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Discover bite-sized learning with Headway for fun and easy growth! We summarize key ideas from the world’s nonfiction bestsellers so you can get essential knowledge to crush your goals.

More than 18 million people have already joined the Headway community to become the best versions of themselves. How about hopping along on this self-growth journey?


* 1500+ books summaries with the world’s best ideas
Learn the main insights from any nonfiction title in less than 15 minutes. Whether you want to listen or read, we have you covered with concise summaries on any topic.

* Highly personalized approach
We pick every piece of bite-sized content according to your goals and needs. Enjoy your fun and fully customized journey to the top.

* Daily insights
Start your day by tapping through a portion of daily insights. It’s the best way to build your routine around fun and easy growth!

* Self-growth challenges
Boost your life areas and skills with our challenges on Success, Wealth, Healthy Relationships, Modern Parenting, Self-Confidence, Emotional Intelligence, and more. Choose what you want to achieve and follow the challenge to see excellent results in 28 days or less.

* Only proven sources of ideas
We pick titles from reputable lists like The New York Times Bestsellers and Amazon Bestsellers to deliver the highest quality of ideas.

* Quality of summaries
Our professional writers & editors polish every key idea in our hand-crafted content to create the best learning experience.

* Spaced Repetition feature
This recall technique helps turn your favorite insights into flashcards and go through them whenever you want. It’s also an excellent tool for those learning English, as you can turn any unknown word into a flashcard and quickly memorize it.

* Widgets
Now inspiration is always in your pocket and speaks to you every time you unlock your phone. We choose the best quotes and insights for Headway widgets to keep you motivated every second.

* Inspiring & motivating
* Huge library of book summaries
* Easy to read & listen
* Would recommend


“Headway is a bite-sized learning app for those who strive to grow. Helping users worldwide to become happier and more confident, their subscription-based service is designed to be worked into a busy schedule.”— Daily Mail

“Professional writers and editors of the Headway team up with the best voice actors, moderators, and other team members to deliver an experience that is unmatchable in terms of quality.” — Mobile App Daily

“Whether you’re taking a 15 minutes break, commuting to and from the workplace, or stuck in traffic, you can use the app to learn productivity or leadership hacks.”— MakeUseOf

After you decide to begin your growth with Headway and download the app, you can start a 7-day free trial.

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Note that deleting the app does not cancel your subscriptions.
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Headway: Daily Book Summaries App Comments & Reviews

Headway: Daily Book Summaries Positive Reviews

IN LOVEI’m not going to lie, the first time I downloaded the app; I immediately deleted it. I didn’t understand the concept of the app and neither the value of it. But I knew I wanted to read daily even if it was for a few minutes. So a week passed after I deleted the app and my urge to read grew. So I’m like let me try this app once more with the free trial this time. And believe me when I say this - I fell in love! This is the best decision I’ve done. It’s so convenient in time and portable. I can just click the app and choose any book I want to read within a time period that I selected earlier on. That’s also something you can change. If you’re someone who is busy or doesn’t put enough time in reading but wants to just like me — you can set your goal time. It will customize and recommend books based of your goal setting. It’s absolutely beautiful. By doing this I’m able to read in between work hours and get the summary done within 10 minutes! It’s literally a whole book summarized. So convenient, easy, quick BUT informative. I look forward in reading a new summary each day. I learn a bit more each day. Since I was able to keep that streak in reading something each day - even if i didn’t finish the summary - I decided to purchase and did the one year subscription! This way I’m able to have more selections in reading and not be limited to one daily book. I love it! I’m so grateful and blessed for this app!!.Version: 160.6

Ahead of its time!I am truly grateful and blessed to have downloaded this app after seeing it countless times on Instagram. I am someone who strives for greatness and success, but have difficulties trying to get there like many others. I am not a fast reader and out of millions of books I don’t know what Content is more suitable for my lifestyle and goals. I want to build my intelligence, my confidence and overall become the best version of myself. There are even some books I have started in the past, but never finished. After two days of having this app Headway. I was able to go through seven different summaries including the books, I’ve never finished and I understand every single one at a high listening speed. I am applying what I have learned so far and it has changed my life and only two days. I am now making improvements on my own life in the gym for my physical work out and at home when I sleep. I’ve been introduced to so much knowledge I would have never known about otherwise. This app is truly ahead of its time. I feel as if I’m downloading information straight into my brain. My goals and future has become much more within reach. I will take full advantage of this application and I’m so happy I invested in my future! -Chris Scott.Version: 220.5

