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Language Transfer provides free audio courses that teach you to take control of your thought process. There's no sign-up required — just pick a language and start learning!

Available courses:

- Complete Spanish
- Complete Greek
- Complete Swahili
- Complete German (work in progress)
- Introduction to Arabic
- Introduction to Turkish
- Introduction to Italian
- Introduction to French
- Introducción a Inglés (para Hispanohablantes)

This app provides the same audio available for free on, but allows you to download tracks in advance, save your progress, and listen with your phone locked.

We collect some anonymous usage data so we can improve the app and learn about how users are engaging with the lessons. You can learn more in the About section of the app, or turn off this data collection in the Settings pane.

The source code for the Language Transfer app is available on GitHub:

Language Transfer App Comments & Reviews

Language Transfer Positive Reviews

Finally an app that works!!I’ve been studying Spanish for seven months with eight other apps averaging 6 hours a day of studying. Then 8 weeks ago I discovered LT and suddenly all the learning from the other apps just snapped into place with what LT teaches. It’s like the missing piece of the puzzle that I needed. The key to the locked box. I listen to a lesson each day and I do take notes (even though we are instructed not to) When the fabulous teacher says a sentence to translate and that sentence has 20 words in it, I always think how in the world can I translate that—but it is such a miracle with his guidance and instructions at just how everything is clear and I can see light at the end of the tunnel and it all comes together and after a few seconds, I’m translating a 20 word sentence. I’m still doing all my other apps but at the end of the day when I do my LT lesson, it’s like coming home to a long drink of knowledge. I’m on lesson 53 out of 90 and I’ve progressed so rapidly with the 53 lessons that I have very high expectations of where I’ll be at lesson 90. Get the app—-and sit back and marvel at what you’ve been missing—the missing piece to the puzzle!! And I want to know who the Spanish student was that he teaches in the course. What is her name and where is she from? She is so amazing and brilliant and I love her accent. The two together deserve an award..Version: 1.0

Amazing, it has an awesome way of teaching, but one con.I was extremely surprised with this app. At first it may not look too much since it only has audio lessons and it’s free seeming like it may not work well, but it does!! So what this app does is that instead of teaching you basics (Take Spanish for example) like Hola, Cómo estás?? No, they teach you how concert words from English to Spanish and use those words in a sentence. This app does discourage memorization and note taking, so they don’t recommend you take notes and memorize anything. However, the only complete course in this app is Spanish and the rest of language courses are not finished and there are not enough languages. They only have Spanish, German, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Italian, French, Swahili and English for Spanish speakers. If none of those are your target language, then i’m really sorry. I am gonna tell you that this app by itself will NOT make you fluent. This is a great combination with other resources so that you will help become fluent. This app only relies on donations to make money so if you enjoy your experience and have some spare money on you, then I recommend you donate!.Version: 1.0

Best Language Learning App I have ever used!!I have used dozens of apps while learning languages, and NONE of them have given me such a deep understanding of a language. I don’t usually write reviews but i’m honestly shocked by 1. how good this app is and 2. that it was free. I was expecting in-app purchases to sneak up on me, or for it to have things locked... but no. It’s all completely free. The way it teaches aims to give you a deep understanding of how the language works, and how to think in that language. I have taken Spanish for 6 years in school, and I can confidently and 100% say that after listening to this lesson my Spanish improved more than over any whole YEAR of taking Spanish classes. I am in advanced classes in Spanish, and this app helped me understand Spanish better and more in depth then any of my teachers. I have such a better and clearer understanding my Spanish now, and the methods used helped me understand how to learn other languages better in the future. I’m so grateful that I found this app, it has made such a difference in my speaking and comprehension skills..Version: 1.0

A Beautiful method for learning a languageIn my opinion, which is backed up by a lot of fact, the natural method for learning a language is the best way of learning a language. I have not used this app for a long time but it already seems like the best app for learning a language. Kind of like an audio version of lingua latina per se illustrata if you know that great book. I would suggest finding a natural method book and using that to learn reading and writing in your target language and use this app to learn listening and speaking. I am for instance using l’italiano secondo il metedo natural as my natural method book (all italian) and using this for my audio course as well as films, music etc. make sure to include media in your target language. After I am done with the Italian course I plan to donate to this apps developer. I know they have a patreon, but I don’t know if you can donate one time with that. If the developer reads this I would prefer a way to donate say $10 or $20 one time rather than doing a $1 a month patreon subscription. Makes it easier ig, but patreon is fine..Version: 1.0

