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A minimal and modern calendar app with an exceptional design. A digital version of your bullet journal where you can organize events, tasks, and notes.

- enjoy an elegant and eye-pleasing design
- plan appointments and set up a stylish agenda
- write daily to-do lists and mark tasks as completed
- take notes for every day and create a diary
- set reminders for important events, tasks or notes
- synchronize with other calendars
- add highlights to significant calendar entries
- save time with recurrence options
- add widgets to your home screen
- create backups
- no sign-in or registration necessary

PLANBELLA - Planner App App Comments & Reviews

PLANBELLA - Planner App Positive Reviews

Love this app so far, but a few features could make it betterThis app has done a great job keeping me organized so far. It’s so beautiful, but minimalistic so it doesn’t feel cluttered. it also is convenient that everything is kept in your journal then you can easily navigate to your calendar and have the ability to just see your tasks. The only thing I think would be beneficial is having the ability to switch between light and dark mode for the app itself instead of it being determined by your phone settings. I like mine to be dark mode most of the time, but prefer the light mode for the app. I also think it would be amazing if this was Siri comparable. There are so many times I’m busy doing something and need to create a quick task or event but I’m not able to stop and physically type it in. Also, when doing speak to text there seems to be a bit of a bug where it won’t type. EDIT 4/5: the addition of the widgets is amazing and so fun. I’m a little bummed you have to pay additional money for some of them, but it’s only a $1 each so it’s not bad. In addition to it being better if it was Siri compatible it would be great if you could choose to delete or edit a single event that’s part of a recurring event. Apples calendar allows this which I think is super helpful when there’s a change needed to something without having to change or delete all of them..Version: 2.4.22

Just like my bujoThis app is so beautiful and perfect for me. It’s exactly how I set up my bullet journal, except it’s on my phone so i always have it with me. I have ADHD so to function I need to have my appointments and tasks laid out in sequential order all together which this app allows me to do, rather than having separate views for calendar and to do’s. A lot of people complain that the calendar sync is only one way but I don’t really mind that since I prefer to manage my events in ical anyways. I would like to be able to reorder tasks by dragging and dropping but in the meantime I workaround by slightly adjusting the times. The only complaint I have is that it doesn’t sync across devices. When I’m on the go I use my phone but at home I prefer my iPad. Also if there is in fact a desktop app coming soon the sync function would be mandatory for me. Currently I do have a workaround by backing up from my phone to iCloud, then loading the backup onto my iPad but this is really something that should be done automatically..Version: 2.4.40

Still just needs a couple tweaksI saw this advertised on IG awhile ago and thought it was gorgeous. The only thing that kept me from buying it right then was the lack of sync with other calendars. I appreciated what the developer was trying to do in keeping it private, but having the option to sync for those who wanted/needed is pretty important in this day and age of technology. So when I saw yesterday that it was available in an update, I immediately bought the app. It is gorgeous and so well made, but what wasn’t clear was that it’s only a one way sync. I can click a button and everything in my gmail calendar will show up in this app. But I can’t create a new event in this app and add it to one of my calendars. That’s disappointing because it still just makes this a “view only” app for me. I have five children. Each of them have a calendar within gmail. I also have one for my husband and one for myself, as well as a couple other calendars. Not being able to choose which calendar to add to in this app defeats the purpose. I wish I had realized this before I paid $8 for it..Version: 1.7.

A beauty but needs a few updatesLove the simplicity of the app. Very easy and straightforward to make the task that you want. And it is beautiful. Also the calendar sync is great. Just a few things I would want to see updates For imported calendar, right now you can add a label, but it would be great to assign all items of that calendar a color. Right now you must set a highlight color to each one individually Able to switch between light and dark mode. Not making it be whichever your phone setting is. Option to have app in light mode even if your phone is in dark mode Able to move unchecked task to new day. If you didn’t check off a task it will disappear. Wish there was a simple way to simply move the task to a new day But so far so good, I like that it keeps it simple. I will continue to see how it goes.Version: 1.7.1.

