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Fantasy Football Draft Kit '21 Customer Service

Imagine you could get access to a cheat sheet that adjusts to fit your league settings AND allows you to mark off players during your draft. That’s exactly what the 2021 RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit can do for you. This powerful app has all the features you need to dominate during your draft.

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Simply enter your league's scoring and roster settings and the app creates rankings from a value-based calculation that uses RotoWire's 2021 stat projections. Here are few of the features:

- A cheat sheet that ranks players based on projected stats for 2021 using your league's settings.
- The cheat sheet is a Value Based Drafting method that accounts for your league's categories, roster, etc.
- For drafts: The ability to manually rank players to your preference.
- Mock drafts against AI.
- outlooks for the 2021 season for hundreds of players.
- Recent news and analysis for players.
- Projected Standings for your league.
- We offer the ability to tier players or mark them as sleepers or busts.
- Notes can be added on each player.
- Functionality that lets you easily keep track of who has been drafted.
- Team depth charts.
- Projected stats for the 2021 season.
- Player stats from the last three seasons.
- The ability to download updated news and stat projections until the start of the 2021 season.
- A player search that allows you to quickly find players.
- Individual defensive player rankings.
- Ability to use Team QB and Team K in your roster.
- Current fantasy football articles from experts.
- The cheat sheet isn't ordered just by projected point totals, we calculate player rankings based on your league's settings.

All the data for the app is stored on your device, so internet access at your draft isn't required. The first time you use the app, we highly recommend connecting to the internet to allow the app to update the player info.


- Number of teams in the draft
- Roster spots including: QB or Team QB, RB, WR, TE, Flex QB/RB/WR/TE, Flex RB/WR/TE, Flex RB/WR, Flex WR/TE, K or Team K, Team DEF, Individual Defensive Players (DL, LB, DB), Reserves
- Offense Scoring Including: Pass Attempts, Pass Completions, Incomplete Passes, Passing Yards, Passing TDs, Passing INTs, Sacks Taken, Bonuses for Games With 300+ Pass Yards, 350+ Pass Yards, 400+ Pass Yards, 100+ Rush Yards, 150+ Rush Yards, 200+ Rush Yards, 100+ Receiving Yards, 150+ Receiving Yards, 200+ Receiving Yards, Bonuses for a TD Pass of 40+ Yards, TD Pass of 50+ Yards, TD Rush of 40+ Yards, TD Rush of 50+ Yards, TD Reception of 40+ Yards, TD Reception of 50+ Yards, Rushing Attempts, Rushing Yards, Rushing TDs, Receptions, Receiving Yards, Receiving TDs, Fumbles Lost, 2-Point Conversions, and First Downs
- Defense Scoring Including: IDP Tackles, IDP Passes Defended, Sacks, Interceptions, Fumbles Forced, Fumbles Recovered, Safeties, TDs, Blocked Kicks, Tackles For Loss, 3 And Outs, 4th Down Stops, Points Allowed, Yards Allowed
- Kicker Scoring Including: Field Goals Attempted, FG 0-19 Yards, FG 20-29 Yards, FG 30-39 Yards, FG 40-49 Yards, FG 50+ Yards, Extra Points Attempted, Extra Points Made, Extra Points Missed, and Field Goals Missed.


We stand behind the quality of our apps with email support ([email protected]). Buy the app now and you’ll have your draft preparation squared away for the 2021 season.

Fantasy Football Draft Kit '21 App Comments & Reviews

Fantasy Football Draft Kit '21 Positive Reviews

Great AppI’ve been in a league 20+ years and never won a championship until this app. I’ve been using it for 5 years now and have made the playoffs 4 times and won the championship twice! It’s paid for itself. If your draft position is random, I recommend mock drafting a bunch from different positions to give yourself an idea of how it will go draft day no matter where you fall. Devs: I would really love to never have to enter my league’s scoring rules again. How about either a site import or you save it for me on your end?.Version: 1.3

Four StarsI’m not really impressed so far. Here are some of the issues I’ve found: Offense and IDP rankings are separate so no way to include both in one cheat sheet if your league includes both offense and IDP starters. Similarly, if you hold a rookie only draft in your dynasty league as I do, there is no way to show offensive and IDP rookies in one cheat sheet. Rookie IDPs don’t seem to have any projections associated with them. For example, all of the rookie LBs (Micah Parsons, Jamin Davis, etc.) have zero projected fantasy points. Am I missing something? I’ve gone through the entire settings. I like RotoWire’s website, but this app leaves too much to be desired. I’ve bumped my review up to four stars after hearing from the developer. I’m hoping there are updates to the app soon..Version: 1.1

Pros and cons.Let me start everything saying This is by far the best app in the App Store Pros -All info you need at your fingertips -Easily search player stats, bye weeks, an depth charts -Shows up to date injury status -Great IDP support Cons - the only con to this app is the lack of ability to sync with your league draft like a few other apps do ( none of the apps let you draft from the app, picks still need to be made on league website, but they automatically cross off players so you have time to research) - if your league is not all drafting in person you need to go back and forth from you league website to see who was drafted, open the app and find the player (a lot of time is wasted) if everyone is in the same room and calling out names it’s fine. If this app would sync like some of the other app it would get 10 stars.Version: 1.3

Best Tool to Win Your LeagueI have been using this App for several years and have 3 Championships. Other members of your league will be looking over your shoulder during the draft. Once you set up your league scoring, teams, etc., you can export the settings and use them year to year. We connect my iPad to a large screen TV and display the draft grid as we go through the draft, no more stickers or writing in the selections..Version: 1.2

