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Join with your partners in the best and fantasy RPG now! Gather your avengers and lead them to fight the darkness for the future. Which heroes will you choose?

Level-up when you’re AFK, reap the rewards when you get back. Idle anytime, battle anywhere! Just take a break from working and studying.

Plan your own offensive and defensive strategy with hundreds of hero combinations. Summon your heroes, upgrade their equipment, develop their skills, strengthen your team!

There’re various instances in this magic arena. Choose your marvelous adventure in this role playing game. Either battling for glory in the global arena, exploring hidden treasures throughout the mysterious maze in Space Discovery, or even hunting Galaxy Wanted wandering in the space!

Play with more than 1 million players across the planet! Compete with players all over the world and determine who shall lead the future world to fight back darkness in this war!

Touch the screen with your fingers, to draw a line as the wall to protect the animals from attacks by bees! Hold on 10 seconds and you will win the game. Animals are in danger now, come and save them!

X-HERO App Comments & Reviews

X-HERO Positive Reviews

Good game with but patience is requiredStarted playing this game in January and it became one of my favorites. The art style is good, game has a fair amount of strategy, and the developers are easily accessible. The one downside, as most games like this, you’ll eventually hit a wall where you MUST purchase or have the patience of 1000 saints. You’ll get a bone thrown at you every so often but man…the wait grind can get brutal at times. Other than that, this is a pretty decent game I’d recommend..Version: 2.0.62

Truly an absolute amazing game that Deserves Attention!!!When I found this game, I didn’t know exactly what to expect but I can tell you now with confidence that this game is one of the best Mobile Games I’ve played. There is sooo much to do and so many amazing Heros! The great part about this game is that it’s not too difficult to upgrade your Heros. Most other games, your stuck waiting weeks just to obtain a character that you will never use but this game has implemented a great feature which allows you to upgrade at a reasonable pace and allows you to get the most out of each character even at very low levels. Once you try this game, you’ll see exactly what I mean. This is one of those games you can play for hours and not realize how much time has gone by! I highly recommend this game and it deserves as much recognition as it can get!.Version: 2.0.83

Best Idol I’ve PlayedI love the comic book fighting style and mini game, it’s both fun and different. The game is ftp friendly, the biggest difference in ftp and spending is how fast you progress. I know this because my wife is ftp and I spend on the game. There’s always a couple of events running with plenty of prizes. The pvp system lets you complete at your player and hero level. The game runs great on my phone and iPad, no issues with crashing or lag. I’ve never had a problem mysteriously loosing rewards or purchases, I’ve not yet had to file a ticket for anything. They do updates regularly and give notice days in advance about game shutdowns. If you like idol fighting games give this one a try. Great rewards, cool heroes, plenty of content, and the game runs smooth..Version: 2.0.83

Hopeful startThis game rips features and systems from popular idle games and rip characters from popular video game and comic franchises, and frankly, I love it. You’ll see memorable, legally different, characters with some neat animations during the automatic gameplay. I’m giving this five starts because I want it to gain traction, but I would give it 4 stars normally for how shoddy the English is outside of the voice lines from the specific characters, with an odd outlier being the intro cutscene, where the accent is obvious, foreshadowing for me what the text in game would be. If you can navigate around a grammar teacher’s nightmare it’s quite a good game, there passion here..Version: 2.0.30

‏    nice game‌  ​‎     On top of that there is curse words in names and on clan tags. Without that feature it’s hard to believe that this app is rated only 9+ for age when there are people talking about these topics and have these names with no report feature. I understand that there is a block feature so you can ignore people you don’t want to hear from but with the amount of people doing things like this you could spend a long time in the chat and not make a dent in the amount of people   ​     ​​  ‎.Version: 2.0.30

 ‎Love it! ‌ ‌  To be honest, it’s rare to have such a happy game that can be played without spending money. I played it for about a year and hardly spent much money. My classmates played it for a few months and spent about two to three thousand. Has more collection cards than him. Like my new account, although there are no cards, it's not bad to play a tavern. Especially with the emergence of many fairy decks over the years, I joined in the spirit of not being able to play. It really brought me a lot of happiness.      .Version: 2.0.79

