August my husband passed away on the 18th... that was a very devastating time in my life and I never could have survived that tragedy without the Holy Ghost carrying me through’s been a short time ago but God is still seeing me through each day...I couldn’t imagine not having God in my life and the day I ask God to forgive me of my sins was the best choice and the best day of my life that I have made in my 70 yrs on this desire is to see people saved from a life of sin and receive that peace that surpasses all understanding..God bless you and keep you always..🙏🙏🙏.. Karabeth Hammonds.Version: 2.54.0

Why I go to god.I never believed that Jesus was with me until I experienced a lost in my family that was so painful and traumatizing I tried everything to get rid of the pain, I cried myself to sleep every night, didn’t get rid of the pain. Just made it worse until one night I looked up at the sky and I remember saying “Jesus tell me what to do, give me a reason” I started praying night and morning and the middle of the day, before every meal, after the meal and when I feel uneasy. The pain was so terrible but I remember seeing a video saying “god I love you more I love you so much I put all my trust in you, all my fear I give you my all” and I’ve never gone back, Jesus is my savior and Heavenly Father and everything I do is with Christ 💕 10/10 recommend this app, it reminds me to do my prayer and it pops up at the best times and has saved me from a lot of bad decisions..Version: 2.38.0

How much I love Jesus!I love Jesus more than I love myself! I know his word to be true ! And with the way the world is going today. He’s the only one that whole hearty place my life and my soul in the plan of his hand as well as my family’s! He will never lie to me are turn his back on me when I’m down !! I know this to be true first hand ! I’ve been at rock bottom and our Heavenly Father has always reached down and pulled me and my family back up ! He has blessed us at times when I totally felt in worthy! I’ve had my fair share of sadness and deaf ! And there was times when I felt like just giving up ! But his love for me and my family was so great that he was right there beside of us the whole entire time !! So I say that he’s the light the love and the way! And if you open up your heart and let him in then he knows that your doing the best you can! And he’ll never leave us !!!.Version: 2.60.0

SaveDear lord i just want you in my life to take all my problems away and fill me up, I want you to guide me and help me to believes in you. most righteous and internal god as i come before you i asked that you covered me under your blood and under your wings, you know me even before i was conceived in my mother’s womb i just wanna give you thanks and praises to a un promised day🙏💖thank you lord for my family and friends and protect us from this corona virus and protect Jamaica and the world I LOVE YOU LORD🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞💗💗🔐🌬❤️forgive me for all my wrong doings and covered me and make me more like you cast every sickness and disease and cover the people who are fighting a silent battle. make me more like you. Help me to talk to you more often and vent to u in my time of need🤍🍯💦🌬❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️and give me the strength and the power to go throughout the day. Blessed my parents and cover them protect them under your wings🙏❤️🍯✨🌏AMEN🌚🥰❤️‼️.Version: 2.58.1

CoralJesus has always been known to me. When I was young I had many encounters with my guardian angel. But when I was about 8years old my Sunday School teacher asked me if I wanted to give my heart to Jesus. As I grew I grew to hate myself. But when I was about 24 I had a night vision A bright light appeared over my kitchen table. Two men were sitting there conferring over a contact. I was able to see it was ownership of me. One a was dressed all in black while the other man was dressed in white. The man in black claimed ownership but then the man in white reached over and with the tp of his finger wrote in blood across the contract “PAID IN FULL!” And then said ,”She belongs to me forever! I loved her even we she hated herself!” Even not wen I feel so down I remember the total transformation in my life at that moment. HE LOVES ME! How can I turn my back on the overwhelming love! I can’t. Praise my SAVIOR and my LORD FOREVER.Version: 2.39.0

