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Diablo Immortal™ is a brand-new mobile game from Blizzard Entertainment. A genre-defining action role playing game series set between the events of Diablo® II: Lord of Destruction® and Diablo III®.

Clash with armies of demons, collect epic loot, and gain unimaginable power.

Explore the dark realm of Sanctuary like never before, now a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) where angels and demons wage an endless war over dominion of the mortal realm. Join forces with other players on an epic quest to collect the shattered fragments of the corrupted Worldstone and prevent the Lord of Terror’s return.

Fans of Diablo and new players alike will embark on new adventures across a vast open world RPG game.


Customize your character and gear! Diablo Immortal gives you unprecedented flexibility to be who you want to be in the vast MMORPG world of Sanctuary.
- Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Necromancer, Crusader, Monk, and Wizard: Choose from six highly iconic and customizable classes.
- Gain new abilities with each successful encounter and clash to become the most powerful player in the arena of war.
- Gear up with all-new set items and legendary weapons.
- Level up your favorite weapons so they can grow in power alongside you.


Peerless MMORPG gaming experience delivering the best PC mechanics into snappy, intuitive controls on your mobile device.
- Always feel at command. Whether you’re on a raid or fighting hordes of demons solo.
- Directional controls make it easy to move heroes around the world
- Activating a skill is as easy as holding a thumb down on a skill to aim, then release to unleash hell on your foes.
- Cross-platform and cross save - Experience role playing games online with your PC or Mobile


From the war-torn surroundings of Wortham to the grand city of Westmarch and the shadows of the Bilefen Jungle - Players have a vast world in front of them to explore.
- Your journey will take you through changing landscapes and ever evolving challenges.
- Experience a rich Diablo story packed with quests, bosses, and challenges the Diablo series has never seen, including raids in huge ever-changing dungeons.
- Diablo Immortal has something for everyone whether you enjoy fighting through endless dungeons or spending your time uncovering every corner of the world.


Players will have countless opportunities to meet and socialize with their fellow adventurers in the world of Sanctuary. Whether it's jumping into the arena of battle, embarking on a raid through the shadows of a dungeon, or upgrading gear - Diablo Immortal is here to support a rich MMORPG experience.

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Diablo Immortal App Comments & Reviews

Diablo Immortal Positive Reviews

Best Mobile Game I’ve played yet!I gotta say I really love this game. I haven’t tried it yet on PC so I can’t speak for that aspect but for Mobile phones this game is phenomenal! It reminds me of playing WOW for the first time almost because there are so many players on doing stuff and that you can randomly meet and group up with. Fair warning I wouldn’t personally buy into the micro transactions bc some moron streamer tried to max a char in less than a month and wasted $25k like a moron in the process doing so. If you want to be completely maxed out on every single item and gem stupid fast and without it you won’t enjoy the game then definitely don’t play this. But if you loved Diablo 3 or others in the series and enjoy a good story and free to play Diablo style combat with just some amazing gear options and how you can swap gems and ranks of gear between items of the same slot without any cost instantly is fantastic. Extracting the legendary essence from awesome legendaries and then being able to reapply them over another legendary item’s skill of the same slot is amazing too…just gotta extract the legendary once and you can apply it as many times to new ones as you want. Honestly just amazing! I really love this game so far! I haven’t beaten the entire campaign just yet. Think I am at the last boss now but I’m like Paragon rank 8 already and it’s been a ton of fun!.Version: 1.4.886633

Finally a mobile game done right!!*Update* End game is a little stagnant. You grind the same things over and over again which gets monotonous fast. I still enjoy the game and plan to give it a bit longer and see if they add anything that keeps me coming back for me… events, items to collect, crafting. Something besides grinding for a handful of gear. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! This game is amazing!! I would say it’s great for a mobile game but it’s just great for a game, period! I have tried every mmorpg on the App Store looking for something to fulfill my gaming addiction after moving to an area with no internet and being unable to play world of Warcraft. Except satellite so… like I said no internet and every game has been severely lacking until this one. This game has everything. Great graphics, great items, lots to keep me busy. I’m not very far into it so I’m hoping endgame isn’t a letdown and I’m still able to find things to keep me busy but I have a good feeling about it. Oh and idk whose bright idea it was to keep autoplay out of it but I love you!!! I could have cried from happiness when I realized autoplay wasn’t gonna take over and leave me fighting to turn it off every few minutes. I genuinely think autoplay is the worst feature in any game. I’ll definitely be paying for the extra items and doing my part to keep this game funded! If this is the start I look forward to seeing the future of this game!!.Version: 1.4.886633