Very Pretty app but some features aren’t workingThis app is so pleasing to the eye! Love the font and the eloquent pastel highlights but definitely room to improve. 1) I bought the app on my iPhone and began using immediately. When I downloaded the app on my IPad, nothing transferred- it was completely blank. Most of your users will want to use this app on multiple devices so hopefully the developers will allow it to sync. 2) I tried multiple time to create a recurring event on my calendar with no end date and it would not save. I then created the event with an end date decades in advance and it saved- suggest the developers ensure both features work. 3) The journal feature is not working. When you click on it, the week of event are displayed but no option for journal entries. I’m leaving this detailed of a review in hopes these bugs can be resolved because it is quite a beautiful looking product. Also, if more colors can be added to the palate that will allow more categories..Version: 1.7.1.

Pretty but I still need calendar appI love the aesthetics and how simple it is to use! I also love the journal feature! I also like how you can view tasks and events at the same time on the calendar view. Overall it’s a very nice app. Works perfectly for everything if you just have one calendar. I have mine synced with multiple, so it becomes less organized. A minor change I would like is being able to add a default color for each calendar, instead of manually needing to add a color for each single event. The biggest issue I have is syncing to the Apple calendar app. Since there is no option to pick which calendar when adding an event, I have to use my calendar app to add to a shared calendar instead of just simply adding it on Planbella. As most of my calendars are shared, I find myself using mostly the default calendar app and then opening Planbella just for the aesthetics. Additionally, if you add something directly on Planbella, it won’t show up on the Apple calendar. Kind of like writing everything in two different planners, which is not as efficient. Basically your calendars are not “synced”, it only transfers data over from your Apple calendar. Some other suggestions I have to improve this app: - A feature where you can add the location to events, and it will route you to that address. - More colors! Like pastel green and yellow.Version: 2.4.24

My New Covid PlannerEach year, I buy my vertically aligned white, marble planner. The medium size. But ever since Covid, I’ve been working from home and it’s been a lot of work to carry my planner around to different locations. I never bothered using google calender because it just inst a planner. And I have to have things visually linear for a planner to work for me. Otherwise it drives me nuts!! (I have to be ocd for my job). So, one day, I saw an online ad for this and thought it could work. It also looked cute which is really important for me. If it were ugly, I probably wouldnt have gotten it. Ive used it a few times and I could really see myself using this daily!!! I have never been a fan of digital planners even though Im a Millennial but this is changing my mind! Im definitely telling all my friends about this..Version: 1.6.6.

To sync or not to sync...I think this is exclusively an iPhone App as i don't remember reading anything about it being awesome for an iPad.. But it WOULD be if the app would sync to both devices. Right now I can have the app on both for one purchase, but it doesn't do much good if I have to make my entries in each device. Also, the app on my phone won't even give me an option to sync with my Google calendar where as it does for my iPad. Though it doesn't actually work beyond that so far as I can tell. And finally, on the iPhone, at least 2 of the Unlocked widgets instruct you to tap on them in order to add them onto your home screen... well home girl don't fall for it lol. That hasn't worked yet either. But I'm hoping there's a way to fix those issues and even if there isn't, I'd still buy it again for it's practicality, simplicity, and ill top it off with this revelation; someone finally stepped outside of the now humdrum expectation of devices being dressed to the 9's and "aesthetically pleasing" to present a next level anthology where this type of creatives are soon to be seen not just necessary to technology but essential for the any winning team. Bravo.Version: 2.4.42

Very pretty and easy to use, just needs a few tweaksLoving the app so far, it’s gorgeous and just the kind of simple aesthetic I’m looking for. Just two little things holding me back from using it full time. 1) If the calendar colors be synced. I love how the highlights look, but I have my calendars color coded and don’t want to have to highlight each event individually. 2) Sync with Apple Reminders. I like using Reminders to manage and setup for my lists and folders for my tasks, but I would love to view them in Planbella in the daily journal feed. One last thing is that there seems to be a lag syncing calendars, or else I have to do it manually. Beautiful app overall, can’t wait to see how it develops!.Version: 2.4.40

