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Over 100 heroes in seven factions. Build the ultimate formations and battle your way to the top. Celestials, Hypograns, Dimensionals are the rarest.

Equip your heroes and strategize unbeatable lineups to overcome your enemies in battle. Each faction enjoys formation buffs and factional advantages over other factions.

Progress through the campaign and fight the ancient evil Hypogeans from destroying the realm of Esperia. Race to the finish in King's Tower. See how far you can go into the Labyrinth with your relics. Battle other players in the PVP Arena mode. AFK Arena is a classic turn-based RPG with a huge variety of modes to keep you battling!

The battle doesn’t stop when you log off. Level-up even while you’re AFK, and reap the rewards when you next log on - so you can jump right back into the adventure.


About Subscriptions and Apple Website Subscriptions

1. Pricing & Billing Cycle
Enable “Subscription (Weekly)” within the game for $0.99 a week, which will be billed weekly (every 7 days). (Price may vary depending on your location.)
Enable “Subscription (Monthly)” within the game for $2.99 a week, which will be billed every natural month (every 30 days). (Price may vary depending on your location.)

2. Subscription Content
Subscribers will be eligible for certain perks during the subscription period, including:
- Team Bounty Quests +1
- Increases AFK Rewards Gold Quantity By +10%
- Increases King’s Tower Mercenary Uses By +1
- Increases Faction Tower Mercenary Uses By +1
- Increases Campaign Mercenary Uses By +1
- Guild Coin Drop Quantity +10%
- Labyrinth Token Drop Quantity +10%

3. Automatic Subscription Renewal
The App Store subscription is auto-renewed with payment confirmed via your iTunes Account. Users can manage the auto-renew manually through the iTunes/Apple ID Settings Manager. The subscription will auto-renew for the assigned billing period if the auto-renew feature is not turned off 24 hours before the current subscription expires.

4. User Agreement and Privacy Policy
User Agreement
Privacy Statement

5. Subscription Cancellation
If you would like to cancel your subscription, go to ‘Settings’ on your iOS device --> ‘iTunes & App Store’ --> tap ‘Apple ID’ and then ‘View Apple ID’. Enter ‘Account Settings’, tap ‘Subscriptions’ --> ‘Manage’ and select the subscription for ‘AFK Arena’ to cancel it.

AFK Arena App Comments & Reviews

AFK Arena Positive Reviews

One frustrating problem.This is one of the best games of this genre, all the others I have stopped playing but this is lasting so far. I downloaded after the annoying persistent advertisement. Keeps me busy, it’s much easier to do daily and weekly quests and all that. There’s so much to do. I’d say I’m progressing very well for not paying any money, just making sure I check in. Everything is great. EXCEPT, the arcane labyrinth has become darn near impossible. I understand it’s supposed to scale up with your progress, but there’s been twice now that I can’t get past level two of the labyrinth no how many Dura’s Tears I use. The reason I’m writing this review is because I almost finished the level two boss five minutes ago, but there’s one hero I cannot beat. After using Dura’s Tears twice, my teams of five cannot get this lvl 160 Antandra to half health before she singlehandedly destroys alllll of my hero’s, twice. I can’t imagine floor three at this point. My highest hero’s are level 120 and I feel the only way to break this limit is to pay money. All my Resonating Crystal hero’s are like level 111. This is the kinda thing that makes the game monotonous. I cannot for the life of me beat this one hero with everything that I’ve worked towards, and I don’t wanna pay any money. Other than that the game is fantastic.Version: 1.25.10

Just started and liking it so farUsually I don’t play much mobile games, but this one caught my attention. I have played afk games before but this one is different in the sense that the feeling of waiting.. is rewarding. I know sounds funny but I actually enjoy the games mechanics. The longer you wait the more resources you collect to equip your heroes and level them up. You can choose to spend real money to buy gems which can be used to get better heroes and gear which sounds like a bad thing, expect it’s not. The deals they offer is actually not that bad with specials popping up so every often and new deals coming out daily. The other thing I like about this game is that if you truly just want to grind your way to success, you can you just have to be determined to do so. Another cool concept which is new to me is the ability to pay for one of two subscriptions. The normal monthly which rewards you with a pretty sum of gems for the price tag of $5 a month (not that bad considering the amount you will receive overall) and the premium subscription which is $15 (insanely high amount of gems rewarded, around 120,000 which is about $100 dollars worth upfront if you think about it) overall, I’m a fan of the game and I’ll continue on playing..Version: 1.31.05

Maybe just me?I have played many of these types of games before. I like the premise that gatcha games have, and know what these games need to have in order to be enjoyable. This game has the usual aspects with the summoning type system and level layout. The characters/artwork are beautiful as well making it one of the most eye catching game I have played in a while. In my opinion, though, the best aspect is the AFK part of this game. Most like it don’t have this system and requires you to pay money and constantly play in order to progress at a good rate. This game allows you to not only spend less money but also progress at the same rate even without being active. I wish that more games could have this type of system. This was what I enjoyed from the game so far. In another review of this game, someone had a problem where their game would crash constantly. In response to this, a developer instructed to free up space on their phone by at least 2 GB. I have 5 GB of free space, but I cannot even access the loading screen without the game crashing. Just in case internet access is a factor, I have very fast and good connection. This problem is so bad that every time I delete and reinstall the app, I can only get to the game twice before it refuses to open again. I have done this 5 times already. I like what I have seen so far of the game and want to progress, but this flaw is preventing me..Version: 1.29.04

