Customer ServiceNoah Gilmore Customer Service is a full Core Image filter utility. Use to:

- Learn about CoreImage and available CIFilters
- View documentation for all CIFilters supported on your iOS device
- Browse and search through more than 200 built-in CIFilters
- Apply CIFilters to example images
- Apply CIFilters to your own photos
- Crop, resize, blur and stretch your photos
- Apply stylistic effects to your photos

Your purchase of supports maintenance and development of the app, the website at, and other projects like it.

Questions or feature requests? is completely open source. Please reach out on GitHub: App Comments & Reviews Positive Reviews

Very useful!!!This saved me more than $5 worth of time, so thank you for making this. As other reviewers have mentioned, I think what could use some love is the “Try it” screen since it’s a bit unintuitive and depending on the size of the image I provide, I find myself having to pinch and zoom to enter the parameters and then adjusting again to see the results more than I’d like..Version: 2.1.1

Neat ideaUpdate: Thanks for the quick reply, yet so friendly and informative! Had to come back to give 5 stars, this app is in good hands. I like the idea of this app. Sadly it doesn’t meet all my needs. So a few suggestions! Sample images showing what each filter looks like would be great. It’s much too inefficient to tap through each one and select an image and guess at what the inputs should be. I almost never know what filter to use lol so being able to look through them all with the sample images was super useful with the core image filter reference doc. Can the image preview be built native? The way zoomed out web page makes me sad. I don’t think CIEdgeWork is working. All the values I try shows a white image..Version: 2.0.0

🖼Lovely tool to have! I was definitely confused about the “try it” view being scrollable and zoomable though. It’s pretty hard to tell what’s going on when you first use the app. It’d be nice to see the options fit on a iPhone screen in the next version!.Version: 1.0

Cool appThis app is the bees knees👍🏿.Version: 2.1.0

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