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Afterpay - Buy Now Pay Later Customer Service

Afterpay lets you buy today, get it straight away and pay in 4 simple bi-weekly installments.

Our shop directory lets you browse the latest stores and get all the shopping inspiration you need. New brands are added weekly! Plus, see an ever expanding list of retailers now accepting Afterpay in stores.

How Afterpay works:

• Download & sign up: the app is your key to unlocking our shop directory.

• Browse stores & brands: search for your go-to brands, browse to find new favorites and see brands now accepting Afterpay in stores.

• Get it now! Shop fashion, beauty and lifestyle

• Spread the cost: pay the installment straight away - then the remainder every two weeks. Remember - there’s no fee when you pay on time.

• Take control: manage your order and make instant payments when you want!

Want it now? Pull out your phone and use the app to shop and keep track of all your orders and your payment schedule. The Afterpay app puts you in control of your spending - it’s always interest-free & no fees when you pay in 4 and on time.


Now you can shop in your favorite stores with Afterpay! Just open the app, see retailers offering Afterapy in stores, and shop confidently knowing how much you are pre-approved to spend. Simply tap to purchase. You'll pay 25% up front and the rest over the next six weeks. And, you'll take your purchase home today.


Use the app to view all your current and past Afterpay orders as well as your payment history. If you need to be more flexible with your finances, you can change your payment card for future payments - or even pay off any upcoming installments early - all on the app.


Afterpay makes spending responsibly so much easier. Shop on a budget and still get the latest fashion and beauty. We’re adding new stores every week to give you even more choice.

Afterpay it. Because life doesn’t wait.

Afterpay - Buy Now Pay Later App Comments & Reviews

Afterpay - Buy Now Pay Later Positive Reviews

ConvenientI can’t tell you how much I love, love and appreciate the convenience of Afterpay payment plan. The economy prices has gone up tremendously, with Afterpay it allows you to get the things you need right away when you can’t afford the full price all at once. It helps as well to keep you from borrowing money from someone and getting yourself in a bind when it’s time to payback. How many ppl do you know will allow you to pay them back in installments? These days everyone need their money back all at once, or don’t have it to loan. With Afterpay you don’t hv to worry about that hassle. This payment plan with Afterpay prevents you from owning anyone but them, not to mention it helps you get what you need right then not wait until you finish paying the full payment. You’re able to pay on the payments by the time you get paid! 😍The absolutely great thing is, if you don’t hv the money when it’s time to pay, you can get a few extension. I needed an expensive car part that I couldn’t afford to pay in full, and get my car fixed all at once. I needed my car to get to work to make money. Thank God for Afterpay convenient payment installments, I was able to get the car part, and afford to get my car fixed all at the same time! Yess! I didn’t have to worry about paying someone back a loan all at one time.. Win, win situation with Afterpay! I absolutely love Afterpay! 😃 I only wish they will allow you to pay a few bills through Afterpay. 😆 Maybe one day.🤞.Version: 1.51.0

Incredibly Genuine No Fee Payment PlanHaving had credit issues in the past that continue to hang on me like a dark cloud and dissuade credit card companies to accept my applications for credit, even businesses that can see from my purchase histories I spend hundreds of dollars on certain products consistently and paid in full. Afterpay for some unknown, Heaven sent reason offered me credit and once I paid on time and consistently for a few higher dollar value purchases, has given me a $2,000 credit line and in all honesty, a sense of financial self respect that no other issuer of monetary credit, even my BANKING INSTITUTION, that knows how much money I have and regularly earn from my job paycheck deposits. I am so grateful to have found Afterpay and be able to feel the sense of self respect that comes with being able to buy certain things that I benefit immensely from bring able to pay off over time, so I can realistically still pay my rent, utilities, heat, internet, etc. and as a hard working single mother still enjoy some of the other things we need or want in life that I otherwise would have to choose between it and the former said expenses. Thank you, Afterpay for existing and for giving me a quality of life that I couldn’t have otherwise in my current financial situation..Version: 1.50.0

Used to LOVE the options here much more!I love being able to purchase items I need for my kids and being able to break it up into 4 payments. I can budget this into my life so much easier than getting hit with massive charges all at once. I gave the system 3 stars because they have started to block my purchases to 3 and their rewards program seems incredibly skewed. I have never been late or bounced a payment. I have consistently earned the option to not make my first payment and I even have that option turned on, while I understand this doesn’t work for all purchases, it currently does not work for me on any. When I first earned this over a year ago, it worked all the time. I reached out to customer service to see if I needed to do something different or if it was just something not eligible to me. Their reaponse was generically answered by a robot and had nothing to do with my question. I make every payment early and I have only ever moved one payment the entire time and ended up making that payment earlier than anticipated as well. I feel like the promises being made are not actually followed through regardless of your spending limit or your payback track record. I have started to move my business to other platforms that continue to function as promised and follow through with their own rewards program. I wish that Afterpay would fix these issues because this used to be my favorite system to use..Version: 1.60.0

