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BeReal. Your Friends For Real. Customer Service

BeReal is the simplest photo sharing app to share once a day your real life in photo with friends.

Everyday at a different time, everyone captures a photo within 2 minutes.

Capture and post in time to discover what your Friends are up to.

• The special BeReal camera is designed to take both a selfie and a frontal photo simultaneously.

• Share your BeReal publicly and discover what other people are doing around you.

• Some days, the BeReal comes with a unique challenge.

• Comment your friend's BeReal and chat with all their friends.

• React on your friend's BeReal with a RealMoji, your own emojis representation.

• See where your friends are in the world when they post their BeReal.

• Access your previous BeReal in an archive.

• See your friends right on your Home Screen when they react to your BeReal with a widget.

• React with your RealMojis as stickers in your iMessage chats.

/!\ WARNING /!\
• BeReal won't make you waste time.
• BeReal is life, Real life, and this life is without filters.
• BeReal will challenge your creativity.
• BeReal is your chance to show your friends who you really are, for once.
• BeReal can be addictive.
• BeReal might frustrate you.
• BeReal won't make you famous. If you want to become an influencer you can stay on TikTok and Instagram.
• BeReal may cause accidents, especially if you are riding bikes.
• BeReal is pronounced “BiRil”, not bereale, or Bèreol, it’s like B-Real from Cypress Hill.
• BeReal won’t let you cheat, you can try and if you manage to do so, come work with us.

Questions, ideas? We would love to hear what you think and we could even integrate some of your ideas on Be Real.

BeReal. Your friends for real. App Comments & Reviews

BeReal. Your friends for real. Positive Reviews

GlitchyI enjoy the concept of the app, but there needs to be a way to allow users to reattempt to upload their photos due to bad service. When I tried to post my photo tonight, it was taking much longer than it should have. After a minute or two, it said that I uploaded the image, but the app kept glitching out. I closed the app to reboot it, and my selfie for today was still there but no longer appeared in my memories. Even though I can see what I posted today on my “My Friends” feed, I am unable to see my friends’ posts and the discover page because the app doesn’t think I posted. Isn’t there a possibility to save that photo as a draft for that exact moment in the event the app glitches out so we can attempt to post it again? That would keep the spirit of the app within the moment, but it is not our fault if our internet screws us over. While I’m here, I would also like to ask if it would be possible to add a privacy feature where you can set your images to public while setting your location view to friends only. Thanks for reading..Version: 0.20.1

Novel, needs work but has great potentialI love the idea of this app. Social media is a joke nowadays because we curate our posts to appeal to certain aesthetics and create a false reality of what our lives actually look like. Apps like instagram feed into mental illness, making you think you’re not doing enough because other people appear to be living these lavish lifestyles when most of us are spending most of our time just chilling and wearing comfy outfits and being “boring”. This app is great because it rebels against this guise of perfect lifestyles and aesthetics. You get a notification at any random point during the day and you’re encouraged to post within two minutes of receiving the notification. It gives a more realistic perspective of what your friends and acquaintances are actually doing on a daily basis and it feels so much more real. I love the idea of this app. This is where I want to see social media go from here. There are quite a few bugs that i’ve noticed which is normal for a newer social media app, but it’s nothing that im not willing to work around and wait for new updates to improve the smoothness of the platform, to work out the kinks. Once the app gets a little better in this sense, I would be more than willing to give 5 stars. Other than that, y’all are fighting the just fight. Keep it up..Version: 0.20.2

YeaaaaI basically forced a ton of my friends onto this app and it has only grown from there. I love the concept cause it’s simple but it’s executed so well cause I feel like it is the replacement from snapchat that I needed. I never was a huge fan of snapchat but I did enjoy that it was one of those social media apps where you only really added people you are closest with or actually friends with. This is definitely that. I feel like it also just provides opportunities to keep engaged with people you might normally be engaged with since everyone gets the notification and it’s this big thing. Sometimes I’ll be in groups with my friends and one of us notices it’s time for the bereal and we all spend a good minute trying to take random photos for each of our posts. I like it..Version: 0.20.1