How much I love godWell god actually been in my life since I was born but the thing is I noticed it as I grew up he helped me when I got picked on and when I feel like I’m not worth enough god is my true strength and supplier and my motivation just believing he is real keeps me going and I had bad anxiety where I was on medication and had heart palpitations and everything now all that has been removed out my life just because I stopped my wicked ways and started acknowledging him instead of leaning down to my understanding so I just want to thank the one and most highly holy father god ur the best my god and I been smiling with a good positive vibe to the point I just love people in general he gave me a gift that’s called love and kindness and it’s so great to the point where I don’t have to meet anyone to love them I already loved you be forever we met thank you god in Jesus name I say amen❤️🙂🙏.Version: 2.38.0

A broken heart full of tearsMy name is Crystal today was a bad day for me and my boyfriend he got locked up when he was trying to do something right he was just Phinne start a new job we were just getting on my feet how much is falling in love with a person that I never met in my life and that was a good thing he was a good person to me he just got took for me out of the blue and I am hurting in my heart and my body I just got out of surgery a couple days ago and look what happened I just need somebody to pray for above love we can get out of this we can make it back home to me safely he was doing the right thing but he just got caught up God knows your good person with a good heart and I love him for being whoHe is but please Lord just bring them back to me I understand we all have flaws we're not perfect we make mistakes but please bring my love back to meHis name is Terrence Terrence.Version: 2.63.1

The perfect GoftThank you Heavenly Father for the best gift in the whole world from beginning to end for sending ur only begotten son as a so. Offering who suffered and died for the whole world n his precious blood they freed us from sins n saved us all form Death and for making away for us So we no longer have to fear Death that is of the Devil so that when we do slip n fall we can ask for forgiveness as long as we believe in r hearts that u came down fro Heaven n rose the third day and is now sitting at the right hand of the Father please forgive me Father n help me to submit to you n resist the Devil n all his schemes so that he will flee from us fill us all with ur Holy Spirit I. Till he’s a fire n hot lava flowing threw each 1 of r veins to guid us lead us n strengthen us n be r strength so that we all good live a peaceful n for filling life n to live the rest of my life for my Lord n Savior Jesus Christ Thank you in Jesus name I pray.Version: 2.42.1

GrievingThe list of my child. She was 22 years old. She was the light to so many people. The youngest on her job. The youngest amongst her peers. But she was fighting her addiction. When I thought God would take her He pulled her through. She helped so many others with her kinder spirit. She meant no strangers. She had her addiction under control. Had a great job getting ready to get promoted. Had her own apartment getting ready to move into her new town house just got accepted into a online IT program. It appeared she was on her way. But those demons kept call her. Plus she was lonely. She wanted someone to love her. She told me the night before her death ... mom I know you are going to be mad but I want to marry by age 25. My first baby by age 26. And I told her how proud I was of her. She had turned her life around. If it was Gods plan she will have everything she wanted. I found my baby the next day in her apartment God stepped in and took my baby girl home. I don’t think I would be alive if God was not keeping me. The list of my child has changed my life. I’m asking God to restore. I hurt in silence. It appears on the outside I’m okay. But the inside is dark just typing this message I’m all choked up. God in know you won’t take the pain away and you will be with me through the pain. If only I could just see her and talk to her one more time. I need you Jesus like I never have before..Version: 2.48.0

Marqus JacksonYes I love my lord and savior Jesus Christ I thank you my lord for everything no matter I’m blessed waking me up in the morning everyday, roof over my family head and food on the table 1.God 3.job etc First my lord and savior Jesus Christ I want to thank for waking up this morning on another beautiful day that you have created I’m blessed to see the age of 36 as of right now I have a beautiful wife Sonja Jackson and six beautiful kids five girls and boy. My lord and savior Jesus Christ I wanted to say first I made a stupid choice on cheating on my wife by text a women for couple months I told her I wanted her I wasnt married wanted to kiss her it was no excuse on my behalf lord forgive me for sins. Lord u blessed me with a beautiful wife Sonja Maria Jackson and I broke her heart bad I feel ashamed for playing bad guy. My lord I’m asking for forgiveness and forgive me for my sins that I have committed. I need you my lord my father pulled me back to my family where I should be and my kids I hurt them too I don’t want them to think that daddy is bad I’m not just mad bad choices I’m praying I’m praying asking for forgiveness I’m hurt my broken heart I do feel ashamed of hurting my wife feelings and my kids lord I’m asking for another chance for my marriage. I’m asking to for give me for my sins and forgiveness in Jesus name I pray AMEN.Version: 2.39.0