Please Allow Character Server Swaps!!!!!The hype is real. Diablo Immortal is absolutely amazing, it really has no right to be this good. Highly addictive gameplay, stunning graphics, runs as smoothly as it can possibly run, lovely class selections, massive campaign, HUGE clans, too many enemies, lots and lots of content to do, and much more loot to collect. However, yes, that big, HOWEVER. It’s almost game-breaking to me that once a character is created, you can’t swap servers. You see, Clans are server-specific. So all my friends and family that have a high-level character on other servers have to create a completely new character and start all over just to eventually join my clan on Risen Dead. This is such a stupid feature. I have dozens of close family and friends and all-around gaming buddies, and unfortunately, all of them are on different servers than I, and of course, they don’t want to drop everything and start over even this early into the game. So please Blizzard, please allow characters themselves to swap servers. If anything, only allow that swap to happen once a month, or once every quarter (three months), that way you can mitigate server swapping problems. This game’s best feature is the 100 member clan and the community therein, but that MASSIVE piece is lacking without the ability to server swap your character. ~ Kindest Regards.Version: 1.4.886633

Don’t see a problemSo many people complain about the p2w aspect, but I haven’t noticed that at all. I’m playing just like I have every other Diablo game. Why pay right away and not just play? Makes no sense when you’re playing for the first time. If you’re more concerned about getting the best gear immediately and not learning and growing then you’re not actually playing, you’re simply trying to get ahead. I haven’t spent any real money yet and I’m doing fine. I’ve had no issues with gameplay, servers, or anything anyone else has apparently had issues with. Although I will say that getting to Lvl 30 was a bit too easy, but overall I’m enjoying the game. It’s great to be able to have the game right in your hands. I haven’t even considered spending any actual money yet. If you’re needing to spend money already then personally I think you’re not prioritizing your materials properly. People will find any issue just to complain. I haven’t found any issues and have had no need to spend actual money because I’m not trying to get ahead. I’m playing casually, not competitively. We may be able to play with and around other people, but it’s not really a competition. Because it’s Blizzard they kinda combined WOW with Diablo and made it into a mobile game. I am thoroughly enjoying this game..Version: 1.4.886633

Great GAME, HORRIBLE monetization.Not much to say about the game. It’s Diablo. It plays like Diablo and has the same story style as Diablo. Quite fun. However, the monetization is straight up immoral. The whole crest thing is extremely sketchy. You can use normal or legendary crests to increase loot from random-gen dungeons. Normally you can only use three at once, right? Well, apparently, using more than three LEGENDARY crests gives you the option to add SEVEN MORE CRESTS. And you would never know this until you got ten crests and somehow never used them, because the game never tells you it does this. Also there are two different types of legendary crests. The game does not tell you this either, unless you read the fine print. Paid legendary crests give you legendary gems that are NOT bound to your character, meanwhile the normal crests you get from actually playing the game give you gems that are bound to your character, so in short you cannot sell legendary gems on the market unless you pay for the crests. There’s so much more going on, but I’m not putting all that into a review that won’t even be read or taken into account. So basically if you want to know more about the scummy crap going on behind the scenes, this guy called Josh Strife Hayes has made an analysis. TL;DR Diablo Immortal is a fun game with scummy loopholes to get around loot box laws and terrible monetizing with some severe FOMO subscription mechanics..Version: 1.4.886633

HelloThis game is so great & fun you lv up kinda fast in the game & you don’t gotta spend money to have fun if you grind you can get everything that you need it takes time. I am happy we can play with a remote you can do a lot of things to lv up side mission other side mission the bar missions Dungeons rift can ya add more story to this game it would be nice another thing can ya put deferent mood in pvp would be great. Like regular team death match. Ones you get to lv60 the game gets even better more things to do you can play for hours & wont get bored at all. This game is not pay too win because nobody attacks you when you play outside the world and that’s a big plus everybody can get along no bullying other weaker players ya did a great job with that.. I think this is one of the best games to lv up fast when you grind you can spend money if you like… the only thing the prices is kinda expansive but you get alot off free good equipment & the battle pass is pretty good to spend the money on it. I have not had any problem just when my phone gets hot the game lags a little sometimes it don’t let me attack until a few seconds. The other great thing it do not attack by itself or is not auto play now that’s a big plus. Keep up the great work hopefully ya put more story moods to play thos was good..Version: 1.4.886633