Could be betterI enjoy the app, like most people have said, the spontaneity is a really unique way to avoid glorified posts or unrealistic updates. Similar to most people, it is frustrating working around the glitches and the bugs. It takes forever to upload pictures even when I hop on immediately. I’ve had my pictures change unexpectedly, I showed my friend a selfie of us, then when I uploaded, that picture was gone and was just a blurry photo of the floor, but I hadn’t clicked to retake. And I don’t like that if you aren’t sitting with the app open for the 5-10 minutes it takes to upload, you are said to have uploaded late. A final issue I have that is simply personal, I hate when it alerts super late at night. I’m a millennial in a grandmas body, and my geriatric self goes to bed around 8p so I’m always destined to miss out on it if it’s past my bedtime. Overall, I do enjoy the app. I enjoy sharing with my friends and seeing what they are up to. I think it has a lot of potential. I’ll patiently wait for the creators to iron out some kinks..Version: 0.20.2

Notifications are nutsUnlike most others, I have no issue with upload speed. My beef is with notifications. “On BeReal, you’re in control of your push notifications,” the settings page states. Barely!! I want to get notifications for comments on my posts only, but toggling “comments” on means I get notified about every comment between my mutuals. Plus, there’s no landing page specifically to contain notifications (realmojis, comments etc). I’ve had the red notification bubble on the app thumbnail for hours now because I can’t for the life of me figure out exactly what I’m being notified about. There’s zero indication of what it could be! And hey, maybe I’m missing something. Maybe there’s a fix for all my problems out there. But if there is, it’s the least intuitive fix in the app store, because it’s impossible to find help within the app!! Please change things so that we can access notifications more easily, personalize them in more detail, and know how to make those changes ourselves..Version: 0.21.0

Really fun!I really enjoy it and the fun dynamic it brings to social media. It’s simple and unique way to connect with friends (especially my long distance pals!). However that being said, there are two major changes that I think could overall improve the experience. Both having to do with the memories feature. First of all, I think memories should be a feature that you can select to be visible on your profile for your friends. Sometimes I want to reminisce on my friends pages, especially if we appeared on each others BeReal. Second, memories should keep comments and RealMojis. Today, I was looking at a comment thread on one of my friends BeReals and thought…I’ll have to screenshot this thread to keep it because the comments don’t save. That being said, the app is great and enjoy it immensely! I think with a few more adjustments this could very quickly become my favorite form of social media…who am I kidding! It already is!.Version: 0.17.1

Great app, needs some bug fixesI love this app, but recently it has been having some issues with posting that it needs to fix in order to retain its users. The app was working perfectly for the first month and a half I had it, but there have been a lot of issues in the past week. Maybe there has been a massive influx of users recently that have caused these issues, but it has seriously affected the quality of the app. For example, recently when I’ve posted, the app is stuck on the “uploading” task and I can only see the posts that people posted the previous day. Today, when I posted it showed me peoples posts from today but when I try to comment or react the posts revert to yesterdays and it says that I need to post a late be real to see the posts. I am not sure why this is happening but it needs to be fixed quickly or these issues will become tiring and prevent me from regularly using the app..Version: 0.20.2

Great idea, CRAZY glitchyI just saw that this app was growing in popularity, so I just wanted to try it out to know how it worked, but it’s been surprisingly charming! I love it now, but I swear, every day it’s another insane glitch. Rn it’s almost strobing my My Friends feed from the blurred out “Can’t see this until you post!” and remembering that I already posted. It takes forever to get to the posting page when the alert comes every time instead of showing up immediately, cutting down the amount of time you have to post yours in time, but you also really can’t post in time almost ever because it takes minutes to upload your post. But being able to see what your friends and family are all doing at the exact same moment in the day has been so endearing and just way more interesting than I thought it would be. I’ll keep doing it, but idk if I can keep recommending it to friends bc of how embarrassing the glitching is. Really makes it annoying to use..Version: 0.20.1

Thank you.My cousin has recently told me about this app and I have been putting it off for days. That’s probably my biggest regret in life. I have downloaded the app for less than an hour, maybe even 30 minutes. And let me tell you, this app has already changed me. Mentally and physically. It helped me get over my ex, it helped me lose weight, I can even look my brother in the eyes again (we had a pretty big fight). This app makes me, me. So thank you. You are probably wondering why I didn’t give you 5 stars though. You can post anything you want on here. That is not okay. My cousin Lyla is 13 soon to be 14 years old. What if she saw nudes, alc, weed, etc? What would you do than? Please make a update where people supervise what people post. It is needed, not just for lyla, but many other kids out there. This app is a disgrace and horrible. It is why America is the way it is. But thank you, for truly inspiring me, Lauryn Ann Isabella..Version: 0.20.2