Amazing Game, but iOS Version has BugsLet me just start by saying that this game is addicting and extremely enjoyable. It is one of those few games whose mechanics are simple to learn yet feels challenging as you progress. I love the amount of characters that are available in the game, and the progression mechanics are great. My biggest flaw with this game is the loading screen. What I mean by loading screen, is not the initial app start up screen that pops up, rather the loading icon with the galloping horses pulling a carriage. This icon pops up when the game is trying to load or render something such as an action (input by user). I am playing this game on an IPhone 8 Plus 256GB model and with the latest version of Mac iOS, but this game runs absolutely horrendous on this software (not the hardware on the phone itself or my internet connection). It seems like anytime I click a “Begin” button, try to collect loot, open or click anything, I will almost (about 90% of the time) always get this annoying loading screen which can last 5-20 seconds or more. I have this same game on an older 2016 Samsung galaxy tablet with only 2 GB of RAM and this game plays as smooth as possible on that device. The developers really need to address this issue since it’s been going on since launch date and seems to be roughly the same now on the iOS version..Version: 1.24.09

Get the gameThis game is really fun and has a great system to it. If you want to grind you can to a certain point in this game but if you only have a few minutes to play then this is it too as long as you collect your chest/ 12hr time slot of built up material/xp/gold/etc. The characters are great and the game is always somehow fresh in its own way with a lot of unlocking but fair qualities to it. The developers and artist did an amazing job on this game making it easy to navigate, not cluttered, no ads! And minimal BUY HERE options. They’re so generous with updates and new material, they are amazing! This game is totally worth it. ** I do how ever wish that they’re was some how a way to train your individual characters/ select groups with mini battles or side line stories and I’m talking to besides what’s available in the game like if you have a gold card player and you’re waiting to get another to level them up to two player so you’re stuck on getting cards and need more gems or even gold then you can do a side line quest or battle stages for that single character and it has a higher chance to drop more clothing items meant to help that characters class or even low level to help give the items more level ups..Version: 1.18.04

Great Game a typical F2P P2W ModelI actually like this game a lot. It can be fun because it requires less active commitment to play and or grind for exp, weapons, and money. Sadly if you don’t spend real money into the game you have no chance of success. The sheer amount of duplicates needed to Ascend/upgrade your units is staggering. There is a reward system per pull to get a random epic but that is few and far between and isn’t enough to make continual progress as the only things that matter are 4skill epic pulls and they are extremely rare. The tower and campaign are similar but the arcane labyrinth is a demented joke since after you get past the first few days you will probably never beat level 3 without using revival potions and even then the matches are setup to be double or triple power vs any of your troops. And the labyrinth scales against you so if you get stronger your enemies double which is kind of crappy since the game sets quest rewards for completing an event that can’t be defeated by non paying customers. This is a F2P P2W game so it boils down to you will either take it for its content and enjoy it or you won’t . It does have some interesting game mechanics that make it a good time waster without needing a story to drag you through the game. Plus the developer does perform hot fixes when needed and releases updates and content regularly..Version: 1.18.04

Mostly EnjoyableThis game is very enjoyable because it offers a very immersive play experience alongside interesting mechanics. There’s stories behind every character and the artwork is fantastic. Everything looks incredible and what’s more they actually took the time to insert a lot of lore into it. The mechanics are interesting because the AFK farming goes hand in hand with doing your own fighting in game to earn lots of rewards. There’s a lot of modes to enjoy besides the story that make it quite fun. The only downside to this game is that eventually it may feel like you have to pay to win, and that might be the case, depending on your goals. There’s always gonna be people spending more money than you to win in PvP, but if you put in the hard work or even just show up every day to claim those AFK rewards, then you’ll have plenty of fun enjoying the story with your well built heroes and you’ll still have a decent showing in arena. All in all, this game is pretty F2P friendly and I love everything else about it too. The only things holding it back from a five star rating are how little you interact in combat (even without auto turned on) and the minor P2W mechanics. Other than that I would still highly recommend this game as it is an enjoyable experience overall..Version: 1.64.01

Great game would love to see more legendary heroes tooIve been playing for a couple months now and it is totally addicting!! It’s barely pay to win. Sure, ud probably wanna buy stuff w/ real currency if u wanna be mega strong, but you really don't have to if you just wanna have fun and still be able to play the actual arenas. Some thins I’d like to see in the game though: Definitely more legendary heroes. We get so many ascended heroes but we rarely see any amazing legendary heroes like Saveas. I’d love to see more useful heroes like him. I think there r issues with labyrinth as it seems as the enemies get stronger with u. Problem is sometimes ud get so unlucky with the buffs they end up beating u around floor 2 and ur heroes get stronger the next time u do labyrinth but at the same time the enemies also got strong. Other than that this game totally rocks, very easy to play but challenging at the same time as there are alot of veterans waiting to kick ur aśś in the arenas, devs always come up with solutions for ingame issues at a super fast rate, and they compensate very well for the time they use to fix the game. Devs if ur reading this thank u for this fun game u guys have made! Keep up the good work..Version: 1.22.04

