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Need a smart assistant that will help you take care of your plants?

Search no more.
Plantum has got your back!

What is Plantum?

►Plant, mushroom, rock, and insect identifier
Recognize over 33,000 natural objects.

Try taking a picture of a tree or mushroom in the park and recognize it with our app. You won’t be able to stop. With our extensive database, you can identify any plant, mushroom, mineral, and insect you come across and impress your friends on your next walk in the park. You can also search for a plant by its name or set Filters and discover the green pets that suit you best.

► Plant doctor
Identify diseases to quickly figure out ways of treating your plant.

No matter how hard you try, your plants may still get sick. Don’t ignore early symptoms, and try to recognize the disease your plant is suffering from. It will give you the idea about how severe the problem is and accelerate your plant’s recovery.

► Plant care guide
Learn how to make your plants thrive.

You get a gorgeous-looking flowering plant for your birthday. But in a few weeks, it starts giving you signals that it doesn’t feel comfortable. How often has this happened to you? For your plant not to die, you have to know how much water, light, and fertilizer it needs to stay healthy. Plantum stores all the information in one place.

► Plant care helper
Plantum has all the necessary tools for you to provide your plant with the best care.

• Keeping all care recommendations in your head is quite a challenging task. Set watering, misting, feeding, and rotating schedules right in the app and never forget about your plant’s needs again.
• Not sure if the plant is getting enough light? Use Light Meter to find out how much sun you can provide.
• Need to know the volume of the pot to repot your plant or adjust the amount of water you use? Pot Meter will do the job!
• Make your watering sessions hassle-free! Water Calculator will help you estimate the optimal frequency and amount of moisture for your green pet.
• Having trouble keeping up with weather changes? Weather Tracker will notify you of heavy rains, strong winds, and other environmental changes so you can adjust your care routine when necessary and be aware of the changes that can affect your outdoor plants.
• Need to leave home for a while? Set Vacation Mode and share your plant care schedule with your family or friends so they can look after your plants while you're away.

► Nature encyclopedia
Read insightful articles every day and discover the beauty of nature.

Do you know what plant grows the fastest? Or what mushrooms possess health benefits? Free yourself from the tedious task of information hunting with Plantum’s comprehensive descriptions, entertaining insights, and useful features.

Get Plantum and embark on the journey to becoming a true nature expert today. Feel free to try out the app that has everything you need!

Subscribe to Plantum Premium to get unlimited access to special app features and free up more time in your day:
• Subscriptions are billed weekly, monthly, or annually at the rate depending on the subscription plan.
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

All personal data is protected in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

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Plantum - AI Plant Identifier App Comments & Reviews

Plantum - AI Plant Identifier Positive Reviews

Saved my plants!I have several plants around my home that need watering one a week or so. It’s so easy to loose track of what you watered when and this app is exactly what I was looking for. It lets you upload a photo of your plant and automatically identifies it and tells you facts about it such as when to water and what temp to keep it at. I was keeping one of my plants in direct sunlight and it was dying but the identification let me know it’s best to keep it in cool, dry, darker areas and now my plant is growing again! It also has the option to send you reminders of when to water what plant. I could not be happier with this app and recommend it to anyone who’s looking for some app to remind them when to water their plant!.Version: 5.8

Doesn’t diagnose treesHello! I thought your app was quite clever, however the diagnosing was VERY unimpressive. The questions didn’t pertain to my tree at all - which is planted outdoors, in the ground, not misted… just a crabapple tree in our pasture. It asked what kind of pot, when did I mist it, how much sunlight- by a window or indirect light? I just answered over and over, “it’s a tree, in the ground, full sunlight”. I’m pretty sure it’s aphids, I said that word too - I was just wanting to confirm it - but the “auto” chat software kept asking potted plant questions. The LAST question was “do you see any bugs, active or inactive?” I would suggest the app should reply to the word aphid or bug with bug questions? Or possibly recognize bugs on a stem from the get go? My other helpful tip is to either prominently display NO TREES, (bc NATUREID indicates ALL of nature… not just house plants…) or quickly adapt your diagnosing software to have better detection for the word “tree”. It looked and felt like a HIGH QUALY app. I was impressed. So I chose to pay the $9.99 as a “test” for future inquiries- bc we have so many plants, flowers and trees on our property… I would have loved to use your app regularly. I figured a clear picture of possible aphids would be an easy test for the app to diagnose? Unfortunately I cannot say it was worth it - and I’m disappointed..Version: 5.17

