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Touchdown in the latest season of Madden and put your All Star football team to the test in the Ultimate NFL experience: Madden NFL 22

Authentic NFL action awaits with the all-new Player Ranks and the return of Player Training! Unlock your players’ maximum potential and upgrade your pro football team on a journey to become the next NFL legend.

Upgrade your lineup with a completely reimagined trade system that allows you to mix and match different types of players as you trade up. Quarterback, running back or wide receiver - build a roster that fits your style and reach a higher OVR than ever before. You call the shots! Attain pro football and franchise fame by continuously improving your lineup. Rise to the top of the leaderboard and become a legend!

Build the Ultimate Team as the GM and battle your way through the 2021 NFL season to the Ultimate goal- Super Bowl LVII. NFL Superstars and Legends are yours for the taking from top teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, or the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. NFL fame awaits - become the next champion in Madden NFL 22.

Download the Madden NFL mobile app now and face the fearless new generation of Madden.



- Journey through american football seasons and relive celebrated NFL history
- Pro football matchups against top NFL teams - compete for football fame!
- NFL Teams and players such as Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs bring real-world competition to mobile


- Sports games on mobile have never looked better with an all-new visual overhaul
- Across-the-game interface upgrades for a complete new NFL mobile app experience
- Football plays brought to life with console-quality graphics unlike any previous Madden game


- Play football and train to earn points to reach a higher OVR than has ever been seen
- Unlock your player’s maximum potential with all-new player ranks!
- Complete sets and upgrade your NFL football team to climb to the top of the league


- Football legends are made: Create and customize your own NFL character
- Draft fearless new rising stars and NFL Legends from an elite list of quarterback, running back, tight end players & more
- General Manager gameplay allows for complete control of your NFL franchise team
- Football draft picks await - Assume the role of NFL GM and select your top choice


- Defeat top NFL players and support others along the way to become the real Madden MVP
- Co-op assist allows you to help other players and friends rise through the league

Download Madden NFL 22 today and experience authentic NFL sports action!
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Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football App Comments & Reviews

Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football Positive Reviews

Love The Game but...I Love the game I play I a lot of it. I am no money spent and I hate the competitive advantage players have when they spend money. I am a 89 overall team I play 88 overall teams that spend money and sometimes lose and it is not because there better then me. I also don’t like how you have to wait a full day for seasons to reset after you have other completed the seasons or forfeited. Now let’s go to the good things. The game makes me happy when I am sad because it is super fun and I love football. The promos you post aren’t overlapping so I don’t split my program stamina. It is a lot easier to get coins in madden Mobile instead of console I really like that not because I am lazy. I thought the program stamina was super annoying last year when I started playing madden mobile know I learned to cope with it. I love that you can have friends in the games and leagues. There is one more thing I would really like it if you guys of at E.A. could make a game with 3 minute quarter and have us play other people and play both offense and defense against the other person..Version: 7.2.1

The game is cool for only one reason tho.So far I’m having a good time with the game but only because I’m buying in app purchases. But at least with these in app purchases your not gonna be bad at the game unless you just don’t know what your doing. I have one account when I first started playing the game and no cap I might of spent 300 to 400 dollars worth of in app purchases. It’s most likely not worth it if you don’t have money of course. I have a second account where I actually knew what to buy and maybe spend about 200 to 300. I have issues and that’s a lot of money. So I put all this money in this game to be at a better position than most and still have uncommon cards and rare cards just not in my lineup doing nothing. Please let’s do something about Ea. Can you guys improve the Defensive Strategy like get more specific. Like in stead of saying second and long can you go by yards or let us add in extra defensive settings to get more specific and advanced for our defensive settings. I’m having a good time with the game just because I put money into it which is really not worth it for anyone to be putting that much money in a game. I hope y’all see this and put more effort in certain areas of the game. But it’s okay I just hope y’all come up with a good system that fair for people with extra cards for putting time and effort and money into your game.Version: 7.5.1