Truly revolutionary!!I have very weak Arabic (Egyptian dialect) to start as my parents are Arabic speakers but I did not fully learn or become fluent. I was skeptical that this free app and system would finally be how I learned to engage in Arabic meaningfully with my family and friends, after many years of trying on my own and with other apps/software. THIS WORKS. It takes such a unique and extremely natural approach - it takes advantage of the patterns and generalizable characteristics of the language to help you truly understand and apply the lessons to many words, so that you learn instead of memorize. I am finally understanding how to naturally construct sentences without guessing (well, there’s a tiny bit of guessing, but it’s informed now!) and he’s teaching me patterns I’ve known for years but never actually recognized!! It doesn’t feel frustrating or confusing because the pace is natural and the approach is comfortable. The host has an excellent voice and personality for podcast recordings, seems friendly and just wants you to be successful. DOWNLOAD, USE, DONATE, REPEAT..Version: 1.0

Truly an amazing learning experienceI have always wanted to learn French, my family is half french and a few of my family members speak it. But the hard part has been finding a good way to really understand and gain a foothold in the language. What I love about LanguageTransfer is that it doesn’t just teach you vocabulary, but explains it and explains how to properly use that vocabulary rather than trying to glue stuff together and sounding like an idiot (figured that out from experience). I also really love how it teaches you to look for patterns and behaviors in the language to make it easier to recognize and apply certain aspects of speech. This app has really given me a good foothold in French and I 100% plan to keep moving forward with the language. In just a few hours of audio lessons I have already learned more than my friend has in two years of high school French. I think that says something. TLDR; Great app, learned a lot, have a real good understanding of how the language actually works and not just vocabulary.Version: 1.0

Unique language learning - uses thinking, not just memorizingI grew up with some Spanish in the home, but primarily spoke English. I firmly believe that even someone that does not know a word of Spanish can use this program to go from an inability to speak to speaking moderately advanced sentences and phrases. The method builds on what you already know in English to help you learn other languages, “transferring” your knowledge from one language to the other so you don’t have to start from scratch memorizing word by word like other programs do. This idea to me is, quite frankly, revolutionary. On lesson 9/90 in Spanish, I’m looking forward to continuing forward and looking at the other languages in the program (Arabic, Turkish, German, Swahili, French, Italian). There is also a course to learn English from Spanish as well. Although there may be small adjustments that could be made to the app, the value of the program far outweighs this. I’ve already recommended this to many of my friends. To the developer, keep up the great work! Andrew.Version: 1.0

This app is phenomenalI've been in Spanish classes since middle school. I'm in college right now, in a Spanish class, and I am FLOUNDERING. Guess what? this app makes me want to go back and fight every one of my Spanish teachers. They failed to approach the subject like this, and oh dear, what a perfectionist I became! Memorizing and practicing things became my life. I know what the subjunctive is, I can tell you wha the future perfect is, but do I really GET it? NO! I'm just trying to make sure I get the "formula" right! Language learning isn't supposed to be so stiff and exact. So the way that this app teaches Spanish is REVOLUTIONARY and so much more effective than anything I've ever used to teach myself Spanish. THIS is how language learning should be done. Connecting the languages together, starting from the ground up to get one comfortable with the language before explaining the nitty gritty of the language...ah, there's virtually no fear of embarrassment or misconjugation or anything like that! What a literal blessing! I love this SO much! Thank you so, so much!.Version: 1.0

Fast results!!I picked the Spanish course since I will be traveling to the Dominican Republic soon. By lesson six of this course I already felt comfortable speaking many, many Spanish words and during lesson six I was able to translate a fairly long sentence from English to Spanish all on my own. I haven’t been able to try out any of the other languages yet, but my friend tells me the Swahili course is very well written too. The lessons are available online without the app, but I like having the app because you can download the lessons if you want and you can mark them complete as you do them. (Sometimes it will mark them complete for you but not always.) The main speaker, which is the developer of the app, speaks in British English, so if a few of his words are slightly different than the American pronunciation that is why. That is not a problem for me though. I actually like the fact that I have learned some British pronunciation by taking the Spanish course on this app. The app and all of its contents really are free. There are no hidden chargers or advertisements. The developer said upfront that he does not want to make people pay for his lessons but that he would welcome donations if we want to just contribute to his ability to make this method even better by adding more languages to it. So there really is nothing to dislike about this app or the courses that it teaches. It really is the best method I have found for learning a language..Version: 1.0

