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Retro Bowl is the perfect game for the armchair quarterback to finally prove a point. Presented in a glorious retro style, the game has simple roster management, including press duties and the handling of fragile egos, while on the field you get to call the shots. Can you pass the grade and take your team all the way to the ultimate prize? Can you win the Retro Bowl?

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Best-Game-EverLove a good retro style game and stumbled upon this a few months ago and can NOT stop playing. The endless style of strategy to customize your team and to perform is just incredibly entertaining. It has the perfect mix of control and auto-play. Changing team colors, uniforms, names and locations is so much fun as well. The developers are constantly updating the game and fixing bugs (love the new little tweaks you put into the menu music btw 🥳👍👏. I honestly have no qualms about this game whatsoever. I purchased the game and would honestly even pay $5 a month if there were more extensive options or additions to the game and I never purchase games... Such as maybe an easy gameplay for playing defense?! (Please please PLEASE tell me you guys have been beta testing some sort of defensive gameplay option). Or have the option to choose your own play in audibles or particular offensive strategy such as run heavy or pass heavy. I think adding some sort of game play strategy would hold a lot more weight in deciding an offensive or defensive coordinator. The last thing that I think would be awesome is enhancing trading. There is no option to try and barter with another team for a player with money or straight up trading one of your stars for money instead of just getting draft picks. Anyways download this game if you haven’t, and then spend the dollar on it because it’s worth it. And developers please keep adding great options within this game!.Version: 1.4.22

Awesome game but could be improved!I absolutely Love this game and I’ve had it now for about a year. Recently I paid the dollar for premium so I could make college teams which has made it really cool. However I have three things that I feel like could be improved. For one, defensive coverage doesn’t ever seem to cover the te and it means if you want to you have an easy 10-15 yard play almost whenever you want it. Number two, although you can change players names by paying the dollar, it would be nice if you were able to edit the character that they look like as well as their ratings. This way if the player chooses they can make whatever kind of players they want. Sort of like how you can build a player in madden. Last of all, it would be really cool if they made it where you can download other peoples saves. Like I said, I made college teams but it required a long time because I had to individually go in and edit every teams name and uniforms. It would help a lot if players could just download a version that other players have made. I’m not sure how easy this would be but I think it would improve the experience for sure. Overall this is my favorite football game on mobile, but these are things that I have thought of a lot while playing it over the last year and I definitely think that it would make the game more fun!.Version: 1.4.88

Best Game EverI have been playing retro bowl for 10 Seasons and it’s great. But I wish something's could change. First of all I wish you could play defense. It’s really annoying because with a low star defense the opponent will score almost every time. I wish you could change that. Secondly I wish you could tag people to the hall of fame for free. I like the game because there are intense season ending playoff games like in the retro bowl I lost 35-23 then the next season I beat the same ream 22-10. I also like the morale idea because it’s hard to keep your players morale up and it really adds challenge to it. I also like after a game it says like Jamel Nieman was seen shaking hands with the president then it gives you more fans. I like that it is 8 bit and you have to keep your fans up. You get coaching credits every game I like. Another reason why I love retro bowl is you can’t upgrade every player to five stars like other football games every player has a certain potential that is their best. Finally, I like you can get coaching credits and that you can pick up free agents, draft players, coach a new team, but it makes it hard to pick up new players because of the cap room. But I think you shouldn’t have to pay the coins and the cap room for a drafted player or a free agent. I also like how you can get new coaches..Version: 1.4.93

Great game but needs some fixingRetro bowl is a great game don’t get me wrong, its just frustrating. First of all you should have the option to be one of the players meaning that you should be able to have a qb franchise or a wr franchise and not only be able to be a coach. Also you should be able to request a trade or demand a release from the team your on because I’ve been on the chargers for 6 years and I signed a 4 year contract. Also the other teams offense is a 1 star rating and I have a 5 star rating defense and the other team scores a touchdown every possession, I literally mean every possession. Also if one of my players are on a fast break the defense catches up every time. How does the defense not run out of energy yet my players have max stamina and run out of energy in like 3 seconds. Another thing, when you throw the ball it’s almost like it’s an interception every single throw. If I throw it 3 yards or less near a defender then it’s going to be an interception. If you throw it anywhere near a defender it will be an interception. Even if there not that close to it but there in diving range they still intercept it without diving, it’s annoying how I have to keep allowing points and changing possession. Also players that don’t have a name and a star above there head are just flat out useless they gain 3 yards in 5 seconds, like what’s the point. Other than that it’s a really good game and I really recommend it..Version: 1.4.93

Some more depth elements1. The fans seem to shift to much, for example they could love you then you lose one game and you lose like 20% fan interest. So that needs to be bumped down a little. 2. Add more control over play calling. So you could add a system for offense where every play you have three options to pick from. Then on defense you could make it so you have a pass defense play, run defense play, and balanced play (run and pass). And to decide which one to choose it gives you a percentage chance of which play the offense would call. So if it’s 60/40, 60 for pass, 40 for run. You have a better chance of getting a pick with a pass play but if they call a run play they will get a big gain. Since it’s 60/40. Then same thing with other percentages. 3. Add an option for playbooks. This, would play into hiring coordinators like some scan have a aggressive defense some have pass heavy offense and etc. 4. Finally make it an option for you to start off coaching in college so you can stay there if you don’t want to be in the nfl. Maybe if you do well get a chance in the nfl, if you do poorly you get moved down to a lower conference team like from sec to sun belt or you could just go to a less known college. Also please make these free because I believe these would make this game a five star app..Version: 1.4.93

Amazing Game, Top Tier, just a few suggestionsThis is one of the best mobile games I have ever played. Love the customization, you get to edit the player names, and every team’s name jerseys and location. Love the way the draft works and free agency, you can easily improve your team and rebuild your team with draft picks. Even the gameplay is great, it’s simple but also need skill in order to win. So this is already a great game, but I have some suggestions that would make it even better. I wish you could play defense instead of it just simulating the defensive possessions. And I think kickoffs and punts should be playable too. You could introduce the punter position, or just have the kicker do the punting too. Hope there are plans to add these in the future. Also, I think the star players should be league wide, not just your own team, so everyone would have stats on every team. This probably would take a lot of work, but I think it would definitely be worth it. You could see how the stats of your players compare to those around the league. And this would also open trading your picks for players on your own, instead of hoping a team offers you a player for a pick. Also I hope you guys introduce other games like this in the future, like for other sports, like baseball. Retro Series (World Series).Version: 1.4.81

