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Join intense, team-based multiplayer battles and put your Marvel Champions to the test in action-packed brawls where skill and strategy earn you a place among LEGENDS!

Multiplayer, high-action Marvel mayhem for your mobile device!

Action RPG brawls are epic! Join this bold new imagining of the Marvel Universe, gear up and customize your Champions to play your part!

Team up with your network of friends in real-time high-action team-based battles.

Hulk and Super Soldier can tank enemy attacks while Web Warrior and Iron Legionnaire deal high powered ranged attacks. Black Panther and Thor inflict devastating damage at close range.

Team up with Storm and Sorcerer Supreme to amplify powers and deal bursts of damage to vanquish groups of enemies.

Due to the mysterious murder of Battleworld’s ruler, this world has fallen into disarray. Barons have risen to control their lands, looking to turn the tide of war in their favor, electing to settle their differences with a Secret War. As the Barons put forth their Champions to battle, it is up to YOU to rise from a rookie to become a legendary HERO of BATTLEWORLD!


• The only Marvel game with flexible customization options allowing you to mix and match gear & weapons
• Earn Gear, Weapons, and upgrades as you claim victories on the battlefield to level up & strengthen your Champions
• Never sacrifice style for power by using our gear transmog system to create your perfect Marvel Champion
• New gear & weapons are added all the time!

• Battle in competitive 3v3 battles for epic rewards & claim your victory in Arena Conquest
• Brawl for supremacy in all-out mayhem in the 2v2v2 Deathmatch showdowns
• Fight 15 waves of challenging enemies that bear down on your team in limited time Onslaught events
• Overcome unique status effects & build new strategies with your team in limited-time World Quests

• Team up to take on challenges & earn huge rewards for you and your Alliance!
• Forge a community of Champions ready to tackle Battleworld’s challenges!
• PvP multiplayer: perfect your team & round out your defensive strategy
• Strategize with your team to select the right mix of Champions to dominate the leaderboards!

• Brawl & battle through the deep story of Battleworld, full of mystery, intrigue and ferocious battles in the single player Pinnacle Quests!
• Battle Arenas, Champions, and spectacular animations are highlighted with awe-inspiring graphics inspired by iconic Marvel characters & settings
• Battle Arenas include the barbarian wastelands of Gamma Horde, high-tech cityscapes of Stark Prime’s House of Iron, the dimensional oddities of The Ancient One’s Temple of Vishanti, military-style camps of Peggy Carter’s Patriot Garrison & much more!

MAKE MARVEL YOURS! Your Champion. Your Team. Your Realm.

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MARVEL Realm of Champions App Comments & Reviews

MARVEL Realm of Champions Positive Reviews

Great game and room for even more great thingsFirst of all I would like to say I love the concept behind the game. But I think this game could grow into something really special and I really hope the developers end up seeing this because after I downloaded it I had a bunch a friends download it and we all agreed on the same pros and cons. First I’d like to say that the customizable aspect is great but it could use a little work, one of the biggest challenges I face with the game is I may receive a item that looks really good cosmetically but it has a really poor power rating so I have to sacrifice the customization for power and I feel like that is that THING your game has that other don’t which is that customization. Also a color scheme pallet could help with that in a way to make the character a little bit more “yours” meaning you could choosing like a primary, secondary color for each gear item. Also a story mode would improvise this game TREMENDOUSLY, I feel like that competition between the different character profiles like hulk recruits, iron man recruits, spider-man recruits, etc could be a very interesting story honestly. Finally, I love the app and my final suggestion or hope would be some more great hero’s or maybe even villains to be put into the game for us to play with and customize. A customized Thanos would be legendary. Thanks for your time - TheSteeleGaming.Version: 1.0.1

Realm, true pvp.Amazing game. It is not contest of champions though. If you’re a dashing button masher then arena probably isn’t for you. This is real time pvp vs real players, think WOW pvp. There are other modes also like stronghold with two other people fighting off waves of adaptoids. Deathmatch is a great free for all with another teammate vs two other teams. The potential for this game is through the roof. Possible alliance owned areas, alliance vs alliance battles, tower defense raid boss with 6 players and the amount of champs that can be used eventually. A true story mode would be nice where you can use your champs or invite others to help. More champs would be good too down the road. A cancel match button with 3 min cd would be great for arena. Overall it’s a true pvp game that does require some skill and the learning of how each champ works. No energy timers so you can fight as much or as little as you want daily. Good daily rewards and alliance events too. If you like whooping up on real teams and not patterned npc teams this is the game to play. Please learn your champs this will make the game more enjoyable for you and those you are teamed with..Version: 2.0.0