Love the look but...1. Is there a way we could get a macbook version of this app so i can sync use it on multiple devices? 2. Also has very strange interface features such as: when i create a task, it assigns it for the day before?? And if i am i click on the three tabs in the top left corner it sends me straight to the main menu and i cant easily go back one screen(i.e. main menu > settings> options> “click three tabs in top left” > main menu? Cant it just send me back one? 3. As for things i love: i like the look, i like the colors, the font, the structure of different ways to see your tasks and calendar. I feel like i would use it so much more if it had a better user interface. However, i still really love your app and will be using it. Hope any of this feedback helps..Version: 1.5.

Love it aesthetically - two things I would addI loved switching over to Planbella. Love the asthetic and that it combines my calendar and to-do’s/reminders into one app. Only two (rather impactful!) things I think are missing: 1) Search function - ability to search for key words so that a past/future events/task pops up, rather than having to scroll through all of the Journal or search manually through the calendar to find them. iCal has the magnifying glass icon which allows for this and I didn’t realize how often I used it until it was no longer an option within Planbella. 2) if I do not complete a task and check it off, there is nothing that alerts me that it has yet to be completed after the day has passed. I’d have to go back to the day I scheduled it for on the calendar in order to see that something was left unchecked. I wish it would show up as still incomplete, similar to how tasks within Apple reminders do not disappear until you check them off. Again, aesthetically, I absolutely love this app. I also love the combo of both a calendar and a task/reminder app, and I do really love being able to switch between journal and calendar views..Version: 1.7.1.

Awesome Planner AppI absolutely love this app! I love that it’s an actual day planner, not just a calendar. I like that I can differentiate between events or daily tasks I need to check off. That is awesome! The only thing I would say is that it needs more event highlight colors... you have cream, pink, or gray to choose from. While it’s very aesthetically pleasing, I like to color-code my events and tasks based on work, doctor appointments, personal life, daily goals, and the list goes on. More colors would be nice! Also, the journal feature doesn’t seem to work. I can write a journal entry as a note on a given day, but the journal feature itself doesn’t work. Still, I use this every single day. Highly recommend!.Version: 1.5.

Simple and functionalI really love this app! It’s beautiful and easy to operate. A lot of planner apps can feel cluttered but this one keeps it simple and uses nice fonts/color schemes. There is definitely room for improvement. For example, I wish after highlighting events with a particular color, the dots on the calendar would reflect that highlight color. That way I can tell which dates are actual events and which dates are just notes/tasks. Currently every calendar date that has an event/note/task is just a beige dot so it’s hard to tell them apart at a glance. I look forward to future updates and the direction this app will take..Version: 1.5.

Please sync this app with all my other Apple products.I really like this app. It’s easy to use, I love the journal section and separate calendar; I love the layout, font and colors, basically the whole entire look. My only complaint is that I wish the app would sync entirely with my Apple products, my phone, iPad and desktop. It syncs with my google calendar but I stopped using it since I got this app,(personally I prefer the Planbella layout better) but when I’m out and add a task or event on my phone it will not sync/ or update on my desktop or iPad which I find really frustrating. If and when this app is able to sync throughout all my personal products, then I would rate five stars. Please add this feature!.Version: 1.7.1.

I usually love this appThis app is so visually appealing which is one of the reasons why I originally purchased the app. I have used it consistently for over a year, maybe longer now. Recently I started using the widget feature but it has not been updating on my Home Screen so I cannot see the recent things on my task list. It also doesn’t allow you to cross the task off. The actually app has also been freezing every time I try to click on a day to update task. I’m a little disappointed at this and now am tempted to search for another every day app to use. I really wish this one would work correctly because I’m used to it and I do like it. Please fix these bugs!.Version: 2.4.35