Solid app as a plant noobTo start out I know nothing about plants but this has been immensely helpful in not only in keeping them alive but even seeing them grow and seeing actual progress. It’s pretty intuitive and the videos are informative and helpful. I think it has just a little room to grow before it’s quite everything I feel like I would need in an app. If there was a feature that allowed you to have progress pictures and update the plant profile pic would be great. I would be able to go back and see my plant progress overtime and maybe track the effect of any changes I try like plant location. Then maybe an bar or something to visually show how much water typically is applied to a plant on each watering would help know at a glance how much water I should be applying when my water reminder appears. Like I said a solid app and I can confirm it has definitely helped me with my plants. Worth giving a shot..Version: 5.20

Love this app!Have had the free version for about a month, and have had a great time with it and learned so much. Considering premium now but have 2 concerns. 1. Is there a way to get the app to synch between 2 devices? For example, I have an iPad and an iPhone and would love to have the info I put on one show up on the other. 2. I got a new iPhone today and NONE of “my plants” made it to the new phone in the data transfer. It kept my snap history but none of my plants or notes made it to the new phone and there were probably 75 of them. 😥 Is there a way to retrieve the data?.Version: 6.0

Has not been too helpful for the price.First be weary. If you do not exit the 3day free trial it has you set for the annual premium of 50+ dollars. I’m stuck with it for a year and 50 dollars drained. There goes my food budget for the week. Ramen and PB&js for me. Yikes. I digress.... Leaf snap, a free app, has been a bit more accurate than this one. Plant Photos I had uploaded shells out approximately 12 suggestions. Basically identifying the family but not the type. I already know it’s an oak, but is it a Laural or live? I know it’s a night shade, but there are several species. So which is the one that is in my hand? Get it. So my mistake for not closing out the subscription soon enough. Suggestion: go to an ad based revenue where local nurseries can have advertised specials they host through your app and based off user locations with push notifications..Version: 1.8

Pretty helpfulI don’t have much of a green thumb, so I need a little extra help lol! I must have pretty common house plants because there were zero issues identifying my plants. Exact plants were identified in a few seconds. After reading reviews, the common issues must have been worked out because not only does it identify the exact plant, it doesn’t recognize my dog as a plant lol! So I’m assuming breed identification is not a feature anymore. I took a star away because I tried the yearly subscription ($9.99 one) and it literally changed nothing. I have no idea what you actually get with the subscription. Also, I didn’t find any information on how to identify any issues with the plants..Version: 4.7

Okay, but not goodThis app did help me identify my plants and tell me the sickness that my plants had but if I tried to continue reading to learn more about my plant it tells me that I have to pay for a pro version which cost 35$ per year, its not bad but I don’t have 35$ just to learn more about my plant, it is unnecessary for everyone having to pay that much money just to learn more about my plant bucease the point of the app is to learn about my plant and the cons and pros about it, this app was helpful but not the best. I would recommend this app but also say that it mainly requires a pro version of it. 3 Stars I will still use it but not for long, if you agree with me please add more things that is not having to have the use of the pro version. Thank you..Version: 6.2

Awesome app!I am a new plant parent, and this app has been super helpful! When you first download the app, you receive an offer to purchase the yearly subscription at half price: only $10 a YEAR! It is more than worth the ten bucks. Although it doesn’t have every subspecies of a plant (It doesn’t recognize my raven zz, but it is a fairly new species discovered in 2018), it still has a huge variety. Even if it doesn’t scan your exact plant subspecies, it will find one close enough that the care requirements are the same. All in all, an Awesome app, and definitely worth the ten bucks!.Version: 5.18

Not perfectI was very exited at this app and subscribed without even free trial. I am new to plants, and I immediately started learning a lot of useful information about 8 plants I have. But when it said I had to water and fertilize some of them DAILY, I kind of refuse to follow those recommendations. But my biggest dissatisfaction was that I couldn’t not upload the photos of my beautiful plants to “my plants” page, even though the app identified them correctly. So, after spending a couple of frustrating hours on the app, I had cancelled it the day I subscribed. Just wasted $20!.Version: 5.5

Fantastic for the Basic Gardener; needs more for serious Gardeners1. Yes, I recommend this app. I moved into a new home with extensive and expensive landscaping and needed to KNOW What was planted and generally How to keep it alive… 2. But, I’m constantly going to google to find out when to prune or transplant these plants (a major step to keeping outdoor plants healthy and vivacious). That’s a big piece missing from this app for me. I’ve been manually entering plant names, bloom times, prune times, and transplant schedules into an independent calendar app. I know the general guidance in my zone but knowing exactly which plants to tackle when is helpful given how large my garden beds are..Version: 5.41

