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Enjoy ultimate Cash Frenzy Casino slots experience! True Casino thrills are at your fingertips—and fun to play! Download the world’s biggest & best online casino games. Feel the excitement of big wins in your favorite hot slot machines, mega jackpots, high limits machines and more!

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If you love win big, Wild Jackpots, multipliers, mystery slot machine gift and thrilling casino games. At Cash Frenzy Casino slot machines and enjoy over 1,000,000 Welcome Bonus! For all the slot maniacs out there who absolutely love the Las Vegas thrills, we have lots of events, mystery slots casino games and Wheel of Cash that you can collect and claim prizes for!

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Cash Frenzy Casino features the most popular collection of Vegas slot machines, straight from the slots casino you love, such as Big Money, Magic Jackpot Vault, Bingo Meow and Rising Medusa! Download now and start enjoying the breathtaking Las Vegas slot machines exclusively from Cash Frenzy Casino.

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- Hot slot machines – Slots Tower Deluxe, Super Wicked Blast and more.
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- Special slot machines bonus reward when you level up.
- Massive casino slots jackpot in all slot machines.
- All slots unlocked for you and new slot machine games added every week.
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Love real casino slot games? Well, look no further! The BEST Vegas slot machine are here! Play exciting Vegas-style casino slots and watch the spinning reels reveal your BIG WIN as you hit the 777 casino JACKPOT! Cash Frenzy Casino exclusive slot machines are the most thrilling Las Vegas casino video slots that will have you coming back for more! Install Cash Frenzy slot machines today, choose your casino slots and let the winning begin!

- Claim Generous Bonus every 15 minutes
At Cash Frenzy Casino, there is always an opportunity to win more Bonus CHIPS. Shoot for the mega PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS on slots and collect bonus every 15 mins for more freebies. Daily Mission keeps you rich and you can even get extra coins from your friends though Bonus Voucher. Keep playing, keep winning and keep the fun going!

Cash Frenzy Casino is intended for an adult audience for entertainment purposes only. Success at social casino slot gambling does not reward real money prizes, nor does it guarantee success at real money gambling.

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Cash Frenzy™ - Slots Casino App Comments & Reviews

Cash Frenzy™ - Slots Casino Positive Reviews

Absolutely love it!It’s not your regular slots app. There are so many missions, quests and incentives to win! Always something interesting and fun! Best slots app I’ve played to date! Update: I still love playing this but, I have a few suggestions for the developers. 1. It would be nice to be able to complete Quest Frenzy missions a little faster without having to purchase boosters. These are the only type of missions that seem to take forever. I’ve have never been to able to reach the end. 2. I’ve noticed when I won a very large amount and was able to bet larger amounts, that my missions now are always higher and higher bet amounts. Since I’ve spent most of my winnings now, it’s almost impossible to finish the missions in a timely fashion. 3. I’ve been playing for quite a while and I’ve seen tons of players names flash across the screen when they’ve won a jackpot. They range from 100,000,000 to 100,000,000,000,000,000. I’ve won jackpots before yet, I’ve never seen my name flash across the screen. My husband was sitting next to me playing on his iPad and I saw him win a jackpot and his name never flashed on either of our screens. Also, when it comes to jackpots, I’ve never won anything past the 2nd level (mini - minor). Now, on a better note, I absolutely love all the different extra challenges. Even when you complete something, there is always something else you are trying to achieve. It makes it so much more fun and interesting!!!!!.Version: 2.17

Fun but extremely frustratingHello, if you want to play at a good casino that also pays, enter this name "YDK765" into a Google search... I like the games but when I changed from 40,000 to 10,000 in turkey blast I looked at the % and it was 51%. About 2 hours later it is same and played other games and still same %. Will no longer play these games. Will keep getting the bonuses to get to plunko. Will check the cash tower and if not caught up will not play. Sorry but if you are supposed to have cash tower then it is supposed to work. I’m an invalid so enjoy playing games and these are the best if they work!!! Went back few hours ago and not funny putting eyeglasses over %. I saw extra dice rolls and I could have won more than that playing as long as I did at lesser amount I switched to!!! I guess I’ll be playing out rest of my coins and until I play plinko one last time then delete the app. Goodbye!!!!!! Went to play and forgot that the circle for cash tower wasn’t s only half filled in like it was about 7pm. I still know it wasn’t moved!!!!!!!! Now I can’t get into the bonus section unless I buy the bank max so not very nice of you to do this unless I can see that section. NOT Buying Unless I WANT TO………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………...Version: 2.21