Thoughts on the new update for helping friendsI don’t normally write reviews for games, and I’m pretty sure this will get lost somewhere but I just wanted to share my thoughts on this new update where you can rent and hire mercenaries from your friends to help you on your quests. When I first saw this update I was actually really excited, because I was thinking about how they should add a feature where you can use your friends heroes to help you since it’s fairly difficult to get the heroes that you want. I thought adding this feature would be a really nice idea. But then I realized this system needed some work. The fact that you can only use your friends hero for only 1 battle per week is kind of outrageous. Also, once you return your friend’s hero back it doesn’t let anyone else rent it for the entire rest of the week and I think that’s a bit stupid. I think we should be able to rent the hero and actually be able to use them to help us on our quests, and not just for once battle a week. It takes a long time to get through the campaign, and can even take a week or more to get through a stage. This feature would help us to actually play through the game and I think it should be tweaked to make it more enjoyable..Version: 1.21.02

Good, but a few drawbacks.This game is awesome. Its a good game to spend time on and to communicate with others. However, I would think twice about having a younger person play it. Not because of the characters or the gameplay, but ITS IN-GAME functions. And what I’m talking about is the chat and the community chat. Now, the community chat is nice. Its a healthy community, where bad things are taken down very quickly. However, there are still trolls. Its not fair of me to ask them to fix that, because trolls are always there. But just a warning. I’ve had to take delete some innocent comments because of the really harsh and rude responses from others. It scared me and really hurt my feelings. The actual chat though, is a whole different story. If I went online right now, there would be people swearing for really no reason at all, spamming, or randomly threatening death, sexual assault, etc. And that makes me scared to just play the game. Also, Lilith keeps developing dimensional heroes and a really fast pace, which makes it kinda hard for f2p players. (f2p=free 2 play, doesn't spend money on the game). I know that the relationship from a business and paying customers is very delicate. But just my 2 cents. What I’m saying is play, but beware..Version: 1.52.01

Good but maybe my expectations were too highI’m a big mobile game person, as lame as that sounds, so after I saw a few too many ads for this game I knew I had to get it. Thankfully it isn’t a pay to win game, but when you pay diamonds to get a new character most of the time it’s going to be a boring common enemy that you fight, and not the cool cat people you see in the ads. I don’t really have much of an idea what’s going on either. I just click the “begin” button and fight people. Like, there’s this labyrinth thing that gives you these red chests after each battle, right? I think? Well I still have no idea what they do or what is in them or if I even HAVE them. The game doesn’t really tell you. I’m trying to save up for a “Continuous Draw” or whatever you call it that guarantees an elite hero. The gameplay is alright, but the art is the best part. The drawings of the characters that you see in the “Portrait” section are very cool. It gets SUPER hard though, about when the enemies are at level 50 or something. Around that time is when I started spending way too much time on boss fights. I get they’re supposed to be hard, but that sheep lady that heals people is going to be chilling in my nightmares..Version: 1.57.02

P2W or F2PThis game is incredibly fun although I’ve only played for a few hours so far. (FYI I’m writing this review for an in-game reward of 1000 gems). Basically the game features an in-app purchase and VIP system, in which you can buy ‘gems’ and rank up your VIP level. The VIP system offers various advantages to players who spend money, such as higher gold gain, more hero storage space, faster leveling up, etc. Additionally, gems are used to buy new heroes. The game features a conventional green, blue, purple hero ranking system. That being said, gems are not necessary for progressing through the game and leveling up your heroes. It is relatively easy to earn gems through quests and natural progression through the campaign, at least in the beginning of the game. However, since I have not played the game for very long I do not know if the ease of earning gems will remain constant in the game’s later stages. I do recommend this game and believe that ya it’s state right now it is quite free to play, however I warn that the game may become more pay to win in its later stages and as the developers continue to add content, as is the way so often with games such as these..Version: 1.15.07

Smooth as Silk but needs a GuideSo I’ve been playing for about 3 hours now. It’s a Solid game with fluid animation and great looking heroes. Wish there were more in the roster but I guess it will grow with time. Great because it doesn’t use a timed energy system so continue forward with stages the only thing that will impede your progress is characters levels and equipment upgrades. Each hero has an interesting story attached to them and each hero is incredibly unique but is made definitely with team synergy in mind. I wish there was more of a guide to explain things more thoroughly but instead pieces of the game are explains as you further progress and unlock things. It’s not a harsh negative it’s just it was confusing because I was doing daily quests and in order to collect all rewards you need 100 pts but it seemed I was glitched and was capped at 90pts for some reason with an explanation. It turned out I needed to unlock a tower aspect of the game but there was no indication that that was a part of the daily quests. It’s a small thing in the scheme of it all, and I’m not even that far into the game. So try it out and enjoy the visuals and simple idle gameplay..Version: 1.15.09