Fantastic Idea Verses CC Debt!This popped up when I was making a purchase online from somewhere else and decided to go ahead and apply… I was immediately approved for $300 of credit line and when I paid that off, I turned around and bought a pair of pants that I’ve been dying to get from White House Black market! My favorite turquoise pants ever that were over $200! It makes it extremely easy to get what you want when you don’t have the funds immediately or don’t want to use your credit at that particular time because there’s no interest and no application fee. I was approved within less of a minute and once I paid off my first two purchases, my credit line is now up to $1200! I saw that someone stated something about insufficient funds when it’s payday for AfterPay and all I can say to that is, if you’re living day by day (week by week/payday to payday) financially, you probably shouldn’t be shopping online anyway… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ This person was complaining about insufficient funds because she couldn’t make her payment on time, again.. don’t play the “Rob Peter to pay Paul” type deal. If you can’t afford to shop, simply do not shop! (They do NOT report to credit bureaus nor will it help your credit score) It’s simply a great way to shop especially right before Christmas! Thank you AfterPay!.Version: 1.43.0

AwesomeWell I’m ashamed to say I don’t have the best credit and after trying many “split payment” apps and getting the runaround and a headache I was skeptical to download Afterpay. I finally did and everything about this service is perfect for me. Easy to use (had one setback the first time I tried to use it in store which was partially my fault, but I got in touch with customer service and once again i was impressed. Maybe my standards are too low but they walked me through it perfectly and now it works flawlessly. They also approved me for a $1000 limit and allowed me to use my TurboTax Visa debit card, which is my main debit card/ account, as a payment option when every other split payment app uses Plaid which doesn’t recognize GreenDot as a real bank. I will continue to use Afterpay for as long as I can and anyone I think could benefit from it. The only things close to “cons” about Afterpay is the amount of places ( there are lots) where you can use it but that’s not Afterpays fault and that you can only have 2 orders open at a time. Once again that’s not really worth complaining about and probably helps in the long run since you don’t have too many payments to make on different days. I wish every store accepted Afterpay. It’s AMAZING!! Highly recommend!!!.Version: 1.50.0

I LOVE AFTERPAY!Such a great app and a great idea! I have used other 4 payment apps like this and they arent bad either, but afterpay is my favorite because of the pulse rewards! It motivates me to pay off my payments earlier so I can get the points towards my 30 purchases so I can get the extras like no first payment when I order! I love the deals and discounts I can get also. They are always showing you what stores are having sales or really good percent off deals! There is a great selection of name brand stores as well as stores I have never heard from before and would have never known about if it wasnt for this app. Small businesses need our help more then ever right now and this is a great way to do that! There is also an in-store payment option for some of the places as well!!! The app is great design wise too, so easy to navigate and has it all broken down for me so I know what I have to pay and what is paid off etc. It also makes it super easy to make my bi weekly payments with automatic payments or if I want to pay it off early I can do that with just a click of a button and its done! They send you a reminder email a few days before your payments due so you never forget! I probably spend way to much money using this app but hey, you only live once!.Version: 1.47.3

Great App and it Sure comes in Handy!!!I don’t have anything bad to say about Afterpay, but I do have a suggestion. First let say that Afterpay is very helpful, specially to those with less than satisfactory credit. It takes a chance on us and give us an opportunity that many others have denied. If you’re getting something for yourself, a loved one, or maybe a last minute gift for a friend or coworker. It really doesn’t matter because they have a variety of stores from online to in store shopping. Just pay your first out of four payments up front. There is not interest or hidden fees, all you have to do is pay on time. You can even purchase gift cards, though they are limited. I am very happy with Afterpay. My only suggestion would be to extend the pay in 4, to pay in 6, or even pay in 8. This could be done for customers that have had a couple of pay in 4 contracts completed and have demonstrated that they are trustworthy to pay what they borrow back. Give them that as an incentive for their timely payments. It would help with every single type of purchases, especially big ones and/or multiple ones. In all, thank you Afterpay, you’re still awesome..Version: 1.55.0

Not just for people on a budget!I use Afterpay to space out my payments so that it doesn’t all hit my credit cards at once, helping me to maintain low utilization on my cards when my statements are reported, because I can pay the smaller payments right back off every time I get paid. I like using it when I know my statement is about to come out, but I need to buy something right away, because my cards won’t show high usage since I’m sometimes not even charged the first payment until 2 weeks after my purchase! You have to be smart and make these payment plans work for you! Even if I accidentally missed a payment by a few days in the past, once I paid it off, my spending limit didn’t take long to shoot right back up. There’s only one pretty major thing I’ve recently been turned off by with AP. For the past couple of years, I’ve built a rapport and higher spending limit with them since I almost always use Afterpay anywhere it’s accepted. Lately they’re now not letting me use my account at some participating stores and declining the purchases for unexplained reasons even when I have plenty of spending credit available. But other than that, if you’re a smart shopper and not just using this to spend what you don’t have, it’s great !.Version: 1.49.1