Needs a few improvementsGreat idea, fair execution... the main problems are upload speed, setting captions, posting comments, and sending reactions... basically the whole functionality of the app! It's understandable when you have everyone logging onto the app at the same exact time, but photos take a while to upload even with good internet speed. Reactions sometimes just don't go through, or appear to go through but later you look back and your reaction isn't present on someone's post. You can't set a caption when you take a photo, only after it's posted. And often captions will appear to go through but don't, or you'll get a massive error banner when attempting to share one and it may or may not go through anyway. Same goes for comments -- either appears to go through and doesn't, or appears not to go through and may or may not. The error message usually says something like TOO_MANY_TOKENS which is of no help to a user. Also a major privacy concern is that the app has access to my contacts without explicitly asking for permission. Maybe this is in the terms and conditions and I mistakenly didn't read it, but your users deserve to be explicitly asked and informed of what data you're collecting. I have never let a social media app access my contacts and yet... So it's a fun idea but seems really bare bones and like a lot of bugs need fixing, and the contact scanning is weird..Version: 0.20.1

Great concept, poor execution.Sometime it catches you on the toilet. It adds a bit of humor to your day if it does. Sometimes it’ll catch you doing something super fun and spontaneous like if you go on a road trip and just happen to be at a really cool rest stop (Happened to me). However, there’s a few bugs still. Be sure to keep the app open while your photo uploads. Otherwise if you leave the app for however long, it won’t post until you have the app open again. If you leave the app too fast and go back on two hours later, it’ll upload then and and say you were two hours late when you weren’t. They need quicker uploads because no one wants to sit around waiting until other people post. You post and then there’s nothing else to look at because not everyone posted right away. So you naturally close the app to look at again later to see friends’ posts. Again, it’s buggy, but kind of fun..Version: 0.20.0

THIS APP BREAKS BARRIERS!When I first downloaded the app it was kind of awkward. I was coming from Instagram and Snapchat and didn’t understand why o couldn’t post anything. Then I received a notification asking me to take a picture and make a post. I was in pjs and ny hair was crazy so I didn’t post! But eventually I started posting. It asks once at a random time during the day to let update you update your account on what you are doing. You start realizing that these posts from other users and friends including your own are very different from what is usually scene on other social media apps. You can’t post something planned it’s random and it’s real. It gives you a real glimpse in peoples lives. Definitely worth giving it a shot..Version: 0.16.5

It’s great but has some flawsBereal is an overall really enjoyable app where me and my friends love waiting and posting ours. There’s a few bugs though that have been putting me off. First one is after I comment things, it will tell me it couldn’t post due to em error that does not occur and still posts it. Nothing too annoying just something to work on. Second, is that it takes quite a while to post, sometimes taking over 30 mins. This was also not the biggest deal, just weird when everything is instant now. Lastly, it will tell me I haven’t posted when I just did, not allowing me to see my friends posts. This will go back and forth for a while saying i posted and then it “corrects” itself saying I haven’t posted. These are the only ones i’ve had problems with, and would like to see something done about them. Thank you so much BeReal team for working hard on this..Version: 0.20.1

Love the concept but VERY glitchyI love the concept of this app and my friends and I all think that it is a lot of fun and neat to see what everyone is doing at one random point of time. However, there are some major glitching problems with the app. I understand that basically everyone with the app is opening the app at the exact same time, but some updates need to be done in order to account for this. Because everyone is on the app at the same time, BeReal posts don’t load, take 20+ minutes to upload, constantly deleting and reposting posts because it’s so overloaded. Updates need to be made to the app to support the large number of people that are actively on the app at one moment in time. Especially now that the app is growing in popularity. Other than that, I love the app and look forward to these bugs being sorted out so the app is even better!.Version: 0.20.2

Really cool app but so glitchyAs of may 3rd, the app has been giving me some issues. the time it takes to upload my picture is crazy (on home wifi or just data), and i keep getting this weird glitch where the app can’t tell if it’s today or yesterday. i posted my bereal for today (after a difficult time uploading), and as i’m scrolling to see my friends’ posts, it refreshes halfway through and shows me their posts from yesterday (all blurred out), and tells me to post a late bereal to see them (even though they’re from yesterday, and i already posted yesterday and today). the only reason i’m posting this review is to help share this problem so it can be fixed, not to bring this app down at all. it’s a cool concept and i will continue to use it.Version: 0.20.2

