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Cash-in on a splendid casino fantasy and the most innovative Vegas slots game to-date – Cash Tornado Slots! Grab 12,500,000 FREE COINS to enjoy incredible fun slot machines, explosive JACKPOT payouts, exciting in-game features and thrilling casino community events. Spin away to marvel in huge winnings beyond your wildest imagination! 

With Cash Tornado Slots, experience authentic casino slots from world-class casino. Earn amazing Free Spins and Scatter Features to experience massive fantastic bonus rounds. Unlock brand new and entertaining game play, such as Lock & Spin or Vegas Lightning, to revel in even more winning styles, and spin your way to a Wild slots paradise with endless free coin rewards and countless slots mini-games! Accept the invitation of Cash Tornado Slots to start cashing-in on golden prizes, each day, every day!

Cash-in and spin with multiple exciting free bonuses and hours of fun!
▶Fabulous daily, hourly and quarterly coin bonuses. 
▶Endless stacks of WILD multipliers to increase total winnings.
▶Premium selections of the hottest slot themes on the Las Vegas Strip.
▶Addicting seasonal quest collections and daily power challenges.
▶Authentic in-game music and sounds for immersive casino game experiences.
▶Striking graphics, dynamic effects and realistic slots gameplay. 
▶Adventurous slots journeys to partake you in a trip around the world. Keep Spinning! 

Sneak a peek at the huge varieties of slots collection and  larger-than-life jackpot from Cash Tornado Casino!
▶Full of lucky spinning and epic wins, catch up with your Magic Gold hidden at the end of rainbow in free games, up to 20 bonuses! 
▶Enter into Tarzan Battle slots and wreath in a jungle of fortune and wealth.
▶Play peekaboo with our lovely baby panda at Panda Riches slots! The maximum coin value of bonus here can be up to 200x!
▶Become the deep sea’s protector in The King of Atlantis slot machine! Lock & Respin, clench your golden gaff and fight for the massive win! 
▶Enter the heaven of fortune and hold back your breathe for collecting countless coins at Panda Bless slot game!
▶Spend the endless bright nights with wolf pack! Press the Howling Moon and get the reward coins ranging up to 50x the total bet at Howling Moon slot machine!
▶Want something juicy to cash-in on? Spin and lock away a fortune of millions in Cherry Splash slot game.

Cash Tornado slots is just getting started! Tune in each week to experience the newest slot games and features! 

Questions or comments? 
Feel free to contact our support team through the “Contact Us” tab in Game Settings.

- The slots game is intended for adult audiences over the age of 21 and is for entertainment purposes only.
- The casino game does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.
- Any success in social casino gambling is not indicative of future success at real money gambling.

Cash Tornado™ Slots - Casino App Comments & Reviews

Cash Tornado™ Slots - Casino Positive Reviews

5 stars AppHi😊, if you want to make moneу at the best casino, enter "YDK765" in Google search...I never write reviews for games but I am making an exception for this one. I have been playing this game for well over a year. I have purchased chips on multiple occasions and progressively the payouts have continued to get worse. When you lose $100 billion (betting $1 billion at a time) in less than 10 minutes, that is a problem. When trying to complete a diamond challenge, all I had to do was get Big Win one time. I spun 135 times and still never came close. That is one example of so many. I once won $500 billion to only lose it in less than an hour because they took it back as quickly as possible. They also make you bet large amounts to even to complete most challenges. I am done, I am over level 2100 and this was my favorite game but I AM TIRED OF LOSING ALL THE TIME. You can never build any kind of balance because as soon as you have a decent amount, you lose it all. Being less greedy would have kept me a fan for a long time but unfortunately the greed has only gotten worse.Version: 1.7.6

Payouts have gotten ridiculous (and not in a good way)I never write reviews for games but I am making an exception for this one. I have been playing this game for well over a year. I have purchased chips on multiple occasions and progressively the payouts have continued to get worse. When you lose $100 billion (betting $1 billion at a time) in less than 10 minutes, that is a problem. When trying to complete a diamond challenge, all I had to do was get Big Win one time. I spun 135 times and still never came close. That is one example of so many. I once won $500 billion to only lose it in less than an hour because they took it back as quickly as possible. They also make you bet large amounts to even to complete most challenges. I am done, I am over level 2100 and this was my favorite game but I AM TIRED OF LOSING ALL THE TIME. You can never build any kind of balance because as soon as you have a decent amount, you lose it all. Being less greedy would have kept me a fan for a long time but unfortunately the greed has only gotten worse..Version: 1.7.3