Awesome Plant Recommendations!This app has been a real life saver for some of my plants!! And I mean that sincerely, I would have three less plants than I do right now if not for this app. Not only does it identify apps well, it also gives watering amount, pot size, light amount, and soil pH specific to each kind of plant. It can also be used to remind you to water your plant, re-pot, etc…. However, it isn’t able to identify ever single kind of plant. Out of the maybe 50 plants I have identified with the app, two or three weren’t in the app’s database..Version: 5.21

Really enjoying this!I enjoy plants (come from farming stock). I first got this app and subscribed when we got a kitten and it was “Help me quick! Are my potted plants ok for him to chew on !” There are so many unusual plants and I also wondered what all was growing in the Nature Area near our house. One suggestion: many of the plants I identify are common weeds or wild herbs. It would be nice to have categories for them. I appreciate all the work you’ve put in. I’m looking forward to finding more bugs that will stay still for me to snap their pic!.Version: 5.36

Best plant care app on the AppStoreI usually don’t write reviews but I want to share my opinion here to support this app as it helps me a lot. I have 6 plants in my apt in NY and I always had a problem with some of them like plants loosing leaves or get gray and feels like they are dying or struggling to grow. All this is solved with help of NatureID. Now I have all my plants in one place with suggestions and reminders and I can ask for advice of expert if needed. I really anyone busy who have plants to try this app..Version: 4.1

LOVE THE APP but...So I love this app so much, it really is great and I don’t have any complaints but one. And before i say that I will say that the only time you get adds is when you scan a plant if you don’t have premium it’s really great! But now for my complaint... when you go to add plants to your yard they chances it will be completely correct is maybe 40% they honestly don’t have a lot of normal plants on here, and by that i mean common plants. Like a SERRANO PEPPER. And common flowers and ect. Out of 8 plants i scanned 4 were incorrect and when i searched them up they didn’t even have that plant..Version: 4.8

Not accurate…I got this app thinking it would be pretty accurate. First, I am a landscaper so I pretty much knowledgable in plants and grass types. But, sometimes I need to identify other plants and live vegetation. I used this app just for that purpose. However, I can snap a shot of the same grass or plant 2-3 times and this app gives me 3 different types of names for the same picture taken of the same plant or grass area. This app is not accurate at all. I did the yearly subscription and feel for $40 a year is a waste of my money. Either update the app to be accurate or take it off the market!!.Version: 6.2

App doesn’t work and is not accurate.I have tried using this app at least ten times today on different plants in my yard. All it does is spin and spin and then says an error occurred. This happens all the time with this app. When it does give a response it isn’t all that accurate. I have seen it call a cherry tree a peach tree. It has called my Yucca plant outside half a dozen different things. I have white cedar outside and half the time it gives me an identification it tells me it’s a red cedar etc. It seems to only work well on common, distinctive looking plants that most people can identify on their own..Version: 5.18

Not as ExpectedThough I could see the is app being useful for watering schedules and care for someone who needs the extra reminders. I downloaded in hopes it would better recognize what was wrong with one of my plants. It did not diagnose as it was advertised on it’s Facebook ad. Instead it gave me lots of info; which is nice but then I had to read through each one to try and figure it out. At the end of the day I still don’t know what is wrong with it. I just did the free 3 day trial so maybe other things open up when you purchase? It didn’t thrill me enough to make the purchase..Version: 5.3

READ THIS BEFORE YOU DOWNLOADDon’t download this app unless you plan on keeping it. Three days ago I agreed to the 3-day trial so that I could identify a plant that I didn’t realize in my backyard. Since then I’ve been trying to figure out how to cancel my subscription. This is the craziest thing ever; there is no option for cancellation in the app, and the subscription doesn’t show up in iOS settings or anything. I’ve emailed AIBY about my issue and they have yet to respond. So while the NatureID app is very informative and nicely designed, I can’t give it 5 stars..Version: 5.35

Consistently the best plant identifierI never write reviews but I really dig this app. I like being able to get all the info I can before buying to make sure the plant will be a suitable fit for the climate here. I’ve used this for a few years and they recently updated the app look, functionality, and accuracy, making it even better. I don’t usually like paying for apps but this one is worth the cost for me..Version: 4.8

PromisingNot a lot of succulents varieties are registered. A few common plants lack care info (like agapanthus or carnivorous plants). But most of all, after the free trial period you basically have to pay for almost everything : you can’t add any plant to your listing and you only have access to the top of the care page. Besides their gardening articles are not very complete and there’s only a few. So it’s great if you don’t buy any plants after the trial period and you just want care reminders. Sorry but I am sure there are other free options that are more convenient than this app….Version: 5.0

Identifier needs intense workFirst off this app tried to charge me for an annual subscription and then charge me a fee weekly: I shut that down right away. I haven’t found this app to be as useful as I expected it to be. And the AI photo identifier system needs to better “trained” or however it’s technically said. I could take a crystal clear picture of a lady bug and it will think it’s something polar opposite. The diagnosis is hyper-sensitive but one symptom can be synonymous problems which is hard to really come to a conclusion without buying in more to the app for a personalized diagnosis..Version: 6.1