Better then most Madden FranchisesThis is one of the best game for me on my iPad. The graphics are good, I like them and I’m a young person. Also a very good thing in this is the team morale. I love it because it adds some more depth into the gameplay and almost gives it a storyline to follow. The player ratings are also a good way to tell if a player is good or not. In the draft, that has helped me exceptionally by finding players that upgrade the positions I need and to fill gaps in the team play. That also leads me to another topic; the draft. I love how it only has 3 picks and how simple it and easy it is to make picks and find players to help the challenge of building a dynasty. I also love that after around 2 seasons you can change teams. It helps me decide wether to help try juice up another team or stay with my dynasty. Trading is also a really cool thing in this game, because sometimes the computer comes up to me to offer a trade. It can be for my players and draft picks or theirs, but I can also trade my own players. Sometimes that’s what I do to make a new team and save file challenging. Overall, one of the best games in the App Store to me, best football app by a big margin, and overall a very exciting and fun game to play. I hope if your reading this, please give it a shot, you will NOT REGRET IT!.Version: 1.4.22

Good game with flawed designFor a free game and even a dollar it’s good but it has some major problems. While I enjoy the mechanics and aesthetic, clearly development of the dynamic difficulty system suffered. It seems to me that the developer didn’t know how to make AI defense more skilled which I suppose I wouldn’t either so higher difficulty simply makes your players drop the easiest catches known to man significantly more often the higher your difficulty level. In fact, it seems that your players drop easy catches frequently in general, but the insanely high frequency which this occurs at in high difficulty is simply ridiculous. This increased difficulty also makes your defense essentially non existent so it’s a game of keeping up on offense and winning off a last second field goal. My other problem with this game would be the running. While it’s already quite bad that you can generally only throw up to like 20 yards or so, your players run out of stamina very quickly so you can generally expect them to run at most 20 yards after the catch which is in my opinion really dumb. This forces you into letting touchdowns by in score or go home moments when your receiver was wide open and far away from any defenders because he just starts walking towards the end zone after running 10 yards. It also makes the run game utterly unviable. If these 2 main issues aforementioned were fixed, it’s a 5 star for me..Version: 1.4.76

A must-buyI originally downloaded this game never hearing about it beforehand, played through the first three games, and came across the wall to purchase the rest of the game. For $1. After paying that $1 I have put countless hours into this game building different teams, coaching staffs, and mastering the different concepts the game had to offer. Before the most recent update, I believed it was too easy to score field goals — which was quickly remedied as it is now more difficult which is GOOD. This simple mobile game provides the GM experience you would like to see in an official EA Madden game, but simplifies the gameplay to offensive efforts only, having the defense simulate itself. Playing against teams you’ve built in the prior year can become your worst enemy as you’re going against your own evil creation. You can call audibles, timeouts, cut players, praise/fine players for certain actions, and so much more. The only recommendation I have for the developers of this game (if possible) is to try and implement a lateral system so the football can be passed off to another player close by to avoid a tackle, but with a higher chance of fumbling. Other than that, this game is an absolute must. Even if you know NOTHING about football, you will quickly pick it up and never want to put it down..Version: 1.2.12

Retro Bowl > Madden 21I was in my car and I was looking for something to do. I had watched some football videos so I looked for some free football games on my Phone. Found this gem. The franchise is so deep. You can talk to players to get morale up, you have coordinators that effect your play, you have press conferences directly impacting your team, and it has very efficient stat tracking. It is very innovative how they have done their gameplay. Instead of trying a 3D, realistic-looking game, they go full Retro and make the entire game 8-bit. It is very fun to play with. As much as I wish I could play defense, I think it makes the game exciting to see how that will go. This game has no bugs as far as I can see. And the great news is, I have only played this game for 1 day, so I’ve barely scratched the surface. And the game is only two months old when I’m writing this, so it still has many updates to come. My wishlist for future patches: a more in-depth offseason including training camp and free agency, changing the difficulty for beginners and for more experienced players, online multiplayer, some plays are overpowered so nerf them, trick plays, new running mechanics because it is near impossible at the moment, online season, play now (both versus cpu and online), and the ability to practice..Version: 1.4.22

It’s fun at first then the dropped passes, interferences, and unstoppable opponentsSo, this game is somewhat easy to catch on at first but like all “play for free” games they introduce increasing the harder gameplay and I’ll just come out and say it “forced failure” gameplay. In talking with another reviewer, who paid for their version, he/she didn’t experience any of this. Hmmmm…so you pay not to experience a different (non-frustrating) gameplay. Tell me if that doesn’t feel a little like extortion. After the first season or two, the Gameplay difficulty gets a bit exponential in its difficulty. Not only does the opposing defense start to become a little bit of mind readers, they also seem to score at will against your defense (albeit) with a decently good offense. This forces your offense to score a touchdown every time. This is also where even a average defense seems to step up their game. Now here’s where I quit the game, even if you’re good enough to read and anticipate your coverage this is where the game decides to have your 4-5 star receivers drop consecutive passes or the defense to interfere with your receivers. I have a big problem with developers that force failure mechanics. And this software has those in them. Shame on the developers. Users; if you want to experience the best part of this game without getting extorted feelings of frustration, then just 1 season and start over with a new game..Version: 1.4.93

Simply amazingDear developers: I love you. This is football perfection (die hard Bears fan, so yes, I bleed football, but done right). This game is a perfect amalgamation of a football rpg with the GM aspects, a techno bowl successor with the gameplay, and Maddow, with the players rankings, drafting, etc. i am I total love with this game, and it was free. I love it some much I HAD to buy the full version. Only a couple of naggles. The main one is difficulty. Hard and dynamic give a challenge by being cheaper. High star players no longer catching the ball, at intercepts EVERYTHING, and even 1 star defenses will give your 5 star offense fits. This must be evened out, as on medium were GODs on the field. I difficulty in between would be nice. I love sitting back and waiting to see what my defense will do without my interference but I’m sure there’s some way you can give the option of calling defensive plays just not control the players. That would be awesome. Otherwise, the nuance in this game is deeper than many console game. My players with drug problems had on filed issues. My star wideout declined with age. Players whose stats weren’t the best shocked and out performed as 5 star players underwhelmed. It is amazing how they incorporated most aspects of football into this little package. These guys need a [email protected]#[email protected]## award for there efforts. Bravo guys..Version: 1.3.79