A few problems but it’s great!This game is amazing! It isn’t repetitive at all with the new events and promos. There is one problem I ran into and that is it crashes sometimes. I don’t know if it’s because my phone can’t handle it because it is quite a bit to run at one time or if it’s just a glitch but it does crash. (I did see another review saying that theirs crashes as well) But other than that it is perfect! The events are so entertaining and rewarding if you really grind them. As of writing this there is a Pro Bowl event and it is crazy good! There are of course some purchases you can make to upgrade your team faster, but you can progress fine without using money. One thing I do find a bit annoying is when I get outbid because I can get there fast enough or the auction can end because 2 people are outbidding each other but again that is just part of the game. Coins are a bit of a pain to get if none of your auctions sell but if you have enough stamina you can do the coin event that give you 27,500 coins for 450 stamina. Another thing is program stamina is REALLY hard to get because you only get 1 per 3 mins and you usually use 20 - 50 at a time. (The cap is 200, with no way to upgrade it unlike regular stamina that gets 2 more with every level up)..Version: 7.2.1

It’s good but stamina takes way to long to regenerateIt’s a great game it’s really fun to play and there is a lot to enjoy the only thing for me is that it takes 3 minutes to gain 1 stamina which is insanely long I mean every thing that you do is either 25 or 50 stamina so when I run out of stamina I’m looking at over 10 hours for stamina to fully regenerate and the only option around it is to either buy stamina fill ups or once a day get daily stamina bonus and watch two ads once a day which still gives barely enough to do all the daily things in the training center so I think that either the Stamina cost to play games or really do anything needs to be decreased or the time to regenerate stamina needs to be decreased to like 1 minute instead of 3 minutes preferably 30 seconds which would make much more sense but 1 minute would cut down the regenerate time in my scenario from almost 11 hours to 4 hours which is insane difference and would allow many other players to play the game more frequently throughout the day and would make it a little bit easier to level up players because i could actually do more then just the daily training center stuff everyday without having to use what madden cash I have (which I don’t buy madden cash) to get a stamina refill..Version: 7.5.3

Meh.Let me start out by saying that this is a good game. Note that I said good, not great my reason for this is that even though you can TECHNICALLY get a very good team while not paying anything (I know this because I have a 91 OVR team and I haven’t given EA a single penny.) They do a lot of stuff that they THINK slides under the radar. First of all, they slowly decrease the value of your gems and coins. For example, you buy 200 program stamina for 500 gems. Fine right? NO, because after you make this purchase twice, then they start to sell you 100 program stamina for 500 gems. The other thing is they make everything in their shop SUPER OVERPRICED! You are just trying to get some decent players and you are a naive little 8-year old, you buy a core pack for 100,000$ dollars, well guess what, you can get the same stuff that’s in that core pack for 20% of the price. The last thing they do is every set item as soon as the event ends drops drastically in value. Say you have like 50 TOTY badges but no TOTY coins *cough cough* you now can’t trade them in for a set and what COULD have been worth 40,000$ dollars is now worth 1,000 dollars. It’s SUPER ANNOYING! But yeah, it’s a good game over all but those things are just really annoying. So good game, good not great..Version: 7.3.3

Great game that ....Great game that could be a little bit better. I’m not gonna complain like most about Pay to Win, I realize I will never be a top player and I’m fine with that. There is always something to be grinding to earn. I am not a fan of the yard, just not my thing. I want to give a couple of ideas to EA that I think would make gameplay more fun and a level playing field to an extent: 1. Create a album or folder where you can store your cards that are not starters that you want to keep. That way you won’t accidentally sell them or something. 2. Make it where you can have multiple lineups. Maybe you have a depth chart. Maybe you have a lineup where you can ONLY have gold players. Also have a team of only silver and or bronze players as well. Maybe you could have tournaments (like Arena or Overdrive) weekly or biweekly where you can only use your gold team (or silver team only). This would level the playing field big time. I realize that the app needs to make money, but I think it would be fun to have competitions where the playing field is more even. Overall I love the game. Just wish there were a few additions that could make the game more fun..Version: 7.1.3