LOVE THIS GAME!!So, I love this game it is supper fun and it’s cool that you can still race for the leaderboards even joining this late! I started last week and I was in the top 250 on the leader board yesterday. All that said I do however have one complaint they do need to add a reporting system for the chat or users. Today when I got on and was playing I went to chat and found people talking about trying to kill themselves and others telling them how to do it. On top of that there is curse words in names and on clan tags. Without that feature it’s hard to believe that this app is rated only 9+ for age when there are people talking about these topics and have these names with no report feature. I understand that there is a block feature so you can ignore people you don’t want to hear from but with the amount of people doing things like this you could spend a long time in the chat and not make a dent in the amount of people. Everything other than that is amazing though. I love this game and I play it multiple times a day you should play it too just watch out for other players or least make sure your kids don’t wonder into the chat until they fix it..Version: 1.31.05

Good game it does exactly what the title says it doesI am really into clicker games and games like this but I usually get bored of games like this one after awhile and when I come back to them they are the same nothings changed but AFK arena is the opposite of that like say I don’t want to play the game one day well all i have to do is log in once a day and when you wake up to get loot coins and a login bonus and you get a elite hero after 7 days for free which is awesome as it helps you get your roster full of elites one by one btw you can have up to 5 hero’s in your roster all with special abilities that are really op depending on what level your hero is something I don’t like though is that the documents and data for it are 1.5 gigabytes but if you have the space I highly recommend trying the game out and if you don’t like it just delete one last thing a lot of their ads have free codes for you to use I got like 4 free codes 3 from ads I took screenshots from and the other one someone said in the global chat it’s overall a good game and I would recommend again if you don’t like it just delete it.Version: 1.48.01

So close to being a great gameThe graphics are great for a mobile game and have the option to speed up the battles 2x along with the animations is really nice! The soundtrack as well as vocals for each hero are unique and add a really nice touch Mechanics are simple to understand and easy to pick up especially if you’re familiar with similar mobile games. The A.I and target mechanics are well done. Yes you will advance much quicker if you pay actual money. This is where my biggest gripe lies. Probably going to be the reason I quit this game as well. Each time I get a new hero I’m excited and want to level them up, but my god there’s so much lack of hero experience I end up waiting hours on hours just to level up my hero’s once or twice. Yeah, I could pay for that. But the rates need to be buffed. Other reviewers have said the same thing. I’ve done the tower, guild hunt, arena, and every event. Yet I always find myself waiting hours on hours just to get more hero exp. I’m not asking for an increase of like 5x hero exp. Just something like 1.5x would be amazing. I’m willing to bet you’d have a lot more players active as well Also this is coming from someone whose VIP4. Guess I’ll find another game in the meantime while the afk timer builds up.Version: 1.64.01

Cannot stop playingI have been playing this game since about the time it came out, and I have been unable to put it down since then. I’m almost level 120 now and I still enjoy it as much as I did in the beginning. The art style is what first drew me to the game, and it still is just eye candy. I haven’t spent a single dime on the game, and yes it has been slow but it’s been good progression considering it’s all been free. There are often times that I get stuck for a couple weeks at a time, and those moments can be frustrating but it usually inspires me to figure out why I’m not progressing. The game is complex, but not too complex so a lot of different people can still enjoy it. Every problem has a solution, whether or not it can be solved right away or take weeks at a time. That’s what I like most about this game. Also, the new heroes they keep coming out with are very cool and unique. I miss when they used to refresh the daily quests twice a day please bring that back 😭 I would definitely recommend it to anyone that has a little spare time every so often in their day..Version: 1.25.10

Great Game but some things can be fixedSo, after about 4-5 months after getting it, I had decided I wanted to change my picture for my acc on the game to a meme I had recently found on Google. When I tried to change it, it wouldn’t show that I had made changes so I never got the picture in as my acc. Also, maybe make Elijah & Lailah a bit stronger because on a battle with 4 Level 30 Dreafs, they beat my Level 80 E&L. Also I have a question. Maybe make more characters if you get the time, because i’m tired of just getting Hogans and Dreafs and Elethia’s and other common or barely uncommon characters. Now, here’s the great game part. It’s a fun way to take out anger when your sister is annoying the heck out of you. Also, I love that when you need more stuff, you can just leave the game for a while and play something else, and when you com back, you’ll be able to collect some stuff! It’s very nice and the graphics are great. I WOULD give it 5 stars, but the things above kind of ruined it. If you fix it in the future, I would give you 5 stars, since those are the only 3 problems I ran into during the gameplay. Other than that, it’s a great game!.Version: 1.26.03

It was good but...I started playing about around August of 2019, and I stopped to focus on school for about a year before I got back into it this month. Frankly, I much prefer the 2019-before-all-the-updates-AFK Arena compared to this one. 1) the events are kinda iffy. I used to really enjoy the events since they were an additional source to boost my heroes but the Winter events were not it. Given that there’s so many events going on, they should at least be worth the time. 2) it is nearly impossible to get Celestials/Hypogeans/Dimensionals without paying. I get that they’re a way to get profit, but if they’re being released that often, I would've liked to be able to have more access to them. 3) I really like this game, and I would love to continue playing. But the line between a “good” hero and a “bad” one is so significant that when you’re mid-game with “bad” heroes, you either have to move to another server, try to continue with your heroes by gear, or reset some heroes to level up/ascend other heroes from the Tavern. If you want a casual strategy game, this is literally what you’re looking for. But I can’t help compare it to what it was before and it’s kind of disappointing that it’s taking such a turn..Version: 1.53.01

