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My goodness...What the hell is that!?
Keep quiet, idiot!
Arrrrgh, the zombie's coming at us!!!

The outbreak of a deadly virus swept over the world. Almost all of humanity have turned into zombies. Lead your followers to survive the apocalypse: that is your quest.
Match-3 Puzzle meets Strategy! Solve the mysteries and build an impenetrable sanctuary. The future of humanity is in your hands.
Tip: Use your brain to defend your brain!

- Solve puzzles to kill zombies
- Arm yourself with strategy and tactics
- A combination of a tactical wargame and casual puzzle gameplay
- An innovative post-apocalyptic experience

- Lead survivors in the last bastion of humanity
- Craft cutting-edge equipment to smash your enemies

- Superhuman powers emerged alongside the zombie virus
- Recruit Heroes from the notorious Noah's Tavern
- Heroes improve your military and economical strength

- No one can survive alone, fight alongside your allies
- Watch out for potential threats, be they zombies or humans

Official Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/PnS.37Games

Puzzles & Survival is a free-to-play mobile game with in-app purchases. According to 37GAMES' Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, this application is not intended for use by users under the age of 12.
A device with internet access is required.

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Puzzles & Survival App Comments & Reviews

Puzzles & Survival Positive Reviews

Game is niceI wasn't sure about this game at first but when i saw how the character leveling and how important it is to upgrade your people on the nostalgic menu i was hooked. Weird way to stay but this game is not as bad as the other builders when it comes to your base and you can research build speed almost right away. Im already headquarters level 5 and i gotta say i cant wait to progress and get as far as i can. The puzzle gameplay is as shows. Its really fun and when you match a certain number you get a grenade or flashbang which sets off multiple puzzle matches. And every match goes toward you characters abilities. Each character has one and i have to say Doc is my favorite because no matter how much of a beating my team takes. As long as i make a few matches with the same element as him or whatever it is he heals my entire party for a chunk of their health. So yea this game is pretty good and satisfying when you make big plays. Id recommend it to anyone..Version: 4.0.11

Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I really enjoy this game. there are powerful and complex characters you gain throughout the world, and it also has a interesting way of keeping you entertained, you can match shapes and colors while in battle to get powerful attacks, and they also include raiding or aiding other online players with their camps, and you can build multiple camps after you’ve reached level 8 Or higher on your HQ. you can also add friends and form alliances, which is a good way to keep your camps protected from being raided or attacked by other players or stray zombies. I’m also impressed that they included some of the main characters to have voice acted commentary, Most RPG Mobil games don’t provide that, and I’d like to see more of that in the future. I really can’t think of any negative things to say about this game, the only thing I could suggest would be adding more storylines, and to add more areas to explore, some new characters from familiar franchises would look nice in the game as well, and would be a good way to bring in more players. I would definitely recommend this to friends who enjoy puzzles and strategy, or Just RPG zombie mobile games in general, because if they like games like that, I guarantee they will enjoy this one too..Version: 1.1.1

Fun game, but needs fixesI’ve been playing for a few weeks, currently level 7, and I have a decent amount of resources... or so I thought until a level 30 decided to attack my town 10 times within 30 minutes and take everything from me. Literally, I have no resources left and I had about 10 million food and close to the same in wood. This is completely unfair as I don’t have a lot of money to buy shields and I’m being attacked non stop by someone who is more than 20 levels above me. The puzzle games are fun, but seriously. If it was a one time thing, fine. So be it. But it’s multiple times the exact same person. It’s like playing clash of clans, being a town hall 4, and being attacked by a town hall 12 multiple times over and over until you have nothing left. My advice, if you don’t want your phone to blow up because you are being attacked over and over again or you don’t have a lot of money to rank up fast, stay away from the game. If this continues, I will be deleting the game tonight. Game creator, fix your game. Nobody wants this bs..Version: 4.0.8