Everything but the skill movesI love the game and the mechanics of it. I really enjoy playing however the one thing that always seems to get me if there’s less than 10 seconds or something in the 4th quarter and I run, well easy to avoid a defender right? No, because I can’t control weather my guy spin moves or decides to try and truck. I can’t control it when I’m trying to dive for a td either because instead of getting the touchdown I needed to win by diving into the end zone, my guy decides to spin and then get tackled and not make the td. I wish there was some sort of way you could control this and it would make the game so much more enjoyable. And on another note this game won’t let you score a touchdown endless you are standing in it, running into it, or diving into it, because anytime I go for a 2 point conversion I’ll get tackled INTO the end zone and it won’t count it for the 2 points which is stupid because everyone knows when you’re in the end zone with the ball it’s a touchdown. If you could consider trying to make a fix that would be greatly appreciated however I know there are lots of things going on so focus on the important.Version: 7.5.4

Pay to win. No way around it. (Read before playing)I mean, in theory it’s possible to get good without paying, but literally impossible. EA knows EXACTLY what they're doing, and it isn't good. I played madden 20 with my cousin since it came out, and honestly it was pretty decent of a game. My goal was to get a 99 overall team without paying a cent. Eventually I achieved my goal and could destroy people online. But flippin by that time ea had invented 115 ovr players for the pay to win group. Theres no way to win- YOU CANT BEAT THESE CROOKS. Shortly after, this game came out, and they made me get this janky trash. Gee thanks EA, thanks for ruining all my hard progress- ALL GONE literally 50 hours at least of grinding the madden mint. Screw you guys just screw you. Im not even sure how this crap is legal. And this is only the tip of the iceberg, Im mot even going to mention those scandals involving star wars battlefront or peggle blast. Something needs to change at EA like really soon, people are starting to realize how greedy these clowns are..Version: 7.4.2

Thank youI started this game back in December when Charles Woodson and Brett Favre were the masters (season 3). I loved the game at that time! Fairly easy competition, fun league, fun rewards, all that stuff! My main problem now with the game which made it a 3.5 star for me was the pay to win statistic. I didn’t purchase much from madden and still had a 99 overall team as of today, but then I look at these other players with 104 overalls and it looks impossible to be good at the game. Even the promos became pay to win and it was too tempting to purchase from that promo. All the good rewards were easy for the purchase players to get 3 masters and me to get maybe a 99 or 100 overall. I enjoyed this game, thank you Madden for the wonderful memories, but I’d rather spend my time doing other important things in place of this game. Thank you Madden so much for giving me great memories, along with this game getting me closer to my brother and something to talk about. I hope that this review does you good, but I leave my place here. I’m sorry for saying that I’m uninstalling Madden by tomorrow, but It’s the most appealing thing to my eye. Thank you again for this game!.Version: 7.4.6

Same old game with serious glitch!I have time to write this review because the game went blank! Tried turning off the back, nothing. But when it did play a football play, the screen was stripped with black lines. The game is the same old game. Most changes are cosmetic. Create your own player is a joke. By the way, no white players allowed in create your own. If you want a prettier game, this is it. Played a few days, still feels the same. The Yard is an interesting addition, but not a wow feature. Creative avatar is fun, but... I can not give it a 5 until the blackout glitch is fixed. This is third time screen has gone black. I have to delete the game and then download again. Another black screen! I am running OS 13.2 latest upgrade on iPad. DEVELOPERS, get this fixed. Okay, another problem for developers! When playing in Arena event, the game shuts down and restarts causing me to forfeit a match. This has happened numerous times! This is the most frustrating event in the game. Plus it is next to impossible to get in touch with the game about the problem.Version: 7.1.4

Wow disappointedWhy does ea sports go backwards. First off this is suppose to be NFL simulation ... were are the gloves on players visors hair wow dreds... spending all the time on things that are not nfl related look at Aaron Rodgers looks straight up Asian ... Fitzgerald dark skinned no dreds waiting for a upgrade from one year to the next and to see a huuuge downgrade is disappointing to say the lease .... go watch NBA 2K20 mobile and learn something how to replicate players gameplay presentation ,,, why pay for the license and want simulation part off the Nfl your wasting your money,,, it doesn’t feel like Dree Bress or look like him or any other star for that matter ....last year look pretty good that could of been great , if would of added on to the foundation but no .... all those sets master different players on the wrong team don’t mean anything and dumb , start at the beginning real team authentic likeness equipment audio real quarters refs weathers .... and I’m not trying to dump on EA ... but ther priorities are very strange!!!!.Version: 7.0.3

