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IArtbook - Digital Painting Customer Service

Professional painting app, based on Unlimited Layers with Blend Modes and Masks

Any brush can be used with 2 professional-level realtime technologies of calligraphy: Line Delay & Straight Line, combine it for best results. With 100% calligraphy the line will be very smooth even if you are drawing with your finger

Brushes can be Dry, Glossy and Wet. There are 3 types of Wet brushes: Without Pull, With Pull and Super-Precise. Any brush can instantly became Smudge-brush with Finger instrument. Textured brushes are also supported

If you like to draw with simple round brush, there are quick settings for Hardness, Ovality & Rotation of your brush shape. Or, if you prefer realistic brushes, large Pro-Library of shapes (>1000 textures) can be used to create new brushes of any type

Apple Pencil is fully supported, including Touch Force, Tilt, Azimuth and Predicted Points. There are settings for each Pencil ability. You also can disable finger-painting, if you never use it

Gestures: 2-fingers tap for Undo and 3-fingers tap for Redo any action

For color choosing there are 2 different Color Pickers and Palettes with Gradient Mixer. Use long-pressure gesture for quick color choosing

Time-Lapse video recording is enabled by default


Learn How to Draw by copying Professional Art:
* Use any Painting or Sketch as a Lesson
* Tap left side of screen to switch between your painting and the lesson
* 4 lesson types: "Equal size", "First Layer", "Horizontal split", "Vertical split"

* Preinstalled professional brushes
* Glossy brushes
* 50+ brush settings
* Shapes library
* Calligraphy
* Apple Pencil support
* Smudge brushes with 3 different smudge technologies
* Export-import of brushes
* Dynamic shape
* Realistic brushes
* Any brush can became a smudge brush with Smudge tool

* 2 Color Pickers
* Color mixer
* Palettes
* Import/Export of palettes

* Right and left handed interface
* Light or dark interface
* Custom interface color

* Unlimited layers
* Dynamic ssd/operative memory using for layers
* Masks
* Clear / Fill / Select / Sort / Duplicate
* Blend modes
* Opacity and visibility
* Import any image as a layer
* Transform without loosing image quality

* 2-Fingers tap for Undo
* 3-Fingers tap for Redo
* Long pressure for quick color choosing
* Bucket Tool: Drag the Color circle onto the canvas

* Flip canvas horizontally
* Time-Lapse video recording
* Transform instrument
* Selection tool
* PNG with transparency creation

This version of the app can show ads in Gallery

IArtbook - Digital Painting App Comments & Reviews

IArtbook - Digital Painting Positive Reviews

It’s great, just one problem!I am a little drawer and I like to collage a lot, and for me (idk if other people do this but) I have to use selection and transform. And since I saw this wonderful app, with excellent pens and airbrushes, the selection must be good as well! Once I used the selection tool, errr... let’s just say it wasn’t as good as I thought- You can only use the lasso which is not really helpful because I want to select the whole thing, not just a circle of the portion. I have done suggestions, 1. Add some other tools under the selection category. 2. (I don’t know if we can do this or not) Be able to rename your drawings. 3. Add other things to the pens. Explaining my suggestions: 1. I said this because I want to be able to select one or the whole part of the drawing if I want to bucket fill them. 2. I said this because I can’t really find a way to rename my projects, but I don’t know if anyone else are having this problem. 3. What I mean by this is to be able to make sharper lines, (I know you have that info thing on the pen) but if you can show previews if what they do, that’ll help a lot! P.S: sorry if this seems like a lot, so you can do one of my suggestions or just choose which one will help your app succeed the most!.Version: 4.1.1

I have one problem. Please read!So, me being a little kid and I’m an artist, I absolutely adore this app so much! It’s definitely one of the best digital art apps! Although I have one problem with it, if you know how to fix it, please respond to this review developer(s). My problem is, the background layer option when drawing or sketching on a canvas doesn’t work for me. If you can fix it, or if it’s a glitch and you can tell me how to fix it, please do developer(s)! And, I am definitely not complaining, I love this app! Anyone who says anything bad or mean about this app, and saying a lot of mean stuff to you, show them who is boss! This app is amazing, and I have basically said the same thing like 4 times. Please keep working on this, and people will BLOW UP about this app (in a good way) because you are super talented! I could never accomplish something like this app you have created, owners and developers. I bet you work extra hard and it is super inspiring! For others who might not be developers or owners of this app, just looking at the reviews for this, I promise, this app will not let you down! (What you’re about to read is to the developer(s)). Please fix the layers, and keep my compliments in mind, please. I hope they give you faith and courage! -Miley (not Cyrus although I do intend to sing everyday).Version: 2.4.1