Taught me how football worksGetting into this game has taught me how football works. No other football game has taken me past confusion with football and into understanding like this one. Like, I knew nothing about football before playing this game, nothing, and now I understand a lot! I was obsessed with this game for a while, but after a certain point I felt like there was no challenge. Every game basically plays the same way. Especially after optimizing my team, I started crushing almost every game except maybe one or two in a season. Starting a new game doesn't rekindle my interest either because the games still all play the same. I'm not sure what I'd like to see change. But I HIGHLY recommend this game all the same. Especially if it's free! Edit: Actually I'd like to play defense. Right now you don't actually play when the other team has the ball, text comes up that tells you what's happening and you don't control any of it until you get control again. If you have a low star defense, you can expect an opposing team to score every time they get the ball, making every interception devastating, and you can't do anything about it. It would be nice to have more control in order to mitigate this and also it'd just be fun! Still highly recommend..Version: v1.1.92

Bought it and was not disappointedThe game is now free, but even when it wasn’t I was looking for a game exactly like mid you I don’t really care for football I’m more of a basketball guy but I played one free season and was amazed back at its early stage I couldn’t help but buy since my birthday was in a few days with a small very small portion of the money I bought this game and nba2k20 mobile I played retro bowl and I have been playing for 1 year and just recently stared really playing this a game agin like a month ago I won 4 championships in a row I maintain and stack my roster I have attachment to my players I wish you could look at everyone in the leagues stats tho and there was deeper progression system I want intel on teams and when I don’t sign a player I want to see where he goes i also want a option to sim games although there aren’t that many I sometimes don’t wanna play some, I showed my friend and he can’t stop playing this game he wants a stacked roster like me but I’ve been playing so long and also bought some stuff you might be a one man team but take you time and make this happen I’m a happy Customer I want it to be EVEN better though write me back if you see so we can chat maybe..Version: 1.3.42

Great but has issues!!I spent months grinding this game, I love the mechanics, I have no complaints about the gameplay itself... but when you play for months and win over 8 retro bowls with the same team and complete 90% of the hall of fame achievements that you’ve been working for just to log on and EVERYTHING is erased and gone it is extremely frustrating! This game needs a better way to save your progress. There’s no way to transfer gameplay to any other IOS device, if I broke my phone I would be unable to play with my same team on another device. Also what’s the point of playing if you loose all achievements and progress randomly!! Everything I played was deleted and gone, I logged on and it prompted me to start a new game and gave me a tutorial as if I never logged on... extremely frustrating. That being said I’m not trying to bag on the game itself, it has great game mechanics, it keeps things simple unlike most modern IOS games that try to over complicate and drain your battery. Amazing game but I will not be playing again until there is an update that allows you to save and track your progress across multiple accounts and doesn’t crash and make you loose everything you’ve worked for on the game - especially if there is an option to pay for the premium version (which I payed for). Please fix these retro bowl!!.Version: 1.4.76

Super fun but needs some easy fixesI started playing a few weeks back and i love this game, but one thing i found difficult was my morale was always so low with no way to bring it up. i felt like every game a player had a dui or was fighting. there are very few positive situations that arise, like i could throw for 800 yards and the postgame interview would be “what are your thoughts on (insert DB) today” and the two options are both negative. not to mention the fact that i can be 6-0 with 70% fan approval, then lose one game and it plummets to 45% approval (yes that actually happened) there needs to be more positive rewards. secondly i think the draft picks really shouldn’t start with such high ratings. maybe put one or two that start out as like 3 star prospects, but most of them should just be 1 or 2 star players with POTENTIAL to be 5 star, giving you an incentive to hold onto your investment. and also maybe make make coaching credits a little easier to get? everything is super expensive and by the time i can afford to upgrade facilities or get better coaching, my star players are retiring or on different teams and i have no QB because i spent all my coins on a 3 star offensive coordinator. again, fantastic game, but please take some of these things into consideration. thanks!.Version: 1.4.22

Perfect to Pick Up and PlayThis is a fantastic game and in certain ways better than the latest and greatest on the market today. I remember a time when you could just buy a game, pop it in your console and get up and running in less than 5 minutes. Now you need to sign into accounts, be connected to WiFi, and have to download updates all the time. It’s understandable given the complexity of modern technology but it does take away from the overall experience. Mobile gaming has followed a similar route and when playing the latest FIFA and Madden games its crazy how many things you have to do to get started. Retro Bowl has brought back that nostalgic feeling to gaming and I look forward to building my team whenever I get the chance. It has a simple interface in which you are always playing offense while the defense is simulated for you. You aren’t overwhelmed with choices and being able to simply choose between passing, running, or a QB sneak instead of memorizing countless A, B maneuvers keeps the game fun and light. It’s ultimately very straightforward and something I could even see more technologically adverse people enjoy. Sometimes, simpler really is better!.Version: 1.4.52

Good enoughGame is fun and easy to get into and start enjoying right away. Lots of customization that don’t have anything to do with gameplay (uniform and ball style, for instance) which do add an element of fun. As for gameplay it’s fairly routine and the rhythm of the game is predictable. There’s a few mechanical issues with the way the game is played. One problem is setting the ball on either hashmark which the NFL does not do but always instead places at the ball in the middle of the field creating angular kicks. In college the ball is placed on the nearest hashmark. Also when a player falls down without having been touched by another player in the NFL the play is still live. In college the play ends. However in RB the college rule applies so there is an inconsistency there. You can’t make any substitutions during the game. This detracts considerably from you thinking you’re actually coaching since once the game starts you’re locked into whatever players are there. The defense management is passive. Nevertheless, I was able to go into about my fifth season and with a new team (Cleveland) won the Retro Bowl in my first season as their coach. The only upgrade I purchased was the basic $.99 upgrade. I had a good draft and reinvested my coaching credits into team health and morale..Version: 1.4.82