Nerdy black girls unite!!This app has changed my life tremendously. Most of my screen-time on my phone is from this app. I have told all my friends about it. I read more than 93% of Headway readers w/ a goal of 38min/day, but i find myself listening to Headway w a headphone in while I’m cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, during flights and on long walks too. I have the motivational “quote of the day” widget on the home page of my phone that is the first thing i see on my phone and really sets my intention for that day! Next, I want to start taking notes on the books i am reading ! I find myself reading a lot of the books twice to pick up anything i missed or ingrain it into my mind with spaced repetition. I also find doing anything else on my phone like watching silly vids so boring compared to learning something new on here! I find myself being an overall better person. You are making our lives a lot better in these overstimulating times :)!! My favorite topics are technology, psychology, and self-improvement. I am an extremely autodidactic person so this to me is the equivalent of somebody getting their masters, except I prefer having a wide-range of knowledge. Thanks again!!.Version: 173.3

Start making headwayI've been using the Headway app for about a month now, and I'm really impressed with it. It's a great way to learn new things and improve your skills. The app is really easy to use. You can choose from a variety of topics, and each topic has a series of lessons. The lessons are short and easy to understand, and they're broken down into small steps. This makes it easy to learn new things without feeling overwhelmed. I also like that the app tracks your progress. You can see how far you've come and how much you've learned. This is really motivating, and it helps you stay on track. Overall, I'm really happy with the Headway app. It's a great way to learn new things and improve your skills. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about a variety of topics. Here are some specific things I like about the Headway app: The app is easy to use and navigate. The lessons are short and easy to understand. The app tracks your progress, which is motivating. The app offers a variety of topics to choose from. The app is affordable. If you're looking for a way to learn new things and improve your skills, I highly recommend the Headway app..Version: 227.7

Covers a lot in a short timeI paid for Headway some time ago but never got around to really check it out. I am a good listener, but when it comes to reading a book, I get distracted, I stop and lose my way in the book until I eventually lose the whole essence of the story. One morning while being alone with my thoughts, I decided to catch up on my literature, so I browsed their library until I found an interesting topic to read. Found out, I could actually just listened. I decided to listen, Wow! The book was so precise, exciting, informative and quick about 15mins. I was truly amazed as to how they summarized the book with all the important points, I received the whole message right away. At the end of the book they even had pointers to remember, so you can further meditate on essence of what you just read or listened. I loved it, I read three books just before I write this review, I think I am about to listen another after writing this review, it is that good. If you have an interest in reading and learning new things or you just like to listen like myself you need to have this app. You will not regret it. Thanks Headway for create this wonderful app..Version: 169.6

Quick little boosts of positive infoI’ve been enjoying these quick 10 minutes (or so) amounts of time throughout my day when I’m feeling like I can use some positive uplifting help. Everyone can use positive feedback throughout the day that can help guide you in the right direction, or help to get you through a tough situation that you know is going to be happening. Or maybe you just want to explore some healthy factual readings that are available on the Headway app. Maybe you can even pass the information onto to someone else who can benefit from some positive words of encouragement or who wants to learn about something to better their life the way we’ve been bettering our lives. Because that is what will happen if you take the time to explore this app. There’s only one way to go and that’s in a positive direction because there is so much to be learned on here. I’m relatively new to this app and have a long way to go but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where all this great information will lead me in my near future. I hope you take the time to explore things on Headway, you’ll be happy you did..Version: 219.7

Excellent quality summariesClear, concise, digestible book summaries that capture highlights of the greater book. Awesome app that is designed well and super easy to use. Like that there is new content or new recommended content daily. One suggestion I would offer is improved toggling between the rotation of books under the “Discover” heading. When you read the quote and click into the corresponding book and finish reading some or all of the book, you are not sent back to the Discover list where you left off. You have to click the list again and the books are randomly re-ordered every time, meaning I have to go through books already viewed. I’d like to be able to pick up where I left off in the Discover list and for the list to stay in the same order. Also recommend expanding the search features to pick up on key phrases in the books. Sometimes I want to look for a category of book that isn’t listed in the set category list. Also, please add more fiction books!.Version: 204.3