Wonderful!This app clearly is a work in progress. However I do believe this app itself could end up better than other apple store drawing apps such as Procreate, Sketchbook Autodesk ,and etc. More updates need to be made for that to happen, first being able to delete unwanted canvasses , two ; auto select , three; being able to adjust canvas size. Four being able to make own brushes from photos and such as that. These are few unwanted but manageable problems ,other than that, this is my go to app, Even if your styles doesn’t have pressure sensitivity you can mess with the setting to give it the same affect a pressure sensitivity stylus would have which is amazing,not to mention blending,coloring is quite easy. Overall this app is amazing and I’m hoping to see more updates!.Version: 3.5.1

I love it!! Just a few suggestions/things needed to be fixed.Hi, ever since I found this app I IMMEDIATELY FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! I love how it looks and feels so similar to Procreate! I love the features of it and love the look of it, especially in dark mode. Although, when I try to import a brush into the app, it’s not allowing me to do so or ends up not saving but crashing. Now as it says in the title, I have two suggestions to make in case you plan on more, I would really love to make animations on this app. As an artist and animator still learning to improve, I would really and absolutely love this in the app. I would also love to see a circle tool for when I do backgrounds in my pieces of art instead of having to draw it slowly and carefully. Anyways, I hope you read this and place my suggestions in future updates. Thank you!.Version: 3.0.2

I am furiousFirst of, I have anger issues and may be exaggerating this but this is a genuine problem. I’d like to say that this app is great with amazing brushes and much potential HOWEVER there is a problem that causes me to have a literal mental breakdown, the brushes are ALWAYS stopping in the middle of a stroke. It doesn’t even matter what brushes I use it ALWAYS stops in the middle of a stroke, now it may not seem that much of a problem to you or some other people but it makes me so angry, yes I understand that because this app is free it’s not gonna be flawless but even terrible art apps don’t even do this so I’d except better..Version: 4.1.1

Unnecessary changes??So I’ve been using this app for a while. And I like it, I really do. Except, unnecessary changes keep being made to the app and it’s mechanics— for example, changing the app name from Pixtiss to iArtbook, or the removing/merging of tools in the app. I usually just try to adapt to the changes, but, today, I saw that the pull/blur tool (the finger) had been removed from the toolbar. I’m a little confused because I use this tool a LOT for shading and blending, and my pictures just kind of don’t feel... complete without it, I guess? Sorry if this is inconveniencing, I’m just frustrated without the tool, and I might have to switch to Procreate instead (and, again, I REALLY don’t want too, I love this app, but the blur tool might be a deal breaker)..Version: 3.1

Animation And more brushes!!Hello, I m a big fan of your app but I also have ideas for new update, we really need more brushes for specific things like mixing colors , also I know this is really big step for the app and it’s probably more hard work , we Need a animation update! For an artist and an animation lover I would prefer draw my project and animation it , it’s gonna be great more people will rate your app it will be more helpful 👍 also with fixing a little bit of mixing and setting which is add more hand setting like double click on top will make a circle or a straight line 😍 ! Thank u I hope you’ll do anything from what i said it will make us very glad agin thank u for your hard work 💕.Version: 3.7.4

BrushesI love this App! It’s very similar to Procreate, but I don’t enjoy using the brushes. I think the rest of the things are good though! The brushes... where do I start... so, I think the variety of brushes are great! It gives me lots of options! But there are barely any normal brushes, most of them are more textures and etc, like in Ibis Paint, there are lots of normal brushes mixed with textured brushes. This is a little annoying because I would have to use textured brushes for lineart, which I find difficult. There are a few normal brushes, but other than that they are not good for lineart. The setup is super similar to ProCreate! I do wish that inserting pictures were a bit easier, I had a heck of a time trying to figure out how. So far I’ve used this app and I enjoy it! I will definitely use it a lot. Not to mention, when you select an area, I hope the rotation is a little more like Ibis Paint and ProCreate? You can only rotate it to a certain degree that they have for you. I find this SUPER hard. Otherwise then, I really love this App! Probably will switch around using this and Ibis Paint..Version: 4.1.1