Simple. Secure. Endless Choices.“This app was ideal for me not only because I was working as a temp at the time I came across it so being able to pay on a certain date and only have to put the first payment down I knew when I needed to work to pay for that purchase and they were very generous with credit, the stores are endless from small local/national businesses to Big Box to CVS/Convenience!! & even LUXE like my Personal Fave Alex and Ani, Pandora, SKETCHERS & MORE! Earn Cash Back, Rewards Increase by Stacking Eligible Coupons, Free Delivery Flash Sales by Tier the more you use it how much $ complete the four payments NO INTEREST pay it in 1-2-3-4 payments you choose. Go for the Highest Tiers to have access to extra rewards coupons and special deals based off your views. Do not turn away if you were rejected from one of the other type of four payment companies unlike those companies where they check your credit I have an income that is regular and I should not have been refused by affirm or sezzle up I don’t even think that exists anymore but affirm is and ready to pull your credit. Oh🙄 well DUH MY POINT IS THAT AFTERPAY - NO CREDIT CHECK & NO INTEREST!!!!!.” Kaitlyn G..Version: 1.55.0

Great Option!After Pay is an excellent option for financing big or small purchases. After pay does not hit you with a bunch interest or gouging fees for using their service. You also have the option to pay in full. I’m finding I prefer using AfterPay over my credit cards. I watch my credit report and I discovered that Credit Reporting agencies ie Experian, TransUnion report negatively if you charge 1$ over half of your balance on your credit cards. That’s insane and very oppressive and controlling. As long as I’m current and pay on time should be what counts. Plus I pay my total balance monthly. I highly recommend After Pay. There are some similar companies like After Pay but their methods and how their service is managed is frustrating. You can’t get a live person to help you with issues. They are not as organized with reminders and alerts like After Pay. I’ve mainly used After Pay for small things because I don’t want to use my credit cards but I recently purchased a home and will be using it for more substantial items. After Pay has been a good thing for me and I highly recommend!.Version: 1.55.0

Sooooo Amazing especially when on a budgetAfter pay is an amazing way to pay as you go! Sometimes I just can’t make the payment all at once, whether it be the kids needed something, a new bill or even prices going up….. so once I found out about after pay I started using it where I could to help spread out some of my payments until the next pay day or at least until I was able to make a little extra side money! You always want to make sure you never miss a payment! It is still very a bill that needs to be payed even after you receive the products! And I’m sure it will very much go on your credit if you don’t! And nobody wants that. It’s convenient for me in this season of my life where I took a big pay cut! You can even reach certain tiers when paying your bill on time and with that earn rewards! So you save money, you get the product to you before you fully pay it off, you earns rewards and you can use it for many of your popular places in store or online; I mean who would want to try and utilize this option 🙌🏽! Thank you 🙏 Afterpay, for even being an option!.Version: 1.55.0

Shopaholic’s DreamI love Afterpay. A little TOO much lol. I’m thankful that it only allows me to have only 4 open orders at a time because I have an insane shopping problem. But it’s so convenient and easy to use. My credit is not that great either and they didn’t check my credit or add any ridiculous additional charges (if they charge anything at all). I wish I could use Afterpay to build my credit tho! Lol. I’m impressed with the variety of stores that allow you to pay with AP. I used it through Finish Line for shoes, Buy Buy Baby, and I recently purchased the DB Method squat machine using AP. I’m hoping to get a nice tv! The app and site are easy to use and viewing your orders and payment schedules is not complicated at all. You can also change the payment date or get an extension. I’m also very pleased with their response to refunds. I had a package from Finish Line get stolen and I was able to get a refund easily without dealing with anyone but Finish Line. No having to go and file any reports or claims or making any annoying phone calls. All smooth sailing. I love this dang app so much LOL..Version: 1.43.0

Love It!! Literally like a credit card but with NO INTEREST FEEAfter pay is amazing , you can literally buy your items at the same price just splitting the payments into 4 separate payments. Each payment is due every 2 weeks, and the only thing you paying upfront is the first payment of the 4. For an example, if your item totals out to $100 , $100 divided by 4 is $25 for 4 payments. You will pay the first $25 the time you purchase your item, leaving your balance due at $75, then you will pay the rest every 2 weeks. I have reached a status where they give you special offers just for using their app with partnering stores. They even gave special events for exclusive members that use Afterpay, which they offer you major sales on retail items at stores that would generally be regular price for a non afterpay user. I made several purchases at that time of their sale event which in one purchase I got 50% of regular price shoes just for being an Afterpay member. With that being said I suggest using this app and learning more about how to use it. Also they are supposed to be eventually reporting to the credit bureau so it can help improve your credit score!.Version: 1.53.0

Such a helpful way to shopNow anyone who knows when you amortize anything, that’s a breakdown of you paying something overtime. A.k.a. this is layaway. It’s a very simple concept. It’s a very simple program. But in today’s age where paychecks and expenses are so fragmented, they are not as straight line as they should be, it really helps out when you do want to purchase something for yourself or a gift or it’s the holidays that you can have a new way to do layaway. Afterpay makes it very easy to see when the payments are due. You get a text message. Or you may get an email or both. The reminders don’t feel like you’re being hassled. There’s simply letting you know hey you have a payment coming up. I love seeing how much I’m able to borrow but it also lets me know that unless I have the money to pay back it’s best not to borrow everything all at once all the time. And the emails let you know that if you need some extra time all you have to do is contact them and they are more than willing to work with you. So I really love this app and this program..Version: 1.53.0