Fantastic concept with room to growI listen to a lot of audio/audible books in various for of strategic self and business development. The problem I have is that sometimes books drag on. What could be said in a half a book can be condensed to a chapter. I love that this app provides a way for me to listen to the main idea(summary) of the book in a condensed manner. If the summary doesn’t feel like enough, or if I just really want to hear more about it, then I know it’s worth getting the full book on Audible or possibly hard book. I rated 4 instead of 5 stars because not all the books are read by a person. Instead, it’s a robotic like voice that’s an absolute pain to digest. I find myself distracted from the books content because the delivery of the message is just botched. I read from other reviews that they are working on changing them all over so I think with time, this app will get better and better. I’m more than satisfied with the year price I paid and plan on using it often. I hope that in the meantime while they work on getting these robotic voices replaced, they provide a filter for their selection so I can exclude those from playlists..Version: 144.1

Nice concept and need some improvements in app to perfectI like how this app gamifies reading and make reading more fun and enjoyable. This is a value add on top of the book summary which is what you’re really paying for. Not free and I think it’s worth it assuming there will be more books in the future. Having said that. The app still needs some work and refinement. 1) App crashes occasionally. 2) App doesn’t resume where you previously stopped. Having to start from the beginning of the chapter is quite annoying. 3) Listening stops at every chapter. The whole book is already short. I would like to listen the whole book in 15-20mins without keep hitting play again. The app doesn’t need to stop at the end of every chapter. 4) If you open or listen a few lines just for exploring, the book stays at the bottom of you Discovery tab. I’m nitpicking here but I really need a way to remove it. 5) In reading mode, the bottom of the page is cut off on 13 pro max screen. Some fine tuning on layout is needed. 6) App should allow user option to pick pay plan rather than defaulting to annual..Version: 175.3

LIFE CHANGINGI was referred to this app by my mentor and it is now my daily go too I never was a fan of reading long drawn out books because for some reason my brain wouldn’t retain the information after the first chapter I’ve read. To find an app that would summarize a books key points give key tips and read it aloud was like finding GOLD for me headway has drastically changed my life I was seeking to know a lot more than what I already knew clarity on this I was unsure of I sought to better myself and to find my purpose here in life and headway not only helped me with these answers I was seeking but they’ve helped me to be the better person I knew I could be. When I’m in distress I no longer feel the need to reach anywhere for anything else but to headway because 90% of the time there’s a book I can listen to that will speak directly to what I’m going through which sets me right back on track. I would recommend this app to the world if I could because of it s life changing effects Big Thanks to the developers!.Version: 150.3

Want meaningful and lasting change to a better life?Devoting as little as 15 minutes of your day to learning to know oneself, trying things differently, and applying tried and true concepts into your life will bring about a new and improved person that not only benefits you and everyone around you but the world as a whole. The rest of the day is as simple as implementing and refining your new ideas and knowledge. Easy right? Yes it is, as long as you’re serious about wanting real change, not quitting when things get challenging or don’t show instant results and you have a desire for tangible success. But only after striving to make your dreams become reality by putting in a little work. And the best part, Headway let’s you identify what areas you may need improvement in or what you yourself want to focus on and the giving you all the tools you need to make it happen in their clear, concise and informative material. (Perfect people, there’s something for you as well!).Version: 200.3

Latest App you Need to Tweak any part of your life!This has to be the best app I’ve downloaded in a long time. I’m constantly finding ways to absorb new information. I have books on top of books that I get through about 1-2 chapters a week. Although it’s progress. It doesn’t get straight to the concepts I’m looking for. Since I’ve read a ton of books already I have a general idea of what exactly I’m looking for. This app has saved me tons and tons of research and time. Repetition is the key to mastery. The second problem I have is integrating new concepts into my life. Taking notes can lead to lots of time lost. Instead I find all the books I’ve already read and add them to my library so I can study them frequently so it truly becomes part of my life. It’s like going to the gym with your lifting partner for one week then you stopping and expecting to have the same excitement, push, and motivation to make lifting a new habit. Headway is my lifting partner for my mind..Version: 159.3