Fair PlayI don’t have a lot of experience with afk type of games. However, this game delivers exactly as advertised. There isn’t much in terms of “active playing”. You really only can control when your heroes use their ult skills. But, it is strategy based (not in the beginning) through a RPS system. What I like most about this game, and what makes me rank at 5 stars, is that it isn’t a typical format of a “P2W” game. In game currency is readily available to you in order to summon the heroes you need to continue moving forward. I don’t have to laboriously play this game in order to make progress. It is a little overwhelming in terms of information, but if you’re someone who doesn’t mind learning on the go, or are just generally learning strategy based games, this is a pretty decent starter. You’re not penalized for failure, and in fact are encouraged to try again. No daily amount of stamina or any junk like that. The only wall you’ll hit is time. It’s called AFK Arena for a reason. If you don’t mind being patient and waiting another day to spend the gained XP, this is the game for you..Version: 1.50.01

Surprisingly fun!Didn’t think I would like this game at first, but I find my self coming back to check things more than I care to admit. The game rewards you gems (premium currency) for completing missions and doing events, and completing various other tasks throughout the game. So I have been able to acquire multiple top-grade heroes for my team without spending any money! I live a fairly busy life and the game only require me put the minimal amount of time to make gains. It then rewards me by giving me resources over time while I am away from the game so I never feel left behind! I usually stay away from games like this because of in-app purchases and the feeling of needing to grind materials, but this game has done a beautiful job helping me stay up do date with my limited schedule and keep my money in my pocket. Aside from the convenience of the game the art is great, quests are fun, and the battles can keep you on the edge of your seat. Overall I’m having a great time playing and would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great app game to fill their free time!.Version: 1.50.01

Addicting but...I just recently downloaded this game and it has been a lot of fun and oddly addicting. I love the battles and the different characters that have specific powers. It’s easy to collect the items that you need to level up or to improve your gear and weapons. The graphics are pretty good and better than some of the games I have seen. I think the only thing, so far, is that sometimes I feel lost. I don’t really know where to find out how to like join a guild and adding friends. I don’t understand REALLY what I’m suppose to be doing other than battles and trying to level up my characters and their gear. I’m not really sure where to go to get the answers without having to ask customer service or on the chat where no one seems to want to answer. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place and I’m missing it, I don’t know, but I don’t know what to look for to get the answers that can answer where I’m lost and confused about. Other than not having the tools to direct me and find the answers that I’m having trouble with or making it easier to find where I need to go to get those answers, the game is addicting..Version: 1.48.01

First reviewAlright this is my first review of something so take this with a grain of salt AFK arena is deceiving to me I thought of it as a cash grab that’s not worth anything but I was wrong actually it’s a very easy and visually pleasing game with wonderful gameplay lots of events hero’s and game modes. When you first start you are given some ok hero’s but once the tutorial is over oh my god the game treats you like a legend and can give you tones of loot at the very beginning and lots of rewards early on and a good way for you to choose your way of building your team which is smartly designed not only does the layout help with organization but the way the characters move a attacks hit that placement is essential to a game winner as well as the items and skills of your hero’s All in all it’s a very fun game to play one I will spend a lot of time on and if you want some wisdom this is RAID shadow legends bigger better brother also this game does have micro transactions BUT you don’t need them to be great they are your choice only and a casual player can get a lot of good times on this game so enjoy.Version: 1.37.01

Great game. Needs a few things IMONeeds an active way to constantly earn Xp and dust for heroes, instead of waiting and pressuring to buy things. More activity options in guilds, Maybe a pvp server separated guild fight to earn dust, diamonds and more guild coins? The game is great, wonderful character designs. Awesome crossovers, hope for more animes. Awesome that you earn xp and such while away from the game. The campaign is slow to complete and locks a lot of content away from the game. Spending money shouldn’t be the only option to progress daily through it, especially how much you are trying to get us to spend. Some of the deals and sales don’t make sense (should relook at the value of the items your selling). Elite heroes should be more obtainable, for instance buying 10 in tavern should guarantee one. I have several ideas and can go on and on. But I’ll leave this, the game is great but can be better. Needs Easier ways to make progress in the game, at least the campaign and better way to obtain elites. It’s a fun game and I’m really into it. Hope it gets even better! Btw dimensional heroes overpriced as hell. At least add diamonds, dust , etc.Version: 1.49.04

Great Game, Some issues.The main reason I downloaded this game is because of the large amounts of adds I’ve been seeing. But, I have to be honest, a game with such AWFUL ADDS (No offense) is such a great game. Although there are some things I need to say. This is probably an unpopulated opinion, I think the “Summon 10” option for summoning is to much. The developers should make the “Summon 10” option should be at least 1,500-2,000 gems. Another reason this game has some flaws is that one of the only ways to EXP is Completing levels, doing challenges, and being AFK. This is not a bad thing, but there should be more options. Maybe the developers can make it so you can buy EXP. That would be cool, and make it easier to level up your hero’s. Last but not least, the bosses are WAY TO EASY. Even if your a lower level then the boss, it will still be breeze. There’s really not much to say about this other than, the bosses are just to easy. Again, like I said, this game is great, but there are some things that need to be fixed. I hope the developers can see this and change it 👍.Version: 1.63.01