Honest Opinion about RealmWhen I first got the game I thought it was gonna be bad due to marvel contest of champions YouTubers giving there opinion that Realm of champions is gonna be bad. I played the first part of the tutorial and I was like... ooh, it’s this type of game. I don’t really like these types of play styles in games but Realm has a unique play style that is different in a good way. Then I went to the thing where you could play as different champions and I checked all the champions that are playable and that’s when I got worried when I looked into each of them. There is only like 7 champions in the game and I wonder like in MCOC If new champions come each month. Thatd be great. But then I looked at the armor and customization you could put on your character. I thought due to the rating of the armors, this was gonna be a big pay to win game. But then I went into a match and played with people with a similar “rank” as me. So I was relieved that this game isn’t pay to win. But then I realized after you played a match you got rewards including gold, iso, champion chips to upgrade armor pieces, and armor pieces, and you leveled up a rank a bit. Then I noticed that if you want to be the best at this game, your gonna have to grind so much it just isn’t really fun to play after a while. Really fun game, but there is a lot of things that Realm could do better to be an amazing game that’d I play daily. Maybe get a story mode, and not make it so repetitive and boring..Version: 1.0.1

Love it, but PLEASE fix this!I have been playing the absolute crap out of this game. It is a lot of fun. To the point where I have actually spent $20 on it so far, and I very very very rarely have ever spent a single dollar on a mobile game. There is one HUGE GLARING problem though that I feel needs to be addressed if I’m going to actually appreciate the game long term. The catalysts used to tier up your champions. The game initially lets you get 10-20 fairly easily by simply playing and completing achievements. Which is awesome. You get 2 champions to tier 2. Up to level 20. But then when you get a new character and find out you really love it. You can easily get stuck needing 2-3 days worth of catalysts just to get to tier 2 where most of your gear will be dropping at level 12. There is no amount of grinding that can get them. And as of right now the literal only way for me to buy them is to spend 80 dollars to buy a bundle that only contains 10. Which is 1/3rd of the amount needed to get a champion to tier 3. which is another HUGE problem in itself. I am basically locked out of getting a tier 3 champion for 15 days of grinding every day at least 6 games because it requires 30 tier 1 catalyst. So I can’t even spread out and get my other champions to level 20 and have more fun that way. Rant over. Please please fix this. Give us some option to get more tier 1 catalyst. Or in the very least reduce the amount needed for t3 and maybe even t2..Version: 1.0.2

So far decent but a little issueThe game itself is decent. The graphics are good and the play is better than some I’ve used. I’m ok with grinding for things because if you could get great stuff right off then it wouldn’t have any sustainability. The character screen is fairly simple yet usable and understandable. The variety of gear and characters is a bit limited but I’m hopeful as the game ages. I’m fine with the characters being split into classes. Maybe you could introduce new characters as unlockable for a class such as making War Machine parts an option for the legionnaire build. Also using say Falcon parts for the legionnaire build as a way to use different heroes or villains. I like the color primary and secondary customization idea I’ve seen on other reviews. I also would like the ability to switch genders so I could have a male storm character or a female hulk character. I do have one issue that may make me give up this game though. I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max and when I play this game for any length of time it heats up the phone considerably. As soon as close the game the phone cools off. This doesn’t happen during any of my other games and I have some much larger or more graphically intense games. If it continues to do my phone this way I will have to dump the game. Overall the game is interesting and good with high potential just new with some growing pains right now..Version: 1.0.2

Intense, exciting, well-madeI’ve heard a lot of people on the internet say that this game is a cheap, Marvel-ized MOBA and that they’re all losing interest and stuff like that. And yeah, it’s true that I deleted it shortly after I got it. But the truth is, I just wasn’t made for this game. If you’re into games like Fortnite where you can play online against people all over the world, or just love Marvel, Realm of Champions is worth your time. Let no one tell you otherwise. It’s arenas are well-made, the gameplay itself is a real rush, and don’t even get me started on the story. But I’m just not good under that kind of pressure. Oh well. That said, there are a couple of notes I have. The characters (namely guys like Iron Legionaire and Web Warrior) are not very fast at all. Perhaps if there were less, or even no cooldown in between dashes, or if the general movement speed of the attacker characters was increased, it would help, but for now, the characters look like their trudging through the mud. Also, the Hulk is much too powerful. He’s almost impossible to beat by anyone at all. There has to be some major balancing done. In short, when this game hits its stride, it’s going to be a thing to behold. I really want to see where this will go next..Version: 1.0.2