STOP RATING IT 1-4 stars if you have a question !I love this app. I want to be a language teacher and I think that you should try to team up with schools in order to get your audio courses as help to students ! I love this app and when I get into a better financial place I WILL DONATE ! You take an amazing approach and I can not wait to try your other courses ! You are an amazing teacher ! 5 stars ! I’m sad you can’t give more honestly ! I feel like this app is under advertised. I will be telling every single soul about this app ! Thank you for providing this information out of the sheer love for education and language development ! You’re amazing ! Thank you so much for your hard work ! It is not in vain ! You’re giving birth to new language learners and speakers ! Because of you we can indulge in other cultures and help people who have language barriers to overcome ! Amazing best app on the App Store..Version: 1.0

Amazing and practical teaching style!I never write reviews for apps but I am 2/3 of my way through Complete Spanish and Mihalis is just a wonderful teacher. The lessons make you think about the formation of these sentences and your teaching continues to be reinforced through sentence building. There is a great sense of friendliness and patience with Mihalis’ style and it is so accessible. I hated learning Spanish in high school but after going to college and immersing myself in the culture though friends and being with someone from Latin America, I wanted to learn. After graduating college, I tried to find the resources that would get me speaking quickly and stumbled upon these lessons on a Reddit post. Now I’m able to go on walks and just play the lessons and really learn. I see that on my day-to-day, I’m starting to think in Spanish and apply a lot of my lessons, both culturally and linguistically to my daily life. It’s so incredible and this is one thing that has my full support. If you like this, please spread the word and donate. I only say this because it truly is an incredible resource that is actually free! There’s nothing more beautiful than sharing cultures and languages in my eyes as it brings the world closer together. Mihalis has a hand in this and you will make yourself proud when you start speaking the language you’ve desired to learn..Version: 1.0

Extremely Well Thought Out Language Learning CourseI have been using the Spanish module for the past month. I grew up learning a little Spanish (I am Hispanic), although I never reached a point that is anywhere near fluency. This course has helped me make connections to some of the “rules” I already knew implicitly, and has provided an extremely intuitive framework for approaching conversations in Spanish. The methods that have been designed/proposed by Mihalis (the creator) are incredibly easy to follow and give you the opportunity to easily practice the language outside of the allotted time of the videos. Ps: If you end up using the course and liking the app, you should consider supporting Mihalis on Patreon with donations! He has pretty much been a one man show and has managed to put out really high quality content, so I can only imagine what he could do with more support!.Version: 1.0

Mind blowing language app!I’ve used different language apps for a few years, just casually learning Spanish. The repetition and memorization would burn me out and make me frustrated that I wasn’t getting it as quickly as I felt I should. One minute into the first LT lesson, I felt like I had learned more than I did in years on my own. I had already recognized that certain words looked very similar to those in English, but this app explained WHY they do, and how to apply it to words I haven’t learned yet. LT gives you the “why” of the language, and really helps your brain make connections between your target language and English, rather than cramming vocabulary to memorize into your head. It’s helped me so much already, and reinvigorated my desire to become fluent in another language..Version: 1.0

Amazing app, just wanted to mention one issueI don’t usually write reviews, I love this app a lot I just wanted to make sure that the person making it knows that (at least for me) when a lesson finishes, it’ll automatically go to the next one but keep the name of the last one (for example, Spanish Lesson 6 ends and it’ll play the audio for Lesson 7 but still say 6 which got a little confusing before I got used to just going back out and in to switch lesson) also, adjusting the time on the bottom of the lesson is sort of hard to do, takes several tries (like 7) for me to actually be able to move it. Also, a transcript showing what is being said sentence by sentence would be useful, especially for the spelling of some of the words..Version: 1.0

Best language learning app I have ever usedI have been learning Spanish for over 8 years in the American public school system and through other apps like Duolingo. These lessons are by far more beneficial and applicable for the amount of time required than a formal education or Duolingo. I have learned so many corrections to make from when my teachers in high school taught me the wrong thing. He also explains WHY things are, not just WHAT they are which makes remembering much easier. It all just flows together in your head rather than memorizing separate charts and phrases. I can not recommend this app enough. The only learning experience that I have had better than this app was living in Spain for a period of time. Nothing else is even comparable..Version: 1.0