Rip offYour current Tornado Quest game where you have to move through the various phases is a rip off. I went through 200 billion coins and hundreds of spins before I got the free spin which is necessary to pass the level. That free spin got me half way to the amount goal of the phase. Then you push a “$9.99 to pass” because it is too hard. I know gambling algorithms and you are not using them correctly. There is no game that does not pay back a % of what you bet. I bet 200 billion and am down to 55 billion with NO way to move past except to pay you 9.99 which I will not do. I have already spent hundreds of dollars on your “specials” and they are a rip off. And if you are trying to encourage people to use the different games by this quest, all you have done is tell me what games I do not want to play because they never pay out. Do you give this feedback to the developers? Sad. Bye bye.Version: 1.6.4

Where is the money?????I got this app because I like to gamble and I was under the impression that this app was one that actually paid cash….. I was on a coin pusher game…..for hours I played and won games and the app actually allowed me to cash out… had a window that showed $$$$ I was supposed to get within 7 days and after 7 days it changed the rules saying that I had to push 36 different fruits….I had 29 of the fruits and the missing ones never was dispensed from the coin and fruit dispenser so I never had a chance to push those fruits. Without saying what I really want to during all this time spent, opening the PayPal and Cash apps, I had to watch hours of advertising!!!!!! I hope you deceitful advertising mongrels are sued with a class action suit and I hope the vendors who pay you developers $$$$ for advertising their products are included in the lawsuit. This is nothing more than a capitalistic scam that steal peoples’ time and exploit their vulnerability…..if it’s sounds too good to be true….. it’s usually not!!!!!! I’m going to keep the app on my iPhone so that I can be one of the claimants to get paid for my time and data use!!!!!!.Version: 1.6.4

Hard to winI know this is a game of chance, but come on. So I have 24B coins. Feeling good having fun. Then I go on a losing streak and a big one. I go from max bets to 1k bets on every unlocked machine and I win no more than 500k a few times. So I stop playing. I start again with 16M in coins and go to the lock games (cherry one). I bet max and three cherries line up, SWEET!!! But when it does the lock I win only the 3 cherries 600k. Then I go again with no jackpots. Play all the games again with no luck. I then get to the miner game. Down to my last 100k bet 1k bets. Hit the lock nugget prize (6 nuggets) and I win 8k didn’t get any nuggets, three tnt that go nowhere. Bullsh$t. So I buy more coins. 2b. Not one win over 200k at all on any machines. Takes the fun out of playing. You sucked me in and then bam coins gone. I built slot machines and tested them as my job for many years. Never had a long string of non jackpots as this game does. Will delete instead of wasting my money. Update. Will delete this app. Don’t get sucked into all the wining you get in the beginning. It doesn’t last. I have not won a big jackpot in two weeks..Version: 1.5.8

EntertainmentI live close by casino, and a place that has mini various slot machines. Sure I do visit them at times, but man I hate losing real money. The funnest part is going to win establishment like those or when I hit the bonuses or the extra features because that excites me and it’s entertaining so when I do go I’m basically paying for my entertainment because I don’t play to win because of all of that actually happening are typically slim. With this app there are multiple ways you can win money to play for completely free, and your chances of getting the extra features and bonuses are more than I ever expect. They even have these little side games and quests that are new extra money to play even more games. I really enjoy this out the many different Choices and options they offer makes this game even more enticing..Version: 1.6.4

So much fun, I became addicted!? ((Lol)))The graphics and ways to win money is challenging to keep you playing for hours! The first day I downloaded this app I played alllllll dayyy and had so much fun earning up to $1 million, but the challenges became harder, on the Tornado Quest, and I just had to earn up to $1 billion.. also there is a VIP tier to accomplish, and you’re not just playing the slot game, there’s also incentive games like BiNGo in between the earnings or spent bets you place. When you run out of cash (when I got up to $1 billion challenges, I even bought more money for $2.99, $4.99, and even $9.99!!!). The games are endless, YOU DONT WIN ACTUAL MONEY, but the slot games are so digitally precise- like Vegas style you have to keep playing! Initially, I wanted to win REAL money cash prizes, but believe me this casino .app is the best Casino game to download! Try it for yourself! It’s highly addicting!!?.Version: 1.3.1