Definitely Dynamite, but one thing...Hello EA Sports! You have done it again! Excellent game, great experience, and all-in-all outrageously awesome effort. This is definitely a revolutionary game. It has been from the start. I started off playing Madden NFL 07 on Xbox 360 (honestly still play it sometimes, still runs really good : ) This game really jump started my love of football. Thank you for that! Madden NFL 21 Mobile is not only a nice game, but one of creativity. The work put into it shows and I appreciate the dedication that goes into making our Madden experience legendary. I hope everyone on the EA team is well during all this. Quite a time to be alive, huh? Anyway, before I sign off, I want to say this: is there any chance that you all could add a custom helmet building feature to The Yard? Or maybe different types of helmets? I really enjoy custom helmets, I believe it shows individuality for each and every player. Just a thought. Thank you all for your time, this game franchise is a force to be reckoned with in the industry! : ) Keep up the fantastic work!.Version: 7.1.2

Needs a legacy version.When I first started playing MM back in my sophomore year of high school, it was quite literally my all time favorite mobile game ever. I enjoyed the simplicity and complexity of the game and I sunk countless hours into it and enjoyed every minute. After the season was over and I transitioned to junior year the game seemed to “fall off”. Meaning it changed substantially. It introduced new mechanics that in my opinion took away from the fun aspects of the game and turned it into a pvp grind fest. Fast forward to now and the game is not like I remember it at all. The game is too loaded to make it fun; unless you have thousands of dollars to spend on power ups, refills, Madden cash, or special cards. What I would strongly suggest to EA is to make a legacy mode for the game. Give players the ability to go to the older, less frills edition of the game where you can experience more fun playing the game rather than running into try-harding mobile sweat gamers. Give players the opportunity to go back and play the legacy edition of seasons where we didn’t have to play team manager and negotiate with players..Version: 7.1.0

No legacy, really?Wow madden, that's low. Not only do I have 4000 madden cash left in the old app which didn't transfer over, I don't get to have a legacy team? that's just low. What a bunch of greedy crooks. The new game app also looks pretty much the same as the old one, with the added "benefit" of allowing me to choose if I want TRIMMED EYEBROWS?! Which is somehow important enough in football?!?! If you thought that physical characteristics were that important, at least let me get some abs or something. haha Oh and most of the currency remain the same, except they added a bunch of new ones to make it even more difficult to obtain cool new players and useful stuff. Really ridiculous. That said, I do like "The Yard". It's pretty cool and comes with some added dialogue and personalization to immerse the player, some rivalry with fictional characters, and with seemingly different rules. Kinda shakes things up a bit. Three stars seem fair. Even though your character kinda has a dad bod, even with no gut..Version: 7.0.4

Good but Needs ImprovementI love to play madden mobile and I think that it is very fun, however it is a pay to win game. I would like if madden would add more packs to the store that I can buy with coins because I never have and never will buy madden cash. I watch you tubers do pack openings but I want to experience it myself. Also more variety of packs would be cool. They could also make it easier to earn madden cash like by winning the super bowl in seasons mode for example. I think there needs to be an audible button with at least 2 choices of new plays for both offense and defense. I don’t understand what player training does and I liked when I could upgrade my players so can we go back to training them to increase stats? Recently there was also a draft champions mode that they put in briefly, if this could stay I would love it. Overall I love the game though and if anyone from EA sees this please consider making the changes the players want..Version: 7.2.1

You will get tackledYou will get tackled by guys that are getting pancaked. As they are falling to the ground they somehow get in position and form tackle you when in real life these players would get run over because they are off balance and can generate no force to do more then trip you up. You will also throw a pass that the defender will have to jump 12 to 15 feet into the air to intercept and they will do this with little effort. D lineman will get their hands up and bat down for sure touchdowns a good bit of the time. The gameplay is better on the iPad but still not amazing. The playbook needs to be expanded you have like 7 plays that work. Your running back will get run down by D-Lineman to when in real life your back would break into the open field. QB’S fumble too much when they run no matter who hits them. Running backs and receivers don’t really break tackles even if they have 99 tackle breaking rating. Through all of this I still play every year..Version: 7.4.6