Great game but could use some extra things and fixes.The game is awesome! I love customizing my own Iron Man suit and going into battles. So far PVP is pretty good and the concept is awesome but there are things that could be changed or added in. I feel like the game is a little grindy which is fine but you sometimes end up with the same gear for a while which can be annoying when you want better stuff and maybe there could be another way of getting gear like trading? I also feel like it’s annoying how you have to get gold to upgrade gear to the thousands on your second upgrade but I feel like it isn’t to big of a problem. Moving on to cool ideas, trading ( which I already mentioned ) would be nice for specific items you want or are looking for, and I Iike the idea of heroes from different universes but I think that you should be able to make characters a boy or girl so like She-Hulk and a Male Sorcerer Supreme, and I would love colors for gear so I can have color my Iron Man suit. Patterns, main colors, accent colors, arc reactor color ( for Iron House ), etc would be awesome! Keep up the good work!.Version: 2.0.0

Fantastic Game, room for improvementFor a game that has been released just over a week, it is absolutely fantastic. The first days may be a tad slower, but once you reach later tier 1, early tier 2, synergies allow you to customize your champion to fit your play style and build combos. Balance between champions are good, you just need to know how to play them. Game play is simple in concept, but requires more strategy as you play more skilled players. A skilled f2p player can beat a stacked p2w player with better strategy. Room for improvement: Iron man doesn’t deal as big damage as he should compared to other ranged blasters/controllers. Alliance quests or objectives should be added eventually. Basic catalysts need to be more common. My champions r stuck at tier 1. I have 50 tier 2 catalysts but only 8 basic. Also a slight increase in iso-9 rewards from battles would be nice, to reduce grinding time. A couple reviews mentioned hulk being OP, early on he may be, but if you learn to counter him he’s beatable. Being a tank he’s gonna have hit points. Overall, a fantastic game without a strong unbeatable p2w aspect..Version: 1.0.2

The worst Update ever!!First I was happy with the game till all this changes in this update pretty much made champs the people invested money and time useless!! Also fight system I cannot even charge my specials when my teammates are already dead this fights are 30 second fights!! I hate the fact I had invested money in champs I love and you guys make them useless like SS why not twich the other champs to balancing! Also the color is so dark I can hardly see the fighting ring on the set dark thing you guys did! Another thing we have to wait two days for events after update? Let correct this WE have to wait two day for one event! And majority of whatever you guys advertised is not even available yet! Why throw and empty update! Please fix the light on the game and bring back the fun of it cause it had turn into garbage so far! I regret spending money in here when epic gear $100 each is useless! With warrior gear. Really hope this is fixed lots of people is not happy it’s this..Version: 2.0.0

Ranked is badRanked is bad. The performance aspect is flawed and is not based on you but the team and if the rest of the team is doing bad apparently you r too and the trophy system is not based on you but the team so I think the performance should be fix and thought through to make sure its accurate and/or make a 1v1 mode which would make sense with the current trophy system and what would also make sense with the current trophy system is how the game Brawlhalla approaches ranked team(/2v2 but we’ll go with team) you cannot join a team battle without already having a team/partner in your lobby so a random cannot be the blame for y u lost but if you think your system is good then I suggest you fix performance and make the trophies be based on them making you get the same amount of trophies preforming just as good or bad rather the team loses or not other then that the game is executed decently and has 2v2 (stun)combo potential which being a gamer that enjoys combo based games excites me for what is to come please get a gamer to test these features I’ve mentioned if you do decide on it(I’d really like to test it myself).Version: 2.0.0

Great game but some problemsThis game has a lot of potential. I like the combat and character customization. But please fix the matchmaking, I am pretty good at the game so I think the game will put me in a group of people who are not good, against some people that aren't as good as me, but still good. So most times I will get into a fight with one of them, so after about 7 seconds I beat them, then I go back to help my teammates but they are already dead. So then the other two people on the other side defeat me easily. Also please get more characters to play as. I would love a Guardians of the Galaxy update, and a Thor update. I guess a story mode would also be good. The only reason this rating is a 5 star instead of a 4 star is because I know this game just came out, and I really hope the developers have a plan for the rest of this game..Version: 2.0.0