Perfect App!I never write reviews but this app deserves one! I was kind of skeptical at first because I was introduced to this app through an Instagram Ad. I was kind of bummed to see that it was just summaries of books and not the whole book. After reading the books suggested to me for the past couple of days I feel in love with this app! The recommendations are perfectly tailored to what I wanted to keep track on! And the summaries are super helpful and informational even thought they’re 7-9 pages long. I’ve also discovered books that i’d love to buy as well as read books that I’ve been deciding on buying but then didn’t find as useful or what I really wanted. I can’t get over how much I love this app at this point! Just with the summarizes i’ve read in 3 days (I’ve only had it for 3 days) I feel like I have taken in so much useful information that I think about all day! It’s absolutely worth the time and money!.Version: 176.4

Learning is important!I had lost focus on learning since graduation. I actually tried very hard NOT to have to learn anything for several years. I figured out I was using more energy not to learn than I could use learning new things. They don’t have to be complex subjects, anything you think might intrigue you or benefit you, learn about it. Since changing by horrible thought process, I’m very much loving learning and growing. It’s very important to use our brains so that they don’t get lazy and always take the easiest pathways. Don’t take the easy (turns out harder) road like I did for too long! Use this app to learn some key concepts and run with it. The app saves so much time by not having to read a whole book too! I can listen to one on the way to work or while running errands in town. The time I take driving around is no longer wasted time! Thank you Headway! 😀.Version: 176.4

Time SaverI have a unique group of colleagues made up of diverse personalities. As chair of a few committees, I’m often held up and ham-strung by personality clashes and having to manage those personalities. The introverts are wheel-spinners and can’t move forward with anything; the extroverts make rash decisions; none of them will think big picture. I’ve been frustrated and demoralized. BUT—I listened to this and could finally see the obvious thing I’ve been missing: I’m stepping entirely off one committee that is the most toxic and just chalking it up to a learning experience even though I cared about the projects we were working on. I don’t like not producing results. I have other projects I enjoy that I can pick up. And I can pivot away from this ridiculousness and maybe, just maybe, these people will see this as a wake-up call, too, once I explain why I’m stepping off..Version: 221.2

Literally life changing.I start my day with this app and I love it. I wish there was a way to jump right back into the challenge you were working on, but it’s not that big a hassle to just scroll and find it again. But the summaries are great. I love that I can read them, listen, or read and listen. It would have taken me months, maybe years, to get to all the books I’ve been hoping to read. With headway, in 3 days I’ve consumed the major takeaways from 3 massively influential books, and the insights have, no joke, changed my life. So, I guess that makes Headway… life changing? I’ll stand by it. P.s— to headway team: Please keep working on your beautiful interface to be even more intuitive and user friendly. Not that it isn’t great already, I’m just a dreamer of perfectly accessible apps that anticipate everything lol. 5 stars are still yours..Version: 180.6

Good concept, poor executionI saw Facebook ads for Headway in the form of these 28 Day Challenges and I was very intrigued. I’m always down for a good challenge, especially one in the self growth department. I downloaded the app and was all excited that it was going to create my OWN personalized challenge tailored to my interests. Wow! Well, when you make it to the home page, your personal plan vanishes. Gone, never to be seen or accessed again. That was very disappointing but I was still willing to give it a try. The audio recordings are awful. I’m a VO artist and I actually wondered if these summaries were recorded by humans. The cadence is off, it sounds hollow, there are no gaps between sentences. I could barely comprehend. And before I could cancel (because I wanted to see if all the recordings were that bad or just a few) I get charged $80 for 6 months. Not worth the money and I haven’t used it in months. Like I said, excellent concept, but the technical execution (the vanishing of your plan and the audio recordings) leaves much to be improved..Version: 99.7

HmmmI don’t want this to set others’ opinions of this app as I suspect the app has a lot of great value to it for people. But, the very first “Insight” I received after downloading it was; “Friendships that revolve around people are companies that research shows to be healthy, lasting and satisfying.” I had to read it 3 times over as the word “companies” just didn’t make sense here. It’s not a word that would be generally used for people with English as a first language and it threw me. I asked my husband and he said, “It’s probably written by someone whose first language isn’t English. I think they mean “relationships.” This doesn’t fill me with great promise for the app. I’d rather an app that could give tidbits of info and insights that simply just make sense and you don’t have to reread several times. Also, it makes me feel like the content is just churned out from overseas, or from bots translating things. Not a great start but I’ll persist for a bit. Any more though and I’ll leave this app to the side..Version: 205.7