My Go toBeen using Planbella for over a year now and I LOVE ITT. Simple , minimalist and chic. However there are a few things that I wish was updated and added. Whenever I go to my journal section I could see my events . Things should be separate from each section. Also the task section I have found to be a little frustrating. The title area for task would be better if you can name the list and add the task in the description area with the boxes next to them. Also new background colors and pictures to add to notes and journal would be awesome 🤎.Version: 2.4.42

Pretty design, could use some updatesI love the layout. It is aesthetically pleasing, and tasks are easy to create.I would prefer holidays to be added to calendar instead of having to set them up manually. There could be a holiday section under options so users could turn it on or off if they prefer. Also, it would be nice if the recurring task option could be scheduled by day instead of date. For example, I would love to schedule monthly house chores like “change air filter” by second Saturday of the month. If you have standing meetings or classes that are always fall on first Friday of the month, they will need to be added manually..Version: 1.6.6.

So close but not greatThis is by far the most gorgeous app I’ve seen. I love the aesthetic, but it just isn’t user friendly. It’s really frustrating that you can’t just click on a day and add an event or task—every time you add something you have to scroll to select the date. It would be amazing if you could access the app on the computer too, because I found between the functionality and it only being mobile, I spend more time entering things into the app than just getting them done. I hope some of these things are changed because I would love to use the app, but right now it feels like just a waste of $8.Version: 1.6.4.

Looks very niceIt looks very nice, although my reason for 3 stars is that I feel is a little excessive having to pay $1 for each widget. At least include 3 or 5. It really adds up and I don’t think is worth it. I recently found free ones on other apps. And I only paid $2.99 for the week trial. Downloaded everything I wanted around 100 icons and widgets. Could have downloaded more but that’s just what I needed. Imagine having to pay a $1 each? It sounds cheap but it really isn’t. When you buy all of them it will be more that $20. I still like the app so will keep using it. Also very limited with task reoccurring ones..Version: 2.4.42

Love this app, it just needs a little more workI love this app! I love that I can put events and tasks into the app and set reminders. I do wish I could set a custom reminder, like set it to a certain time instead of a day or a couple hours before the event. It would be cool to set multiple reminders for events too. It would also be nice if the notifications for an event would show the actual day the event is supposed to happen. It’s confusing when you set a reminder 2 days out for an event and then the notification tells you now when it pops up.Version: 1.7.1.

Love but has 1 major flawI LOVE everything about this app, the only thing I count as a negative (and it’s a big one for me) I can not get it to sync the info I have input into the app downloaded on my ipad, to sync with the app on my phone. Having to enter info twice is not cool, and is going to get very old very quick. Now as I am super picky about my planning, planners, and apps used in the process, and this by far is my favorite. Fix that sync problem between devices (maybe as an upgrade feature even) and it would be 5 stars hands down and I would promote this to all my fellow planner nerds..Version: 1.5.

Aesthetic but lacking functionalityIt’s cute but there are some definite issues with usability. 1. The calendar doesn’t show holidays which is a major downer for me. I don’t want to enter each holiday on my own and seems like a basic calendar function should show national and major Holidays. 2. I would like the ability to turn off the calendar date highlight for notes as some notes I’ll keep each day as a running record, but it highlights as an event which is misleading at a quick glance. It’s cute, so I’ll keep it for the widgets, but the traditional Apple calendar and Reminders apps are way more versatile..Version: 2.4.24

One Small SuggestionSo far I really enjoy the app. I like that I can have my events, appointments, and to-dos on one platform in bullet points. It’s also easy to use and the widgets are super cute. My only suggestion would be that the days on the calendar wouldn’t show up as circled/highlighted if there are just tasks and no events. If I put in all my tasks then almost every day is highlighted and I don’t know which days have the important events. Make the small widget to show tasks free so we can have our tasks and events shown separately..Version: 2.4.40

Simple beautiful 97% perfectI love the look of this app. It’s beautiful and simple and includes task list, calendar, and journal all in one! It’s perfect except that I wish there were a few more color options (ie. green for my pay day reminders). I love that it syncs my google calendar but I wish I could edit the events even though they’re from another calendar! From the previous reviews it seems this app is consistently updating and improving so I’m sure it will only keep getting better! Definitely worth the $9!.Version: 1.7.1.