(Good) The game has got potential.I’ve been playing the game for a while and I’ve been a blast. I’ve been mostly playing Sorcerer Supreme and, as I rank her up, I’m getting some pretty powerful gear and synergies so all the PvP are coming easy to me. I am excited for the gear transmog system that’s coming out soon and I feel it gonna allow people to collect gear but also play the game. All and all, the game looks better than most like it and I’m excited about what’s coming next. Update: I’m actually have a problem with the gear overflow-inventory system. There’s really no way of comparing a piece of gear in the overflow stash to a piece of gear in the character customization screen. This makes it difficult to see if something in the stash is worth saving while something else is worth scrapping. Right now, I have to scrap a piece of gear (that may have been good) to make room for a stashed one, look at its stats, and see if it’s worth keeping or scraping. Please allow us to see the stats of a piece of gear in the stash instead of just the tier, Kabam..Version: 1.0.2

It’s ok but it needs some workI started playing once it came out and was so excited for this game so I grind my characters up but, I feel like I have to wait for every single thing there’s not enough materials available to rank up and the matchmaking system is really flawed when I’m on a team with the same type of character. I really hate the idea of onslaught it’s really hard for all players and it’s especially hard for the match making system when players who just started keep on dying when players who have experience can’t keep up with the slack. Also when I play onslaught it happens so rarely plz make it to where you can play it all day on the weekends. When I played onslaught my gear would always disappear and I would fight like I just got the character. I’m the future could you also add more story elements because y’all say there’s a story but you don’t even realize it can you also add more modes and characters and gear in the future thank you..Version: 1.0.1

Great Potential But...First of all onslaught, it is way to hard and you aren’t given enough time and sometimes when you finish it right before the timer runs out the timer keeps going and going until you eventually lose when you technically should’ve won. Then the basic catalysts. I’ve grinder all night and day to get 4 more to rank up one of my heroes and when I got 900 total rank score and claimed it my catalysts didn’t go up but stayed. Now the unbalanced aspect of the game needs to be fixed. I can take a hulk solo and beet a hole trio of heroes if I wanted to with heroes like storm and hulk. Ranking up should be easier, catalysts should be easier to get not to mention the milestone catalysts are glitched. I love the games idea it has so much potential which is why I still give 3 stars instead of what should be 1 or 2. If you guys listen to your comments and your community this can be one of the greatest mobile games of all time. I wish you guys luck and hope you fix these problems..Version: 1.0.1

Read thisThe game is great I won’t lie. I have had a blast playing it, each character is unique in there own way and the 3v3 battles is what a lot of people where looking for in Marvel Contest of Champions.. but and this is a big BUT! The game is unbelievably greedy. I’d love to see a developer respond to this and explain the greed behind the game. After you hit trophy count 500, that is where you run into the kids who are spending money. This game just had an update for a new hero Thor, and with that update came more opportunity to buy your way into power and they even put a limit on the amount of battles you can partake in through a single day. So long story short, the game is a money grab. Eventually if you are F2P you won’t stand a chance and I mean it. Just imagine a game limiting the amount of time you can spend playing it. They want you to spend more money to play a battle with a friend if you don’t have any more “battle tokens.” It’s honestly pathetic..Version: 3.0.0

Good game, but could use improvementThis is a pretty fun game, but there are some issues. #1 is the GRAPHICS. The images on the App Store make it look like the graphics are impeccable, but when I played the actual game, I was kinda disappointed. #2, CUSTOMIZATION. When I saw this on the App Store, because it said “Make Marvel yours!” I thought that meant that I could customize characters to my heart’s content. So when I got into the game, I was just rushing through the tutorial just so I could go and make my own Spiderman. I thought I could customize anything with a push of a button, so when I saw that I had to unlock customizable characters and items, I got VERY frustrated. I felt like the game was falsely advertising it’s content. #3, ACTIVITIES. I have been playing the game for about three days now, and I have seen only 4 gamemodes, two of which I have yet to unlock, to it gets very repetitive and boring after a while. PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME TRUE TO “Make Marvel yours!”!!!.Version: 3.1.0