ConvenientEasy to use interface, helps locate a variety of stores big & small businesses and offers certain discounts regularly for use when buying from one of their participants. Payments are spread out over a 4 payment schedule. As each payment is gets close to being due they send reminders to you of the actual due date as well as the price for that installment. You can pay it off completely with no additional charges or pay more than one payment at a time which is assigned to the correct purchase installment. I’d say it sorta resembles an online Lay-Away program only in this modern day and age you get to receive & begin enjoying your purchases right away as long as you pay the first payment upon checkout. This app handles it all beautifully, all the info you could need or are looking for is readily accessible within the app and I’ve yet to come across any glitches or issues. Only request I’d have is that it would be convenient to be able to forward a detailed receipt via email if for any reason you need to..Version: 1.25.0

Tempted to remove a starI am tempted to only give 4 stars because the one (and only way IMO) Afterpay could better is if there were an option to use it to improve credit. I get that to some people that it’s a perk to not have Afterpay hurt your credit, but there’s also the other side of people that could definitely use the perk of having it reflected on our credit. I am a very responsible person and no matter what, I find a way to cover all of my bills every month. The problem is, I am a single mom of 4, I work 4 jobs, I can’t remember what sleep feels like and I have sticky notes to remind me to look at sticky notes because I have so much to remember that it’s hard to get it all done. So having Afterpay automatically take the money from my account is like the best thing in the world for me. Now if I could just get the credit bureaus to see that I do pay my bills so I can start recovering from my ex crashing my credit score… life would be perfect. But other than that, I love Afterpay. So many great stores and I see more every time I pop in..Version: 1.51.0

Convenient and simple once you get used to itStreamlined app that makes it easy to find the stores you’re looking for and even easier to keep track of what you’ve purchased, when payments are due, and how far you are into your payment plan. The only drawback is that not every website that partners with this uses Afterpay in the same way, so you have to navigate it a bit through trial and error to figure out what you’re doing. For example, some websites have Afterpay listed specifically as a form of payment, but then don’t link to your app to login- and others don’t have Afterpay listed as an option, you have to have the Afterpay card set up on your phone as a form of Apple Pay and then keep the app open while you’re using Apple Pay on the store’s app (this is how Lululemon does it). I thought it wasn’t linked for Lululemon for a while, and then thought that it was broken as a payment system until I did enough trial and error to figure it out. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, though, it’s smooth sailing..Version: 1.25.0

Love afterpayI love afterpay because it give me away to get the thing i want and pay easy payments the only thing i do not like you pay on some thing and went reach out to the seller they do notRespond you're paying on things and post to be delivered in a timely manner and they're not being delivered to reach out to him you get no answer I would like to know how do you get to talk after pay customer careIf they can get in touch with the seller to deliver your products I'm on my last payment for products from totes & caringI have not got my stuff yet it's been since December here is the almost the end of January and I reached out to them three or four times and still have not received my item or any way to make this right so you need to fix some type of problems when you allowing people to use your service I will keep on using after pay because I enjoyed some of the service liked it to other people thank you for allowing me to use your service happy customer but not a happy customer. ms Baker.Version: 1.55.0

Great and convenientI love Afterpay, I never thought of using this app before because I thought it would be complicated and have undercover fees. But to my surprise Afterpay is just wonderful! I live on a budget pay check to pay check and having 3 kids and bills it makes it hard to get things you want or need. Well Afterpay makes it easy for people like myself to get things we want and need without sacrificing our pockets. I really love that I can pay for things in 4 easy to handle payments every 2 weeks which is perfect if you’re like me who gets paid every 2 weeks , which Is why it’s hard to keep money put aside since we have to stretch the money for that time. I’m so happy to have this app now, there are no hidden fees nor crazy late fees and I believe you can even set up your own days that you feel works best for the automatic payments! Simply awesome! I knew everyone can benefit from Afterpay! I love it! Thank you Afterpay for changing my life so I can Have the flexibility of buying without have to stay broke lol!.Version: 1.50.0

THANK THE GODS!!!AfterPay has been a Godsend for me! I’ve been a customer for over a year & it’s just the best thing ever. I’ve been able to purchase really nice items that I would otherwise not be able to afford…especially today when prices have skyrocketed on just about everything! (thanks pResident O’Biden🤬). Anyway, their customer service is also excellent & they never charge interest or other fees.🎉 There’s been a few times where I needed to push back a payment date until payday. It happens to the best of us & AfterPay has always been understanding & helpful. I have outstanding student loans so my credit isn’t great. AfterPay doesn’t care. If u make ur payments on-time, they’ll up ur credit limit without question. Affirm doesn’t do that. In fact, I don’t even qualify for Affirm. I do have an account with Sezzle but they don’t even have half of the stores that AfterPay does. In short, AfterPay is the way to go for those of us that love to shop but aren’t swimming in cash! 🏊🏻‍♀️💵 Cheers to Afterpay…a shopaholic’s best friend!🍾🥂😍.Version: 1.53.0