Absolutely the best $ I’ve spent on myself other than LasikI love this app, and these books. I often intend to read but just get overwhelmed with life and managing time - this is the perfect bite size rendition of the key points of a book, which then inform me which ones I want to go deeper into and inspires/motivates me to actually read. I would recommend this to anyone who intends to read more and is interested. Like my personal trainer says; the best greens for your health are the ones you EAT! And this is perfect for my curious mind and on the go life. The only compliant is that I really do not like the voice of the female narrator and think they should find a replacement which as soothing and neutral as the male voice. As a female myself I find it kind of disappointing. She has A TERRIBLE voice and absolutely affects the experience of the books and overshadows the quality!!!.Version: 208.4

Self loveI was hesitant at first and initially deleted the app before really giving it a try. I am a therapist, mom, partner, and family woman with what feels like very little time to herself. I justify not spending on myself in order to spend more on others. I realized that reading more often has been a goal of mine since well before gradschool. It never happens. When I took a second look at this app I realized it had such a great structured way of keeping me on a simple track for success. Not only would I be able to read brief summaries but I could choose any topic relatable to my day, mood and interests. Once I began using the app it became easy to listen while driving, feeding the baby, or even cooking. I love it!! Definitely worth the purchase. It is still very new to me so I cannot wait to really see all that this app has to offer..Version: 218.8

Just truly grateful and amazed.Lol who knew how hard trading can go in your life 🖤🖤 I’m amazed that i found writers that have written books that confirm thoughts about elevation that i never knew to actually be like law in the universe. i thought i was the only one which made me self conscious all the time. Whoever made this app in the way they made it was genius and i’m so grateful. It would probably of took a few more years to be able to read these books because i just didn’t have a way to do it or a way to figure out how to read these much needed books. i’m so grateful to the creators of this app. and that it found its way me. not to sound corny but i’m grateful for the chance to read these books and then it helps you with time management; its just out of this world. may they continue to bless the world with their ideas 🖤🖤🖤.Version: 154.0

MUST READ!!So I am 23 and entrepreneur, I don’t believe I have ever written a review from the App Store and I’ve had an iPhone as long as I can remember. I strongly recommend you take the test and read these books every day life can kind of get away from us and this is an excellent reminder to read. I love to read a good book, and this is that and more. I feel a deeper connection within myself as I truly ponder how I can apply the concept this app teaches me. Also, if you take their intuition test at the end of it, they will give you 70% off and it’s only $30 a year so I highly recommend it and would even pay the original price as I have found great value in an app that actually makes a difference with how I live my life. and this is coming from somebody who doesn’t like to be on their phone by the way..Version: 209.6

Best Book app ever!This App is amazing! Great books, great content. I love reading but I don’t read very long and long books normally make me quit them. But this short book that you can read in 16-20 minutes is perfect! Suggestions: 1. I will like to see a check Mark next to a book I read. Right now if you wanna check you have to go the library and check if you read it. This feature is common sense and is missing. 2. Customize feature that allows you to choose a book journey route: meaning you can choose all the books you want to read next and have them set up like the challenges are set up now but with each book set up from first to last in a creative way. 3. The ability to review each mini book once you’re done. And to show each books reviews easy..Version: 173.3

Worth every cent! This app is life changing!I have always known that personal development and investing time into it was a key to being more content and successful, and I would buy book after book that I would start but rarely finish. Since finding Headway a few months ago, I have been able to meet my daily reading goal, and I have finished summaries of 34 books! Some I want to read more so I can get the entire book if I want, others I just take notes on how they apply to me and move on to the next. My personal life is immensely better, and I am having my best year in my 30 year sales career, even during the pandemic! I can’t imagine my days without this app, it is so worth it! Don’t even think about it - get it! Then commit to a few minutes a day and it will become habit. Im living proof!.Version: 153.4

Want to improve but overwhelmed w routesI have been making recent advancements in my life to improve different aspects that I truly care about (my family, relationships, health, career). Some of these were made by excising and listening better. Some I didn’t know where to start a did research and found reading was a viable option that I never considered and began wish listing books. After adding a near 200 books to my list after a year of reading, I realized that I need to read non stop for the rest of my life to read all these brooks before I die. I got an add for this app, downloaded it, and it sat there for a few weeks. Once I got that impending reading doom again, I gave this app a chance. And man am I glad I did. I can read and listen to my wishlist so that I can 1. figure out if I want to keep or delete the book from my wishlist and 2. Actual get something out of the book even if I decide to delete it. I know it cost money and that will instantly deter people, but u would highly advise to reconsider. The price tag just motivates me even more to continually use this app for my self betterment because I want to get my moneys worth. If reading or podcast interest you to improve your life. THIS APP IS A MUST.Version: 219.7