God Love For Us is so Immense and Unfathomable.ABBA Father is always Busy loving Us, The Human kind and The Creation of HIS Hand, till today. I don’t deserve his Love because I am the Worst Sinner in this world. I never realized that ABBA Father is so Loving and Caring. Though I was a seminarian many of my youthful years, I never discovered that ABBA Loves me and wants me to Turn back to HIM and Love HIM as A Real Father, Daddy and A Papa. During these Pandemic times as we are jobless and sitting idle, because of my wife I started to take interest in the Burning Bush, which was burning on Mount Horeb, Whilst Moses was rearing the Cattle. Today the burning Bush is The Divine Retreat Centre which is Burning all the time yet not burning but Evangelize the Whole World spreading the Word Of God to all the four corners of the World bringing The Good News to The Whole Mankind regardless of Caste, Creed, Religion, Color and Social Status. God is Working and will always work until the Fall of Satan and his folly. I really appreciate this Biblical Version which is totally free and I don’t want to pay even a single penny. God Loves such People who Offer their Best Efforts in Assisting ABBA Father to Spread The Word Of God, to all HUMANITY. Thanks a lot and I Love this Bible which helps me to stay Connected To ABBA Father in my day today life. PRAISE TO THE ALMIGHTY FATHER PRAISE TO HIS MIGHYT SON, JESUS CHRIST, PRAISE TO THE HOLY SPIRIT, ALL THREE IN ONE..Version: 2.38.0

My faithStrength me my good God Father of the fatherless Mother of the motherless Jesus son of the most high hear my prayers for I know I’m just a mere mortal with little faith forgive my sins and make me pure white as snow hear the prayers of the neediest for they have no where to run my lord protect my family, my friends from the evil things of this earth, the young are dying prematurely lord please show yourself we don’t have any strength to fight anymore we are sorry for swelling our hands in blood doing evil things I pray and I beg you for your heavenly mercy upon us Jesus father do not let your people go astray lord in Jesus name. Father I know I have sin knowingly and unknowingly and I have received curses I pray may I receive devin mercy and forgiveness from who so ever I have hurt please I’m sorry please forgive me Father and I pray for breakthrough in me life in Jesus mighty name I pray 🙏 AMEN 🙏.Version: 2.44.0

My testimonyHow much I love God. I could talk forever tell what God has done for me in my life and never have enough time in day or night talking twenty four seven how he has picked me up and carried me threw life and what all he has done and been there for me. He is my rock, my strength, my love. He gave me my parents here on this earth. He give me life, he give me my wonderful son, daughter in-law, and most of all my handsome and beautiful grandchildren. He has went places with me that no one else couldn’t go with me. He the world to me. I don’t deserve him, but he loves me anyway no matter what. As they say unconditionally, he is my Heavenly Father and I love him with all my heart and I pray one day I can join him in Heaven where there will be no more sorrow or pain. Where we all can live with peace,happiness and joy. Oh Lord, King of Kings I think you for everything and you being in my life. Amen and Amen.Version: 2.39.0

Saturday March 6,2020Good morning Lord Thank you for this day. Thank you for waking me and my loved ones. Thank you for keeping us safe during our rest last night. Thank you for being our protector. Lord I love you. There is no one else like you. No one who does what you do. No one can love us like you love us. Thank you for helping me see the truth. Thank you for opening up my eyes to see the truth. I’m good and I’m ok. Thank you for sheltering me and my family from the wiles of the enemy. Thank you that no weapon formed against us shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against us shall be condemned. I love you lord and I’m thankful that you have turned my life around. I surrender my life into your hands and I ask you to draw me even closer to you each and every day of my life. I need you, I want you and I desire a closer relationship with you in Jesus Name I pray!!.Version: 2.54.0