Something is wrongI like the games but when I changed from 40,000 to 10,000 in turkey blast I looked at the % and it was 51%. About 2 hours later it is same and played other games and still same %. Will no longer play these games. Will keep getting the bonuses to get to plunko. Will check the cash tower and if not caught up will not play. Sorry but if you are supposed to have cash tower then it is supposed to work. I’m an invalid so enjoy playing games and these are the best if they work!!! Went back few hours ago and not funny putting eyeglasses over %. I saw extra dice rolls and I could have won more than that playing as long as I did at lesser amount I switched to!!! I guess I’ll be playing out rest of my coins and until I play plinko one last time then delete the app. Goodbye!!!!!! Went to play and forgot that the circle for cash tower wasn’t s only half filled in like it was about 7pm. I still know it wasn’t moved!!!!!!!! Now I can’t get into the bonus section unless I buy the bank max so not very nice of you to do this unless I can see that section. NOT Buying Unless I WANT TO!!! Not playing unless that is dealt with..Version: 2.13

Fun but extremely frustratingI have been playing this last week and find that some slots can be fun but extremely frustrating. Fun is the interactions and different bonuses you get to play. Frustrating is that you can literally spin hundreds of times and not get any bonuses or big wins causing you to lose all your money in a matter of an hour. For example 5 days of playing losing all my coins struggling to complete missions then Saturday finally catching a break winning 7B in coins super excited and stoked that I can actually complete several missions and enjoy betting 1m per spin instead of less. Come Sunday it seemed that every slot that I played was extremely cold and would do nothing but lose even when you hit a winner it was a loser. For example 300 spins in losing 300M to finally catch the bonus spins and you literally barely win more than your 1M bet needless to say that 7B I won on Sat gone on Sunday because the game will take all your coins until you spend money then after you spend money they will take it all again so you will spend more money. My suggestion is find what day is a hot day for slots so far for me is Saturdays and only play that day but just collect your gifts on the other days. Honestly I don’t understand why people play this game it’s to difficult to win and all it does is increase my blood pressure from frustration.Version: 1.60

Risks & RewardsThe winnability in these slots is notably higher than most other slots Ive encountered. The dreaded feeling that you just can’t win, like in so many slot games, isn’t felt very often in Cash Frenzy. Although, I wouldn’t say the same for some of it’s mini-games! That being said, the higher fun factor from those mini-games, along w bigger winnings definitely helps to balance it all out. It’s not for real money, but just for fun! A concept that still causes me to wonder why the asking price for extra coins , jewels and boosters in Cash Frenzy can rise in price so high! As is the case w most everything on the App Store! Some prices are set so high. A fun escape while waiting for your vehicle to be washed shouldn’t even come close to the price of the “works” package at your local car wash! And yet I see it more and more often than not! I say that in general w the many entertainment apps I’ve played. Cash Frenzy isn’t so bad in that regard, I just feel that real money can’t be won here, so let’s not go crazy asking for real money so frequently! Of course, declining the option to spend real cash doesn’t impede progress and you can still win just the same! It’s really a nice way to try your luck without the dangers of a real money casino experience. It’s all up to you!.Version: 2.19

