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Cleanup: Clean Storage Space Customer Service

Cleanup is here to make this process easy, fun & safe.

Swipe left — to get rid of unwanted photos/duplicates
Swipe right — to keep the memories that actually matter to you
You’ll be surprised to see how many unnecessary photos you’ve been keeping in your gallery!

In a bunch of similar photos, Cleanup will suggest to you which one to keep
Cleanup will suggest to you the photo that...
... you’re directly looking at the camera
... you’re smiling
... has a good focus
... you edited or favorited in the past
Still, you decide on which one to keep, we don’t delete any photos without your permission.

Think of the Trash folder in your computer, Cleanup has exactly the same.
After you’re done with deleting, Cleanup asks you to do a final review;
so that you don’t delete any photos by accident.

Honestly, we’re now pretty sure that our biggest competitors are cute kittens, pimple-popping videos, or your favorite puzzle game.
But here’s what’s unique to Cleanup: After you spend some time on our app, what you get is a clean & organized photo gallery - not a guilt-provoking waste of time!

Unlike other apps, you don’t need an internet connection to use Cleanup.
Cleanup works locally (offline) on your phone, so we couldn’t misuse your photos even if we wanted to :)

Easily start with that 2GB video that’s been sitting in your gallery for a long time.

Payment & Subscription Terms:

Choose between the following subscription options for unlimited access to all features:

• Weekly Subscription
• Yearly Subscription


***You may cancel your subscription at any time***

Cleanup’s free trial allows you unlimited access to all features for the duration of 3 days. Your account will be automatically charged for renewal, based on the annual subscription plan, within 24 hours before the end of the 3 days free trial period.

You can cancel auto-renewal at any time, given that the cancellation is at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when making a purchase of an auto-renewing subscription.

***Manage your subscription directly from your iPhone***
Subscriptions can be managed by the user and auto-renewal can be turned off by going to the Account Settings:
- Open the Settings app.
- Tap your name.
- Tap Subscriptions.
- Tap the subscription that you want to manage.

Privacy policy:
Terms of use:

Cleanup: Clean Storage Space App Comments & Reviews

Cleanup: Clean Storage Space Positive Reviews

Clean upFor me it was 100% needed. For 4£ It saved me a lot . I was running out of memory and tempted to get a phone with more space. I would go three and delete a few duplicated things but never had time to properly go threw and everything I did delete didn’t give me much memory back. I had over 13,000 photos 4,000 of those were duplicated some were duplicated up to 8 x and that’s not including videos. With clean up I managed to organise my phone s pictures and apps and I now have plenty more memory I probably got a whole 32 gb back .. Highly recommend especially if struggling with memeory.Version: 3.8.2

Clean what upSo it didn’t tell me that my review posted so I’m going to try this again I am not happy with this app and I don’t see how you are giving 4+ stars I just wasted five dollars and 2 1/2 hours of my life 30 minutes setting up the app and actually utilizing it which the only part of the app that works for me is the animation screen for when you’re charging your device (not worth $5) and I’m going to explain I got into the app I went to duplicate photos went through doing what I thought was supposed to be deleting duplicate photos went to the similar photos did the same thing went to the videos deleted some videos went to my contacts deleted some contacts then I decided let me go and see what my photo album looks like! Can you please tell me why I went to my photo album and I still had the same amount of photos and videos that I did before I supposedly used this app. 🤔So then I sat here for two hours actually physically going through every single photo in my phone and deleting them one by one without using the app so not only did I waste five dollars I wasted 2 1/2 hours of my time I have a funny feeling that the person who gave this App a good review is someone who either works for the app or who owns the app because there’s only one review and it’s a good one so they’re probably just trying to boost up their app don’t fall for it I hope they send my money back waste of time waste of money waste of my aggravation just a waste.Version: 3.8.6