MasterpieceThis game is a masterful piece of art created as a satire on games themselves. This game has an identity crisis that in size is unmatched in any game I’ve ever played. This is a beautiful juxtaposition to typical games and is excellently done. The game also practically plays itself telling you every move that you should do and you’ll win no matter what. This again is beautiful and well done irony meant to show the great faults in many games. This is a beautifully crafted masterpiece, I hope to see more from these developers..Version: 2.0.80

Its pay to winSo the game is pay to win cus they are selling a character for $1 that wiped out my entire team by itself because it can spam out this swarm ability that last for over 8 seconds i think that damages every second and for every hit it heals 290 hp(as i said before it can spam it) my entire team was a higher level then it and had stuns and heals galore yet the character survived soley off spamming that one ability even when it was stunned A character like that is totally unfair if it can 1v6 a entire team 5x higher level then it and still be full hp by the end of the battle.Version: 2.0.31

Excellent Fantasy GameThe characters (heroes) in X-Hero have excellent design and sound bytes. The battles are fun to watch between closely matched opponents. There is both strategy and luck involved with many different methods to advance. I hope my participation in the game supports future development and features. I have been playing a few weeks now and it is the best mobile game I have come across. I previously only played PC MMORPGs (such as WoW, DAOC, UO, SW:G, etc.) because nothing mobile could keep my attention until now..Version: 2.0.80

Game is fun but has Alot of issuesThere is an option within Chat that supposedly lets you block the various chats but it doesn’t actually work. I hate chat pops in games, especially when you can’t block/silence them. And the chats in this game are full of swearing, politics and harassment with NO way to report it... 🤦‍♀️. Also there is the recycling tower/location that only lets you recycle Green and below Units... which leave you with a ton of Blue units to sit in your inventory. Also when upgrading: only the same unit or a unit of the same rarity can be used? How about putting all those blue and greens to use there.Version: 2.0.31

Dinosaurs and HeroesFor a while I was looking for a new mobile game that I could quietly pass the time with at work. While scrolling through Instagram I stumbled upon this incredible game. At first I honestly was just going to be shooting dinosaurs through a cannon, but then I realized the game had so much more depth to it! I instantly fell in love with the art work and the mechanics of the game to strategize and idly watch your team of heroes perform flashy animations that will leave you in awe. So far I am addicted and in love..Version: 2.0.80

Better than AFK Arena!!I was addicted to AFK Arena for awhile now, but I’ve pretty much stopped playing it because of this game! It just keeps me so invested. Whenever I’m playing I always lose track of time because there’s literally SO many things to do in game. Also, I’d like to give their support team VERY high praise! I had an issue with an in app purchase for 99 cents. I tried buying an early champion, but it didn’t register the purchase for some reason. I attempted to buy it again and it still didn’t work. I checked my Apple purchases and it showed that they had charged me twice. I reached out to them on Facebook and it told me to contact them via Facebook Messenger. The developer was VERY quick to respond, and got things sorted out extremely quickly. Hats off on a job well done! Thank you!.Version: 2.0.30

EpicFor 5 consecutive weeks the top Union Insanity has been pit against my Union, Caos. For the same two Unions to be put against the each other multiple times in a row is against Union Wars. Thankfully one of my Union members spoke to a dev about this and my entire Union was compensated for our loses. All of us together (50 members) have spent at least tens of thousands of dollars. So it is nice to see devs caring about people that actually care and invest in this game. Makes me appreciate the community and devs more..Version: 2.0.57

Great GameIt’s a very smooth game with multiple games in one, tournaments, side quest and more… I had an issue but it seems to have been solved. Customer service respond promptly. Not always do they get to understand some issues but they do their best and get back as soon as possible. It’s a great game over all the more you develop your characters the more things you unlock. I got hooked from day one. I strongly suggest you try it….Version: 2.0.83

Awesome game! Hours of gameplay for all ages!!!My son had downloaded the game originally. I bought a couple things for him and decided to check it out for myself. I’ve been hooked ever since! Multiple story lines and great character designs. It’s the first thing I do every morning, log on and play for a few. There’s plenty of free content and premium content at a fair price. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!!!.Version: 2.0.83