Best football game I've playedThis is what a great game looks like. I'm not one to usually rate a game, but this one deserves it. It keeps calling me back to play it and that is something I see in console games not mobile games, but these developers did great. Yes it is retro which is a let down due to the fact that I play 3D games but that doesn't particularly matter, what matters is the fact that it's fun Now even though it is a fun and amazing game, it does have its flaws, for example your never explicitly shown how the catching works, I had a guy on my little marker showing where the ball was going but the guy three feet in front of him intercepted it, another issue is that you don't get a defensive gameplay view, just text bubbles telling you what's happened, it makes the game faster but it makes it feel like you're not fully in control of your team, I would be happy with just watching it instead of reading it, one I feel a bit more control because I can see who's not doing well or who is great, secondly similar to my first point, I'll be able to know who's my weakest link, if that was fixed I would be happy. Nonetheless this is a great game, but needs a few adjustments.Version: 1.4.22

More than I expected!Man this game is simple, fun, and awesome! Not only do you control the office but you are in charge of the entire team, staff, facilities and attributes for everyone you control. You are the GM and head coach and you have to make decisions that you deem right for your players, coaches, fans and franchise. This game was well thought out and exciting. Even the difficulty is unique as your players performance depends on how well they trained or how tired they are from previous games, plus the strength of your opponent. Low rank teams will put up a fight but the high ranked teams will demolish you if you’re not careful! I’m in week 14 and in a tight run to make the playoffs! There’s so much that goes into your decision making like a real GM and I would’ve never thought this game would have it all. It would’ve been great to control some defense too, I drafted 3 DEF rookies to start my new team. But playing offense is just as fun. This definitely gives you some Tecmo Bowl memories but this is a great adaptation. Highly recommend this game! And if my review doesn’t convince you, the menu music alone is worth your $1!!! The retro synths with the beat drop is straight FIRE!!! RETRO BOWL LESSSGOOO!!!.Version: 1.3.14

Torn about this gameLet me start off by saying that I think the main gameplay loop of this game is fantastic. There’s a feel to placing your passes that sometimes feels better to me than Madden ever did. I love the team building aspect and how it’s simplified. I never liked building teams from the management end in other football games. It’s addictive and rewarding to play. Games don’t take that long and always leave you wanting to start a new one. The price point is great as well. Here are my gripes that are causing me to not rate this 4 or 5 stars. First off, and this may be minor but it always seems that on big plays the receiver or RB slow down so much after getting 30-40 yards. It’s like all of a sudden they are running in molasses. This is frustrating because it completely removes any excitement of a big play. But this leads into my second (and main) issue. This game is too easy. It’s almost as if the slow running was put there to balance the fact that you can pull off huge plays all the time. After a couple seasons it becomes so easy to build a 5 star team that just wrecks everyone and before you know it you’re having perfect seasons every time. There needs to be some balancing done here in a way that doesn’t take away from how good the gameplay feels..Version: 1.2.12

Best mobile game i've ever playedIt's definitely the best mobile game i've ever played. i've played it for almost a year now, i started in march 2020, and i've been playing it since. i love pretty much everything that's been added in since i first played i just have one suggestion that i always wished would be added to the game. i would love a way to just simulate your own game. it would make it more fun and appealing to the people who like the franchise aspect a lot so we don't have to play with a no name quarterback and get blown out for 16 games lol. i think it'd be cool just as an option so you can play or just skip to the draft and draft a better team. it'd also be cool if there was like a fire coach setting where you could be fired for extra difficulty, or if you could play defense that would make this one of my favorite games of all time. in all it's an amazing game, i love it, and i've been playing since around the time it came out i believe and i got some of my friends to get it too. i understand it's new and it's still having plenty of stuff added to it, but i'd love to see some of the stuff i suggested updated into the game at some point..Version: 1.4.52

Literally the best Mobile Game there is.This is absolutely the best game on the App Store 100%. This is the football game that can really scratch that itch when you want to play a good football game. I play this more than any other sports game on any other platform. It nah seem to have a simplistic style with what seem like simple mechanics, can actually yield some amazing plays and memorable games. The AI is perfectly balanced and even gives me a run for my money in hard mode as it is. The management system is perfectly made, with all the drafts, trades, free agencies, administration management, you can really utilize tools to make a winning team that still gets challenged, and it’s always fun to make multiple saves and build your teams up in so many different ways. There is a team editor so you can even form a new team or make a custom league of your own teams. If I had to complain about anything I’d say fumbling feels a little too frequent, but that can be very overshadowed by everything else in this game. One debatable issue can’t even compare to all the pros about this game. 100% worth the download and it’s worth every penny to purchase the full game..Version: 1.4.93

AmazingAwesome game. I play it whenever I have downtime or just get a chance to. The ability to customize your team and manage free agency, coaching, the draft and much more is an aspect I don’t see many other games implement. Obviously I don’t have much bad to say, but there are some tweaks I think would make it even better: Increased chance for interceptions to be by star DBs. I feel like having 2-3 really good DBs only increases the chance an INT happens, not increasing the players chance. I’d love to see my players get more chances to improve their stats so I can see the actual impact they had in their career in the HOF. Simulated games. I’ll never get tired of the game but sometimes I just don’t feel like playing the 2-13 Jaguars in week seventeen. I think simulated games would be really cool to see for research purposes on how to build a good team for newer players. Lastly, I think being able to see a players stats throughout their whole career by season would be really cool, especially if they were traded to you or picked up in FA. Idk about others but I like to see my team grow so getting that story through their stats in their whole career would be awesome..Version: 1.4.22