Does what it says but $5/week?! No thanksIt’s previous an app that does what it says it does… Cleaned up a lot of duplicates and pictures and contacts that I really didn’t need to keep around. You know how you take multiple pictures of the same thing to try and find the right one… Well if you learn how to use your iPhone correctly that’s what live is for… You can scroll through the different pictures in a three second frame and choose the right one that works best. Most people don’t do that they just take multiple pictures and end up story more than they need. This app is good at finding the best one and frankly it did a decent job but I had to select a few of the pictures that I thought were best… I’m not sure what algorithm or scanning tool it uses to identify the best picture but I would use that feature with caution. I would absolutely not subscribe to some thing that takes five dollars out of my checking account every week. That’s ridiculous. I’d much rather pay to have the ability to increase the number of pictures to automatically delete for a small fee each time I wanted to run it. Having an app reside on my phone for five dollars a week that I’m not running on a scheduled basis seems a bit ridiculous.Version: 3.8.0

I Needed ThisOverall great app. I noticed it will select delete on any pic You’ve edited yourself and leave the app pick as the best photo, when actually the app pick is not the best, hence the reason you edited. But it’s as simple as deselecting and picking the one you want so it doesn’t really take away from how good the app is. Def saved me A LOT of time and found duplicates I thought I had already deleted myself. I think it’s over priced unless you’re someone who takes a lot of pics everyday, like for yourself website or content or something and would need the constant deletion factor. Otherwise 4.99 per week adds up to $20 or more per month depending on how many weeks are in that month. So paying 20 bucks for something you could ultimately do for free yourself I guess it just depends on how important the convenience is for you. I like the app though. And could see myself using it again, just not consistently within one week. Probably would be better to make it an annual subscription..Version: 3.8.6

Great app but….First I will say this is a great app at grouping together duplicate photos and similar photos.. what’s not so great is the app chosen ‘best photo’. Before just accepting their choice for best photo I found that their best photo often captured photos that caught people blinking and then selected the photo that everyone is smiling as one to be deleted. So while it was helpful at showing me all similar photos and duplicates, I had to double check their selection for best photo and many times I selected the photos the app chose to delete.. this being said if you trusted the app 100% to find the ‘best’ photo and delete the rest, you would be stuck with a lot of photos that clearly aren’t the best.. so I think if developers enhanced the criteria for which they are choosing best photos then this app would be awesome. It still helped me clear up space and grouped the photos together for me to easily review and delete all at once...Version: 3.8.4

Getting close to a winner!This app is such a great idea however it’s not 100% accurate at detecting similar screenshots or photos so it’s super important to review them. And there in the large step between an app I would buy and an app I unsubscribed before the trial period ended. There is currently no ‘limit’ you can set on how many pictures you want to review in a setting. I thousands of potentially similar photos on my phone (according to the app). If I don’t review them all in one sitting, the app resets. If I could set a limit (i.e. I’ll review 200 photos in one sitting) and then those photos, once reviewed, wouldn’t be presented again, that would make this app useful to me. Currently my experience was that I have WAY TOO MANY photos to review in one sitting and if I review some, and then come back later, I need to review those same photos again. Close, but I’m not I vestibule f yet. I look forward to upgrades..Version: 3.6.2

Great app but they charge too much a month for this service.This app is wonderful for getting rid of any duplicate photos or videos in your phone and also clean up your email that may have thousands upon thousands of mail still sitting and may take up to hours to remove. I think once they adjust the monthly charge, it will be way more worth having it on your phone and paying maybe $5.99 a month and not a week and I still think that’s too expensive but I may entertain the idea. For now I am going to use this three day free trial to clean my phone. Sorry not sorry. Charging that much for something people will maybe use 1 time every couple months to clean out their phone is kind of ridiculous considering I can do it myself and just take the time. Time is money people and I won’t spend enough time using this app for the money it’s asking for..Version: 3.8.8

Great app, but…I’m really liking how simple it is to clean out duplicates, etc in the app! The only thing I found a problem with is with the “similar photo” screening. I ended up having to meticulously go through all 900+ suggested deletions and select which ones were/weren’t similar or what they call “best” quality. The AI that sorted all my photos often chose blurry photos to keep rather than the similar but clearer alternatives, and a good few of the “similar” photos didn’t look at all alike. Like… I kid you not, one of the image “matches” was one photo of a bird and another of a cat! It was baffling how sometimes it was very accurate but others… not so much. Either way, it still saved me a ton of time by sorting most of them right & doing all the heavy lifting of deleting for me!.Version: 3.3.0