Dope game!Love how there is so many mini games so if you ever get stuck on one level you have many options to go with next. The only trouble I’ve run into is once you get past upgrading to a certain point with so many different heroes, you can get stuck for days and either you become disinterested or have to pay for resources. Maybe having bigger resource earning potential for certain things? Aside from that I love this game..Version: 2.0.82

 ‏Love‏‍    The game mode is very simple and it is fun to play. It's so simple and happy. So far, every version is very happy. You can play very well without recharging. I entered the pit last year, and now I have unloaded it twice to play other games. After unloading it twice, I find that I still want to come here to play for a while after playing other games. In the end, all other games are unloaded and XHERO is left.‌ ‌   ​.Version: 2.0.79

I love this game!!I’ve played a lot of rpgs and I’ve never liked them and I like the aspect of the games but I never rlly liked them. this game is different, I love this game so much I just got it and I haven’t stopped playing it rn I’m like top 10 on my server and I’m doing pretty good with my heroes and there lvls and gear. It’s grindy but not enough for you to give up bc it’s to much and I’ve been in those kinda games , best game ever good job to the creators!.Version: 2.0.36

It’s goodI love this game, it’s one of the best mobile games I’ve played in a long time. I like how you are able to awaken your cards to upgrade them and make them more powerful. The only complaint I have is I wish you were able to trade cards with people in your legion. But other than that it is a great game and I can’t wait for future updates..Version: 2.0.83

Great Idea but needs more fixingOk I’m gonna be honest it’s a good game it’s very addicting and it’s just a not a bad game it just has a lot of bugs and fixes but that can all be fixed it does crash but that can be fixed of course it is not a bad game thought it’s very well conceived hopefully you guys can fix the issues and make it better because this game has potential..Version: 2.0.30

  Just started and liking it so far     ‎  I started a little bit ago and immediately I was hooked. Sometimes I don't have time to play. I love about it is that you don’t have to pay to win with a little bit of playing you can be better than the people who spend money. I recommend to the people who love to play Cards games.‌    ‌ .Version: 2.0.79

It’s addictiveI’ve been playing this game for a little over a month now and it is very addicting in a good way. I have a hard time putting the game down and I am constantly hopping on to support my union and gather my daily rewards. It also takes a fair amount of strategy to combine soldiers together in a way that creates a cohesive and formidable team.Version: 2.0.83

Review!Honestly a great game to pass the time and have and have a little fun. Was not expecting it to be what it was until I started to play it! Many things to do and enjoy in the game. It really doesn’t feel like a pay to win game but man do they have plenty of discounted offers that they throw at you that are tempting lol! Highly recommend.Version: 2.0.83

Pretty interesting comic gameEveryone is welcome to play, I have been playing for almost a month, and it is quite playable. In addition, the new version is not as easy to use as the original heroes. There are too many cards, and as long as the game is switched to the background, it will be restarted, which is troublesome, but it won't..Version: 2.0.79

Game of the yearEasy controls and a lot of ways to build characters quickly and don’t have to spend money to do it. The game entertains in so many ways with games in game in different ways. Don’t get bored when you can arena battles or try artillia along with space flight. A lot of weapons and armor to choose from..Version: 2.0.83

AMAZING GAMEHonestly been looking for years to find a good game, and then I randomly came across this game one day and it was the best thing ever! I can’t stop playing this game just because of how addicting it is!!! Such a good game and so fun too, I love how there is so many thing you can do and other people on the app help out too so it’s amazing!! Cheers to the creators of this game!.Version: 2.0.83

Absolutely understand gameI have always had a problem where I would get hooked on a single game for a couple of weeks, this game is different, haven’t come cross any bugs and game play is flawless, so many challenges and events going on you can easily spend days building up..Version: 2.0.83

Game reviewThis game regardless of age is amazing, fun and easy to play. I have been only playing for almost a month and am definitely hooked and enjoying it very much. If ur looking for a fun exciting game that’s easy to figure out and definitely helps pass the time I highly recommend this one. Thanks guys for the good game and keep it up..Version: 2.0.82

  Super fun game! ​ ​‏Even tho there is no way you’re making top 50 in arena without spending, you’ll still have a bunch of fun with all the events and building heroes!I gave this game a 5 star rate because it a tip top game with a amazing event that’s going on in that last FOREVER!!! Plus you even get stuff when your not in the game or even on YOUR PHONE!!!!!          .Version: 2.0.59

