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Join with your partners in the best and fantasy RPG now! Gather your avengers and lead them to fight the darkness for the future. Which heroes will you choose?

Level-up when you’re AFK, reap the rewards when you get back. Idle anytime, battle anywhere! Just take a break from working and studying.

Plan your own offensive and defensive strategy with hundreds of hero combinations. Summon your heroes, upgrade their equipment, develop their skills, strengthen your team!

There’re various instances in this magic arena. Choose your marvelous adventure in this role playing game. Either battling for glory in the global arena, exploring hidden treasures throughout the mysterious maze in Space Discovery, or even hunting Galaxy Wanted wandering in the space!

Play with more than 1 million players across the planet! Compete with players all over the world and determine who shall lead the future world to fight back darkness in this war!

Touch the screen with your fingers, to draw a line as the wall to protect the animals from attacks by bees! Hold on 10 seconds and you will win the game. Animals are in danger now, come and save them!

X-HERO App Comments & Reviews

X-HERO Positive Reviews

Pleasantly confusedDownloaded this game off of an ad cus i wanted to shoot dinosaurs at other dinosaurs. it looked fun cant lie. then i open the app to find busty bird women & dudes who wanna become a demon to kill a demon or whatever he said. needless to say i got hooked, i’m a month in and it’s a great time passer. there’s so much (too much) going on & once you finish one thing there’s something else to complete. it’s a fun game, but has almost nothing to do with dinosaurs so rip one star. i have absolutely no idea how to strategically play this game, but i do indeed feel like a mastermind when i beat a big tree dude. on the other hand, i think they seriously need to cut some of the features on this game as it is so hard to keep up with literally everything. like they took every game imaginable & stuffed it in to one. less = more my friend, i don’t even use half the stuff on there. might i add, the awake hero to level up is driving me crazy, im stuck because i can’t get beat higher levels meaning I CANT GET MORE SCROLLS. or summons i mean i think i don’t know. & ya girl has bills i cant throw 20 on diamonds ingame i’ll probably get too busy to play it in a month. & the slot machines rigged thank you goodnight..Version: 2.0.83

Pleasantly Surprised!!!Don’t let the number of downloads confuse you. This is literally the best game I have ever played on my phone. First of all, this game has nothing to do about dinosaurs. I literally beat the dinosaur part in a few weeks. This is game that will captivate you with busty woman hero’s and villains and exciting Bosses to fight. The most fulfilling part is the upgrading of weapons and characters themselves. This game is super easy and it makes you fill like a winner. Although there are a few levels that are not as easy to beat. So you still fill very rewarded when you barely scratch past the mission. I have been playing this game for about a month and a half and my highest character level is only 260. I have seen other players get even stronger characters in the high 300’s. It would probably take me a least 6 months to a year to even be considered as good as the top players. I really love how they have constructed this whole game and there is always something to complete. They have even added a skip feature for most battles as well. Just get this game and you will thank me latter. The only thing that would make this game close to perfect would be cheaper prices for needed items..Version: 2.0.91

Common predatory appIt’s really sad to see people that only want to make games like this for money and it really shows with this app. Developers give me a favor, play crash fever. Look at their store. They don’t shove advertising of their own game in my face every time I’m in the hub. It’s truly sad because I see the effort. I love the mini game aspect. Of course it needs to be expanded on, but a mini game like that in a game is genius even if the game is simple. The characters, while generic and borderline copyright (lol), have personality. It is all there, but it really feels like a passionate project was completed, and then plastered with ads making the game to me unplayable. You guys are probably making money from it. And I understand it can’t change. But I miss when games meant something. Idk. Maybe you learned how to do this to show the world something. To let them play what you created…..from what I see in your app, the only reason you created this game is to make money. And I think that’s really sad. I would have paid for a game like this without the sneaky buttons that send you to a purchase conveniently right over the battle button. I will never give an app 1 star. It’s wrong too. Because there was so much work to create this. But I really want you guys to read this. So 3 stars it is..Version: 2.0.92