Fast, Simple, Efficient!!!This cleanup app is the best app I’ve come across, hands down. It’s has an attractive interface and requires little to figure out how it works. If you want to clean up your photo collections and dispose of duplicates or similar photos, this app will do that in warp speed. Duplicates and “similars” have their own categories of course and the developers make sure you decide what stays, goes, gets emptied and eventually deleted, if desired. The app does what it says and is updated regularly to ensure proficiency and customer satisfaction..Version: 3.8.8

Some Strong PointsThis app is a great idea and works well for duplicates; however, not well for similars. In one instance, the app suggested a picture of a single bird sitting on its nest was similar to a pic I took of my family and I in an entirely different environment. Separately, the category filter for videos could not be changed to anything but largest first. I tried switching it to smallest first and it would not. Also, I agree with the user who addressed the issue on edited photos; I like that the app can tell if a photo has been edited, but if it can do that, then wouldn’t it make more sense if it would select the edited photo as the best one? Most bothersome though is that I spent a lot of time selecting and deselecting similar pics based on their quality, and when I was done and pushed the delete button, it just spun its wheels (I even went to sleep for the night, and when I woke up); the app did not delete the pics I selected, but rather, crashed, and when I’d reopened it all the work I’d done was reset as if I’d done nothing for all that time..Version: 3.8.9

CleanUp gets the job done!This app is a time saver! I know I’ve screenshot so many things and saved the same photo multiple times…This app helps by finding those unnecessary duplicates, unneeded screenshots, similar videos, ect. (by categories) and allows you to choose if you’d like to keep or delete. This app also shows you how much space you’re opening up on your phone once you delete & how much time you’ve saved by using it. 10/10 recommend to anyone trying to free up space on your phone/iCloud..Version: 3.6.2

Relieved SO MUCH STRESSI’m Horrible with electronics and always trying to figure out how to clear more space on my phone even though I already have 200 GB of storage on my iPhone 95% of that is taken up by photos in this literally just save me lots of money by not having to have subscriptions for other apps to keep my photos and then have all of the storage on my iPhone I am in love with this app super easy to work and navigate around with most definitely recommend to anybody needing more space on their phone.Version: 3.7.0

“Duplicate” PhotosThe feature is great, but when I have over 1,000 similar pictures to go through, I don’t have the time or attention span to sit there for over an hour to check EVERY SINGLE “duplicate” at the same time. I should be able to delete the ones I have already gone through! I just spent an hour going through them, got about half way through, AND NOW I HAVE TO GO TO WORK SO I JUST WASTED AN HOUR DOING THIS FOR NOTHING because I was not able to just delete what I have gone through. So frustrating! I could have just spent this past hour deleting photos individually and now nothing has been deleted, so im not keeping this app, sorry..Version: 3.8.2

Such a Time SaverWith my job I am constantly taking multiple pics of the same thing and always get overwhelmed with the thought of pics accumulating over time and having to delete them all and not always remembering to do so. This app is so easy to use, quick and efficient. I love how it organizes the type of photos and makes it so easy to delete duplicates or photos you no longer need in seconds. I am so happy I came across this app. It is so helpful!!.Version: 2.0.0

Ad is misleadingSaw an ad on Facebook about organizing your photo library / contact list. I have over 200 contacts due to most of them being doubled & deleting them one by one would not only take an hour or so, but would be a pain. So I thought I’d give this a try! Deleted it after 5 minutes when I realized that the app itself would not do anything other than “organize” my library. This app has a lot of potential & would be perfect when they add such a feature. I did start the membership trial & still did not have access to anything other than my photo library..Version: 1.17.0

I wish I could…I have 2,800 contacts in my phone. I started the process and it works easily. My problem is I don’t want to just get rid of duplicate contacts. I also want to delete contacts I don’t use or know anymore. Most of the time, I can’t tell by just the name. I wish there was a way to click into the contact to get more info- ie company name, email address etc. That would give me a clue as to who the person is. But, you can’t from the interface. You just have the name. Makes it a multi-step process to go into contacts to get more info before I can go back and delete.Version: 3.8.9