A little confused at firstI wasn’t really sure of the purpose or function of this app initially. I have ADHD so it took a a bit to really focus on the utility here. Once it clicked that this app provides a summary of larger books ( the keynotes) I fell in love! As I mentioned I have ADHD, which makes it difficult for me to read, I get lost in text of a book as my mind starts to wander. This app reads to you and you can follow along with the text, that has made a huge difference in what I retain. It’s also a great way to get the keynotes and help me decide if I want to read the whole book or can I just take away the summary and put it to use. For Gen-X the best way I can explain it is this - Cliffnotes and the speak and spell had a brilliant baby and it’s Headway! Hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me - total game changer!.Version: 154.0

BEST AND MOST INSPIRING APP EVERI have had this app for three days now and I ended up buying a premium subscription. It was very good on the free version because you’ll get a book recommend it to you every day for free. If you end up getting premium you can download your books and listen to them without internet. I personally use them while I take my dog on a walk in the woods where there’s no Internet connection. If you get it during the holiday season I got a 70% off discount from premium so it was really worth it. This app has tons of different challenges like the 28 day wealth challenge and hundreds of different books to either listen to, read from, or listen to while you’re following along. Are usually don’t write apps but I felt very inspired to do so. Thanks Headway for changing my life!.Version: 150.3

100% downloadI saw this on the App Store as I was looking for an app that could help me improve myself, and I am SO glad I downloaded it. This app has a ton of book summaries and it breaks them down into bite size pieces so it’s really easy to understand the gist of a book. The coolest thing about this app, though, is that it’s made me start reading again. I actually bought a few of the books whose summaries I read in this app because I wanted to get the full experience, and I think this app really made me want to do that. I wouldn’t have bought and read actual self improvement books if I hadn’t first seen them here, so I’m really happy I found this app. It makes you appreciate good books and actually makes you WANT to read them, which is really cool. Definitely recommend.Version: 153.4

It’s Cliff Notes for the professionalSo far, great range of books. The audio option means I can plug it into my car on the way to work, although I would like a way to skip back a paragraph rather than a whole chapter. I generally still take notes or return to a book - nothing takes very long as each book takes less than 20 minutes to complete, typically a good deal less. Also, I’ve been driven to find the full book at the library or order online when I want to learn more. As a recovering compulsive book-buyer, I’ve found this app helps me get through what end up being “one idea books” quickly and without blowing $20. Totally worth it for those with a desire to learn but without a ton of time or an ability to read quickly..Version: 151.0

This was created for me.I’m really not one to post reviews, specifically, this is the first one I’ve taken the time to write in the past decade that I’ve been an Apple user. That’s how much I’ve enjoyed using this app. As someone who grew up reading every chance they could, reality has hit and I’ve realized that I cannot keep up the same amount of reading as I once did. Using this app has slowly helped me strengthen my retention and focus while reducing the information overload usually presented with most books. I love listening to podcasts already and the listening feature the app offers is similar enough to where I can now absorb this information without having to be on my phone. All in all I can tell this will be a great tool in my life..Version: 154.0

Solid but could improveI’m enjoying the summaries of the books included, and there are many, however… they include some editorializing in the summaries which is not useful and gives rise to suspicion they may be, even if inadvertently, editing the authors intended message throughout the rest of the summary. Regarding the audio versions, the human read summaries are well done and easy to follow, only occasionally using mismatched inflection or cadence. But the machine read summaries are of little value. The software’s attempts at inflection are more often wrong and the pacing/cadence of the reading often confuses or obscures the intended meaning of the text. The reminder cards, snippets of the summary are useful but would be better at bolstering retention if they were presented as a question, maybe fill-in-the-blank, instead of just the quote with no real recall required..Version: 129.1