Fun game, lots to doI’ve been playing for about 2 months. I enjoy it but there are some pretty big walls in the game for progression. Unless you’re willing to put down some cash basically you won’t see the same level of progression for a while compared to those who pay. Even then the walls are steep. I play daily, there’s always lots to do. I’m at a point where once I do all my daily stuff there’s really not much to do except help people in my union. But I still enjoy it, I only wish there was a more continuous way to play or grind out some more rewards. I also downloaded just for the Save Dog game but then came to realize it’s an entirely different game. But like I said I enjoy it. I have almost every hero so far and would like to keep playing. Progress is slow at this point, but I am progressing maybe like once a week or so. Even with daily play. I would recommend they increase/remove the cap on the daily VIP points as that limit is so low it’s virtually nothing at higher VIP levels. That and the continuous fight option to grind some more rewards so I have something to do even when I’ve completed everything else..Version: 2.0.99

Problem with the Storm Falcon StoreHey , I am writing to you to inform you that there is a problem with the Falcon Store . I was currently battling in the “Trail of Storm” and I was trying to play the 3 exercise platform called the “The Final Exercise” Now I have recorded and taking pictures of my experience because it is not going through after I am done picking up my line up. Right after I’m done picking up my lineup, the game loads up. And right when the game loads up to 99% , a Tip pops up saying “ your network is unstable and has to skip the fight for you.” Now I thought it was my Wi-Fi, so I took it off the Wi-Fi and played it using the data on my phone. My new I am recording through all of this experience, so I continue to use the app and run through the whole experience again by using the data on my phone and sure enough it wasn’t working as well. I don’t know how to send videos and pictures through this review but I’m writing to tell you my experience and I wanted to complete the event before it’s done. I’m writing to you guys to see if you guys can do something about this. Thank you 🤙🏼.Version: 2.0.90

I’m AddictedI’ll give the good and bad points to the game. Starting with the bad. The events they have for cards, special items, etc. aren’t long enough to make a decent progression on. They need to make a full description of what each stat/attribute does and a better explanation grammatically for what each hero’s skills do. The good are that there’s always plenty to do, community is talkative, and each day I feel like I’ve made progress. Sometimes more sometimes less but always progress. I’ve found myself playing everyday since I downloaded the game for about two months now and I look forward to the daily reset. I recommend the game if this piques your interest and are fine with spending some money here and there..Version: 2.1.4

Addictive GameplayLet me start off by saying that I love this game, I came across this game through an ad on TikTik which was supposed to be protecting a dog from a bee hive and then I found X Hero inside of this game. I have been playing for a week now and as long as you pay attention then everything is pretty self explanatory and I love the red dot notifications letting me know I have new loot and quests and what not. I will continue to play this game for now but what I extremely dislike (Which will determine if I keep playing) is how expensive the bundles are! I have spent close to $50 on in app purchases to help me progress within the game and even then it does not get me that far. I understand that your app needs to make money but come on, These prices are way too high. $100 in actual money for a few items? I would imagine that if you made a change to those prices then you may get more people to want to make purchases at a much lower lost..Version: 2.0.92

A very confusing and fun game!I am a little bit confused about the inclusion of all these fighting features… I thought all the game was was saving a cartoony dog from a swarm of bees. Apparently, there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye. The game itself is astonishingly good looking, besides the cartoony dog and the bees. Those are just cute. It can be realistic or it can be anything else. It’s neat, and even has a little story. It’s your average mobile fighting game combined with those small, corny mini games. It’s nice because I got more than I expected to get. It’s a unique game that is definitely worth a try in my book! Already addicted lol, started battling and it’s really pleasing to the eyes how all the characters designs aren’t too flashy and not too out there. You get what you would get from about a hundred other games in a small, efficient game. Give this game a try!.Version: 2.0.92

Good game but glitches not reimbursed by supportI’ve liked this game for awhile, there’s a lot to do to improve your stats and unlock new characters quickly. There are some instances where the game glitches, and you have the potential to lose hours or even days worth of resources. I’ve tried to ask support for help getting this stuff back but they say too bad, can’t help you. It’s definitely a game that is much easier if you spend money. It’s still possible to enjoy it and reach high levels without spending anything, it just takes time. But one things for sure I don’t think I’ll ever buy anything from this game. Especially now since the customer support is stingy and won’t return items lost in glitches. Worth playing just don’t get too invested, and be careful buying anything because if you lose it to a glitch customer service won’t give it back..Version: 2.0.99