Hybrid GameThis game is combining elements from different types of games with the puzzle matching and the base building components. It does provide a unique feel to the game play unlike others I've played. But it is essentially a joining of those genres. As far as the interface, the coloring scheme is muted and that sometimes makes shades difficult to distinguish. Such as the coins used to exchange for Heroes. That could be improved a little too make it clearer. In general, I feel like I don't have any idea how much of various resources I have when I'm making purchases. At the lower level I am, it hasn't mattered yet. Being able to join a Guild almost immediately was refreshing, that doesn't typically happen in other games into you've figured out the mechanics. As soon as the Tutorial is done here, you can essentially join a Guild, which makes speeding up the building etc a bonus..Version: 4.0.12

Don’t understand the hatersI’ve been playing for months now. I would say just about 2 months after it came out. I don’t understand why these people are complaining about getting attacked, losing resources etc. the game is generous with giving out diamonds to buy shields and you can gain a shield everyday. Yes the tutorial in the beginning maybe long and annoying but you get over it. You can do what ya want in the game and protect yourself if you actually pay attention. I’ve only spent $10 and up to level 28 hq almost level 29. They have events to win heroes as well as other stuff. Yes you can spend lots of money if ya want but don’t have too. I also have a farm at level 23 and spent no money which helps build my main account. So try it out..Version: 4.0.12

This could be fun IF you enjoy alliancesThis game doesn’t appear to be one you can solo play. I wish that had been in the description BEFORE I downloaded it. They want you to join alliances and you will be subject to people from all over the world & different time zones raiding your site. So, if you put a lot of effort in the beginning...know that it’s easy for strong unscrupulous players to take advantage of new players lack of experience and raid you site for everything. Unless you pay for “shields” that protect you when you’re not on; kiss your supplies good bye. If you don’t have so much free time on your hands to constantly be on playing and fighting off raiders it is discouraging. Ask questions of what the alliances expect from you as a player before joining. If they demand more time and ability than you can give choose another alliance..Version: 4.0.11

I am addicted.You have to be patient with the tutorial beginning levels. There are so many different aspects to this game, I literally can play for hours at this point. No ads, because at some point a person wants to spend $ to grow faster. There is an entire section that is a match three puzzle with heroes you develop killing zombies as you play. However, you also build your city, can kill zombies for prizes, join a group and help it grow.. or not. Nothing is required. I have played consecutively for over 100 days straight (it keeps track and rewards you for that too). You constantly get rewards that help you in the game. They are working on a comprehensive guide. That is the only thing missing..Version: 4.0.14

My highest praiseThe highest praise I can give this game is that in the 48 hours or so I have had this game I have wasted 7 - 8 hours. Which for me is about 90% of my phone usage. I don’t normally get pulled into a phone game like that. Nice combination of puzzle, fighting strategy, PVE, PVP and building strategy. Just when you start running out of energy or build queues or whatever you move on to another segment of the game and keep going. It is most definitely worth the download. The ability to play without spending any money and no advertising makes this the perfect game for someone like me. Makes me more likely to spend money in the future if I get to a point that I see a character or item I just can’t live without. If you like zombie - download this game If you like gem puzzles - download this game If you like PvP tournaments - download this game If you like cooperative play - download this game If you like building and expansion - download this game Etc. Get the picture. Ps. Some developer has a crush on Amanda Seyfried methinks. Just take a look at Amber and tell me I am crazy..Version: 1.1.1

Rich, but needs frequent attentionThis game was not at all what I expected from the ads I saw before downloading it, but it does have a lot going for it. There are a bunch of features included. Map exploration, events, leveling up of troops and gear, pvp, pve - you name it, this app has it. Beyond a certain level, though, players need to log in frequently, and to spend real money, or be farmed. My sanctuary got reconnoitered and attacked repeatedly while I was logged off, until my resources were mostly gone. Relocating didn’t really help, I was just found and attacked again. I don’t have the time and funds to go further. Those with time and money to burn, however, might be able to get even more out of this one..Version: 4.0.9