Love it but...I have been using Afterpay for about 2 years now. I have spent thousands of dollars through them. I faced financial hardship due to COVID. I contacted them and they were very nice and said I would have to make my next payments until July. I really only needed a week or so to get my financials in order. I paid it off a few weeks later. I really appreciated them being so cool and I love that about this company (I had to do it once before when my card came up with fraudulent charges). Now that I’m back to work I’ve been trying to use Afterpay like I had before. To my dismay and as another reviewer put it, I am being “punished” for my not being able to pay on time. I completely understand that this is a business and they can’t just go off the promise of the customer that they will pay. I just hate the way they go about it. I have been allowed to make a few small orders which I have been paying off early but I usually get an message telling me I need to pay off some things before I can order anything else (understandable). I paid off 3 payments and still wasn’t allowed to order anything at all. So basically they lied. This app is pretty much useless now..Version: 1.13.9

All Star Team *************I Am very very Pleased with this app . I haven’t had a app that is as easy , fun & secure as this app is . I’ve had nothing but 1 tragedy after another for the last two years . I won’t give u my sob Story ‘ I will tell you how this app has helped my family out of Hard hurtful trying Death filled years not to mention help keep us clothed, Clean & that has Made it possible for my Husband to get the Life saving medicine for his dying liver ‘ Now being able to afford the medication his liver is now Healing & I’m looking forward to many more Beautiful years with him adding to our 27 years . Every store that uses this app has also played a part In our lives moving & breathing it forward. Yes Breathing it forward now Soon I can pay it forward. Thanks To Afterpay I have A beautiful future to live dream and Care about all because of this app . I cannot Say enough great things about this app. Thank you & Many many Great blessing to those that make this possible Thank you a million times over !.Version: 1.25.0

Annoying issue with appEverytime I go to checkout and pay with afterpay, there is no option to pay with afterpay. I can pay with debit/credit card, paypal, or klarna is always there to select. I am literally on the afterpay app at checkout and afterpay is not an option to select for payment. At the very bottom there is a button that says Buy Now Pay Later and it’s always grey and when you select it it says you can pay with afterpay at checkout, when I am literally at checkout. You can’t go to the next part which is to review your order until you finish at checkout where afterpay should be a payment option when using the app! Like come on these little technical difficulties are ridiculous and make me want to quit using afterpay and switch to klarna since that option is always at checkout. This is supposed to be shopping made easy and it’s a bit of a hassle when your at checkout and their setup to finalize purchase has so many tech issues. Also, afterpay I guess recently started added money to the total to “include tax and shipping” for what? Shipping is free so that’s weird and unnecessary..Version: 1.64.0

Great AppThis is the only App I’ll ever write a review on! It’s great! I’ve never been able to shop more comfortably in my life! I’ve been using after pay for a while now and I have been able to redo my whole wardrobe and then some! I recommend this app/payment method for anyone who is hesitant to shop. They split the payments in 4! And you pay every other week... and with all these new updates they make it a lot easier if you need to make smaller payments in between, reschedule a payment for whatever reason or pay your items off early if you can! I definitely RECOMMEND Afterpay. Also the most professional rather than those other Apps (I won’t say). I may have had one issue with Afterpay but it wasn’t even there fault it was the company using Afterpay. But they are super fast with refunds and great on customer service if ever there is a issue. USE THEM! Only negative I have: I wish they had more electronic, household, and shoe stores. And if we could put our favorite stores in a list or put a star by them that would be great!.Version: 1.18.0

I love it but …. MehI love after pay I would give it five stars but I noticed they don’t have as much stores available as Klarna does and you hardly even get any type of discounts at all and if you do you have to spend a crazy amount of money just to get these discounts in one store which I think it’s ridiculous because I’ve purchased many things and I haven’t got one good deal on the other hand Klarna I literally only made one purchase with them and completed it and they gave me $10 off my next purchase for whatever store and I didn’t have spend any amount of money at all or anything just to get that $10 off and I’ve only made three purchase with them so far and I’ve gotten multiple discounts and Cashback I will definitely not be using Afterpay after I Pay off whatever I have left on Afterpay I really wished I would’ve started using Klarna before I got involved with afterpay also on Klarna after so many purchases which I’ve only done five or four you get to choose to do monthly payments also I purchased over 10 things in Afterpay and I have not gotten that type perks like this.Version: 1.54.0

A blessingHonestly I got this app right before Christmas last year! It helped soooo much during the holidays and took of so much up front financial burdens! I was able to pay in 4 payments instead of all up front! Trust me!!! If you don’t have this app get it! It’s a MUST HAVE for everyday purchases or big purchases! I bought my corner dinning room table, lights for my house, lamps and so much more! I also bought all my kids school clothing and supplies! Just take a look and I swear to you you won’t regret it! If I had to say one thing I didn’t like was when they took away my ability to not pay anything up front. I had purchased a lot of items and was excited when I got mint and had that ability. Then they took it and said they changed that till you have the app a year. I feel like if I earned it and proved that I pay on time every time then I definitely shouldn’t have to wait a year for that. However, that aside I still absolutely love this app. So thank me later 😊.Version: 1.59.1