Finally can clear up my storage efficientlyThis app is genius. I’m too lazy to sort through all my pictures on my own and this app makes it super quick and easy to do that. 4 stars because it’s pretty overwhelming and there’s no indicator to let you know how much more of the pictures you have left to go through. If there’s a way to somehow pick up where you left off from, I think this app would be even better. Other than that, I love this app. Would definitely pay the money to keep this..Version: 3.6.2

Great appMade removing duplicate photos , videos, contacts be young easy, which is always so time consuming to do it by just going through your phone. Adding the hidden file that’s passcode protected So you can keep photos, videos , files , emails that are extremely important or private .. keeps it safe from prying eyes and just adds another level of protect should someone actually get there hands on your phone and go through it manually.Version: 3.6.2

Paid for pro and nothing happenedI literally payed for Pro and nothing happened I really needed to delete a lot of photos and after hours of selecting photos and videos to delete on my phone turned off on accident and didn’t save it to make things better I selected those photos again and once a game to delete it it said go pro and I was like I literally did and so then I had to delete five videos and photos at a time this app is useless OK your money back or do not spend money on this app thank you.Version: 3.1.2

User FriendlyUsually when I download a new app I'm always a little nervous - not with this one, didn't even second guess it. The amount of storage I was able to free up was astonishingly, didn't realize I had that many duplicate photos - I will no longer be getting notifications DAILY to buy more storage and that's awesome. This app I've only had for a VERY short time but I'm ecstatic about the results & would definitely recommend it.Version: 3.8.0

Quick and EasyI have been looking for an app like this forever. I have literally just kept a bunch of nonsense on my phone because it was too much of a hassle to go through the duplicates. It gave me the assistance and motivation I needed to purge on some things that I really didn’t need anymore. It also gave me the ability to watch videos or look at pictures before deleting them, which helped say goodbye to unneeded memories!.Version: 3.8.4

Life SaverI really don’t have time to figure out the million pics and videos I have. This app helps sort the duplicates and similar pictures. I saved so much space from deleting old and repeat pictures alone. Then the videos… with 3 deleted videos I save 5.3 GB of space on my phone and laptop. Thank you Cleanup for making it easier to accomplish what was way past due, cleaning up my memory! Love this app and I totally recommend it to all..Version: 3.8.4

A life saver!!!OMG!! I’m ever downloading photos and forgetting which folder I saved them so always having duplicates. And I’m one of this trigger happy parents who takes many photos for memories sake but it’s just duplicates of the same scene. Also a hobbyist photographer so take so many photos just so that I can choose the best one later and when I do then I’m too overwhelmed to go back and select to delete. This app… this app… just saved me days in minutes!!! I love it!!.Version: 3.5.2

HelpfulDefiantly has made deleting photos a lot easier. The app puts the photos in categories and you select photos from those categories. The app also choose the best photo out of several duplicates that way you can always have the best photo! The app still puts the photos in your deleted folder so you can still double checking but very easy to use especially if you are like me with over 2,000 photos..Version: 2.0.1

Im liking my results!!So if you are like me a photo fanatic I take way more photos than anyone else in my circle of friends! I love to get those perfect shots but never get around to weeding them out. After doing this for years you can only imagine how much storage space is filled with duplicates or similar shots. I have enjoyed going back through my photos. Saving my favorites and clearing out the ones I will never need!! A few minutes a day I’ve made huge progress. I’m liking my results for sure..Version: 2.3.1

Enjoying it so farI have too many photos on my phone and this app has helped me get rid of duplicates quickly. I was also able to merge duplicate contacts. It has saved me a lot of time and effort comparing to having to do this manually. When I first installed it I had to uninstall and reinstall it several times because it wasn’t opening properly but now it works well and I’m grateful for it..Version: 3.8.9

As easy as it seemsGreat app, very user friendly and makes it super easy and convenient to clean out your camera roll. I’m totally a photo hoarder, currently have 9,000+ photos that I’ve been needing to clean up for a LONG time lol, I saw an ad for this pop up today and I’m really glad I did. You get exactly what they claim you do. I don’t know who thought of this but bless them 😂 I couldn’t get through all these photos on my own.Version: 3.8.0