Not worth itStarted off great thinking I was getting tons of information from them but as the weeks went on you get less and less info and more ads about buying a subscription. Things that I was able to do in the beginning I cannot anymore because I get prompted to purchase a plan every time I try to do anything. Everybody has to make money but I shouldn’t be asked to buy something every time I open the app. It’s basically free for one or two weeks then features leave and that’s it unless you purchase something..Version: 5.21

Nice AppI’ve had this app on my phone for about five months. I used it to identify the plants that were given to me as gifts. And I ignored all the suggestions on what to do with those plants. So far one philodendron has survived in spite of all I have done to ignore it. So this evening I decided to look it up again and see what I’m supposed to do. Thank you so much for your splendid instructions and timely suggestions before my plant finally throws in the towel. I’m feeling confident that I will bring it back to life!.Version: 6.1

Lot of adsSo, this app works well. I ran around my house like a mad man taking pictures of all my plants. Two things though. There are a lot of pop ups to buy stuff. This is pretty annoying alone but this just adds to it. All the white x’s are on a white background and there small so it’s very hard to see them and press them. Otherwise though it works. I hope this helps. Peace..Version: 5.18

SatisfiedI’ve been looking and trying different apps for my plants. Sometimes it gives me the wrong plant name and diagnosis. This one popped up on my Instagram page. Checked it out. Read the reviews. Downloaded it. Scanned my plants, gave me the correct name and problem. I’m loving the reminders. I also purchased it at half off. Thank goodness this one popped up. I removed the other apps that I had downloaded..Version: 5.12

Not accurate…Not an accurate app for plant care. I’ve done better looking things up on the internet. I like the ease of the app overall, but needs some help with plant identification. I don’t have Pro, so I can’t speak to the diagnosis aspect. “Could be…” is not sufficient. When I looked to the light meter for proper plant resting place, the optimal range did not equal what I found elsewhere. It’s too broad, and for some plants, is way off. So I wouldn’t use that as final word. Good concept, double-check other resources before using as prime source of information..Version: 5.40

In accurate plant care info and identificationIt often does not identify plants correctly. There are also a lot of common types that are not listed. The worse though is that a lot of the guidelines that they tell you to keep the plants happy (humidity levels, soil needs, fertilizing, light needs etc. are wrong and have actually harmed my plants because I was following them. It is however a really great app for being able to track when you did fertilizing watering repotting etc. for each plant and set reminders.Version: 5.18

Plant identifierInformative.Version: 3.13

Quelle app utile!!!!Fonctionne très bien, très utile!!! Merci!.Version: 2.5

Keeps telling me images are too smallI can’t get it to identify a flower of which I have taken 23 photos of - all at different angles = keeps telling me “this photo is too small” and will not proceed. Seriously!!!!! Another app did it immediately!!!!! Disappointing.Version: 5.0

I needed this!I signed up for the free trial yesterday, and I already like it. I don’t have a green thumb, so this app is perfect. Can someone tell me which subscription plan is better for me and whether it is more economical or advantageous to purchase a yearly subscription? Thank you.Version: 6.2

GreatLa meilleure app jusqu’à maintenant comparer à 4 autres essayer avant celle-ci. Fonctionne bien et informations détaillées utiles, le ph, terreau, ensoleillement ..Version: 6.2

PlantIt is good.Version: 6.0

Not that accurateHave been using for a about a year and find that it’s often clearly wrong. Won’t be renewing..Version: 6.1

Be very careful when selecting this appWhile it may be a good app, I doubt it’s worth the cost. We signed up for the free trial, but they took payment right away and have not received a refund, because the subscription was canceled,.Version: 5.33

FRAUDE !Ne pas télécharger! C’est un free trial de 3 jours /6 images par jour et sans avis ils vous chargent des frais hebdo ou mensuels très élevés! Bonne chance pour stopper cela, vous désabonner et stopper les charges! Portez plainte à Apple contre ce développeur, ils sont très malhonnêtes..Version: 5.28

Amazing appThis app is amazing able to identify plants plus tell if they’re healthy or not and what to do in case, they are not doing well tell me the weather and how to react to treat my plants..Version: 5.28

Mediocre recognitionTried 5 photos to recognize my aloe plant. 5 out of 5 failed. I typed aloe Vera and then took a picture which gave very generic information. I wouldn’t consider paying for this as a household plant app. 19.99 a year or 8.99 a week… intriguing math that doesn’t add up..Version: 5.28

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