I just wanna save the dogAn ad of Save the Dog kept showing up on my feed so I decided to download it one day. The Save the Dog aspect is exactly as advertised, which was a pleasant surprise. However it’s just a mini game in this main game of superheroes. You have to continue to beat the levels of the superheroes and all these other tasks to unlock more Save the Dog levels. Not gonna lie, it was fun, never played ads, and never laggy. But there’s just too much going on. I spend a good hour just collecting rewards, then I have to win battles just to unlock a few Save the Dog levels. As the levels get more difficult, and I have to collect my rewards to upgrade my heroes, it was just too much to do to play just a few levels of Save the Dog. Since it’s taking me too long to unlock new levels, I’m going to delete the app now. At least I got to save the dog a few times..Version: 2.1.5

Best Idol I’ve PlayedI love the comic book fighting style and mini game, it’s both fun and different. The game is ftp friendly, the biggest difference in ftp and spending is how fast you progress. I know this because my wife is ftp and I spend on the game. There’s always a couple of events running with plenty of prizes. The pvp system lets you complete at your player and hero level. The game runs great on my phone and iPad, no issues with crashing or lag. I’ve never had a problem mysteriously loosing rewards or purchases, I’ve not yet had to file a ticket for anything. They do updates regularly and give notice days in advance about game shutdowns. If you like idol fighting games give this one a try. Great rewards, cool heroes, plenty of content, and the game runs smooth..Version: 2.0.83

Not expected for good reasonsAs like everyone else, I downloaded this game for Save Dog due to the advertisements. As most games that are free, I was expecting Ads after ads. To my surprise there are zero ads, and the X-HERO part I thought at first it was an ad, but to my second surprise it was a full fledge game filled with so many activities. I immediate got sucked in and did not expect how fun it was. Although the game is free to play and you can absolutely progress in this game 100% for free, there is a pay to win aspect if you want to progress faster. It is dreadfully slow to progress if you decide you want to do it for free but it is completely doable but note it will take a LOT of your time. If you need a game to kill the time this is a fun and great game to play..Version: 2.1.3

So addictive!My birthday is October 28 and last week my girlfriend came down here to visit me. Her son asked if he could play this game. I looked at the ad. It was a little kittens that you draw circles around to protect them from bees. He seem to playing the game all the time. Obviously I gave him the password to my phone so he could log on and to my surprise in four days, he charged $1600 to my credit card for this game. So obviously this game is so addictive. It’s also super dangerous. To let a child pay $1600 and under a week, obviously, this is also my responsibility I just don’t have children. But, it should be taken off the App Store and converted to a game that doesn’t cost money, or an absorbent amount of money and marketed towards little children..Version: 2.1.1

Nice devsI am an avid player of hero collector games and I am in love with this one, because you don’t replay levels is actually way less grinding and more strategic thinking, always new events for later game players and tools of cool heroes being added to all the time! You can also progress very easily without spending just takes a bit of patience, I have two ascended and many mythic tier heroes after just a few months of playing. Honestly my only complaint is the community, I’ve run across many more excluding pretentious ones than welcoming ones, particularly in regards to new players, but that has nothing to do with the game itself. Keep up the amazing work guys and thank you for keeping it interesting!!!.Version: 2.0.92

Great app, loads of content, cost a bit to play thoughSo, the app is great. Lots of battle platforms you can play. Even gots a cannon mini game (if ya can’t find it, ya not that bright). The only problem is that the game is a bit expensive to play if you wanna have fun. The game is rigged to where you have to spend real money to keep the gameplay up. I have spent around $150 just playing it. But that’s because I buy the $4.99 stuff that pops up every now and then and drop $20 on gems. A lot of rewards you have to pay to get. Game is basically a “pay to play” (will change my review if it changes to a more fair way to play). The game itself is actually pretty good though. Easy to play and easier to understand. Great game. Very great game..Version: 2.0.90