Answers Need to SpinFor me, being 6 hours away from the nearest casino, it allows me to at least satisfy the need to play the slots. Whether between appointments or during struggle with insomnia, it’s a great distraction. The payouts and Jackpots seem to be higher than others I’ve played plus the House continuously gifts $10k coins when you’ve had a run of bad luck, which is not offered by other online casinos that I’m aware of and it allows you to keep spinning for another chance to win, which is my goal. If I bet risky and choose “High Roller” betting each time then it’s on me for wiping out all my credits faster than normal. I’ll continue to play online while wishing I was sitting in a live casino. I’ve not had a need to contact customer service but by their responses to player issues posted under reviews, they at least appear to be open to possible weaknesses in their games. I’ve known of some online casinos that absolutely never reply to player issues, with some not even providing the ability to directly contact them. So, for me they’ve earned the 5 Stars..Version: 2.12

It’s good but mischievousLet me start by saying there is a lot of fun stuff that the game gives you to do. But the problem that I am finding as you level up there is now a much larger minimum bet that it almost forces you to do. Now what I mean by this is that the game was fine at letting me bet at 10million or 20million and would pay out great. This included any props or spins for the other games or even getting frenzy spins, stamps and big wins. But, now that I am high in levels and cash, it stops giving these out without paying 40 or 60million a spin. This may not seem like a huge jump but this will waste your money super quickly. I went from 50billion to almost 20 billion with no big win in sight. Now it seems to be locked in and without betting super high it’s not possible to get big wins that will get you to point where you feel like you not wasting your money. This is super disappointing because now without buying something you put behind a paywall. Even if you do buy something the money is so small that it is gone before you know it. I am losing interest especially because it seemed like the kind of game that would like you spin and have fun doing it. But not it’s turned into hard work and the fun is gone..Version: 1.82

Awesome!I wish that I didn’t get the mini jackpot EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! If I had to guess, I’ve spun wheels, slots, numerous games of chance, picked cards, whatever, you name it I’ve ever payed to on here at least 500x. Probably over 1000. I can remember 1x hitting a minor jackpot. 1x. Everything else has been mini. It’s so rigged. If there’s a a game to make a choice, for instance, picking 2 of 3 cards for a prize, without fail, uncovered is the smallest prize out of the 3. EVERY SINGLE TIME! When spinning a wheel for a prize or multiplier, I can tell you what I will pick or land’s always whatever the lowest prize is in the group or on the wheel. I just look for whatever the lowest prize is and sure enough, BINGO! That’s what I will win. I’m like Harry Houdini when it comes to picking the prizes this game awards!! It’s actually laughable now. Even if I spend money on the shop items, boosters and coins, I’ll still pull the lowest prize in the group! Granted, I seem to play a little longer, hitting the the smaller stuff more often but come on!!!!! Would it hurt you guys to loosen it up a little? Jeez.Version: 1.89

Great gameI have been playing a couple weeks now they have great bonuses! Very fun games lots of extras keeps you entertained for hours .the bad part is when your on a winning streak the review comes up all the time and it seems if you do not rate them your coins just go barley any wins if you do not rate the game !! It is my new favorite game I just hope it will let me win and keep winning now !! It dose seem the higher the level you get the faster you lose it is sad this is my favorite game but when it gives you money it takes it away as fast as you get and then you are waiting again all day to get enough bonus’s to play again 😥 it is sad because I really like this game but I feel it just wants you to buy coin and when you do buy coin it takes that key fast and any time you are having a winning streak it asks you to write a review even if you already have and if you don’t by by coin broke again 😥😥😥it’s a great game but the higher the level you are the more $ they want you to spend.Version: 1.68

Very upset playerThe game upsets me quite a bit constantly kicking me out I think it’s because I won’t spend money I think that your game discriminates against people that does not spend no money or buy none of your stuff I’ve been trying to go into mansion quest all morning to complete my mission and it will not let me in there it kicks me out all the time when I collect big things big items and then don’t give me what I supposed to give me so if you’ve got the game set up that way it’s very wrongBeen trying to get into mansion quick all morning to complete my missions it will not let me. Total different day I still can’t get into Magine quest to complete my mission why??????????? Still not able to get into mansion quest been trying all afternoon in and out he keeps kicking me out of the game every time I try to go into it if you want a better rating then you should make it where I’d be able to do the things I wanna do is complete my missions so I can collect my points and continue to play things have been starting to get a little bit better I still get kicked out a lot.Version: 2.09