Good but could be a lot betterIt’s a fun time-waster, but there is a fine line between simple and easy. This game is just easy. After I was used to the mechanics, in the second full season, I went 19-0. Receivers are always open at the line which usually gets you 5+ yards a play just like that. It would be more fun if it was more difficult. You should make it so that receivers are guarded tighter so it isn’t so easy, make running give you a little more yards on average so the game isn’t so pass heavy, and allow us to kick a field goal from whatever the REAL maximum is. I made a 63 yarder with ease earlier. We all know those “seconds” aren’t really seconds. Two RB seconds are practically equal to one real second. Either change how long your seconds last or add more of them. The biggest thing probably is allowing us to play defense. This will make the game way more fun for everyone, and give another huge aspect to the game. If you do this, PLEASE do not make it easy. If you have to, add difficulty settings. I haven’t downloaded the full version, but I don’t think there are settings for that on there. This game has big potential. Make sure you update it often so the game is more enjoyable and doesn’t start to get boring. Do all these things and it’s 5 stars from me..Version: 1.2.12

Well doneLove the passing. The gameplay is nostalgic and it actually is well made. Enjoyed it throughout the first season. It has scenarios after each game which you can control. Like if a player stayed out after curfew or was caught with drugs. You can control if you want to discipline them or ignore. It will add fans or drop moral and each game gives experience so you can level your players. You get to choose what ability to upgrade like QB hits level 2 you can pick arm strength/ accuracy/ stamina or speed. Has full stats for each game / year / and career for each star player. You spend just $1 you can name everyone for your favorite teams. Hire coaches and upgrade stadiums. It’s really well done. Only down side so far is you don’t get to play defense and the RB and WR just run in a strait line after they do their route. You have to swipe up or down to dodge but feels kinda basic. Wish it had a directional pad to control. But the QB play is a lot of fun. You control how far you want or to throw short or lead the WRs. And of coarse it looks just like tecmobowl. Definitely recommend if you are a fan of the old game. I can’t stop playing it..Version: 1.2.12

Good bones but a few suggestionsFirst and foremost, this game is already a lot of fun. All I feel it really needs is a few improvements to better both the actual gameplay and simulation aspects of it. Pass interference is my key gripe. Really takes the wind out of drives and is a bit frustrating, especially when you first takeover a new team and have bad personnel. Secondly, being able to change formation and choose where your personnel go on the field would be a welcome change. Thirdly, I have yet to experience growth from my coaches, unless I have been doing something wrong, getting my coaches xp is something that hasn’t occurred yet. Finally, maybe some end of league accolades or a player HOF to encourage retaining players and building their story and legacy towards your team. It might not have been what you sought out for when you started out but the potential of this game is off the chain! Thank you so much for making this. PS: The salary cap forced me to cut some players in order to complete the draft. Is there an option to forego draft picks or can one be made to trade a draft pick for a pick the following year? Thank you so much!.Version: 1.09

Mobile Game of The Year.I’m not gonna claim to have played this before it got big, because I didn’t. But I’m so glad I picked it up when I did. Even the free version of the game is amazing, but after the dollar version I can genuinely say it’s one of if not the best mobile game I’ve ever played. Beautifully made and so well put together. I love that it’s a full retro style and not some clunky 3D type game. As well as getting to play as a GM and players, it’s a perfect balance between the two. And as someone who can easily get bored of other mobile games in a week or less I can always count on RB to satiate my boredom. I also don’t know how you guys could do it and I’m sure it would take a lot of work but adding star players to other teams would be awesome, as well as them having individual stats. I’m also not sure how or if it would work. But defense. I know I would 100% enjoy that. I’m sure also a good majority of players would love to see a retro basketball or even a retro baseball game. The developers of this entire project have done God’s work with this game and I can’t want to see what the future of this company brings..Version: 1.4.93

Great game, but not always balanced wellI like this game and I think it’s well worth the price to get the full version. I’ve played through probably 30 seasons so far. That said, the devs often “over-balance” the game at their updates. It seems like after every update you have to totally change your offensive game plan to be able to win games. For example, playing on the highest difficulty I was able to average 4-5 yards per rush attempt, with a nice balance of a few 10+ rushes and a few getting stuffed at the line of scrimmage. Now after the most recent update, rushing is next to impossible and with the same team I’m averaging maybe 1-2 yards per attempt with a solid half or more of attempts going for 0 or negative yards. This is with a 4 star RB and two 5 star offensive lineman. Now I basically have to throw every play, which just isn’t as fun. I don’t want to sound overly negative. I do genuinely enjoy this game. It’s a nice medium between a casual mobile sports game and playing franchise mode on Madden. Really my only complaint is that the “tweaks” that the devs list on the update notes (and in fairness to them, they do post thorough update notes) occasionally overshoot what I would consider balance..Version: 1.4.49

Great game please add morePlease add some type of play calling, also sometimes when I’m on the 50yardline and it’s 4th down it only lets me go for a field goal or 4th down but sometimes this can be bad, if my kicker can’t make a 60+ goal and the game is close I would rather punt, also please add some play calls prior to lineup maybe even for defense as if the opponent is on their 15 and there is 12 seconds left I would have only dee coverage to Prevent Hail Marys, also please add some type of hail Mary’s for us as the qb can only throw maybe 30 yards with max arm strength, plus maybe where I can run out of the pocket with qb but still throw as long as I don’t cross the line of scrimmage, speaking of which maybe add some penalties as it says bad moral causes them but I don’t see them ever. This game is great but I feel some addition can make it more in depth for long term playing to spread to our friends to help you make more money, as I paid for this in my tablet. Especially some defensive play, even to be able to watch it would be cool. I understand playing defense isn’t as easy but having a few playcalls would give defense more depth.Version: 1.4.52

It’s a level of customization that Madden used to haveI downloaded this game and didn’t know what to expect. I actually figured that I would delete the app entirely later. However, once I saw how much customization you can have, I’ve been playing it so much. You have all of your nfl teams. Okay, it’s not really NFL licensed. But the silver and blue team called “Dallas C” is close enough for me. But what has sold the game for me is that you can change any and all teams to be what you want. I made every team different, put them all in cities like Roswell and Tulsa, and added silly team names like the Roswell aliens or the Auburn Ninjas. You can also change their uniform colors on top of that. The only two things that would put this over the top would be if you could view other teams players and stats, and actually request a trade yourself. Usually if you want to trade a player, you just get a pick in the upcoming draft. If you could view other players stats (and maybe have an option to view the league leaders in passing for example) and decide who you want to go after, this would be the perfect simulation..Version: 1.4.49