One of the better pvp builder gamesI typically hate these kinds of games. They’re always fun at first, but before you get anywhere powerful (unless you drop tons of $$), heavy pay-to-win types are busy plundering you repeatedly. This game is the same... except one major thing: You get a ton of resource boost items for completing events and dailies. I mean millions worth. Save them, don’t use them as you get them!! You’ll be prompted to use some of you try to do an action and need more. Those items can’t be plundered, so this way you can grown and evolve even while the pirates are hitting you. It makes this game, out of all the other similar games, actually playable... or at least playable much longer than they usually are anyway. Enjoy!.Version: 4.0.12

Ad’sEvery time I see an ad for this game it makes me hate it more and more! At first the character is successful by solving a mini game and then dies when it gets to an easier mini game! It makes me think that the developers have a mental issue and can’t solve the easy puzzles! So the ad’s are a warning not to play this game because it will make you too stupid to solve the easier puzzles! Thank you for the warning and I have deleted the game before I could get past the intro! I give it 5 stars because it saved me the trouble of wasting my time!.Version: 4.0.12

Promising gameplay, but the tutorial is too long.There’s a time consuming and mandatory stage of the game telling you exactly what to do with no choice in what order you want to do it or what you parts want to prioritize. It makes you use items you’d rather keep, create matches that aren’t ideal etc. Apart from that, the character’s speech bubbles are horrendously slow. Just show the text and let me read it. There’s no need to reveal one letter at a time. It’s patronizing to assume your audience reads like a kindergartener who picked up a medical textbook. If there’s a way to speed it up, let me know, because it’s still a good game. Aside from the annoyances I mentioned earlier, there is a lot to the gameplay. It mixes aspects of match 3 games, survival horror, and RPGs with a strong narrative element..Version: 4.0.40

Good, but...Here’s the thing, I love this game. It’s interesting. The graphics are amazing and you level pretty fast, HOWEVER I cannot stand the fact that (and I’ve encountered this in many games like this) no matter how much you level your characters it doesn’t really matter. I’ve played the “PVP” of the game and my combat level is much higher than whomever I’m fighting. No matter what I do to raise my characters stats, they seem to be debuffed or something because they always die. There is no reason for this. If you have a higher combat level and characters you should win, period. Idk maybe it’s the whole RNG aspect where you don’t always match colors. Three is all I can give it if leveling doesn’t mean a thing..Version: 1.1.1

Was fun, until I was attackedI really enjoyed this game for a couple of months, my alliance was small but supportive, and the base building / puzzle aspects / events were fun, even bought a couple of boxes because doing so benefits the whole alliance, a great idea. Then, my base was attacked ONE HUNDRED TIMES in the span of a few hours. I lost all my resources, including TEN MILLION units of wood, all I had built and gathered was lost, and of course the resources I lost are also required to repair. The developers encourage it, but I wish they would limit the number of times you can be attacked in a given time frame. The game became unplayable overnight, so before I delete it, I want to warn you of what can happen to the time you put in..Version: 4.0.35

A Whole Lot of “Brains”When your looking for a game that fights off hordes of zombies, uses 3-matching attacks, 4-matching grenades, and 5 or more matching flashbangs, you’ve come to the right game! Puzzles and Survival is the most war-like, 3-puzzle matches, and long-action filled storyline I’ve . This game is the best in EVERY way. I dare everyone who can handle all of this at once, to play this game, because at the start I was like: *Woah, I can’t handle this awesomeness all at once, this is too cool.* But than you get used to it, but than it becomes AWESOMER.(If that’s even a word) This is the best game ANYWHERE. #BESTGAME.Version: 4.0.30

Love the game, but video add misleadingLove the game..,play it daily and log in multiple times a day, however I got the game because of a video ad I was served in another game I play. Even though this game is fun, it isn’t even close to the game play shown in the video ad…thought maybe some of the events would be a cool puzzle and zombie animation running around like the ad shows, but nothing yet…just base building and campaign puzzles so far with none of the scenarios shown in the video ad…still a fun game, just the video ad made it look way more fun lol.Version: 4.0.33