Time and Space SavingWhile looking at the number of photos in my photo app it can be quite overwhelming. The. I think about all those unimportant screenshots saved memes and duplicate pictures that all of my cherished pictures are lost in and I can’t even think about digging into it. Cleanup is a fast easy way to clean up your photo app and get rid of the junk. Free up space and let your cherished memories be easier to find.Version: 3.5.2

Cleared up so much spaceI am guilty of taking 20-30 photos of my kids for 1 shot to try to get the perfect photo. So much wasted space was saved using this app so I could delete all the duplicate and similar photos. It also allowed me to merge duplicate contacts which I would’ve spent lots of time trying to find on my own. not sure it’s worth the ongoing subscription fee but great to use for a week or so to clean up your life..Version: 3.6.2

Great app but LittlepriceyYes this app is definitely great way to clear up all the junk in your phone you don’t need and aren’t aware of having, however just be prepared for $60 a year fee after free trail. I don’t know how often me or anyone would use this app so for, so it’s to each there own. $20/30 a year would be better but the services are good for those who are like photographers and need that space and have a lot of duplicates or similar photos. I would recommend it definitely..Version: 3.3.2

Gets rid of some photos.I have thousands of photos and videos plus hundreds of apps. I don’t want to go one by one uninstalling everything. I was hoping this app would give me a very easy way to delete EVERYTHING from my phone. It deleted like 50 duplicates. That’s it. I hoped it would let me queue up a list of apps I wanted to delete and then it would just do it for me. Doesn’t do that - just deletes duplicate photos. I guess hard reset is the only option. Very pretty design and easy to use overall - I just unrealistically expected much more.Version: 3.1.0

Doesn’t Remember Which Photos To KeepI’m currently on the 3-day free trial. I like this app a lot more than some other ones I’ve tried, but there’s one glaring flaw that will prevent me from keeping the subscription: the app doesn’t remember which photos you have decided to keep. So if you select “keep all” to a group of photos, you will have to do that every single time. It’s frustrating looking for photos you want to delete and having to scroll past hundreds of photos you’ve already decided to keep every time..Version: 3.8.4

Wow! Such a time saver!This app is great!! Right now I’m using it with the free trial but I definitely plan on keeping my subscription because I have never been able to get rid of duplicate photos and contacts so quickly and easily before this app. I highly recommend it if you’re like me and have thousands and thousands of photos, 1000’s of unwanted/spam/read emails and/or triple contacts. You’ll love this app if so!.Version: 3.8.9

Very impressedSo far it’s been great. Freed up so much space. All those duplicate photos were driving me crazy. Now they are gone. I’m also impressed with the apps ability to pick out the best pic of a series of similar photos. I was worried at first that it would delete my favorites. the app found the best pic to keep every time. I would recommend this app to anyone who is bogged down with too many photos..Version: 3.8.9

Just Download it!I had over 35,000 pictures and videos that I needed to clean up. I told my mother a few days ago that I would but seriously, who has time for that?! Not a mom of a 4yr old and a 6 month old!! I’m not even finished and I’m leaving a review..I never leave reviewsssssss!!!! The app says it has saved me 10ths so far but I KNOW it would’ve taken me MUCH longer. If you’re looking at the app, you need it so download it..Version: 3.7.0

Nice simple clean up app!Is glitches and definitely freezes on me sometimes but I can say I do like how easy it is for me to delete a mass amount of clutter and pointless things in my phone. Trying save storage and also just minimize My phone and my life lol.! I will say I wish using the app for decluttering your email was just a little more thorough like specific emails in detailed categorized groups. that way I can just get rid of specific senders or type of emails..Version: 3.8.8

I needed helpWhen you have a child in a sport and your Nikon is connected to upload pics to your phone and your the team mom photographer…I have 40k photos…yes you read that correctly and I know I have many duplicates but with that many it’s too much to try to go back through and find them. This is simple, quick and easy and a huge time saver for me and a space saver for my phone..Version: 3.6.0