Tips for improvementHello, I have been using the headway app for a month now and so far I have enjoyed it very much. While many things about it are great I thought I could help point out a couple things to improve the headway iPad app. I think a great way to get ideas on how to improve the app id by looking at the “Books” app from apple. I’ve been using that for years and many its pretty amazing. Anyways, here are somethings I noticed: 1. iPad Landscape mode. This would be a great add since a lot of the iPad cases don’t allow you to place the iPad on portrait mode. 2. Font size at max seems to mess a lot of things. Line spacing is small. Highlight is hard seems like i need to point below the words for them to be selected. 3. Be consistent with font usage. I believe font consistency between paragraphs, quotes, and header might make it more visually plesuarable and easy to use. 4. Background color, the Books app from apple does a great job with this. It would be nice if you guys can add 2 more backgrounds. Black, and sand. 5. Highlight, i would also look into the Books app they do a great timed highlighting feature instead of highlighting something and showing a button. Also, sometimes when I highlight the button doesn’t show up. Sent from my iPad.Version: 135.0

Life changingI decided recently to stop using social media and lessen my screen time, and I discovered this app which helped me stay on track with my goals. Instead of going to TikTok or other social media platforms I read instead in headway. I love reading books but I don’t have a so much time, if I decided to read the whole book my screen time will probably go up and I won’t be as productive. With book summaries I feel more satisfied with the amount of time I spend reading in this app. It’s not free but I think it’s a good investment for my lifestyle. I usually procrastinate and would be just scrolling through my phone but after adding headway as one of the apps to increase my productivity and less on procrastination. It’s definitely helped me and it’s a hobby now to open the app on the morning and read..Version: 221.9

For Busy PeopleI know what you’re thinking from the title. Everyone is busy so figure out a way to prioritize reading the whole book! Well, that’s fair, and what I mean by “for busy people” is that I try to utilize the things I learn about rest and productivity on a daily basis. Factor in work and hobbies and my whole day is packed. I love to read but it’s often challenging for me due to my neurodivergence and strict schedule (it helps the first thing). This app has allowed me to digest the core themes and points from each book that I’ve purchased and haven’t gotten to yet (which can make me feel guilty 🫠). It’s been very helpful in giving myself space and time to learn new ideas while making it easy and digestible. Bye bye guilt!.Version: 227.7

Needs a TutorialI like having books condensed for me because it’s nice to get the good highlights. What this app lacks though are clear instructions on how to use it. Not just HOW, but setting goals, why is there a 5 minute daily goal but I’m also challenged to finish 1 book a day? That’s more than 5 minutes of my time. Do I fail the challenge for not completing the book in 1 day but get a streak for doing 5 minutes? How does it all work together??? I feel that the developers can see how it would be simple to use, and it is… but I need to know from the goals I picked when setting up the app and the profile, am I following those goals? I feel like it asked for what I want to focus on, then just tossed me into the large pool and told me to figure out how to find the edge. And I can’t swim. Clear language and a task list related to the goals you defined. Plus, explanations on a daily time vs finishing a book. Also, better interface for navigating between screens. It took me forever to stop the playback on a book and get back to the main screen. This is where a tutorial on how to use the app would be beneficial. I literally feel like the creator doesn’t care about anyone who signs up, as long as they pay for the usage of the app. Do better - signed, an annual membership holder..Version: 157.3

Love it!I have Lymes disease and Graves’ disease, both cause confusion and “brain fog”… not to mention the depression, guilt, trauma survival issues, and then a self esteem drop as my modeling career went down the drain, and the cherry on top… being abandoned by my daughters father in NYC during the pandemic, she was only 1yrs old but she knew what he was doing and was crying and trying to bring his bags back in…. I’m terrified I need to get myself together fast please please please do the trick I am trying hard and do extra work when possible. I need a job in NYC, Bronx Area so that I can take care of my daughter. This app taught me things to teach her and work with her for self esteem and money relationships. I really do like this app, I feel like I’m doing something good for myself. Thank you.Version: 150.3

Best Investment to App to YourselfI don’t read books because they are too long or aren’t straight to the point. Especially if I don’t have the time for it. I stumble across this app and decided to give it a try. The fee was something that stopped me at first but I decided to get it as an investment for myself. The books are easy to digest, informative, helpful, and fun. It’s the best purchase I’ve ever made. Definitely give it a try. I know reading isn’t for most people but think of it as a way to understand yourself and how to change your mind on the world around you. We are so consumed with useless information that we forget about ourselves. This app gives you necessary information about what you need in life..Version: 198.5