Great, a few suggestions thoughAs a small animator I think the app is amazing, especially if you can’t spend any money on your art, but there are a few things that could really help the app! Ok, I love the different colors and textures and all of that, but I think it should be a little easier to add shapes to your drawing. What I mean by that is, it’s a little difficult to get the right shape with it always changing to a straight line. Second suggestion and probably last, can you please make it easier to draw a glow effect, whenever I try to use one I have to use a ton of different apps because it’s really difficult for me. That’s all! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).Version: 4.1.1

Thank you!This is the first digital art app that I haven’t deleted within the first week of having it. This only has occasional adds, and a large variety of tools even without the pro version, it also doesn’t constantly pressure you into buying the pro version. I love that you can add photos from your photo albums, it has helped me a lot when doing character design. So thank you for creating this incredible app! My only suggestion, is maybe allow for the undo button to be used after the app is closed out, and then reopened, but that’s it. Keep up the awesome work!.Version: 3.7.5

Amazing 😁So I downloaded this app to get started with art. I found how to use the app very naturally and quickly. I love the blending tools, layers, and all of the stuff in the app. I have made some beautiful drawings/paintings with this app 😃. For sketching I recommend lowering the opacity 😊 I also love the fact that the app is free 🥳 and the fact that you can replay your sped paints is amazing! 😀😝 I love the fact that you can replay speed-paints for multiple reasons, one of the reasons is to prove to people that you do not trace your drawing and speed paints are actually pretty satisfying to watch. AMAZING APP.Version: 3.1

So underrated!I’m just a kid and I don’t have enough money for an 12 dollar drawing app. I have tried so many apps before this one with less than 15 brushes and it makes you pay extra for more, or apps that make you pay for layers and stuff like that. This app is just as good and it doesn’t make you pay for ANYTHING even extras. Sometimes it makes you watch an add but that’s better than paying money in my opinion. I love this app and I would totally recommend for somebody who likes free digital art and doesn’t want to pay..Version: 4.2

LeslieI would say that this is a really good app for digital drawing, I decided that I wanted to do digital art one day so I downloaded this app and I thought that it was a really good app, it had everything that I was looking for like selection, a large variety of brushes, and adjustable canvas sizes. I do have one problem with it though, if I use a canvas that is over around 1800 x 1800 and i zoom out to see the full drawing, the app crashes and I have to restart it. I don’t know if this happens to anybody else but other than that I think the app is great and I do recommend it..Version: 4.2

Needs fill bucketI really like using this app to draw and color but I do have a suggestion. I really like to make comics using this app but what’s really hard it to color it in. It takes most of my time just coloring it in and I think it would be really nice if you added a fill bucket. That way it will be much quicker and easier to color pictures in. I usually download the uncolored drawing and load it into a app that does has the fill bucket, even then it takes a long time. I think this will make the app better..Version: 4.2

Get annoying at timesSo when I’m going to add a new layer, say I’ve drown on the last one and now is drawing on the next layer, that app starts glitching and it just ruins the art, I’m wondering if you guys can fix this problem. I just updated it so hopefully it’s fixed but if not please consider fixing this. Also this app is sooo high quality because most drawing apps either don’t have layer or it cost money to buy the app/to have layers, also I love how many different brushes there are. I’m still trying to get use to it, but I’m loving it so far. Can’t wait for more updates.Version: 3.0.2

Great for the most part but I have one requestHello there, I really do like this app. It looks and feels like procreate, which I can’t buy because I’m not allowed to spend money on things like that. however, I think it would be nice if you added a clipping feature? You know, to clip the layers when you’re drawing? Because everything’s about this app is great, and my only concern is to be able to clip my layers, because almost all of the time when I am drawing, I’m using clipping. It’s really useful. You have alpha lock, but that’s not the same thing..Version: 3.5