This app stands out. *Updated review below*I’ve been using Duolingo intensely for around 9 months, and I’m currently taking a Spanish course in school, and yet somehow this app seemingly makes all that seem like tedious work. It’s so fun, relaxing, and engaging, truly. You just listen to a man giving a woman a lesson, and pause when he asks questions (as if he was asking you) then you can compare your answers. The best part is the teacher. He has such deep knowledge of languages and his way of explaining is so concise yet still deliberate. An honestly outstanding app that I would recommend even to Intermediate speakers. ¡Esta aplicación es muy divertida y útil! Updated review: I now speak 5 languages, and still endorse Language Transfer to everyone I can as the first and best option there is..Version: 1.0

Download this app now!I have to say this is my very first time leaving a review on an app, but I felt inclined to say something nice for the creators of this program because it has been so so helpful for me in my spanish learning process. I’ve tried all kinds of spanish learning and this is by far the best course I have ever been through. It was extremely well thought out and taught refreshingly easy to comprehend. Not only will you complete it knowing so much more vocabulary, but you will have such a great understanding of structure as well. My confidence to try and speak it has skyrocketed and with the techniques taught in the course my spanish learning has sped up exponentially. Thank you LT for these courses and your contribution to helping people learn new languages..Version: 1.0

AmazingThis is legitimately the best way I have found to learn (or start learning that is) a language, hands down. The courses are relatively easy to follow and introduce the listener to a language in newer and much more natural and intuitive ways (way Mihalis describes in detail in his book). Having studied dozens of languages using dozens of apps and courses, I’ve found I remember far more material and can reproduce a language with far greater ease with LT than I have with any other program. I couldn’t recommend this more highly to anyone interested in learning a new language, it has been a life-changing educational experience and I could never begin thank Mihalis enough for all of his hard work and dedication to such an amazing project..Version: 1.0

I can’t believe this is not more popularTruly a master piece, makes me love french! I have one issue though, I am trying to do the 5th lesson of french but it keeps playing lesson three. I will update if the bug is fixed :) edit: The bug was fixed after deleting and reinstalling the app, however, after one day the bug has returnneed. The only lesson it will play is lesson 6 no matter what number i click on. I am sure it can be fixed if i use my successful method from before, but if you are able to look into this and fix this issue it will be awesome. But a simple bug for an amazing app is... A small price to pay for salvation (thanos reference haha).Version: 1.0

The bestThis is better quality instruction than you’d get from almost any paid course or app, and it’s all for free (with no premium version). This guy really encourages a deep understanding of language from the outset, to the point where even the first lessons for my second language which I speak decently well have been valuable and enlightening. It is very dense and probably works best taken one lesson at a time followed by plenty of thinking and digesting (it’s certainly not as passive as something like duolingo), so be ready for that. But if you enjoy intensive style learning or have an interest in linguistics I can’t recommend this highly enough..Version: 1.0

The absolute best language comprehension appThe way they teach you how to think about language in their courses is completely different than anything I have experienced. They make a point to tell you not to focus on memorizing words and instead to focus on building your new languages off of the roots of your native one. It is the most efficient solution I have found for improving my Spanish and I don’t have to memorize every word. I can take my knowledge of Latin as a native English speaker and convert a Latin word to Spanish to finish a sentence and in most scenarios be correct. If you are learning a language any other way you are wasting your time..Version: 1.0

Finally Understand French! Fantastic Spanish, Too!I rarely write reviews, but more people need to know about this extraordinary app and method. I took French in school, tried all the freemium and paid apps, watched movies and tv shows, but the language never clicked for me until now. I can't stop telling everyone about how amazing this is. I want to speak day-to-day French, not get caught up in esoteric grammar that no one actually uses. I'm trying to brush up on my Spanish too, but using memorization was causing me to freak out and mix up my languages. Now, I can practice French and Spanish with ease. Revolutionary..Version: 1.0

Excellent info... ok executionThe info in this app I think is VERY good. The teacher knows the ins and outs of the language extremely well and teaches it in a way that makes a lot of sense and makes it easier to grasp. The app itself I think has some bugs though. I often have to manually mark tracks as complete after listening to them and sometimes after a track it will randomly skip back to the beginning of the first lesson. Can’t really complain since it’s free but the tech aspect of the app seems to be in need of some review. Overall, this has been a blessing though and I would definitely recommend to friends and family!.Version: 1.0