Great but can be betterThis app is great for those who don’t have time to read a full book but want to get the essence of it. Some feedback for developers: 1. If I want to find a quote mentioned in the book, it thinks I’m trying to read it again and prompt me to continue reading it when that’s not my purpose. If the app can determine that once a book has been read and no longer needs to be read again, can it not ask me to read it again? 2. Can you allow users to add their own quoted messages to the “repetition” tab? I think rn it’s just the preselected quote but that’s not necessarily what I want to remember. 3. Why is there a need to have a “repetition” tab? Not sure the purpose of this and I don’t use it. 4. If I want to buy a book after I read it I would like to do it from your app… can you include that in your next iteration/ business plan ? Appreciate this app a lot! Thank you! Al.Version: 156.1

RefundHello, i cannot fund a contact number however i just purchased this service. I have never even opened this application in about 2 weeks i and would like a refund. i can not afford this at all and meant to cancel but i had a family emergency which involved me flying to a different city and it completely slipped my mind. i’m kindly asking for a refund as i can no longer pay my rent because this payment has been taken out of my account. i’m asking you from the bottom of my heart to please issue a refund. i’m begging i really cannot afford this..Version: 1.0.3

Very user friendly(but not free)The UI and app are very simple to use, however this app is not really made for free users. They keep begging you to subscribe and only let you read 1 book per day THAT THEY CHOOSE. App is great, price is not.Version: 160.6

Me encantaExcelente modelo de audio libros.Version: 221.9

Wrong money chargesThey are a scam. They will show you option for one month charges and at the end of free trial period they will charge for the whole year and than no response to emails forwarded. Even Apple support is not helping. Basically you r trapped..Version: 68.0

CheatedI canceled during the one week free trial but still got charged $117!!.Version: 67.1

Great App! Very informative summariesThe app is really good for informative summaries on just about any topic. Easy reads that get the message across quicker allowing for me to learn more in a shorter time!! Highly recommend.Version: 227.9

Informativo/ alentadorMe gusta mucho la aplicación te incita à leer a desarrollar tus facultades intelectuales..Version: 227.7

Love love love itHelps me to keep productive and doesn’t take long to listen every day either! Thank you!.Version: 226.7

Good App for Developing a Stronger intellectI’ve used this app for the passed year and a half now! And thoroughly enjoy and recommend to anyone who is interested or wants to learn more. The only thing I could say I don’t enjoy is the price of the app! With App’s increasing in popularity it seems like there’s always a price to pay. I get it and understand that developers need to sell their products but considering that most people have Hundred’s of apps and more then “Hand Fulls” of Apps that are being charged each and every month or yearly, makes it difficult to use an application to its full potential! Even when giving a 7-30day free trial it’s just not enough time to get a idea of how much your going to benefit! More apps should be a one - time Purchase and also be more affordable and have different trials that could go on for longer periods or pay $____ for 3 Weeks/Months 6 Months/Weeks even 9 Month/Week duration of Time. Would still recommend but will personally caution against using the app if you’re not in a good position to actually afford it!.Version: 226.7

Must have!Very interesting.Version: 226.7

Amazing BUTThis app is amazing. I love getting through all the books so quickly and getting all the important information summarized. It functions so well for those that have a hard time committing to a book or several or have a hard time taking in all the information from audio alone. It’s unfortunate that’s it’s just so expensive. If there was an option to pay monthly, I would. Or if you could have multiple users in a household on one account it would be worth that amount of money..Version: 226.7

Great reviewThis is my second day streak on Headway. I highly recommend it for those who like straight forward information. Easy english, easy to understand. I finished two summaries. I feel so motivated. Keep learning it leads to success..Version: 226.7

Wow, best way to explore many subjects you like.Summary reading is a new hobby..Version: 222.7

I am so glad I found this app!!Headway is something I have been wishing to find for a while…I love to read but working fulltime, working on a small home-based business, getting my kids to school and to extracurriculars haven’t left much time for me to sit and read…Headway is a perfect solution to being able to have access to key points in amazing books. A feature I absolutely LOVE is being able to listen to the audio version and read at the same time…helps me retain the key points a lot better and apply them into my life, work and business. Thank you Headway!.Version: 221.9

Love this appKeeps me motivated :).Version: 221.9

Excellent appI love this app. I can read and listen to the summary at the same which help me to absorb the information much faster..Version: 221.2

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