Game of wallsThe game is mad fun for like the first 2 days. After that it’s just hitting wall after wall after wall. Ya can’t gain any momentum after the second day. Summons become more and more rare and even when you get the chance to 10x summon, good characters are like 1 every 70. It’d be a 5 star game if somehow the momentum was able to be picked back up, and if getting a good character wasn’t just a once a month thing. Then even when you get a good character, they’re basically worthless until you get 3 more of the same character. Seriously I was obsessed with this game in the beginning, it’s incredibly fun, but now it’s more of a “login once a day to collect your stuff” type of game. Cause you can’t get past a certain part without leveling certain characters up and the odds to do that are borderline astronomical.Version: 2.0.90

Come for Doge stay for HeroesWe all know the ads, save the silly dogs from the angry bees. Well that’s what I thought this game would be, and boy was I surprised to find a whole other world waiting for me. It’s your hero gacha game with interesting characters and really great art. There is voice acting which is fairly decent for most of the characters. Gameplay is what you can expect from a mobile hero collector game, which isn’t in of it’s self terrible. It keeps me engaged long enough and the story makes me come back wondering what happens next. My only real complain and even then it’s a nit-pick is whoever is in charge of proof reading needs to be fired, as you can and will encounter misspelled words and grammatical errors..Version: 2.0.99

Good game for the newcomers.I like the game alot but there are few things that i would like to talk about. This game is interesting for the 1-2 month then it became boring since its really hard to beat the level. If there were recurring events more frequently like 1-2 days refresh it will make the player more active. Also if there were more space discovery events or may be they can refresh the event once a month would be great. Now i have been spending less then 20 min in the game just to collect the daily reward. Hope the game maker put more events and price in the game. Also, we can only invite 20 server player in the union. Hope they extend it more server..Version: 2.0.99

Enjoyable great time passerLike most mobile games you level up quick with no money needed, but as you progress, and you don’t want to add your own money, it does become tedious. I found myself replaying the dinosaur part over and over until I accumulated enough resources to proceed to the next step. There a few nice cheap upgrade packs that do help speed things up. I would like to see more of a “grind” type of game where I can level up on my own but it takes time and perhaps a more in depth tutorial explaining the buffs and debuffs as well as some more insight to different characters. I still check in each day and play for 30 minutes to an hour. It’s enjoyable..Version: 2.0.90

So much to do!!This game is a great game for anyone who wants an rpg/ card/ adventure/ space/ bit of gambling, I can go on. There’s something in here for everyone. There’s always something to do and you get crazy rewards constantly for doing them. The creators of this game thought of everything, there’s never a dull moment. And of course you can spend some money, what game doesn’t have in app purchases, but they have an amazing vip status for spending money but you don’t have to at all. The match up system is great and you always feel like a winner. Great job with this one guys, looking forward to some great updates. Keep it coming!! ✌🏼.Version: 2.0.89

Server issues?I guess it’s supposed to be like this so you can have multiple accounts on different servers. I got lost in them trying to just find my old one. I wanted to join the same union as my partner because we were in different ones from the get go. I didn’t realize I needed to be in the same server until I had a lot of gear and characters. Especially paying a little bit for this game. Overall it’s a good game. I expected just the doggo levels and got into a whole different realm. There isn’t really anything to hate about this game. I just wish I could only rock one account and switch servers..Version: 2.0.92

Hopeful startThis game rips features and systems from popular idle games and rip characters from popular video game and comic franchises, and frankly, I love it. You’ll see memorable, legally different, characters with some neat animations during the automatic gameplay. I’m giving this five starts because I want it to gain traction, but I would give it 4 stars normally for how shoddy the English is outside of the voice lines from the specific characters, with an odd outlier being the intro cutscene, where the accent is obvious, foreshadowing for me what the text in game would be. If you can navigate around a grammar teacher’s nightmare it’s quite a good game, there passion here..Version: 2.0.30

Won’t load🥴So I’ve been playing this game now for about 2 months maybe and there’s a lot of updating that you have to do😫 didn’t mind that. I love the game got on just to shield the dog from the bees 😂 but found so much more! I’m definitely loving it! The problem is now the game doesn’t load for me anymore. Thought about fruit and then downloading it again but I’ll lose everything I’ve worked for 😭😭 can you fix it please******************************************** UPDATE didn’t realize my Wi-Fi had went out so it was my fault! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly to help me resolve the issue..Version: 2.1.8