Great game but a few suggestionsThis game is great and has many cool unique features in the game. I like how you can have a cheat while waiting to start a level, and I like all the different varieties of hero’s you’d an get, but I have a few suggestions that could maybe improve the game. One suggestion that I have is if you have some hero’s you got from the event going on: labyrinth of limbo, you could keep those hero’s and actually play with them in the levels of the main campaign. Tho I completely understand if you don’t want this ad it is a little unfair considering it’s just free hero’s. Another suggestion is being able to instantly go to the next level in the main campaign because every time I want to play the next level I have to go out of the level, press two buttons and another one. I think it would be much quicker if there was an extra button that could instantly take you to the next level. Other than those suggestions I think this game is entertaining and definitely a game you can get a attached to easily..Version: 1.61.01

It’s definitely a fun gameThe game has a lot of good content and plenty of hours of gameplay. It’s easy to understand, hero’s are all well created both skills and personality, game modes are great and entertaining and well designed. The whole idea of the game I give a 10/10. I love it. it’s my favorite phone game... However, I feel like I’ve poured too much money into the game for all that I have. I feel like I haven’t really made it anywhere and from where I was new I wasted money on things I didn’t really need. It’s easy to waste money in this game so be careful. If I could restart with the knowledge I have now I would of made better decisions and even saved money. IMO, the game needs a more rewarding system. Word of advice for new players, blue hero’s can’t ascend beyond Legendary+, so try not to put too much effort into them. Save your elite hero’s and don’t not waste them on ascending hero’s no matter how much you want to. The rare hero’s are the ones you should sacrifice for ascending hero’s. Also save your labyrinth coins. It may seem like it’s taking forever but most of your coins will come from Campaign rewards so don’t be like me and forget..Version: 1.28.03

Is it really p2w?While the complaints about this game being pay to win are abundant, I myself haven’t found it this way. I have been top 50 for the ladders and such in my server from the start. Top 20 in arena and usually put dpsing my guild mates in guild battles. While this game holds a lot of luck and chance to it, as long as you are persistent in moving around your characters and playing strategically, I find it very hard to be stuck in a level for more than a few days. For the Easter egg event, I was able to buy two summon * 10 and one faction summon * 10 I spent the rest on essence. I was able to pull a Brutus and a few other great hero’s, some of which you could have purchased with eggs but then had no leftovers to buy anything else. The egg event is supposed to be an addition to the game, not something that should be hated. The game could have gone on without it and we could have lost all the perks that we got from it. If played correctly in the labyrinth you could get quite a lot of eggs thru the prat battles. No complaints here, just telling it as it is..Version: 1.16.03

Very Good Game, A Few RecommendationsI have been playing for a week now and this game has reall drawn me in. I definitely do not feel like this is a Pay To Win! They give you a lot of diamonds for dailies and other tasks, and I like how the game doesn’t make it difficult to level up for the most part. AFK Arenas allows you to not only play campaign but theres many other modes too which is really nice. I have a problem with the Arena of Heros, firstly its not rewarding enough. Secondly I think theres needs to be a daily that gives like 2-3 scrolls because some days I’m only allowed to fight a few times. Also the main thing that I wanted to address is the lack of Guild play. There just needs to be a sense of teamwork for those that enjoy that and it should be more rewarding than a guild war (which is kind of boring), i dont know spice up the multiplayer and guild activities. I also think new characters and events should be updated in a proper time frame, im new so im unaware of the updates, also maybe cosmetics but other than these few suggestions, GREAT GAME!.Version: 1.16.03

Awesome game, needs improvementI don’t really play a lot of games but this one is definitely one of my favorites. This game has awesome graphics, lots of content, many features to keep you playing for hours, overall very entertaining. But my one and only issue I have with this game and the reason I only gave it 3 stars it’s because It still needs a lot of improvement. It really annoying when the developers send out emails saying they are fixing bugs and that they are sorry some players won’t get to join in certain events, although they do send a reward for the inconvenience but still I for one would like to participate on the challenges sometimes. Now my biggest issue is this game crashes A LOT!!! Especially when you are in the middle of some battle or important task, and it seem to happen to me especially when I’m doing a guild hunt. The game will kick me out and close the app, right in the middle of the battle. This is infuriating! Especially when they only let you do a guild hunt two times in a day so once it kicks me out i lost that one turn. But besides this yes i would recommend downloading this game! And to the developers please fix this!!!.Version: 1.22.07

Enjoying it so far!I really like the art, it’s pretty unique compared to other mobile games I’ve played in the past which are similar to this one. I also just like having gacha elements in games like that, because you get that satisfaction when you get something good. But what I like the most is the afk aspect. I am feel like I’m progressing in game, even if I don’t really have the time to play it. And it doesn’t even have to take up much time when you do play it. Basically I can take it at my own pace casually, and I appreciate that. The only issues I have is that the pricing on some of these things seem kind of absurd. $50 for a character? Even if it’s limited time I feel that is waaaaay too much, especially for a mobile game I’m which you don’t really have to do much. For example, smash bros dlc: $5, you have multiple skins, you get a character with a full moveset, an entire stage, and new music tracks. To be fair you can get certain materials to exchange for these limited time characters, but gathering those materials does take a while. Besides that though, it’s pretty fun..Version: 1.65.01