GREAT CONCEPT but still new-not yet perfectedSimple app with a solid concept. Social without the barrage of filters and major editing. Real unfiltered moments of you and friends, once a day, all at the same time. Capture the moment of you and your friends all over the world. This version of a social media app feels fun lighthearted unifying and satisfying and encourages you to get on living your life. Now for the few criticisms: Firstly it can be buggy and lag when posting. I can give them a pass on this one for now because the function of the app sets up a scenario every single day where everyone, everywhere is spamming their servers all at the same time with their photos which i imagine can be a huge demand in them- until they can beef up their servers. Secondly, little bummed they don’t have a video option when posting. Even a short 2 second boomerang, 5 seconds, 10 second Max video would add so much value to the app. HOWEVER, given the first criticism, this one is in line. Video is much more demanding than photos and I don’t believe their servers can currently accommodate the huge influx of data that would bring. All that said, this app is great and fun for now. I’m currently enjoying this with my friends but I’m looking forward to future updates..Version: 0.20.1

Refreshing changeI like the concept of random alerts and the two minute limit to encourage you to be candid. I don’t think the alerts have to be at the same time for everyone to still meet the goal. My uploading photo times out 50% of the time and if my screen turns off the upload attempt stops completely. When I check my phone next it will finally finish loading but that is often an hour later and it’s labeled an hour late, which is kind of funny since my hair still isn’t combed an “hour later” haha. I think if alerts were different for everyone it wouldn’t change the refreshing randomness but it would solve the slow uploading..Version: 0.21.0

Kind of glitchyLove the concept of the app, I have gotten a bunch of my friends to join which makes it much better and really fun to use. However it is really glitchy and I hope they fix some of the issues soon because it really does affect how I feel about the app overall. The upload time is really slow and if you close out of the app while it is uploading it will not upload, then when you open the app it posts it but says you posted late even if you didn’t. It also will say that I haven’t posted yet and can’t look at my friends Bereals even when I did post. Or it will show posts from the day before so I can’t look at what my friends have posted from that day. If these glitches were fixed it would be an amazing app..Version: 0.20.1

Love this, but app has quite a few glitchesI absolutely love this concept and have brought a bunch of friends on board. It brings me a smile to see what everyone’s doing during these random times of day! I just wished the app worked a little more smoothly. Sometimes when I get my notification to take a pic, the camera doesn’t open when I open the app. I often can’t see my friends either, despite getting a notification they just posted. Pictures can take a long time to upload and that sometimes makes you “late”. Hopefully these issues can eventually be fixed and then it’ll be my favorite social media platform!.Version: 0.20.1

Fun, but glitchyIt’s pretty fun, and I like the face reactions. However, it has a lot of glitches, such as today when I posted, it shows that I posted and I can see other people’s posts, but then after like 10 seconds it reverts to thinking I haven’t posted and stops showing me other people’s posts. Also, what’s the point of it posting late or not? So the notification comes up and you have 2 minutes until you have to post, but what difference does it make if it’s late? No one cares and you can just do it later. It also would be nice if you could see other people’s past posts as well, or at least you get to choose which of your posts remain public for others to be able to still see after that day..Version: 0.20.2

Fun concept for friendsI’ve had this for several days and I’m trying to get more of my friends to join. I think this could be a long lasting thing for close relations but I would doubt it would last long for large groups. Some suggestions: * Options controls - there are no options or customizations. It is clear the app is in early stages but some things to add might be changing the background from black to third or other colors, also a setting to change which corner of your friends post you see their other camera photo when currently it automatically shows in the top left, should also optimize the marketing as the app doesn’t really compel people to download other than word of mouth from friends..Version: 0.20.0

It’s great, but missing a few things!Love this app. Introduced it to my friends and I went from 0 people having it to now over 40 in a few days. It’s such a cool way to see what’s up with your friends through a new perspective as well as only getting one post a day. I find myself looking forward to the alarm letting me know I can post. However, there a two things I think everyone can agree on that need changing. First is, you should be able to see your friends past posts and vice versa. Second is, the comments and reactions shouldn’t disappear when the day ends. It’s erasing part of the memory. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a way to switch you privacy on or off. I’m looking forward to seeing where this app goes..Version: 0.20.1