Great Game, Bind your account!I got this game based off an ad. The gameplay had some of the ad gameplay, but it was definitely not the focus of the game and more of a mini-game. However, I still enjoyed it. That is, until a recent update completely wiped my progress. I have been playing for a few months now and out of nowhere, I go from being a pretty successful player to square one. I did not bind my account and I also did not uninstall the app. I should not have lost my progress, so this is frustrating. Therefore, instead of getting a higher star rating, I give a 3 star as the game is buggy and can reset on you with no way of reconnecting to your old account if you don’t bind it..Version: 2.0.98

Great idle Heroes and fun challenging mini gameA lot of people come for the Mini Game. I do wish they would add more mini games as they are so much fun. However the idle heroes game is fantastic as well. Great guild/union system, fun weekly and monthly events and a good feedback system. There are certainly a lot of additional things that could make it better but I’m very picky on idle games. Customer support is very responsive. I highly recommend this game. It’s great for those who like consistent incremental improvement and only have time for an hour or two a day for games. I wouldn’t mind more content but I love the content!.Version: 2.0.92

Super addictiveOk like many others I downloaded this game to save the dog. The rest of the game ended up being really fun and addicting. Be prepared to spend $$$ if you want to stay competitive and advance quickly. Lack of patience will ruin your bank account. I really wish everything wasn’t so expensive. That’s the reason I can’t give it 5 starts. The prices are outrageous. But the game itself is really well done. Lots of moving parts to keep you entertained and time sensitive events to participate in. Just don’t download if you are easily suckered into spending money you don’t have! You’ve been warned! lol.Version: 2.1.6

Fun gameIt’s really fun and love the artwork. Only thing is it needs to be polished. For instance, there are spelling errors in obvious places like in union chat when you help a member it says I have helped out a payer instead of player. Things like this make it a low profile game, which is sad because the artwork is impressive.Version: 2.0.19

Fun little addictionThe Little Dino mini game I liked the most unfortunately there not much of. The has a pretty interesting tactical aspect to it with the class and attribute styles of the characters . There is always a different area to work on within the game to further progress and strengthen your heroes making this game an easy time absorber. Unfortunately however the game is a little intense on the idle aspect..Version: 2.1.5

BruhI hate how it’s sideways.Version: 2.0.29

Oh yeahThis game Is the best game ever.Version: 2.0.30

Best gameLike this game from first day good an friendly community.Version: 2.1.7

Great gameLots of challenges. Lots of fun. Daily challenges keep it interactive full a long time..Version: 2.1.6

Amazing GameI really enjoy the leveling system..Version: 2.1.6

Fun time gameIt is really good game, reminds me of trump card game but in a good version. my time on games this is on my top list..Version: 2.1.6

Addictive gameI’ve never been into mobile games until I stumbled to this game. Been playing for almost a month and it never fails to excite me on what it has to offer every after reset. It makes you grind to get your desired hero and to reach certain levels in different cups. It is so multifaceted and has brought out many emotions in my everyday game time. Amazing game!.Version: 2.1.6

Good game butThe problem is they are very misleading with there pricing you see something that is 24.99 then click on it it ends up being like 44.99 the monthly pass says 14.99 with all this added stuff the. You click it to buy it to get all the extra added stuff it’s 4.99 and if you click on that it goes up in price the game itself is fun just wish they didn’t lie about there price.Version: 2.1.5

All this because of…Dogs..Version: 2.1.5

Fun to playAltho the game was not as advertised (saving animal) when I first downloaded, I have came to enjoy playing it. It help me keep my minds off thing and pass time. It will be great if their was an improvement on the union and chatting systems. It is kinda blend and glitchy sometimes.Version: 2.1.5

Fun GameIts an awesome game to play, the developers are quick to response, easy to address any issues and the community is good..Version: 2.1.5

This is way to mixed upYou battle hero’s and fight idk And then you also play the game in the ad make two separate games instead of screwing everything up I only want to play the dog game not the other stupid games.Version: 2.1.4

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