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EFEKT Video Maker By Picsart Customer Service

EFEKT Video Maker by Picsart is an innovative app that allows you to create unique videos and photos with movement and sound reacting effects. Express yourself in new compelling ways and get noticed!

EFEKT takes your reality, as seen through your camera lens, and morphs it into something unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Start by selecting one of our effects for your photo, video, or slomo, and begin shooting. It’s that simple! Shoot live or import your own videos, customize effects to your needs, export them in FULL HD, and share them on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube.

New effects & features are added monthly!

There's an effect for every style and personality.
Blabla: Words, words, and more words.
Dream: A trippy, distorted, colorful gradient
Bubbles: Fun bubbly particles + a champagne mode
Glass: It kinda looks like glass, EFEKTed glass ;)
Spring: Lots of dots or squares or triangles
Rainbow: Our signature effect, because RGB is love
Spark: Flying glossy magical particles
Flame: Dancing fire, burning desire
Interlace: Glitch yourself out of existence
Flow: Like a living oil painting
Wind: Rotating & scaling rectangles, that rotate and scale :D
Dilate: Trippy watercolor
Gif: What’s trending on GIPHY?
Shine: Radiate light in any color
Jelly: Smooth like jelly, also comes in RGB mode
Echo: Trail of you & you & you & you...
Dust: Fade to sand and ashes
Displace: Timewarp, flows like water
Strings: Pinstriped to perfection
Magic: Sparkly stars, snowflakes & more
And more to come…

Customize each effect to add a personal touch to your videos and photos. Every effect has unique personalization options to experiment with. Everything works in real-time so you can play with the controls even while you're recording.

Choose the Audio Reactive feature to make effects react to sound and make your own music video. Tap on the little white circle at the right-center of your phone screen and start speaking or singing. Or play your favorite song and lose yourself to dance. You can also import videos with music.

Human mode lets you apply effects only on yourself, people around you, or on everything else but humans. Available only on iPhone Xs or later.

All effects can be masked with shapes to add a new dimension to your creations. Choose from stars, diamonds, hearts, and way more. All shapes can be inverted and transformed in any way.

Type any phrase that comes to mind and finish it off with one of our fun fonts. Move your saying around until you’re happy with its placement and movement.

Draw anything with your finger directly on the camera screen while shooting or on any part of your video and the effect will follow your finger in real-time.

Gives you the ability to layer multiple effects on top of one other. Please don't go overboard!

Tag your videos and photos with #madewithefekt and we might feature them on our Instagram @efekt.app.

How to Use EFEKT Video Maker by Picsart:
- Shoot with in-app camera or import videos
- Hold the camera as still as possible
- Adjust effects while recording
- Activate sound and make your videos react to music
- Mask effects with shapes and text
- Draw anything and apply effects on your drawing
- Apply effects on people around you (human mode available on iPhone Xs or later)
- Combine multiple effects
- Save and/or share

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Terms of Use:

EFEKT Video Maker by Picsart App Comments & Reviews

EFEKT Video Maker by Picsart Positive Reviews

Outstanding effects!!!Having used this app for some time now, my rating is not the impulse review based on a quick first impression nor is this a review in exchange for an additional feature. In all honesty I am leaving this review because I believe this app deserves it. With a very user friendly interface, this quick to learn app has a ton of amazing and individual features that I have not found on any other apps in the iTunes store. This is not your ordinary plain Jane effects app for the boring editors out there that are looking to make a boring video / photo look just as boring as it was when they took it. This app is for the extreme abstract artists looking to make something never seen before! With an incredible attention to detail this app will not disappoint if you use just for fun or for something more. With an ability to also adjust each of parameters of all of the effects you can use this constantly without the worry of all of your work looking the same. You have to try this out to learn for yourself, but its absolutely worth it. Some of the best “effects” not filters out there..Version: 3.5.0

Absolutely amazing effectsI don’t write many reviews but I had to with this one. I’m a professional photographer and videographer, but I consider myself an artist more so than the others. Being so, I’m very critical pertaining to most photography/video apps. More often than not the exporting quality just isn’t quite there. And I do lean towards more artistic editing apps as well. This app is probably the absolute best artistic editing app I’ve come across and used in the App Store. The effects are absolutely amazing. Actually quite mind blowing. There’s really nothing else quite like it. It’s in a class all of its own. Kudos to the Devs for producing such a top notch level app that few others seldom reach. If I could give you 10 stars I would..Version: 3.17.0