Cool concept, when it worksI love Instagram and the concept of this sounded unique and fun — unscripted, unpolished, quick in-and-out way to connect and share with people. I’ve been testing it out for a few weeks now, just on my own. I haven’t introduced it to my circle of friends just yet, as I wanted to make sure it was high quality, useful and reliable. So far I’d say it’s just okay. The app is simple and no frills, which I like. It truly is easy to get in and out. But so many times I’ve sent a BeReal within the two-minute time limit and the status wheel just spins. The clock eventually runs out and when the app finally does post it, it says it was late. So, it’s a bit frustrating and defeats the purpose. I’m not going to recommend this to anyone until the kinks are worked out..Version: 0.21.0

Love the app, but could use some improvements!I love that the app tries to accomplish what no other social media app has before and it makes for a very exciting social media experience but I feel it could use some updating. For one I wish that after a Be Real was posted it would save to an archive so you could go back a view it, rather than just deleting after one day. I also wish you could choose the amount of times it goes off in a day because I feel that once a day is too low and would be way more exciting if it went of, say, three times. Otherwise I love the app and use it with all of my friends! <3.Version: 0.13.13

Great app but growing painsThis app is so fun and I love using it everyday. However, it is definitely in the early stages and has a lot of glitches. Sometimes my pictures won’t upload and they will be late. Sometimes I upload and I try to put a caption and it says it can’t find my picture. Also it gives me an error message when I comment and quickly leave the comment section. It has a lot of potential. Also I wish there was a better way to see everyone’s pictures instead of scrolling in a feed because 50 posts all at once is hard to do. Maybe a feed with tiles is better so I can scroll and then see them all and then click on the ones I want to see closer..Version: 0.20.2

Great :DThis app is cool. I don't have social media so its weird to me, but I think its better than other social media platforms. Two minor issues. 1. it only logs the time when the picture was fully uploaded, so when I upload my picture using mobile data or slow wifi, it marks my picture as late. 2. the last two pictures I took didn't come out right. My selfie camera works fine on its own. but in the app, my selfie photo comes out as the same picture repeated 5 times and the whole thing is just shades of purple. idk how to describe it, and I haven't seen it happening to anyone else..Version: 0.20.1

Love this app but SO GLITCHYI love this app so much because it’s such a fun way to interact with friends, but it’s also incredibly glitchy which kind of puts a damper on the whole point of the app. When I get the notification that it’s time to post, if I go to the app it glitches out and won’t let me post. I’ll either see a dark screen with a banner that says “so and so is capturing a be real” or the app will take forever to load which will cause me to post late. Obviously this doesn’t really matter but half of the point of the app is that you only have a designated 2 minutes everyday to post an ON TIME be real, when the app constantly glitches out and doesn’t let you post on time that kind of takes away from the experience..Version: 0.14.2

Amazing for long-distance friend groupsI love this app so much!! it’s been an amazing way to stay in touch with friends that have scattered across the country for college and cousins and family members as well. every day i get a glimpse into their lives and it’s so lovely. i highly recommend it and think the memory feature is especially sweet, like a little scrapbook of your daily life to look back on. one thing i think could be fun is to add a music feature! don’t change the once a day aspect or the post format, but being able to add a daily song to your post (whether it be what you’re actively listening to or something you choose) would be a fun way to add another aspect of sharing with friends. i would say this could be a good optional feature, not something that plays in the app but something that could link to an external music app if you want to hear one of your friends’ songs. the app is definitely already perfect though..Version: 0.20.0

Love the appI’ve had this app for 2 weeks now and I’ve been really enjoying it! I love the concept, it’s a fun way to interact with friends online without the addictive aspect of other social media platforms. My biggest suggestion would be to update the notification system. I get a lot of notifications but when I open the app I’m not sure what they’re from. I think it’d be nice to have some kind of notification window that tells you what you’ve missed. I think it’d also be cool to have a local discover page. Something that would show you public posts from your area specifically. But over all the app is really fun, I’m glad I downloaded it!.Version: 0.20.1