A great app! Few suggestionsI’ve been using this app for about a month now and I’ve got to say, it’s great! Using this app is a lot like using procreate in a certain way and it has more variety to it. The only thing that is missing is the magic wand. I use the selection tool to select certain areas of my art pieces and shade them in without accidentally shading other parts of the drawing. Anyway, I hope this review finds you well and I highly recommend this app! It is definitely worth installing! 😊.Version: 3.0.2

Even better than procreateI honestly love how many different kinds of brushes there are and even helping with how the weather effects are. I do want to say that the glowing and blurring brushes are delayed but those are understandable. Also, it does need a water bucket and when u use layers sometime it becomes very texture and ragged.I was underestimating this app at first but wow! It surprised me for how good this app works. I love how smooth everything is having skin pallets, color wheels, weather brushes, I just honestly love the texture of everything..Version: 3.7

Good!Ok to whoever this may reach, I know you don’t wanna read a long essay so I’m gonna make this short: I honestly really love this app. If you seriously want procreate but don’t have the money, you should get this! But there are two things. 1) There is spin Gaussian Blur tool, which I actually need a lot more than you’d think. 2) This app crashes very easily. Like no joke, I would be sketching then it goes back to my screen homepage. There’s nothing wrong with my device, it’s upgraded to IOS 14 but iArtbook crashes a lot. And yeah that’s it! Thank you for reading :).Version: 3.7

This is great app!I love all the different brushes you can use! Plus you only see adds when you exit your drawing/painting . The only thing is that it sometimes get really glitchy when I start drawing. The paint is a bit delayed. (Idk if that makes sense). Is this from the game or is it from my wifi? If it’s from the app could you please fix it? Btw could you guys add a setting so that you can ungroup the layers after you group em. (Idk if that makes sense, if it doesn’t I’m sorry. I can’t explain it anymore)..Version: 3.6.2

Great appI absolutely LOVE this app!! It works amazing, and I can do such cool things on it. So far I haven’t seen any sort of bug or problem, and I got the app when it was fairly new and there were only 20 reviews at the time, so I decided to try it out. It turned out that this would be an app that I’m keeping and recommending to others. I guess the one problem I had was... when I got the app, it was called iArtbook, then awhile later, Pictiss, then back to iArtbook. I was very confused by that..Version: 3.0.2

This App Is Amazing!I promise for you guys reading this, this isn’t a fake review, this app is amazing especially for my age. Unlike many apps everything does not cost money! There are many different brushes which amazed me, and the brush size went smaller than I expected which was awesome cause I have trouble with little details, and me finding the duplicate filter made me so happy cause I can never seem to get my eyes identical! This app is the best drawing app I’ve ever found..Version: 4.2

Issue with LayersWhenever I go to create a layer and select it, the ones beneath and above it become glitchy. Whatever that’s on those layers can barely be seen anymore and it makes it difficult to see. If there’s only one layer then it works just fine, but creating more creates an issue Is there a possibility that this could be looked into? Overall this is a pretty great drawing app for free, very similar to procreate with a great variety of brushes and it’s simplicity. (I am using the software on an Ipad Air 2; not sure if that has to do with anything but maybe it helps) i honestly don’t have the money to buy a new ipad either :’) (it’s not exactly a time where i can be spending aimlessly) but i will try a different device, see if anything changes, but thank you!.Version: 2.5.19

Could NOT have a better drawing appHi! I’ve used this app for a few months and love it! Very useful and free! Everything there’s not even a free trial thing a mubob! I always feel like everything’s at the tip of my finger, not that hard to figure out how to use and FREE! There are ads after you exit out of most painting but it’s FREE it has to have ads. My dad told me this all free apps have ads. It’s really good I totally consider you getting this FREE! Great drawing app.Version: 3.7.4

Great, but needs an updateWhile drawing I realized that the app crashes almost every time now. Also we would need more shapes a tool that make plain shapes not the ones you have to draw yourself. I would also love if there would be an option to make more canvases on the same file. And an opperation tool. I also unable to write any text there unless I use paintbrush to write it myself..Version: 4.2