Superhero MOBA fun!This game is really cool. The heroes have a unique spin and look and it’s fun to learn their abilities and customize their gear. It plays like a mini MOBA with different game modes. Matches are short and intense. The game is easy to learn, but skill and strategy are needed to be a top player. Each game mode rotates along the map so the background is different every time you play. The maps are really awesome looking and so are the heroes. You don’t need to pay to play or unlock heroes. After a few matches I already had three heroes, but I bought Storm for $5 because she looked cool and had useful abilities. The game also integrates Marvel lore in a creative way that fits the game. Make mine Marvel MOBA!.Version: 1.0.2

Good startThis game has a lot of great potential as a mobile community/esport. The grind isn’t too bad, the micro transactions are t intrusive or game breaking, and the loot is aesthetically pleasing enough to make each drop feel exciting. My biggest complaint is the balancing in match making. There have been too many games to count where I play a squad of with two tanks while my team is three dps. Some work could be done to make sure that teams have more viable comps, like letting players pick characters after being put in teams but before the match starts. There is nothing more defeating than getting steam rolled match after match because match making put two hulks on a team against two webslingers. I suspect this will get better with future versions, but as of right now it’s the biggest drain on me wanting to have extended play sessions or invest any resources or money into characters..Version: 1.0.2

PaneledzeroHello everyone, I think that there are a lot of other people who would agree with me on this, this is a really great game it have pretty much unlimited outfits and other items but there is one thing that I would like. I am that type of person where I play games when I am bored and I am bored a lot. I am starting to lean towards playing among us more than this because you never know what is gunna happen. The thing about this game is that there is only like 7 characters. Yes I know that it takes time to make them and all of there equipment but having some new champions would be very nice. P.S when I said you kind of know what will happen in this game I meant that since there are so little characters you know what there attack can be..Version: 2.0.0

A decent start that needs better matchmakingIt’s simple to play and reasonably fun. You have a battle arena in the traditional no-creeps-no-lanes sense, but with a tower that also serves as the objective. Matches are quick and there’s a reasonably high skill cap. That said, the current matchmaking system is a train wreck. Despite there being over a half dozen available characters that all serve reasonably good niches, it is not uncommon to see multiple iterations of one character on a team. Playing Hulk and matched with two Sorc Supremes? Prepare to be healed to near certain victory. Playing Web Warrior and matched with two OTHER Web Warriors? Unless someone from the other team decides to not actually play (we need to talk about a report button for that too please), you are going to get steamrolled. It’s enjoyable but currently inconsistent..Version: 1.0.2

I never write theseFirst let me say I don’t write reviews. But for this game I felt compelled to. I have played many mobile games some short lived others that last years. This is months old and I legit play at least once a day. I would love to see more characters but I’m working on leveling all available right now they aren’t exact characters but resemblances of these (spidey, Cap, Hulk, iron man, Black Panther, Doc Strange and Storm) there are items and levels and multiple game modes from co-op to nearly a 3V3 moba type mode which is my favorite. Great game easy to dump time into. If a fan of marvel and/or mobas check it out.Version: 2.0.0

A few problems but overall great!I really like this game and I’ve been playing ever since it came out but there are a few problems that I have to address, There hasn’t been any new characters since the game came out and all they’ve been doing is working on the story mode that doesn’t even have a lot of players playing it. Also there’s lots of bots named Crumple, Golem and Kaboom etc. that only play hulk and run straight into the enemy and they get killed immediately can you please fix that? And finally the matchmaking system isn’t very accurate because a couple times I’ve been matched into a person in Recruit tier and I’m all the way up in Warrior tier. But amongst all these problems I really like this game and I hope they can improve it in the future!.Version: 1.0.2

BalancingI love the game, but it’s hard to do well in the arena when you’re fighting people in higher tiers because you’re higher in your tier. You can still do damage, but it feels unfair to be shoved in with a higher class simply because you’re almost there. Maybe if the arena matchups were sorted by tier, it would be somewhat more even of a matchup. And with the random decisions of teammates, the fights can be really unbalanced. You could be on a team of a striker, and maybe a tank or healer, and the other team has two tanks. Maybe if the sorting made it so each team can only have one type of class? I know the random sorting makes it interesting, but it can also put teams at an unfair disadvantage..Version: 2.1.2