5 star game with minor issuesFirst of all the game is a fun little time waster. If you miss the simplistic times team building in madden, this is a nice little throw back. The only issues I have with the game is that your players get injured. A lot. And I don’t mean like your QB goes down for the season and you’re screwed, I mean your players get injured every. single. game. And these players will be hurt for 1 or 2 or 3 games, come back and get hurt again two games later. Even with your training facility completely maxed out, the players get hurt. And it stinks when they do because the decline of your offense is incredibly noticeable when one of the star players you signed or drafted isn’t there. The bot players with no names run like they’re wearing lead shoes which takes away from explosive plays. If your RB gets hurt, the replacement back is unusable. Another minor issue I have is you can have a maximum of 10 players with names, and these players are the only offense and defense you have because like I said before, the nameless players are useless. Aside from that this game is a ton of fun, and I highly recommend it..Version: 1.3.14

Please updateAbsolutely love this game but please expand it! Please update to 17 game schedule. Must haves for people like me who want to keep grinding would be things like the quarterback being able to throw on the run as long as he hasn’t passed the line of scrimmage, QB speed is useless because of this. Maybe add a throw on run trait for quarterbacks. Being able to bench players mid game. Being able to trade your draft picks for players. Being able to click on other teams and trade for their players with your players/picks. Being able to sign your free agents from your team when you join a new team that season, that way you can take some familiar players with you and it would really add depth. Players being able to come out of retirement and play for your team or new team. And extra uniform combinations or extra color customization like more colorable pixels, maybe gloves for players. Or even something bigger like being able to upload a logo to put at midfield at your home stadium! Please update the playoff tree to include seeds or records. I hate checking for myself before simulating the games. Great game tho and I have paid for the add ons, but would love to see it grow.Version: 1.4.82

Awesome simulatorQuick gripe: Honestly the actual game play is so simplistic I would love for more simulation elements to be added into the game. Maybe more in season options to shack up the roster like proposed trades. A more entrance level credit option for some low end free agents. Of course my larger idea is having players have a bust or gem potential with younger players. Everything is very predetermined. I can see the players potential in the draft and as long as I as the user am decent enough at the inputs there’s no downside to even one star players, since I can use my own personal skill to “takeover the game” through the air. Maybe if 1 Star QBs felt worse or couldn’t make the plays I see in my head, but that feels like the wrong answer the right answer sounds like having maybe a few more randomly generated elements to spice up the flow of the game. Other than that difficulty complaint. This game is nostalgic as all hell to look at, and a joy to play. The way you manage resources and grow attachments to your team is exactly what I look for in a game like this. You guys really nailed this development!.Version: 1.09

This game is greatThis game is the best game on AppStore I play it all the time. It’s competitive let’s you create your own team you don’t need internet you can play it anywhere u r. It’s free u rly don’t need any money unless you want too this game isn’t payed to win. It almost never gets boring, this is the greatest game out there, although. The game has some flaws and it would b great if the developers could fix it. First the game is very competitive and that’s the whole point but this have has a little glitch for players to cheat, all you do is just close the app and open which I think that kills the whole point of the game because it’s supposed to b competitive but people take advantage and use that. something personal, my game just lost all my progress it hasn’t happened to anyone before and I really like that team it was the team I originally started with but one day I opened the app and my progress was reset. I had also naught the unlimited version and it reset too could someone help or do anything for that. Overall tho this game is fun it offers u everything. Great Concept!.Version: 1.4.93

Real retro football with the mobile touchUnlike most football games on mobile this one is actually fun. I think the option to play defense as one of your players would be nice or at least to watch your team play defense. It’s also nice to skip the defense at times so having the option and not forcing it would be good. If the game also had a place where you could check your teams all time leaders in the different stat categories that would be great. I’ve played 15 seasons and I would love to have my team’s player accomplishments past & present posted for me to see. It’s a reason to keep playing and breaking career/season records of your players from the past along with having a sense of investment in keeping your older and normally more expensive players on your team. Overall the game does a great job of bringing fun sim style football and team management in an easily approachable package. This game is not a pay to win game. This is a developer that deserves our support for providing us starving football fans a mobile game that is actually a game..Version: v1.1.8

Tied for best offline franchise football gameI hate madden with a passion since it removed like every good thing about it. Yet this is a polar opposite to madden in every fashion. The only franchise mode and gameplay that comes close to this is this geometric footbalI game have on my pc and I’m to lazy to check. Though a couple grievances I have is I wish the entire team was customizable which is semi possible with unlimited mode but it’s something I wish was just in the normal free gameplay. Then something that would be great in the unlimited erosion would make a play and/or make a player. Plus making the dynamic AI harder for the Better teams would help, like I need to be like the Jags would be on easy, but then the Chiefs substitute would be on Extreme, just to add more difficulty to the mode and so if I don’t want an undefeated season I don’t have to force a loss on my part.A very minor Grecian error is on player positions, specially o line, if it could be more defined, interior versus exterior. Then add a new class called edge, and I know it’s going the of the dodo, but also maybe a fullback position. If you want a quilting football experience try this game out..Version: 1.4.88

GREAT GAME WITH SO MUCH NOSTALGIAI remember playing GameDay 2002 when it was on on the PS2 or 1. Can’t remember but I loved playing football, don’t get me wrong, new football games are great with their graphics but sometimes I’ve always wanted to go back just play the old stuff. With retro bowl, it fulfills and brings back so many memories. With choosing your favorite or starting off random, the challenges and perks of each player during a draft. This game makes me feel like I’m still kid. I LOVE IT’! One thing if the creators could add though is adding the Pro Bowl into the game. Imagine having won the retro bowl so many times but then going to play a bonus pro bowl with all the top players from the season. That would be awesome. And I know a lot of people wonder about Defense, there should also a way to play defense too. I’m addicted to playing this game, but I would also love if there was feature where we could play defense as well and also have the Pro Bowl added to see all the other players from different teams. Hopefully this happens because people will love it even more!!.Version: 1.4.76