Perfection!This app is exactly what I was looking for! Not only is it beautiful, but it syncs perfectly with my Google calendar for work and Apple calendar for home. In addition, the push notifications to my Apple Watch throughout the day are extremely helpful. I love to make lists of tasks to complete, and this app gives me that option and allows me the satisfaction of literally checking off the completed task. Thank you for creating such a great organizational tool for this working mom!.Version: 1.7.1.

Exactly what I’m looking for!When I was looking through the ratings before I purchased this app, a lot of people said it wouldn’t notify you of a task or event which is a deal breaker do me. Well I got it anyways, and ITS FIXED! This app is exactly what I was looking for. I personally don’t like to sync calendars, so this is perfect. It’s so aesthetically pleasing and right on with how I organize things. I love that your events, tasks, and journal entries all show up on the calendar. If I could rate this a 10 I totally would!.Version: 1.5.

Beautiful Planner but could be betterI love the aesthetics of this planner! It’s simple, clean and very pleasing to look at. I want this to ultimately replace my Google calendar. I hope that soon, there would be an option to integrate Google/Apple calendars in the app. I’m also hoping that the developers work on adding an option to personalize notes. I like adding photos on my notes for things that I like to buy -sorta like a vision board. Also a box or bullets would be nice to be added on the lists as well..Version: 2.4.40

I don’t usually write reviews but…I don’t usually write reviews but I just had to for this app. It’s my favorite planner app ever! I was looking for an app I could use as a calendar and a to-do list and this one is perfect. It’s got everything I need, and is very aesthetically pleasing as well. The only part I don’t like is when you make an event it only shows when it starts and not when it’s done. So to fix that I just put the time in the event title and boom, perfect.Version: 2.4.40

Great appSome suggestions: - Tapping on a day/date in the journal should be a way to add an event/task/note for that date. For example: Tapping “Tuesday 3” should prompt the selection page to create an event/task/note that’s automatically set for Tuesday the 3rd, so that it’s not necessary to manually set the date. - Please make a widget for the home screen that shows the events and tasks for today. - Is it possible to be able to save the events created in the app to the actual iPhone calendar?.Version: 1.6.6.

Great planner appFor the last year, I’ve been wanting to try having a digital planner. I was using a traditional agenda to physically write everything down, but that became to cumbersome. And to be honest, I wasn’t carrying everywhere with me anymore so I kept forgetting about appointments or forgetting to do things because I wasn’t writing in it. Then I found about this app. It is 1. Very helpful to have everything on my phone and 2. It’s so aesthetically pleasing..Version: 2.4.40

Minimal FunctionalityIt’s very inconvenient that you can’t cancel a single event without canceling every recurring event— IE, I work every Friday— but occasionally use vacation time. My only options are to individually out work on every Friday or keep my work schedule on days I am off. I also wish there was a way to add more event details such as an address etc like Google Calendar has to be able to click right on the event for directions rather than having to open multiple apps. This app is pretty, but that’s about it..Version: 1.7.1.

Super pretty! But...Okay so here's the thing, this app is GORGEOUS and very pleasing to use. However, I'm constantly feeling like I'm missing something. I'd like it if the regular holidays were integrated into it and maybe some sort of sign in? Or something to assist in making it more personal? It just feels...blank. Very beautiful, don't get me wrong! And the different options for notes, tasks, and calendar are nice. But for $7, I would like a bit more customization. I'll keep using it for now since it's been paid for but I'm really hoping for some good updates in the future!.Version: 1.5.

Love the design, could use a reminder featureI have started using this as an everyday planner since I am starting back up in school and started a new job. I love the layout design, the fonts, and colors. One thing I would love is if you could set up a reminder for the events and such. You can only set a time, but do not get a reminder and this is an inconvenience because I would like to be reminded when things are going to happen..Version: 1.7.1.