Interesting & effective way to get a reviewThis app works just as advertised. You can create some interesting video & photo effects but is best with video effects. The effects with photo are interesting but seem to make more sense with video. With video, it will place a distortion filter on videos being recorded to create different effects. In order to see or have one of the effects, you must write a review...pretty good way to unlock filters in your apps development team...if it actually does unlock the interlaced effect filter. All in all it’s a fun novelty video app for quaint moments for Snapchat types of people or anyone wanting short vids of themselves with easy effects. For longer videos, the effets are not very subtle and apply to either everything moving or everything in frame which easily becomes distracting for long periods of time. Overall, fun occasional use type of app but in a world where everyone wants more and more megapixels for higher level of detail in their videos, it is just a novelty use app. I say that because the filters distort what’s in frame so right away, you lose quality to have a kitschy effect..Version: 3.4.1

Great effects!Finally, an app that offers something different... it’s rare these days for an app to come along and actually offer something that hasn’t been done already. I’ve used alot of apps that let you edit pictures and video, but this is one of those rare gems that totally free you from the normal constraints that most apps keep you in. The creative tools in this app are amazing and when combined, gives you total control of the level of visual creativity that’s possible. Infinite possibilities are truly reachable within this app. Your mind is the only limiting factor in the matrix that is this app. Become a master of your visual possibilities and take the reigns of your future visual experiences. Explore the minds’ eye under the mind-altering effects of the drug that this app becomes. **Surgeon Generals Warning: ** The effects of this app may cause hallucinations, feelings of euphoria, time-warps, and or pre-mature ejaculations. Use at your own risk! Consult physician if you experience withdrawal symptoms after using this app. If you or someone you know has an app addiction problem, please dial 911 and blame it on the aliens..Version: 3.23.0

Whoa!Easy to use effects. However, I must admit I am writing this to unlock a particular effect. Regardless of that fact, the app I amazing or I wouldn’t have cared enough to write the review to get another effect🤣. There are plenty of effects in the free version. I am not certain what you have to pay for. I received an email announcing that yearly subscriptions were not available, however, I have been using the app and navigating without a need to anything else. The effects are clean and each effect has various customizable features..Version: 3.4.0

Great effects, subscription model ruins itI have to say that these are some of the most interesting effects that I’ve seen. Great quality and incredibly mind melting. I just CANNOT with the subscription model. If I buy an app, I want to be able to use it and not have to worry about a monthly fee. At least offer us some kind of option to buy this outright. When I first bought this app, the subscription got turned on and I didn’t even use it or know about it for months. Infuriating. Get rid of the subscription model. I want to give a lower rating because of the subscription only model, but it’s such a good app I’ll still give 4, easily 5 if there is a purchase option..Version: 3.11.0

Great app, needs high res (4k) supportThis is a wonderful app. However for modern day use, it really needs 4K support which has become very mainstream. If you use it on 4K video, the output will a downsized lower quality video. On the plus side, I very much disagree with the reviewer who said the effects are “kitschy”. They are actually quite sophisticated (using fluid dynamics and other techniques) and show a professional quality. Also the work flow is a pleasure to use and drop dead simple to start using. Adobe After effects should learn from this. There are minor usability issues that could be improved, but this is minor quibble as it’s easy enough for most users to be productive right away..Version: 3.5.0

Fun fun funI spend way too much time on this app making effects for vids for no reason except it’s so fun!!! Also, I love that it has no problem uploading a 45 second high res vid and adding effects to it (most apps like this I’ve found crash at 15 seconds). And the output is still in high res. Great app. Oh and best of all it says they don’t track me on other apps. I’m so tired of apps that act like they are just for “creativity” but in reality they are primarily a “data miner”. As far as I can tell this is NOT one of those and thus they respect my privacy..Version: 3.26.1

Trippy, waaaay trippy!!A big thanks to the devs, for making this discovery, previously long sought after.. I know from experience that it must have been so much hard work not only harnessing the secrets to collecting AND containing pure mescaline visuals within a jar, but then to take it even a step further by painstakingly domesticating and training those very hallucinations on how to be an awesome app! And although it may still be a taboo subject in the western world you’ve overcome great odds to bring this treasure to light.. Your efforts have not been lost on us! Kudos and good day!!.Version: 2.0