Great time waster.Great fun and always exciting to win! Even if it’s for fake coins that have zero monitory value. I do feel the game has a little pay to play aspect. If you spend really money for fake coins they want you to be happy for a while, and your win ratio will climb. The key to overcoming is to lower your bet significantly if you’re in a slump. They will have some “huge wins” when your betting way lower than you should be based on your total amount of coins. There are a lot of side quest that keep it fun, and this feature is what they do a good job with compared to some others who may not have side quest at all. It can be addictive just don’t raise your bet chasing loses. You will lose and you will want to spend real money for fake coins. Be strong. If you just want to have some time wasting fun, like the feel of winnings don’t have the extra couple of bucks to waste, throw down some cash in the game and feel the feeling of winning. Woooooooooo!!!!!.Version: 1.51

Slots fun but missions are made too hard to complete for final prizeAug 9, 2019 New problem: Slots keep spinning as if there is no internet connection then asks me to check my internet. I Play a lot of games and no other game has this problem. The problem happens about 70% of the time now when playing. I get frustrated and just get off the app. I have reloaded the app to see if it helps but NOPE!! My internet is fine, my phone is an iPhoneX and brand new. It happens on wifi and my unlimited data plan. This has happened for a few months intermittently mostly late night but now it happens all times of the day. No other game or app I have has issues. **************** I enjoy the slots a lot BUT after HOURS AND HOURS of trying to complete missions I finally get to the final mission which is literally impossible unless I spend money. 5000 lounge points? Are you kidding? At least give details on the best ways to earn lounge points quickly if there are non purchase ways. I cannot come close to figuring out how to gain that many in 9 hours unless I buy up and spend money. So unfair. YOU SHOULD NEVER REQUIRE PEOPLE MAKE PURCHASES TO COMPLETE MISSIONS!!!.Version: 1.31

In the game againHave not won the last week happy to be winning again lost all my money almost gave up having better luck today thank you fun game play every day having a great time enjoy playing this app love this game i play this app every day i really enjoy playing it hope it’s good to me today so i can keep playing itI have been playing this game every day since I downloaded the app I have done and all of the music game I have played this app every day since I have downloaded all of the games are fun to play i have played this app everyday since i have down loaded it i start my day playing it all of the game are fun play it daily have been for months would like to get more knew stamps have not been getting any lately play every day tired of not getting the bonus points when i should be receiving them the screen freezes and i have to close the app and then i get nothing just did it and i should have gotten 570 million, a gold hammer among other awards videos have been freezing all day causing me to lose extra coins.Version: 2.21

Game is improving, being more consistent winning streaks. It is more enjoyable now than in the past.I’ve played the game consistently being the highest ranked player in my club 98% of the time. I got up to two trillion coins then in a day and a half I lost every game down to 400 million coins. Now my level has been demoted three times even though I play for a few hours each day. This is highly unfair and even though I love the games and mini games inside them I do not like the programming that keeps you from excelling the more you play. There are many times I earn 12 or more jackpots a day that put money in my club members totals. I keep 2 of every stamp I get so I can give to others. No matter what I win it is always taken back away. It is in no way a fair game. No that going into it. It is not fun when no matter what you do you always loose and get demoted. Just an FYI Of my Experience..Version: 2.14

Cash Frenzy... is like no others! 😊Well I’ve read many reviews and to my surprise I’m quite shocked & confused but then I’m not. This Game App has many other slot games within, some you really win while others takes a while to win and when you do the next could be very slow by coming. My favorite game is Magic Jackpot Vault altho I occasionally play others like Ganster City, Big Money Frenzy(w/the pigs), Wizards of Fortune, and I have received great wins with some of these but not like w/MJV. It’s fun and entertaining. I read that some has bought coins, well me myself I haven’t purchased any and I have 8, 686, 696, 447 coins and yes that’s correct w/o a single purchase, but to each it’s own no comment there. As the jackpots are concern I’ve won mini & minor. Each time I win I pay attention to make sure they are giving me all my coins.. LoL 😆 yes I’m petty & watch. I’m happy and content with my play time. 😃.Version: 2.21