I’ve changed my mindAll I want in this game is for auction house to be run by people and not by your robot workers who ruin the market by choosing how to run it. I loved madden 17 and it is the only one I have loved since. This game was my love and now I’m embarrassed to even say that I once loved this. This is a greedy company that won’t listen to the people. WE HAD TO BEG FOR A YEAR TO HAVE SETS BACK. A WHOLE YEAR. Madden 16 and 17 where the most played madden and I wonder why. Something. Changed... THE AUCTION HOUSE. Now EA tell you bots to buy my cards that I posted it’s a good price. Your bots will love it. Is there a zero or only a one?... update nothing sold and my prices are so low. Screw you ea. ( this was my first reaction and thoughts and after laying it’s different) EA this is a 4.5 star game. Coin packs are back and without a limit. I still wish that Scott the bot was removed but that’s cool because now coins have worth. Thanks for making this game better than the garbage that was madden 20,19,18..Version: 7.0.4

Make Madden Great AgainBeen playing MM for a very long time and have to say this may be the worst edition yet. Too many events to play and if you don’t spend money, you can only go so far. The leveling up is ridiculous, especially with no Marketplace anymore. Teams are 160 OVR or higher already and just impossible to play against. The defenses, no matter the level are tough- and forget about the DBs, they’re movements and reactions are wayyyyyy better than WRs, everything is an INT. They dive on the ground and get INTS, break for the ball so quickly- but WRs barely move other than their routes and NEVER get a deflected pass. The developers should’ve made less events and made it more like MM21. This edition seems all over the place, with way too many things to try and figure out. Resources, Events, Boosts, Store, Trades, etc…’s very confusing. Usually solid, I feel like they just rushed this edition and hardly made it user friendly. Maybe make it a little more simplistic next time and less confusing with so many options to try. Just overall a bit disappointing !!!.Version: 7.5.2

Nothing wrong with itGreat game. People complain about how the graphics aren’t that great, but this is a mobile game that is FREE. Anyway, this is a really great game all in all. My only couple wishes is that there be color rush unis again, (you could buy them last year but not this year???) and that visors and/or sleeves are added. I love the master series this year, and programs are always fun. However please make it so a new day starts at 12 AM! Or 6 AM, or anything less than 10:30 EST!! It’s super annoying to have to wait until 10:30 for new madden news, events (in order to get first-win rewards), and players and stuff. I wake up much earlier than that. Even late sleepers wake up significantly earlier than that. Madden is only played in the US, and the biggest time zone different is est and hast, (eastern time zone to Hawaii). The time difference is 5h. So it’s not like moving the new day time back would make it so a new day in Hawaii is 10 PM....Version: 7.2.0

Suggestions for 2022I love Madden, been playing since the 90s. But in the mobile edition, some additions or extras and improvements in general, should be added. i.e. add the dodgeball game or accuracy comp, 1on1(WRvCB) side by side 40yrd dash, etc. Also expand the playbooks of coaches and schemes. Update rosters or live update them every week in terms of trades, cuts, FA. Have more reasonable purchase prices in the madden store and more and better items. In the Master series, there are waaaay too many hoops to jump through to get the big prize. Waaay too many repetitive back to back task(comeback after halftime) should limit it to just mainly drills and challenges. Comeback in the 4th should be towards the end or so. Completing some sets or most, are almost impossible given the awards we receive. Not saying make the game easier, but more rewarding. Seems we get little return or a lot of users receive the same players all the time. Well hopefully you guys take this into consideration or use my ideas..Version: 7.2.1

It’s pretty goodI would rate this worse but it has just came out and it could improve but the graphics are worse than the last one and there are random black lines everywhere on the field also the my player almost has no facial features u can add like you can’t make there facial hair longer also I think it could help If they make the faces customizable and hair also in the start of the game in the lobby it kinda is lacking some graphics like there will be some little white lines in between and it kinda seems off but it has plenty of time to improve and I hope it turns out like the app in 2020 that was perfect in almost ever way except not enough modes and this one has plenty except events but those are weekly and monthly so I rate it a five star because it has time to improve and it’s the start but the graphics aren’t as good and the backyard dosent have much options but it is very great..Version: 7.0.3