It’s a good gameLet me start with I love Diablo games and am haveing fun playing this one. There are critical review about the money you can spend in the game but in no way do you have to. I spent some already because I wanted some extra items and loot to help me level at the start but did I really need to no I didn’t. I buy plenty of PS5 games for 60+ and I don’t mind spending money on a game I like. This game is fun and you can play never spending any money and have fun. Does everyone need to have this idea that a company that wants to make money avoid actually making money because they don’t want to buy something. It’s tired out. I see way more games throw out 100’s of forced ads and crap in games this is a free game you can choose to play and enjoy with friends or by yourself in a Diablo style. If you want some little bonus perks of gems buy some or go hunting. Over all great game the only thing I wish is to change servers I didn’t realize I was locked in when I created my character it’s not a big deal but I would even pay for that option I don’t mind doing that. Play the game have a good time but don’t say it’s a bad game because they are offering micro transactions in a free game on a phone. Get the game you will enjoy it..Version: 1.4.886633

Constant issuesWith every single update there is an issue with battlegrounds, there is invisibility bugs they still haven’t addressed or fixed, each time they “say” they fix it, they don't and something else pops up. Peoples gladiator fatal proc now happens 3 times in a row. Demon hunters can shoot through walls, wizard beams are invisible, if you want to live through all that your going to have to spend a good 15k+ dollars. I think they need to outsource and pick a different company that will operate more efficiently. I would give this a 5/5 but the game keeps dying because they aren’t fixing anything just coming out with new quests that provide the most minuscule things. Even F2P players will have to constantly do daily’s for a good 6 months to get 1 thing good. Its a well made game but very selfish on the rewards for everyone, as long as you keep spending money the less they will fix things. This is how a lot of good games die within a year or so. Hope you can fix these issues with the right people that know their stuff. The new gem crafting will take f2p players multiple months to be able to craft 1 legendary 5 start gem and then it takes like 100 to get it to ranked 10. Just seems like they just want your money, you’d think they’d take care of their players by making 100 million dollars after 2 months of release date. Please fix this game or it will die within a year..Version: 1.6.0

Good Game, buuuuuttttttt…This is a pretty fun game. It’s polished, nice to look at, and enjoyable to play. In short, it turned out to be significantly better than most Diablo fans thought it would be; however, we need to talk about the monetization lunacy. You’ve no doubt heard that fully-powering your character can cost up to $110,000. That’s absolutely true, and that’s absolutely insane. I would have thought that Activision-Blizzard has had enough bad press over the past couple of years, but apparently they decided that they wanted a metric crap-ton more bad press and wanted to anger/lose even more players. If that’s their goal then they’ve succeeded masterfully with Diablo Immortal. You know why it’s called ‘Immortal’? Because you would have to be immortal yourself to grind your way to a powerful character. It’s literally impossible to do within a normal lifespan. You can beat the game without spending a single red cent, but you can never be powerful enough to play the higher difficulty levels without spending thousands of real dollars. If they took out the monetization and just charged $20-$30 for Diablo Immortal I would happily buy it. The game is enjoyable enough to merit such a price tag. There is no game ever made or ever to be made that would be worth spending $110,000 on. Watch the video on YT called The Immoral Design of Diablo Immortal before you crack open your wallet; trust me, you’ll thank me later..Version: 1.4.886633