Love this company!!!I hesitated to buy any items that I couldn’t pay for or that I had wanted for a long time that were a little out of my price range. I came across Afterpay and absolutely love that I can now get the items I want and pay in four separate payments instead of all at once!!! This allows me to buy things I never could afford before because if payment installments I now do not need to take a large chunk of money and splurge once or twice a year instead I can buy whatever I want and pay over the course of the month. For the average working person this is an awesome app and awesome way to love a little luxuriously more than maybe you could have before this app was invented. I make my payments on time and am never charged any extra paying only for the items I purchased but if you are late the fee is not real exorbitantly high. Thank u Afterpay you guys seriously rock!!! You carry a lot of my favorite brands and look forward to the day that you have Too Faced cosmetics added to your growing list!!!.Version: 1.10.4

Great!!!I never write reviews but dang afterpay is great like i have bought so so much stuff from places i usually wouldn’t because just a pair of jeans can be like $70 but with their plans i can buy like 7 things and have a $70 two week payment plan like if you still want to have money on the side but also buy things you can afford, use this app! like i am so grateful for this app i wouldn’t have most of the things i do today if it wasn’t for this app or apps like this. it’s so affordable!! i was happy when i found out this was even a thing and i’m still happy with how affordable it all is. and as someone else said i like how it tells you in advance when something is due. i’ve never been late but i’ve also read they give a TEN day grace period if you’re late with payments, AND the late fee is only $8. i also like that if you want you can pay some or all of it in advance. like idk it makes me happy this is so affordable and i can finally get the things i want. thanks to whoever made this for real..Version: 1.12.0

Easy to Use and Practical!I was fairly new to using Afterpay, having to go online each time to check my payment schedule or my order information, it was so slow and glitchy as my connection is not that great. Also in making a payment. I wasn’t sure if I could make a payment early and when I logged in on the server, again it was a slow a glitchy process. I didn’t even realize there was an app!! Downloaded it, and within seconds I had my orders there for me, with my payments shown and what is still owed on a little color circle ⭕️ chart. Also it lists it in a linear traditional way which is where you can click on it to enter your payment. It tells you at a glance what is owed in a dollar value statement and lists in various days out. It is so very easy to use. And I really like that you can search and look for retailers on there that accept Afterpay as a payment method. It is a top notch app. I have absolutely no complaints. Anyone who has an Afterpay account needs this app. Thank you!!!.Version: 1.11.8

Great way to get the things you dream aboutI’ve been with AFTERPAY since 2019 and I have never been dissatisfied with how the process works. I’m very happy to be a VIP member now I’ve earned it. However, there is a couple of things they need to change they need to go back to having someone in customer service when you call . That online leaving a message doesn’t work for me I need to speak to live agents period. Also they need to make sure to increase the limit especially when you have a loyal customer as me and never late & pay on time someone needs to updated that or monitor it more. Like I said since 2019 it’s time to up the limit I’m a big shopper, and love the service. Also need more stores like Valyou funiture, Sitonit, Kirklands, and a better way to explain how I can purchase with target every time I try it’s decline and I know I got a good limit WHY? Nonetheless, it’s a great service glad to be apart of buy now & pay later it’s awesome. Thanks AFTERPAY.Version: 1.55.0

I love afterpay....butI love afterpay, I use it to buy myself anything I want or might need. I’m a mom of 3 who always puts my babies first and a lot of time that means I go without, which is fine. I really love afterpay, I use it to buy myself new shoes, sports bras, skincare products, etc that I can’t afford to pay outright for. It’s awesome. My only complaint is if you don’t have money in your account at 12am the morning you payment is due they count you faulty, instead of doing so if your payment isn’t paid by midnight the day it is due. I always pay my payments the day they’re due, the majority of the time I even pay them crazy early, so to have them count against me despite getting money in my account later that day (pay day) and making my payment is frustrating. I’ve never been a day late, always paid the day they’re due if I’ve not paid them earlier so I feel they should revise that. Other than that I’m just afterpaying my way on up. I appreciate the ability to get things and make payments, it’s a massive help for working moms and dads out there..Version: 1.12.0

It was Great until…Afterpay has been a great help to a single parent like myself having to stretch everything to go a long way and working around my tight budget. I thought everything was very neat with the perks you earn with every payment you make, but beware if you miss a payment, even if it’s outside of your control. I never had to use the change payment date until I realized one of my payments landed on a day before I get paid for the week. I was unable to even use that feature since it was the last payment on it. Apparently, that is the exception to that feature which sounds very dumb in my opinion. Of course, I made the payment as soon as I was paid. Obviously, it did no good since it was late by that time happened. I lost all my hard earned credit with my payments, and it cuts you off of even using the app anymore, just from ONE missed payment after DOZENS of EARLY AND ON TIME PAYMENTS. It’s sad because I really enjoyed this app, but I will be deleting it after I complete my final payments on the orders I’ve already purchased previously..Version: 1.58.0