My thoughtsThe game is awesome and has amazing potential and i really hope it prospers i do not know hot long it has been out but i will say it needs work as with a few things like the game crashing and completely closing out on me before every match, during the match and even after its gotten to the point where i want to delete it but i hope this review will help with the bug issues with the game being the biggest issue in my opinion i also hear other players talk about the bugs and people agree on wanting this game to make it big and give it the attention it deserves and may and lastly the upgrading and being able to use the gold for more than just upgrading..Version: 2.1.2

Matching Issues and Purchase ComplaintsThe team marching isn’t ideal. Three tanks versus three support characters is silly. Surely there’s a way to insure the teams are more evenly matched. Also, you’ve got the limited exclusive items with special skins. I spent money to get them, and their stats turned out to be significantly less than the regular items I had equipped. Might there be a way to scrap the item but keep the exclusive skin to put on a better item. Paying money for an exclusively crappy item - looks nice, but useless - just seems lazy. I know you devz can get us more bang for our bucks. I mean, you don’t want me spending my pandemic stimulus money on Strike Force, right?.Version: 1.0.2

Fun and low time requirementI really enjoy this game so far. Each match is fairly short but involved enough to make it worth the time. I enjoy the customization options. The main reason I’m giving it 4/5 is because this game claims to have customization options but you are really limited to the best gear available if you want to stay competitive. I don’t really feel like I get to customize my heroes. A “skin” option button to lock in a style of gear would be a great feature. Meaning, if you have that gear available, you could “lock” that skin on. That way you could keep the best gear stats and adjust your hero to look the way you want..Version: 1.0.2

The best game but some things are wrongThe game is so good but I think that some heroes are overpowered you can still beat them. I think that players should not be able to play the same hero you should not be able to have two hulks in the same game or three and storms freezes for to long and spider man can just keep sticking you but again you can still beat them but if there are two it’s overwhelming and hulk should not knock his team mates from the enemy’s and when someone is afk the ai keeps running them out of the ring it needs improvement I still love the game..Version: 1.0.2

My opinionHonestly i waited atleast a couple months on this game. Two weeks ago i got a iphone 12 and i was excited to play this game. Graphics are good and gameplay is fun. The character design and upgrading is nice just wish the amount to upgrade is a bit smaller. One thing i dont like about it is the fact that it drains my battery so much that my phone overheats mid game. Do note i just bought this phone. Other than my over heating i do love this game so far. Also before this game gets alot of reviews the only characters i want in this game is squirrel girl and wolverine. Thank you..Version: 1.0.0

Hulk is too powerfulWeather it’s hulk using the fists or hammer, he’s too powerful. I know he’s supposed to be a tank but when you have 2 hulks on the opposing team it’s basically a sure loss due to the power of the 2 hulks combined. A solution to this is to prevent match making from putting more than one of each character on a team. Also, the honored warrior set for black panther is too hard to find in crates and crystals. If you could improve the drop rate just a little bit it would make having this cool set so much easier.Version: 1.0.2

This is a fun gameThis game is interesting like other marvel/super hero games were you have your own squad in this game you play with other people on your team. Overall I like the charitors they chose to start with. One complaint though there are going to be and already is a character that is an event through onslaught mode onslaught needs to be nerfed they are almost impossible to get past stage nine for me at least if there are going to be more characters like this you need to make onslaught easer. Other than that fun game.Version: 1.0.1

Great game ... althoughThe customization here is what AVENGERS should have been. I recognized the developers here and remembered playing their star wars game for hours!!!! BUT That game is no longer accessible and my hours poured into that game is gone... wasted time. I don’t want to fully commit to this one and the same thing happens also I’ve seen many other complaints over the years about this developer... I’m hoping things have changed I’m hoping they are committed to giving there customers a great experience because it is a great game and they also makes some of the best games I ever played mobile!.Version: 1.0.1

Ok so first impressionsKabam i’ve been playing marvel contest of champions since the dawn of its inception. I absolutely love what you guys have done with that game, and have been incredibly excited since hearing about this game after playing for sometime execution is great gameplay is great incredibly fun love it. Only reason I’m giving four stars is because constantly getting offers shoved down my throat for buying this or that or this or that or this or that one time offer yada yada yada. It gets a little old after a while and keeps you from actually enjoying the game outside of that I love this game.Version: 2.0.0

“Fun” gameI was so excited for this game when it dropped but the more I played it the less I won. Not a good game if you lose 75% of the time. I’m not saying I should win every single time but it gets annoying when your teammates are holding you back. But that’s the problem you can’t communicate with teammates so their is no way to be strategic. I really hope you guys can add a campaign mode so I don’t have people holding me back or something that can help with communication because right now this game is not fun. This game is still new so I’ll give it some time to improve before I uninstall.Version: 1.0.0