Beautiful game, but I’m already bored.I’ve loved the franchise since the start, always playing as a Necro (or similar squishy) on my first run through. But this game makes it almost too unrewarding to the skilled players. Without the Mana system, you can just hold down the Auto Attack button while standing back and eventually the enemies die. All abilities are on a cooldown which I feel are way too short, allowing you to spam everything without a single thought or strategy. Other games that combine cooldown and mana have done it well, why can’t blizzard do the same? If I spam and cooldown is up, but I’m out of mana, I should not be able to use that ability. Then we have the option to equip cosmetic on our characters which nullifies any customization that comes with using various items. Cosmetics for the sake of flexing to other players, but you don’t even know if you’re currently wielding a staff or a dagger. Because after all, the necro doesn’t even stab with the dagger, just summons projectiles and a ghostly scythe. Is your helmet really ugly? Slap a cosmetic on and no one will see it. (Lastly, game is super twitchy and crashes on a 5th gen iPad 2017, which is fair, it’s an old tablet. But it overheats my iPhone 12 Pro pretty quickly as well, and frame rates drop noticeably.) might update review after having played another class..Version: 1.4.886633

Great game under the hood but…I’ve been playing Diablo since the early Diablo 2 days. Loved the franchise, spent many hours on the game. Diablo Immortal is a great game under the hood but it is very heavily predatory when it comes to micro transactions. Now, I haven’t yet ran into a paywall myself. I am paragon 17 as of writing this review and have my Necromancer pretty geared. I have only bought the season pass and I most definitely do not intend to spend money on crest. Here’s the thing, if you just want to casually play and gear up your character, this games is just fine. If you are someone like me which don’t really care about pushing the leaderboards you can have a lot of fun without spending a penny. However, if you are a competitive player this is where the pay to win comes in. The game allows you to buy power with legendary gems which will significantly increase your progression in the leaderboard and make you stand out in PVP. To sum it up, this game is great when it comes to the gameplay and story. Probably one of the best mobile games you can play. However, the predatory micro transactions and ability to buy power is leaving a sour taste on peoples mouth. I wish this wasn’t the case since it overshadows the great game it is. I really enjoy this game and I wish Blizzard can address a lot of it’s p2w issues..Version: 1.4.886633

Buyers RemorseThis game plays well as a mobile app. This is the reason for the high star rating. This game will take a few hours a day from you at very specific times of day if you are wanting to keep up with events and other players. For those who f2p this game provides loads of time for you to grind away in pve. For whales willing to spend thousands of dollars this game provides opportunities for you to destroy other players in pvp. (If xp wasnt tied to pvp I dont think I would have played my 3 games daily.) I’m more of a casual spender that put in $60 the first month. It wasn’t worth it imo. For the prices Blizzard charges you get very small and incremental increases in your combat rating. The monotony of the grind was very unrewarding. Like many players, I have been playing Diablo games since they first released the original. I am unimpressed by this iteration of the game. Blizzard has been on a path of being tone def to its player base for a very long time and it looks like the could care less about what they are doing as a business. I was hoping to rekindle my early years of playing Diablo but this wasn’t the case. I recommend checking out the game but also encourage players to pause before they spend their money. At this time I have uninstalled this game. Not sure that I will revisit it again..Version: 1.4.925101

Very Impressed So FarSo far so good… very surprised to say that honestly as I was expecting the worst. I’ve been playing Diablo games for over 20 years and I’m really enjoying it despite any concerns I had. I’m about an hour in and the game just opened up a bit compared to the starting features. As much hate as Blizzard got for developing a mobile game, I really feel like they’ve nailed this one. It plays amazing, looks fantastic, and has an incredible amount of features without being overwhelming or difficult to manage. I usually am turned off my micro transactions but I might splurge a little bit on some of the items on offer! There’s plenty of fan service so far without being over the top and they really nailed the feel of a classic Diablo experience. My only complaint is that it just feels like a weak story, sort of a Diablo II/III greatest hits kind of thing. Not bad per se, but just not that original either. Although I’m still very early in the game and it looks like there’s going to be tons of new content to explore. All in all, good job to the dev team. They won this Diablo fan over!.Version: 1.4.886633

Set Items Deserve Essence Extract and InheritI’m a day one player. I’m perfectly fine with whales and krakens buying thousands of dollars worth of Legendary crests to get max quality 5 star gems and then duking it out with each other to be the Immortal and nuking me in battlegrounds. I like the game and don’t aspire to be The Immortal. My most important piece of feedback is that I LOVE the Legendary essence extract and imbue system. I don’t know where or when my next upgrade is coming from, but I know that when (eventually after much grinding) I can use it and try out different builds for different things. But with green set items, I can’t do that and I hate it. You red pilled me with the legendary system. Do it for green set items please. Grinding Tomb of Fahir is tolerable about 15 times. After that, I want to be done for the week with Tomb of Fahir. But I feel like I have to keep doing Fahir because that is where my hands drop from. And when they finally drop after 50 runs, there is a very high chance the stats are too low to wear. And with how important getting Combat Rating up is, you basically must focus first on Combat rating instead of set bonus (doing half damage against monsters with 10 CR higher than you makes a 15% damage set buff meaningless if it’s combat rating is too low).Version: 1.4.925101