I love this game!I’m really glad that I didn’t read the reviews before downloading because yikes 😬 I ready don’t see what everyone is upset about. I haven’t always been that into slot machine games, but I recently got hooked on bingo blitz slots. But I always ran out of coins quick and then got bored of the game. So here we are. Playing this new game! And I absolutely love it. Tons of things to do, different slots to pay and I love having quests and goals to finish. I also don’t need to spend money on extra coins when I run out because while playing you collect other little things and mini games and stuff to make more coins with. Honestly there’s plenty of things to do in the game. I’ve been playing for almost 3 days straight now and Overall I’m very happy with the experience I’m having!.Version: 1.7.1

Cash TornadoI’m so amazed how you all give coins on your games! I would like to thank … all your employees as well as owners! I have lost my child to murder, as well as my father from cancer! I have also lost my sister from cancer. Not sure how I could go on, but I found this game, and you all helped me to take my mind off of the pain I have endured! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! As you can see when I play the most… is when I can’t sleep! Sincerely Yours, AAASHCRAFT ♥️ again… you all are amazing!!! I can’t believe how teammates won’t give… but I give everyday of my life… not monetary but love!!! Thank you all again… from the bottom of my heart!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️I just need a coin pusher one time!!! I don’t expect anything free but please can you help me!!! I really am a loyal player.. I have no funds to purchase!!!😢😢😢♥️♥️♥️.Version: 1.7.9

Game is a joke past level 1000Game is a Joke past level 1000. It’s designed to become a pay to play. Daily rewards are pathetic at best. You can actually see the games glitch in the middle of spins so as to keep from paying out. The bet levels are fixed so you burn through your daily coins with almost a given you will lose all of it. And to top it off all the sub games which apparently are based around your player level are so low in comparison to what the game wants you to bet there is no chance at all for small wins to stack up. Bet levels should be players choice not the designers. And daily coins should increase with player level advance. Otherwise the advertisement for this game is completely misleading..Version: 1.7.2

This game is fun!I look for slot games that can keep me interested at night. This one is most interesting and fun. It never gets greedy, I always win big, even if it goes 2-3 spins not collecting any money. I play for hours before bed. I am 62, and female, and would recommend this game to anyone. Lots of fun! Now I don’t buy coins. But, if I run low, then I cut back on my bet. It works! You just have to use common sense on these games. All of them are strategy games and you can play them and not invest in them. Oops! I prolly shouldn’t have said that, but, you can’t take it back once it has been said to someone out loud. Lots of this going download the game, take the gamble every now and then, play and enjoy... From the old Southern lady in Alabama!.Version: 1.0.6

All the new adsI LOVED at this slot and have played everyday for 2 months now. After the latest update though the AMOUNT OF ADS ARE INSANE! I don’t mind the in app ones like the pop ups about buying coins and other ones SPECIFIC TO THE APP. But these new ones advertising other slots and games ARE WAY TOO MANY. Please please fix this. I would even pay $5 to never see the ads again. It’s really frustrating and you have to watch the entire ad you can’t click it off it’s really maddening. I didn’t know if your purchased something for 4.99 or more it would go away? Is this accurate? I honestly think the $5 would be worth it to never see another ad. Like I said I’m okay with the pop ups….but the ads have got to go.Version: 1.6.3

Great JobI’ve played several casino games, and this is the best! I like the different games you offer, the prizes, extra ways to win chips, and when I purchase, I do win…a lot of games do not let players win …I was a big player in big fish casino game, they have gotten really bad, about not letting you win when you purchase….so, a lot of players have stopped purchasing, and barely play any longer….I had my own team etc….I don’t know how much longer that game will last, especially with the economy the way it is…. Nice of you to upgrade the amount of purchases, wins etc….this will make players stay…thank you and good luck on competing with in the market of games….your doing it right!.Version: 1.7.6