The One Minute Rating & ReviewOk looks like a fun app. Does require the in app purchases of extended platform options. Not a fan of in app upgrade purchases. Like options upfront - just saying. Why three starts - because your app asked to be rated less then two minutes of ownership? Kinda hard to give your app any ratings he rating . I was just going through the various options. Your demo looks like fun so I got this for my kids to try. Going into the vetoes options and to date that means four with out applying to any actual video. The program looks to be more like stickers then visual effect to filming. If you don’t like my rating, sorry. Next time learn to wait. Two minutes using this multi option application is not reasonable. Maybe a day, week, or even a month of shooting video and using your app is reasonable, not two minutes. Let’s see if you even read this far because you might have a Five Star app worthy of a Great review - let me know what you think and best of luck to you!.Version: 2.0

EFEKTWow this app opened up my eyes and my mind to creativity I never knew I had. The first few minutes my mind was running at a speed I couldn’t control I had so many ideas of what I wanted to try and how I could make my late daughters memories even more special the best app I’ve seen thus far definitely a must get . I’m currently strapped for cash but I’m now motivated to get what I need to purchase this app and start working and making magic👍💯🤩🤩👍.Version: 3.16.0

One word. Amazing.This app has many EFEKTs (pun intended) which allow different uses. I can’t name those uses, but still this app is very cool. I love that you have a bar at the top of the screen, allowing for easy access to effects. But one thing, I don’t like that you need premium to do more stuff, such as making a video or taking pictures. The other features are free, but it makes it feel like a video game demo. It would be appreciated if you would add more free features for people who don’t pay (AKA people like me). Other than that it’s a good app..Version: 3.21.0

No clear way to save any thingI see no way to save any files. It doesn't matter what effect I chose or where there elect is locked or not. This plus I hate programs that make you pay a monthly fee. Seriously, a subscription for an image editing program on a phone! I barely accept that Adobe makes one subscribe to Creative Cloud but some fun little gimmick for your phone? Never. Given this, the effects offered are really well done. There was clearly a great deal of effort put into this app. So I'm more object to being made to pay. I just don't need yet another monthly subscription..Version: 3.4.2

Super fun but...It’s so fun to film so fun to share with family friends etc. But I want all the effects like I really want echo but I can’t have it because of the subscription. Also my parents don’t want to pay for the subscription and they don’t want me to and I don’t want to pay!!! So I just wish EVERYTHING was free so I could use and try it all out! Oh and the subscription WHY it should be free so we can all use it! I am NOT saying it’s an unfair app, I just feel like if PicsArt maybe costed money to do some of its stuff than maybe EFEKT can be ALL free! See what I mean?!.Version: 3.14.0

About the app...I LOVE this app, there are lots of filters you can try and make videos and edit, but there are some negative stuff on it like this app needs more filters to try and also you need to write a review to this app to get the interlace which is one of the filters, My point is that these filters aren’t the best so you need to add more and I was hoping you’d also add more options to edit, and an option which can help you edit your videos AFTER you make them and if we have that option, it doesn’t work with me; because every time I want to edit and video it just keeps loading when I HAVE INTERNET, so if that option is on... I’d doesn’t work with me. my order here is: To add more filters to this app To give us more editing options To let us edit our videos AFTER we make them. Thank you so much for understand, please reply to my review..Version: 3.12.1

The best audio reactive effects app in the AppStore!There is really a great deal of amazing effects control in this app with incredibly unique looks. The audio reactivity is the best I’ve used in the AppStore after more than 5 years of looking. You can easily get great results with minimal effort, but if you take the time to learn all of the parameter controls, stacking effects, drawing masks, etc. you can get some mind-blowing sophisticated results. Highly recommended!!!.Version: 3.13.0

Clever boyLook how effective it is to unlock effects with a simple rating. What a clever ploy. But the 5 stars is sincere (so far). Have only been toying with the app for half an hour and so far, I must say, it's honestly stunning. One of the things that makes the app world so thrilling is apps like this that truly seem impossible. My little niece has been dancing for me in front of the camera, and we haven't had this much fun in ages. Well, done, whoever made this thing..Version: 2.0