Love the game, hate the dumb issuesSo I do love the game as it is really fun, however when I first started playing I couldn’t get into Westmarch because I didn’t have the resource packs downloaded that I needed. The packs wouldn’t download no matter what I did, and after extensive research online (lots of googling and YouTubing) I learned that I had to uninstall the game completely, restart my phone, reinstall the game, and start the game as a guest. Then, and only then, would I be allowed to fully download all of the resource packs to play the entire game, which ultimately didn’t take long. Then, I would log into my account to pull up my character, and then I would be able to play. But then today, August 3rd 2022, the game went through some sort of update (I think) and now it’s making me REDOWNLOAD all of the resource packs AGAIN!!! And I’m running into the same problem AGAIN!!! Now I have to uninstall the game completely, restart my phone, and now I’m writing this review while waiting for the game to download and download ALL OF THE RESOURCE PACKS AGAIN!!! Which, ultimately, will take a good amount of unnecessary time, again. This shouldn’t be an issue but for some reason it is, and so many others have had issues like this… again I love the game as it’s super cool and fun, but crap like this shouldn’t be happening..Version: 1.5.2

Definition of Insanity (Amendment)Have been spending the last several hours attempting to just download the game. Before the usual suggestions of turning it off and on come about I have done so numerous times. Not to mention clearing out storage and resetting my own internet, which is strong enough to download 3g on an ancient desktop in ten minutes time. Any suggestions I find online or from Blizzard do not work, so anything that can help would be appreciated. I am usually patient, but I’ve been waiting for this game since I’ve heard of it years ago. Now I’m willing to amend my rating if I can actually get to play the game. Until then, I will continue to leave one star reviews. It’s even worse because I cannot even report having this issue in their own hyperlink. I’m a huge fan of Diablo and have been waiting to try this game for years, so this hasn’t been the most fun I’ve had experiencing this fantastic game series. *** After finally downloading the game and the extras I am ready to say this is exactly what I would expect from a Diablo game. Minor changes in levels and skill usage, still plays great. Anyone having trouble with over heating can optimize your settings for your device. Looking forward to see how it grows as a game and community..Version: 1.4.886633

Great game but space issue concerns along with battery drain usageDecent gameplay. Dislike the fact of the monetization. Am f2p an have made it to paragon 37 (Dae) on worldstone server without spending a dime. Will admit it was a rough grind to progress. Also some quest an later difficulties require ya to be in a group of 4 as a minimum. Got stuck a few times with contracts an so on because nobody was doing same thing or I had them to be party leader instead of myself otherwise it would say that other member don’t meet reqs. Also not sure if this is a mobile concern, but get kicked countless times from server in middle of things. Annoying. I’d like to see trade expand, least inside warband. Yet fear it will be exploited like we have seen prior with drop hacks from ole D1 an D2. May I also suggest bot detection?? Lot of afk farmers. With all the pop ups.. ya can see if they actively playing or not already just from interaction. If no interaction, devour with an elite😏 Would be nice to hear some feedback on reviews so we can feel like someone is listening to the ones that pay for the content an in game purchases 🤓 Also, the updates after maintenance is ridiculous. I have to basically spend 4hrs redownloading every single resource file again.Version: 1.4.925101

Good for a mobile game, PVP is for the rich.When comparing this to D2 or D3 this game is a travesty that’s gonna get people to hold up on getting D4 just cause of the heavy P2P mechanics and grinding caps. You should not bother with PVP in this game at all unless you’re gonna dual wield credit cards. If you stick with PVE you won’t need to break the bank much but grind caps will make you annoyed with progression slowdowns. Seriously Blizz, you completely missed the point of Diablo series that allured fans UNFETTERED GRINDING! PVE you will still need to whip out a credit card cause really the only thing that progresses a character is upgrading legendary gems which are only procurable to purchasing legendary crests in the store. That one legendary gem drop a month ain’t gonna fly. Diablo series has never been good with pvp historically and it only gets worse with immortal cause it’s purely “he who blows out credit cards the most wins.” I’ve spent 200 bucks and it feels like I haven’t done jack to my character. Just like every other mobile game out there. I kid you not if you wanna complete, not only do you need to spend but spend big. Like “buying a car big.” Overall this game is one of the best in the mobile market but has done irreparable damage to the title with supplementing grinding with spending..Version: 1.4.886633