Fun so farI’ve just gotten started with this game, but so far it is pretty fun... much better than a lot of games I’ve played that were created in this style or with these graphics or whatever. I’m not one to normally pay for stuff either, but everything on here so far if you want to buy stuff with real money, is decently priced (seems like they have constant deals on something or other). But it does not seem like something you have to pay to win though. I’ll definitely keep playing and see where it goes..Version: 1.1.1

Like it so farWell I just started but so far This game is pretty cool, I love that when your starting out they give you a bunch of diamonds and other things to get you going unlike other games you can’t level up or gain any experience without buying stuff and at a time like this where nobody has the money to waste on a game .. and by helping you get started your actually able to play and enjoy. I don’t mind buying things but not when the money you spend does nothing to help you, hopefully it stays this way.Version: 4.0.11

Super addictive!!!This game is pretty cool. Addictive though and easy to start spending too much money in it haha. Only notes I would give the developers would be to enable autocorrect in the chat and emails, and put a “read all” option in emails, AND an “accept all” button for alliance gifts. Once you get into huge alliances and have 200 gifts to accept every 8 hours, having to click 200 times gets very tedious. Other than those few things though great job!!.Version: 4.0.23

Lack of DiversityThis is a good game but I find myself frustrated a lot of the time because all of the weak ones are people of color and a lot of the girls are pretty useless compared to the white men characters. It would just be nice to have a team full of people who are good in talent but also not all white men because I just do not connect with the team that I kind of am forced to put together. Respectfully, consider stronger women or people of color in updates or future projects, please. It would even be good for business since not only white boys play this game. You can draw more people in if you had good representation. Thank you!.Version: 4.0.23

Poor AII have VIP 5, so I use the auto battle feature since it's easier... but it's useless. I end up LOSING more fights than winning because the AI wants to do a dumb move, when it could've made a better one. And why does it use my special power move when the enemy is at like 1 hp? It should be that after a lower hp level, it uses a regular move instead of using my special move... The auto battle system needs to be improved overall. I paid 5k gems (a very very big amount of $) just to get VIP 5, so i'm disappointed in a feature I can't even use, if I want to actually level up properly. Great game though..Version: 4.0.12

DEVS LOOK AT THISFirst off I want to say I utterly enjoy this game, and I’ve had to spend a little money. I am currently in the top clan DTJ S41 as BigBoy O. Why don’t we get bonuses for rallies that result in 100% completion? It makes our alliance wait to have 6 to rally together. We’ve blown away the other alliances and almost to 1 bil might, first in our State. Give some of the higher level players a chance to redeem some extra from the money we have already spent to play. I’ll be awaiting Amber’s message that I’ve got new goodies 😬.Version: 1.1.1

DecentI downloaded for a cool puzzle game and got what I wanted! There’s also more to it however, there’s alliances, your camp you have to upgrade, and even attack/defending camps! You can easily buy your way to a strong team pretty early. The only complaint is that some of the characters are rip offs of well known video games but even then there are way more to unlock and they are all easy on the eyes.. whatever your preference is ;).Version: 1.1.0

More Interesting Than ExpectedThis game’s ads are atrocious, but I decided to give the game a try anyway. I was surprised to find there are some unique mechanics mixed in with the usual puzzle fighter, base builder style gaming. Definitely a danger to those prone to spending too much on micro transactions, but I am pleased that almost everything you can buy tells you exactly what you’re getting rather than having loot boxes to prey upon gambling addictions. Pretty run of the mill game overall, but with enough difference to be engaging and entertaining..Version: 4.0.13

Hey 🖤Okay if I’m being honest I thought I wouldn’t like this game and everyone says don’t judge a book by it’s cover and sorry but I did and I thought this game is just like all the other zombie games I’ve played before but it turns out it’s so much better than all the others I love this game and I hope to play it for a long time thank you for reading my rating for this game I appreciate it a lot thank you again bye 🖤🖤.Version: 4.0.23