Amazing but needs some stuffI love this app so so much, it is easy to use and well organized. No matter how much I love this app it is kinda annoying. I can’t fill whenever I try to draw a cat or somthing I can’t fill, this drives me nuts. It takes a long time to fill and then erase all the Marker or whatever outside of the circle that I drew! >:( Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. Have a nice day, thank you for making this app..Version: 4.2

Love hate relationshipI love this app so much, I’t reminds me a lot about procreate. I love the brushes so much and some of the tools can help you in a pinch. But, there are many missing features from the magic wand, to not being able to move layers, and If those are both in the app, MAKE THEM KNOWN. Because I find it dumb to not have any Controls or anything just to help the user with the app’s controls. Otherwise great app..Version: 4.1.1

It could be betterBeing a young artist and all I had my expectations for this app seemed to get a lot of good reviews but I think this app could be better. I got the app and had no idea what I was doing I wish their was intro showing you where all the tools are. Also I was hoping their would be a way you could trace an image and then take off the image, couldn’t find anything for that 😕. Seriously this app could use so much more to it but who am I kidding there’s been worse..Version: 4.2

I Love ItThis is the first free to use drawing alternative I have found that actually works and has everything needed for professional art. I have been using this on my phone so far and I REALLY hope that there is a version for PC. Thank you to the developer(s) for making this app. Great idea putting adds in a drawing platform so you don’t have to pay. Best of luck -DJLdraw.Version: 4.2

5 stars for app in general, just a small complaint thoughI have a complaint about a ad, the ad is I believe something about shane jewelers/jewelry. When the ad comes up it won’t let you out, the close option dosent work, and I have to restart my phone. If you can fix this format of ad, I would highly appreciate it, ty and have a good day/night!!.Version: 3.7.5

Best Drawing App For Beginners! Please Read!This app is COMPLETELY FREE! It’s not just for beginners, but also for people who love to do a little photo editing! The controls are super easy, but just as advanced. There are SO many different options for the tool that you use. I am very surprised considering most drawing apps that are free aren’t all that great. I would totally recommend this!.Version: 3.7.6

Great appI love this app! It is by far the best free digital art app that I have used. The brushes are amazing and I love how many other tools there are. I like how smooth the tools are but the app has occasionally glitched out. I love the app but it could be better if there was less of a lag when drawing over a picture. This app is amazing and I love how few adds there are. I spend lots of time on this app..Version: 2.1.3

Not me being dumb- 10-10 appHi so This app is really nice but there just a one problem for me right now really. I don’t know if it just me but I can’t move the layers?? I’m using a phone so maybe I just can’t move the layers on phone, chile anyways am I like doing it wrong? How do I move the layers- If you can’t move the layers right now please try to add a option to move layers- (UH I JUST FOUND OUT HOW TO MOVE LAYERS CHILE ANYWAYS-).Version: 3.2.1

Amazing but one problemThis app is AMAZING especially for being completely free! The only issue I have is that there doesn’t seem to be an option to delete paintings that you don’t want anymore, unless I’m just not seeing it. Other than that this app is awesome and would definitely recommend it especially if you don’t want to spend money on Procreate..Version: 3.6.2

I love this app but...There are so many GREAT things about this app but let’s get to the bad... first of all, every time I exit out of a drawing, it brings me to an add which I don’t really like, and I feel like you should be able to draw on the background. I tho o it would be cooler this way but overall, this is such a fun way to express creativity!!!!.Version: 4.2

🤩😍Hiii! Omg I absolutely love this app so much! I am a beginner in art and I just started drawing on my iPad, there was just always something wrong with the way I drew. I saw this app and it has changed my art experience and expectations! The one thing that’s hard for me to draw are people, so on the pics for this app I don’t know which tools they use to make it. (Help!?) one thing I wish was on this app is tutorials. Maybe tutorials on how to use this app or to draw certain things. Anyways I love all of the colors and tools to use and I just thank Alexandra Kondrashov for making this💛. Thanks and I hope whoever has read this gets this amazing app😘! Love it sm, Ali😃.Version: 4.2

? OverallOverall this is very good but I do have one question does it come with Gaussian blue or any type of ways to blur it because I am so confused I am trying to blur one of my art pieces and after trying all the other options I am not satisfied if there is not one the next time there is an update could it be added not a requirement just a wish..Version: 3.7.1