Fun but caveatsThe game looks great, play style is familiar (it’s basically Diablo 3), and story progresses quickly at first. Typical mobile game pay to win psychological trickery everywhere, easing you in to it with FOMO tactics starting at $.99 and then gradually increasing to $2, then $3, $5, $10, $20, $50 etc. into perpetuity. None of that is required to advance, but you will hit a grind wall if you want to continue into paragon levels once the “story” mode is over. The boss mechanics, character advancement, and P2W style of gambling hundreds if not thousands of dollars at a time to get a single upgrade to gems that are integral to being able to advance into increasingly difficult content is all carbon copy lifted from Lost Ark, with maybe 20% of the actual content. It’s fun, but the predatory style of preying on those with mental disorders like OCD or gambling addictions should just stay away. If you want to support the dev team, buy the monthly battle pass or something. Don’t buy into anything else; the numbers are stacked against you in a way that you can easily spend $50,000 on a single character and still not have even the gems you’ll need for a single character, let alone the countless other time/money sinks for advancing your stats..Version: 1.4.886633

Gems, Runes, Crests (not pay to win but)Please… this game is great at its core but as far gems are concerned, you need to find a better balance within being able to buy progression. I genuinely believe that if people want skins and want to buy things that speed up there progression they will do it regardless. You do not need to make gems impossible to upgrade for free. I have an idea to make the game so so much better. Make high difficulty challenge rift (level 10 maybe 20) give you a guaranteed rare crest drop for completing. Change the odds of getting a legendary gem drop (elder rift) from 5% to 10%. Then instead of a monthly chance to buy a legendary crest with hilts, make it a weekly. This way people (all people) whether they are spending money or not can enjoy the game. Yes, it will still be grindy for free players, and it will still give people incentive to buy things. But it won’t be so overly guarded by lack of in game purchases. I really think this would make so many more players happy without taking out the monetization completely. Building your characters skill set is a critical part of diablos gameplay and the more players that like and RESPECT the game, the more they will be willing to give it real world money. SO many free games out there have proven this..Version: 1.4.886633

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!I have a few things to say about this game. Okay so start over number one the game is absolutely amazing the storyline is crate, and the combat is completely underleaf fluid even with on screen but controls the game functions extremely extremely well and there are no hangups between the combat, storyline, on screen enemies and levels and morals rendered. Everything is completely and utterly seamless. However, there is a big flaw that I have found within the game. A lot of the assets are not download it as soon as you get the game and require you to basically delete almost everything on your phone before the assets themselves download. I have been having massive trouble with the assets downloading even after I’ve deleted over half of my heaviest abs and it’s still giving me trouble the essence will not download at all. I’ve gotten to the point where I can no longer progress within the game without downloading the assets. This is something that should be passed in an update quickly because although I absolutely love and adore this game I cannot play it is the assets are not download it and I have to clear out my entire phone memory storage to do so..Version: 1.4.886633

Amazingly detailed and funThis game is beautifully done. The graphics are fantastic and the depth of the campaign and number of available quests/challenges is incredible. That all being said, there are loads of bugs causing audio cut-outs, others that cause frequent disconnects/reconnects (including DURING raids, which is obviously a major problem), others that cause the character to be unmovable, and many others (too many to mention here). Then there’s the largest problem of all, which is that Blizzard has implemented caps for XP and Battle Points for each day/week which cause players to be unable to level beyond a point without taking MASSIVE penalties in XP gains, all while allowing what many of us call “whales” to spend upwards of $50,000 real money to obtain 5-star legendary gems for all of their gear, boosting their resonance beyond 3000 and making them effectively invulnerable to all attacks, especially due to the fact that because of the caps we can’t level to a point that would allow us to output enough damage to stand a chance against such players. Blizzard needs to get rid of the caps and figure out some way to nerf the “whales”, because nobody wants to PVP against them because there is no chance you can win..Version: 1.4.886633

