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Professional painting app, based on Unlimited Layers with Blend Modes and Masks

Any brush can be used with 2 professional-level realtime technologies of calligraphy: Line Delay & Straight Line, combine it for best results. With 100% calligraphy the line will be very smooth even if you are drawing with your finger

Brushes can be Dry, Glossy and Wet. There are 3 types of Wet brushes: Without Pull, With Pull and Super-Precise. Any brush can instantly became Smudge-brush with Finger instrument. Textured brushes are also supported

If you like to draw with simple round brush, there are quick settings for Hardness, Ovality & Rotation of your brush shape. Or, if you prefer realistic brushes, large Pro-Library of shapes (>1000 textures) can be used to create new brushes of any type

Apple Pencil is fully supported, including Touch Force, Tilt, Azimuth and Predicted Points. There are settings for each Pencil ability. You also can disable finger-painting, if you never use it

Gestures: 2-fingers tap for Undo and 3-fingers tap for Redo any action

For color choosing there are 2 different Color Pickers and Palettes with Gradient Mixer. Use long-pressure gesture for quick color choosing

Time-Lapse video recording is enabled by default


Learn How to Draw by copying Professional Art:
* Use any Painting or Sketch as a Lesson
* Tap left side of screen to switch between your painting and the lesson
* 4 lesson types: "Equal size", "First Layer", "Horizontal split", "Vertical split"

* Preinstalled professional brushes
* Glossy brushes
* 50+ brush settings
* Shapes library
* Calligraphy
* Apple Pencil support
* Smudge brushes with 3 different smudge technologies
* Export-import of brushes
* Dynamic shape
* Realistic brushes
* Any brush can became a smudge brush with Smudge tool

* 2 Color Pickers
* Color mixer
* Palettes
* Import/Export of palettes

* Right and left handed interface
* Light or dark interface
* Custom interface color

* Unlimited layers
* Dynamic ssd/operative memory using for layers
* Masks
* Clear / Fill / Select / Sort / Duplicate
* Blend modes
* Opacity and visibility
* Import any image as a layer
* Transform without loosing image quality

* 2-Fingers tap for Undo
* 3-Fingers tap for Redo
* Long pressure for quick color choosing
* Bucket Tool: Drag the Color circle onto the canvas

* Flip canvas horizontally
* Time-Lapse video recording
* Transform instrument
* Selection tool
* PNG with transparency creation

IArtbook Pro App Comments & Reviews

IArtbook Pro Positive Reviews

Beautiful, well done and easy to navigate.I’ve only recently installed this app and I’m already enjoying it. The price is reasonable, affordable and worth it. I’ve been trying out more drawing apps and animation applications to better my portfolio—this is just another app I plan to use long term. I’ve only have it under a four star rating simply because I cannot seem to find any shape layers or tools. I just find those essential when creating a horizon line for backgrounds. Other than that, great app! Thank you so much for making it!.Version: 1.9.2

Loving itI own various drawing apps and when I discovered this one. I decided why not? I first used the free version and i did enjoy it. I decided go buy it and let me tell you about it. At first it was confusing and I had to look around. It took awhile to learn where everything is and once you know where to find the tools and such, it becomes easy peasy. This is the drawing app go to for all digital artist..Version: 3.6.2

Great Procreate CompetitorThis is a virtual painting canvas with baked in tools and features much like that of Procreate one caveat, no ability to load brushes. But I will admit that I actually like the default brushes in iArtbook more so than Procreate. Keep up the great work and keep the updates coming maybe the ability to load in our own brushes? 😁.Version: 3.5.2

Missing FeaturesI have been using the free app and decided to switch to the paid version. I see nothing new between the apps. Unable to find the shapes library, blending tools, etc. also when adding layers the previous layers become very glitchy. End up having to use only one layer. Perhaps this is all user error but there is no guide or tutorial I can find. I enjoy using the app and all the cool brushes, I just wish it had the features I paid for..Version: 2.0.6

AwesomeYou have to look around the app and find the shapes library - once you find it - there is awesome selections there. App is fantastic, well worth the money for pro version..Version: 2.0

Art is funThis is a gem, I really like it, I have all the painting apps, this is by far a very good one ,for only a dollar, omg. Don’t bother with the free one, just get the pro, Thanks from #bonniewiltse.Version: 1.5

Great appI love this app, but I wish you could have predictable stroke like if you make a circle it will automatically make it perfect.Version: 1.7

No help or support or guideJust got the pro version and still couldn’t find the shapes library Also there is no help page within the app or some other website..Version: 2.0.6

Best drawing appIt is perfect but you guys have to add when we do a circle do it automatically good add this plss btw the app is perfect.Version: 2.4.1

AlrightThe app is semi good but I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have Gaussian blur or prespective and mesh form.Version: 2.0

Shapes drawer impossible to find?!I can't find the shapes drawer! I also can't delete any pieces of art.. Love the app but these are basic things that should be implemented..Version: 2.4

AnimationHaving trouble figuring out where the animation is? (Please help) Otherwise great app.Version: 2.4.1

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