Love it!At the beginning of the trial mode, a lot of them were given out, and it was easy to clear the game. Then there is a feeling of placement, and the picture quality is super beautiful! The degree of restoration is super high~ Like me and a few friends and brothers who have played well, I have also exchanged experience in matching generals..Version: 2.0.79

Great game, plenty to doIt really is a great game, lots of people complain that it progresses too slowly or it costs too much, sometimes you will have to be a little patient but there are plenty of other quests/events to do to keep you busy. Overall, I really enjoy it and hope you do too..Version: 2.0.83

Great Game and addictingI really like the characters in this game. Even though it’s a static game, there is a level of strategy associated with winning battles and maximizing your team. Only feedback is sometimes it’s hard to connect to the servers if your internet or service isn’t amazing. Some visual bugs! But overall very good game!.Version: 2.0.82

 ​ Addicting  ‎​‌ This game has been played so far. To be honest, it's really good. It has received a lot of benefits and can get a lot of fun heroes. Not so stuck after the update. I hope that designers can pay more attention to the balance in the game and the game experience of the players, and continue to optimize the game.‎   ‏.Version: 2.0.79

  Very nice   ​ Great to pass time, progress goes really fast at first then really slows down unless you want to pay. Best game I’ve seen in a long time! I begin to play a year ago, when i started playing in my super crappy samsung galazy tab a tablet, but now I love it. I think it is very interesting and I play it on my new tablet.    .Version: 2.0.79

GoodI suggest you can reduce this ads, because I saw this repeatedly on a mobile ad, and usually those games are pretty bad. So I think it will let people misunderstand. But this game is actually amazing. Easy to progress and helps you move along with the tons of quests. Not pay to win at all..Version: 2.0.79

Fun game!Played for a couple of weeks was having tons of fun! Then one day I logged in and lost my character. It started me at the beginning. I contacted them through Facebook and they were able to locate my account on a different server. They were very helpful!.Version: 2.0.82

Great pass time any time you’re waitingWe spend lots of time waiting for things in life and we need something to keep us entertained in those moments. This game is the perfect thing to fill those moments with its easy user friendly entertainment style and pretty artwork..Version: 2.0.83

Fun gameIt’s really fun and love the artwork. Only thing is it needs to be polished. For instance, there are spelling errors in obvious places like in union chat when you help a member it says I have helped out a payer instead of player. Things like this make it a low profile game, which is sad because the artwork is impressive.Version: 2.0.19

BruhI hate how it’s sideways.Version: 2.0.29

Decent Idle RPGReally fun combat and strategy but poor translations and being somewhat p2w keep it from being 5 stars.Version: 2.0.83

Oh yeahThis game Is the best game ever.Version: 2.0.30

Great all around gameGreat character design and in game content. Fun to play. Great community and great support staff. Easy to get addicted and is f2p friendly.Version: 2.0.83

Fun gameFun game to play and doesn’t take too much time.Version: 2.0.83

Great gameAwesome game..Version: 2.0.83

Fun game, great progressionI'm really enjoying the progression in this game. They do a great job keeping you entertained and have something to do. It also doesn't completely punish you for not being on constantly. There are some minor errors but nothing that takes away from the game and they are always receptive to feedback to improve and develop further. In my opinion, it's this community feedback which really helps with keeping me engaged..Version: 2.0.83

Fantabulous gameThis game is absolutely addictive, like the cigarette, When you start with it, hard to stop..Version: 2.0.83

Funny gameFunny game!.Version: 2.0.83

Customer Service Is AmazingSo it’s not the game in the preview with the dinosaurs. There is a very small portion of that in the beginning. So I was definitely bamboozled into downloading this game. HOWEVER the x-hero part of the game is amazing. There is lots of different things to do to level up and improve your heros. And you don’t have to spend real money. You can if you wish but it’s not mandatory to advance in the game. Now the one thing that actually made me write this review as I never have on an app because there are so many if you don’t like one, you download another. But within x-hero there is a customer service option that actually allows you to chat with one of the developers and their response time is amazing. Would definitely recommend downloading this game and seeing how you like it. 11/10 customer service 10/10 for x-hero and 3/10 for being bamboozled (tho I’m not mad about it 😉).Version: 2.0.83