Would definitely recommendWhen I first saw an advert for this game, I was a little reluctant at first because I felt like it wouldn’t be worth my time and I’ll just end up eventually deleting it anyways. I then decided to give it a try and I was pretty pleased with it. I’ve had the game for about a month or two now and have still not gotten bored of it. There is a lot within the game to enjoy and It only continues to get more and more interesting as you unlock more and more content. There is a whole slew of unique characters that you can unlock, as well as each of their moves and special abilities. This is a free to play gacha game so there are micro-transactions but that’s to be expected. Overall this is a pretty fun game and a great time killer. What I especially like about the game is that it is very versatile, rewarding many different play styles. If you like to play for hours and grind, you can do that. If you only want to play for a few minutes, you can do that as well. The game rewards you for doing both..Version: 1.51.02

Best game in its category!I have tried many of these types of games and none are as fun and addicting as AFK arena. Whether you’re an avid gamer or simply looking for a game you can pop in on every once in a while, this game is great for all around fun. Most important, it’s NOT a pay-to-win mechanic. You can most certainly pay to help you ascend (which I recommend simply to show your support), but you won’t feel left in the dust if you are unable. You won’t feel cheated and holds respect to all walks of life. Plus with a bunch of events that occur and cool game designs that change with seasons, there is always something new and fun to keep your attention. I have been playing this game for close to a year and have yet to grow bored with it. I’ve gone as far as to get others addicted and join my guild (a public aspect to interact with players from around the world). Hands down, best AFK game. Plus, Markiplier plays!!!!! Awesome job at Lilith for creating such an amazing game, maintaining so well and creating new creative content for us..Version: 1.48.01

The game is awesomeThe game is amazing and I recommend it to anyone who is reading this and wondering if they should play or not. I do really like the game but I do have a complaint. When you hit the 100 mark it’s super hard to find another version of your characters. Especially when your characters are light and dark ones(I keep forgetting the light and dark ones names in the game)or when the characters are rare to get. That only leaves you with three options. The first option is to constantly play something else on the game to get you diamonds or scrolls which will take forever. The second option is to keep playing the same level over and over again until you get to the next one and do the same thing all over again it’s annoying. The third option is to construct an entire new team and that would take a lot of hero experience which is also hard to get. Actually if the event didn’t happen when it did many of my characters would be on level 1. It is really amazing game though I do recommend it to anyone who is reading..Version: 1.48.01

Read for a really detailed explanationThis game is self explanatory it’s pretty good I don’t really have any problems with it because it’s not pay to win and everyone can just use the codes for free without having to do anything although for gamblers this could be a game they get addicted to because you can buy stuff to spin for hero’s but that’s not really on my mind with this game you can move up fast and climb the ranks I don’t want to make this seem like the game is perfect because this just might not be the game for some people but I think this game has something Ulala never had I used to play that but it got boring and people could just buy everything they never really had any codes or boots other than getting the game from a sponsored link and they never had codes until this game showed up so all in all this game is pretty good for a mobile game I’d rate it 10/10 but for pc 4/10 because this is a mobile game on pc your not gonna like that but yeah that’s really all I have to say.Version: 1.64.01

Fun but...The game is really fun, there’s a lot to do in the game, but the summoning rates are awful. It’s a challenge to get enough diamonds or scrolls to summon heroes and most of the time you get green or blue level. It’s rare to get purples even if you use the 10x summon button. It’s really disappointing honestly. I get not wanting to make the game easy but at least respect your players. Some players put a lot of work and sometimes a lot of money into this game and it lets them down consistently. Fix the summons. All I have to say. There are high level players scrounging to get celestials or hypogeans and then there are level 30 players that have one or more. Raise the rates that you can pull higher level heroes. It’s obnoxious to pull ten heroes and have like 6 of them be green, and the other 4 be blue or something similar. This game is hard to progress in after a certain point and the terrible summoning system doesn’t help. The game is pretty much pay to play if you want to get anywhere and even then it doesn’t really help. Fun game but overall it’s disappointing. Most people quit after a month or so of playing so I’ve heard..Version: 1.22.07

There’s somethings that need to be fixedThe game is great in some areas but lacking in other areas. First, the labyrinth needs more than just three levels. I understand it maybe hard for some people but for others who complete in a short time then its just boring. Next, the oak inn is a complete early game tease because no where does it say you need to unlock chapter 18 with an ascended hero which I get but please say the actual chapter you can use it instead of a teaser. Lastly, the guild hunt mechanics are not fun. The first one makes sense but to grind so many trophies depending on the guild you're in only to be reset, for a not very different enemy is sorta sad in my opinion because, theres little difference between attacks and same guidelines but different model. And you can get the same rewards just being afk or campaign or quests or other places im not mentioning. One more thing, I had the Belinda event and I logged on today and it was gone, I didn't complete the event but was on day five if that helps. Maybe that left in the new Alna update? I don't know. Thanks for your time.Version: 1.53.01