It’s okThis app is great and overall has a nice amount of features but the thing is I’m really mad that this is only on App Store. I would love to get it on my computer so I can draw with a bigger screen but because I do not have a working digital pen I am not able to draw very well. For an update please make this available on Google play, Thank you..Version: 4.2

Good app probably stupid meI love the app it’s amazing there is so many brushes and tools like the tool that helps with shapes But I don’t know if there is a fill button so I have been coloring it in and erasing the excess can someone help me or is there no fill button? Anyways it’s a great app and all the brushes are smooth and all the options are great..Version: 4.1

I need some helpIs there a way/tool to make a straight line or a straight shape? And is there a way to have a grid on your paper to color in the boxes? Also is there a way to type text in your drawing? And it would also be helpful to have a guideline video to know the different tools you can use and other stuff. Thank you!.Version: 3.6.2

Great app but here’s some things I want to seeOk first of all... stop changing your name its confusing 😂 Second... make it so you can move layers like if I already made a layer but I want to add one underneath but I made it on top... (does that make sense) I can move the layer up or down... That’s it! I love this app so much!.Version: 3.1

Fill tool?I love this app and all the brushes and effects it has! While this is a great app, it has its flaws. While it says there is a fill tool, I have yet to find it. I also can’t download my work and have to take a screenshot. Unless I’m missing something, these are the two main issues I have with this app. Other than that, this app is great!.Version: 3.0.2

So I just downloaded this all and quickly fell in love with it but I know you guys are adding clipping mask but what about the multiply or overlay options and can there be a option where you just add a image layer to draw over it. I would also like animations on this app. And is there ever gonna be a option to change the layers opacity.Version: 4.1

Incredible!This app is so incredible especially for being free! There’s such a wide selection of brushes and you can even choose what kind of eraser you want to use! I’m a small artist and this app is just perfect. I completely suggest downloading this for your future art pieces..Version: 4.2

As good as procreate but for beginnersOmg this app is so much like procreate but sooooo much easier to navigate and super good for beginners. I recommend using this before getting procreate. It has much more beginner friendly tools. Once you get used to this app getting on procreate would be a much easier transition..Version: 4.1

Alpha Lock option :/I just tried to use the Alpha Lock option, and it worked at first and then I undid it and tried it again, and now it’s not working. What I wanted to do was be able to color over my line art and be able to color inside the lines. It worked like that at first, but now it’s not..Version: 2.3

It’s good, but there is better alternatives out thereI downloaded this because I thought it would be an amazing platform like it was advertised to be. It isn’t super great, so please, don’t go into it with high expectations. It isn’t amazing and I was not impressed. If you are using another free program like ibisPaint or Autodesk SketchBook, continue using that one because they are much better than this one..Version: 3.1

Ipad?I love the app on my phone but I recently tried to download it on my ipad so I can have a bigger screen to use. Not sure why but it wasn’t showing up in the app store. It’s an newer apple ipad so i’m not sure if it was somthing on my part or if it’s just not available on the device. Other than that it’s a great app!.Version: 3.7.5

Brilliant App just like Procreate‘Nuff said. It’s just a darn good apt hat takes a little while to learn, but once you do, it’s worth the wait. ;).Version: 4.2

Fix this bug :/Hi i really love to use this app but when i try putting layers the thingy glitches and it makes little dots everywhere on my screen erasesing what i drew could you please fix this bug it would be really helpful..Version: 3.5.1

AmazingJust like procreate but needs a few days to get used too..Version: 4.2

...How do I get a shape cause when I press the shape option it takes me to the brushes and I can’t draw straight lines.Version: 4.2

Good so farI’m loving the app but how do you find the fill button because I do a lot of drawing like that and I really need that so if you can please please tell me we’re it is that would be very helpful.Version: 4.2

OmgIt is sow good and it is like procreate bat you shed add a peur fiction button.Version: 4.2

Y’all are stupid lolThere is a fill option, you have to create a shape or something, and drag the color from the part where you switch colours, down to the drawing, it fills it in. This is a great app btw!.Version: 4.2