AddictingGame is fun you’ll always be trying to get better hero’s and further progress into the game each day there is a variety of different things to do In the game give it a try.Version: 2.0.83

Love this gameBeen plying for a few months. Game is so fun. They update regularly. 10/10.Version: 2.0.83

Surprisingly good gameI only got this game because I was bedridden after getting surgery but I am very glad I found this game. It is incredibly addictive and very fun. The game itself has very little player input involved and instead rewards strategic thinking and trial and error. I like this as it allows me to do other things while playing and it keeps the game feeling very casual..Version: 2.0.83

I like itThis is two games in one and I like both of them. I would recommend more mini games to pass the time because you will hit dead spots where you have nothing to do later on..Version: 2.0.83

Fun little addictionThe Little Dino mini game I liked the most unfortunately there not much of. The has a pretty interesting tactical aspect to it with the class and attribute styles of the characters . There is always a different area to work on within the game to further progress and strengthen your heroes making this game an easy time absorber.Version: 2.0.82

Fun gameI dig the game I think the animations are pretty sweet it’s exactly like AFK Arena just different in some aspects but it can really really be pay to play there’s a lot of stuff they recommend you to buy (optional of course) and most of it is pretty darn expensive. Aside from paying aspect you can play free but the ads popping up to buy are a bit insane....The character card designs are just absolutely sick like Galaxy..Version: 2.0.39

So many charactersFun game, many different characters to collect and grow in different classes. Much more than a Dino game. Still learning but seems very challenging..Version: 2.0.82

Most Addicting mobile gameAwsome game that keeps you thinking about the game every as you make sur to collect your daily rewards abd challenges to endure that you keep grinding and level up your team. Ive been playing the game for over a month now and easily an hour a day if not more, you never get enough of this game. Keep up the great work and weekly events!.Version: 2.0.82

Fun gameIt’s a good game to kill time and have fun with..Version: 2.0.82

Awesome game!This game is simply awesome! Every time I think I have the game figured another thing opens which makes it extremely exciting! Looking forward to see what else they have in store in the future..Version: 2.0.82

Great gameI enjoy the graphics and levelling system. Many different activities and gameplay options. I also like the translation of the chat. This allows me to collaborate with players around the world. I really enjoy this game!.Version: 2.0.80

AmazingThis game is super addicting, and lots to do in it. It’s actually so much more in the game then how the promote it..Version: 2.0.80

Good gameGood Game.Version: 2.0.79

GreatI recommend.Version: 2.0.79

Great game would love to see more legendary hereos tooI've been playing for a couple months now and it is totally addicting!!.Version: 2.0.79

Grindy but goodAll and all, not a bad game, doesn't ask much of your time. It does the grinding of gears and coins without you being on so you can do things like work or even play other games. The Heroes look good, and each has their own stories. Lastly gameplay: Its good, you just got to figure out what your team will be like with what you have..Version: 2.0.79

Fun! but needs improvementsI love this game, ive been really enjoying it and I love the art style and the characters! its been really fun to play and ive gotten pretty far in it. my only problems with it is sometimes you will get a defeat, even when you've won. I've gotten defeats where the enemy team will have less alive units (in both the arena and story) and it will count as a defeat just because the timer ran out. this is really unfair to lose your rank in the arena or not progress on a stage even though you had more units alive than the other team. I think they should make the timer longer for that. I've also had times where I've gotten a defeat because the enemy team is under a status effect.Version: 2.0.79

Download itLet me just start by saying that this game is addicting and extremely enjoyable. It is one of those few games whose mechanics are simple to learn yet feels challenging as you progress. I love the amount of characters that are available in the game, and the progression mechanics are great. My biggest flaw with this game is the loading scree..Version: 2.0.79

Fix pleaseHi, The last update or something in the game went funny. In X-War the hand keeps blinking on the tresure game. I click into it and their is nothing. I have completed both. So why is it blinking?.Version: 2.0.69

Love itIt’s such an awesome game keep up the good work developer’s.Version: 2.0.31

Very fun!I’m really enjoying this game. There is lots to do and you don’t have to worry about any energy mechanics that limit yourself progress..Version: 2.0.20

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