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Slide left and right to collect as many bricks as possible!

Build your path, move blocks, avoid obstacles, enjoy a surprising level end crushing challenge! Roll the toilet paper and grow it as much as you can to win the highest bonus.

Enjoy this colorful game!

Free to play! Have fun :)

Brick Builder! App Comments & Reviews

Brick Builder! Positive Reviews

Okay so read this review to knowThis game has few ads but their own ads lied you understand by playing what we actually meant so if you read this developer then pls change the gold collecting thing it’s super annoying and boring most of the reviews say this so isn’t it clear? Pls change the levels I gave it five stars so people can see it otherwise it is worthless coz of these so this would be addictive if you changed those level of gold all from other side is okay even the ads are less I know my review is a bit too long but if you want to know about this app you have to read this if you have read till this then you know about the app btw Thanks for reading!.Version: 1.62

Please read this!I started to play this game because of its bad reviews, and I was curious to see if it was true. The game isn’t like the ad shows, but let’s be honest, all apps lie in their ads. I really enjoyed this app and if you play long enough, you see that the ads are true. To be honest, I haven’t been playing long myself, but I think people are hating on it too much. If it stays up and people play long enough, I think it will start getting 5 stars cuz it’s really a decent game. Think about it this way, if you were this app and I was hating on you or bullying you, you’d feel bad and you’d want to change yourself just because I wanted attention and wanted you to feel bad. Then other people see me bullying you and they join me because they think it’s entertaining. So I think you should give this app a shot and play it long enough to let it prove itself. In my opinion, I think everyone is commenting the same...saying it’s a scam just because one person didn’t play long enough to see that the ad isn’t totally lying. In conclusion, I think everyone reading this should reinstall the app, or install it if you haven’t done it yet, and play until it satisfies you, and if it isn’t one of those games that your into, I’m not forcing you because that’s your opinion; and this was mine..Version: 1.10

Adds liedSo if you look at the adds it looks like some fun “toilet paper roll” game. When I downloaded the game I saw the toilet paper thing but like when I lost, it sent me to this whole other game and I did some levels like about 3 but it did not send me back. I know this is not a bug in the game. Don’t lie about adds because you might think it will be fun and good but, you end up getting bad reviews for lies/scams so I do not recommend playing it, or somehow if it sends you back to the game. If I get level 20 and it still doesn’t send me back then I will uninstall the app/game. At least “fix” the game and at least be at the starting game. Thank you if you do..Version: 1.16

Awesome game.I think that this game is very good sometimes it gets a little glitchy but it’s really relaxing and not too hard either. I think other people will like this game because they can get a lot of points from it. And I think parents would like if their kids played this because there’s no way for it to be unsafe and there’s no way to cyber bully. Those are some of the reasons I like this game, you should check it out..Version: 1.16

There are almost no adsI downloaded this game not looking at any reviews, and I was surprised at the fact that it was mostly clickbait, but that was ok for me because the game itself was still fun to play. I looked at the reviews, expecting there to be super bad ones and pretty good ones based on the game, but surprisingly I found many of them talking about ads. I don’t understand why so many people have so many ads, like so far I’ve been playing this game for a day and there are no ads except for banners. ???? Great game overall.Version: 1.16

PLEASE READ!Okay so yes it SEEMS like clickbait, the toilet paper and all that. but those are the BONUS levels. the actual level is the last picture so its NOT clickbait! the game is pretty fun, even without thentoulet paper things. you basically collect bricks and build a building, tear it down, then get a bonus level! its pretty fun actually. so at least wait till you get a bonus level before you start hating on the app..Version: 1.14

AMAZING GAME!!Ok, so when I downloaded this is had like 2 stars, and I downloaded it cuz it looked so so fun. people said “the game lied” and stuff like that, it didn’t, the game name is Brick Builder, what do they expect. and after every 10 levels it gives you the fun little bonus level. that bonus level is the add that everyone downloaded this game for. it has new skins, and I am already at level 31 in 2 days so fun..Version: 1.10

People keep lying about the gameSo people think that adds lied but it’s called brick builder so it takes you to the game and if you look in like under the slide left and right to build your platform thing it shows pictures and it says bonus level so if you see anybody saying add lied it’s not true.Version: 1.21

Hello developer or readerHowdy fellas I like my purchase a lot and also I want to create my skins and I like my purchase also can u change the age rating to 4+ cuz why 12+ y know and barely any ads and well everyone out there I reccomend it and enjoy all of it and it’s very fun so yeah it’s really a 4+ game and I love this company that makes the game so keep loving life BYE BYE!!! ❤️❤️❤️😄😄😄.Version: 1.11

Not what it seems but an ok gameThis was not the same as the add! the add was toilet paper being rolled and getting smaller or bugger the more you go, Well this is not the case there is a stick figure running with a wagon stacking up bricks and building something then destroying it. Now I was very upset when I saw it wasn’t like the add but it’s an ok game. It gets boring fast but a lot of games get boring. Just be prepared to be a little upset because it’s not what it seems..Version: 1.11

Great Game!I saw the ads and the game looked fun, so I downloaded it, and it was a great decision! The ads show a roll being rolled out for coins, and the actual game is a stick figure collecting bricks. Even though the ad is a little misleading, it isn’t false. If you play long enough, you get to a bonus level that is exactly like the ads. So they advertised their bonus level, and not the main part of the game..Version: 1.10

