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FILCA - SLR Film Camera Customer Service

Filca is a camera that combines digital camera and film sensitivity.

High quality silent shooting function, professional manual operation
Leave the best moments in your photos.

■ Manual mode for shutter speed, ISO, white balance control
■ 35mm film filters from Kodak, Fuji, Agfa

It is optimized for taking snapshots.
Take pictures of people, self-portraits, night scenes and all the moments of everyday sports.
Use filters to create an analog film look.

main function :
- Automatic mode camera with 35mm film filter
- Manual mode (Exposer and Focus)
- Fully manual control shutter speed, ISO
- Aspect ratio 4: 3, 3: 2, 16: 9, 1: 1
- Digital zoom 8x (up to 8x magnification)
- Manual Focus Focus Control (macro, landscape)
- Fuji, Kodak, Agfa 36mm film filter (black and white filter)
- Film Grain Effect
- Film printing effect
- Optical Image Stabilization
- Low power mode
- Self mode
- EXIF ​​data storage (including position data)
- facial photo cosmetic effect
- full resolution photo
- Timer and flash function
- Grid mode view
- Generate an Instagram Tag

- White balance adjustment function
- Date print function

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FILCA - SLR Film Camera App Comments & Reviews

FILCA - SLR Film Camera Positive Reviews

The best photo film app, BUT!This app is great. It is exactly what you want your photos to look like if you are into film. BUT it is a tad bit un-intuitive. I wish that the photos on my phone would sync up to the app instead me having to select individual photos. And I wish they allowed you to edit your time stamp. The time stamp is my favorite feature, but not being able to edit the date is SUCH A BUMMER. I think these can be easily fixed though. “nudge nudge” Worth the money though. Get it..Version: 1.70

Won’t record after purchase and app won’t close! Beware!The photography possibilities on this app are second to none, that’s a given - and the only saving grace for the app. The issues start to rear their ugly heads (yes heads, plural) once you decide to purchase filming capabilities. I bought the 3.99 pro upgrade followed by Kodak series and Fuji series. And guess what? None of them work! I hit the red record button and it sends me right back to the purchase screen, really frustrating. They didn’t waste time taking my money, but can’t update their apps functionality issues? Not cool! Then there’s the exiting of the app. It’s a nightmare! Like most functional apps you swipe and it disappears. Not this one! I have to constantly sign in and out of my home screen to finally exit the app. Also, to make matters even worse, I deleted and redownloaded the app. In hopes the app was glitching, and could be corrected with a “fresh start” I got just that! I had none of my purchases and all the same issues I mentioned above! Terrible! I’ll be going through Apple to get my refund. This app was/is a real let down. Proceed with caution, fellow consumers!.Version: 1.28

FILCA - AmazingI am using this app on an iphone 6 and find the pictures have improved tremulously. Having the ability to make setting changes combined with film selection vs. point and shoot makes all the difference. The point and shoot logic on the iPhone is easily fooled. I suspect the hardware, lens, and point and shoot function is just ok. Certainly not an SLR. This application has definitely improved picture quality. I am able to shoot with a window (sunny day) behind my subject and not lose my subjects face. Next impossible with a point and shoot. Great application, thx.Version: 1.24

Well worth itI wasn’t expecting this app to be good, since similar apps just put on a heavy/bad filter, however it amazed me with how colour accurate everything was and how you have so many manual controls at your disposal that you can get the EXACT photo you like. The best part is that the app is cheap and you only have to buy the add ons you want for $2. This way you don’t have some $20 app but you only use like 3 features. To anyone who is really into phone photography or vintage cameras, this app is well worth it.Version: 1.28

Best Photography App Ever!!!!I was really curious about this app because you have to pay for it. But the money I spent on this app was well worth it because I produced a lot of great photos from this app. And what’s even more convenient is that it’s on my phone and I don’t have to spend so much money on an actual film camera. I would like if they updated it to have a video option if they were to improve on the app but overall, I LOVE THIS APP, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an app that has a lot of film camera options..Version: 1.21

Great but misleadingAs others have said in review, utilizing the term “ ticket app “ . You have to buy the app and it is nowhere near the marketed description unless you buy upward of 4 more add ons adding another $10+ to your purchase. You have to buy the recording feature- and most of the interesting or desired features..Version: 1.40

Best Film Camera for the BuckIvey used most of the film cameras with a rating of 4.0 and above for my iPhone 11 Pro Max 14.3. I found Filca to be the best because it includes all the features and capabilities of the latest iOS and pro DSLR features. The UI is well designed and the choice of films is terrific. The cost is reasonable, especially in this crazy era of expensive subscriptions. This app deserves a higher rating of 4.8 and I think that you will agree with me. JohnnyAppSeed.Version: 1.37

Very impressive little camera !Bought the camera to experiment with the different filters and I am awe with the results of this little camera. It brings nostalgia with the remembrance of vintage pictures taken with the different filters such as Kodak, Fuji and the black and white pictures they are amazing. I don’t regret paying for all the different filters and for the camera. Good job !!.Version: 1.28

Buy at own riskI was curious about this app since I had seen a couple adds about it and thought it was a cool concept. Ended up giving in, and paying the $3.99 only to find out that even after you purchase the app you still have to pay even more just to save the picture you created with their filters to your own camera roll. Don’t waste your money on this, I’ve tried getting a refund, but for some reason it won’t let me..Version: 1.61