RiggedI have spent hundreds of real money on this game over the last year and really enjoyed playing until today. After working hard at getting a machine to the super bonus level wagering 300 million a spin I get 10 spin which is fine but I got zero wins in ten spins. Not one coin. I get it takes money players like myself to keep game going but really!!! 10 spins on super bonus and nothing? I spent. Easily 20 billion coins for nothing just so you can force me to buy more. Look at it I know you can see what each player gets. How can you treat your customers like that. I think after that trick you pulled it time to find a new game to play. Don’t tell me you can’t control it either the games are pre set to pay out a certain time. When you stop the machine manually the icons on screen when you hit stop switch with random ones. I recorded it several times and slowed down play back. It obvious. Too bad I enjoyed these slot..Version: 1.31

Cash Frenzy is a great game.I obviously have become addicted to your game. You have many different games. The Graphics are great and the winnings are plenty. I love this game. I love the winnings which have been many. I get very lucky at times. I feel that (especially with a small income). When I have a sufficient amount of coins that I don’t need to purchase more. When I need to purchase coins etc. It depends upon if I’m able to buy them. Most of the time I want to buy coins etc. But my funds are so low. Then I see free coins. Of Course I’m going to grab them. What happened to just playing for fun? The times. I know. These days & times ended any & everything to have just simple free fun. Thank you for reading my comments. Thank you for such a great entertaining game too. You guys do a great job coming up with all these wonderful strategic games. May you all have a wonderful day..Version: 2.09

Fun but…Fun game I enjoy playing it but man where do I start…unfortunately seems more and more money hungry every week. From having to X out of one ad, to two ads, to having to X out of 5 straight ads to buy something just to get back to the game. Can have over 100 billion coin and then game just stops hitting on anything and down to hardly anything you go. Can spend $15-20 in store and think you might be able to at LEAST hit a bonus. Think again. Odds on stuff like the Slot of Cash are awful, I win the lowest possible award nearly every single time. Also dislike how little the game rewards the pieces for props. As well as really dislike how it’s changed to hardly give any percentage at all for the props unless your bet is super high. I really really liked the game but if it keeps getting more money hungry I’ll end up uninstalling. 5 back to back ads just to play? Cmon man lol. It was enjoyable, but greed is taking away from that.Version: 2.14

This game is very addictiveI love this game !!! and I don’t even go to the casino in my state kudos to the developers for multiple varieties (especially for those who are like me with Adult ADD Lol) but please fix the bugs in the game (The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars) I am one who power cycles her phone very often and it’s so frustrating when you have won free spins and the game just freezes up then when you go back to it you have lost the grand prize jackpot that it showed you had won (yeah that still hurts)oh and another suggestion could there be depots and challenge props added for every 100 spins like around the world challenge does ? or even trade the duplicate stamps for challenge props, or maybe just limit the duplicate stamps to 5 then when you win or make a purchase you may get more stamps of the ones you actually need. and lastly pleaseeeeeezzzz add another bingo game that calls out the numbers!!pleaseeeeeeeee Thanking you in advance!!!.Version: 1.71

Not So SureThis game is totally addicting! I have noticed a few things though. They don’t payout what they are supposed to. For instance, one of the games I like has a mini game where you are supposed to collect a certain amount for each pig. My pigs were worth $24 million. I hit 3 pigs and it only paid in the low 60’s. This type of thing has happened several times. Today, I am noticing that they are taking more money away than they should. For example, going from 11,001,000,000 with a bet of 10,000,000 instead of going down into 10 billion it skipped and went down to 9. This happened twice this morning. (These numbers are not exact, just a general example) Sometimes I don’t win unless I buy coins, but sometimes I do, although it’s rare that I leave with more coins than I started with - so the claims that you only win if you purchase something may or may not be true. I wish there was a way to contact someone about missing coins and “fake” payouts. That’s why I gave 3 stars..Version: 1.61