Clean Design & Easy to UseI love this app because of its clean design and it is easy to use/read. But for the price of $7.99 I think it should be able to do more such as option to print (different views- daily, monthly, annual, notes, journal etc.), option to sync events/appointments like iCal, auto calculate start to end time when event/appointment duration is entered, option to save file copy or back up via iPhone vs. laptop, link to Maps/Google Maps, option to share events/appointments via text or email, etc..Version: 1.5.

Could Be ImprovedAlthough this app has a very beautiful layout there is a lot to be desired. First of all I think it would be needed for this app to sync with Google calendar and Apple calendar. Second I wish there was a biweekly option. And third when you create a reoccurring event I wish you could delete one occurrence (ex. if I don’t have work because it’s a holiday) instead of deleting the whole series of events. I am hoping that this app continues to improve because there’s a lot of potential here..Version: 1.6.1

Almost PerfectFor the most part, this is a great app. I do wish that there was two huge things that would make me turn this 4 into a 5. First thing is when putting anything in the calendar there is no biweekly option. For an example if I wanted to put paydays in there I have to put it in manually every other week. Last thing is widgets would be amazing. In all other aspects, I love how it’s a daily planner in the palm of my hand..Version: 1.7.1.

Love this but needs landscape layoutI love this app and how it adds a cute aesthetic to my phone. However, when I try to use it on my iPad it does not flip to landscape. Would not be a big deal, but with my iPad on the magic keyboard I wish I had this option. Not a problem on my phone, but on the iPad is kind of inconvenient. Will keep using since I already paid the $7 but I hope to see this improvement in the future..Version: 1.6.3.

Great organization with room for improvement!The aesthetic was just what I was looking for. Clean and bright and beyond helpful to organize all events. I would like an update with a yearly view as well. The monthly with daily view is great but a yearly view would also help note down the busier months, longer vacation times, etc. Also, adding an image feature to the journal to complete the experience of authentic journal..Version: 2.4.42

FIANLLYThis is literally the best planner crossover app. I love all of it it’s so aesthetically pleasing I love that you can have your to-do list in with appointments and everything else you have going on that day. It’s literally a bullet journal in your pocket except better because all of the handwriting is beautiful 😂 can’t recommend it enough if you’re someone who likes the look of having an actual planner or bullet journal..Version: 1.7.1.

So far so good but....So far I really like this app BUT I’ve notice when I downloaded it it’s only showing the DARK MODE THEME and won’t allow me to switch it to the pretty white theme. I really would like the white them vs this dark theme. Please advise me how I can change it to the light mode or if there will be another update to fix this? Thanks so much! I messaged about this too to see if maybe there was something I was missing but haven’t got a response just yet. Once I receive a response I’ll be changing my stars 🤍.Version: 1.6.1

PlanbellaI love this app aesthetically. Before purchasing note that you have to pay .99 for each widget. Only three are included with the purchase of the app. Also, the app does not sync from my iPhone to my iPad and the purchase of the extra widgets do not transfer device to device. It’s frustrating to have to double entry everything, but it’s a beautiful app with several areas to journal, calendar and note take..Version: 2.4.40

Found my go to planner appI love this! I’ve been looking for an app like this for so long that was simple and hit all of my personal check marks for a planner. So worth paying for! Only giving 4 stars because - Suggestion/Ask for Developer: please add to the capability of recurrence of tasks and events to be customizable (every 2 weeks, etc). I have events and Tasks that have to be repeated outside of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Would be SO appreciative..Version: 1.7.1.