Saved by AP!So I just got word that I needed steel toe boots for my new job and I was super low on cash and also certain types of boots fit me differently I range from Men’s 8-9.5 and I was looking into stores that were nearby that accepted Afterpay and had the boots I needed and in my size because there is a “order online and pick up in store” feature I was also looking for because I wasn’t going to be in town for my new job that starts right after Super Bowl, and couldn’t risk it getting my boots in on time. So thankfully DSW had some Boots I walked in tried on 3 different sizes and made sure I placed my order before I left and just gave them a little heads up I submitted an order and they told me I should get an email in a few hours for pick up. Only downfall was My first payment was due immediately good thing I had enough to cover the first payment. Also it would be freaking awesome if Afterpay teamed up with SouthWest Airlines you know for those last minute emergency or get away flights. Maybe in the near future😉.Version: 1.11.8

Great companyI can’t say enough great things about After Pay. I accidentally stumbled across an offer to apply and use After Pay for a purchases Christmas 2020 and it was so easy - almost too easy and you think something must be wrong. You can use the card in participating stores, or get a gift card to use in a store. Sometimes I am in a store with no intention to buy anything and then I find myself buying something - in a matter of a few minutes I am able to login get a gift card for the store and pay with using my after pay account. After completing certain amount of purchases/payments on time you reach a different level where you have perks such as no down payment (except gift cards)change payment date, gift card purchase. Credit limit gets increased - as with any credit use wisely, no your spending limits. As far as late payment fees etc., I don’t know as I have never been late..Version: 1.51.0

Afterpay is heaven sent!These folks at Afterpay truly care about us. Regular, hardworking people. They truly want us to be able to have nice things but still able to afford it. I’ve been using Afterpay for months and have found it to be the best payment option. I have used other “Payment Apps” but Afterpay is truly the only FREE one. The only way they would charge you is if you’re late on a payment which is nearly impossible because Afterpay e-mails you 4 days prior letting you know you have a payment coming up. No extra percentage to pay, no extra fees, nothing. I ran into some trouble and send a hardship form to Afterpay to see if they could delay my payments and they delayed my payments not only to the day I said I can resume but they went ahead and added an extra week so I can make I’m able to pay them. I can’t thank Afterpay enough. I will continue to use them forever. THANK YOU KIND PEOPLE! these are not greedy, money hungry people. they want to see you succeed as well..Version: 1.10.4

No credit needed, Love it!I love afterpay because it doesn’t matter your credit or how much score as long as you have the money to pay what you owe. Also they have free interest unless you don’t get your payment on time, and their customer service is THE BEST. I had my card replaced and my payment was due before the day I could get my card information, so I contacted them thru email to notify I will not be able to do the payment since my card was being replaced, in less than 2hs they gave me a solution for it, and I made my payment when I received my card without paying interests. If you’re looking forward to purchase something but make it easy to pay it, or are too young to get a credit card with a bank, this is TOTALLY your app. It would not build your score, BUT you would definitely be able to purchase expensive stuff and pay idk $30 every 2 weeks.Version: 1.26.0

Highly recommendedI’ve been using Afterpay for at least a couple years or more now and it’s so convenient not only convenient but no interest so I’ve got rid of all my credit cards and if I want some thing bad enough I will get it on Afterpay and just pay what it’s worth and no interest , I highly recommend buying your stuff this way instead of getting in debt which I have done and it’s not easy to get out of specially with high interest rates on credit cards. So from now on I will use Afterpay. I have tried other apps and not only are they not as easy as afterpay , but they don’t give you the leeway and sometimes they just straight out deny you they don’t let you just prove yourself. Thank you Afterpay for coming up with a new way to purchase things. Still using Afterpay and still as happy as ever able to buy things with no interest thank you have to pay great idea.Version: 1.60.0

BEST WAY TO SHOPAfterpay is the best way to purchase items when you don’t feel like draining your account. Or better yet to buy an item that is otherwise to expensive to purchase as one of your normal everyday items so just think of that $250 hair styling tool you have just dreamed of but just didn’t have the money all at once to purchase the item. WELL..... purchase thru Afterpay and pay in 4 consecutive payments that are 2 weeks apart from one another. What a GREAT IDEA!!! I basically purchase everything through Afterpay!! My one and only complaint which is minor for the normal population as I’m disabled and only receive my paychecks once a month. So it would be so great for me if Afterpay would base their payments on your payscale or do once a month like QVC. But again that is minor for 99% of you Americans so please don’t hesitate and jump in and try it. NO AFTERPAY DID NOT PAY ME FOR THIS ADVERTISEMENT AS THIS IS TRULY HOW I FEEL.......... Have a nice day!!! Sincerely, Dawn Bonura.Version: 1.18.0

Rocky StartI have been using this app for about five months now and I love the feature of being able to shop and pay in installments overtime. Although I had a rocky start with getting started because I was approve to use the app, but I had some issues with the verification process. However, I’m glad that everything worked out and I’m able to be a customer with Afterpay. The process of ordering through their app is really simple and straight forward. I’ve only had one complaint and that’s with the returns/refund process. I say this because Afterpay does not state on their website exactly how the refund process works, or how the credit will appear when credited back to your designated account. I did speak with customer service about this issue and the representative was very understanding of my concerns. Overall I’m a satisfied customer. As long as you repay your installments on time you’ll be a customer for life..Version: 1.10.4