Like the concept, glitches take away the fun of itOften when I post within the 2 min window, it takes longer to upload than 2 min and then will display as being a late picture. Today it took 9 hours to upload!! It’s been like this since I downloaded the app and it’s getting tiresome. I also have had issue for 10-15 min after the 2 min BeReal time it will revert back to yesterday’s pics and ask me if I want to post a late pic (even when I already have taken an posted a BeReal). I’d like to invite more friends to join me because the concept is awesome, but I’d hate to ask them to join and then they just deal with the frustration too. Any idea when the glitches will be fixed?.Version: 0.20.2

Just need to improve speedThe speed of upload, and occasionally even the speed of taking the photo (for some reason i dont see why this would take several seconds as if it's a camera from the 19th century requiring exposure calculations) is a turn off for using the app, it's supposed to reflect this point-of-time system but sadly it's lagging quite behind time. i understand that it's a system running without ads (big plus for that) and that the photos taken are not as compressed as snapchats for comparison which compromises upload speeds, but i think there should be a way to still improve working speed of the app, no?.Version: 0.20.1

Holy glitchI really love the concept of this app. However, I’ve had some serious problem with both the uploading of picture and reloading of my feed. Since I’ve had the app, I’ve only had a handful of completely successful posts. Today, I had to take my picture several times, and even still, I am only able to see my feed for a few seconds before it asks me to take a picture again. The other day, my photo uploaded fine but I was not able to see my friends posts until each one had updated their photo for the day. I will continue to use the app because it’s a very fun way to keep up with friends, but I surely hope changes are made to make the app run smoother..Version: 0.20.2

A few things I wish I could change-No matter how many times I open the app, the red notification won’t go away, even after I’ve uploaded a new BeReal. I try to turn my phone off and on as well, but that doesn’t work -I wish I could narrow down browse/discover by location. I think it’d be cool to see what people nearby are up to. Sometimes I like seeing what people are doing across the globe, but I think I’d connect more with people in the same area as me -I also would like to narrow down by age. I am not interested in seeing what kids half my age are up to and I doubt they would want to see my life either -Overall solid concept and I hope the app grows more in the future.Version: 0.21.0

Incredible appThis is a fantastic approach to a new social media app. Works amazing with a great concept behind it. I truly believe this app will be the future of social media as it is a sustainable and realistic social media that provides something no other apps do. Being a college athlete I was able to work with this app through their athlete program. Getting to know a little more about the app and the people running it I can say whole heartedly that the people behind this app are incredible people who are extremely driven towards making social media real again. 10/10 app..Version: 0.14.2

Glitchy but charmingUsing Bereal has been great fun. The explore page is hilarious and relatable, and my friends and I really use the app candidly (as intended by the creators). However, the app is pretty glitchy. For example, sometimes it loads for hours and doesn’t allow me to post (even if I’m on time). Other times, your screen glitches and half of the photo is pink (for whatever reason 🤪). TBH, all of the glitches just make the app more fun for me - like, I never know what to expect. I joke with all my friends that this app is literally malware because it is. Five stars. 💖.Version: 0.22.0

Enjoyable but needs some changesFirst of all, I thoroughly enjoy this app. The interface allows me to connect with my peers around the globe and stay in touch in an authentic manner. However, the timeline can quickly be flooded with dozens of posts all at once as soon as it is time to Be Real which diminishes this app’s profound effect. I think the app would be better if each user or random groups received different times throughout the day to post. This would add much needed variety and spacing in the BeReal Timeline..Version: 0.20.2

Love the app so much!!! Minor changes maybeAbsolutely favorite app. Better than all the other main social media sites in my opinion. That being said, I do have some constructive criticism. Please give an option to where u can allow others to view ur memories / can select specifically who could view them . Also, please get rid of showing how many retakes u take. I find it unnecessary and lowkey embarrassing LOL. If i think of anything else i'll be sure to write another review but these are the main 2 things that bother me. Love this app so much that I want it to be it's best possible version of itself! Everyth.Version: 0.20.2

A few glitches andI love the concept of this app— in college, a group of my friends and I used a similar app called Unexpected and I was so excited to hear there was something like it again. However, I think the concept of “late posting” defeats the purpose of the app. Maybe an alternative idea would be to have a second chance time for people who missed the first one? Other than that, I’m super excited to keep using! EDIT: I would also like there to be a better notification system regarding comments and replies? I never get notifications when my friends reply to my comments..Version: 0.20.1