Better than I thought!Honestly, I was not expecting this app to work as well as it does. It makes it so easy to go through my camera roll and delete duplicate photos. It takes a little bit of time but I have cleared up over 1000 photos I did not need. It categorize it between two similar photos three similar photos, for similar photos etc. and overall very good app..Version: 3.7.0

Reviewing photos or contacts is very important before deleting!Please review every photo it tagged, every contact, anything you are trying to clean up, because I let it delete duplicates in my phone book and it combined mine and my husbands. I’m not sure why. They were different names and different numbers but I guess the same address threw it off?? I’m not sure. But it messed up the contact and it’s still not right after I tried to remake it. But otherwise it’s pretty good. Good for screenshots for the most part.Version: 3.8.2

Seamless and simple!This app makes keeping your phone free of duplicate photos, junk you don’t need, and it automates the process of scrolling through the thousands of photos we tend to keep on our phones to clear up space we need to updates ahem ahem. When I say we, I mean me, really. LOL. But anyways, try it out with their 3 day free trial AND reminder to either cancel or keep prior to the trial ending. Two thumbs up! 👍👍.Version: 3.8.2

User friendly appI am enjoying this app. My phone is out of storage constantly. (Momlife. I take too many pics haha). This has been very easy and quick to use. Thank you.Version: 2.0.0

It’s great.I’m digging this app fo sure.Version: 1.19.7

Quick and EasyThanks for this app. It was quick and easy doesn’t give me a long time to do it. It saves time..Version: 3.9.0

SagogSuper!.Version: 3.9.0

Not badIt’s should not be only 5 in a day that to little I think maybe 50 in a day or it should be free like how much u want in a day.Version: 3.9.0

Decent UtilityI’m not sure this will be used frequently enough for a subscription. Wish their was just a purchase option. Otherwise terrific..Version: 3.9.0

Facile et rapide !Super application facile à utiliser.Version: 3.8.9

YayAmazing results.Version: 3.8.9

BellaiIt’s good.Version: 3.8.9

What an appIt helped free up more then 5 GB in 14 minutes, Worth the subscription.Version: 3.8.9

Awesome appGreat app all around and worth the lifetime purchase.Version: 3.8.9

ConfusingI’m not sure what I just downloaded. It seemed to take forever before it quit with the ads. Not a good experience..Version: 3.8.9

Good appGood app. Does what’s it’s supposed to. For the most part it doesn’t select the best picture, so have to go through all pictures manually..Version: 3.8.9

AmazingJust downloaded this app and literally got rid of so much in a few minutes! So amazing.Version: 3.8.9

Mercury RetrogradeWonderfully easy way to save space and purge photos and clean up your phone for optimization..Version: 3.8.9

GreatAwesome app.Version: 3.8.9

GreatWow! Very amazing app that I probably will never delete!.Version: 3.8.9

Cleaning the gallery of my phoneVery great!! I enjoy this quick cleaning of my gallery 🤩.Version: 3.8.9

Great appAmazing.Version: 3.8.9

WoWSuper efficace..Version: 3.8.9

AwesomeIts a great tool for cleaning your iPhone.Version: 3.8.9

Jhongsky72Good.Version: 3.8.9

Amazing time saver!I’ve deleted entire album a before by accident so I was afraid to delete any files for a long time. My iCloud and phone have been backed up for so long nothing loads anymore! This is a time saver for me and prevents me from accidentally deleting everything at once!!!.Version: 3.8.9

Time saverWorked very well and saved a pile of time.Version: 3.8.9

Cool appGreat app.Version: 3.8.9

CandelliExcellent.Version: 3.8.9

Very useful!It’s a useful app definitely saved me a lot of time!.Version: 3.8.9

Only thing is the premium thingIt’s good but u have to get a premium version for it to be better. other than that u have to watch ads to get it.Version: 3.8.9

OkWish it were a one shot fee..Version: 3.8.9

CleanupAmazing and very practical.Version: 3.8.9

It works pretty wellIt’s works well.Version: 3.8.9

BestLove save so much time.Version: 3.8.9

This app is genius!This app saved so much time when it’s hard to find the time for organizing..Version: 3.8.9

HiLove it.Version: 3.8.9

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