Really greatJust started using this app tonight. I will always use both paper and electronic journaling. Could you guys please expand your highlight colour selection? I would like to see green and aqua added. I would also like the option of the app holding two journals- personal one and work related one. I’d like to click on which ever one I need at the moment but I don’t necessarily want work related stuff in my personal journal. I also agree with another review. Please make tasks auto populate to the following if they are not checked off..Version: 2.4.40

Should have listened to the reviewsThe layout on this app isn’t as functional as I had hoped. I wanted to give it a try for the benefit of the doubt. My main issue is that if you put a task under a day and you happen to not complete it, it doesn’t then move to the next day. I found that you can lose track of your to dos since you will have to go back to the specific days you planned to do the task to remind yourself..Version: 1.5.

Adjusting my reviewApps $, widgets are extra, icons are extra on Etsy- ends up being over $20. Sync is not great. Updated my calendar on my computer this morning and new stuff isn’t showing in my phone now. Took me a good week to get everything perfect and functioning the way I needed. Now I love it. ❤️ still dealing with sync time stuff but overall it’s pretty enough to make up for any issues.Version: 2.4.42

Beautifully done!Love this elegant planner app and great widgets! It’s easy to use and so pretty!! I was able to sync the calendar with my icloud home calendar. Whenever I add an event under home, it pops on the planbella. I can also add weekly and biweekly events under my icloud home calendar and the recurrence shows under this planbella calendar as well. Aesthetically perfect!.Version: 2.4.42

Super beautiful app, but the only Problem it is syncing calendar…How can i sync automaticaly my google calendar on the app????.Version: 2.4.42

Love the app but please add ongoing reminders like apple remindersThis app is really good and the layout is beautiful —trust me you need it. On the sidenote I was wondering if you guys could add ongoing reminders. Sometimes I don’t complete that task that day and don’t go back and so never get to doing the task. I recently switched to apple’s reminders app and the dateless tasks with checkmarks are must more easier to navigate. Can we have this with a future upgrade. Also travelling frequently into different timezones really messes up the events on the calender. Can we have timezones options for events like other calender apps? Thank you!.Version: 2.4.40

Love it!It’s so pretty and functional..Version: 2.4.40

Nice appCute and praticle. The only thing is that i was hoping for a little more possibilities, like being able to set a reccurence every 2 weeks or else. I was hoping for more choices of options of color or presentation..Version: 2.4.40

It’s perfect.I have multiple calendars in my google and apple calendars to organize different categories, and it’s nice to have this app sync from the calendars I choose as well as allow me to choose highlight colours to visually separate the categories for me! The tasks are wonderful. I’m a much more organized gal now 😜..Version: 2.4.40

Love appJust started using this app and love it. The only thing I have a complaint about is, when phone is not in dark mode it’s a bit hard to read the text. It would also be nice to pick the color of the background..Version: 2.4.24

Pretty but….This app is so pretty, I really like it, basic and straight to the point but the down fall is that you cannot sync between devices. I wish there was an update for that. I’m surprised that for the price they didn’t have this function..Version: 2.4.40

Love this appI love the simplicity of this app, with so much going on all the time and so much in your mind its nice to have a nice simple schedule/to do list. Very aesthetic too, colours and writing is beautiful. Love that you can sync with your apple calendar. I do wish there was a habit tracker/section though so you dont need to put them with your other to-dos..Version: 2.4.35

ExpensiveYou pay 12 for the app and then you have to pay extra to use the widgets. Ridiculous! For the price of the app it should be free. Such a money grab. There are other planners out there..Version: 2.4.24

Love this app!It’s such a beautiful app! I know I will be using this app 24/7 and ditching all the other planners. 😍 Quick question, can you create this for Mac desktops? I would love to sync it to my computer. Thank you!.Version: 1.6.2

Simple and Elegant LayoutThis is exactly what I‘ve been looking for! I’ve tried a number of calendar apps, but found all of them to have more functionality than I needed. This is as close as a person can get to an uncomplicated hardcopy agenda. I can make calendar entries, add to-do’s for each day, and colour-code anything. I also appreciate the option to setup reoccurring events. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, this is gorgeous - the font options chic and the colour choices are soft and complementary. Great app!.Version: 1.7.1.