Frustrated!,Truly enjoy this slot app, there are a couple of frustrating features I don’t care for...... #1 (purchasing coins/booster pack). I make one purchase it will be one low price. I go to make the same purchase again moments later and the price has gone up a few dollars more. Since I love the slot game so much I go ahead and purchase the (booster pack) at a higher price. I then check to see if the price changed and to my surprise ...YES!!! Only this time instead of a $3.00 price up it was $5.00 price up. #2 (Chutes and Ladders) boosters. OMG the developers ought to be ashamed for tricking slot players into purchasing this booster pack. I have spent so much $$$$$ in purchasing and each time I spin the wheel I already know what number it will land on (the one with the ladder)!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡 Obviously after trying to make it to the top (after multiple purchases) I’ve realized it’s rigged and ridiculous! I still enjoy playing this app but from now on be more cautious with my betting..Version: 1.31

Too many glitchesI hate the ads. Why did you have to bring those in? So if I don’t agree to watch them for coins it plays them anyway. And on the slot o money, I think it’s called that, it’s the one you play after you do 5 of the red scratch cards, if you hit the spin again and watch the video, it comes back to the slot and just keeps going never stops, so then you have to delete app and then you lose the spin, so I watched video for nothing and this happens every time. Also banners on the left side of your playing field get stuck and you have to go through the delete and reinstall process all over again. Sometimes I have to do this 3 or 4 times a day, irritating. And I have lost many coins doing this. Also I know I don’t play big bets, I do 4 million a bet and the 3 missions which get you to the golden hammer, the first 2 are fairly to attain but the third one for my size bet is almost always unattainable..Version: 1.94

Cash FrenzyFeeling grooves..Version: 2.08

Cash frenzyGreat game lots of fun.Version: 1.71

Too many pop up adds to even collect bonusToo many pop up ads and what the heck are the Silver Hammers for?.Version: 1.71

Truly amazingTruly amazing I believe.Version: 1.71

Cash....J’adore.Version: 1.71

FunVery fun and entertaining.Version: 2.22

Jackpots...Numerous times I’ve landed on jackpots only for the game to “ give extra push to jackpot wheels” and when I should have stopped on the grand at least 20-30x , it just moves an extra space after coming to a complete stop on grand first 👎.Version: 1.68

Level upI still wondering why my payouts are still half of what I use to get when I level up..Version: 2.21

Jeu additifTrès bon jeu très bien fais et diversifié pas de pub chiante.Version: 2.21

Love my slotsLove all of the new graphics and new games. Sometimes l watch the videos but l don’t receive the free coins. Keep up the good work 🤗.Version: 2.21

Castle of Dreams issueHello Is the Castle of Dreams game working??? The game when you enter it seems stuck on the opening page?? Can you help? Thanks.Version: 2.21

Fun fun funGreat site.Version: 2.21

Awesome gamesLuv the games.Version: 2.21

Cash FrenzyLove the game and the bonuses. The little piggies are thee cutest..Version: 2.21

Cash frenzyAwesome love the graphics.Version: 2.21

Love this gameBest game ever.Version: 2.21

The more manSuper fun game with great opportunity.Version: 2.21

Cash FrenzyLove this game!.Version: 2.21

Fun!Great selection of fun slots!.Version: 2.21

好玩的游戏真正的赠送币,然后进去游戏体验一下,确实很好玩哦👍装修房子那个游戏太费钱了,我已经破产了…….Version: 2.21

FunExcellent great.Version: 2.21

WinkingGreat game!.Version: 2.21

Huff and puffLove it but not enough free games..Version: 2.21

Pumpkin gameI won 963963000 and did not get the coins.Version: 2.21

5starFun game!.Version: 2.21

DJWBrilliant Games amazing wins, lots of fun, keep it coming.Version: 2.21

Cash FrenzyI think this game is grea !!!! Thank you. J..Version: 2.21

Great game!This is a great game with lots of extra freebies, loads of fun and excitement!.Version: 2.21

Love it !!So very addicting and love how you don’t run out of coins. Love all the missions.Version: 2.21

Good gameGreat way to pass the time Missions are fun and exciting.Version: 2.21

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