I Love Jesus because He first loved me and He has been faithful to me.I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because He loves me and has been faithful to me for past 36 years will be 37 this year. I can do all things through Christ Phil 4:13 and 4:19 He provides my every need. He has seen me through loss, He has healed my brokenness and my cup runneth over with His blessings. I don’t know how people can get through hardships without Him. I love Him and once was told I must choose between Jesus and my daughter and grandchildren, I will always choose Jesus. I hope there is enough evidence to convict me of being a Christ follower because upon Him is my foundation to eternal life. I pray many come to Him before it’s to late. I pray they build their foundation upon Christ Jesus the rock, our foundation and choose His truth, truth is the word of God John 17:17. Only truth will make us free. In Jesus, Marcella.Version: 2.59.0

Gods blessingsThank you so very much for always being there when my day is a mess and my night needs a pick up !! It's so great to have you right with me always ... big time blessings to you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏😇.Version: 2.24.3

BibleI just love your App it’s such a Blessing to me It’s such a Inspiration to see how God love us and cares for us may the Blessing of the Lord be with you all Thanks to Share 💖🌈🙏🙏.Version: 2.28.0

RateLove it , love it , love it must tell more people about this app God Bless us all 😍.Version: 2.28.0

I just love it.The entire app is well thought out, inspired and I just adore the notification sounds!.Version: 2.27.1

God’s verseI love it . I like getting up in the morning and the first thing I read is God’s morning Prayer..Version: 2.28.1

KJV BIBLEI love the app but find it very sensitive to touch - when doing the quiz - I have received many wrong answers just by repositioning my phone it has tapped a totally wrong answer.Version: 2.27.0

Holy BibleVery helpful and glad it is available..Version: 2.65.1

Best app everI love you Jesus ❤️.Version: 2.65.1

Love itShould be able to listen to it without being logged in that would be wonderful even if I need to pay a fee.Version: 2.64.0

My God is awesomeI feel so good when I praise my God ..Version: 2.64.0

I love my godHello My name is Solomon, if what comes out of your mouth is true then I believe I love god. There is nothing that I would love than god, but I have fallen from my grace, for I have became pity and wicked, iam straggling to cope with life's demand. I pry to my god and lord Jesus Christ to help me to change from my ways and means. To acknowledge and to fear the lord my god. For I haveUnderstood there isConsequences in life between the wicked and righteous The question will be where would my soul fit. Thank you Sincerely.Version: 2.63.1

I love ❤️ God AlmightyI love God Almighty my Father and Creator who sent His only begotten Son Our Lord Jesus Christ to redeem us showing us the Way and promising that His Spirit would dwell in our hearts 🥰 in The Holy Trinity! Our Lord Jesus Christ died by being crucified carrying our sins and thus becoming our Saviour forgiving our sins! He gave his life and eternal salvation on all who believe in him. Blessed are those who believe without seeing him!.Version: 2.63.1

ThankfulThank you God for loving me so much and beyond my understanding..Version: 2.63.1

More then anythingI love Jesus with all my heart even tho I am a sinner everyday and he forgave me for every sin as long I as try my hardest to obey him..Jesus is my life an no one will stop me loving him.Version: 2.63.1

Thank you GodMay I never die young in Jesus’s name . I will live my life to the fullest to testify the Goodness of God.Version: 2.63.1

I Love the Lord my God with all my heartI Love God with all my heart, my being, my soul, he gives me courage to face the unforeseen and gives me hope when there is none! I am so grateful to have the Lord myGod in my life!.Version: 2.63.1

My momHello lord, I am having a hard time with my mom leaving us to heaven. I know I need to let her go. I am greatful for the Mom you gave me and the connection -and the love. All the memories and great times. Amen.Version: 2.63.1