AmazingI’m barley on lesson 40/90 for the Spanish course and I’ve learned soooo much. I can’t imagine how much I’ll know after I finish. The best part is that this app is completely FREE. This isn’t an app that markets itself as “free”and then makes you pay for a “premium” version. There aren’t many languages on the app though because this app is made by only one guy, not an entire team. Also, some languages have more content than others. For example, the Spanish course has 90 lessons but the French course only has 40. With that said, if your language is available, you’ll learn so much..Version: 1.0

Really goodI haven't used it much, but I did the first spanish lesson and i've seen some videos about this app and I think it's incredible and very good for learning languages. the only downside is the lack of languages, but it teaches the languages it does have really well. I hope this app continues development and languages like Finnish, Dutch, Chinese, etc. (especially Finnish cause I really want to learn it) are added so more people can learn languages they want to learn with this app's super good teaching method also it's very impressive that this was created by just one guy great job.Version: 1.0

Just do itThis app is amazing, and major props to the developer of this for doing most of it alone. No one resource will make you fluent, but this is a great intro on how to actually speak. Use as a supplement to listening and reading. The one thing I love is the very informal explanations of certain grammar points. Most resources seem to measure their worth by trying to sound as academic as possible, but the host makes sense of everything in an easily understandable way. It’s a crime that Language Transfer isn’t more well-known..Version: 1.0

Do yourself a favor, get this appI just completed the Spanish course and I am blown away by the quality of instruction. Each track is ~10m long so I was always able to squeeze in a quick lesson here and there. The material is fantastic: grammar is explained exquisitely using plain English (no technical linguistic terms) and you get acquainted with Spanish in an active way far beyond passive memorization. In essence, you don’t just learn Spanish... you also learn *how to learn* Spanish in a way that empowers you to improve on your own..Version: 1.0

Crazy goodThe Italian course isn’t finished but what’s there is jam-packed! I learned so much in a super short time. Great for explaining what DuoLingo does not and has probably saved me countless hours. And it’s free! I highly recommend it for beginners who are starting DuoLingo. It will save lots of aggravation. I’m donating $3/month now to Language Transfer through Patreon with the hope they release the rest of the Italian course. Fingers crossed. I know a lot of work must go into these. Very unique and effective course, at least for me!.Version: 1.0

Yes, it really does work!!!Have been a supporter of Language Transfer for the past few years now. It is hands down the most intuitive and effective software I have EVER used to learn a language. It teaches you true conjugation and tenses. It has you speak in realistic sentences. It’s just brilliant. I ACTUALLY learned Spanish with this! However, I’d love the chance to adjust the playback speed. I tend to listen to courses at 1.5 times speed or maybe even 2x speed but that’s a personal preference of course..Version: 1.0

AMAZING!!You need this app for your language learning. I’ve used so many different apps and methods for years, and I never felt like I got past a simple understanding. The teacher on this app actually breaks down and teaches you the ins and outs of the language, in a way that relates it to English. I finally feel like I’m actually understanding the language now! He makes so many connections that it becomes easy to learn. Each lesson is short but filled with a lot of knowledge. He’s amazing!.Version: 1.0

Good!The app itself is AWESOME. Basically Pimsleur…but free! COMPLETELY free. No hidden purchases or anything. The learning is quick and effective. It gets you speaking at an intermediate level in a few weeks. I use it for my spanish class! The only thing i wish for is more languages. I speak english and spanish and have been taking pimsleur Russian for a few weeks. I adore Pimsleur, it just has a crazy high price. When I found this, I was shocked. Pimsleur but free? I was really sad to see it only has a few languages, none of which are Russian. Thanks for reading this!.Version: 1.0

Get this app nowUnfortunately i can’t donate but i wanted to atleast leave a positive review. I LOVE this app. It’s so easy to listen to and teacher is truly amazing. It’s hard to believe that this is all the work of one man. It’s not just about showing you a bunch of words and telling you to remember. It’s teaching you the logic of another language so you can think of words and expand your vocabulary tremendously. If i won the lotto I’d donate a bunch to this guy so he can spread his knowledge far and wide..Version: 1.0