Good free effects, rate to unlock one5 stars for being free and having some options not require anything. Will update rating if things change. Rainbow and Interlace are the coolest free effects while Flame is the best one for $2.99. I think the only way to combine effects is to save and then edit again over it. It’s still a nice option to upload your own videos and things from camera roll or from live camera..Version: 2.2.0

AH-MAZ-ING!!!A powerful video editing tool for the phone? What is this sorcery! No, it's magic! I'm completely blown away by the filters, FX and options. The quality of the videos are also epic! These guys have some serious program or engine running behind this app. These are effects that you normally have to find Gia desktop software but they brought it to the smartphone and made it even more intelligent! I love this app!.Version: 3.16.0

Good but needs some workHey! I love this app don’t get me wrong, but everything costs money and there aren’t many affects also you can’t add a sound in the background. I want to add songs in the background! Those are the only things though other then that it’s fine! Please get back to me and I would like you to add songs in a update. Thanks! Please writhe back. Sincerely, why does it matter. Ty! It’s been about three hours since i wrote this review originally and I HATE IT! I hate that you can’t add a song in the background it makes me insane!.Version: 3.24.0

Went from 4⭐️ to 1⭐️….and back to 4⭐️Lol It was giving me trouble there for awhile, which sucked cuz I pay for the yearly subscription. But now after restarting my phone twice the app is back to normal. It glitches out on me (pun intended) every couple of months tho. This time it was only allowing me to see/use Petrol, Echo & Displace. Last time it was only allowing me to use the photo function, if I were to select video or slo mo the app would immediately crash and not want to reopen..Version: 3.22.0

Nice appI would launch this app once in a while and experiment with it but had not yet seriously did a full on photo shoot. I found that I liked the app but not enough to subscribe. I already subscribe to several apps and services, one of which is Adobe Creative Cloud which is close to $700 a year! I know that $20 a year is not much but everything adds up and one invests in what one uses the most. If I start using it more, I will get a year subscription..Version: 3.16.0

If you want something SERIOUSLY amazing get this app!!I didn’t know I wanted or needed this until I downloaded it & it’s truly mind bending fun. Bonus, it is pretty easy to use immediately!! I can’t wait to really start playing with some of the features on photos of the sky. Thanks for making something beautiful and totally out of ANY BOX....💯.Version: 3.5.0

Kind of goodI love this app with all the cool features and stuff but I would definitely like it if we didn’t have to pay for the really cool ones. What if someone is a child and they really want to use that but they don’t have the money? Well they should do a birthday thing to see how old you are and if you’re 12 and under them you should get the stuff for free, we obviously don’t have the money, and maybe our parents don’t either.Version: 3.16.0

Oh my God I love this gameSo there’s like so many different effects like I can’t get it over. There’s this one time Tyler and spell almost all day on this app. That’s why I gave it a five star rating like oh my goodness. It even lets me send all the videos I take to all my friends and my friends have been asking me the name but I haven’t been telling them.😂.Version: 3.21.0

Rating to unlock filters...big brain marketingLike, seriously. Super smart. 3 stars because I have had the app for 30 seconds and thus far have not been impressed with the free filters I’ve seen. I’m not disappointed or anything...I just haven’t gotten to see the app in it’s advertised power yet. So why am I writing a review? ... well they put more of the app on the line! Perhaps I’ll return after I play with the app more to give more or less stars?.Version: 3.5.0

AmazingI’m big on effects for my videos. Instead of having one app that does it all I have three or four that I use back and fourth to get desired results, but this one? First app in a LOOONG TIME that has some truly unique filters, and the fact u can adjust the amount of the particular effect that u want is dope.... Amazing app for the money, oh wait......Version: 3.2.1

Outstanding set of effectsI do video... this is an awesome set of tools to create with... if you are reading this, get it and spend the $9 for full use... try out a few and know that once upgraded it gets even more creative... really quite amazing... try out for free but if it excites you, then part with the $9 and have phun....Version: 2.1.0

GoodGood app but the subscription price is far too high for 15 or so filters. C’mon now. I won’t ruin ratings by super low stars but I already paid for the app and now I have to pay to subscribe and I don’t get what I paid for. Most apps that go to subscription based pricing at least grandfather people in or give them more than the basics. Also, why don’t you ever update the app? If you want people to pay monthly then the app should be updated..Version: 3.5.0