Easy to Use AppI have been using since 2014 and always have had success, missing the playoffs only once. Would like a little more flexibility in keeping traded draft picks when adjusting draft order but I’ve made my request and know they listen, consider and respond based on past experience..Version: 1.3

Excellent app but…I really really really enjoy this app. It’s easy enough to use and have LOTS of options. I also tend to agree with a lot of the rankings. The only reason I have it 4 stars instead of 5 is that when it comes to Mock Drafting - the only player ranking options are Standard and Full PPR. It would be nice to have player rankings based off Half-PPR for more accurate mock drafts. Especially considering there are a lot of leagues that run with Half-PPR..Version: 1.3

Thank you.I wanted to thank you for a great app and even more for having the best up to date information. You all have helped me win multiple leagues multiple times and now I have no friends because I take their money every year and I’m ok with that. Thank you all again and keep up the great work..Version: 1.3

You’re Not?If you’re not using this app, you’re losing your advantage. The up to the minute player rankings and the latest player updates is amazing. Not to mention the ease in which you can move throughout the app. Rotowire continues to be the best in the industry!.Version: 1.3

Good for some stuffUsed this app for the last few years to broadcast our draft board onto my TV from my iPad. The app seems optimized for using from that instead of a phone. Tried to use it on my phone today and the problem is there’s no landscape mode, so you can only see a couple of teams at a time on the TV. Really dumb. Why would one version of the app support landscape mode & one not??.Version: 1.3

Great AppI began using this app for my most expensive fantasy league I am in for the past two seasons. I was in the championship both seasons. I won the 2019 season and was runner up in 2020. I am hoping this year, it will do the same. I won a combined 1500 dollars the past two seasons..Version: 1.3

Best draft app for fantasy footballThis is hands down the best app for drafting a fantasy football team every season. It’s so easy to use and super easy to make your own tiers for every position!.Version: 1.2

Only one thing missingThis would be a slam dunk best draft app if it had one more feature. If you could import rankings from another source or even paste them in somehow that would be a game changer. Right now you have to fat finger different rankings in manually. Make that one improvement and you get 10 stars!.Version: 1.3

Good but missingThe app is good for giving you a suggested ranking based on the settings you choose. The only reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is because the app doesn’t adjust ranking based on what you have already selected like other apps I have used. Still a useful app just missing this one thing..Version: 1.3

It’s okay.I’ve used this app for years and yet it doesn’t get updated, just the player database. Why aren’t changes I make on my iPhone sync’d to my iPad? It’s the same app with the same login. Why can’t I capture info here and there on my iPhone and have it ready draft day on my iPad? Ridiculous. This is a decent app with a lazy development schedule..Version: 1.1

I buy it every year!I’ve used this app for five years straight and it’s never let me down! Super easy to set up multiple drafts if you’re in multiple leagues with different settings. Thanks RotoWire!.Version: 1.1

Great on the FlyI was at a party and one of my friends asked if I could fill in a team for their league. I had no research going into this league and this app was a GREAT tool. I’m projected for first in my league so thank you for this app!!!.Version: 1.2

Only missing one thingNeeds to include IDP with offense in cheat sheet when using VBR for drafts. Other apps do this and it makes it easy to know when a particular IDP should be taken over an offensive player based on your leagues scoring rules.. if they incorporate this then 5 stars.Version: 1.3

Draft Season Must HaveI use this app every single year to track along with my draft and to figure out what my best options are. Cant go a year without it..Version: 1.1

Up to date and accurateUser friendly and everything is up to date so I find it very helpful during a FF draft.Version: 1.3

The only NFL app you needHonestly, my drafts are 100x better thanks to this app. Thank you guys for making my fantasy teams so good! Download now. You won’t regret it..Version: 1.0

No NFL app does it betterLove that the app keeps coming out earlier since I like doing best ball drafts year round. Best content and all the latest news..Version: 1.0

A Real man would love this app4th year buying this app, would honestly pay 3-4x. I’ve tried others and nothing compares to this app..Version: 1.2

PerfectI got second in my main league in 2020, that was my first year using it. Better bet I’m coming for gold this time.Version: 1.0

Pavlovian DelightRotiwire’s Draft Kit always gets me primed for the upcoming season. Witty and insightful articles. Also, unlike many FF content platforms, the boldness to rank players against the crowd sourced robots who stick with chalk ADPs..Version: 1.1

Double-charged when downloaded todayI’ve been using the app for years. Purchased this year’s version but I was charged $10. I’m due a $5 refund..Version: 1.3

Custom Scoring!I love all the custom scoring features that rearrange the player rankings based on the different rules of my different leagues..Version: 1.0

It’s Great…butThis is a really good app. I don’t use anything else now for draft research. Two areas for improvement: * create accounts so my research/ratings transfer between devices (right now all that hard work sits on the device you originally used) * assigning players during the draft real time is slow and tedious.Version: 1.3

John WhiteBeen using since 2016. Wouldn’t go to a draft without it...Version: 1.3

ScoringYou need a more flexible scoring range for bonus.Version: 1.1

Curtis G.This is the best and easiest draft kid for fantasy football available.Version: 1.3

The bestDon’t ever buy a magazine again this is the best app ever.Version: 1.2

Draft kit4 years in row using this product..Version: 1.3

Best app for mock draftsLove that I can customize so much and do mock drafts with keepers.Version: 1.2

Best app!Best app for fantasy football drafting!.Version: 1.2

Half PPRWhy isn’t there a half ppr option?.Version: 1.3

3rd Year NowAwesome App...a must have for your draft. Easy to use..Version: 1.1

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