5 IQ not to be rude PLEASE READI know that you want people to get your game and all but I put 3 stars because whoever made the ads are NOT SMART AT ALL. Like the one where you match the block things in the prison like YOU LINE UP 3 OF THEM and the ad literally does the opposite, so that is my review. I have played the game though, good game so extra 2 stars. But please stop acting like 5 IQ, I don’t want to be mean but it’s the only way I could say it without being too mean. Devs please read this I would appreciate it and please do something about the ad too. Thank you.Version: 4.0.40

•MRX•Kill kill kill. I am the zombie killing zombies good time waster..Version: 4.0.12

Game goodGame yes.Version: 4.0.12

AnnoyingThis game is fun for what it is, but what it is, is making you wait for things to happen. When you do play, you run out energy. Oh, and apparently there were issues with my troops going AWOL, as during matches, there are so many “hero missing” messages. I jest. The game could do with an editor that is fluent in English to fix some of this..Version: 1.1.1

GoodSuper.Version: 1.1.0

Okay gameI was enjoying playing till I noticed Amber Heard avatar. Horrible person! Game deleted!.Version: 4.0.12

Fun gameIt’s a good spin on a zombie game.Version: 4.0.12

Ipittythefool4 star.Version: 4.0.40

Ok.Not bad. Menus are redundant but it’s fine.Version: 4.0.40

FunFun.Version: 4.0.40

Good gameKeeps moving forward.Version: 4.0.37

Awesome !Nice game 🤩.Version: 4.0.40

CorrectCorrect, il faut aimer le type de jeu....Version: 4.0.37

Although the game is not like the adsIt’s a blast to play and meet new people and conquer each state.Version: 4.0.37

Captivant!Le jeu requiert beaucoup de stratégie et d’astuces. Beaucoup de subtilités. Le fait de joindre une alliance permet d’échanger les informations et accélérer la croissance de notre sanctuaire. Pas aussi dynamique que la pub pour le jeu mais simplement captivant!.Version: 4.0.37

FunCould use cheaper things to purchase with real money and a shop in game to help buy things to progress through the game.Version: 4.0.33

Bobcat18181Yes.Version: 4.0.37

Very good game and very nice playersEvery time I request help someone helps and it’s very good game the graphics are good for a mobile game.Version: 4.0.37

Good game but crashes a lotIt’s fun to play, but I find it crashes frequently..Version: 4.0.35

Tyler farmBello.Version: 4.0.35

GoodNice.Version: 4.0.33

Complex puzzler and civilization gameTakes a while to learn, quite a lot of depth.Version: 4.0.30

It’s a blast!Great game! Having a blast!.Version: 4.0.30

SupaGame.Version: 4.0.33

I like the game.I do like the game a lot I just can’t afford it everything cost money. It would be nice if u give a gift for maintenance or whatever the issue is,instead of a few gems a few thousand. No matter how many gems we get I spend it in seconds. The story is pretty good I like it. Have a good day Sincerely Cerberus69.Version: 4.0.30

GoodGood.Version: 4.0.30

Fun GameGood game to pass time.Version: 4.0.30

Good gameNice little game.Version: 4.0.27

👍🥰BEST👍❤️❤️This game is the best it is the best game yet I’ve tried many games over COVID and this is the best one yet!.Version: 4.0.30

ㅁㅁㅁ.Version: 4.0.30

Fun game!!Lots of fun.Version: 4.0.30

Great gameGood game.Version: 4.0.27

J’aime bienLe seule hic' est un manque d’information sur comment utiliser les différentes resources.Version: 4.0.23

ReviewSo far it’s ok.Version: 4.0.27

It’s ok but...The game constantly crashes , besides that it’s all good ..Version: 4.0.27

Pretty CoolOnly been playing a few hours, but seems cool so far!! Nothing like the commercials though ... still, intriguing.Version: 4.0.27

Great gameNice haven’t had to pay any extra money.Version: 4.0.23

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