Love the game but..It’s a really good game and you can play for hours at a time and still have stuff to do, at first. There comes a point where it’s hard to move forward and it feels like the enemies get stronger faster than I get strengthen my heroes. I’ve also hit a road block in that all the enemies I’m against are legendary and I don’t have any legendary heroes yet, I haven’t gotten even close to getting one because I never seem to get the right heroes from summons to make any legendary. Also, the pricing for buying stuff is a little bit ridiculous. It feels like the items are nothing compared to how much they cost. Some gold and powder and 16 summons for a whopping $30 is a bit much, I’d be much more inclined to spend if it felt more worth my money. Overall though it really is a good game and I find myself checking in on it every chance I have to collect items and do some leveling. I also love that it’s not energy blocked and that in the labyrinth and King’s tower if you lose you can keep trying. It has a lot of great things about it and it looks nice and runs smoothly..Version: 1.15.09

GreatLove this game been playing for a few days and I’m hooked.Version: 1.46.01

Good PacingI like the way the game paces after each large achievement. You don’t get strong too fast but strong enough to feel like you’ve touched a milestone..Version: 1.12.05

Good game!Awseaome game.Version: 1.58.01

Very well thought out and designed game, could use a few touch upsI have installed AFK Arena for almost 3 months now, and have been consistently on it every 12 hours at least. I have been completing all of the daily missions and requirements and would like to say that it’s really fun, laid back, and relaxing. It doesn’t require too much commitment but just enough to keep you busy for a little while. The game progression is very well mapped out and for those who are willing to invest the time into this AFK game they will be rewards and pass their wall in due time without the need for in game purchase. I have only spend 3$ CAD on this game but would have done just fine without it. MY ONLY COMPLAIN/NEGATIVE is that the game does not really reward any consistent/committed players as myself with any benefits. An idea to reward such players and help with progression would be to implement a daily log in rewards system, that gifts you certain items for each consecutive day that you log in. Another change which I hope to see is a tweak on the hero pulling system, in regards to the 10 man pull costing 2700 gems. It’s gotten to the point where it’s quite difficult to save up 2700 alone and to use that for a random pull of 10 hero’s of whom all could be common, is heart breaking. It would be nice to have a feature where every 10 man pull would guarantee an Elite hero (purple) seeing how that’s the only way to progress in the game, and they are heavily required. Altogether I am having a fun time with AFK arena as it is, but would like to be rewarded a little bit more for the time invested. Very fun, easy to pick up game that you could pass the time with. Recommend everyone to give it a try and see how it is. P.s. Hope my recommendations and ideas could reach the ears of the creators, would appreciate it a lot to see some of these changes made, wouldn’t mind a slight increase in game progression. Thank you!.Version: 1.16.03

GreatFun game.Version: 1.47.06

Great game overallFirst time playing idle game and quite surprised. Relaxing pace, easy diamonds, light but significant element of strategy, exquisite artstyle. Would continue playing it. The only down side is that the ads shown in other app is not representative - would give 5 star if I see it fixed. Update: The artstyle of hero portrait - one of game’s most shiny quality, what makes it special - is not as good as pre-update. Sorry but it’s a down to 3 star for now. PS: white frame is fine, but if you dare adding rainbow-colored hero frame or diamond, I swear I’ll delete the game, I swear.Version: 1.15.01

Great gameOnce you figure out the controls it is a amazing game.Version: 1.66.02

.So far so good.Version: 1.66.02

Good gameIt’s really addictive.Version: 1.66.02

AFK poopDabbed.Version: 1.66.02

Très bienC’est trop bien !.Version: 1.66.02

AFKPros: idk Cons: P2W.Version: 1.66.02

GoodReally fun.Version: 1.66.02

5murf132417389Nice.Version: 1.66.02

This game is goodI really like this game and it is fine and all but the ads are something that I am not really a fan of but the game is fine I’m my opinion.Version: 1.66.02

YayReally good.Version: 1.66.02

GoodFun game.Version: 1.66.02

Sheesh very good gameYea so like when i first saw this game i was like nah i bet it’s not gonna be good, but now that i’ve played it and tried it’s actually good..Version: 1.66.02

GreatGreat game.Version: 1.66.02

Great gameThis is a awesome game.Version: 1.66.02

I want gemsGood game but I’m just doing this for gems.Version: 1.66.02

Cool gameCool game😀.Version: 1.66.02

ReviewThe game is good no random ads popping up no glitches or bugs its a good game.Version: 1.66.02

Greatest game everIt’s a great fun game I love it.Version: 1.66.02

Great GaymeWoo.Version: 1.66.02

Cool gameIt’s a good game me and my sister have fun with it.Version: 1.66.02

AFK arenaExcellent game.Version: 1.66.02

Great gameI love the game it is a fun and interesting battle game.Version: 1.66.02

PrizeI need the prize.Version: 1.66.02

Très bienTrès bon jeu.Version: 1.66.02

GoodGood.Version: 1.66.02

By :ImANutGamerThis game is very cool i love the afk rewards and the sound of leveling up heros and i love that u can role cards instead of crates like in other games?.Version: 1.66.02

NiceNice.Version: 1.66.02

Best appVery good.Version: 1.66.02

God tier mobile gameDoo-doo fart.Version: 1.66.02

YuhPurrr.Version: 1.66.02

I love this game!This game is awesome it’s fun to play, you don’t need to spend money to play. I 100% recommend it to you. But warning this game is nothing like the ads. It is still a great game though.Version: 1.66.02

FunNew but enjoying it so far!.Version: 1.66.02

Great game :)I love afk arena, there is so much to do. I would recommend downloading it..Version: 1.66.02

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