If you’re a fan of the genre it’s the best game on the marketBeen playing since launch and am very impressed. Game feels and plays like Diablo 3. Game has controller support and I haven’t come across any glitches or crashes…yet. Game is a beast to fully install for mobile,~10gb, but you can do it in chunks. Voice acting is well done and it uses the same cast from previous entries. There are transactions but I haven’t found this to be a distraction or a hurdle to gameplay. There isn’t any world energy or limit to how long you can play. If you want to play, just launch the app and play. Transactions are mainly limited to cosmetic items and some resources that give you a better chance to get high tier loot. As a game series that allows you to sink in 100s of hours of play time I don’t really see better rng as a big issue for me. This is the best mobile game I’ve ever played and respectfully replicates a pc/console experience. It’s still a mobile game so some features are missing and graphics could be better, but it doesn’t detract from the experience. 5 stars. Download it!!.Version: 1.4.886633

Great Game Crippled by PTW FeelGame is amazing until you hit level 60. After you finish the main story line it really becomes a PTW game. PvP combat is based off of your character stats, and if you have been paying for gems then you are way overpowered when compared to a FTP player. I am sick and tired of constantly getting one shot by insanely OP players. Even with all that though this game is really fun. I have not spent a penny on this game and I am still having a lot of fun. I just wish there was a little more balance in the PvP aspects. That would give players so much more to do. I have seen videos and read articles about people spending $5,000-$10,000 and not acquiring a single 5 star gem. In all honesty how can that happen? I don’t mind people spending $ to get an edge, but there still needs to be balance. If this game didn’t have PTW aspects it would be an 11/10 mobile game. There is so much potential to this game, but there needs to be balance and more access for the FTP players. I am not the only one that has this opinion, and I hope that Blizzard takes notes from their fans..Version: 1.4.886633

If you liked Diablo 3 you’ll like this.Pros - The game play is surprisingly addictive, specially if you’re coming from Diablo 3. There’s a decent amount of things to do that will keep you busy for awhile. I don’t PVP so I don’t feel the need to pay 1000s of dollars to upgrade gems, I just enjoy the game play and Diablo is the only series I’ve ever enjoyed the grind of. Cons - they definitely want you to throw as much money at them as possible. I’m all for throwing a few bucks at a free to play game and support the creators but this is pretty ridiculous. I’m assuming there will be a new season every month and they’ll want you to rebuy everything you may have bought to advance each season. If it was just the battle pass I wouldn’t bat an eye but it’s crazy how much and how often they want you to spend money. And on top of alllll of that your cosmetics you buy or earn are attached to one character. Usually seasons in Diablo require new characters and characters are stuck to specific servers. So what’s the point of even buying the battle pass? It’s a shame. If they don’t make rewards account wide then I see most of the player base running back to Diablo 3..Version: 1.4.886633

Fantastic time with bad microtransactionsLet me just start off by saying that Diablo Immortal is the most fun I’ve had grinding in an MMO in a very long time. The core Diablo experience is there and they deliver on that aspect with great succession. However, the monetization aspect is very intense in many ways. I know it is a free app, and they must make money somehow; I am not against that whatsoever. Although, I cant help but notice that Diablo Immortal uses every trick in the book to drive you to the in game store. I hope they tune down the pay to win aspect with the 5 star gems, because as a free to play player, it’s borderline impossible to earn 5 star gems unless you have 12+ hours a day of free time to grind the game. And let’s be real, a majority of us do not have that sort of time. However, this does not mean you must pay to progress in any fashion. I’ve had no trouble reaching end game without paying a dime. I just think the monetization can be pretty predatory at times, especially if you have no self control or are easily addicted to gambling. Overall: Fantastic gameplay, just wouldn’t recommend purchasing anything from the store..Version: 1.4.886633

BussinDis shi decent asl yo on grave shorty.Version: 1.4.886633

Pay to WinAs the title suggests. This is like the auction house fiasco all over again. I can’t say I’m surprised after what Activision/Blizzard has become in the past several years. Also, bugs..Version: 1.4.886633

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What do you think Diablo Immortal ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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