Good concept but…Good concept but needs a lot of work. I don’t think there is a day where I’m not having an issue with this app. Like taking a photo once a day then posting should not be so hard but almost daily now I run into 10+ minute upload times (on Wi-Fi, using data, doesn’t matter). Or once a photo is posted the feed displays only photos from the previous day for hours. So I can’t engage with my friends when they’re posting but instead have to follow up later in the day. I really enjoy using the app when it works, but would love to see more work going into upping the quality of the experience..Version: 0.20.2

I love but i have a few recommendationsSometimes it glitches a lot and takes a while to let you post on a new day but i think that’s really only because it’s such a new app. i think memories should be able to be visible to everyone but that could be turned on and off and people could choose if they want it to be on or off and they could choose if they wanted a specific memory to not be on their page but I’d like to be able to see other peoples mems.Version: 0.20.1

Good - Needs More Than One Pic A DayI really like the application and the idea behind it. I probably would’ve given it a five star review if there was a way to choose how many times a day you can take a picture. I feel like once a day is not enough for many people. Maybe if there was a way to choose between one, two or three times a day. It would still lend to the spontaneity and reality grab of what they’re trying to create with the app, but allow a broader picture of an individuals day and allow them to share a little bit more. Just my two cents..Version: 0.17.0

What are my notifications??? Overall good app.I have a app icon badge on the app saying there are 4 notifications, but when I go in the app, there is nothing indicating what’s new. I have to look through EVERY one of my friends daily posts to see what the badge is for, and that is IF I can remember what was already posted the last time I looked through the posts. Please make it clearer what outstanding notifications mean in the app. Sometimes there is new activity buried within one of my friends daily posts and I can’t make the badge go away without hunting my way through the entire day’s list of posts..Version: 0.21.0

This app lets you be realI really enjoy this app and the experience. It’s incredibly fun having to rush to take a picture and seeing what all my friends are doing. My main grievance with the app is the inability to save the photos taken not in the app’s format; sometimes I get a really good photo from one of my cameras and want to just save that one. My second critique of the app is its allowance of late posts. I find them to be completely contradictory to the main premise. Late posts change the concept from “you can only post once per day at a specific random time” to “you can only post once everyday after a random time”.Version: 0.19.1

Really enjoying this appThis app feels very authentic and unpretentious! I can share my day without having to worry about how i look since everyone looks just as awkward as I do! Also love the two way picture! It really gives me a better idea as to what my friends are experiencing in the moment! The only gripe I have is that I do wish there was a notifications button where I can easily access any comments people have made, instead of having to search for them..Version: 0.20.1

Great app- big technical difficultiesI loved this app when it worked. A couple days ago the notification came up, and I was busy having a conversation with people so I deleted the notification. I later tried to take a BeReal, and it wouldnt upload. Now nothing on the app works- I cant see my friends BeReals, and I cant upload anything, but I still get the notifications. Tried logging out + reinstalling the app already. I dont know if its relevant, but it also fails to “scan my contacts” after I reinstall the app. Would love a bug fix on this!.Version: 0.20.1

Super Fun but Super SlowI got this app with a few friends and really enjoyed it!…until it took an HOUR to load a friend request while I had 4 bars of internet! I saw the reviews that said the app was glitchy but an hour is ridiculous. I also wish it didn't take a picture from both sides at the same time because I can’t see what the second picture looks like. These things are bothersome and you have to be really patient with the app but it’s really fun! I don’t want to be discouraging and I hope you can improve the app!.Version: 0.21.0

Good but racially motivated and a bit savageThis app is actually good and funny! It’s a good gen Z version of snapchat and it’s really genuine. Although, this app may give you some comments about your face. Like : why are you in your bed at 4pm or open your eyes (im asian 🥲). But other than that, good app!.Version: 0.17.0

So much funI really enjoy this app, it’s a great way to stay connected with friends throughout the day and creates a fun competition of who can post on time..Version: 0.20.1

Love it !Wish you could view others memories & vice versa.Version: 0.20.0

LOVEIt’s such a fun app to see what your friends are up to!!!.Version: 0.22.0

❤️Love it.Version: 0.21.0

SlayThis app slays.Version: 0.21.0

Nice!Love the app although it usually takes very long to upload the picture when i take it, so it shows up as if i’ve taken it after the timer is out..Version: 0.21.0