Same as every other Madden mobileA good game with the same flaws as the first edition. If your like me you will play this game for a few months and probably delete it until the next comes out. But overall not too bad except for the tediousness of the same thing all the time with nothing new. Every event is just a mirror image of the last with the same tasks but for different players. If I was a developer I would first fix the madden workshop so you could break down multiple things at once (like badges) and then do the same for the builds. As of right now if you want to tear down and then build 10 other badges it takes you about 10 minutes of just opening packs and flipping cards 1 at a time.... And just curious if the statisticians have ever seen a fast white guy or a slow black guy? Are the truly that much of a unicorn? I have a hard time believing every 300 pound DT that’s black can outrun EVERY whit wide receiver. Just saying every individual has different abilities..Version: 7.1.1

Few Requests for an update…Dear Creator, Hello! I love your game but I have a few requests for an update. It would be cool if there were penalties like offsides and helmet to helmet contact. When I mean offsides , it would be cool if you take away the line of scrimmage barrier because it is easier to sack the quarterback if you get as close as you can to the barrier and just sprint in place until they say hike. Speaking of sprint, can you maybe think about adding a sprint button because in the real games, the players go a lot faster than that in the app. Back to the penalties, they would not happen often like a normal game. It would be cute also if there where half time shows like bands or cheerleaders. Cheerleaders would also be a good thing by the players on the sides. Again, these are just just requests but if you add them it would make my day that someone actually added an idea I had to a popular game!😊 Love the game!!!👍.Version: 7.5.2

🏉 💯 🤩 Amazing Game 🤩 💯 🏉📱Madden NFL 21 Mobile is on 🔟. Great graphics, great celebrations, and being able to play wherever especially with my MUT team. It’s perfect. Playing an NFL season with either my MUT team 🏉 or with the real NFL squad, it is the perfect challenge. One bad critique I would say, is that there is two much stuff on the game you have to pay for, plus there is some stuff that can’t be accomplished unless you play for at least a year. If some of the stuff can be more affordable and if you guys update the rosters and have the team overalls and player ratings the same as the console 🎮, this game would be a blast. If you guys can update the rosters and make it look and feel like the Madden game for the consoles, this game would take off into the stratosphere. Thank you for the best mobile experience of Madden 🎮 and hopefully, you guys can make more and more of these game. Don’t forget to keep it 💯. Ok ✌️🙏P.S. GO WHO DAT NATION ⚜️.Version: 7.2.1

Amazing game but can be improvedI have been playing Madden for a long time both console and mobile, neither gave me any problems until this point, now I know this game was just released and everything but the fact that i'm already starting to have issues with it is quite a deal for me as a player and gamer. When I first started there were no problems involved in terms of trading my cards that r required in order to get better cards now whenever I go to trade to get a head start it immediately says oops unknown error please try again then sends me back to the loading screen and makes me log back in🤦🏼‍♂️😡I just want to have a clean non glitching trade space where I can trade my lower cards for better ones WITHOUT any problems if u can fix this then i'll be happy to change my rating to five stars, I hope u guys take this into consideration thank u. Have a good day 😉🙂..Version: 7.5.2

How cool is thatI come from the earliest days of vide games, and as a kid it was Matel hand held games, but man has it gone full circle or what!!! I’m blown away by the progress and the rapid rate in which these games progress. I e just been streaming off the phone for the last year and had the privilege of being able to do a lot of beta Xbox stuff, but no one would have been able to tell me just how cool these games would be or just how close they are in fact to the console and I can only see it getting better. What makes Madden so cool in my mind is that so much of this game can easily be managed from the phone, and if you’re like me, always reaching for the new technology then you will also be blown away at the possibilities of Madden 2022 by the mobile. It really enhances ways in which you can play and tweak your line ups and also try out your life e ups. Thanks for the great game and I look forward to playing this year and many to come on the phone..Version: 7.5.4