Definitely Recommend!!This game is so much fun! I was a little uncertain at first from the other reviews but I can really say that the game has exceeded my expectations! Its not like the adds say but it still is a lot of fun especially after you finish you get to destroy the creation..Version: 1.11

Great PotentialThe game has a lot of great potential. I’ve played it for two days now and some levels repeat themselves. The levels are fairly easy. Also, you collect coins but there’s nothing to do with them. There are no ads which is GREAT. Still has some work to do with add ons. But so far so good.Version: 1.5

It’s a great gameI recommend playing it. It’s a really good game. The only thing I was confused about this is the pictures for it were only the bonus and I thought that was the game but only the bonus, but other than that it’s really good.Version: 1.62

The game is pretty goodThere not that many ads it a pretty fun game and you got the toilet paper ad you knew it was fake but it does make up for it you do use the toilet paper but that’s on bonus levels which are not that hard to get so yeah pretty good game.Version: 1.19

Brick rollerThis is the best game ever. You build things and then destroy them to get coins. It’s hard at first but you can get used to it. The only thing I don’t like about brick roller is because there’s ads every 2 minutes. Plz download brick roller and rate them a 5 star!.Version: 1.16

Let me explainDo a bunch of people are saying this game has false advertising, not necessarily. Actually, the ad advertises that you roll toilet paper, but when you first see the game it a brick collecting game. But, the bonus levels are where you roll toilet paper. This game is a lot of fun on top of all that.Version: 1.11

It’s not a bad gameIt’s not a bad game in the least bit. Perfect time cruncher and just a great game overall. The only problem I have is that sometimes the option to watch in ad in exchange for coins sometimes fails, or doesn’t work. If you fix this, I’ll even consider a five star rating!.Version: 1.11

Roll somethingThe best game ever! I love it but wish it had sound so that it was satisfying because in the ads it does but on my phone it doesn’t work!😕 overall it’s really good! You go better get it..Version: 1.19

{Not What I Expected}Although this is not what I expected, this is actually a guy with a bucket trying to get gold, there are these gaps you have to build across with the gold you collected, when the ads and the game previews are way different, but the game itself is better than one star, but the way the developer made the game a clickbait just took the fun out of it....Version: 1.9

It is actually goodIf you feel you are being lied to tan just play like 3 levels then you get to the bonus level which is like the ads but even though it’s deceiving it’s not lying and they both have the same concept.Version: 1.10

Give the game a shotIf you think the game is lying about the toilet paper it’s not. Play it a few times and the toilet paper is the bonus level. the game is fun and don’t judge it by playing 1 time. Try it out!.Version: 1.14

Read thisThis game is great and satisfying if you like clam game’s this is for you on one review they say that it takes them somewhere else that is not true it is called levels. Thank you.Version: 1.16

Good and badThere are WAY to many ads. Also, once in a blue moon you will get to do the toilet paper, and you should be able to choose what color your toilet paper is. But, it is a fun game and and you get to build things then knock them down..Version: 1.14

Best game everThis game is so awesome I rank it 5/5 stars so yea download right now it has the best things ever the levels can be challenging but who knows if they are for you download right now to see if you can do it.Version: 1.13

I never reached the bonus level.I’m on level 16 or 17 and I never got to try the bonus level. And some of the ads won’t let me x them, but there aren’t a lot of ads though. I do like this game.I would give this game five stars. But i don’t understand why I can’t get to the bonus level..Version: 1.8

Great game! But...This is a great game! But after about three levels it brings u to another game that called brick builder. The point of the game is to collect bricks. Then build a tower with then knock it down. Its really entertaining!.Version: 1.21

Download it!It’s really cool you can do th see toilet paper or paper towels there is this thing you have this cart you get these bricks to stack on you cart j can’t wait to see more!.Version: 1.17

Amazing 😉 but one problem....... Sara🤗Great game it is so fun to build your castle and get points but as soon as I finished the castle it said to destroy it! Some people like to destroy things but I don’t so if you are a person who hats destroying things this game is not for you!!!!! 😡.Version: 1.10

Not what you thinkMost of your time playing this game you will have this gold things and after the gold you can play the game you downloaded for??.Version: 1.18

Better than I thinkThe ads were right on surprisingly good job keep working hard.Version: 1.16

Adds liedI got this game when I got an add while playing sausage run. It looked really fun so I got it, but realized what it is really like. It is slow to react to your moves and not very well made. It was an okay game. Do not really recommend it. If you get it you will probably end up deleting! GET SAUSAGE RUN.Version: 1.61

ImpossibleI can not pass level 31 and it doesn’t give you the option to skip levels.Version: 1.14

AwesomeThank you for making such a fun game.Version: 1.11

Brick builderI love this game it’s hard but it’s fun great way to spend your time when you’re on your phone.Version: 1.72

IncredibleThank you for the game.Version: 1.16

Like you love your gameI love your game so much I want to keep playing it for hours and hours and hours.Version: 1.16

Like itIt’s very fun I love this game so much I need to try it out!!.Version: 1.16

Vichy hexChchyxxxyy.Version: 1.16

Love it amazing mind blownGame the best.Version: 1.16

So cool💗Omg I like your game💗💗💗.Version: 1.15

Best game ever!!!!❤️This game is so fun and great and has know ads I recommend you get this game 🥰💞.Version: 1.14

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