Need more characters! + other critiquesI think this game is really fun and appreciate how it’s not an energy based game that you don’t have to wait to play. (Thanks for that!) It would be awesome if there were more characters and bigger maps. I enjoy the arena conquest the most. My favorite thing is that every character can look a bit different and just that little detail that makes it really cool. It would be cool if you could somehow change colors or materials of things. I know this a newer game but I’d love to be able to do things like that. Thanks for reading this!.Version: 2.0.0

Love the gear upgrading!I enjoy how your upgraded gear changes how your character looks. It’s got a world of warcraft feel to it as far as this system. Better gear makes you stronger. Yes you can pay to get “great gear” but I haven’t bought anything yet and love it. Has my two favorites Hulk and Spiderman. Only thing I wish you can make the female characters male and wish there were more characters (Venom, Wolverine, Carnage maybe 😊) but overall enjoy playing. Seem like I’m getting little rewards all the time too. Worth the download!.Version: 1.0.2

Needs MoreI actually genuinely like this game and I have played for about a day now. But there needs to be more characters and I’m not talking about just new houses that you will add to the game because eventually you will run out of houses and based on the cinematic for the game you will run out quickly. I am talking about different characters within each house like I don’t think you should only be able to be one gender for a house I think that is weird lol. But other than that I think the game will be fine but in order for it to survive it needs constant updates..Version: 1.0.0

Prices for items are OUTRAGEOUSThe price for items such as hulks latest gear is such a ripoff it costs 700 credits but there is a similar item that’s 4.99 and you get the same amount of items and it gives you the same power score. last I checked 500 credits cost nearly 20 dollars plus tax??? And 700 credits would be somewhere around 35 dollars See what I’m saying there are bundles that cost nearly less than triple the amount you can get credits for it doesn’t make sense the prices are outrageous.Version: 2.1.2

Best Marvel game yet!Way better than MCOC! Innovative and fantastic gameplay!.Version: 0.3.0

BEST MARVEL Game EVERYou need to play no blood and create your own character and then you can go beat other super hero PLAY THE GAME!!!.Version: 0.5.1

I love it!This game is so good! As long as you guys at kabam plan to keep updating it and add more heroes I will continue to play! Awesome game!.Version: 1.0.2

Best Game EVERI cant stop playing it, my wife is so mad and i cant pay off my mortgage, but this game is worth it. Alliance events are sick! I love playing with my friends.Version: 2.0.0

AWESOMEAMAZING! I LOVE this game, it is just as fun, if not more fun than Contest.Version: 0.4.1

Cool gameI like Spider-Man cause he haves a cool skin and good skills and this game is awesome!.Version: 0.3.1

So much potential, get in early.If you follow Kabam and MCOC, you know two things: 1) they have a deep relationship with marvel and access to the whole library. 2) they know how to monetize and make an engaging game Bonus: classic Kabam server issues and bugs All in all, I have been playing since Canadian Beta. It’s a really fun game. Allies now have Events, crystals are popping everywhere and we are in the “setup” phase of this universe. Get in. Rank up. Be aware of early bugs, but enjoy the game. If you like 3v3 arenas, this isn’t your normal map. It’s fast, bringing really efficient nights with tons of matches. There is nuance. It’s a challenge. You need a team to get higher in the rankings. They need to work out some matchup issues. But from 0-750 rating. You’ll have fun. My tip is: collect units, unlock champs, rank them to 750 and move to the next one. Once all at warrior tier, then work on the next run of 750-1250. Get in a good ally at that point. All the champs are great. You have DPS, tank and Support. They play together- it’s not a game where one person can change the result. It takes teamwork. Good luck..Version: 2.1.0

The best game I ever playedThe best game I ever played it is super addictive get it.Version: 2.0.0

Great gameGreat marvel game, just can’t wait for more heroes to be added..Version: 2.0.0

Realm of ChampionsThis game is awesome! But kaboom add some more characters and overall this game has great potential.Version: 1.0.2

A lot of grindingSo this game is ok as far as gameplay goes. But there are certain times( particularly when you are close to ranking up a character) that it will match you up with opponents that are a much higher level than you. This forces you to either grind for hours, or pay to win. On top of that, The in app purchases are incredibly expensive..Version: 1.0.2