One thing...I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH!! But I think or I might have not seen it but do you guys have a search button? Or a thing where you can search a type of picture?? If not you should add that. P.S. you should add a paint bucket where you drag it like in procreate..Version: 4.2

Nice but...This app is great but I don’t understand the mechanics and it’s hard to get use to. This app has a lot of potential but really I don’t know how to use it. I went on your YouTube channel so I could understand but it’s never something I can do. Over all I think you should really make tutorials. This app is yet again nice. But now that I think of this app it’s kinda like procreate but free and without some other stuff. Please do take not of this so you can make your app great. Have a great day great 👍.Version: 4.2

GoodIt’s very much like procreate it’s very good though.Version: 4.2

Amazing app!!This app is amazing! Smudge effects, shapes, curves, effects, this app has it all! I just have a quick question. How do you move a selection? Other than that, this app is a 10/10🤩🤩🤩.Version: 4.2

I love it !Plz can you do perfect shapes that would be better because it’s hard to make shapes:/.Version: 3.7.5

Always blurryI was trying to draw,but the lines were always blurry.Version: 4.2

Today’s update...Today’s update made it really buggy..Version: 4.1.3

AMAZING APPThis is my favorite drawing app. I would be happy if I could get it in Microsoft store. But unfortunately it’s not available 😏.Version: 3.7.5

A perfect alternativeThis is a really good alternative but i cant seem to find grid.Version: 3.7.5

Like procreateI find it similar to procreate, if you cant purchase it this is a good alternative.Version: 3.7.2

Super good like procreate butFix it it freezes my screen and I have to wait.Version: 3.7.2

SO GOODSo good just like procreate highly recommend Its great!.Version: 3.5.1

Good enough, but not the bestTheres this glitch with layers where it just erases the drawing in little bits, do you mind fixing the bug? It will make the app a lot better. But overall, amazing app!.Version: 3.5.2

GreatVery easy to use, many options for almost everything, lots of brushes, overall incredible. Would recommend.Version: 3.5.1

:(I like the app but every now and then while im working on my art it freezes the screen and i have to wait for my phone to turn off because i cant touch anything and the home and off button doesnt work://.Version: 3.5.1

Amazing 👍😍🥰This is just like procreate! Just a suggestion, you should add shape lock!.Version: 3.5.1

I love it!I love how easy it is to navigate, all around good! Though I don’t know how to delete canvases? I don’t know if it is a feature but if it is then I can’t figure out how to do it. But I really love it and thank you!.Version: 3.3.1

😼🕴✨Hey I love the app like it’s quite similar to procreate but Are u like ginna add the animation option and if u do when would u 🕴😀👋✨.Version: 3.2.1

Nice but the layers?I really like the app but there’s a glitch where if I switch to another layer, all the other layers get this glitch effect. I really hate it and I can’t draw anything with it..Version: 3.3.1

Amazing I am in loveThis is just like procreate! Except without some features.Version: 3.2

Honest ReviewThis app is immaculate and a GREAT alternative from apps which cost money. It has many brushes and a great selection of mechanisms but, lacks a variety of precise tools. Yet, it’s biggest fault is not being user-friendly. When you first open up the app and start a digital portrait, it has no guide or any key titles to help you find your way throughout the app..Version: 3.2

SuggestionCan you add animation it well be nice if you can. Also, it’s a little glitchy.Version: 3.2

I really love thisFinally an app that is similar to procreate and can work with side by side but it’s kinda hard for me to draw on it without a curser (you know, the one where you can actually see what your drawing when you put your pen down on it) if you can put it in your next update then I’ll be super happy with it 😁.Version: 3.1

Love itIts like procreate and i love it so much🥰🥰 but...i just want to say that can u like add a bucket??? Instead of me like drawing and yhen mu arm hurts lol please and thank u!.Version: 3.1


Belle alternative à procreatePas mal, belle alternative à procreate, j’ai n’ai pas encore créé quoi que ce soit, mais j’aime bien la plateforme puisqu’elle me rappelle procreate que j’affectionne bien..Version: 2.0.2

I like it but..................I don’t really get how to use it is there any help button and ho wto use I dropped and I am stuck with a curve drawing 🙄.Version: 3.7

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