Goes hardPictures are fun 🤩.Version: 0.21.0

Literally takes forever to uploadYeah.Version: 0.21.0

Servers?Great concept, but sometimes I don’t get the notification, and it often takes really long to post.Version: 0.21.0

Uploading never works when it’s time to be realI constantly have to wait a few minutes after it’s the real time to upload my posts as it appears everyone is rushing the servers at the same time… It’s quite annoying..Version: 0.21.0

Refreshing, Grounding, Authentic!Two years ago, I deleted all my “conventional” social media accounts after using them for nearly a decade. Being a young woman, I found Instagram especially damaging to my mental health. It was addictive, over-stimulating and made me feel insecure/inadequate. While I’m glad I abandoned “conventional” social media, doing so left me feeling disconnected from my friends. BeReal is the perfect social media app. No endless scrolling, no ads, no retouched bodies or faces. I get to see what my friends are *actually* up to rather than looking at a carefully curated, perfectly-lit highlight reel of their lives. My friends, while kind and ambitious and intelligent, are not ultra-glamours superhumans. They are at work, or sitting on the couch, or cooking dinner (just like I am). One feature I would like to see on BeReal is a simple chat/DM feature between friends. Other than that, INCREDIBLE. Kudos to whoever came up with this brilliant idea! I hope this app catches on!.Version: 0.21.0

YesVery fun app me and my close friends use.Version: 0.20.2

MehThe app is kinda like I’d snap and insta had a weird baby. Fun for like three days then just a bit annoying..Version: 0.21.0

LentLorsque tu post un beReal cest long avant qu’il se mette dans l’apli et sa bogue.Version: 0.20.2

ReviewI love this app. you really get to capture the moment!.Version: 0.20.2

Juste quelques ajouts ou modifications à faire• Améliorer la qualité de l’appareil photo • Pouvoir mettre des photo de notre galerie comme réaction • Permettre de refaire les “be real” si on ne l’aime pas.Version: 0.20.2

Favourite social media appThis app corrects everything I hate about social media - no filters or photo dumps, just real life.Version: 0.20.2

BerealIt’s pre cool.Version: 0.20.2

Love this app!!So much fun! I’ve been using this app for a few weeks now and having a blast with my friends. There were a few glitches but it was a server issue and since fixed. Has been working great!.Version: 0.20.2

Great app, great concept.Love the idea, love the concept of this app. No filters. No edits. Just where and what you’re doing at different times of the day. It’s lovely. When you can do it..Version: 0.20.2

10/10Best app to keep up with your friends.Version: 0.20.1

Get itThis app is actually so much fun and it’s a breath of fresh air. Download it and get all your friends to. Social medial now is so fake but this is so spontaneous and real, it’s awesome..Version: 0.20.2

Fun appJust wish it was a bit more refined in some areas. I notice whenever I comment or attempt to post it’ll take a while or it’ll lag out for me. Other than that it’s fun and simple.Version: 0.20.2

AjoutPourrai prendre des photo live ou vidéo encore mieux.Version: 0.20.2

Love the idea !I’m really liking the app there are just a few thing needing work . . i struggle to post comments and like posts as well as all of my friends. i’d really like using if it didn’t bug out as much . thanks !.Version: 0.20.2

Change timesApp is so fun but make the notif at different times every day 🤨🤨🤨.Version: 0.20.2

Cool appThe whole concept is cool but I don’t like how it takes a picture simultaneously, would be much more fun/convenient if you could just need to take one picture or at least one at a time. Also, May be harder to implement but posting videos instead of pictures would be nice too. App is still pretty glitchy but that’s expected with most newer apps. Overall pretty fun to use..Version: 0.20.2

Glitchy updateLatest app update has been super glitchy. I never had problem before tho!.Version: 0.20.2

Needs some work!Fun idea, easy concept, user friendly layout BUT there are so many bugs, the app is super glitchy. You post your pics then a minute later it says you haven’t yet. One second pictures are there for you and your friends, then they are gone. I will gladly use this app if the bugs could be fixed..Version: 0.20.2

Could be betterThe concept is great, but right now all it does is bug. I can’t see my friends reals and mine doesn’t appear and sometimes disappears by itself.Version: 0.20.2

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What do you think BeReal. Your friends for real. ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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