Very interesting app!Found this app on the main page today decided to try it out and I’ve been using it for a little now and it’s very good, some stuff is pay for other filters can be unlocked by rating the app and also by following them on various accounts!.Version: 2.0

Pretty great appJust started looking through the effects, saw the whole ‘rate to unlock’ thing so thought I’d just get that out of the way, before I could take a better look through everything and generate a more thorough response of course. Other than that, just your standard ‘pay to use this’ and ‘buy to remove that’ sort of app. Cool effects and all. Good job..Version: 2.0

Fun AppThere are many fun effects in this app and I recommended it for those with creative personalities. Update: After using the app for the past two days, I have created some cool 😎 images and videos and my friends think that I am so creative. But I am not that creative, the app makes me look that way..Version: 3.14.0

Awesome AppAs someone who appreciates Great product I highly recommend this app. The creator gives you the option to pay full price or Pay for what you use. I create video production on iOS and the tools offered by the creator are amazing. The incentive is When you create product. People like it. pay for it..Version: 3.0.0

The most fun you can have with one fingerAnd the easiest way to wile away 20 minutes then have folks scratch their heads and wonder if they should find you some help when they see the results. Worth the price the first time you play with it and unlike ANYTHING else..Version: 3.4.1

Pretty good for freeBeen playing around with the filters and it’s pretty good. I can see potential in some of them, and I can probably say I won’t use others. One thing I don’t like is when an app forces users to access camera and microphone like this one did, doesn’t quite give me the warm fuzzies about privacy. I feel that should be an option the user should opt in while using the app..Version: 3.5.2

I mean, pretty niceIt’s actually a pretty good app, even though it doesn’t get enough credit. I downloaded it for my animation memes, and I think it will be a big help. Still trying to figure out how to put your own videos in there, but hopefully I’ll figure out soon! All I want to say is it’s a pretty cool app, and I would recommend to get it.Version: 3.4.2

IncredibleLeagues beyond every other effects app I’ve tried. Allows me to make stuff I actually want to show people. One request to the dev(s) is to allow for importing of photos. Right now the import button only goes to my videos, even when I’m in the photo mode. Still an amazing app though.Version: 1.2.1

Amazing!I must say that this app has some of the coolest effects I have seen for video! I love playing with the effects all the time and find it hard not to open it at least once a day. I REALLY love the newest effect FLAME! It has such a great result in the videos. Great job on this app! Keep it up, I look forward to future effects!!!!!.Version: 1.4.0

Lag after recordingOverall a phenomenal app, they offer great prices, and effects. But just one thing that ruins the entire experience for me is the lag after you finish recording your video. I pay a membership with you guys, and I’m not able to benefit at all from it and the lag completely ruins the entire video. :/ I hope you guys can fix this soon!.Version: 3.15.0

It’s really great but-It it’s a really good app you can make a really cool video or even a little music video with this there’s only one problem half most of them actually are all expensive expensive I mean you have to pay for them I think you should just make like two more free thanks I love the ones that are free.Version: 3.12.0

My reviewI think that is a good app sadly there are some filters that are for sell. And I don’t think it is that worth it to but all those things. Also make sure you have a camera with really good quality. My phone doesn’t so it make things look weird. Overall I think that app is really great and fun to use..Version: 2.2.0

Amazing effects, vertical video only!?This is an amazing app, but unless I’m just stupid, I can’t see any option for regular, non-grandparents at a soccer match with an ipad video orientation. If I take a video and import it it saves it sideways making it totally useless. If I take a video in the app it has poor focusing and is vertical only. This app would be perfect if it was made for things outside of snapchat..Version: 1.4.0

Variety of GIFs?I had to check out this unique and creative app. I have a favorite effect which is the spark effect!! Though I must ask if there’s a variety of GIFs in the GIF option? In general Defekt is unique creative and one word I’m sure I have left out (regarding the effects) imaginative!! 😊 Thanks !! 😌.Version: 3.5.0