Our Lord God is my everythingI grew up in a family that has a very strong faith and relationship with the Lord. I have witnessed and can testify to the great work my Lord has done in my life. He has brought me through much pain and great diversities in my life. There are times when I have been lost and angry with God. I built walls around my heart and would scream at him. Thinking that he doesn’t love me; every time I pushed him away, he brought me back with his love and holding me in his loving arms. In the same way a shepherd brought brings back a lost sheep. God’s love is powerful and I will always be grateful and thankful for the marvellous things he has done and continues to do in my life. I am a child of God, who continues to be a work in progress..Version: 2.63.0

I found Jesus in a jail cellWhen I was a young man about 21 I lost everything I had my girlfriend broke up with me and let me see my kid I broke a law ended up in jail felt like 1 million suicide I tried to in a jail cell I did but I didn’t die then I felt a hand on my back said Gordon Long I am here with you in this feeling over my body care that I was saved I felt free but I was still in this jail sale and I was thinkingHow could I be so free inside the shelter but when Jesus told me about my head and praying that my knees and I could hear his voice and I could feel them beside me saying I’ll save you I’ll make you a better man I’ll teach you to be wise and have wisdom to know what to say and what to do is write to live through people to love people as he did no matter what you put yourself in situations are no other people will to go places where people want to see people that are hurting and help them out by helping others you help yourself you’ll be rewarded in the end I was like thank you Jesus thank you and now I’m 50 years old I believe in God I have 13 grandchildren six daughters three sons and I am happy thank you Jesus amen Jesus amen.Version: 2.62.0

How much I love GodAs long as I can remember God was very close to my family. We grew up with God. Church on Sunday. Catholic school until grade seven. Then we move to a new place and it’s funny how everything changed. No longer did I go to a catholic school, it was a regular, no uniforms, no respect to ward other people. It was a struggle for me, I had no idea how or why people were so opposed to Jesus. No one spoke about him nor did they care. I struggled thru, then found a group whom all believed in God. It was Army Cadets, we went to church not all the same church. Our Greatest saying was ‘To all of us religions, race or gender, we all new there was and always will be one God who loved us all, no matter what. I am now 53yrs young, it stayed with me and have raised my Children that same way. I am blessed with two Grandchildren and they will be raised in Gods eyes just as we all are. Take Care, God Bless.Version: 2.62.0

Who knew.It's just great to have a app that provides the info and stories that shaped great decisions and people..Version: 2.62.0

Are Father isLove like you ever imagined True like no other Everything inspired Only good Pure Amazing Glorious Righteous Compassionate Understanding Humble All knowing The only one true God There are not enough good words to describe the joyful experience with our lord When you start talking to him everyday . When you read the truth understand it And truly believe , he gives you everything that you need in life and you are taken care of . I talk to him every day He is my everything I love you Father above all Thank you for your presence I will always be faithful to you Amen.Version: 2.62.0

CreatorHe had rebuilt my heart, my soul, my mind. My outlook on life even in troubled times is all thanks to the Lord 🙏🏼.Version: 2.62.0

I LOVE GOD!💚I Love GOD as Much as HE Placed What HIS Love Means To me To The Fullest Passion & Fire For HIM. HIS Love NEVER Fails & Is Unconditional & Truly Faithful Always! HE Makes my HEART Yearn For HIM Every Day of “my Life”, & I Live To Love Him Beyond Limitations Freely & Purposefully With my Eyes Fixed & Focussed On HIM💚.Version: 2.62.0

I Love GodMy God answers my prayers. He’s the greatest of them all. I trust & have faith in Him. He’s my saviour & redeemer. Love you God with all my heart!! He is our Saviour.Version: 2.62.0

Holy Bible studyI really enjoy doing this everyday and night. It keeps me focused on why I love the Lord. I wish I had two hearts instead of one. One doesn’t seem to be enough to give to the Lord. And this one I have is defective, so another one would be the one for sacrificing. But, this heart, defective or not is the one I’ll gladly give to my Lord. Thank you for this study. Judy.Version: 2.62.0