Worth DownloadingMihalis is a really effective teacher. I just finished the 90 lesson Spanish course, and while I didn’t pick up on everything (which was only my fault) I was taught more Spanish than I have ever been before. I will definitely come back to study one of the other languages available, and I will most certainly recommend this app to a friend. I also wish the lessons had proper titles to make reviewing old lessons easier..Version: 1.0

My dream appOkay first of all I never really write reviews but for this app it’s different. I love how the teacher goes over the content but not so aggressively to the point its not important anymore. I’d been trying to learn Spanish on and off for about 2 years and now just recently I’ve been on track again for 1 year, this app has really added on to my understanding and made me more interested in learning than ever before!.Version: 1.0

I FINALLY UNDERSTANDHe breaks the language down in a way that I didn’t even know I needed. He teaches in a way that makes everything stick and make sense, I didn’t understand a lot of grammar and verbs and now I finally know how to grammar 😂 I’m currently on Lesson 42 for Spanish and it is genuinely an eye opener. There are a few bugs, the app needs an update but it is soooo goooood and I will recommend this to anyone who wants to learn Spanish.Version: 1.0

Learned more in 20 episode than in 3 semestersThis app is amazing for helping retain and help clarify language patterns. I took 3 semesters of German in college and, while they taught me a lot of vocab and helped demonstrate how certain sounds should be, I always struggled with grammar. The German lesson hear has really helped fill everything in for me. After practicing with this a bit more I’m sure my conversational skills will be incomparable to before..Version: 1.0

Fantastic! Just one thingThis is a wonderful language learning resource, it just doesn’t let me fast forward when I’m trying to listen to a lesson. Sometimes I start a lesson and don’t finish it, when I go back I have to restart the whole thing again. It also randomly jumps back to the first lesson and it doesn’t check off that ive finished a lesson even if I have (I used it for French).Version: 1.0

Great CoursesI love the courses you’ve created. Im very grateful to be able to learn Spanish with such great learning material. I’ve learned so much already. I was wondering if for the app we could have the ability to unmark lessons as finished. Sometimes, I feel like going back if I don’t understand what transpired during a lesson. I am aware that we can delete all our progress in “data management”, but could it be possible to only delete one lessons progress?.Version: 1.0

Best audio language courseI have been working on the Spanish course. I’m on lesson 7/8 right now and have been really enjoying it! This way of teaching is not like any other platform, or resource I’ve ever used. The explanations of grammar and technique of how to find words in your mind is really unique. It’s kind of like a mind map but not exactly. Thank you for this beautiful course! Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.0

Love his way of teaching..Am i gonna be fluent after the 90 total chapters ? No. But he gives a very insightful approach to the language rather than just mugging up or memorizing which i used to . Theres actually a how and why a word, phrase n sentence is the way it is . breaking it down and tracking its history which makes it a lot easier to remember while learning. Sometimes its glitchy tho . Overall, great n would love to find more apps like this..Version: 1.0

Try the corse. You won’t regret it.Like many others, the Spanish course has helped me immensely. The method used differsMarkedly from other language tools. You are not asked to memorize a bunch of vocabulary words. Instead, you were given a deep understanding of the language itself and you are able to use this to your advantage and it’s all free..Version: 1.0

Unique Language Learning MethodAfter so many different apps that I have tried for language learning, Language Transfer has been the most effective! It’s so simple that you won’t be distracted and lose motivation. I like the pseudo-classroom style they have where there’s a one-on-one between the teacher and the learner. The app is also very neat!.Version: 1.0

Amazing appIt’s definitely better than the other language learning apps in the store. Only problem is that you can’t fast forward, the rewind is very laggy and unresponsive, & as of recently the app keeps crashing randomly while listening through my AirPods. Everything about it though is great!.Version: 1.0

New Language SuggestionI really really love this app. I just started to use it for Spanish. I was hoping maybe Korean could be a new language to add one day :)) Thank you so much for such good content for free!! It shows that you all genuinely just love to teach languages and I find that so heart warming. Thank you so much for all your hard work 💗.Version: 1.0

Good app, AMAZING serviceI used Language Transfer to learn Swahili, and it’s the best experience I’ve ever had learning a language! I felt like I was actually learning the *language* itself, not just learning vocabulary and grammar and useful phrases. I haven’t spent very much time with the app yet, but considering it’s a 1.0.0 release, I’m impressed!.Version: 1.0