Warning: This Game Is PerfectMy roommate got this game a few months ago, and every day I would hear the little retro music from the living room. He never really made a big deal of it but I would ask about his team and he would give me player updates. The depth of this game is so immense. It’s simple if you want it to be and it can be infinitely nuanced if you are looking for a more advanced level of play. He finally told me that he joined a league and I just had to get this game for myself to see what the hype was all about. I was not disappointed. I’m on my second save, 1 season with the New York Jets and have my sights set on the retro bowl this year! Let’s gooo! Needless to say I’ve sent a link to every single family member of mine, football fan or not, this is a must have. Great art style, fun music, intuitive controls... you name it, Retro Bowl’s got it. My favorite thing is the strange sense of pride you get from the random first team you are assigned to. I was never a Jets fan. I grew up in Dallas, TX. But hey now I’ve got some pride in my franchise. Do yourself a favor and give it a try. IT’S FREE!!!.Version: 1.4.22

Best Football SimThis game is one of the best in the whole store in terms of replayability and fun. It’s a great football sim and gives you plenty of reasons to keep coming back. The full version is also worth it for the money as you get so many new features unlocked which make the game even more replayable. Highly recommend this game and I’ll still be playing it for months to come. UPDATE: So I have continued to play for the past couple months and each new update adds more to the game and makes it even more fun to replay. The one thing I want now is the ability to set the difficulty of each team in the team editor. Maybe add a new “Custom” difficulty for premium members only who can change the star level for each individual team. I created 32 custom teams each with their own theme and I’d love for them to stand out with their own levels of difficulty. I’m sure this wouldn’t be hard to add but it would make a big difference for those people who really want to take full advantage of making custom teams. Great game again!.Version: 1.4.76

Love itUPDATE Got some of the features added and thank you but would I would like to have the draft be like the nfl draft and also have the option to trade draft picks for players or trade up in the draft and I don’t know if this is a glitch but the rush and alternate uniforms are the exact same. One more thing would like if on week 12 it be thanksgiving and week 16 be Christmas and if for the kickoff game it has the the kickoff logo and for the playoffs it has the logo for the wild card division and conference games . Great game favorite retro game but I would like if the dynamic setting was fixed because it’s way too easy and I wish that the draft was like the nfl draft were the worst team gets the first pick and that the best team gets the last pick(s) and as well as changing the playoff format to the new nfl playoff format were it has 7 playoff teams and that the 1st seed gets the bye and small thing but would like also if we could be able to get different uniforms and customize the uniforms and that it would be free for unlimited version users. Overall great game would like to see those changes..Version: 1.4.76

Perfect for us ‘80s kids 👍🏼Love the Tecmo Bowl feel but with a bit more skill needed in passing as well as the team management aspects. Not sure how you may one day integrate player control ability for defense, I’m sure there’s some algorithm in place to determine outcomes based on skill levels and whatnot, would be neat to try, with the option to turn it off and on maybe 🤷🏼‍♂️ One and ONLY gripe is with kicking. I hit that arrow in between the slotted area ALL the time and never seen so many “Doinks” 😡 it’s quite aggravating. Not sure if it’s due to ability, but a lower skill level should simply make the arrow move faster, if you nail within the Gray area that should be a sure shot MADE FG. As it is now, you have to always hit it on the very low area to make it, frustrating as h*ll, but I’ve gotten over it lol, just a thought. Killer game guys, I’m sure you could go bananas adding this and that, but keeping it fairly simplistic is what makes it nostalgic and fun 😊 5 stars here (and I rarely give that out, but younger cats may not get into the Nintendo feel, so what lol).Version: 1.4.49

The jump for ball mechanic-We choose when and when not with a swipe up.I have played for a while. It is my most played game on my phone. I have it running more than any other app. I never leave reviews but I guess after more than a year of playing this I guess I should leave a 5-stars. My one thing to say is receivers jumping for the ball. Sometimes they jump when they shouldn’t. When it’s an open route they beat their man if they follow where the ball is thrown it’s a nice TD. Instead the receiver stops and jumps and either catches it and gets tripped up, or he tips it for incompletion or an int. I see the point of the jump ball from the end zone to one on ones and it’s amazing when it goes your way. It being a risk/reward, we the player should choose if they jump or not perhaps with a swipe up on the receiver after the ball is thrown. Another thing is throwing over the middle to an open slant that is a 1st down and the RB jumps up like he is Micheal jordan and snags it and gets 2-4 yards and can mess you up bad if it’s 3rd or even 4th down..Version: 1.4.76

The Perfect Game For MeI’ve played 42 seasons and love this game. I’ve read the bad reviews to see what people are complaining about and in all cases - they just aren’t good enough at making football decisions. If your QB goes down, figure out how to pass with the backup. The targeting line is simply not accurate. Adjust your throws. Having a great Coordinator will help all your backups. If the defender can grab the receiver, figure out where to throw the ball so that doesn’t happen. If your Running Back can’t run well, throw the ball. Get a back who can catch and use him as a receiver when the wideouts are covered. Sometimes your defense lets the other team score easy? Go for 2 each time you score. The other team is far less likely to score if they go for 2. That couple of extra points can win the game. To those who gave up... you just weren’t up to the challenge. Updates change things, adding a new challenge. It’s a great game. I love the progressive addition of female Coordinators. I’d love to see an all-female player version. Girls love football, too..Version: v1.1.92

A+I've had retro bowl for awhile, and I've seen it go through many fun and amazing changes! This is by far one of the best sports games on the market. It's incredibly simple yet extremely addictive and entertaining! However amazing this game is, there's always room for improvement. Some things I would want to see changed are: 1) Option to simulate games. 2) Better variety of free agents. 3)Ability to play defense (in whatever way that may be, whether it be picking plays *blitz, *man to man, *etc. or singularly selecting a certain player *could only be star players), also with the choice of playing offense and/or defense. 4) Ability to see rest of draft class. And lastly 5)the option to change the length of a season (my suggestion would be an 8 game, a 12 game, a 16 game, and an 18 game) As for the last one I would also suggest giving the option to skip to certain points of the season. Thanks so much for creating this wonderful game and I hope you're able to see my suggestions and put them to good use! Thanks again!.Version: 1.3.42