Big!!I love God, BIG TIME!!.Version: 2.62.0

Need male too!Ok, so I like the praising woman, it makes me feel safe in the beginning.. but I need the male too! Because it sounded like Jesus whom a male, whom rules the world more than wife. Both should be an option. Just putting my suggestion on there!😊🙏.Version: 2.61.0

I feel happyKnow GOD love me just the way I am.Version: 2.60.0

MaggieThis is a very good way to keep God close to you and praise him? I also feel that I get to know the scriptures better than before and it gives you a map to follow daily?Amen🌟🙏🙏🙏.Version: 2.60.0

Love this appThanks for developing such a great app. It’s really appreciated..Version: 2.60.0

New man in my life named MarcoThank you god for being there for me - I ask again for your guidance and give me a pure man who could love me for who I am , and also give me the sign to love him back- I do want to have someone who makes me happy and can take care of me the way I need to be taken care of! An attentive man a loving heart a wise man and most of all a loyal man! I feel today I have some realizations with my family and cannot seem to breakthrough! My patience is being tried and tested- my trust for my family is just a thread! My safety has been jeopardized by thier behaviour towards me and I find that thier interests are purely selfish! Please grant me the patience and wisdom to be with my family on my sister Sue’s birthday- in order to breakthrough all this rejection they seem to project on me and help them to understand me better- to speak words of respect- encouragement and love towards me! Thank you lord in the name of Jesus and the holy father Amen! Do.Version: 2.60.0

Loving God so much....I love God so much that I just wanna cry...❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻.Version: 2.60.0

Love for GodI am so deeply in love with God I love God so much God is love life of the song love is the lyrics.Version: 2.59.0

GOD alwaysEternal.Version: 2.59.0

LoveToo much adds (long) though I understand that it is the source of financial support.Version: 2.59.0

Just a startStarted this new bible app so that my free time could be spent more constructively. I do wand to place the mind of Christ daily..Version: 2.59.0

Thank you Jesus.Only God, You continue to bless my heart each day oh Lord. I don't deserve your blessings, but you Love me and you have shown me by sending your son to die so that I will get a chance to meet you and Jesus at the throne of grace. Thank you never seems to be enough. I pray for a hedge to surround my children that you blessed me with. Protection from any element out there not of you oh Lord. Miz.Version: 2.59.0

Jesus is my Lord, my GodI offer myself to God.Version: 2.59.0

Holy Bible KJVI love God.Version: 2.59.0

God blessLove this app. First thing in the morning. I read. Can’t wait for the night verse..Version: 2.59.0

God you are good!God, you are so goooooood you are wonderful in all my grace God, you are so goooooood you are wonderful in all my grace..Version: 2.58.1

Amazing graceI love it it teaches me a lot I love God and Jesus thank you for everything that you do for us you are love and you create love thank you for being our saviour and our salvation🙏☦️🛐.Version: 2.58.1

DayI had a good day.Version: 2.58.1

God is my everything❤️I thank God for giving the opportunity to learn and read the word of God through this app. Bless you all who made this possible. 🙏.Version: 2.58.1

Great.I love this APP. I’m definitely thankful for how it helps me with a quick pick me up on a busy day..Version: 2.58.1

Great reminderGreat way to get some extra prayer in. Perfect for bible study.Version: 2.58.0

Why I love god so much..My god..loves me very much..I talk and pray daily to him..tell him about my struggles and worries..I feel comforted...I ask for help with my daily life and I receive blessings and help there as well..I could not live without my god and all my higher powers my beliefs as I was taught from my mom..I pray for this world and everything in it..especially the babies and the animals because they are so innocent..I love my angels..and all that I pray for..I am humbled by my lord...and know everything he does is his plan for me..amen....Version: 2.58.0

Great appWonderful way to spend time with almighty God..Version: 2.58.0

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