Valuable but free lessonsYou can learn a language with these lessons! I learned of Mihalis and first used his language instruction years ago. I’ve watched him grow LT from an occasional class in Cyprus to a well-done series of lessons online that are now available thru this app. Like his other initiatives to help us learn languages, I’m sure he will work hard to expand the capabilities and lessons in this app. Bravo Mihalis!.Version: 1.0

Up with the bestI love it. I have tried many other language apps such as Duolingo, Mondly, and Babbel. Although great, none are quite like this one. Because you listen to the guy teach a real learner, he addresses the more common beginner mistakes other learning apps can not. Get the app! You won't regret it!.Version: 1.0

Review and Feature requestI absolutely love this app. I’ve tried many other apps, but this app is the best I’ve used. There are just some things that can provide the finishing touches (Mainly, the user interface.) 1. An option to skip in the audio ahead like there’s an option to skip back 10 seconds. 2.An option to control the playing speed (faster/slower) (0.5x, 0.75x, 0.90x slower) (1.15x, 1.25x, 1.50x faster) 3. An option for Dark Mode would truly be appreciated as well. Thank you for your hard work and dedication for create this free app..Version: 1.0

Best Spanish Classes I’ve Ever Taken!I’ve been trying to learn Spanish fluency for 10 years on and off. I’ve taken classes in school, used Rosetta Stone, used Pimsleur, used DuoLingo, used Lupa & others and this by far is the most effective & enjoyable learning tool I’ve ever tried! AND ITS FREE? Brb cancelling my other subscriptions 😅.Version: 1.0

Best approach!I have studied a few languages before and never seen such a useful method as this! I appreciate the connections to help understand and remember the language and look forward to using this as an app now so I can keep track of my progress better!.Version: 1.0

Finally, Language Transfer is portable!I started the complete spanish program on youtube, but it was such a pain to keep my phone locked on the youtube page in order to listen. I couldn’t download and listen on commutes or walks outdoors or anything. This app solves that issue though. You can download each episode to listen offline, listen in the background while you use other apps, and listen with your phone locked. It’s also easy to mark episodes complete to keep track of which one you’re on. So happy they created this app, it makes the program so much more accessible!.Version: 1.0

Great lessons!Was so pleasantly surprised to discover this app, how good the content is, and the fact that it's all free. This rivals (and complements) learning apps like Pimsleur and Duolingo. I've been learning Greek with a teacher and using a variety of apps, and I'm pleased to add these audio lessons to the mix!.Version: 1.0

Free and amazing!Stop wasting your time with the green owl! This app is hands down the best language app out there. I’m sorry for all the time I wasted going through hundreds of lessons on that other app learning to say “hat and shoe” over and over while having to watch slowass ads..Version: 1.0

One of the best for real language learningThis app is like a shortcut to conversational fluency. So much value in every lesson. My only con is that there isn’t much time between his questions and the student’s answers. Often you don’t get a chance to figure it out for yourself which means you may have to do the lesson again to get it down. Still beats most language apps.Version: 1.0

AmazingSimply amazing. Easy to follow and comprehend. Makes learning a new language easy with root words you are familiar with. Excellent.Version: 1.0

The dialect for arabic is cairo dialectNot interested in learning cairo dialect.Version: 1.0

So helpful!!I’ve recently picked up Spanish and this app has helped me out a lot in terms of sentence structure and vocabulary. It’s such a nifty little app and I’m glad they included a download option that let’s you listen to the lessons without WiFi! My only complaint though is the lack of playback speed. Although pausing is definitely an option, I find that the instructor talks way too fast at times and it’s a struggle for me to keep up..Version: 1.0

GreatAfter every Lessing you learn a lot.Version: 1.0

The best tool to learn SpanishAnd it’s free! Amazing.Version: 1.0

Great app! You need to try this!I started to learn Spanish. I thought I would pick a fun, game like app, as well something that is a more structured lesson. This is the one that is more like a lesson, but it’s done in a way to help English speaker to learn Spanish by connecting with existing knowledge in English. For example, using common vocabulary in English, Spanish and Latin, this helped me greatly to learn quickly by looking at how some words connect and remember them. I really liked it!.Version: 1.0

You’ll be speaking after one lesson!The lessons are short, clear and most of all they are practical. I’ve only tried it for French so far and I loved it! The system feels pretty intuitive and natural, unlike traditional systems that focus on parrot repetitions and grammar learning. Thank you and Keep up the great work 🙏🏽.Version: 1.0

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What do you think Language Transfer ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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