Great game!I downloaded this game a couple of days ago and I’ve already played about 5 seasons it’s very addicting and feels better then maddens franchise mode. It would be cool maybe if they showed a simulation of the defense instead of just saying “so and so missed a tackle” actually show the play. It would also be awesome if your players could lateral the ball behind them to avoid getting tackled but of course make it a high risk of a fumble. I also think it would be awesome if there was an actual roster system that showed each teams roster with their stats to where you are actually able to trade players with other teams. I know it’s supposed to be like an arcade game but an online system would be awesome. Allowing people to join your franchise and while playing the game it’s almost like a tug a war to see who can score the most while watching your defense try and stop them. Just a few suggestions to add to the game. The game is already a 5 star in my opinion but if they added these I honestly think this game would be a huge hit!.Version: 1.3.14

Great Game With Some SuggestionsI have played Retro Bowl since the summer of 2020 and I still play it often. I have shared this with my friends and family and I am still having a great time playing it. This is a great game that will last for many years. If you are looking for something to do on a plane, a car ride, or just bored, this game is perfect. First of all, I think it would be a great idea to add a basketball game based on Retro Bowl. I saw this with Retro Goal and was really impressed with the design. I don’t know if the game should be 2v2 or 3v3 NBA Jam style or even better, 5v5 with immersive management. I think a baseball game would be great too but nothing on the App Store has a great basketball game with clean gameplay. Back on Retro Bowl, I think you should add online gameplay where you can use Hall Of Fame players to play against friends. I don’t really care how it works or if you play against people competitively, but online would work well and I always wanted to play against my friends. Thank you and please keep the updates coming..Version: 1.4.93

Great game. Here’s some suggestionsI was thinking it would be kind of cool to have the league be more dynamic and maybe some coach and player relationships. I was just thinking of an instance where I really liked a WR I had in ATL but after 9 season I left for CIN and since realistically that player would not have retired if his contract expired and you could maybe contact old star players to ask them to play for you again and their decision is based on your relationship. Another idea would be player to player relationships where if my QB has thrown my WR 400 TD’s i think they’d enjoy playing with each other at that point. So along with the other suggestion, let’s say for instance; I have a really good WR and QB combo in ATL for 6 seasons then I leave for CIN and with my good relations with the WR he could influence either the relationship system between the QB and Coach (player) and you end up getting your star WR and QB combo while rebuilding a franchise. Think like Tom Brady bringing Gronk to Tampa Bay. Either way thanks for reading this far and I really enjoy the game!.Version: 1.3.37

Worth the 1.39$It’s not laced with micro transactions, gives you a good idea if you would like the game before purchasing it. Overall it’s a good time killer.Version: v1.1.9

Great GameAt first... The simplicity of this game worried me; thought I’d get bored. Turns out the simplicity is the best part. The algorithms are accurate. Game play is fun. Not sure why folks are complaining about paying $1.39. Stick a crowbar in your wallets people... great game + $1.39 = bargain! C’mon! Would be great if there was a similarly as simple hockey version..Version: 1.13

The perfect mobile gameIt’ll sound funny but retro bowl is one of the reasons I started following the nfl more than just watching the super bowl every year. I saw this game on the App Store the day after super bowl LIV. I’ve been in love with this game ever since. The game is fun, satisfying, and rewarding. You get to take the coaching role as any nfl team you like or even create a new team. And this game is less than $2 at the time of this review. Get this game! Support the developers and show the world that there is an interest in fun arcade-like mobile games.Version: 1.4.52

Thewally❤️Great game.Version: 1.3.37

FunFun.Version: 1.16

Great GameVery addictive when can i see my family.Version: 1.4.96

ReviewJust doing this for the credits.Version: 1.4.96

Love itLove it. Lots of fun and love everything about the game.Version: 1.4.96

Great gameVery fun exciting game!! Definitely recommend!.Version: 1.4.96

Great game so sun everywhereLove get it.Version: 1.4.96

Good stuffGreat stuff.Version: 1.4.96

Retro bullIt is the best game ever.Version: 1.4.93

NoCool game.Version: 1.4.93

Great gameMuch fun.Version: 1.4.93

Retro bowl is so funI’ve been playing this game for a day and I can’t stop playing and winning.Version: 1.4.93

FunBetter than madden.Version: 1.4.93

Well made gameGood for playing offline..Version: 1.4.93

GreatSo good.Version: 1.4.93

GoodGood.Version: 1.4.93

Great gameHonestly one of the best games out there for phones.Version: 1.4.93

Great gameThis game is fun to play in class..Version: 1.4.93

Great gameOnly been playing for a couple days and haven’t got off since. Great gameplay would recommend.Version: 1.4.93

Good gameIt’s a good game but you can easily have 17-0 season.Version: 1.4.93

Really the best pocket football gameAn absolute blast.Version: 1.4.93

Great!!Retro bowl is great for football lovers. I highly recommend it..Version: 1.4.93

Killer gameSuper fun, super simple, only $1.39.Version: 1.4.93

NiceAyo when this shii get cut lik dat ho wheh it star talknm lyk dat ¿. On JAHSEH dis gaym fye $.Version: 1.4.93

Retro BowlAwesome game for a mobile game.Version: 1.4.93

Best game everThis game is soo good.Version: 1.4.93

NiceGood game.Version: 1.4.93

HGood.Version: 1.4.93

GreatGreat game. Fun to play and I would totally recommend it!!!.Version: 1.4.93

Game reviewPre good game.Version: 1.4.93

Fun!Simple and fun :).Version: 1.4.93

GoodGood.Version: 1.4.93

DecentDecent.Version: 1.4.93

FireFire game, not overwhelming with ads too.Version: 1.4.93

GgGg.Version: 1.4.93

Very greatThis is a very good game consider playing it.Version: 1.4.93

Good simple addictive gameNice.Version: 1.4.93

EpicThis game is the best!.Version: 1.4.93

GudGud.Version: 1.4.93

Really goodEnjoyable game with fun mechanics.Version: 1.4.93

Not badSolid game.Version: 1.4.93

Great gameGo.Version: 1.4.93

Super funCustom playbooks/ new plays such as jet sweeps, philly special or flea flicker.Version: 1.4.93

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