Great AppExtremely easy to use and keep track of my payments. AfterPay notifies you about payments, they don’t put a hit on your credit and it’s so quick when using it through other retailers. The app is well put together, and organized. It makes it great to buy things you want but can’t pay for all at once. I’ve used AfterPay for so many different things and still do! Makes life easy! It’s as simple as pay the first payment and go... they don’t use credit limits, just split into four and can be paid off at any time you want rather than force you to make the payments until it’s paid off, and doesn’t charge interest. They work with you if you need to move the payment date too! They work with large amounts of money too! I’ve used it on hundreds of dollars worth of purchases when I was in a bind but needed something. It’s a lifesaver. Definitely recommended this to friends many times..Version: 1.17.0

AfterPay AfterEffectsLike I always say, AfterPay has been a blessing to us broke folk. We like nice things too, but really can’t afford to pay in full in one moment unless we are charging it to a credit card and falling deeper into debt. What AfterPay does is allow us broke broads to decide on the items we want or need and give us the gift of time to pay it without the crippling, debilitating pangs of interest. I we Come through too! Every two weeks like clock work, we get a heads up a few days before that our Afterpay payment is due and BAM, we ensure the money is there for that automatic withdrawal! Also, the more we make on time payments, the more our credit limit grows. For some of us this has helped us better manage our monies and be in control of our finances. We broke folk want to thing the founders, co-founders, the brilliant minds of the people that had the AfterThought! #AfterPayRocks💯.Version: 1.56.0

Amazing, just a amazingI purchase things regularly through Afterpay. Over the past six months I have purchased a bunch of stuff, I’m not huge on going clothes shopping so I love that I can find new things and order them. I bought a pair of Nike Air Max 95 that were $160 from finish line which normally I would feel weird about spending that much on shoes but when you can break it up into 4 payments, it does not feel so bad. It’s also awesome that you get what you order right away and don’t have to wait until you have made all 4 payments. Can’t say enough how awesome it is, but a hoody, make 4 small payments and it’s done. I know there are other apps out there offering the same service but I have ordered quite a lot so far and they have been super reliable, never had to follow up on an order, never had to contact service, always is approved at check out without issue. Super happy I found this app..Version: 1.13.10

Afterpay cardLove shopping on the app.. got super excited about an email I received for the card (I’m in Canada) No option what so ever for me to use the card at my local stores, super disappointed..please fix this!! Sincerely- loyal customer.Version: 1.47.3

Love the app however…I love the app however it doesn’t take Visa Debit Prepaid and my bank’s debit cards. I hope in the next update it would take prepaid cards and bank (interac) debit cards as I don’t want to use my credit card too often..Version: 1.62.0

Missing tabs on my afterpay appI don’t see the card tab on my apple pay app… help!!!.Version: 1.51.0

Pay in store feature not available!Where is the pay in store feature? Saw It popping up but not able to get it. I’m in Canada..Version: 1.64.1

Easy to useI love it.Version: 1.64.0

Love these guysAfterpay has honestly done so much for me, thanks to this service I’ve been able buy a lot of things that I haven’t really been able to afford beforehand that needed a little saving for. Like buying furniture for my room is super affordable now and upgrading my wardrobe has been super easy on the wallet thanks to the quarter payment plans. It gives me room in my budget to focus on more important things as well while I get the things I want. I see a bright future for these guys and I’ll continue to use them in the future. Please bring the Levi’s store and the Sezzle card service to Canada that would be Amazing! 😁 Much love..Version: 1.62.0

In store appVery disappointed that we do not have access to the in store card..Version: 1.60.0

MixedI was a ardent fan of Afterpay, I used afterpay when I was in New Zealand, there was an option to use it in store and almost all the stores in Auckland except afterpay🥰. But in canada the usage is been limited, no store payment option-only limited stores are there🥺😢😢.Version: 1.50.0

Great option and great supportThis is a great option for those who pay their fees on time. The key to using this is to be responsible and only buy what you can afford. So far I have really enjoyed Afterpay. Works awesome for me. Just wish it helped improve credit score. Someday maybe..Version: 1.51.0

AfterpayGreat app! I usually only use it for Petsmart, and honestly it’s been doing well for me. Can’t wait for you to have more features and products that is in the ON, CA area..Version: 1.51.0

Afterpay cardAfterpay card not working in canada? I get up to the point of creating a pin number and it times out says to try again later.Version: 1.47.3

Afterpay card doesn’t work in CanadaLove that Afterpay is accepted in Aritizia but so disappointed when I got an email for in-store purchases using their card, but turns out it’s not available in Canada!.Version: 1.47.3

UnfairMy mother can do 4 orders with afterpay I couldn't do it with three orders needed to the full amount.Version: 1.37.0

Excellent!Thank you! Works awesome with my iPhone 11. I'm Canadian and it works!.Version: 1.45.1

It’s great but...Need to have more stores!!.Version: 1.43.0

ExcellentLove having this choice! Equal payments and get to enjoy your purchase after first payment with no interest and option to pay it off anytime!.Version: 1.36.1

Great ideaI just used the app to purchase from Lululemon the cost was $102 and after pay just took the first instalment of $26 from my account. I love this cause I get to order and enjoy right away..Version: 1.33.1

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 1.65.0

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