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U-app Customer Service

Este aplicativo facilita comunicação entre todas as áreas da Sua empresa. Você poderá fazer por aqui as suas solicitações, receber suas atualizações e ser informado do que acontece de mais importante.

Para saber mais sobre esta poderosa ferramenta, acesse: https://www.ummense.com/u-app e conheça todas as possibilidades do U-App.

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Nessa••| 🤍ALBEOM AUGUST 26🤍 | Shownu lil baldThe private messages from the U-app can bring the worst to this fandom..

Nessa••| 🤍ALBEOM AUGUST 26🤍 | Shownu lil baldAll the beomies I follow is qrts the CK conversation on U-app... Not good.

CeaI just wanna watch kiss or death mv on loop but u-app won’t even allow me to enter the freakingggg app !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Nessa••| 🤍ALBEOM AUGUST 26🤍 | Shownu lil bald@monbebepabu Damn I got a nice phone with the newest version of the android!!! 😭. Do u think i should drop the. U-app?😔.

Nessa••| 🤍ALBEOM AUGUST 26🤍 | Shownu lil bald@monbebepabu I want to try but I can't download it on my phone I don't know if it's BC of my android or BC of my country. Do you know any MBB with android who has the U-app?.

‏ًAnother episode of changkyun’s struggling with the u-app .

× 𝗔𝗻𝗻𝗲 ×First Chest and now Kiss?? u-app just let him type what he wants to type 😩 .

햄찌키 🐹 (SLOW)@TananyaSitiso hahahah but it's good to see they are active on both fancafe and u-app ❤❤.

Dianne🧸🐝🐱U-app disables screenshot function ey 😒 amusing..

⋈ minz⁷🍓The way kiss or death is soty material and deserves to be hyped like gambler rly😞i cant express enough how much of a masterpiece it is and how hard they wouldve worked for it and its only on that u-app *sigh*.

ʜʏᴜɴɢꜱᴛᴇʀ // ᴀʀɪᴀɴᴀ ⋈Mirrored my phone to the tv for better impact ✊ except the fact that the u-app makes my battery drain so much- .

ZZzI just wanted to watch kiss or death mv but now i end up downloading 1.2gb data i don't even know what for ... fuck u-app 😭.


Chi 🂸 채주민Me to u-app: .

Nini🔗| #셔누_때문에_행복하다Even wonho says the damn u-app is horrible GO TELL EM KING .

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