I feel like people forget this is still MaddenSo I started playing Madden back when I got Madden 19 and while I’ve grown to realize Madden is a bad game though I got Madden 21 on Xbox one this game is still really fun. I do find the yard to be really frustrating at times and my character is at like an 82 Ovr I don’t know how upgrade him further cuz it’s apparently locked. I also feel like people value Elite players way too much on the auction house and it makes it nearly impossible to get a 90 ovr player unless you grind to get one. I also have a suggestion for uniforms in game cuz I was kinda hoping you could use for example the Seahawks color rush if you’re a Seahawks fan like I am but I sadly found out you can’t do that so maybe you could let us earn uniform parts like through challenges. But I know EA they probably won’t do this cuz they don’t care but I mean there is a possibility if they see this and if this does happen maybe I’ll give this game a 5 star rating.Version: 7.2.1

Half-DecentThe game feels a lot better than last year, however some animations are not fixed. Lots of pop ups for video to player packs which is annoying. Additionally, game isn’t P2W at the moment and the new mode is kinda cool.Version: 7.0.4

Pretty goodI think the game is good but there are a lot of glitches. One of mine is that black lines glitch on the field when I play seasons.Version: 7.0.4

Fun game, better than last yearLove new yard mode, but would like all archetypes for each position and would like to have the ability to make a defensive position as well. All in all good game ea best madden ever.Version: 7.0.4

Needs more game modesCan you add a Face of the Franchise game mode?.Version: 7.1.2

TOO MANY POP UPSTOO MANY POP UPS! It takes me 45 seconds to clear them all up!.Version: 7.4.6

Great game!Definitely an entertaining game. More of an arcade style madden. Controls are a bit to get used to at first. Overall, pretty sweet game. The only thing I wish is that it had some season stats!.Version: 7.1.3

Excellently averageGood idea , love the yard for poeple who are not really into ultimate team and competitive Love controller support though i am waiting for the draft arena they said they were gonna do , and the last update didn’t kick me off the game once, which made me almost give the game a five stars.Version: 7.1.2

Things that are bad in the gameThe yard is not underground, also I can’t play a season game with out the game slowing down, remove the stamina for the yard just let us play when every we want not just at 10:30 am.Version: 7.1.0

Cool gamePretty good game I like it 👍🏾👍🏿👍🏽👍🏽👍🏼👍🏼👍🏻👍.Version: 7.1.2

LaggyLaggy.Version: 7.0.5

Let us play our friends with Current roster teams not just Our my teamLet’ us use real NFL teams to play against our friends.Version: 7.0.5

Good gameGood game. Like the graphics. My only problem with it is it keeps timing out.Version: 7.0.4

Slow motion playEvery time the QB snaps the ball, the game turns into slow motion. It lasts for 1.5 or 2 seconds before the QB throws the ball. I don’t really understand that, if there is a way I can change it or if it’s just how the game was made please let me know. Thank you..Version: 7.0.4

Cowboys UniformGame is really good so far however my one complaint as a life long cowboys fan is not being able to change to the blue jersey it was very annoying only being able to use the white jersey all last season while each other team had two jerseys.Version: 7.0.4

Hope this Hypes itHope this year is as fun as last!.Version: 7.0.2

Auction HouseIt would be a 5 just please bring the auction house back.Version: 7.5.4

Bring back ultimate team in season modePlay with ultimate team in season mode.Version: 7.5.4

Bring back arena draft tournamentsStill a great game, but the draft tournaments were a good way to mix up the players/game script styles you get to play with.Version: 7.5.3

BruhThe totorial is EXTREMELY difficult and you never get to play a real football game. I’m disappointed in you EA.Version: 7.5.4

OkIt’s alright. It’s definitely an improvement over last year..Version: 7.5.4

ForfeitCan someone do something about every time the game froze I get lose on my record but yet in the tour it pauses n I can simply finish my game by going back at the set n play it, anyway it seems that ya can do it. Just do it pls NIKE.Version: 7.5.3

This is an awesome gamePlay.Version: 7.5.2

Auction houseBring back auction house ! Only way to really build a team your way..Version: 7.5.3

It’s not amazingI liked that we could use our own teams that we made and that their was auctions last year I liked it but it’s not in this season which I’m dissapointed in.Version: 7.5.3

Icon modes needed to be brought backA good game to play, but no auction house to get new players to add on and build your own ultimate team. Also no ultimate team selection for season mode..Version: 7.5.2

VrupercI am not sure but I cannot play a lot with my ultimate team in like a season.Version: 7.5.2

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