BEST VIDEO EFFECT APP OUT RNMy sister had this app for a while and I would always see her edit her videos w rad effects. She finally let me in on the app and I've been using it for EVERYTHING. Won't let go, can't let go. FR FR, anyone looking to make their stuff individual and weird. THIS. IS. YOUR. APP. please heed these words of advice 🙏🏽🙏🏽 I fux w this app heavy..Version: 2.1.0

Interesting programJust downloaded it and it’s already prompting for a review less than five minutes later, holding out the carrot of an added filter if I review the app. Premature?! The interface isn’t obvious or intuitive and requires pushing this and that to determine whether something is a control. That’s not fun..Version: 2.1.0

Interesting so far.,,VERY Unique filters on this app so far, but I’ve only been playing around with it for 15 minutes or so. But looking like it has a LOT of promise!! Only trying out the free version, at the moment, but if I can find enough enough real-world uses, this will be first in line to pay for the extra features..!.Version: 2.1.0

Unique EffectsI have a lot of photo editing apps that I use, but none with effects like these. They’re great! I especially love the ability to edit different elements of each effect. I definitely recommend this app for those with a creative flair..Version: 3.5.0

Not too badEnjoying the free version. Totally has made some cool effects for videos and for some tiktok! Worth it.Version: 3.5.0

HelloV good.Version: 3.25.0

GoodWhen I first downloaded the app I thought it wasn’t going to work like how they showed it but when I opened the app, it worked really well..Version: 3.4.2

Amazing effectAbsolutely smart and pretty awesome app.Version: 3.4.2

DroleCette appication est drole.Version: 3.4.2

I love this gameIt is so cool.Version: 3.26.1

Kdmdjdmmemd greatKdmdidmmemd great.Version: 3.26.1

CoolCookie.Version: 3.26.1

OMGI love it.Version: 3.26.1

Bery gudBery bery gud.Version: 3.26.1

🤩I really like the filters in this app!.Version: 3.26.1

It’s okayI like to use it but I don’t like the fact I can’t use almost of the effects.Version: 3.26.0

Oh Yeah!Thinkin I'll get the premium soon.Version: 3.25.0

It’s a thingThing.Version: 3.25.0

It’s great but 1 bugSometimes when I’m editing It crash’s then I lose all progress but either then that it’s great.Version: 3.17.1

Very good appI am doing this just to unlock a feature.Version: 3.25.0

Sweet so farI love it :).Version: 3.25.0

EpicEpic.Version: 3.24.0

PoggersPoggers.Version: 3.24.0

GoodGood.Version: 3.23.0

AddAdd more.Version: 3.21.0

Ultra cool toolI can spend hours creating!.Version: 3.21.0

Good AppA lot to choose for a quick on the go edits. I find it a bit pricey but makes up in updates and bigger editing tools for the future..Version: 3.21.0

Very goodI like these effects.Version: 3.20.0

GoodAmazing!.Version: 3.20.0

Super applicationVraiment cool application pour des effets originaux. Je recommande !.Version: 3.20.0

YeahYeah.Version: 3.20.0

EffektL’app est bien.Version: 3.20.0

ExpensiveIt's got a watermark if you don't buy a membership.Version: 3.19.0

Cool effectsAlso the free version is worth it.Version: 3.19.0

Excellent !!From all the photo apps this is my favourite. Each effect is customizable.It’s worth it to buy because they keep adding more. It’s always nice to support good work! Very inspiring for artists because the app shows different visual possibilities quickly..Version: 3.18.0

Good tryI nice to try.Version: 3.18.0

YesYes.Version: 3.17.1

Good appDoes what it says.Version: 3.17.1

I have no wordsI have no words.Version: 3.17.1

AwesomeGreat cool.Version: 3.17.1

So far so goodGot this app and I was scrolling through the effects, it said rate the app. So here I am. I hope I don’t have to do this again for more effects.Version: 3.17.1

YaIt’s good..Version: 3.17.1

AmazingLove how my video look.Version: 3.17.1

WowSo cool. So many options.Version: 3.16.0

NiceGood app.Version: 3.16.0

Amazing truly amazingThis app is amazing. 10/10 recommend using it for videos/photos.Version: 3.15.0

OkayLol.Version: 3.16.0

MekidotsiSuper.Version: 3.15.0

Pretty goatedIt’s aight.Version: 3.14.0

I just need to do thisIt’s necessary for something.Version: 3.14.0

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