Not soldThis is a beautiful app. It took me awhile to commit, as I like the functionality of the calendar on iPhone. I use it but continue to use my other calendar as I wish this app had: Custom reoccurrence as I have to manually input everything Widget I only want to use this calendar, please consider these two items..Version: 1.7.1.

Love this App!Loving this App, but you need to make this for the iPad and MacBook as I would love everything to sync. The look and functionality is A+!.Version: 1.7.

It’s a great app!This is a beautiful app. Always cheers you up looking at the heap of tasks you may have. It does however require some further enhancement. I hope you consider the following in your list of potential enhancements: 1. Category colours - they’re currently beautiful. So thank you for choosing these pastel hues. We could really do with more colours. Of course keeping in line with the theme of the app, more pastels but we need some more options. 2. Category names - most tasks that I add to my calendar, I also add the colour so it’s colour coded for me. But I have to keep up with what colour I’m assigning to which category. For example, I have a colour for fitness, one for my socials, one of my groceries, etc. It would be so easy to see what colour is what category 3. Widget - with the iPhone 14 OS, we’d love a widget, not a cover but an actual widget which smoothly transitions into the already beautiful app. This would be such a game changer. Your app is beautiful nonetheless. Thank you for sharing with us. :).Version: 1.6.4.

Beautiful but needs a few updatesI love the look of this app and how beautiful it is. I’ve always had a real day time because I love stationary and this makes it feel close to that. Sadly it needs a few things updated that would make it by far the best day timer app. 1. Have the option to open to Calendar automatically instead of main menu 2. Have a Bi-weekly option for recurrence (this should be an easy fix, many people need this) 3. Sync with Apple calendar 4. Sync with other Apple devices 5. Have option to sync/share with another user.Version: 1.6.1

Love!I love the app, it’s the first digital calendar that really works for my life. My only dislike is the shortcut. I find the initials to look busy and wish it was more simplistic :).Version: 1.5.

GoodGood app , i would like more possibility for the event repeat ( every 14 or 21 days ).Version: 1.5.

LoveOther only thing I wish it could do is cloud share with my other devices. Otherwise I’m in love with this app!.Version: 1.5.

For improvementAdd checklist button on every description under Task..Version: 1.5.

Love it!I love the look and appreciate the work that went into the aesthetics! Worth the money in my opinion :).Version: 1.5.

BeautifulBeautiful design I don’t think it’s worth the price... it’s not really customizable, I would have preferred options like a journal bullet system... stickers etc. That would make it worth 12$ considering the look of the calendar note and journal are all the same. Beautiful but a tad over priced (I know the price is probably based a lot off of the cost to make design etc, but hopefully the future consists of adding to it!!).Version: 1.5.

Visually beautifulLove the app but there could be better updates. (Sign in feature, bi weekly option).Version: 1.5.

Beautiful appApp is wonderful, but can u update so I can have a bi weekly event.Version: 1.5.

Cool app BUTIt needs more recurrence, like bi-weekly or every first Monday of a month for example. That would help lots for a paid app considering google does all that. Should also have the option to connect address with maps. It's such a cute app, just needs more stuff in it for the price!.Version: 1.5.

So cute!I really LOVE this planner. The layout and everything. It also helps me big time with my work. But I just want to request for the developer to be able to somehow add an option in the app to be able to just see all the dates, notes and events in each tab when you click the dates, notes and events on the app. So it’s easy to see all the dates and events and notes in each tab when you click it. It’s a hassle having to click the date and seeing notes, events or dates written all in one date. Because with a busy, hectic schedule it’s hard to remember where you put the notes or event on certain dates. But otherwise, a lovely pretty app. I’ve deleted my calendar app. But not my notes app yet just because of the hassle and forgetting what dates I’ve put the notes in. Anyways, I hope this get added on. That would really make a huge difference. I wouldn’t feel so bad for spending $10 on the app..Version: 1.5.

Love this app!!!This was exactly what I combines two apps in one!! Having a to do list is so great!!🙌🙌.Version: 1.5.

WowLove love love this app.Version: 1.5.

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