Beautiful photos, record function does not workIt's a shame this issue seems to be left unresolved. I read reviews that people were unable to record after being prompted to upgrade to PRO version in order to do so. I hoped the issue would have been resolved as these reviews were months ago but appears to still be the case. Remove the functionality if you are not going to make it work! The app is stunning for still photos and would love to be able to film with it..Version: 1.28

I spent 3$ to buy itI would keep buying it if they keep updates and improve into the next level more high quality . I would spend money to buy it if they release a video shooting options this app is worth the money to buy it . But we demand the video shooting option . Please keep updates the app into the next level thanks.Version: 1.28

If it only had zoom.This app is pretty cool, but lacks a zoom which honestly really kills the experience and I end up using my iPhone camera. Which begs the question....why did I even buy this app. I was hoping for something better, but yet here we are. If the zoom is fixed then I think it would be a better app and use would go up. There have also been intermittent crashes. Not all the time, but at least 1 out of every time used..Version: 1.25

ExcellentI love this camera app!!! It has and does improve the quality of the camera on my phone. iPhone 7plus I’ve tried several other camera apps that are supposed to be great and this is my favorite👌 if you want a better camera that you can carry in your pocket you should definitely give this app a shot! I don’t believe you will regret it! AB.Version: 1.25

ConfusingI’ve had this app for a while now and I really like it. However I’ve tried upgrading or trying to buy the film series and it just doesn’t work. It’ll take my money and nothing on the app changes. When I press record it just asks me if I want to buy. It’s happened more than once and even though I’ve gotten my refund I would actually like to try the pro version or even the film..Version: 1.28

Great Effects, Pay Twice for FunctionalityHonestly, the effects, controls, and interface are all amazing. But after paying for the app, I still was unable to export any images, and the app asks for a much pricier upgrade to actually export the images. Without the ability to export, I’m not really sure what I paid for. If you want to pay $35-$85 for an app though, this one does look great!.Version: 1.68

LOVE!I never review apps but i felt like this one deserved a few words of praise. i love taking pictures with this camera! makes everything look beautiful and has an authentic film quality to it. friends of mine have either assumed it was film or said photos looked professional and editorial. gorgeous layout too! totally worth the few dollars..Version: 1.24

So fantastic!! Best film camera appI've been using a lot of camera apps for the past 7 years, but it is by far the best app. really good. The apps that came out of the gouda and Fuji films ... The film camera apps did not get out of hand because of the excessive film effect. But reica implements the emotion that I want perfectly. I am writing more often these days than the actual peer..Version: 1.06

IPhone 12 Pro shooterI do love the film sims and Leica experience. It seems that shots with this app the photos come out a little lower in quality. I don’t know if the app is configured to make use of the 12 Pros hardware. Had this issue with the Spark Camera app when the 12 Pro was first released. Hoping for an update maybe..Version: 1.44

Love the app but there's a glitchLove using the app. It's got a great format and allows for great control of settings really quickly. Been using it for a while now for shooting on iPhone Xs but recently it's been doing an odd thing of randomly shooting pics about every ten seconds without pressing the shutter button or being set on a timer..Version: 1.27

Large files causes crashesI am importing 27mb files from Phocus software via WiFi on my Hasselblad digital camera. Every time I try to use this app with a photo this big it simply crashes when trying to save. Please look at this! Thanks.Version: 1.59

I have the same problem as William^^^I want to record but as William states it prompts me to the film series so I also bought everything and still can’t record. I’m not as disappointed, however, I would like to record here soon in the very near future!.Version: 1.21

Does everything except recording videoAmazing camera! Has this as my main camera app on my phone! I have bought the pro version—$3.00 isn’t that bad of a price! Just wishing you could record video.....Version: 1.28

Retro filters & now taking pics with every adjustment??It was a good app, except when I bought the retro filters. They blur the pictures and they don’t look at all like what they’ve advertised on the series package. Is there anyway to fix this? Also, every time I adjust anything (whether it be zoom or WB), it just takes the picture. Anyway to turn this off too??.Version: 1.28

This is my favorite camera app.The app makes my photos look as if I took them from an expensive leica camera or a film camera. I enjoy using the manual settings as much as the automatic. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing app. Worth the money..Version: 1.26

Récord buttonWhy this app has a record button and when I press it don’t record it tell me I have to upgrade the app when I already did it ? 😕🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔amazing app for photos but I have only that issue.Version: 1.31

It’s coolNoticed that when I am pulled back into wide angle on the iPhone 12 and attempt to focus short depth, the app crashes. Also, the “R” button gives the impression that you can record video but it just takes you to an upgrade menu even after I’ve upgraded. Otherwise, Works well.Version: 1.36

NiftyIt’s cool but missing some manual features and there’s a bug using it. I can actually change film types by sliding my finger near the film section. Weird but nothing changes until you go into that section. Not sure if that’s part of the app or glitch. I gave three stars because of simple it is..Version: 1.28

Amazing, although manual mode could be improvedThe app is great, I think it does make value for money... however I was extremely disappointed with the manual version of the aperture (f stop) Maybe make it optional in settings to change the depth of field control from a drag and drop option to the same type of control you are offering for shutter speed and iso and zoom, with full stops..Version: 1.39

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