Best MOBA I’ve played!I really love this game and can’t wait for more characters and callback costumes to be added!! Controller support would be amazing too, I’d love to play with more options and such..Version: 1.0.2

Really funIt’s like LOL but the games are modified for quick mobile play. But over time it feels like you’re playing with dumbies and against tryhards.Version: 1.0.2

WolverinePlease can I have a Wolverine.Version: 1.0.2

NiceI’m downloading it still but I played it at my friends house and I LOVE that you can edit the characters!.Version: 0.4.1

Good but with issuesThe match-making system needs improvement, had many unbalanced matches that negatively influence gaming experiences. Already uninstalled solely for that reason....Version: 0.5.1

WowWow a fresh new take on Mobas💗💗💗 It’s basically brawl stars mixed with mobile legends bang bang. Limitless potential as well..Version: 0.4.1

Best game everYou get so much free stuff every day and so easy to play and no adds.Version: 0.4.1

BeautifulSuper easy to get into the game, buttery smooth and every fight is a thrill ride. Nice work!.Version: 0.3.0

So so goodIt’s a great game I just can’t get it out of my mind.Version: 0.3.1

WowThis game is amazing its the best marvel game i have ever played and its amazing one thing I want is a symbiotic character it would be like web warrior but look different and have maybe a roar that stuns for like 1.5 seconds and maybe have the ultimate be like an eat where it does a lot of damage but you have to be REALLY close or have like a symbiotic arm that goes and stabs someone just to give it variety so its not the same as web warrior but this game is amazing.Version: 5.0.1

Free playerPlease add free player mode so we can adventure battleworld!.Version: 5.1.0

Great gameI totally would recommend this to anyone I know. There is a bug, and sometimes mid round, my game crashes. If you could get back to me that would be really helpful. Is there any way to fix this?.Version: 5.0.1

Way too expensiveEvery Marvel hero is like 60$ 70$ so can you just make the Marvel heroes free everything else is fine.Version: 5.0.1

This game is awesome I say it’s one of the best games I like Iron Man‘s laser blast out of his chestI say it’s really good.Version: 5.0.1

Fantastic gameGreat game play, I wish there was more abilities you Could use for better rotations, maybe it will be added later on. None the less lost of fun.Version: 5.0.1

Great GameLooking forward to seeing more heroes added in the future!.Version: 4.1.0

It's keep crashingThe gameplay is awesome but the game crash when i start a game.Version: 5.0.0

Don’t listen to hatersI personally think the game is AWSOME and I’m a HUGE marvel fan, like I love marvel and I think that this is cool because it’s a different point of view so I think that it’s fun and I woulddefinitely recommend it. Can you add Thor and Wolverine please.Version: 4.1.0

MUST GET FR FRI usually hate mmo games but I LOVE IT LIKE OMG.Version: 4.0.0

Good game butCan you make a Star Wars game please.Version: 4.0.0

FunGame statistics are weird sometimes but still really fun.Version: 4.0.0

AwesomeAs a huge MCU fan, this game is 10/10.Version: 3.1.0

Crashing problemEvery time I try and play the game crashes before I can do anything, it was fun but it crashes to much.Version: 4.0.0

AwesomeI love this game but I had a idea for u mabye you can make a groot character and TVs powers and smash in the ground and roots come up and a root shield and the special power is spin around with root sword hands ok that my idea if u like tell ma ok 😀.Version: 4.0.0

So much potentialBrilliant game. Few things for future iterations ... -Needs basic on screen command buttons for shouts to your teammates during matches. Also post-fight emojis. This would take the game to another level. -Needs multi item scrap to alleviate inventory cleanup monotony -Needs to have an unlocked camera option. Last month’s event showed how dynamic a lower and tighter camera is. Way more immersive! -Needs a test level or tutorial room to showcase new weapons. This would also help you to be familiarized and distinguish your attacks in the chaos of matches. -Is there any way to have a story mode where you are travelling from point A to B to C to finish? If it can be supported I think if you are moving through a map starting from one corner and finishing in another corner, even if it’s in a straight line, is more compelling than holding the fort down in the middle of the map. That’s enough for now. Gotta get back to playing!.Version: 3.1.0

THE BESTYou have to try this it’s really fun you can get cool marvel characters.Version: 3.1.0

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