Not very happyMy review “disappeared “. So rewriting it. The good: lots of variety of games, payouts are fairly good though money can go fast. It saves your progress at games so you can always come back. Lots of missions to earn coins. The bad: as you level up the amount you can bet levels up too. For example my usual bet would be a million but now in quite a few games it limits me to 3 million. Also as you level it forces you to bet more for it to count to some of the other mini games. The worst: having bought several packages I’m aware of the extra little games they pay with. Usually it does exactly like it is supposed to. This last time I paid for 2 packages and the cash spins failed to unlock. Customer service did respond fairly fast about a day later and the screenshots they requested were sent in. However they closed the ticket without addressing the issue. If I don’t have faith that the advertised incentives will be unlocked I won’t spend the money to buy more. And if the customer service is unable to make a reasonable effort to resolve the issue I’m even more disinclined to spend money. That being said I’ll still play...but I’ll stick to the free coins from now on..Version: 1.5.6

Great potential, but like most apps, designed to harvest your cashIt’s a lot of fun, but once you get past a few levels it quickly becomes apparent it’s all about harvesting your money as fast as possible. I do the tornado quests. The other day i needed to win $6b in coins. I started the level with $42b in coins. No problem, right? Wrong. Half hour later, i was broke. Some days i can play for an hour, other days I’m done within 10 minutes if i don’t buy. Sadly, the latter outnumber the former about 10 to 1. If you like spending a lot on games, this one can be a lot of fun. If you like free games, look elsewhere. Also, the popups are INSANE with this app. Sometimes your first visit will result in having to click through 7-10 rapid fire popups..Version: 1.5.7

Winning jackpotsGood day everyone! I’m writing today to highlight and ask why is it that the rich constantly win the huge jackpots and the less fortune can’t win jack. It’s always the same huge winners which might be yourselves or your family and friends. It doesn’t matter how much you spend because you still don’t win because tall quickly take it right back. Maybe if you let the less fortunate win sometimes to balance these rigged scales then maybe the experience will definitely last longer and be worth it. Need more games that makes people want to play them more. It takes forever to get to a bonus or free spins. No matter how much you spend each spin you all take take take take..Version: 1.7.6

Excellent gameThis is a very good game lots of big winnings.Version: 1.0.4

WowHonestly best slot game I have played. Fun games and it actually lets you win. I dont mind buying coins from time to time because I know I’ll get my money’s worth in play time. This slot game app is how all of them should be. I refuse to purchase coins on other apps. But this one... I really really like it and don’t mind. Don’t feel like I’m being ripped off and I’m having fun 🤗🤗.Version: 1.0.8

Best slot games ever!!Big wins..Mega wins..Epic wins..the fun never stops!.Version: 1.5.4

Tons of funTons of fun good options nice missions. Just to many commercials but thank you for the fun.Version: 1.0.5

AwesomeVery good game.Version: 1.7.9

TopTop game.Version: 1.7.9

Great gameLove this game.Version: 1.7.9

Bon jeuDes hrs dé plaisir.Version: 1.7.9

Cash TornedoTrès bien.Version: 1.7.9

Top notch fun!This game is a blast!! Love the winning streaks!!!really love coin dozer .. it’s tricky but fun.Version: 1.7.7

Not bad !!There’s is options you could had to some games… but it’s a nice game. Thank you.Version: 1.7.8

Tooo epicThis game toooo epic.Version: 1.7.7

CTIt’s good something to pass the time.Version: 1.7.7

Awe rightAwe loo look.Version: 1.7.7

Tons of funAm enjoying the game!!!.Version: 1.7.7

It’s aightFun.Version: 1.7.7

Carmgolf14Excellent games! Awesome graphics! Some big wins. Lots of fun..Version: 1.7.6

Best Casino Game I’ve Played So FarThanks for such a fun game and the generous payouts..Version: 1.7.7

MoiCool.Version: 1.7.6

Fun timesBring it on.Version: 1.7.6

GabrielHhh.Version: 1.7.6

FunSo fun game.Version: 1.7.6

Level DashHaving a great time!!!.Version: 1.7.6

Great gameReally enjoy playing.Version: 1.7.6

FunLove the games.Version: 1.7.6

SlotsGood game.Version: 1.7.5

Cash Tornado is awesomeLots free coins in cash tornado, I love the games..Version: 1.7.5

AwesomeFun and awesome game.Version: 1.7.4

GameMega fun.Version: 1.7.4

Awesome gameCool games.Version: 1.7.4

Will not workWhen I click on to open shows blank screen but shows the game is open on the apps store.Version: 1.7.4

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